Principal Every Week - St Benedict`s Catholic Primary School

Term 1: March 25, 2015
St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School: Phone 3481 4600 Fax 3481 4699 Absentee 3481 4688 Email [email protected]
Mark Creevey
Dear Parents,
Our first term is quickly drawing to a close with only
a little over a week to go until the Easter Vacation.
Next Wednesday we will not have our normal
assembly as we will be focussing on the Passion of
Jesus. The Year 5 students will lead us in this special
prayerful occasion. All parents are most welcome to
attend. Today is also a special feast day in the church
year which is called the Annunciation. I had the
pleasure of visiting the Church of the Annunciation in
Israel a couple of years ago and it is one of those
special places to visit, pray and reflect.
This week we have shared with the students two short trials to evaluate if these
procedures might work better than current practices. The first trial is that each
morning one of the staff on duty will offer to take students for a walk & talk on the
oval from 8 to 8:20am. The second trial is that the students will at the second
break go out to play first and then come and eat their afternoon snack. We will be
watching to see if it has any benefits and if the students are more settled when
they return to class.
On assembly today we congratulated all of our
students who participated in the Cross Country
Carnival on Monday and presented medallions to our
age champions. We also congratulated the Anicii
House on being the winning team on the day. Thank
you to Mrs Creese for her organization and invitation
to do things differently. Thank you to the P&F for the
iceblocks for each runner and providing snacks and
refreshments. Well Done!
Every Week
Sometimes not first or last
week of Term.
8.30am Wednesdays
Uniform Shop
Mondays 2.30pm-4pm
Fridays 8.00am-9.30am
School Banking
Mini Singers (Prep-2)
7.45am Tuesdays (Library)
Senior Band Practice
7.30am Wednesdays
(Hall-Stage Area)
Junior Choir (Yr 2-3)
7.45am Wednesdays
(Music Room)
BP Choir (Yr 4-6)
7.45am Thursdays
(Music Room)
Yr6 Choir (New)
Wednesdays & Fridays
(1st Break in Music Room)
8.30am Tuesdays (OSHC)
Piano/Keyboard Music
Tuesdays & Thursdays
(OSHC Bldg)
Guitar Lessons
Wednesdays (full)
Term 1: March 25, 2015
Mark Creevey
PB Levi Swenson
PR Clyff Watson
PW Paige Elliott
1B Jordan Bishop
1R Lily Bowden
1W Marcus Policar
2B Billie Smart
2R Georgie Reed
2W Alyssa Bernardo
3B Ryan Baptista
3R Kynan Craft
3W Cameron Pozzobon
4B Eric Wichman
4R Samuel Watson
4W Alberto Cubillan
4W Tyla Boyd
5B Maxwell Kooreman
5R Ava Davis
5W Kate Todman
6B Kaitlin Casserly
6R Jayden Taane
6W Lily Strange
We have been filling our vacancies created by our teachers who have recently
gone on Maternity Leave. Mrs Lisa Gallagher has been employed as our
Curriculum Support Teacher and will start her responsibilities in the first week of
Term 2. Mrs Fryer has been the successful teacher for the Support Teacher:
Inclusive Education role. We congratulate Mrs Fryer on her appointment but this
will necessitate us finding a new teacher for 1B. There is an advertisement for this
position on the BCE website. We are seeking a great teacher for our Year 1 class.
On the maternity front, we congratulate Mrs Amanda Bradford on the birth of her
son Lachlan about a week ago and we also congratulate Mrs Lund on the birth of
their son Samuel on Friday evening. Congratulations to both families on these very
special occasions.
As I mentioned last week we will be seeking a suitably qualified person to take
over the role of the Café Co-ordinator/Convenor here at St. Benedict’s in Term 2.
If you believe that you could be this person I would invite you to put in an
application for the position. The position would entail paid work on Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday. Some of the responsibilities would be organizing a roster of
volunteers, ordering food, preparing a healthy menu for students and keeping
records of expenditure. If you would like to be considered for this position could I
ask you to put in an application stating skills and experiences which would be
beneficial for this position. More details are available from the school office.
