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Sunday March 29, 2015
1987 March born Bodu Govi/Karawa 5' 2"
Colombo employed as an Executive at a
reputed private firm BSc, PGD degree
holder, currently pursuing an MBA. Fair
complexioned, slim figured daughter Doctor
mother seeks teetotaller son qualified &
Executive grade employed. Only brother an
Engineer. Meena, Siyawasa, guru-1, kuja-2,
kethu-7 compatibility necessary. G B21258
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
1989 January born daughter Bodu Govi
Gampaha height 5' 0" fair complexioned slim
figured doctor qualified from Kelaniya
University seek a partner locally educated &
qualified. Doctor, Engineer, Accoutant,
Lecturer or Executive Manager. Father
Senior Manager in Private Company &
Mother Accountant retired from private firm.
Younger son is awaiting for university
admission. Kuja 1 Mesha Lagna Aslisa
Nekatha. Contact with horoscope.
Telephone Number & full details. G B21224
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
A Leading Bodu Govi family seeks an
educated partner for their pretty daughter 26
Marketting Consultant in Australia Kuja in 1
G B21226 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX
2047 Colombo
A MBBS Doctor 26 pretty, diesent active
Govi having a well educated placed four
brothers two on each side from a
respectable professional business family
living in Colombo has a resonable high
assests wants a genuine equal status son
with moral sound habits send all details with
birthday time and place by email 26colombo G B20364 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
ABOUT our sister G/B 1978 5' 3" very fair
slim good characted well brought up studied
graduated PR Australia doing PHD there
Brother seek accadamically and
professionaly qualified handsome partner.
She is in Sri Lanka for vacation on April
family details to [email protected] G
B21275 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T201311-1
ACADEMICALLY and professionally
qualified well employed partner is sought by
G/B parents for their 1984 May born
daughter an employed IT graduate. Inherits
wealth. Mars & Saturn at 7, Reply with full
family & contact details. G B21270
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
ACADEMICALLY professionally qualified
well employed handsome partner sought by
Sinhala Govi Buddhist father in university for
slim fair attractive 22 aged CIMA qualified
and 3rd year university under graduate,
eldest daughter. Reply with family details
and horoscope. G B21199 C/oSunday
Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
BODU Govi 1986/05/01 born BSc special
degree CIMA qualified beautiful owning
assets only daughter parents state officers
seeks qualified & employed partner or a
businessman. G B20597 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
BODU Govi western 31 years daughter an
Attorney-at-Law parents state officers seek
suitable son. Horoscope nesessary. G
B19680 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T185294-1
BUDDHIST Govi 1970 year born 5' 4" pretty,
35 year appearance Ex-Accountant,
employed, young-looking lady with
substantial dowry seeks suitable partner.
0113034150. G B21205 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
AN acadamically and professionally
qualified partner of medium height from a
Buddhist/Vishwa mother, for her Business
Management graduate daughter. She is fair
and pretty younger brother is a final year
under graduate from J'Pura University non
male fic horoscopes only. G B21262
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
AN invitiation for marriage to a Son local or
foreign, for a daughter with respectable
family back-ground. She is educated in
Bandarawela, Vishaka College, AAT III
passed, Sinhala Christian, (Methodist) 34
yrs, 5' tall, simple, pretty, having 2 brothers.
0572230817. G B21232 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
B/G 1993 5' 7" Studied at a leading girls
College in Colombo under graduate
daughter Mother teacher seeks graduate of
28-32 years. As a proposal with a view of
Marriage. 2-8 malefic. G B21197 C/oSunday
Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
B/G up country Graduate 5' 3" 1970 born
very fair beautiful executive officer the only
Daughter in the family. parents seek a high
grade officer of the three forces or state or
private sector senior Executive as a partner.
Valuable house in Badulla, Vehicle and
properties owned by her. The parents
engaged in Business requests HC copy.
