Announcements - Chalmers Presbyterian Church

Chalmers Presbyterian Church
Chalmers Presbyterian Church…
Built by FAITH,
strengthened through WORSHIP,
bringing HOPE to life’s journey
We welcome you to worship at Chalmers. If you are
a first-time worshiper at Chalmers we reach out to
you with hospitality and friendship in Jesus’ name.
 This symbol is being used in the Order of Service
to indicate that the people will stand. All the worship
songs will be projected on the screen.
Please note that some fellow worshippers are
sensitive to perfumes. We ask that you consider
keeping Chalmers scent free. Thank you.
We welcome Oscar Elias this morning as
he accompanies the choir with his oboe playing.
Thank you Oscar, for sharing your gifts and talents
with us.
There will be a time of refreshments
and fellowship in the lower hall.
Today’s hosts are Holly Williams &
Bev Cameron. The striped mugs at coffee hour are
for visitors. Please help our visitors feel welcome
March 22-29
Worship – 10 am
Library Open – 11:15 am
Children’s Choir – 11:30 am
Worship, CE, YM meeting- 11:30am
Stephen Ministry training – 7pm
Men’s Mission Service – 7:30pm
Gospel Study – 1 pm
Gospel Study – 7 pm
Outreach & Communication–6:30pm
Seniors’ Fitness – 1 pm
WEDNESDAY Knitting Circle – 2 pm
Reachout Rehearsal – 7:30 pm
Praise Team Rehearsal – 6:25 pm
Senior Choir Rehearsal – 7:30 pm
Property Management – 7:30 pm
Seniors’ Fitness – 9 am
NO Seniors’ Euchre
Palm/Passion Sunday –10 am
Soup Sunday – after worship
Library Open – 11:15 am
Children’s Choir – 11:30 am
Stephen Ministry training – 7 pm
Please note that the Life & Mission insert from
the bulletin is available on the Chalmers website.
If you would like to know more about becoming a
professing member of the church please speak to
Rev. John.
Coffee Fellowship Servers:
March 29:
Soup Sunday
April 5:
April 12:
Karen Dutton & Heather Reid
April 19:
Shirley & Bill George
Please PRAY
 For Grace & Vic Laursen as they grieve the death
of Grace’s mother Esther McKinlay. Esther was
a professing member of Chalmers and lived to
the grand old age of 104. Esther died peacefully
on March 15th at Ashwood Manor in the presence
of her family. A memorial service will be held in
Ridgetown on 9 July 2015 at 11:00 am.
 For George Leonard as he recovers at home from
knee surgery.
 For healing and strength for Grace Laursen, as
she recovers from hip replacement surgery.
 For God’s blessing for Ross Cole, Dave Dale,
Margaret Dale, Doris Doskas, Linda McPherson,
and Margaret Middaugh.
1. The proceeds from the Special Easter and
loose offering will be designated to Almanarah
Presbyterian Church, London and Camp Kintail
2. We will be hosting the Sunday evening service at
Men’s Mission this evening at 7:30 pm. Anyone
willing to participate and/or donate sandwiches,
please call Linda Powers at 226.234.1998.
3. The Ark Aid Street Mission will be presenting
“The Living Last Supper” at the Palace Theatre
on March 27 and 28 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $13
each. The cast is comprised of clients and
volunteers of the Ark. See poster in narthex.
Sunday School Lent Program - Moving with Passion
The children have been learning about the Easter
story through food, crafts, games and drama over 6
Sundays in February and March leading up to Easter.
We will return to trialing ‘Feasting on the Word’ in
April. If you have any questions about either
curriculum, please speak to Judy Steward, Linda
Adamson or Dan Duffin
we extend an invitation to join us
Friday April 3, 2015
9AM ---10:30AM
$5.00 per Person/$15.00 per family
Children 5 and under FREE
Sign-up sheet in narthex
Opera Sacred Music Concert featuring Chad
Louwerse from Western University at Chalmers PC
on Saturday, April 18, at 7:00 pm.
 Volleyball at Westminster Secondary School on
March 27th, 7-9pm. $2 per player. Adults
welcome too.
 Join us on Good Friday (April 3rd), 4-7pm for
dinner, an egg hunt and lots of great activities.
No charge. (If you were at our last TNT lunch,
bring your rock. If not, we’ll hook you up with
one on Good Friday!)
