���What You Need to Know��� Package

Sprint Triathlon---1st Annual
Saturday May 30, 2015
To ensure you have a great and safe experience
“What You Need to Know” Package
To Do BEFORE Race Day-----------------------------------------------------Page 1
Race Day Schedule------------------------------------------------------------Page 1
Race Day Instructions--------------------------------------------------------Page 2
Critical Safety Info------------------------------------------------------------Page 3
Details of each Segment: Swim, Bike, Run------------------------------Page 3
Race Results, Teams----------------------------------------------------------Page 5
Weather, Race Bib, Parking, Spectators---------------------------------Page 6
Maps – Transition Area, Bike and Run Routes-------------------------Page 8-10
Remember to enjoy your triathlon experience:
This event is an introduction to the exciting world of triathlonsYou don’t have to do everything right to have a good experience.
Thank you to :
To Do BEFORE Race Day
Many weeks in advance>> Make sure your bike is in safe working condition.
 Bike fenders- remove them (they are a safety hazard).
By May 8 >> Fill out “Triathlon Info Form” (we need your swim time and other info)
 Penalty or disqualification for submitting a “too slow” swim time on the form:
 To have a good triathlon experience, swimmers of similar speed & skill levels must swim
By May 22 >> Pick up your race bag and sign waiver :>>> BRING PHOTO ID.
 At Killam Town Office (4923-50ST)
 You cannot send someone in your place because you need to show Photo ID and sign waiver
 Under age 18 on race day? Your parent or legal guardian must sign waiver on your behalf.
 If you don’t pick up you race bag/ sign waiver you have to before you start the race on race day.
Before race day: Drive, Cycle and /or run the bike and run routes
 You are 100% responsible for knowing the bike and run routes (do NOT rely on the route volunteers).
Race Day Schedule
*** Your category # (1 or2) is hand written on your race bib ***
Category 1—triathletes ONLY—your category# is hand written on your race bib
7:30-8:30 AM
Transition Area OPEN
Step 1= Put your bike in Transition Area (see map)
Step 2=Go to Check in (Killam Agri-Plex Lobby) *****Show photo I.D.
Transition Area CLOSED
Safety meeting and announcements (Killam Agri-Plex Lobby)
Sprint Swim Starts
Swimmers please be on deck and ready 15minutes prior to your heat start time.
Category 2—triathletes ONLY—your category # is hand written on your bib
9:45-10:15AM Transition Area OPEN
Step 1= put your bike in Transition Area (see Map)
Step 2=Go to Triathlete Check-in (Killam Agri-Plex Lobby) ****Show Photo I.D.
Transition Area CLOSED
Safety meeting and announcements ( Killam Agri-Plex Lobby)
As soon as category 1 has finished swimming category 2 will start.
Swimmers please be on deck and ready 15 minutes prior to your heat start time.
11:00PM –on
Bike Repair Area open for minor bike issues (beside Transitions Area)
Lunch opens-you’ll need your lunch bracelet (received in race bag)
After you’ve raced remove your bike & belongings from Transition Area;
Stay for the draw prizes.
Draw prizes and placement awards
All bikes must be gone from Transition Area (bike racks)
Race Day Instructions-4 Steps
Follow the schedule for your category#
Drop your bike and gear in the Transition Area (the bike racks)
What time are you allowed in? check schedule
There are no “better” spots (all triathletes will travel the same distance), so you don’t have to line up early.
Only 4 bikes on EACH SIDE of each bike rack.
Marking devices are not permitted to identify your bike’s location (e.g. balloons, strings, etc.)
After you check in, you may return to Transition Area to organize belongings beside your bike.
 Please ensure everyone has equal space around their bikes.
 There isn’t much room- large or bulky bags/bins are not allowed
To prevent gear from getting wet (pavement may be wet), use small plastic bag or container.
Free lockers for participants belongings in change rooms
STEP 2.Go to Triathletes Check-in ***** Present you PHOTO I.D.
