s there any place that
drinks more poetically than
the South? We think not. But
if you immediately envision
a Mint Julep, prepare to be
amazed at The Pickled Okra,
a bar rooted in Southern
tradition but offering a
tangible, imaginative taste
of The New South.
Ours is a chef-driven bar,
inspired by the kitchen and
the menu and the idea that
Tupelo’s spirits should be
as flavorful as its food. To
accomplish this, we use our
own fresh purees, our own
house-made infusions, our
own creative all-natural
garnishes. Our cocktails and
elixirs are made
from scratch, just like
our cuisine – fresh, fun
and full flavored.
We’re happy to make you a
Mint Julep, if that’s what you
crave. But we encourage you
to try one of our liberating
libations, created from
scratch on the blank canvas
of a bar glass.
Cocktails elevated to an
art form? Yes. Pure poetry
in a glass? You bet your
swizzle stick.
Yep, we’re proud of our specialty drinks all right.
Nuff said.
We name our martinis after our beloved Blue Ridge
Mountains because it reminds us to set our sights high
and keep our flavors natural. This means our take on
shaken not stirred is perched at a whole new level.
Moonswine Mary ™ » Jalapeno and bacon infused
moonshine blended with Whiskey Willie’s Bloody
Mary Mix garnished with pickled okra: 9
Ginger Muddled Mojito » Ginger infused rum,
freshly squeezed lime, muddled mint, fresh ginger,
Blenheim ginger ale and a garnish of fresh mint: 8
Blueberry Skinny Tea (Only 87 calories) » Firefly
Skinny Tea, un-sweetened iced tea, lemon juice and
fresh blueberries: 8
Lohito » Lemongrass infused moonshine, tupelo honey,
fresh lemon, muddled mint and soda water: 8
Southern 75 » St. Germaine’s elde rflower liqueur,
Pucker Up Buttercup Limoncello, Prosecco and
muddled basil: 8
Carolina Cosmo » Our house infused lemongrass
moonshine, Cointreau and cranberry juice: 9
Dirty South » Jalapeno and bacon infused
moonshine, olive juice and pimento cheese
stuffed olives: 9
Pimm’s Cup » Pimm’s Cup No. 1, cucumber, Blenheim
ginger ale and a dash of homemade limoncello: 8
The Porch Swing » Firefly Sweet Tea vodka, peach
puree, scratch made ginger syrup and fresh brewed
un-sweetened tea: 8
Small Batch Bourbons (2 ounce pours)
Maker’s Mark: 8
Buffalo Trace: 8
Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon: 7
Knob Creek: 9
Basil Hayden’s: 10
Blanton’s Single Barrel Reserve: 12
Woodford Reserve: 9
Knob Creek 9 yr Single Barrel Reserve: 11
Elijah Craig 18 yr Single Barrel: 10
Cool As A Cucumber » Beefeater gin, Malibu,
St. Germaine’s elderflower liqueur, muddled
cucumber and lime, pineapple juice
and tonic: 8
Our house-made infusions start with the highest
quality premium spirits, and are made by hand in
small batches, exclusively at Tupelo Honey Cafe.
Jalapeno Bacon Moonshine » We start with a base
of Troy & Sons Platinum White Whiskey and
add maple peppered bacon and fresh, fireroasted pablano and jalapeno peppers. Our
Jalapeno Bacon infused shine macerates for five
days before being thrice-filtered. Try it straight, as
part of a whiskey flight, in a Dirty South Martini, or in
our signature Moonswine MaryTM! 8
Lemongrass Moonshine » We begin with Troy &
Sons Platinum and infuse it with the soft citrus
flavors of lemongrass. Try this distinctive infusion in
our crisp and refreshing Lohito, our signature spin on
the classic Mojito, or in our Carolina Cosmo: 8
Ginger Rum » We combine Bacardi Superior Rum
and fresh chopped ginger in a jar, allowing it to
macerate for five days. The end result is a spicy and
distinctive rum we use in our signature
Ginger Muddled Mojito: 8
Pucker Up Buttercup Limoncello » Made with base
spirit Skyy Vodka, our homemade Limoncello is sure
to make you pucker up, buttercup! 8
Bulleit: 8
Russell’s Reserve: 9
Tennessee Whiskey
George Dickel Old No. 12: 7
Jack Daniels: 8
Jack Daniels Single Barrel: 12
Appalachian White Whiskey
Troy & Son’s Moonshine: 8
Old Fashioned » Buffalo Trace bourbon, simple syrup,
West Indian orange bitters: 9
The South Takes Manhattan » Russell’s Reserve
rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and cherry bitters,
served up: 9
Ode To Muddy Pond » Maker’s Mark bourbon,
Tennessee’s Muddy Pond sorghum, muddled
basil and Blenheim ginger ale: 8
Peachy Keen » George Dickel No. 12, Disaronno
Amaretto, all-natural peach syrup and housemade sour mix: 9
Honey Bourbon Benediction » Jim Beam, tupelo
honey, freshly squeezed orange: 7
Paris of the South » Bulleit rye whiskey,
St. Germaine’s elderflower liqueur,
angostura bitters, lemon juice and
Blenheim ginger ale: 9
Sometimes, you just need to focus. Nothing fancy
or titillating. Just the real deal. So, it is with great
pride we offer our signature flights of bourbons,
whiskeys and tequilas. Your palate will be
astounded at the nuances and taste notes when
you sip and compare. Our Spirited Flights are
served straight, with a side car of ice.