Anzac Day
It has been 100 years since the landing at Gallipoli. This year St Benedict's would
like to commemorate this special event with the help of our whole school
community. Please remember to contact Mrs O’Hanlon (one of out Yr 3 teachers)
if you can contribute. [email protected]
Thought for the Week: “Give love today. Love others. Love your family. Love God.
God will see to it that you have sufficient love, and give you more in return than
you can ever give away.”
Have a great week!
Cross Country
Term 1: March 25, 2015
Jo Scott-Pegum
Dear Parents,
The term is quickly ending and yet as tired as we are, our learning journey continues until bell time on the last
day of term. As I walk around the school I witness our learners still wholly engaged in the process of learning in
their classrooms and in their specialist lessons of Music, Art, LOTE, PE as well as in their playtime.
This week we have added a new dimension to our before school procedures –
it is ‘Walk and Talk’ time on the oval. For the remainder of term it will be a casual
‘walk around with our friends’ enjoying some physical activity before school (this is
very good for our brains before we learn). Next term we will be creating the space
as a walking club called Let’s WALK with a process for the children to clock up
their kilometres and to be recognized for their efforts – may be a different
St Benedict’s Walk!
Another initiative we are trialling is ‘Play before Eat’, this is occurring at 2nd break this week. We will see if it
makes a difference to our learners and their learning in the afternoon session. When the bell goes the children go
directly to their play area and after the 20min playtime a bell goes for them to return to their verandahs and sit,
eat, drink, cool down and calm down for class. We will let you know how the trial goes.
This week you should have received an order form for the school jumper, which is a new
addition to the uniform at school. The jumper will not replace the jacket, and can be considered an
optional extra.
Meet the Staff: Anita Blackwell (2B)
Hello, my name is Anita and it’s great to finally be here at St Benedict’s!! Four years
ago I officially became a staff member of this beautiful community. However, due to
maternity leave and job share agreements I had to delay my start here. My husband
and I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters. Our older daughter is
currently attending St Benedict’s Kindergarten. So, you will often see me taking the
big walk or run to and from the Kindy in afternoons and mornings.
My teaching career began 9 years ago with BCE and I have taught at St Agnes Mt
Gravatt, St Joseph’s Bardon and Holy Spirit at Bray Park. From each school I have
gained many positive experiences that have enhanced my teaching in many areas.
One of my favourite things to do on holidays is to go camping with my family. It’s
great to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. I am very pleased to be
teaching here at St Benedict’s and I look forward to working with this wonderful community. Anita
‘Brain Rules’ Dr John Medina
 Vision is by far our most dominant sense, taking up half of our brain’s resources.
 What we see is only what our brain tells us we see, and it’s not 10% accurate.
 The visual analysis we do has many steps. The retina assembles photons into movie-like streams of
information. The visual cortex processes these streams: some areas registering motion, others registering
colour, etc. Finally, we recombine that information so that we can see.
 We learn and remember best through pictures, not through written or spoken words.
And on that note about vision, I heard on the radio this week that scientists have developed glasses to help
colourblind people see colour! Amazing! If that is of interest to you, you may like to visit this site and watch a
little clip.
Have a great week.
Kind Regards,
Term 1: March 25, 2015
Brett Kitchener
Dear Parents,
Treats for Caritas
Each year classes demonstrate initiative by approaching me with their intention to
sell treats to raise money for our annual Caritas appeal. This year we decided to
do all activities of this kind in one week so parents were aware and the need to
remember money for treats all throughout the term could be avoided. Significant
amount of work goes into these events. I appreciate that many parents are part of
this work particularly when it comes to making cup cakes. The recipients of this
work who receive our donations next term would be very appreciative of our
Holy Week
Next Wednesday on assembly our entire assembly will be devoted to a
dramatization of the events of Holy Week. Our Year 5 classes this year will assist
us in telling this most important story. This is always a most meaningful
experience for all concerned. I encourage you to attend at 8.30am in the hall if you
are able to.