Telephone Number and all details. G
B20687 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T192813-1
BADULLA B/G 1986 5' 2" Dowry owning
beautiful Daughter of good character. the
parents state employees seeks partner in
Government service or in a Bank stating is
possible. [email protected] G B20681
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
MUSLIM Moor parents seeking bride
religious, pretty, educated bride age 20-25 5'
0"-5' 7", from SL Western, Europe and Middle
East countries for Qualified and professional
son hailing form a well connected family Email
[email protected] G G21264 C/oSunday
Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
MUSLIM Parents from Colombo seek an
educated pretty religious bride with good
family background for only son fair religious
aged 27 yrs. 5' 9". Who holds Aviation
Electronics Bachelors Degree and Electrical
Engineering Masters Degree from USA. At
present employed as a QA Engineer in a
private IT Co. The bride should be between
22-26 yrs. Average height Please contact
write sending full details of bride and family
contact Nos: etc. E-mail- [email protected] G G19768 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
BUDDHIST / Govi wealthy parents, both
professionals and directors of a very well
established reputed company, seek a
professionally qualified partner living in
Colombo for daughter, very pretty, 26 yrs
(1988) 5' 1", educated at an international
school and a Finance graduate of a very
prestigious foreign university, with work
experience abroad, now working in the
family owned company in Colombo, which
she will inherit in addition to other substantial
assets, including, valuable house and other
property. Not interested in proposals from
persons living outside Sri Lanka. Please
forward relevant details together with a copy
of the horoscope to [email protected]
confidentiality of all correspondence is
assured. G B20565 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
COLOMBO suburb B/G mother seeks for
her 1978 born 5' 2" pretty Civil Engineer
daughter with substantial assests, now
serving in Singapore, a suitable partner. She
is divorced from a short marriage being the
complainant party. Horoscope essential. suk
[email protected] G B20324 C/oSunday
Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
COLOMBO - B/G Administrative service
father seeks for his 27 year 5' 3" pretty
University Lecturer only daughter owning a
storeyed house, a suitable educated son
from the same field. Kuja 7 preferred. G
B20464 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T190657-1
COLOMBO District resident in Dehiwala
with a respectable family History B/G 22 yr.
old second eldest daughter of the family.
Studied at a leading girls college in
Colombo. Final year student of law (London)
a fair and good mannered child. Mother a
doctor attached to a government Hospital
and father seeks an educated partner with a
senior position height not less than. 5' 10"
handsome. Same caste partner not more
than 26 yrs. of Age. Reply with HC copy.
Colombo Area specially preferred. G
B21210 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
MUSLIM (Moor) Bachelor, 43 (truly) 5' 07"
prestigious family, sixteen (16) Kms off
Kurunegala, General Manager (Brach)
established Colombo-based footware
company, earning Rs. 75,000/- and more,
owns vehicle and properties - Diploma IT, OldBoy kandy Trinity. Relative seeks suitable
partner to him. No encumbrances. Full details,
please. G G19821 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
COLOMBO B/G B. Com/CIMA Graduate
earning high salary 31 yrs. 5' 3" Beautiful
accounts manager daughter Educated
partner is sought by father an Executive and
mother leagally separated after a 3 months
faked marriage as prosecution party. G
B21204 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
COLOMBO Bodu Govi of a respectable
family back ground educated at a Colmbo
reputed school, employed in the permanet
cadre beautiful graduate daughter 1986
born & 5' 6" in height parents seek suitable
partner. She ownes valuable 2 storeyed
house & other assets. Legally seperated
from a defaulted marriage as plaintiff. Has a
4 year old son. Parents seek true loving
father to child willing to live in qualified &
employed. No barriers. All true particulars
along with copy of horoscope, throgh first
letter. G B19786 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
COLOMBO District Bodu Govi of
respectable family background hailing from
