"LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS" A grisly tale of love, betrayal and

We want to help support them……
The Marie Curie Hospice provides support for
families and loved ones in Bradford. Not only do
they provide medical treatment for patients but
they support families and carers throughout tough
times. The hospice provides a place where patients
can retreat and feel at ease and where families can
visit their loved ones and feel comfortable
As well as selling daffodils in school for the Marie
Curie Appeal we would like to extend the project
by asking for donations to make up a hamper. This
will enable them to provide refreshments for loved
ones and treats for the patients.
We would be very grateful for donations of the
following so we can take up and present the
hamper to the hospice:
(a variety of teas including herbal/peppermint etc)
(decaff as well)
Hot Chocolate & Horlicks
Bottles of Squash
Cake & Cookie Mixes
Tinned Soup
We are also collecting puzzles, jigsaws and board
games to put in the day room for entertainment
for the relatives who visit.
All we ask is that the products are branded with a
long expiry date!
If you would like to donate, please bring your
items to Room R203.
Thank you.
A grisly tale of love, betrayal and man-eating plants:
this year’s school production of Little Shop of Horrors
was a triumph of musical drama. Brilliant singing and
solid acting, dashes of humour and moments of
sadness all combined for a memorable night out.
Well done to all the principals.
Thank you too to Mr Horsfall and all the performing
arts department for hours of timeless rehearsal
The year 10 boys played away at Bradford Academy
in their second fixture in the league this year. The
team controlled the majority of the game and played
some great attacking football allowing them to win
the game 4-0.
The first of the goals came from Joel Mortimer whose
hard work and persistence allowed him to get in the
right position to score the first from close range. The
second came from Josh Dinsdale whose acceleration
beat the defence before he fired the ball into the
net opening up a 2-0 lead. Danny Oldcorn scored the
remaining goals and could have sealed his hat trick if
it weren't for the Bradford Academy keeper. A good
performance all-round.
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