Religious Education Curriculum
Our teachers are currently involved in preparing the units of work for next term.
This has provided me opportunity to meet with the teachers to discuss plans for
Religious Education in Term 2. All classes are preparing rich curriculums which are
planned to develop the religious literacy of our students.
Pastoral Care Parents
A note is going home today to classes where a Pastoral Care parent has not yet
been identified. This is not a task which is overly difficult or time consuming but
rather is rich and rewarding. Please consider this opportunity carefully as our
community benefits greatly from the involvement of our parents.
Thanks to those parents who have already volunteered for this important role.
After we have identified representatives for all classes we will meet as a group
early next term.
Enjoy your week
Finance & Fees
[email protected]
Term 1, 2015 School Fees
Term 1 school fees are now OVERDUE (unless Direct Debit arrangements were
already in place). If you did not receive your account statement (via email) or would
like an up-to-date statement emailed to you, please contact Nerrida on 3481 4600.
Our Parish
Holy Cross Parish
3293 0800
9.30am Sunday
Mass here at St
Benedict's, Mango Hill
Sacramental Program
Holy Cross Catholic Parish
will be offering Baptism for
those children who would
like to journey through the
2015 Sacramental Program
but have not yet been
There will be a Compulsory
Baptism Instruction Session
held on Tuesday 24 June,
5pm at Holy Cross Church,
Kippa Ring. The Sacrament
of Baptism will then be
celebrated at the 5pm
Youth Mass held on Sunday
5 July at Holy Cross Church.
If your child has not been
baptised prior to the
commencement of the
2015 Sacramental Program
you will be asked to delay
until the 2016 Program.
Please contact the Parish
Office now on 3293 0800
for further information.
Term 1: March 25, 2015
Laurel Creese
Cross Country and Swimming Helpers
A big thanks to Jo Lynch, Kathryn Munro and Jasmine Clarry who helped out at the Cross Country on Monday. I
would also like to acknowledge the great help provided by St Benedict’s College. The students were so helpful
and encouraging to our students.
We also had some wonderful support from some parents at the Catholic Zone Swimming Carnival on Friday.
Thanks to Belinda Zambrano, Lynne Hill, Michelle Locke, Amanda Hanson, Melissa Dale and Vanessa Fenwick
and Catherine Davis for your support.
Congratulations to our 2015 Age Champions:
2010 Clyff Watson and Miley Paterson
2009 Will Tonga and Chloe Pozzobon
2008 Tiakina Bateman and Kelsi Pares
2007 Kooper Tonga and Tayla O’Shanesy
2006 Connor Matthews and Chloe Witalik
2005 Kyle Jarrott and Maicey Lynch
2004 Jacob Matchett and Alex Hill
2003 Cooper Parodi and Elyssa White
And a big congratulations to Anicii (blue) House who are the 2015 Inter-house
Shield winners!
Cross Country (Thank you Suzanne Ward and Shell Swenson for the fabulous photos!)
Term 1: March 25, 2015
Laurel Creese
Squad Selection and training for all students who placed 1st-10th at
the St Benedict’s School Carnival on Monday 23rd March.
If your child has been selected for the St Benedict’s Cross Country Squad (came 1st-10th at the school carnival)
please see below for more information regarding squad selection.
There are 2 events which the students will be training for- Pine Rivers District Carnival (students born
2005-2003) on Friday 1st May and the Catholic Zone Cross Country (students born 2008-2003) on
Friday 15th May.
The Pine Rivers District Carnival is run in separate age groups(05,04,03) and they accept 8 nominations per age
group in the boys and girls therefore children who were placed 1st -8th in the School Carnival will compete at
Pine Rivers District Championships but team selection will be based on training attendance and performance at
these sessions.
The Catholic Zone Carnival (Friday 15th May) will be run in the following categories and we are only permitted to
nominate 10 runners per category Junior (07-08); Intermediate (05-06) and Senior (03-04). Therefore team
selection for this carnival will be based on attendance and a pre-event competition at training in Week 2.