a business family 1989 born 5' 3" in height
fair complexioned good charactered
daughter very devoted to religion educated
at a highly reputed school a graduate in
Human Biology at Sri Jayawardanapura
university, expecting a job parents seek
qualified partner of moral values. Eldest
sister a graduate married & is employed in
the govt sector. Younger brother pursunig
studies at the University. She owns 2 storied
house worth around 12 million along with
other assets. All thrue particulares along
with copy of horoscope through first letter. G
B19785 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
DOCTOR parents (consultants, father
hindu, mother buddhist) seeking a
professionally qualified groom below 34
years from Sri Lanka or overseas for 28
years old, 5' 6'' fair slim beautiful doctor
doughter (MBBS - Sri Lanka) who is
brought-up as Buddhist. [email protected] G B21263 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
DOWNSOUTH Buddhist Karawa pensioner
parents from state services seek for their 30
years 5' 4" pretty IT hons. graduate daughter
employed in a private bank in an executive
post, a suitable handsome educated partner
employed in a permanent post write with
copy of horoscope. G B21240 C/oSunday
Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
GALLE Buddhist Govi Parents seek kind
hearted son (Kuja 7) for their 27, 5' pleasant
daughter employed at the Government
service. G B21234 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
GALLE G/B respectable family seek
academically professionally qualified well
employed caring son for their youngest
daughter May 1989, 5ft slim fair pretty
Management graduate from Sri J'pura.
CIMA fully qualified, employed in an
international company in Colombo. Reply
with horoscope and family detalis. sarasavip
[email protected] G B21217 C/oSunday
Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
GALLE, Buddihist Salagama mother seeks
suitable partner for her beautiful young
looking daughter Oct 1980, 5' 3'' graduate
permanently employed in the government
administrative service 1million worth land
and other assets owned by her. Write Govi
or Similar. G B21229 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
GAMPAHA Buddhist Rajaka (Nominal)
parents seek an educated, kindhearted son
less than 35 years to thier executive grade
graduate daughter 28. 5' 2" employing at
private institute. All detaisl in a letter or an
email with horoscope no barriers. proposal3
[email protected] G B21203 C/oSunday
Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
GAMPAHA Buddhist, Salagama Engineer
brother seeks for his 50 year, slim fair 5' 2"
executive post holder daughter, a suitable,
honest, handsome employed partner She
owns a vehicle, a house and other sources
of income. Differences not considered. Write
with copy of horosocpe. G B21249
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
GAMPAHA, Minuwangoda, Buddhist Govi
parents seek an educated bridegroom for
their 27, 5' 2'' pleasant, virtuous teacher
daughter. No evils of the Mass. Prifer
teaching profession. Particulars 1st letter
including telephone No. and horoscope G
B21248 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T199837-1
KANDY christian Tamil parents father
medical professional seek a professionally
qualified Christan partner for ther only
daughter born in 1987 studied at Kandy
christian girls school in Sinhala medium
higher studies USQ Australia Bcom with PR
working and studing for professional
qualification only brother also graduate
USQ. No Horosocpe/Race Immaterial dr.raj
[email protected]
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
KANDY, Buddhist Govi State Bank retired
parents seek same caste educated
Handsome youth devoid of all vices holder
of a permanent employment for their only
daughter born June 1986 on Rehena
Neketha studied at Main girls Schools and
obtained computer special degree from
Peradeniya University and serving as a
permenant Software Engineer at a Colombo
foreign private company. please send all
particulars in first letter. G B19746
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
KIND, honest, non-smoker, teetotaller,
Doctor or Engineer son, with a good
character, below 30 years of age, with a
respectable family background is sought by,
Govi Buddhist Medical Specialist parents
from Kandy, for well brought-up, Pre-intern
MBBS Doctor daughter, 25 years, 5' 3", slim,
fair and attractive, with reasonable assets.