What time do you check in? **See schedule
 Your category # is written on race bib
 “SLOWER” (CAT#1) triathletes check in first and swim first.
 “FASTER” (CAT#2) triathletes check in later (=less waiting around)
 Who is “faster” will be determined by swim times that triathletes submit on form
 Dividing total number of triathletes into 2 very broad groups (faster & slower) is not an exact science and
we’re doing it to reduce waiting time.
 No matter which group you’re in (faster or slower), there will always be some waiting time- this is the nature
of triathlons that use a swimming pool.
You’ll receive your timing chip and a volunteer will draw your bib# on your shoulders with a permanent marker
TEAMS: Only ONE timing chip per team—find the location of “Team Chip Transfer” near Transition Area.
STEP 3. Return to Transition Area
Organize your gear in order that you will be putting each item on when transitioning from swim to bike, then
from bike to run. Leave your towel and all other clothing/shoes with your bike.
You do have the option of drying off and changing into your bike clothes (but NOT your shoes no shoes on pool
deck) before exiting pool **this will happen in main change rooms located off the pool deck.
RACE BIB ( your race number)
 If you ARE using a “race belt”, pin your race bib on BACK during the BIKE and on your FRONT for the RUN.
 If NOT using “race belt”, pin your race bib on the FRONT (it will be on your FRONT during the bike AND run)
Do one last bike check tire pressure, chain and gear positioning (an easy gear is recommended for starting, brake
function, etc. If required minor adjustments at bike service area next to Transition Area.
Become familiar with how you will flow through all parts of Transition Area.
 Exit pool, go to your bike rack by running or walking, find your bike, walk your bike towards ”Mount
 After completing ride, get off bike at “Dismount Line”, walk your bike to rack
 Teams; find the Team Chip Transfer area (look for sign).
Step 4. Wait at the Killam Agri-plex Lobby for your Heat Time to start.
Change into your swim suit in locker rooms enter via hallway.
Please be on the swimming pool deck 15minutes prior to your heat start time.
Safety meeting and announcements will be in Agriplex Lobby.
*** C R I T I C A L S A F E T Y I N F O ***
Drive, cycle and/or run bike and run routes BEFORE race day.
Do NOT rely on route volunteers for directions (this isn’t their job) - you must know routes in advance.
Do not be a ZOMBIE;
You are 100% responsible for knowing bike and run routes.
Do not allow yourself to become “zoned out” and unaware of surroundings-VERY UNSAFERemain ALERT at all times; run and cycle defensively--- This is NOT a closed course.
Proactively look for and pay attention to volunteers (follow their instructions) in bright shirts on route, in
transition area, highway crossings and finish line.
Police officers will be controlling traffic at highway intersections –including YOUProactively look for these officers AND follow their directions.
Timing chips and mats;
Before starting your race, do not go within 12 feet of any timing mat (you may activate your timing chip).
If you want an accurate race time ,make sure you run over chip timing mats
Items that inhibit your hearing are NOT permitted on the BIKE or RUN (music players ear plugs etc.)
The ONLY form of external assistance allowed is from the bike support vehicle on bike route and first aid.
If you do not follow the triathlon rules or if you display any unsportsmanlike conduct towards volunteers, event
organizers, or other triathletes, you could be disqualified.
Details of Each Segment: Swim, Bike, Run
Swim; 750m= 30 lengths
 Assigned “heat times”: we will have group’s triathletes into groups of similar skill level.
 On race day, you can find your heat times posted in the Agriplex Lobby.
 Wait at the Agriplex Lobby until it’s close to your heat time ( if you leave you could miss your
swim time)
 You should be on the pool deck 15 minutes prior to your swim time.
 Swimmers will have a max of 4 swimmers/ lane depending on registration numbers
this number may vary.
