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March 18, 2015
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ISIS plans to blow up Big Ben,
White House
Senate targets
Obama meddling
in Israel election
‘We want to blacken your life … Muslims shall return to ruling’
Committee with subpoena powers eyes group given $350,000 in
U.S. tax dollars
By Aaron Klein
By Bob Unrah
Two recent outrages following the 50th anniversary
“Black Sunday” march in Selma,
Alabama, require a pointed response to Democrats. First, a
photograph of Barack Obama
leading a march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma
is minus its most distinguished
participant, George W. Bush. The
photo appearing on page one of
the March 8 edition of the New
York Times, above the fold, has
been skillfully cropped to eliminate any photographic evidence
that George W. and Laura Bush
marched across the bridge with
Obama and other black leaders.
Then, a black woman
named Diane Nash, identified
as a Martin Luther King, Jr.
“Lieutenant,” proclaimed that she
refused to march in the reenactment because George Bush was
a participant. As she explained,
the reenactment of the March 7,
1965 march was intended to show
support for non-violence, which
George W. Bush opposes. Yet,
she and other Democrats appear
not to be concerned that Selma’s
most visible landmark is named
after a known white supremacist,
a reputed member of the Ku Klux
Klan. Nor do they seem to find
any incongruity in joining forces
with the Democrat Party, a party
that for nearly a century imposed
its will on black people with
whips, bullets, fire bombs, and
the hangman’s noose.
Each and every year the
American taxpayer spends billions of dollars and countless
classroom hours on a curriculum
called “black history.” But one
wonders exactly what is being taught in those classrooms.
Are the schools and classroom
teachers innocently omitting significant truths of black history,
or are they purposely lying to
black children? Are black children being taught that it was the
Republican Party that was born
out of opposition to slavery, and
that it was the country’s first Republican president who put an end
to the institution of slavery? Are
they being taught that hundreds
of thousands of the sons of white
Republican abolitionists gave
their lives in order to free black
men and women from the bonds
of slavery? And are they being
taught that it was Republicans
who gave us the 13th, 14th, and
15th Amendments, outlawing
slavery and giving blacks citizenship and the right to vote?
In the years immediately
following the Civil War, southern
Democrats found that they could
no longer control and oppress
their former slaves. However, just
because human slavery had been
permanently abolished, Democrats didn’t immediately join the
ranks of abolitionists. Instead, in
1866, they established a paramilitary auxiliary called the Ku Klux
Klan to keep the freed slaves in
line and to force them to vote
for Democratic candidates. And
See Hollrah, pg. 11
An audio message released by
a media company working with
ISIS warns that the Muslim
terror army wants to “blow up
your White House, Big Ben and
the Eiffel Tower.”
The audio message
by Abu Muhammad Al-’Adnani,
titled “So They Kill
And Are Killed,”
was released by the
media company AlFurqan, reported the
Middle East Media
Research Institute.
“The message is mainly meant
to boost the morale of ISIS
soldiers, with Al-Adnani reaffirming that ISIS continues to
be strong and to expand despite
the attacks against it,” the report said. “He also reminds the
soldiers that they are fighting
for a more noble cause than
their enemies.
“He also notes that ISIS wishes
to reach Western cities, naming Paris before even Rome or
Spain, and that prior to doing
so, ISIS will ‘blow up your
White House, Big Ben, and
the Eiffel Tower,’” the report
ISIS, in its takeover of large
portions of Syria and Iraq,
has tortured and slaughtered
Christians and other religious
minorities. Of late, it has been
destroying historic religious
artifacts it considers anti-Islamic.
losses, but “that would not stop
it from ultimately achieving
victory,” the report said.
He promises ISIS “will bring
back the glory of
major Islamic battles,” and he welcomes the addition
of the African terror
organization Boko
Haram to the ISIS
Reported MEMRI:
“He also notes that
Boko Haram’s move opens
the doors of hijra to Africa,
especially for Muslims who
couldn’t join ISIS in Syria,
Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula, or
The message said: “O Muslims,
come to your [Islamic] state, we
urge you to [join the] jihad, and
urge you and call upon you to
make hijra to [join] your broth-
Al-Adnani’s message admits
that ISIS has suffered some
See ISIS, pg. 9
Will Obama force U.S. to submit to
‘climate justice tribunal’?
By Greg Corombos
The United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate
Change, or UNFCCC, recently
released the negotiating language for the agreement to the
public. The official purpose
of pursuing a “universal climate agreement” is to renew
the Kyoto Protocol, the 1997
deal championed by then-Vice
President Al Gore but resoundingly condemned by the U.S.
Senate. President George W.
Bush eventually cut all U.S.
ties to Kyoto.
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Senior Fellow Chris Horner,
who raised alarm about the proposed tribunal in Sunday’s edition of the Washington Times,
says that provision is ominous
for the United States.
“What is climate justice? This
is troubling for several reasons,” said Horner, who added
that his first concern is President Obama attempting an end
run around the Senate’s role
in ratifying any international
“The Senate has an advisory
and a confirmation role in
international agreements,” he
said. “Whatever comes out of
these Kyoto II talks, the president said, ‘It’s not a treaty, so
I don’t need to go through the
Senate.’ But now we see this
draft that has a court. That’s a
The first problem, he said, is
that the U.S. has always vigorously resisted being subject to
any international court, despite
the best efforts of the political
“You know about the Law of
the Sea Treaty (LOST). That
was a global environmental
treaty as well as a wealth transfer,” he said. “It had a court
as well, and that was a major
reason the United States never
ratified it. The first thing Ronald Reagan did was push that
aside. Bill Clinton later signed
it, but we’ve never ratified it
because it had a court. It was
Kyoto with a court.”
Horner said it’s also a problem
in part because this tribunal will
mainly be looking to punish one
country – the United States.
“Now we actually have a Kyoto
court and the president saying
ratification has proven to be
a problem. We’ve seen that
when our system causes him
obstacles, he decides he doesn’t
have any use for our
system. Now we see
there’s going to be,
in a treaty, a climate justice tribunal, which I assure
you has one country
in mind and it will
not be stacked with
the Antonin Scalias
of the world,” said
Horner, who elaborated more
on what the tribunal would
likely be about.
“It will be stacked with people
who style themselves as climate
jurists seeking climate justice,
which as we’ve seen in recent
years, means pretty much any
grievance there is, climate is an
excuse to force a wealth transfer to remedy it,” he said.
See Tribunal, pg.
High 48
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reported today that a bipartisan
U.S. Senate committee with
subpoena powers is investigating the possibility the Obama
administration may have aided
efforts to defeat Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu in this
Tuesday’s elections.
A source told Fox News the
investigation focuses on State
Department grants to a nonprofits group that has been
leading field organizing efforts
openly aimed at replacing
Netanyahu’s government with
a center-left coalition.
The news report has been
making big waves in the news
media here in Israel.