Please reply with full family details and
horoscope in first communication. marrprop
[email protected] G B19664 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
KURUNEGALA B/S 29 yrs 5' 3" Commerce
Graduate Dellhi, MBA Peradeniya senior
executive of a reputed company in Colombo
in receipt of a high salary owning dowry for
beautiful daughter parents seek educated
employed daughter. No Differences. G
B21213 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T198210-1
MATARA B/G 31 yrs, 5' 2" slim Employed at
Katunayake Air Port as Assistant manager
for daughter parents seek educated partner.
[email protected] G B21200
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
MATARA Respectable Buddhist Govi
Retired parents seek same caste Virtuous,
Educated teetotaller son holding a
Respectable post for their 1974 5' 3"
Beautition / Virtuous young looking BSc
Science gradaute Government teacher only
daughter with assets. Horoscope essential.
G B21244 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX
2047 Colombo
WESTERN province Bodu Govi 1989 5' 2"
pleasant looking owning dowry MBBS
qualified daughter parents seek son
Doctor/Engineer/or in administration field.
Only brother also a Doctor. All particulars to
be forwarded along with contact Nos. & copy
of horosocpe. G B21255 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
COLOMBO Buddhist Karawa parents seek
for their 1974 year born 5' 11" handsome
businessman Son studied in a leading
school owning his own business building &
other assets, a suitable, pretty bride of
similar standing (Horosocpe without
malefics) G G20442 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
COLOMBO Suburb Buddhist Govi parents
seek a beautiful daughter with vocational
qualifications wishes to migrate for their
Moratuwa University Graduate Software
Engineer eldest son 1982, 5' 5" G G21211
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
MOOR parents Kandy seek partner for fair
slim and pretty daughter age 26 height 5' 3"
English educated send details of groom to
[email protected] G B21246
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
MOOR Father, respectable family seeks for
practising Muslim daughter, 37 years, USA
Citizen, 5' 2", Teacher with American
Political Science degree, Good Muslim
professional, living in Sri Lanka, USA, UK,
Autralia, willing to migrate, no dowry
seekers, visiting Sri Lanka in April. Please
Mail or Email details. [email protected]
om G B20814 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX
2047 Colombo
MOOR Southern mother seek suitable
partner for educated professionally qualified
daughter 28 with cultural values. Preferred a
partner of similar background. Apply zoora_
[email protected] or P.O. Box-.... G B20484
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
MUSLIM Moor parents seeking religious,
handsome grooom age 24-30 for daughter
pretty, educated and smart hailing from well
connected family background. Email hafsa G B21266 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
PARENTS seek a Govi Karawa Educated
son for their daughter who is from
Ambalangoda 28 yrs. Buddhist, Karawa 5'
5" pretty, having dowries and graduate
teacher - Kuja 8. G B21256 C/oSunday
Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
PARENTS seek a partner for their daughter
who is close to Colombo employed in
government service and born in 1988, No
differences. Inquire with the horosocpe. G
B21259 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
PARENTS seek suitable educated
Bridegroom for their only daughter Galle
Bodu Salagama respectable family 1986 5'
1" beautiful Management gradaute
Chartered Accountant passed Bank exam
State Bank lady officer for Marriage. G
B21236 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T199626-1
PILIYANDALA Bodu 1979/12 born height
4ft 11" owning properties Assistant
Pharmacist at a private hospital beautiful
daughter, mother seeks son with permanent
employment, No barriers. Email- [email protected] G B21251 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
PROFESSONAL Sinhala Catholic Mother
seeks Professionally/Academically qualified,
well employed, tall (above 5' 8") preferably
Catholic / Christian, English speaking
marriage partner for her daughter, 29 years,
tall, pretty, Australian Degree and MBA
holder, bank executive in leading private
bank in Colombo. Educated in leading
Colombo Private school. Please send full
particulars or Call 055-2223084,
0112715090 after 6P.M. G B20614
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
RESPECTABLE B/G business parents from
Colombo suburbs seek an accademically
qualified well employed or established
businessman kind & caring NS/TT religious