The following are training times that your child is expected
to attend (A roll will be marked). As a courtesy, please
send a note if they can’t make it. All training sessions will
begin on the Oval at the times listed below. If it is raining
we will still meet in the hall.
Monday 7.45-8.20am
Boys & Girls born 2007 & 2008
Wed 7.45-8.20am
Boys & Girls born 2006 & 2005
Friday 7.45-8.20am
Boys & Girls born 2004 & 2003
Students will need to supplement school training by staying active and including some running training 1-2 times
per week. As a guide, competition distances are: Districts- 10yo-2km; 11 &12yo-3km. Catholic Zones-Juniors1km; Intermediate-1.5km and Seniors-2km
Bring a water bottle and a light snack e.g. fruit for after training. For morning sessions have 2 pair of shoes in case
of dew or wet ground.
Maicey Lynch competed at the Little Athletics
State Championships over the past
weekend. Maicey placed 1st in the 800m with
a time of 2:44.40 and 2nd in the 400m with a time of
1:10.57 (just missed out on the gold by 0.4 of a
second). She did a PB in her Long Jump with a jump of
3.72m to place 13th out of 31 girls. Congratulations!
What a wonderful achievement.
Laurel Creese
Cross Country
Term 1: March 25, 2015
Pastoral Coordinator
Helen Hickey
National Batten Disease Awareness Day 31st March
Batten Disease is a rare, debilitating and degenerative
condition where children are born appearing healthy and
then, in as little as a year, lose eyesight, begin to have
seizures, lose the ability to walk and talk and then over
further years eventually become dependent in every
aspect of their lives. In many cases, as these symptoms are
hard to explain, Batten Disease can go undetected for
some time. In some cases it has been years before a
complete and accurate diagnosis has been made. There
are only about 40 known cases of Batten Disease in
Australia and New Zealand. There is no known cure or treatment for Batten Disease - it is always fatal. Hearing
the words that your child will never grow to adulthood is indescribable and unfathomable. Much needed
research continues as scientists strive to find a cure for this deadly disease.
This week we remember all children and their families living with Batten’s disease.
Let’s find a special place in our hearts for all families facing incurable illness and life
changing disabilities. Every birth is an amazing miracle. As each of us lives life,
striving to reach our own potential, may we be strengthened in the knowledge that
we never walk alone in the journey of life. Our God walks beside us in sickness and
in health, in life and in death.
Peace & blessings,
Morning tea every Wednesday after assembly in the Hall
with Helen. All are welcome!
School Office
[email protected]
2016 Prep Enrolments
Prep Enrolments for 2016 are currently being accepted. Interviews for current families will occur prior to Easter
holidays and for new families immediately after Easter. You will not be able to schedule an interview until your
enrolment paperwork has been handed in. If you have a child due to commence Prep in 2016, please be sure to
submit your enrolment application NOW to ensure a place for your child.
Sick Kids? Going On Holiday?
If you know your children will be away from school for longer periods of time please let your teacher know in
person, via note or email. Please remember to call the St Benedict’s absentee line 3481 4688 to report absent
or sick children to the school.
Lost Property?
With a school consisting of over 600 students, property is bound to get mixed up or
lost sometimes. If you label your child's property clearly, it is quickly returned to
students when it is found.
Office Hours
St Benedict’s Primary office hours are from 8am to 3.30pm.
Term 1: March 25, 2015
Resource Centre & Curriculum
Ellen Ramsay
Library News
Excursion to North Lakes Library
Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th of March our
Years 5 and 6 students will be participating in a free
library tour at Moreton Bay Regional Council’s
newest library, North Lakes Library at Corso North Lakes. During the one-hour
interactive experience the students will tour the library and explore the resources
available, as well as walk ‘behind the scenes’. They will participate in Literature
based games and activities and discover the environmental features of the
building. The timetable will be:
 Thursday 26th March 9-11am: 5B & 6W
 Thursday 26th March 12:30 – 2:30pm: 5W & 6B
 Friday 27th March 9-11am: 6R & 5R
Holiday Library Borrowing
Students are able to borrow books from the Library in the last week of this Term
for use over the holidays. All books will need to be returned in Week 1 of Term 2.