‘These jurists will not be those who have our best interests at heart’
While Washington focuses on
whether President Obama will
sign on to a nuclear agreement
with Iran without submitting
the deal for Senate approval,
the administration is following
a similar strategy
on a global climate
change policy that
could leave the U.S.
beholden to an International Climate
Justice Tribunal.
Israel Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu
Reported “The
fact that both Democratic and
Republican sides of the Senate
Permanent Subcommittee on
Investigations have signed off
on the probe could be seen as
a rebuke to President Obama,
who has had a well-documented adversarial relationship
with the Israeli leader.”
A source told Fox News the
senatorial probe is looking
into U.S. governmental “funding” to OneVoice Movement,
which is a partner in a get-outthe-vote drive with a newlyformed Israeli political action
group calling itself V15.
V15, short for Victory 2015,
attracted U.S. media attention
after it hired 270 Strategies, a
consulting firm whose senior
leadership is comprised mostly
of former top staffers for President Obama’s 2012 re-election
The V15 organization has
partnered with OneVoice,
a U.S.-U.K. nonprofit, for
its get-out-the-vote-organiz-
See Meddling, pg.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Governor Mary Fallin’s “Oklahoma Now”
In Advance of St. Patrick’s Day Weekend, Governor
Mary Fallin Announces DUI Crackdown and Extends
Impaired Driving Council
OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin today wished
Oklahomans a happy and safe
St. Patrick’s Day, warning
people not to drink and drive.
The governor announced that
the Department of Public Safety
will be conducting ramped up
enforcement efforts this weekend in an effort to crack down
on impaired driving. She also
signed an executive order (see
attachment) renewing an advisory council tasked with looking at ways to reduce impaired
Last year during the St. Patrick’s
Day holiday period, 77 people
were seriously injured and four
people died as a result of alcohol- or drug-impaired driving.
“I want to remind our motorists
that if you drink and drive - or
if you use drugs and drive - you
will get caught,” said Fallin.
“If you plan to drink, be sure
to have someone in your group
who doesn’t drink so that he or
she can be a designated driver.
Let’s have a fun weekend but,
above all, let’s have a safe
In November, the state launched
the “ENDUI” campaign, which
emphasizes personal responsibility in preventing impaired
driving. As part of this initiative, during the St. Patrick’s
Day holiday period law enforcement agencies across the
state will be participating in
ENDUI enforcement efforts.
ENDUI prevention teams will
be conducting sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols at
multiple locations throughout
the state.
reduce the incidence of impaired
driving and associated traffic
crashes in
are asked to
review and
driving in Gov. Mary Fallin
the state,
and oversee plans for addressing
identified gaps in state programs
“Since establishing these pre- and efforts intended to reduce
vention teams late last year, impaired driving.
state, local and county law
enforcement agencies have “Drunk and impaired driving
demonstrated their commit- leads to hundreds of fatal tragment to ENDUI in Oklahoma,” edies every year in Oklahoma,”
said Col. Rick Adams, chief of the governor said. “The renewal
the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. of this executive order will en“They’ll be out again during sure the state remains focused
the St. Patrick’s Day holiday to on addressing this problem and
continue their prevention efforts saving lives.”
to ENDUI.”
“While St. Patrick’s Day is typiFallin today signed an execu- cally considered a drinking holitive order re-establishing the day, it’s important to remember
Governor’s Impaired Driving that impaired driving encomPrevention Advisory Coun- passes more than just alcohol,”
cil (GIDPAC). The governor said Garry Thomas, director of
formed the council in 2013. It the Oklahoma Highway Safety
would have expired next month Office. “It also includes illegal
without the governor’s action. drugs and inappropriate use
of over-the-counter drugs and
The council works on ways to prescription medications.”
House lawmakers reach session midpoint
By State Rep. John Bennett
House Bill 1948 would require
doctors to check a database of
patient prescriptions when they
first write a prescription for
three classes of addictive drugs
– opiate painkillers, anti-anxiety medications such as Xanax
and Valium and carisoprodol,
a muscle relaxer marketed
House Bill 1747 authorizes as Soma. Subsequent checks
the creation of Rural Opportu- would need to be made at least
nity Zones in Oklahoma. These once every 180 days after that.
zones must be areas projected
to lose population in the coming House Bill 1006 authorizes the
years. Individuals who move use of wiretaps to investigate
into these zones can qualify for human trafficking for labor or
a five-year tax exemption. The commercial sex, the pandering
idea is to bring people back of humans for sex and for the
into these areas. I think it will investigation of the prostitution
be a great boost, especially in of a child.
my district, which might attract
I believe strongly that public
residents from Arkansas.
safety is also enhanced when
House Bill 1879 moves to law-abiding citizens carry firereplace the current multi-drug arms. House Bill 1391 allows
lethal injection format after last Oklahomans who want to carry
year’s botched execution. The a firearm to take a required gun
new procedure would use nitro- safety course online. Oklahogen gas, which is humane, does mans would still have to demnot require a medical profes- onstrate their shooting with an
sional and is readily available. instructor in person.
House lawmakers completed
their work on House bills on
March 12. In addition to passing
legislation to encourage population and economic growth in
rural areas, we sent multiple
public safety bills to the Senate.
Toll Free Capitol Switchboard 1-877-762-8762
Sen. James M. Inhofe
E-mail: [email protected]
Washington Phone 1-202-224-4721 FAX 202-228-0380
Tulsa Phone: 1-918-748-5111 • Oklahoma City 1-405-608-4381
Sen. Tom Coburn
Washington 1-202-224-5754 FAX 202-224-6008
Tulsa Phone: 1-918-581-7651 Okla. City 1-405-231-4941
U.S. House of Representatives
Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Dist. 1)
216 Cannon House Office Bldg. Washington DC 20515
1-202-225-2211 FAX (202) 225-9187, Tulsa, 2448 E. 81st. St.,
#5150, Tulsa, OK 74137, 1-918) 935-3222 FAX (918) 935-2716
House Bill 1683 allows the
offices of district attorneys to
collect the DNA sample from a
convicted criminal. The DNA
samples are
to the Oklahoma State
Bureau of
for processing and inclusion in the
Combined DNA Index System
House Bill 1083 would create
a shared criminal justice information infrastructure under the
supervision of the chief information officer in the Oklahoma
Office of Management and Enterprise Services. The information technology infrastructure
would be used by 14 agencies,
greatly improving efficiency
and information sharing.
Finally, I want to talk about
texting while driving. House
Bill 1965 strengthens language
aimed at preventing texting
while driving, marking a first
offense fine at $250. Subsequent offenses would register a
$500 fine.
I will tell you more about the
budget and other policy bills
in the coming weeks. If you
want to weigh in on one, I can
be contacted by e-mail at John.
[email protected] or by
phone at (918) 790-3249 or
(405) 557-7315.