partner from similar family background for
our youngest daughter born in 1985 Aprial 5'
4" pretty & fair impeccable character studied
at St' Bridget's Convent Colombo 7. Holds
B.Sc. in Bio Tecnology MSc. in Molecular
Biology stream. Employed a research
scientist in a private organization. She owns
100 million worth of assets including house
and vehicle. No Kuja dose. Please reply with
horoscope full familly details and contact
number. proposal 609 @ G
B21219 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T198410-1
WESTERN B/G 1989 5' 1" Graduate with a
class and preparing to migrate for a special
degree. pleasant looking daughter of good
manners presently employed in a reputed
company. Invitation for a suitable partner
with pleasing personality in an executive
grade. G B21206 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
1983 March 5' 7" respectable business
parents seek a virtuous daughter from a
respectable family who does not wish a
future occupation. Proposed youngest son is
a handsome, teetotaller and successful
entrepreneur having his own properties and
vehicles. Legally seperated from a dishonest
marriage as the complainant without any
obligations. G G20398 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
1992 born Ambalangoda Karawa, 5' 7" son
employed in States, owning assets business
parents seeks qualified beautiful daughter
with dowry to be proposed for later marriage.
G G21254 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX
2047 Colombo
ABSOLUTELY Pretty academically and
professionally qualified good natured
daughter with inherits from a respectable
family is sought by buddhist vishva well
connected affluent company director and
doctor parents from colombo (Owners of
well reputed established company) for son
32 years, 5' 10" fair, absolutely handsome
NS/TT, BSc (computer Science) + CIMA+
MBA, working as a Business Intelligence
Consultant in Sydney with Australian PR.
Inherits assets worth million including
company shares. Wishes to reside in
SL/Aus. Reply with family details, horoscope
and contact details. Tel: 0112554057 e-mail:
[email protected]
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
ACADEMICALLY Qualified pretty wellmannered daughter is sought by S/B retired
lecturer mother from Colombo district for
Engineer 5' 6" 31 son Old-Royalist owning
assets over 30m reading a law degree
family details and horoscopes to priyaprops
[email protected] G G20695 C/oSunday
Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
AMBALANGODA Buddhist, Karawa Bank
office mother seeks a daughter for her 5' 8''
November 1987 son permanently employing
at Italy and owner of a house. Contact with
horoscope G G21237 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
BODU Govi Matara 36 yrs, son 5' 4" Bank
officer in Canada retired parents seek
qualified daughter of moral values & of
Similar caste who is willing to migrate to
Canada. Brother an Engineer, Married &
Living in Canada. G G21239 C/oSunday
Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
BUDDHIST Govi 32 years, educated 5' 4"
very handsome govt. employed parentless
un married person owning business
enterprises and vehicles monthly earnings
over Rs. 4 lakhs owning urban properties
worth over Rs. 25 lakhs seeks respectable,
good charactered pretty daughter for
marriage teacher daughter seperated legally
from a short marriage also is invited.
Religious differences not considered. Call:
0113039666 after 5 pm. [email protected] G G21245 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
BUDDHIST Govi bank excecutive father
and pensioner teacher mother seek for thier
34 year 5' 7" handsome old Anandiyan son
owning substantial assets now residing in
Australia with his sister following further
courses of studies, a suitable pretty
educated daughter from a respectable
family. 0332290033 G G21238 C/oSunday
Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
BUDDHIST Govi professional parents seek
pretty professionally qualified or educated
daughter from respectable family for son
executive in a well known group of
companies aged 28 handsome 6' 0" holding
B Sc (Hons) and doing CIMA. Inherits
movable and immovable assets. Reply with
copy of horoscope and full details. G
G20445 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
COLOMBO Suburbs 1981 October B/G 5'
6" height CIMA(UK) ACMA-CGMA
Pleasant looking son permanently
employed in the private sector receiving a
handsome salary. Owns new vehicle house
and other assets of sober habits. Parents
seek educated pleasing partner. G G21215
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
COLOMBO suburbs, Buddhist, Govi
parents seek a teacher, businessman for
their Engineering student handsome son.