St Benedict’s has a whole
school subscription to
WorldBook Online. Our
school subscription allows
us to access the three
areas within the site –
Early World of Learning,
Kids and Students. They
now have available a
mobile version of the
website, too!
Our School User Name
Curriculum News
Teacher Planning Day
All teachers are being released for a planning day with their year level team. This
allows teachers to participate in professional dialogue about where the learners are
at in their learning journey and how best to move them forward. The teachers will
work together to plan engaging learning experiences for the students for Term 2
using the Brisbane Catholic Education Model of Pedagogy to guide them.
Uniform Shop
[email protected]
Mondays 2.30pm-4pm and Fridays 8.00am-9.30am or available by appointment.
Oops, that’s not my hat?
You may have accidently taken home someone else's school gear. Please check your
gear at home and return any ‘lost property’ to the school office. Thank You! Parents are welcome to check
through our orange ‘lost property’ baskets in the office any time.
We apologise, our Café will be closed until further notice.
Term 1: March 25, 2015
Teaching & Learning
Ruth Sharman &
Pam Sweeney (Guidance & Counselling [email protected])
Coaching Children to Resolve Conflict
The skills needed for effective conflict resolution include skills for managing
emotions, as well as thinking skills for problem-solving and communicating
with others.
The key conflict resolution skills are:
 being able to control angry or anxious feelings
 learning to listen even when you disagree
 understanding the other person’s opinions and feelings
 being able to think of different solutions
 exchanging ideas with the other person
 finding ‘win-win’ solutions.
chil things
con ren get at
seem ct ov
er m o
or t
o ad
es fo are re lts
r ch
How parents and carers can help:
Using the steps of conflict resolution to coach children to come to their own solutions
helps them learn the skills they need. Learning to resolve conflict successfully takes good
coaching and lots of practice.
Coaching children to resolve conflict:
Step 1:
Help children see conflict as a problem they can sort out fairly, with help, for example: “It looks like
there’s a problem here. I’m sure if we talk about it we can sort it out.”
Step 2:
Get each child to explain how they see the conflict. Get them to focus on what they want or need,
and what their concerns or worries are, rather than blaming the other person.
Step 3:
It is often helpful for the coach to then re-state the concerns of both parties, for instance: “So, Eli,
you’re worried that you won’t get a turn; and Van, you’re trying to make it to the next level of the
game and you’re worried that if you stop now you won’t get to it.”
Step 4:
Get children to suggest at least three different solutions, such as: “What are some ways to solve this
so you can all feel okay about it?” If they can’t think of any, offer some ideas for them to think about.
Step 5:
Help children agree on a solution that will work and put it into action.
Step 6:
Praise them for sorting it out
St Benedict’s College
[email protected]
To obtain enrolment information, please contact College Secretary, Lea Rubio via
email to [email protected] or via phone to 3385 8888.
Speed Alert!
On St Benedict’s school property we have a 20k speed limit (10k in some construction zones). Dropping
your children to school and picking them up after school should be a calm and enjoyable experience for
everyone. Please show patience and courtesy while observing the rules of the road in and around our
school. It is imperative you drive slowly and safely as there are children about!
Term 1: March 25, 2015
[email protected]
Next P&F Meeting
Our next P&F Meeting will be held on April 1st, in the St Benedict’s Primary School
staffroom. All are welcome!
Hot Cross Bun Orders Due
Please have all Hot Cross Bun orders in by this Friday, March 27th.
P&F Electronic Mail
If you would like to receive all P&F correspondence directly into your Inbox, please join our mailing list. No more
digging through school bags for P&F notes! Join our mailing list.
Mango Hill Markets
Stay up to date:
Volunteers Needed!
In our Drive Through, St Benedicts operates a highly efficient, effective and safe, after school
pick-up program developed by the QLD Government, called Look Out. Volunteers are essential
to the program. Please contact the School Office if you can spare 20 minutes of your time, any
afternoon from 2:45 to 3.05pm, to support our school.