By Neil Carson (CKA Bob McDowell)
Statesmanship Personified
It has been my privilege and
pleasure to have just, as this is written, finished listening to a radio
broadcast of the speech by Israeli
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
to a joint session of the Congress of
the United States. Would that more
of our politicians be more like this
in clarity, honesty and truthfulness
in speaking and recounting the facts
of life as we face it. In my opinion, I
have just listened to a true statesman,
the likes of which have been indeed
rare in the last 150 years in the USA.
It is considered fortunate, by me at
least, to be represented in the US
Congress by Lt. Cdr. Jim Bridenstine
in the House and James M. Inhofe in
the Senate. These two represent the
best in politics. Too bad there are not
more like them in Congress.
He recounted the mistaken
actions of the diplomats of the last
several decades that have allowed
the unfortunate conditions to develop
to where we are, in my opinion,
already involved, by declaration of
the Islamofascist rulers of the Middle
East, in World War IV. (For those
confused by that statement, World
War III, in my position, was called
the “Cold War”. This explanation is
believed necessary because a previous use of the term was changed by
proof reader from WW IV to WW
II, which also served to change the
meaning of the paragraph.) He seems
to be a leader who truly intends to
protect his nation and its people,
something that PRESBO is unwilling, or refuses, to do for us.
It is considered unfortunate,
to the extreme, that a number of
Democrat members of Congress
decided to boycott the speech and
remained aloof. Reminded me of the
Democrat members of the Wisconsin
Legislature that walked out and went
to another State to avoid having to
cast any vote on some legislation,
that Governor Walker would sign,
so that there would not be a quorum
to vote. After the end of the Israeli
speech, those Democrats could not
wait to misrepresent the speech and
condemn the Speaker of the House
for inviting him without seeking the
approval of the White House. They
seem to forget that our Republic was
based on three separate branches of
government, that is except when
the White House staff or occupant,
PRESBO, decides to do something
without consulting Congress like
in treaties with other nations. They
have acted like a bunch of spoiled
brats, they lost the election.
His recounting of the facts
and figures on the Iranian atomic
bomb program brought out a number
The Conservative View
By Russell Turner
Distracted Government
Over the past few years there
has been much talk about distracted
driving. Too many people behind the
steering wheel have a bad habit of
texting on their cell phones or putting
on makeup etc.; all of those practices
cause a person to take their eyes
off of the road, which increases the
likelihood of causing a crash. Most
people can relate to the bad habit of
distracted driving, but we Americans
have a hard time of seeing the problem of distracted government.
Thank God that we Americans, for the most part, take better
care of our bodies than we do our
system of government. If we find out
that we have a heart condition that
requires immediate attention, most
of us would not waste any time correcting the problem. However when
it comes to the problems in our nation
we tend to get alarmed by some news
report for a short period of time, then
we focus our attention on some new
breaking story and forget the previous story. Sadly some politicians
understand that many people have
short attention spans. Subjects such
as Obamacare, illegal immigration,
or the current email gate scandal
concerning Hillary Clinton continually distract us. In a very short period
of time our government will reach its
debt limit; our government will then
have two options. One will be to default on our obligations. Two would
Rep. Markwayne Mullin, (R-Dist. 2)
Washington 1-202-225-2701
Claremore 1-918-341-9336
Muskogee 1-918-687-2533
Rep. Frank Lucas 1-202-225-5565/Stillwater 1-405-624-6407
Rep. Tom Cole 1-202-6165/Norman 1-405-329-6500
Oklahoma State Offices
Governor Mary Fallin
OK State Capitol, 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd. Room 212
Oklahoma City, OK 73105 • Phone 1-405-521-2342 Fax 405-521-3353
Tulsa Office: 440 S. Huston Ave. , Suite 304, Tulsa, OK 74127
Phone: 1-918-581-2801 • Fax 1-581-2835
of diplomatic failures by Western
nation representatives that have
brought us to the precarious situation in which we now find ourselves.
One of the worst, in my opinion,
was the involvement of the Carter
Administration in the late 1970s to
depose the Shah
of Iran allowing the Islamic
Cleric militants
to fill the resulting vacuum and
bring about the
most repressive
now in charge.
It should
be remembered that the Shah was
somewhat Americanized, having
been militarily trained in the USA
to our standards and to fly our military aircraft, with good proficiency.
Also, the late King Hussein and his
son, King Abdullah, of Jordan were
both educated and militarily trained
in the USA, and were, and still are,
friends. In fact, it has been reported
that King Abdullah actually flew
one of the aircraft that attacked ISIS
positions after the brutal setting fire
to one of his captured pilots while
in a cage.
PM Netanyahu made it very
clear that the Israelite people of the
Jewish faith will, as he put it, ‘never
allow the persecution and murders of
the last century to happen again’. His
clear and concise statements drew
numerous strong ovations of those
attending. He laid out three demands
of Iran that they stop certain actions
and ‘if they want to be treated like a
world nation they should act like a
world nation’. After all, the leaders of
Iran and many other of the Islamofascist groups have loudly proclaimed
that it is their intention to wipe Israel
from the face of the Earth and then to
destroy the USA and all those who
live in it. Those who would prefer
‘peace at any price’ should take this
to heart, wake up, and realize that to
bend over and let them get away with
it is to commit suicide, both nationally and individually.
In my opinion, it recalled to
my memory the speeches of the late
British PM, Winston S. Churchill,
who called it like it was and was
usually besmirched by those of the
“peace at any price” misguided of his
time. It was my good fortune to have
heard him live by radio at the time. If
the British voters had placed him in
office even five years earlier, WW II
might have been avoided as he had a
clear view of the threat that was faced
by the World at the time.
Jay Vickers, Editor
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433301 E. 350 Road, Adair, OK 74330
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be to increase the debt limit. I can
just about guarantee you that the debt
level will be raised, our government
has gotten us into a situation where
we are between a rock and a hard
place.In 2011 the Treasury Department brought in about $2.3 trillion
in tax revenue. They spent $2.9 trillion JUST on mandatory programs
like Social
Security and
plus the defense budget. In other
words, the
US government was
$600 billion
dollars in the
Russell Turner
hole before
paying a dime of interest. In the
19th century, the Ottoman Empire
was facing a similar debt crisis. In
just 11 years, the Ottoman central
government went from spending
17% of its tax revenue on interest
payments, to spending over 52% of
its tax revenue on interest payments.
Then came default. In 2011 the US
was at 15%, the only thing keeping
that percentage from ballooning out
of control is the absurdly low rate that
savers in this country are receiving.
When interest rates do increase the
interest that our government has to
pay to service the debt may become
One example is the third largest economy, Japan. The Japanese’s
debt level is so high that it now takes
the government 43% of its central tax
revenue just to pay interest this year.
Just because we don’t hear about the
debt problem on the evening news
does not diminish the severity of
the situation. Our national debt is
bumping 18 trillion; history is full
of examples of superpowers bucking under the weight of their debt.
