March 2015 Newsletter

Undergraduate Newsletter
PEY Students – March 2015
all sessional dates listed in the Academic Calendar
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April 2
April 3rd
April 8
April 20
April 8th – 30th
End of classes for Arts & Science S and Y courses.
Last day to apply for late withdrawal (LWD) from Arts and Science HSS/CS/Free
Elective courses
Good Friday (University closed)
Registration of summer JRE / engineering courses at 6:00 am on ROSI.
Registration in summer Arts and Science courses at 6:00 am on ROSI.
Arts & Science Exams
It is your responsibility to check the exam timetable carefully for date, time and location information to ensure that you do
not miss the opportunity to write your final examination. This information is subject to change. Please review the schedule
often for changes. The A&S Examination Timetable can be found here
• Offered in the summer: JRE300 / JRE410 / JRE420 / APS305 / CHE566
JRE300, APS305 and CHE566 will only be offered in the first summer session (starting May).
JRE410 and JRE420 will be offered in both summer sessions (starting May and July)
• T-Program Courses (APS106 / APS112 / ECE110 / MAT187 / MIE100 /MSE101). Please email us at
[email protected] by March 27, 2015 if you need to take one of the T-program courses during the summer.
 Summer Registration Dates: April 8th (Engineering & JRE Courses) / April 20th Arts & Science Courses
 APSC Summer Timetable to be uploaded on the Registrar’s website shortly. Keep checking for updates:
 Arts & Science Summer Preliminary Timetable is available:
The list of approved CS/HSS courses is available on the Faculty Registrar’s website. Please refer to it prior to selecting any
A&S courses. Click here for the approved CS/HSS courses. Want to take a course that is not on the list? Click here to
propose a course for HSS/CS Approval.
Students with valid main Magellan profiles will have their ECE courses uploaded to ROSI. Over the next couple of months you
will be notified if your courses will not be uploaded to ROSI for 2015-2016. Please refer to upcoming newsletters for ROSI
registration dates for fall/winter courses.
Bookmark this link to find many useful common websites (eg. 600 hours / academic calendar / course timetables / CS & HSS
info / fees / minors / etc…)
Your ECE Undergraduate Office Team!
Office Drop-In Hours: Monday – Friday 8:45am – 4:30 pm • Sandford Fleming Bldg, Basement Rm 600 • Email: [email protected]
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