 If you are interested in more info about the
Mission trip to Montreal this July, please speak
to Kim or Lizz. Deadline to register is Mar 31st.
 Young adults – “You were made for this: a
life that makes a difference” – A program for
young adults aged 19-28 using the “Dependable
Strengths” program.
“Discover Your Dependable Strengths” is a
program that helps us to understand our gifts by
exploring our own life experiences. Through
telling our own stories, we discover those gifts
that consistently rise to the top and form the basis
for what we do best.
June 15-20, 2015
Presbyterian College, Montreal
$325 for the week-long program.
Covers all program material, all meals and
lodging at the Presbyterian College residences.
Travel bursaries of $100/participant will be
offered to those within a six to seven-hour drive
from Montreal. How to Apply? For more
information contact Rev. Mavis Currie at
[email protected] All applications
must be submitted by May 4, 2015.
St. James North Yarmouth invites you on a
“CrossWalk”, a personal & interactive spiritual
journey in anticipation of Easter morning. Tuesday,
March 31st from 6:30 – 8:30pm on a drop-in basis
(please allow 30 min or more for your journey).
Stewardship Moments
The pastor stood before the congregation and said “I
have bad news, I have good news, and I have more
bad news.” The congregation got quiet. “The bad
news is: the church needs a new roof!” the pastor
said. The congregation groaned. “The good news is:
we have enough money for the new roof.” A sigh of
relief was heard rippling through the gathered group.
“The bad news is: it’s still in your pockets!”
Author unknown
In the Company of Others
by Jan Karon
This is another book in the “Father Tim” series and in
true Jan Karon style, lets you enjoy some time with
this Anglican priest who just can’t help but draw
people to him. In this story, we join Father Tim and
his wife Cynthia on a long promised trip to Ireland,
home of Tim Kavanagh’s ancestors. Once settled in
their Guest Lodge, things go from bad to worse, with
terrible weather keeping them housebound, Cynthia
damaging a recently fractured ankle, and a very
valuable painting being stolen from the Lodge.
Unable to do any sightseeing, Tim and Cynthia check
out the library in the Lodge and discover a journal
written over a hundred years ago. This starts a story
that covers many generations, with many personal
struggles which, of course, Father Tim gets caught
up in, and tries to do all he can to bring peace to this
fractured family.
I love Jan Karon’s writing, and the Father Tim stories
which are gentle family stories with more than a hint
of comedy in them. Wonderful story! I can’t wait to
read the new Father Tim book that has recently been
added to our library – “Home to Holly Springs”.
Christine Hunter, Librarian
DVD’s of the Worship Services are available in
the DVD bookcase in the library (left hand side of
Fiction). Please sign out and return the DVD after
one week.
HOSTS for 22 March 2015
March 22 – World Water Day
Access to clean water in Chimbonano village in
southern Malawi used to be a huge challenge.
Community members had to drink from unclean
water sources or travel far distances to access clean
water. Flonnie Mpunga knows how dangerous the
situation was for her village. “Waterborne diseases
were common and we spent a lot of time nursing
each other. We couldn’t work hard in our fields, so
we experienced food shortages.” But all that has
changed thanks to a Presbyterian World Service &
Development program providing access to safe water
by digging boreholes and wells. Flonnie shares, “Our
lives have improved. We no longer spend long hours
fetching water. I have enough time to prepare my
field and take care of my family. The well has
improved my family’s health, as well as the health of
the whole community.”
PWS&D responds to provide clean water
Anita Powell & Betty Burrows
John & Beverley Coy
Bob Finlay & Rose Marie McGaw
Next week’s Hosts
Cathy & Keith Spooner
Brian & Pat MacKay
Lorna Wilson & Bill George
Thank you in supporting the pop can venture. This
venture supports the Youth Ministry. There is a
Rubbermaid bin in the narthex for the pop cans.
blood at Canadian Blood Services, mention that
you're a ‘Partner for Life from Chalmers’ and
mention our ID# CHAL673812.To the young and
healthy, it's no loss. To the sick, it's hope. Donate
blood to bring hope to life's journey for others!
There will be a Ham and Scalloped Potato
Dinner at St. George's Presbyterian Church, 1475
Dundas Street, London on Saturday, April 18th
from 5:00 to 6:30 PM. Tickets are fifteen
dollars. For tickets, please contact Patrick
Lauren, 519-434-0399.