This is not the first time that it’s
happened, and it won’t be the last.
Many politicians use the distraction
method to keep the American people
ignorant on the issues. Sadly when
the debt powder keg goes off it will
be too late.
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
From My Pointless Ruth Bivens
Hmmmm What Do I Write About Today?
Every week, about Thursday, I start wondering what I am
going to write about for my column. There are times that there
is just so much going on that it
is hard for me to decide which
event I should record. Then,
there are times that things just
go along the same day after day
and I scramble for something to
write about. But, for the past 20
or so years, this little space in
The Banner has kept me writing, keeping a record of my
adventures with Hubby. Just
trying to keep up with that man
is often an adventure in itself.
So, here I sit. It is Sunday
night at 10 p.m. and I am wondering what I should put down
on paper.
We are spending more
and more time here at the
Getsemani Children’s Home.
There are several reasons why
that is happening. One is that
our teaching job at the Free
Will Baptist Bible Institute in
Altamira has just dried up.
Last summer we had such
a good group of High School
and College students who attended the Youth Camp there
on campus. I believe there were
102 registered. The services
were inspiring, and more than
50 young people came forward and gave testimony that
the Lord had done a powerful
work in their lives. I was just
sure that we would have a great
enrollment in the Fall. Hubby
and I had been scheduled to
return to teaching there. But,
come September, no full time
students enrolled. They still
had the night classes, Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
nights. But, they did not need us
to teach the day classes. Then,
this semester, once again no
full time students enrolled and
they cut the night classes back
to only Tuesday and Thursday
It just breaks my heart
that our beautiful facility there
is not being used full time. In
the past we needed more housing for married couples and,
Hubby still needs to go back
and finish up a duplex that
is under construction, nearly
finished. It only lacks some
inside work. But, at this point,
it looks like the only time it will
be used would be during the annual Mexican Free Will Baptist
National Convention in July.
So, since they don’t need us to
teach there, we are spending
more and more time here at the
children’s home in the frontier
zone of northern Mexico.
Then, another reason
we are not running back and
forth to Altamira like we used
to is the continuing, and seemingly increasing violence. The
drug cartels are fighting one
another for territory and the
Mexican military is fighting
them all, trying to stop the drug
traffic. The president of the
country declared the highway
we always drove to Altamira to
be the most dangerous highway
in the country. So, it has been
three or four years since we
drove back and forth with our
own vehicle.
Now, when Hubby needs
to go down, he takes the bus.
Because of the risk of a U.S.
on the
bus he has
grown a
beard and
travels in
old worn
out clothes
and shoes
and a flopRuth Bivens
py old hat.
He looks like a homeless old
man. When the bad guys stop
the bus and make everyone get
off and rob them, they look him
over and tell him not to even
get off.
He tells me he does not
want me riding the bus, since I
can’t grow a beard. So, when I
need to go down our supporters
in Alabama pay for my plane
ticket to fly to Tampico. The
airport is about 12 or 15 miles
south of Altamira and Hubby
borrows the Bible Institute van
and comes down and picks me
up there. In the past two or three
years I have only gone down
twice a year. And, I really miss
our precious friends there!
Hubby trimmed his beard
some back in December. I
told him just the other day I
want him to let it grow back
out before he heads back that
direction. He complains that
it bothers him, and he looks a
lot like Uncle Si on the Duck
Dynasty television program.
But, I tell him, if it keeps him
safe I love it.
Right now we have a
group here at the children’s
home from the Woodcrest Free
Will Baptist Church in Catoosa
and the First FWB Church in
Bixby. Our Carpenter missionary Brother Mark Cole from
Blanchard came on Friday with
his wife and a couple of men
from the Bixby area. Then,
Saturday a group of some 30
folks arrived. They are going
to be finishing a little house for
70 year old Abihu, who lives in
House #1, and works here. The
group will be here until Friday,
and while the men are building,
the ladies will be fixing lunch
and supper. So, Hubby will
have a few days off from his
daily supper cooking job.
There is a good group of
young people with the group.
Paulina, our daughter-in-law
and the co-founder and co-director of the children’s home,
is planning on putting several
of them to work trimming a
fire break around the outside of
the property. The Department
of Family has ordered them
to clear at least three meters
outside the property fence to
protect the homes and other
buildings here on the property
in case of fire. That will entail
cutting down and clearing a
Phone: 918-785-2446
Fax: 918-628-5170
P.O. Box 199 • Adair, OK 74330
good quantity of small, very
thorny, trees and brush. That is
going to be interesting to see.
Paulina gathered up all
of the machetes on the place,
bought a few new ones, then
turned them and all of the axes
we could find over to Abihu.
He took them all to town to
be sharpened. So, first thing
Monday morning, we shall see
how that project goes. I really
don’t know if those Gringo kids
have hands that fit a machete
handle, or if they know how to
use one.
Meanwhile, John has decided that it is time to butcher
some of the fowl that he raises.
He just brought a big load of
baby chicks, ducks, and geese
that he had hatched at the house
up in Piedras Negras. His plan
is to kill the big black turkey
and several ducks Monday and
roast them. We are also anxious
to butcher the six chickens, four
roosters and two hens, that we
raised from the little chicks our
other daughter-in-law Diana
gave us a while back.
Someone from her church
gave Diana six eggs and she
rigged up an incubator in her
Kindergarten class room. The
children got to see the eggs
turned every day, and then
hatch out. When the chicks
got too big for them to tend
in the class room she brought
them to Abuelo (Grand-father).
Of course, we brought them
straight here.
Hubby built a curious
looking little pen out back and
we raised them. When they were
fairly well grown he turned out
to scratch around the property
and eat bugs. Lately a couple of
the roosters have been taking up
their post, one at the front door
and one at the back door. At
5:30 every morning they start
crowing. And, it seems to me
they don’t stop until well after
sunset. Of course, they move
off the front and back porch,
but not until they have left
their autograph-a good pile of
rooster poop. So, I am looking
forward to getting those critters
in the pot. We shall see just how
many fowl we manage to kill
and dress today.
Another project John has,
while the group is here, is to
butcher a steer. He had one
butchered while they were here
last year and the whole gang
pitched in boning out the meat
and grinding it. Large quantities were cooked, and then
dehydrated in his dehydrator.
That meat was then stored in
half gallon jars. There are only
one or two half gallon jars of
that dehydrated meat left, and a
half gallon of ground beef does
not go far when you are feeding
30 or so people. So it is time
to re-stock. So, that is another
project that will be interesting
to watch these Gringo kids help
complete. One thing about it.
When they come here they get
some experiences they would
not have had if they had stayed
home over Spring Break.
The children here at Getsemani are out of school on
Monday, so they will be in on
the fun too. No one seems to
know what day they are celebrating, and that is the normal
situation. It is amazing to me
how much time they have off
from school, and no one ever
knows why. Eleven year old
Armando, our next door neighbor here in the duplex, was off
most of last week. The reason?