No malefic in horsocope no barriers. 31, 6'.
011 2801637. G G21212 C/oSunday
Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
COLOMBO, Respectable parents looking
for pretty, simple girl for their son BSc
Engineering graduate from Moratuwa
University who is 6 ft height handsome and
well settle in his professional career email [email protected] G G21201
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
D/G parents from Colombo seek a slim,
pretty, Buddhist bride, for their 27 year old,
tall, handsome son with sober habits who is
a Manager in a multinational IT company.
Drives his own car, earns a substantial
income and will inherit a house. Kuja 12.
Please reply with family details and
horoscope. e-mail- [email protected]
om G G21222 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX
2047 Colombo
EDUCATED Pretty daughter is sought by
Govi Buddhist Engineer/Architect parents
for their son 30 years, 5' 5" with pleasant
features, TT, NS, Software Engineer with
BSc, MSc in IT. Inherits substantial assets.
Full particulars with horoscope in the first
letter. E-mail: [email protected] G
G15739 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T146100-2
GALLE 46, Gentleman seeks Intelligent
Buddhist Religious lady devoid of wrong
believs to marry silently after idenitifing. me
[email protected] G G21235 C/oSunday
Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
GALLE B/G 1988 5' 7" Expecting to be
sworn in as an attorney for handsome son
parents and only sister seeks a teacher as
partner, reply with telephone Number. G
G21221 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T198420-1
I Am a governtment employee good job.
Seeking employed girl government, private
sector bellow 36. Call: 0355616358 G
G21260 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T200345-1
KANDY Bodu Govi parent seeks daughter
for son 1978, 5' 4" Lawyer (LLB) to reside
in Colombo from English speaking family.
Caste race horoscope not insisted. Write
with family details. [email protected]
om G G19826 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX
2047 Colombo
KIRIBATHGODA resident Southern Bodu
Govi 36 years 5' 7" in height handsome &
attractive fair complexioned and Executive
Manager at a reputed company parents
seek suitable good looking daughter. Kuja
1,2,4,6,8,10,12, preferred. G G19825
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T186685-1
KURUNEGALA Bodu Deva 26 years 5' 8''
in height handsome son owns business
house & vehicles all including assets worth
around 120 Million. Mother seeks qualified
beautiful daughter. No barriers. Should
inquire together with copy of horoscope. th
[email protected] G G17987
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
KURUNEGALA Buddhist mother seek a
religious daughter for the youngest son
who is 26 years old LLB 5' 5'' well
mannered and valuble assets too.
Countact with all family details and the
horoscope. Email: [email protected] G G21261 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
COLOMBO Bodu Salagama Govi 1982
March born height 5' 6" an executive at a
private bank BSC/MSC qualified handsome
son a teetotaller father seeks quilified
daughter of good charactor. All particualars to
be forwarded along with copy of horoscope.
[email protected] G G19828
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
MATARA Buddhist Durawa Parents seek
Employed kind hearted Beautiful daughter
(prefers teacher) for their 1990, 5' 6"
handsome final year Engineering son. write
with Telephone No. and Horoscope.
0412251583. G G21247 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
Printed and published by Wijeya Newspapers Ltd. on Sunday March 29, 2015 at No. 8, Hunupitiya Cross Road, Colombo 02.
