GLOBAL MediPoint Coronary Stents market Analysis,Key players,Size

Coronary Stents Global Analysis
and Market
Report Description
The global coronary stents market is a dynamic, double-digit market that is saturated
with numerous players developing innovative technologies. Rapid advances in the field of
interventional cardiology along with the development of minimally invasive techniques
have greatly expanded the potential of therapeutic applications. Coronary stents
including bare metal, drug-eluting, covered and bioabsorbable stents can be used to treat
coronary artery disease, and optimize outcomes.
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Report Description
Among the different types of stents, drug-eluting stents (DES) dominate the market and
are considered to be the gold standard of treatment for coronary artery disease. The
rising prevalence of disease and associated risk factors, especially in the emerging
markets, and improved outcomes with stenting are expected to drive the adoption of
coronary stents in the future. Emerging technologies such as the new generation of DES
and bioabsorbable stents (BAS) represent the future of the coronary stent market. BAS
offer several benefits, including no metal left behind, enhanced vessel healing, feasibility
of future interventions and potentially reducing the need for prolonged dual antiplatelet
therapy. With improvements in the design of BAS, they have the potential to become the
standard of treatment for coronary artery disease in the future.
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Report Description
This report focuses on the global coronary stents market in the 10 major markets (10MM)
(US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Japan, China, India, and Brazil) for treating
coronary artery disease. The global bare metal stents (BMS) and DES market is
determined for the 10 countries covered in this report and provides insight into the
competitive landscape, the marketed and pipeline products, the current and emerging
players and market analysis of the different stent segments within the market. The report
identifies the unmet needs in the market while providing an understanding of physicians’
perceptions and decision-making processes in using and evaluating the adoption of
different types of coronary stents.
Report Description
Key Questions Answered
• What is the current and future coronary stents market outlook in the developed and
emerging markets.What trends are affecting the global coronary stents market?
• Which are the key, high growth markets that stent manufacturers should expand
into.What coronary stent segments are growing the fastest, and what are the topselling stents in the category?
• Bare metal and drug-eluting stents have been on the market for many years; however,
unmet needs still exist with respect to late and very late thrombosis and the need for
prolonged dual anti-platelet therapy. How will emerging technologies such as DES with
biodegradable polymer/polymer-free systems and BAS fulfill these unmet needs?
Report Description
• What clinical factors and technical specifications influence a physician to use one type
of coronary stent over another.What is physician perception and market outlook of
• What are the challenges and complications of BAS that have hindered widespread
• With developing the next-generation of coronary stents, what aspects of the stent
technology are device manufacturers focused on optimizing.How will new entrants
impact the coronary stents market?
Table Of Contents
1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents
1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures
2 Introduction
2.1 Catalyst
2.2 Related Reports
3 Industry Overview
3.1 Disease Overview
3.2 Clinical Outcomes
3.2.1 Treatment Guidelines
3.2.2 Treatment Modalities
3.3 Procedure Trends
3.3.1 United States
3.3.2 European Union
3.3.3 Asia-Pacific
3.3.4 Brazil
Report Description
• An overview of percutaneous coronary interventions, which includes clinical
outcomes, diagnosis, and treatment using minimally invasive techniques.
• Annualized total coronary stents market revenue from 2011-2020 including adoption
• Key topics covered include strategic competitor assessment, market characterization,
identification of unmet needs, reimbursement considerations, and implications for the
coronary stents market.
Report Description
• Pipeline analysis: comprehensive list of products across different stages of
development that would impact the coronary stents market with emerging trends and
designs in development.
• Analysis of the current and future market competition in the global coronary stents
market. Insightful review of the key industry drivers, opportunities, restraints and
challenges. Each trend is independently researched to provide qualitative analysis of
its implications.
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Report Description
Reasons to buy
• “What Physicians Think” quotes provide a unique insight into how healthcare
professionals are reacting to events within the industry, and what their responses
could mean for industry strategists. In this report you will understand the perceptions
of leading Interventional Cardiologists from around the world. This information is
essential for all strategic decision makers in every organization allowing them to act on
high quality information.
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