His teacher didn’t show up! I
guess that is as good a reason
as any.
So, there, you can see my
problem. I am not sure what
to write about tonight. But, if
something comes to mind, I will
be sure and get it to The Banner
before noon on Monday.
Page 3
ISIS could launch major offensive
into Lebanon next month
Hezbollah leader blames West, Gulf Arab states for rise of
jihadist army
By F. Michael Maloof
WASHINGTON – The deputy
head of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon has warned
that ISIS could begin launching
takfiris in Syria’s Qunaitra and
Israel is constantly ongoing uninterrupted because they are part of
this scheme,” Qassem said.
attacks against the Lebanese army
as early as next month.
Qassem’s allegation against Israel is backed by a recent report
He further places the blame for by United Nations observers to
the rise of ISIS on the West and the U.N. Security Council.
Gulf Arab countries that continue
to finance and arm the jihadist The report described how over
the past 18 months the Israeli
Defense Forces, or IDF, has been
Sheik Naim Qassem said ISIS in regular contact with Syrian rebis planning major offensives els, including ISIS militants.
after the winter ends next month
against the Lebanese army, which Such contact has included providhas been launching preemptive ing medical care to a wounded
attacks along the Lebanese border jihadi fighters. In its report, the
with Syria.
U.N. observers said a wounded
fighter “was taken by armed
Hezbollah fighters have been members of the opposition across
assisting the Lebanese army in the cease-fire line, where he
repelling jihadist attacks into was transferred to a civilian
Lebanon. Observers say jihadist ambulance escorted by an IDF
attacks, especially into northern vehicle.”
Lebanon, are in response to
Hezbollah sending its fighters Reports from Israel’s Druze
into Syria to assist the Syrian minority also have expressed
military against a fractured Syrian concern over the hospitalization
opposition whose ranks over the of wounded Syrian fighters from
past two years have swelled with the al-Qaida-affiliated Jabhat alSunni jihadist fighters mainly Nusra Front in Israel.
from ISIS and the al-Qaida-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra Front.
“Some Israeli media outlets
have further revealed direct coQassam’s warning recently was operation between the militants
underscored in a WND report that and the Israeli army,” according
some 3,000 Sunni jihadist fight- to Middle East expert Jean Aziz
ers have gathered in the Syrian said, “and other media outlets
Qalamoun mountains bordering have reported about the lack of
eastern Lebanon, poised to attack animosity between the Israeli
a series of Christian towns in state and Jabhat al-Nusra, which
northern and central Lebanon.
represents al-Qaida in Syria, as
well as Israeli reports about direct
The concern is that the jihadists contacts with the Syrian opposiare staging not only in the north tion and mutual reassurances.”
around Tripoli and in areas in the
northern Bekaa Valley but also Nusra’s positioning in the Syraround Saida, or Sidon, south of ian Golan is not only seen as
Beirut, and in the south from the threatening Hezbollah’s presSyrian Golan Heights.
ence at that strategic location to
ward off any southern invasion
In its preemptive attacks, the Leb- of Lebanon from the jihadists;
anese army, backed by Shiite ele- it is also a strategic location for
ments of Hezbollah fighters, has the Iranian-proxy group against
been launching artillery against Israel to its north.
ISIS positions in the northern part
of Lebanon.
In confronting ISIS in an expected spring offensive into Lebanon,
The Lebanese army has begun the Lebanese army has been
to undertake preemptive strikes launching attacks in the surroundfollowing offensive ISIS attacks ing towns in the north around Ras
last month around Ras Baalbek Baalbeck, which is only 25 miles
from their positions in the Syrian from the historic Roman city of
Qalamoun mountains just across Baalbek, which has been a major
the border. The army was able to tourist magnet.
repel the attacks, but ISIS killed
some 22 Lebanese soldiers and Attacks around Baalbek also
took police hostages on the out- have occurred near Britel in areas
skirts of Arsal, which ISIS now controlled by Hezbollah, but, so
far, the jihadists have been unsuccessful.
Qassem said the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS is responsible Deep in Shia-controlled territory,
for creating the jihadist group.
Baalbek, where settlements are
believed to go back 9,000 years,
“We hear the world wants to has withstood centuries of attacks
confront ISIS because it repre- from barbarians, the Greeks and
sents takfiri (foreign) terrorism,” the Romans. The city once was
Qassem said. “Who created ISIS? given as a gift by the Roman
Those who want to fight ISIS are general Marcus Antonius – Marc
the ones who raised and funded Antony – to his lover, Egyptian
queen Cleopatra, as a birthday
He said the U.S. and its coalition partners of Arab countries Ras Baalbek, in the northern
have been providing ISIS with part of the Bekaa Valley, is in a
weapons and training. He said it Christian region of the country.
all started from “Afghanistan all Nusra and ISIS seek to target it
the way to Syria and Iraq.”
as a stepping stone to such other
ancient Christian towns in cenQassem also accused Israel of tral Bekaa such as Zahle, Firzel,
providing assistance to ISIS and Ablah and Drous.
other jihadist fighters, especially
in the Syrian Golan Heights.
“(Jihadist fighters) are under
pressure in the ongoing battle in
“Israel opened hospitals to ISIS
casualties and contact between See Offensive, pg. 7
Page 4 The BANNER
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Scott Walker: Lynch ‘not fit’ We’re Being Cooked!!... by Joe Esposito
to be attorney general
Swelling opposition puts Obama nomination in
sudden jeopardy
By Drew Zahn
“Power concedes nothing without a demand.
It never did and it never will.
Find out just what any people will quietly submit to
and you have found out the exact measure
of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them.”
Frederick Douglass (1818-1895), author, former slave
Take Back Your Power - DVD 00:29
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------AEP-PSOʼs opt-out is a “FALSE SOLUTION” to pacify the public,
so the public will go back to sleep!!!
By Joe Esposito 918-274-811
~ AEP-PSOʼs Smart Meter opt-out “SHAM” was publicly exposed on March 12, 2015 by KRMG
NEWS102.3 AM 740 radio spots and post by Russell Mills.
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is
the latest 2016 GOP presidential
hopeful to oppose confirmation
of Obama’s pick for the next
attorney general.
According to Walker spokesperson Kirsten Kukowski, the
governor has declared Obama
nominee Loretta Lynch “not fit”
to become the nation’s top law
enforcement official.
“Given Loretta Lynch’s failure
to commit to protect Americans from the president’s lawless executive overreach, that
even he said nearly two dozen
times, she is not fit to serve as
the nation’s attorney general,”
Kukowski told Breitbart News
in an email.
answer when Breitbart asked
him why the leader plans to
bring Lynch’s nomination up for
a floor vote. He also refused to
state whether McConnell himself
will personally vote for Lynch,
something that would be a direct
violation of a pre-election statement McConnell made that the
next attorney general must put
the rule of law ahead of “ideological commitments … whether
it relates to the president’s acting
unilaterally on immigration or
anything else.”
