Weekly Bulletin - Sacred Heart of Jesus Church

March 29, 2015
Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
Introduction to the Liturgy of the Day
We begin our Holy Week celebration with palm branches in our hands, recalling
the crowds that cried both “Hosanna!” and “Crucify!” While we cannot walk the
streets of Jerusalem of two thousand years ago, we can walk with Jesus Christ
through our world today proclaiming his salvation, especially in the most desolate
and downtrodden places as well as in the well-worn paths of our own lives. These
branches, and we who carry them, will now be blessed so that the mission of Jesus
Christ will, like our loud hosannas, be proclaimed to the entire world.
March 30
7:00 am Edward and Mary Smichowski (A)
by daughter- in- law Ann Marie and family
March 31
7:00 am Shirley Kolankiewicz by Joe and Dee Lacomis
April 1
7:00 am Mildred Pramick by brother Boots
Holy Thursday
April 2
Mass of the Lords Supper
7:00 pm
Good Friday
April 3
3:00 pm
The Lord’s Passion
Holy Saturday
April 4
8:00 pm The Easter Vigil on the Holy Night of Easter
Easter Sunday
April 5
7:30 am ( with Easter Procession ) Easter Masses are
9:30 am
for the intentions of
all our parishioners.
Please Note: Starting on March 30th and up until April
12th All Masses / services will be in the CHURCH.
Holy Thursday 7 pm
Thor Balavage, Brianna and Victoria Zawacki
All Altar Servers and Extraordinary Ministers
are requested to take part in this mass. Please meet at
6:40 pm in the church hall in your robes.
Good Friday 3 pm
Zeb Chrisdock, Justin Coyne and Jeremy Stanco
Stations of the Cross April 3rd – 7 pm
Evan Elko, Andrew and Kevin Krawczyk
Easter Vigil 8 pm
Peter and Charles Kulick, Sarah Satkowski
Easter Sunday
7:30 am Andrew and Kevin Krawczyk, Jeremy Stanco
9:30 am Gina and Michelle Grossbauer
11:00 am Taylor and Joshua Baiera
During 11 am Mass on Easter morning, Ariana Boccardi will
share her musical and vocal talent.
On Good Friday, our parish will take up the annual Good
Friday collection for the Holy Land. Your financial
contribution helps to support the struggling Christian
community and to protect Christianity’s holiest places.
The Sunday Collection for March 22nd was $ 5,158.00
Our “Road to Resurrection” collection came to $ 539.85
which was forwarded to the Care and Concerns Ministry at
St. John’s, which includes the food pantry, the free health
clinic and the clothes closet for kids and adults.
The Sanctuary Candles burn this week in memory of
Theresa Gayza by Marian Wanielista
Stanley and Anna Snopkowski by daughter Jean Poplawski
Thomas and Anna Yoniski by Joe and Dee Lacomis
Holy Thursday Adoration Schedule
The Women’s Society will recite the rosary following the
evening Mass.
The Holy Name Society members are asked to consult the
adoration list in the vestibule. We ask all men to be faithful to
their assigned times between 9 and 10PM.
Private Adoration: The church will be open until
10:00 PM on Thursday
Good Friday The church will open at 9AM for private prayer.
The “grave (tomb)” will be in place until 12 noon on Holy
On Good Friday those 14 years and older may not eat meat.
Those 19 to 59 may have a full meal and 2 lesser meals
*Please Note: The Rectory Office will close at 12 Noon on Holy
Thursday and remain closed Good Friday and Easter Monday.
We will reopen on Tuesday, April 7th.
**The Easter Bunny will arrive here at Sacred Heart in
Dupont after Easter Sunday AM Masses.
CCD Calendar:
March 30 Class
April 6th Easter Monday – Class cancelled
Holy Thursday Procession…All young parishioners
grades 1 thru 8 (Catholic and Public Schools) are
encouraged to help our parish celebrate the Solemn Feast of
Holy Thursday by participating in procession and mass.
