February 15, 2011
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Jack LaLanne, Dies at Age 96
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Recipe: Delightful Apple Salad
Mailbag: Testimonies From the Young and the Young-At-Heart
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What Does There have been three men who have greatly inspired and encouraged me in
my quest to learn how to live a long and healthy life on planet Earth so that I could better
maintain a body that was fit for the Master’s use. The names of these three men are
Norman W. Walker, Paul C. Bragg, and Jack LaLanne.
I call these three men my “Health Heroes” because each of them maintained a strong and
healthy body until nearly the century mark. Too many of God’s people fail to properly take
care of their bodily temple and thus never fulfill the ministry God has called them to.
One of the reasons Norman W. Walker, Paul C. Bragg, and Jack LaLanne are on my Health Heroes list is not only
because they talked a good talk, but that they walked their talk. In this Health Tip I want to begin sharing a little
about what each of these Health Heroes of mine talked and then I will show you how their walk backed up their
talk with exceptional health and long lives.
Jack LaLanne Dies at Age 96
On January 25, 2011, USA TODAY had these blazing headlines along with a huge picture of Jack LaLanne flexing his
muscles on page 5D:
“Jack LaLanne 1914-2011 – The larger-than-life figure who reshaped our figures – LaLanne helped launch
America’s obsession with physical fitness.”
The article then went on to report: “Leaders of the fitness world are remembering Jack LaLanne, who died Sunday
at age 96, as a pioneer who set an example all his life that inspired people of all ages. LaLanne, widely considered
the founding father of the fitness movement in the United States, preached strength training and healthy eating
long before it was fashionable.”
Jack LaLanne Sickly at Age 15
In California, over 80 years ago, Jack LaLanne’s mother dragged her then 15-year-old son to a lecture by health
crusading nutritionist Paul C. Bragg. They arrived late and had to sit on the stage close to Bragg in front of some
3,000 people. That night changed Jack LaLanne’s life forever.
“My mother forced me to go,” LaLanne recalls. “I had dropped out of school for almost a year. I was a sick shut-in!
I wouldn’t go out and see people. I had pimples and boils and I was wearing glasses. I was thin, wore a back brace
and was so weak I couldn’t participate in sports. I didn’t want anyone to see me.”
During the lecture, Jack heard Paul Bragg tell the audience that they could reverse their physical problems by
eating right and living a healthy lifestyle. These words struck a needed chord in the young, unhealthy LaLanne. “I
was weak and sick. I used to have blinding headaches every day. I couldn’t stand pain. I wanted to get out of my
Jack recalls how life seemed so hopeless, but Dr. Bragg told us that we could be physically born again. After the
lecture, LaLanne went to Bragg’s dressing room and talked for an hour with him. “This was the start of a
wonderful, lifelong friendship.”
Dr. Bragg Asked Me…..
Jack recalls “Dr. Bragg asked me, ‘What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?’ I told him, “cakes, pies and ice
cream?” He said, “Jack, you are a walking garbage can.”
“That night I got down on my knees, by the side of my bed and I prayed. I didn’t say, ‘God, make me a Mr.
America.’ Rather I said ‘Please give me the will power and intestinal fortitude to refrain from eating the wrong,
lifeless, dead foods when the urge comes over me. God please give me the strength to exercise when I don’t feel
like it.’”
At the end of two weeks, he said, he felt “like an entirely different human being.” He went from being the butt of
jokes to captain of his high school football team and took up bodybuilding.
Jack’s Life After His Encounter with Paul Bragg
There hasn’t been a donut in Jack’s life since Bragg told him, “The best part of a donut is the hole.” In the 70 years
since Jack opened his first gym in downtown Oakland, Jack has spread his gospel of fitness through nutrition and
exercise, in lectures, a 34-year television show and a variety of extraordinary physical feats.
Following are some of Jack’s accomplishments: 1,033 push-ups in 23 minutes, and swimming from Alcatraz to San
Francisco in freezing ocean water while handcuffed and shackled.
On his 70th birthday, he celebrated with a mile long swim, during which he towed 70 rowboats filled with 70
people. LaLanne pioneered health gyms and has a number of nutritional and exercise products on the market – all
of which made him a wealthy man. Many have seen Jack LaLanne demonstrating and promoting his Jack LaLanne
But Jack LaLanne, the muscle mogul, with the 45-inch chest and the 28-inch waist, says he cares nothing for
material rewards. “I never thought about making money in my life. This is a capitalistic country and if you do a
good job, you will be compensated.
“In the future I want to open a chain of health food restaurants, write more books and do some more television. I
love inspiring people to be healthy, happy, and stronger.”
LaLanne was grateful that fitness and nutrition had become No. 1 in growth, with sales in the billions. He believed
the emphasis on exercise and a healthy natural diet would create a stronger, better America. “With healthier
citizens, we will unburden society from sickness and reduce the medical bills that are draining people’s savings and
causing grief.”