Most Republican senators who
have joined the rising opposition to Lynch have explained she
would be too much of a clone of
current Attorney General Eric
Holder in not challenging the
legality and constitutionality
of President Obama’s rule by
executive actions, in particular,
his granting of amnesty to five
million illegal immigrants.
But behind the scenes, the sudden change of hearts also may
be due to a WND expose about
allegations that Lynch covered
up money laundering by drug
lords and terrorists.
Loretta Lynch
Walker joins Sens. Ted Cruz,
R-Texas, and Rand Paul, R-Ky.,
as likely presidential hopefuls
speaking out against Lynch’s
“For several months now, I have
called on the Senate majority
leader to halt confirmations of
every nominee executive and
judicial, other than vital national
security positions, unless or until
the president rescinds his unconstitutional amnesty,” Cruz told
Politico. “We have an opportunity in front of us right now with
Loretta Lynch – a nominee for
attorney general – who has fully
embraced and flat-out promised
to implement the unconstitutional amnesty.”
“Oh, she’s going down,” Paul
told his office staff after learning
Lynch supports executive amnesty and use of asset forfeiture
by the federal government.
As WND has reported, Lynch’s
confirmation is hanging by a
thread, as just one switched vote
could doom her nomination. Politico, for example, is reporting
only 50 senators are planning to
vote to confirm her next week.
Breitbart further notes that Republican Senate Majority Leader
Mitch McConnell, R-Tenn., is
now struggling to defend even
holding the vote in the first
McConnell spokesman Don
Stewart reportedly refused to
WND has chronicled in great
detail charges that Lynch, in
her capacity as U.S. attorney
for the Eastern District of New
York in 2012, arranged a mere
slap-on-the-wrist settlement with
the world’s second largest bank,
HSBC, for laundering billions of
dollars for Mexican drug cartels
and Middle Eastern terrorists.
Read the explosive backstory
inside the HSBC scandal – how
WND first exposed the massive
money-laundering scheme, the
fallout from the eye-popping
discovery and the role Loretta
Lynch played in “Laundergate.”
There’s a growing body of science linking non-thermal radiation to cancer
By Russell Mills Posted 2:11 p.m. Thursday, March 12, 2015
~ NEXT CAME the KJRH-TV Ch 2 story
KJRH -TV Ch 2 News story 3/13/15 at 10:00 p.m., Posted 11:31 p.m. 3/13/15
“PSO explores smart meter alternatives for customers that do not want new device”
~ During this KJRH-TV Ch 2 story “PSO says Joe’s concerns are not supported”
~ I then ask Jerry Flynn to respond and submit a rebuttal to Nathan Edwards’ KJRH-TV story and
PSO’s comment about me.
From: Jerry Flynn <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Saturday, March 14, 2015 1:14 PM
Subject: The Dangers of Smart Meters
Mr. Edwards,
Would you accept from me a rebuttal to PSO’s position on Smart Meters which, I understand,
says that they are not harmful to humans, flora and fauna? If so, please accept the following.
Many thanks.
Jerry Flynn
I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain who spent 22 of my 26 years in the military in
the arcane fields of Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence. I can say without fear of anyone
contradicting me that there is no such thing as a safe level of radiation – no matter how weak the
signal! No wireless device – especially Smart Meters – is harmless! In fact, Smart Meters are the
quintessential Trojan Horse. Even your former CIA Director, David Patraeus said in 2012 that
utilities (and government) will know more about you and everyone in your home from Smart
Appliances. And utilities don’t tell you that the 2nd transmitter inside all Smart Meters, called
the “ZigBee” is there for one purpose: to control and operate the 15-or-so Smart Appliances all
utilities expect ‘homes of tomorrow’ will have. A Smart Meter will enable the utility to know literally EVERYTHING that goes on in your home: they will know when each and every appliance is
turned on and off, when each fan and light is turned on. This information all too often falls into
the hands of medical investigators, insurance companies, divorce lawyers, marketers, equipment
manufacturers, etc. Gone forever will be any semblance of what your forefathers used to protect
with shotguns and rifles in the good old days of the Wild West – “the sanctity and privacy of the
home”! Police used to require a Search Warrant to gain entry to your home. Now we have the
Smart Meter. It is also known that the Local Area Network transmitter within a Smart Meter,
which emits its radiation almostconstantly 24/7/365 in perpetuity (contrary to what your utility
tells you) radiates on 910 MHz, which is a frequency that would cook food better and more quickly
than does your present microwave oven, which operates on 2.4 GHz! Utilities also don’t tell you
that the LAN transmitter (in every Smart Meter) radiates for distances up to 3 Km or 2 miles,
meaning that every home’s Smart Meter will irradiate every single home in every community and,
in turn, be irradiated by all of its neighbors. Smart Appliances, too, will irradiate up to eight (8)
of the neighbors and, in turn, be irradiated by their nearest neighbor’s ‘Smart appliances.’ And
one must never overlook the possibility that the Smart Meter might cause damage to a household
electrical appliance or even cause the house to burn down. There are countless accounts of this
happening, and utilities speak as one saying that the cause of the problem is always the customers. Beware!
Thank you sir, for allowing me to tell the truth.
Jerry Flynn
5181 Gainsberg Road
Bowser, B.C., V0R 1G0
The wrist-slap $1.9 billion fine
paid to the U.S. government, and
an admission of “willful criminal
conduct,” allowed HSBC to enter
into a “deferred prosecution”
settlement, which ended the investigation and stopped the filing ~ This is another e-mail sent to me by Jerry Flynn on March 13, 2015
of criminal charges.
Another thing about wireless Smart Meters, they are not capable of providing accurate readings - unless
the meter is off by itself on an island someplace where there are not conflicting/interfering devices using
those same frequencies. No matter what utilities tell you, It is simply impossible to have so many radio
transmitters all operating on the same frequencies: 910 MHz and 2.4 GHz without them experiencing
interference amongst themselves. When you think that cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors,
Bluetooth and a host of other devices all transmit on 2.4 GHz only an ignorant person would expect
their meter to produce accurate readings. That, in large part, is why hydro bills all over the world, once
Smart Meters are installed, experience higher - sometime triple, quadruple and even more - monthly
HSBC also faces a renewed in- electric bills. Share that with anyone you like, including your utility. If they tell you otherwise, they
vestigation by U.S. authorities don’t know what they’re talking about.
and British lawmakers “after Jerry
reports it helped customers to
conceal millions of dollars of as- ~ Now letʼs look at the -- REASON FOR THE UTILITIESʼ WIRELESS TRAVESTY THAT HAS
sets in a period up to 2007.”
