���I really like the BodyKey shakes!���

“I really like the BodyKey shakes!”
Aramis Costa lost 38 pounds in just nine weeks!*
Aramis Costa credits his success to the BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™ program. He says, “My genetic test showed that I was a
Carb Reducer™. The results helped me because they gave me a direction. I’ve learned there are good carbohydrates,
and I’ve also learned how much I should be eating each day.”
Aramis reports that he’s been happy at how easy it is to follow the BODYKEY by NUTRILITE program. “It’s been so easy,
because the Jump Start Kit is very complete, practical, and easy. With this program, you have a guide that helps you
step by step. And you know your enemy, so to speak, because of what your genetic test tells you.”
Aramis began his program as outlined, starting with the BODYKEY™ Super Green Aloe Shot, which he felt mentally and
physically prepared him to start his plan. At first, he was worried that he would feel hungry, but adds, “I like the foods
because they are easy to prepare. I don’t get hungry, because even though the portions are much smaller than I was used
to eating, the plans include healthy snacks that don’t let me get hungry.”
As he gained momentum and started to lose weight, he says, “I really like the BODYKEY shakes. They satisfy my
hunger and I look forward to having them twice a day.” With his new, healthier habits falling into place, Aramis turns to a
BODYKEY Appetite Control Chew if he needs a little extra support. But he finds most of his support in being part of a weight
loss team, noting, “I didn’t feel alone! I met other people with similar problems to mine and we supported each other.”
Thanks to the well-designed program and the support of his group, Aramis says he is quick to recommend the BODYKEY
by NUTRILITE program to others. “I tried other ways of losing weight, but would always gain it back and more. That was
discouraging me. Every year I would make a goal to lose weight but couldn’t accomplish it. With BODYKEY by
NUTRILITE, I have succeeded and I feel happy. “You have a sense of direction. You do not feel hungry.
You learn a way to eat for a lifetime.”
As Aramis looks to the future with new confidence, the best reward of all is easy to describe. “After losing the weight, I
feel so much better, dropping my clothes size. And now I can play soccer with my children without getting tired or feeling
short of breath.”
*This success story features an Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO). He owns and operates an Independent Business and has a financial interest in the sale of Amway™ goods and services.
Consult your physician or health care professional before starting any weight loss program.
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