NITTAMBUWA Buddhist Govi, Teacher
parents seek to propose a beautiful kind
hearted same caste Medical student or
teacher daughter for their medical students
son. [email protected] G G21250
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
PARENTS (Businessmen) seek an educated,
pretty and virtuous daughter, (doctor,
Engineer, Lecturer or chartered Accountant)
for their son who is a government doctor, in
the Southern province, Govi-Buddhist,
Karawa, 1983-11, 5' 7 1/2" fair, handsome,
raligious, devoid of vice, having a threestoryed house, modern motor vehicle and
property, email: [email protected] G
G21230 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T199557-1
PARENTS seek a daughter with Sinha Lagna,
Kuja 2 suwana nekatha for their handsome
son who is close to Colombo, Govi-Buddhist,
31 yrs, 5' 6" studied upto A/L, doing his own
successful business (fixed), he has a
horoscope. With Danayoga and Rajayoga
with attractive character traits. 0112 611598. G
G21252 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T199884-1
PARENTS seek a suitable daughter for their
son who was born in January 1982, Govi, 5' 6"
International trade shipping officer (Service for
4 or 6 six months in a year) drawing a very big
salary. He has a large number of lands in
Kegalle and Gampaha Districts. He is a
teetotallor / non-smoker and pious son. Kuja,
Shani in 9th House (Shani Mangala Yogaya)
G G21243 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T199775-1
PARENTS seek an employed, pretty
daughter, less than 36 yrs. in the same caste
of their son who was born in April 1972, 5'.5",
Govi - Buddhist, close to Colombo, employed
in a government ministry as an
engineer/graduate. Kuja/Shani - 08 G G20022
C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
PARENTS seek a pretty educated & virtuous
daughter for their son who is from south 27
yrs. old 5' 10" tall & working as a Doctor in
government sector. Write with horescope. G
G21214 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
RETIRED parents seek a MBBS doctor
(daughter) for their son who is a MBBS doctor,
up country Govi-Buddhist, born in July 1981,
5' 7" tall. G G21233 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
RETIRED state bank executive, father seeks
a pretty daughter having suitable job for his
son who is from Galle, Govi-Buddhist, 1986, 5'
6", obtained software engineer (Hons) degree
from (SLIIT) from Malabe computer engineer
in a private institute, having a modern style
motor vehicle and handsome (write only those
who have horroscopes-where Saturn is visible
in 7) G G21228 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX
2047 Colombo
RETIRED teacher (widow) mother seeks a
suitable daughter for her son who is a GoviBuddhist respectable family, having houses
and property, employed in an insurance
company, 41, 5' 3" tall. 0332288314. G
G21257 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
SOUTH Buddhist Govi Parents seek an
educated beautiful partner for their 5' 3", 1975
young looking very handsome son devoid of
all vices monthly income exceeds 1 lakh
owner of property worth of millions. sandakelu
[email protected] G G21231 C/oSunday
Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
UPCOUNTRY Buddhist, Govi parents
permanent residents in Colombo seek kind
hearted virtuous pleasant daughter less than
38 year for their virtuous son studied at
Colombo leading school, employing at a
leading company in Colombo. Father retired
few months ago serving as Director and group
manager at a company at which branches are
available in Sri Lanka and some foreign
countries. G G21198 C/oSunday Times,
P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
WESTEREN Province Bodu of respectable
family background 43 yrs 5' 11" Handsome
son legally divorced no children Deva/Govi,
Excutive grade employement owning
housing, vehicles & other properties executive
grade retired father seeks beautiful daughter
of moral values & of height more than 5ft.
(Meena, Shani 2, Kuja 9) 1, 7 squares
Shani/Kuja/Ra/Kay Kuja Shani Yoga, Kala
Sarpa not compatible. All particulars along
with horoscope, should be forwarded. G
G19683 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T185354-1
WESTERN B/G 1983 5' 5" Educated Abroad
owning vehicles and properties handsome
son receiving a very high income from
business. Seeks a beautiful good mannered
partner. 011 2742264. G G21208 C/oSunday
Times, P.O.BOX 2047 Colombo
WESTERN Province Govi Buddhist Age 36
educated 5' 6" tall, nonsmoker, teetotaller
gentleman seeks a bride for marriage.
0117905342 [email protected] G
G20088 C/oSunday Times, P.O.BOX 2047
Colombo T188277-1