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------See Lynch, pg. 5
by Josh del Sol
PH: 918-785-2841
FAX: 918-785-4423
transcribed -- Oct. 14, 2013 by Joe Esposito
Whistleblower and former HSBC
Vice President John Cruz, however, told WND he believes the
laundering is still continuing
due to the lack of oversight by
2976 W. 410, Adair, OK 74330
2 Miles West, 1 Mile South of Adair
• Formex
‘Smart meters’ called a major threat to health, national security
• Anchor Paint
May 10, 2012
Jordan McColman Lawyer, Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) before the Maine Supreme
Judicial Court
Time: 00:50 -- 3:06
• Composite Decking
Lumber, Pipe, Angle, Square Tubing, Channel, Strap, Beams, Purlins, Etc...
Meters, pg. 11
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Do we really want a
convenant with Iran?
By Walt Thrun
Iran was formerly Persia
and the Bible refers to that nation as Persia throughout their
history and future.
Persia is located east of
Iraq and east of the Euphrates
River. This area is presently
the hotspot of the world and will
continue to be through the end
of this age. In a very short time
prophecy will be history.
Recall the entire Bible is
the fulfillment of the covenant
God made with Abraham approximately 4,000 years ago.
Abraham was called by
God to leave the land of the east
and journey to a new land west
of the Euphrates River. Abraham’s nativity was between the
Euphrates and Tigris rivers, i.e.
the present country of Iraq. It
is difficult to positively identify
the borders between ancient
Babylon and Persia.
“And Joshua said to all the
people, ‘Thus says the LORD
God of Israel:’ “Your fathers…
dwelt on the other side of the
River in old times; and they
served other gods. Then I took
your father Abraham from the
other side of the River, led him
throughout all the land of Canaan…”’” Joshua 24:2-3a
Now recall that Abraham
sent Ishmael and his family
back to the east which included
Arabia and points further east.
There was continued enmity between Abraham and his descendants and ‘them of the east.’
Biblical prophecy and history reveals that the Babylonian
kingdom was supplanted by the
Medes and Persians in approximately 535 BC.
Judah had been deported
to Babylon beginning in 605
BC. God had sent the young
Hebrew Daniel to Babylon to
write world history in advance
from there.
In the second year of the
Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar’s reign, he had a dream
which only Daniel could interpret.
“You, O king, were watching; and behold, a great image!
... and its form was awesome.
This image’s head was of fine
gold, its chest and arms of silver…” Daniel 2:31-32a
Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar that he was the king of gold
and the next kingdom consisting
of silver would be the Medes
and Persians. The Persian
kingdom would be followed
by the Greeks and then Rome.
But we’ll concentrate on the
Persian Kingdom in the present
It is significant to note
the future of the foreseen world
Lynch, from pg. 4________
“You watched while a
stone was cut out without hands,
which struck the image on its
feet…Then the iron, the clay,
the bronze the silver, and the
gold were crushed together, and
became like chaff from the summer threshing
floors; the
wind carried
them away
so that no
trace of them
was found...”
Daniel 2:34Walt Thrun
The four kingdoms defined by metals with decreasing atomic weights (but with
increasing brittleness) followed
the Egyptian and Assyrian for
a total of six. The seventh and
final world kingdom has been
identified in previous columns.
The major point in the
preceding Scripture passage is
when Christ returns to earth He
will totally obliterate the final
world kingdom, which will
include Iran (Persia), and there
will be no trace of that kingdom
or previous gentile kingdoms.
Animosity between Iran
and Israel has prevailed through
the ages.
Such hatred and persecution was confirmed when a
remnant of Jews returned to
Judah after their Babylonian
captivity to rebuild their temple
and city.
Their odyssey actually
began while still in the Persian
capital, Shushan. Esther was
a young and beautiful Jewish
lady who was raised by her
uncle Mordecai. Also living
in Shushan at that time was a
man named Haman, an Agagite
of the family of Amelek who
were enemies of the Jews since
the time of the Exodus. Amelek
was a grandson of Esau and the
progenitor of the Amalekites.
Haman was promoted by
the Persian king Ahasuerus to
a position of great power in
Persian’s capital city. It became
known to Haman that Mordecai
would not bow down to him and
‘Haman was filled with wrath.’
“But he disdained to lay
hands on Mordecai alone…Instead Haman sought to destroy
all the Jews who were throughout the whole kingdom of Ahasuerus – the people of Mordecai.”
Esther 3:6
Persian genocide of the
Jews was the plan, but history
revealed how Haman’s plan
To be continued.
Share your thoughts
[email protected]
Thinking Out Loud:
Rabbits, Squirrels
and Us
Most preachers’ wives must
certainly be able to identify with
the cartoon by Dennis Fletcher
which shows a minister’s wife
sitting in the congregation holding up a rabbit puppet with
people that are sitting behind her
looking at her like she is crazy.
Minister’s wives know better
than anyone that their husbands
can get off the subject and “chase
rabbits.” So I, too, plead guilty!
More than I should, I wander off
course and fail to “Keep the main
thing the main thing.”
Ministers and chaplains
aren’t alone in this area. While
we may “chase rabbits” I’m
finding that too many of our
government leaders at the City,
and State level and in even our
National Capital are persistently
distracted by squirrels. That’s
right, “Squirrels”!
One of my all-time favorite
animated movies is Pixar’s UP.
In this movie, the friendly pet
dog, Dug, is wonderfully loyal
except when the word or even a
thought of a squirrel comes along.
Dug is great, but his A.D.D. kicks
in whenever “Squirrel” interjects
his thoughts or eyes sight.
While I may chase too
many rabbits, there are too many
of our government leaders chasing squirrels all the time rather
than staying focused on the essential matters of our city, our
State and our Nation! Also, too
many 21st century Americans
Believers have D.A.D.D.—i.e.
“Divine Attention Deficit Disorder.” We seem easily distracted
and then disconnected from the
We find our own “Squirrels” taking us as Christians, us
as citizens and our government
leaders away from the main
thing! Our preoccupation with
minor issues in our walk with
God, with our city concerns,
State subjects, and National
matters can mount up as a major
detriment to our goal of “Keeping
the main thing the main thing!”
Our inability to say “Enough is
enough!” causes us to run after
more squirrels! Chasing after
individualism and personal preference in the church, city, state
and nation seems like a squirrel
that keeps us away from finding
more unity and common ground
of essential concerns.
Please pray for our National bureaucrats, our State
representatives, our City officials
and our Church spokespersons
(chase after the Main One!) that
they may all focus on the “Main
Corsi reported in WND on Feb.
18 that the Senate Judiciary
Committee had conducted a twohour session with Cruz on his
allegations Lynch engaged in a
Department of Justice cover-up,
based on his more than 1,000
pages of evidence and secret
audio recordings.