Most soft drinks, or, as we used to say co-CO-las, were
born in the South. Why, you ask? Because we’re just
crazy sweet. But doctor up that carbonated soda pop
and you’ve got a real tiger by the tail.
Appalachian White Whiskey: 13
Troy & Sons Platinum » This proofed, artisanal
white whiskey, is made from the non-genetically
modified original American Crooked Creek corn
strain dating back to 1840.
Troy & Sons Oak Reserve » This aged whiskey
is mellowed in bourbon barrels, bringing forth
flavors of caramel and sweet white oak and further
enhancing the trademark smoothness you expect
from Troy and Sons.
Troy & Sons Blonde » This smooth golden take
on whiskey is a complete temptress. Once you try
it, you won’t be able to say no to this blonde.
Good Cuestion Tequilas (Nashville, TN with
distilling in Mexico): 13
Cuestion Blanco » 100% Agave.
Cuestion Reposado » 100% Agave aged 6 months
in reclaimed Jack Daniel’s barrels.
Cuestion Anejo » 100% Agave aged 2 years in
reclaimed Jack Daniel’s barrels.
I-75 Surprise: 12
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel
Russell’s Reserve Rye
Knob Creek Single Barrel
Old Kentucky Home: 13
Elijah Craig 18 year
Basil Hayden’s
Blanton’s Single Barrel
Nehi Soda Pop » Your choice of either grape or orange
Nehi mixed with Bacardi Superior Rum: 7
Cheerwine Anytime » With Maker’s Mark bourbon: 9
Tupelo Elixir » Rosemary-peach lemonade with your
choice of spirit: 7 (Jack Daniels, Firefly Sweet Tea
Vodka, Firefly Skinny Tea, or La Marca Prosecco): 7
Bourbon & Blenheim » Made with South Carolina’s
favorite spicy ginger ale and Jim Beam: 8
Big Orange Spirit » Made with Nehi Orange
and Knoxville’s own Volunteer Spirit sugar
cane vodka: 7
Canyon Road White Zin, California » Lightbodied with hints of strawberry, cherry, and
watermelon flavors and a smooth crisp finish:
6/glass 22/bottle
Biltmore Pinot Noir, American » With pinot
noir grapes from the Russian River area of
California, this wine offers a bright fruit and
vanilla nose with hints of raspberry and is a
great pairing with BBQ meats: 7.50/glass
Woodbridge Moscato, California » Slightly sweet
with notes of tangerine and spice: 6/glass
Hogue Genesis Riesling, Columbia Valley » Finally
a wine as good as Brian’s Shrimp and Grits.
Crisp acidity and mineral tones make a great
match for the spicy Tupelo favorite: 8.50/glass
Canyon Road Pinot Grigio, California » Inviting
flavors of apple and pear with a crisp, clean
finish: 7/glass 26/bottle
MacMurray Ranch Pinot Gris, Sonoma Coast »
Rich aromas of fig, white peach and pear give
way to a subtle fruit forward wine with a round
crisp finish: 9/glass 34/bottle
Whitehaven Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, New
Zealand » Gooseberry aromas with tropical
fruit flavors that finish long with a clean acid
finish: 10/glass 38/bottle
Biltmore Sauvignon Blanc, American » Crisp and
refreshing tones of grapefruit and lemon with a
creamy lasting finish: 7.50/glass 28/bottle
William Hill Chardonnay, Napa Valley »
Contemporary style with a hint of baked apples
layered with toasty oak, caramel and brown
spice: 8/glass 30/bottle
The Dreaming Tree Chardonnay, Central Coast »
Musician Dave Matthews and winemaker Steve
Reeder have combined to make a certified
sustainable chardonnay with big fruit and
brown spice. French oak adds a subtle note to
this simple, delicious wine: 9/glass 34/bottle
Bridlewood Pinot Noir, Monterey » Dark cherry
and blue fruit flavors are balanced with toasty
oak, floral hints and black pepper: 10/glass
Hogue Genesis Merlot, Columbia Valley » Wild
blueberry and spicy cinnamon give way to
a clean wine with a measure of acidity that
balances the plush fruit: 9/glass 34/bottle
Hogue Genesis Meritage, Columbia Valley » A
blend of merlot, cabernet, and malbec with
aromas of blackberry, fig, earthy nutmeg spice
and vanilla, this red blend is velvety smooth on
the palate, with a long finish: 9.50/glass
Primal Roots Red Blend, California » A blend of
merlot, syrah and zinfandel with aromas of
mocha and vanilla, give way to a silky texture
with rich flavors of raspberry and chocolate:
8/glass 30/bottle
Line 39 Cabernet Sauvignon, Lake County »
Bright red fruit with a hint of blackberry and a
smoky finish: 7.50/glass 28/bottle
The Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvignon, North
Coast » “When you’re working with musician
Dave Matthews, you want to make sure
whatever you’re doing has soul…our North
Coast Cabernet Sauvignon highlights classic
aromas of blackberry, cherry and herbal notes
wrapped by toasted vanilla. It’s an easy drinking
wine with a lot of character.” Winemaker Steve
Reeder: 9.50/glass 36/bottle
Santa Julia Organica Malbec, Mendoza,
Argentina » Made with organic grapes. Notes of
plum and cherries with round tannins and a soft,
round body: 7/glass 26/bottle
Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfandel, Napa Valley »
Full bodied aromas and flavors of raspberry,
blackberry, warm spice and vanilla: 9.50/glass
Tupelo Mega-Mosa » Champagne with fresh
squeezed OJ: 7/glass
La Marca Prosecco » 7/glass 26/bottle