Bazilunkelmawkflier1 - Uncle Mawk`s Vittles

Unkel Mawk's Vittles
Because Bazil, the 2015 Co-King of Caribbean Carnival
assembly ball, commands you to dig us ...
Our comfort cuisine is nightclub-oriented for the world, latin, rock, hip-hop and reggae music scenes and has
satisfied the likes of Rich Medina, MC Zulu, Lido Pimienta, Boogat, Shazam Bangles, Bionik, Ripley, Atropolis,
Juanderful Juan, Beto Sepulveda and Ashka of iBomba DJs, David Chavez, El Dopa, Etienne “Atn” Dupuy,
Canyon Cody (El Canyonanzo), (((Sonorama))), Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, Rudy Lozano, David Itzi Nallah, Puerko
Pitzol, Cosmos Ray, Goyo Diaz, Warp, Romasoul, Tyson NewLife Sanchez, Afroqbano, You Are Here, the
Drastics, Akasha, Natasha Diggs, Ted Sirota, Yanira Marin, Rad Brian, Shon Dervis, Ernie Adams, Amara
Betty Martin, Howard Bailey, Enjambre, Chief Boima, Sound Culture, Mark Grusane, Sobremesa Supper Club,
Jamaican Grill Oak Park, Jesse de la Pena, Lady D, Double Door staff, Chi-Town FOODIES FB group family
and the late Francisco “Pancho” Ramirez, to name a few …
--Ask about Our specialty made-to-order cakes, cheesecakes, quick breads, yeast pastries and cookies at [email protected] or
872.301.1213 (We also cook veggie, gluten-free and vegan upon request). Like, Comment on and Review Us on Our UNKEL
MAWK’S VITTLES Food & Grocery and UNKEL MAWK’S VITTLES Community Facebook pages and also comment on Us at It’s damn good fare, We Louisiana Creole GAIR-RUN-TEE …!!!
*It was amazing! ALL your stuff is amazing! That’s why I eat it! It’s amazing! You know that!”—Rich Contrearas,
drummer, bass guitarist, vocalist, hypeman, Chicago-based chicano rock band You Are Here;
*”Scrumptious.”—Bionik, Minneapolis-based reggae selector/producer;
*”The perfect late-night snack.”—Boogat, Montreal-based latino MC;
*”Every party should have cake [like this].”—Natasha Diggs, NYC-based beats DJ/producer;
*”Cut that [email protected]! Slice that s#$t! Sell that s%^t!—MC Zulu, Chicagoland-based Panamanian-Jamaican mic DJ
/selector/producer, Foreign Exchange global bass party events host WNUR-FM “Party Time Society” show personality
and Electro-Reggae Jam co-host/impresario;
*”You can tell that it was made with love. Amazing pastries. I want more!”—Yanira Martin, vocalist, Ted Sirota’s
Heavyweight Dub;
.*”Keep doing what you’re doing, because that was good.”—Shazam Bangles, Chicagoland-based beats DJ/producer;
*”A chef extraordinaire.”—Cosmos Ray, Chicago-based reggae soul vocalist, Akasha, Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub
and Mobile Disco Unit, impresario/host Simmer Down Sound party events, co-host/impresario Electro-Reggae Jam;
*“Sooo yummy.”—Lady D, Chicagoland-based afro house beats DJ;
*”I’ve never had piece of cake from you that I didn’t like.”—Howard Cohen, Chicago-based world music fan;
*”My mouth went ‘ooh, ooh, ooh’!”—Evelyn Pinea, wife of Chicago mayoral candidate and Cook County
Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.