 You only need to email a revised swim time if it has changed by more than 4 minutes from the
time you submitted on your original form. DEADLINE to email([email protected])
by May 20, 2015
You CAN bring a towel to wrap around yourself while you wait for your swim to start
You CAN put your towel and/or eye glasses at the deep end of pool( against wall, so no one trips)
If you change into bike clothes on deck (optional have those clothes + towel in a small plastic bag or
use main change rooms.
No shoes on pool deck either carry them & put them on just before exiting pool or leave at bike
 The first group Cat.1 swimmers will need to be on the pool deck by 8:55am will start swimming at 9:00
AM. The progression will be slowest swimmers first, progressing to faster swimmers.
 Only competitors, volunteers and race organizers allowed on pool deck.
 Viewing area open for spectators.
 You must complete 30 lengths of the pool ( 1 length =25 meters)
You will START at the DEEP end, and will FINISH at DEEP end.
No dive starts are allowed; competitors must start IN water ( for safety reasons)
Swimming Strokes Allowed :Front crawl and breast stroke are safest because you can SEE WHERE
YOUR GOING. Back crawl is strongly discouraged because it is unsafe ( you are swimming blind)
HOW TO SWIM; please swim COUNTER CLOCKWISE and stay on the outside of your lane see diag.
 Passer; Gently tap the feet of the person you want to pass(passee)
 Passee; Move to the right if possible
 Passer; Pass in the very middle of the lane, keep your head up while passing to make sure you
do not collide with someone who might be passing in the opposite direction ( see diagram)
Volunteer lap counters will count your own laps and will signal when you have 1 length remaining by
putting a flutter board in water. Count your own laps and WATCH FOR THE FLUTTER BOARD.
Shortly after you begin your final length, another swimmer will possibly start his/her swim in the same
After finishing your swim. WALK from deep end of pool to exterior pool door. When you are outside
you can run to your bike. Do not RUN on pool deck.
How to Swim and How to Pass
Swimming direction: Counter Clockwise
You provide your own bike.
You are responsible for ensuring that your bike is mechanically safe PRIOR to race day.
Because this triathlon has a staggered start, there will be no lead cyclist.
Your helmet must be fastened at all times while your bike is in your presence;
 Your helmet must be fastened BEFORE you remove until AFTER you put your bike in the
bike rack.
 You must wear a CSA or ANSI approved helmet and you must wear running or cycling
Race Bib (your number) On your BACK During BIKE and FRONT for RUN. Belt optional.
Cycle defensively and with EXTREME CAUTION: Loose gravel and motor vehicles.
This is NOT A CLOSED COURSE. You will be sharing with motor vehicles. Keep to the right, stay alert,
follow all traffic regulations and follow direction of traffic director who controls intersection of Hwy
13/36 and Hwy crossing 13 to TWP442.
Should you have problems along the way please walk your bike to nearest volunteer station.
Your bike must be secure in bike rack before starting run route.
 Mount Line= get ON your bike AFTER you cross this line. (It will be painted a bright colour).
 Dismount Line: get OFF your bike BEFORE you cross this line (It will be painted a bright colour).
No drafting for safety and fairness do not ride closely behind other bikes.
For your comfort and safety, we recommend that you wear glasses during bike stage to prevent dust
from blowing into our eyes.
Items that inhibit your hearing are NOT permitted on the BIKE or RUN (music player’s ear plugs etc.)
Each volunteer will watch the bikes until entire event is over. For increased security of your bike, after
you’ve finished triathlon we recommend removing your bike from Transition Area.
 Learn the route in advance.
 Make sure you run over ALL the timing mats Etiquette
o When passing; SAY “Passing on your left”
o Runner being passed; move right
o Run/walk in a single file to allow others to pass beside you safely.
 Race Bib(your race number) On your Front during the run( on your BACK for bike segment)
 Walk breaks are OK but please move to the right to be out of the way of other runners.
 The finish arch is located inside the gates of Sedgewick Lake Park by the cookhouse.( see map)
After You Cross the Finish Line:
 Keep moving walk for at least 10 minutes to ensure your body gets an appropriate cool-down.