“I talked about the dangers of white flour and sugar over 60 years ago and people thought I was some kind of a
fool. Now it’s every doctor saying ‘salt, white flour, sugar are killers, killers, killers’,” he said.
“It’s exciting what’s happening. This is going to be the salvation of America, you watch. The incidences of drugs,
alcoholism and crime on our streets will decrease in the next few years. Young people turn to drugs because they
are eating too much sugar and refined, dead foods, and the lack of exercise.
“How do you think kids get started on this deadly drug habit? It all starts with excessive consumption of white
sugar, candy and soft drinks. When you use too much sugar it destroys the B-complex vitamins so that you can’t
make wise decisions, your energy’s down and you’re apprehensive and doubtful about your life.
“These are the hard facts. If you stop eating white sugar products and get on live, organic, natural foods, you will
feel better immediately. Look at me, if Dr. Bragg hadn’t changed my life at age 15, I would have been dead at age
LaLanne’s personal health regimen included health foods, abundant use of fresh vegetable juices, plus vitamin and
mineral supplements and a big two-and-one-half-hour workout each day. He would start exercising at 5:00 a.m.
because it’s a challenge and it’s tougher that way.
“Getting out of a warm bed at 5:00 a.m. to go down to my gym in the morning . . . I could be lazy and sleep late!
But when I’m through with my two-and-one-half hours of morning exercise I think, ‘Jack, congratulations – you did
it again!’ And I still have the willpower to do that – everything else is easy by comparison.”
Jack LaLanne was the father of two and happily married to Elaine. Right up until the end of his life he still had
“enthusiasm and super energy for helping the world to be healthy, happy, and at peace.”
Jack LaLanne’s Earthly Life Ended on January 23, 2011
The USA TODAY article gave us a glimpse of his passing with these words:
“He had a fine singing voice and would often burst into song around Elaine, his wife of 51 years, singing an old
standard from World War 1. On Sunday, it was Elaine who sang to him: ‘If I were the only girl in the world and you
were the only boy. Nothing else would matter in the world today. We could go on loving in the same old way.’”
“I sang it to him,” Elaine told USA TODAY on Monday, “and he smiled, and it wasn’t that much longer before he
passed away.” LaLanne died at his home in Morro Bay, California, with his family around him.”
As I said at the start of this article, Jack LaLanne is one of my Health Heroes, and one I have tried to emulate in my
life these past 35 years. It is my hope that after reading Jack’s testimony above, you will make him your Health
Hero as well, and that you will desire to emulate his diet and lifestyle as I have. Share this article with your
For the first 15 years of his life, Jack ate the world’s diet, and you have read the consequences he suffered as a
result. But at age 15, when challenged by Dr. Bragg to change his diet and start exercising, he took up the
challenge and almost immediately started to see his sickly and weak young body become healthy and strong.
What Jack LaLanne has been preaching for over 70 years is what this editor has been preaching for the past 35
years. It is also what Hallelujah Acres is all about. The only difference is that I add Jesus to the equation. By adding
Jesus, you not only have the best in this world, but a guaranteed bright and healthy future in heaven.
If you my friend are not on The Hallelujah Diet, if you would but stop putting the world’s SAD diet into your body
and start eating only those foods that are healthy, and start exercising, then you too can most likely experience the
miracle in your body that both Jack LaLanne and this editor have experienced.
Thirty-five years ago, at age 42, this editor had a weak and sickly body in decline and failing him. After I was told
“it's colon cancer,” it was Lester Roloff who told me it was my rotten diet that had caused the problem. He then
went on to encourage me to stop eating the foods that had caused my problem, start eating healthy foods, and
begin exercising.
I, like Jack LaLanne, listened to these words of wisdom, changed my diet and started exercising. Within weeks my
body started to respond as the rectal bleeding stopped and within a year my cancer was gone. That was 35 years
ago in January 2011.
Today, at age 77, I am not only free of cancer, but have a muscular body with rock-hard abs, a 41-inch chest, and
31/32-inch waist, and can do almost anything physically I could do as a teenager. My body is strong, my
endurance is great, and I thank God for Evangelist Lester Roloff introducing me to a healthy diet and lifestyle 35
years ago.
(Today, my chest and waist measurements do not quite measure up to Jack LaLanne’s 48-inch chest and 28-inch
waist, but I’m a work in progress, working on improving these measurements most every day. Jack had almost a
30-year head start, he started at age 15 to improve his health and I didn’t get started until age 42 but I’m sure glad
I got started when I did, because if I hadn’t, only God knows where I would be.)
May Jack LaLanne be an inspiration to you to change your diet and start exercising! And please don’t say that
you are too old or sickly to begin. No matter how old or sickly you are, in most instances a change in diet and
lifestyle can start you on a road that can change your life, or possibly even save it.
(Major portions of Jack LaLanne's life story in this Health Tip were originally published here.)