Practice for Holy Thursday will take place on Wednesday
April 1 at 6 pm. We will meet in the church hall. Practice will
not be more that 45 minutes. On Holy Thursday we will meet
in the church hall no later than 6:30pm, wearing our Sunday
best. Mass starts at 7pm.
Holy Name Society 300 Club Drawing
Week 4
And the winners are:
Ticket No.
1st Prize $100
John Scyrba
2nd Prize $ 50
John Lizak
3rd Prize $ 25
Kristen Kubasko
4th Prize $ 25
Anthony Caltagirone
Our Lady of the Eucharist Speaker Series
As part of an ongoing series of educational
presentations, Our Lady of the Eucharist Parish will host
James Siberski, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of
Gerontology Education at Misericordia University. The
presentation will be held on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at
6:30 p.m. in the parish hall. The topics to be discussed
will be various aspects of aging successfully from a
Catholic view point. A discussion on Alzheimer's, diets
associated with aging well, caregiver issues, brain
health and how we can assist our elderly
church members will be covered. The goal for all
Catholics is to have their life span equal their brain and
health spans. Plan on joining us!
Just two minutes each day - 120 seconds
The most ancient and always the central event of the
liturgical year is the Easter TRIDUUM (Latin, three days)
celebrating the passion, death and resurrection of Christ.
The sacred three days (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and
Holy Saturday) are a liturgical season in themselves and not
strictly part of Lent.
(from “Words of Grace” – All Saints Press)
The Feast of Divine Mercy will be celebrated at St. Maria
Goretti Parish, Laflin Road, Laflin, PA on Sunday April
Father Richard Cirba, of St. Robert Bellarmine Parish,
Wilkes – Barre, will offer the homily.
The afternoon includes the Sacrament of Reconciliation
[7 priests] ( 1 pm )
Veneration of the Image followed by Holy Mass ( 2 pm )
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Chaplet of Divine
Mercy in song, Holy Rosary, Benediction, individual
blessing with the First Class Relic of St. Faustina. ( 3 pm )
Choir will meet on Tuesday March 31 at 6:30pm in the
choir loft. New members are always welcome!!!!
Women’s Society will meet Tuesday April 7th at 6:30 pm
Holy Name Society will meet Wednesday April 8th at 7 pm
The Bible Study group will meet on Wednesday March 25
7 to 9 pm in rectory meeting room.
On Monday, March 30, 2015 approximately
twelve priests from the Greater Pittston Area
will be available to celebrate the Sacrament of
Reconciliation (Confession) at St. John the
Evangelist Church, William Street, Pittston.
beginning with a brief Penance Service at 7:00 p.m.
Confession Schedule
Please plan ahead to take advantage of the opportunities for
confession between now and Easter.
Monday March 30 6:30AM to 6:50AM , Noon
Tuesday March 31 6:30AM to 6:50AM
Wednesday April 1 6:30AM to 6:50AM
*Please Note: Confessions are NOT SCHEDULED for
Holy Thursday, Good Friday, or Holy Saturday
7AM March 30
7AM March 31
7AM April 1
Holy Thursday 7PM Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Church will be open until 10PM for private adoration.
Good Friday
3PM Celebration of the Lord’s Passion
7PM Stations of the Cross
Holy Saturday 8PM Easter Vigil (please note this
Mass satisfies the Sunday obligation.)
Easter Sunday 7:30AM (includes the procession)
*Please Note time change for Easter Sunday Masses.
Easter Food will be blessed on Holy Saturday
at 11:30AM and 1:30PM in the church hall
Sacred Heart of Jesus Women’s Society.
By now all parishioners should have received their raffle
books from the Society. The profit from this fund raiser
benefits Sacred Heart Church. We are asking that you
support this important project by purchasing the tickets and
returning them as early as possible. The prize winners will be
drawn on April 19, 2015 after the 10:30 Mass. The winners
will be notified as soon as possible.
If anyone would like extra tickets, please call the rectory
during office hours. (570-654-3713).