 Gently stretch
 Stay for the BAR-B-Q (present your bracelet for your free lunch).
 There will be prizes- Triathletes MUST be present to win.
 Fill out Triathlete survey (included in Bag) and enter to will $25 gift card.
Race Results:
 Use your race bib number to find your results on www.blitzevents.ca/results
Teams of 2 and 3:
If a team of 3,each member does one stage( bike, run, swim)
If a team of 2, one team member does one stage and the second member does the remaining,
Each team member will get his/her own Shirt in race bag.
One timing chip shared between all team members- swimmers first.
If you are the biker or runner, wait for your team member to transfer timing chip in designated area in
Transition Area. Be sure to stay out of other participant’s way.
Draw prizes: These draws are made using bib numbers. Each name will be put on bib number for
Dress warmer than you think you need to and in layers so you can add/remove layers as you go.
You do have option of drying off and putting on your bike clothes (not shoes) on the pool deck.
*no shoes on pool deck-either carry and put on before exiting or leave at your bike.
Even if the weather is horrible, we WON’T cancel this event. Worse case scenario, a time change
may occur.
No matter what the weather is like on race day, please check in as scheduled.
The day before race day we’ll email all triathletes an event update using provided emails .So
remember to check your email
On race day we will evaluate the weather/temperatures and decide whether it’s necessary to
modify event. Any changes will be announced at safety meeting.
If modified due to weather conditions (to protect your health and safety), no refunds will be given
and the trialthon will NOT be rescheduled due to difficulty and huge expense of rescheduling police
officers and volunteers.
Race Bib Belt (optional)
 Ideally your race bib ( race number) is on your BACK during the bike and your FRONT during the run.
 If you use a race bib belt. It is easy to switch from back to front.
 A race bib belt is optional if you don’t use one please pin bib on your FRONT and make sure it is VISIBLE
at all times .
 Keep your race bib for the draw prizes – triathletes must present race bib number to claim prize.
Parking, Road Closures: Killam and Sedgewick Lake Park
 No road closures this is not a closed course.
 Parking at the Killam Agriplex will be located on the east side of the facility. (West side of the facility is
part of the bike route.)
 Parking at Sedgewick Lake Park only in designated areas within park.
Spectators and Coaches:
 Spectators are welcome to watch as long as their safety and that of the triathletes is not compromised.
 All spectators wanting to watch the swimming segment must watch from the pool viewing area located
at the Agri-plex Lobby. Spectators are not allowed on the pool deck.
 Spectator vehicles are NOT allowed on the bike and run routes.
 The best place to watch competitors is near the transition area.
 Spectators and coaches may NOT go inside the transition area.
Volunteers Needed:
 If your family and /or friends would like to volunteer at this event please ask them to contact the
organizers. All volunteers receive a light BAR-B-Q lunch, event t shirt and a chance to win volunteer
only prizes.
 Contact Charlene Jackson at the Town of Killam Recreation [email protected]
Or Marta Hampshire at the Town of Sedgewick [email protected]
We really need all your help.
Storing Your Belongings:
 All triathlete sand spectators are responsible for the storage of their personal belongings.
Leave your belongings in your car or use one of our day lockers at the Killam Agri-plex Aquatic Change
Lost Child/Lost Person Meeting Place:
 Located at any Transition Area.
First Aid Station:
 Killam Agriplex Aquatic Centre
 Biking Transition Station
 Running Transition Station
 Finish Line
Water Stations:
 Transitions at the swim/bike
 Transition at the bike/run
 Finish line
 Lunch-Provided with bracelet
 A light BAR-B-Q is provide for all triathletes and volunteers; you will be required to show your Bracelet
to receive your lunch. You will receive your Bracelet in your race bag.
Please become very familiar with
The bike route, run route, and transition areas
BEFORE race day
By reviewing the attached maps
By driving/ cycling/running the bike and run routes.