Have you answered our poll? Recently, we have been conducting a poll on the Health Tip
Lost Weight – 67% (235 votes)
Increased Energy – 67% (233 votes)
Never Felt Better – 54% (188 votes)
Decreased Pain – 32% (111 votes)
Lowered Blood Pressure – 26% (89 votes)
Controlled Diabetes – 11% (39 votes)
Beat Cancer – 9% (32 votes)
These are the poll results from the 349 people who have thus far responded to the poll. Since the number of votes
adds up to more than 349, that means some of the respondents experienced more than one improvement in their
health as a result of adopting The Hallelujah Diet.
It would be interesting, if others who promote a particular diet would offer the same poll to their fans: Atkins;
South Beach; Mediterranean; Mercola; Maker’s; Macrobiotic; Zone; Blood Type; Jenny Craig, etc. Offering such a
poll would quickly reveal which plan provides the greatest benefits for a variety of health issues.
At a later time I would like to repeat this poll by adding additional physical problems people have seen improve
after adopting The Hallelujah Diet. For instance, hundreds have written to report that their arthritis simply
disappeared after making the diet change, headaches gone, eyesight improved, etc.
(If you are on The Hallelujah Diet and have not as yet responded to these poll questions, it is not too late to do so!)
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This delicious apple salad can be eaten as is, but is even better when topped with Rhonda’s
Apple Salad Dressing!
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Organic ingredients are always recommended.
2 cups mixed salad greens
2 cups spinach
1 cup Granny Smith apples (cut into small chunks)
1 cup Fuji or Braeburn apples (cut into small chunks)
1 celery rib (cut finely across the rib)
¼ cup walnuts or pecans (coarsely chopped)
¼ cup raisins
Combine all ingredients in a bowl, mix well and serve.
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No matter the source (testimonies shared at my seminars, email, or snail mail) it is the
testimonies that have been shared through the years that have had the greatest effect
upon those looking for relief from their physical problems.
These testimonies, I believe, are also the reason Hallelujah Acres has grown so
phenomenally through the years. Please keep those testimonies coming and remember I
personally read every one of them and share as many as I can.
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, a year before adopting The Hallelujah Diet, the pain in my hip was so bad I couldn’t walk
without experiencing excruciating pain. Then in September 2005 I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. That
was when I learned about the Hallelujah Diet and adopted it because I did not want to go the traditional medical
route with my cancer. But I never dreamed the diet I adapted to help my body rid itself of cancer would not only
help me recover from cancer but fix my hip problem as well.
“Following that diet change all pain left my body and has remained gone for the past five plus years. I just turned
70 years old on January 31, 2011 and I now fall asleep within minutes of hitting the pillow and today I feel great.
On this same Hallelujah Diet my wife overcame lupus after suffering with it for 15 years.
“We are now both Hallelujah Acres trained Health Ministers and tell countless people about what this diet has
done for us and what it can do for them. Sadly very few accept the great news we share with them. They think
there is so much to give up going the Hallelujah way. I tell them it boils down to this: ‘Would you rather continue
eating the Standard American Diet and keep your diseases and pain or would you prefer delicious and healthy
food, and experience excellent health?’
“Rev. Malkmus, these people that choose not to adopt The Hallelujah Diet do not realize what they are missing.”
Health Minister Larry J.
“Thank you for being so committed to sharing the truth about diet and lifestyle. How I wish I could have been
educated 30 years ago with what you teach.
“After learning about The Hallelujah Diet, both my husband and I chose to take Hallelujah Acres' internet 60 Days
to a Hallelujah Waistline program. During the 60-day challenge we both lost 20 pounds. Our goal is now to
implement more of The Hallelujah Diet because although we have come a long way in improving our diet we are
not yet 100% vegans.
“We can’t believe the benefits we have already experienced from the changes we have made and can’t wait to see
what additional benefits we will experience as we go 100% on the diet.”
Denise S., Fairfield, California
“Dear Rev. George, thank God for your health ministry as it is a blessing to this generation. You are doing a great
job. Please, could you answer this question: ‘At what age can a baby take BarleyMax, Beet Max, carrot juice, and
cucumber juice? Also, what quantity of these can a baby be given at a time and how often?"
EDITOR RESPONDS: Babies should be nourished exclusively with mother’s breast milk for at least the first six
months of life. After six months, other foods can slowly be introduced. An excellent starting food would be the
BarleyMax, starting with 1/8 of a teaspoon in four ounces of distilled water a couple of times a day. Then we could
move up to two to four ounces of vegetable juices a couple of times a day while continuing the BarleyMax. I would
avoid the use of beets or BeetMax until the child is several years of age. Mashed banana and/or mashed avocado
would be excellent starter foods following the introduction of the BarleyMax and other juices. Trust this is helpful.
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this electronic Health Tip. This is a labor of love. Rhonda and I have dedicated our
lives to eradicating physical problems from the world, and especially from the
Christian community. We want to be a help, and blessing, to you and yours. Till next
issue, Rhonda and I send our love and best wishes for a healthy and happy week!
Rev. George H. Malkmus, Lit.D.
Editor, Hallelujah Health Tip
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