Term 1: March 25, 2015
Here at St Benedict’s, Centacare run the Outside School Hours Care facility as well as the Kindergarten Services.
Please contact the Centacare coordinators directly regarding these services.
Kindergarten Services
Michelle Kramer - Kindergarten Teacher
3204 8452 or 0498 393 334 or [email protected]
OSHC (Outside School Hours Care)
Nikki Sawatzki - Coordinator
3293 4507 or [email protected]
Bookings for Easter Vacation Care should have been booked by last week!
If you would like to still book in, please phone Nikki on 3293 4507 to find out if space is available.
Term 1: March 25, 2015
Art Classes are held at the St. Benedict's Art Room
every Tuesday, Thursday (3:15-4:15pm) and Friday
Please contact us at [email protected]
You can also find us at
Tennis News
Term 1 Tennis Coaching will finish on Monday 30th
March, Tuesday 24th March, Wednesday 1st April
& on Thursday 2nd April.
I hope you have enjoyed the Tennis Term. All Term
1 players will automatically be enrolled into Term 2
Tennis Lessons.
Term 2 Tennis will commence on Monday 27th
April, Tuesday 28th April, Wednesday 29th April &
Thursday 30th April.
New Tennis Coaching enrolment forms will be
handed out during the first week back at school.
Held at St Benedicts on Saturdays from 10.30am to
11.30am. All ages are welcome. Please phone Daisy or
Damian on 3886 0967 or 0438 860 967. Sign up for
two months and receive a free uniform. All classes are
supervised by an instructor with a Blue Card.
Please call:
Pine Rivers Koala & Wildlife
0401 350 799 if you see wildlife in
need in your area.
Wayne Hampson Tennis Coaching 0438 195 723
[email protected]
Riding off road. Searching for targets.
Interpreting a map.
Saturday, 28th March, 2015. Narangba.
900 acres of fire trails, horse tracks, open land. Fast
single tracks. Scenic location.
Foot event and camping an option.
Social or competitive. 11 courses. 1:30 to
6:30pm. 30mins to 3 hours.
More Info:
Phone Deb 0439 979 260
Term 1: March 25, 2015
4 – 11 April and
11 – 18 April
on Mondays &
Riding Camps are for children 6yrs – teens and all
riding abilities are catered for.
For more information please contact us…
Phone: 5486 6166
Email: [email protected]
The Family Store, giving you more!
Redcliffe Leagues Hockey Club
Have you thought about hockey for your child?
Contact: Lynne Somerville
0417 758 107 for more information.
Term 1: March 25, 2015
Pine Rivers PUMAS Rugby Union Club
Under 9 and Under 10
If you want to try out something new, fun and exciting,
then Pumas Rugby is the place for you!
Our clubhouse is located at Les Hughes Sports Complex,
Bray Park.
Call 0488 020 292 or Email [email protected]
Do your kids like:
camping, sailing, hiking, caving, abseiling or rock
orienteering, construction or
knot tying?
learning first aid skills or
open fire cooking, kayaking or
learning about conservation?
learning survival skills,
astronomy or learning bush
learning about aircraft or
tackling obstacle courses?
making new friends and
experiencing new challenges?
earning badges to wear on their uniform?
Contact: Deception Bay Scout Troop Group Leader
Adam Black on [email protected] or
0423 626 706
Worldwide Marriage Encounter: A weekend
away for married couples in peaceful, picturesque
surroundings – away from the distractions of
everyday living.
Weekend date: 15th – 17th May 2015
Venue: Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre, Ormiston
QLD (on Brisbane’s bayside)
For bookings/details contact: Maria and David
Murphy, ph (07) 3342 1456,
[email protected]
Information website:
Term 1: March 25, 2015
We do receive regular updates regarding the Moreton
Bay Rail project mainly because of it’s general proximity
to St Benedict’s and our community. You can find regular
updates at
For all enquires, please contact Kerri Hutchison
Email : [email protected]
Phone: 0408 348 500