Fox News First
“As he prepares for of his ex- the Second Amendment is a
pected presidential campaign, staple in his pitch. It’s all part
Sen. Ted Cruz is hoping voters of the sales job Cruz is making
from rural New Hampshire to rural voters. All candidates
and his home state of Texas make such efforts, and freshare a similarly dour view of quent stops at county fairs and
government. The Republican is farm stands will be a regular
promising to abolish the Inter- feature of campaign schedules
nal Revenue Service and scrap by the time there are declared
the Education Department. He candidates. But Cruz is going
vows to curtail federal regula- further, using his first visit to
tors, likening them to locusts New Hampshire to head to the
that deserve to be killed. And state’s rural northern region.”
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After WND recently informed
key senators of the charges, they
expressed keen interest as Cruz
provided Senate investigators
with his voluminous documented
Senate investigators also recently
interviewed Cruz on details of
his allegations.
Cruz Focuses On Rural Voters
John T. Catrett, III
ONHL Hospice Chaplain
WND senior staff writer Jerome
Corsi broke the HSBC story in
2012, after making contact with
whistleblower Cruz, who provided mountains of meticulously
documented evidence of HSBC
money laundering.
The charges against Lynch
gained new urgency after she
became the attorney general
Page 5
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curve chisel to reduce clods on top of soil. Chisel design lifts sod
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Chupp Implement
Hwy. 69 South, Pryor, OK (918) 825-2044
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Page 6 The BANNER
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Spring Break Week
By Bill Chupp
School Spring Break from
classes is welcomed by the
students. This year they also
had break from classes on snow
days, but during inclement
weather they are restricted from
any extra enjoyable activity.
The youth from our church
have been planning on a trip to
Haiti. They worked hard in fund
raising so
who wanted to could
go. There
were thirteen youths
and two
this year.
Bill Chupp
This is the
second time for several of them
who went to Haiti a year and a
half ago. They will be helping
with Bible School and evangelism at an orphanage. They left
early Sunday morning and will
be gone most of the week.
It’s good to see youth who
develop a passion for reaching
out to those less fortunate instead of going to a party place.
As the weather warms up,
it also brings to mind the time to
clean up and shake off the dirt
and grime of winter. Nature
also responds as grass begins
to grow and flowers start to
bloom. The recent rains have
melted down the snow piles
that accumulated during the
last snow storm. We also had
snow on March 24, 2013, and
had subfreezing weather. It was
on Sunday and we cancelled
church that evening.
Last week my outside
implement salesman, Ken Froese and I went to Springfield,
Missouri for a New Holland
product meeting on Tuesday.
We left at five in the morning,
attended classes from 8:00 to
5:00 and were back home by
7:30. There were hands on and
power point classes on the different models of tractors and
hay tools. They covered the
major benefits and improvements, as well as a comparison
to the competition. Jim Waters,
the sales manager, made the
trip the next day. By participating in company sponsored
meetings and service schools,
it qualifies our dealership for
the standards established by the
company. We also sent our service manager, Shannon Kelsey,
to a meeting in Oklahoma City,
and Bob Arr to Ames, Iowa for
service schools.
The dealer standards required by the companies are
established to insure each dealership is promoting their brand
and maintaining market share
in their area. Chupp Implement
was the only dealership in Oklahoma to win the New Holland
President’s Club award in 2013
and also won the free trip to Argentina in February 2014.
Large corporations also
have problems. Reading the
business news in local and
national newspapers and dealer
magazines, even with all the
advice some companies are
destined to fail. The sad part
of seeing large corporations
struggle, it eventually comes
down to the customers.
For years all that was
talked about was mergers and
acquisitions. Some were very
successful and raised the expectations of performance of a location. But when there is a sudden
downturn in the economy, the
larger groups cannot always
react soon enough.
I was told that when a
business leaves the idea of being a customer oriented to an
investor oriented business, it
loses a lot of the base that was
created over years of satisfied
Edith and I went to the
Tulsa Home and Garden Show
last Saturday. The River Spirit
Expo building was full of everything needed from building,
remodeling, cleaning, cooking, landscaping, lawn care
products, tools and equipment.
After wandering through booths
for a couple of hours, we found
the Mattress Firm booth near
the west end. I knew it was a
mistake to lie down on the floor
model on display, but first Edith
did, then I couldn’t resist trying
it also.
I am a little harder to convince that we need a bed that
will fold up under your knees,
raise up behind your back like
a recliner and vibrate! But with
the thought of how important
rest is for senior citizens, and
the aches and pains associated
with aging, I could tell this may
help extend Edith’s life. So we
made the purchase.
Our mailbox is full of mail
from every organization that
deals with every malady known
to mankind. I feel guilty always
tossing them away when they
describe symptoms that mimic
mine. My desk is already cluttered with too many IRS tax
receipts. I have procrastinated
and failed to keep all my bookkeeping up to date, so I am sorting through them to divide my
income and expenses to ease the
burden presented to my CPA. I
wonder if I can deduct the cost
of the new bed next year?! It
is definitely an important part
of my work! Some of my best
inspiration comes to me while I
am sleeping.
That reminds me; I better
finish this and get Edith to type
it up before she goes to sleep! It’s
Thought for the Day by
Corbett Mason
If only the American taxpayer could use the sleight of
hand as our presidents past and
present have done, he’d never
be broke or have to pay taxes.
Men from both sides of the aisle
have sat at the head of America’s
game table and dealt the cards. If
the poor taxpayer could shuffle
his book-keeping records around
like our leaders have done, he’d
be a happy man.
When an account is found
to be in the minus column and
you have another account in a
plus column, you simply raid
one and transfer its assets to
the one found lacking. Any
political “trickster” that has a
need for money, goes where
the easy money resides. This is
no different than a country boy
stealing apples, why go to the
trouble to climb to the top of the
tree, when good apples abound
within reach?
The ole rancher had several apple trees along the road
that wound around to his house.
He sat at his desk and watched
as his neighbors walked along
his road as the apples bloomed
to maturity. The small children
picked the low hanging fruit as
did those who where a trifle lazy.
The more adventurous climbed
up into the tree and filled their
pockets with sweet delicious
apples. The rancher and his
family had an ample supply of
apples and were happy to share
their bounty.
Along comes government
and cuts down all of the apple
trees to share the wealth and
gives apples to everyone. In doing so, they forgot in the coming
Spring Break week!
Have a good week. God years, there would be no apples
for anyone. So it is with the
working class as they are asked
to carry the burden for all.
Lyndon Johnson realized
back in the 1960s, he needed
money and a lot of it for the Vietnam War. This led to his decision
to remove Social Security money
from its trust fund to the general fund to finance his war. All
presidents since then have raided
Social Security to pay for their
political agendas. As this is kept
off the books, the theft is hidden
from the taxpayer’s view.
Easy Cut 320
• Easy Cut balance center-of-gravity suspension
We hear much talk about
• KRONE breakaway pin for added protection
cutting Social Security, our
• Efficient direct drive system relies on shaft and gearboxleaders have often thought about
putting it on the chopping block.
And they would, except for fear
the elderly voters would vote
them out of office. They’d like
to make it the scapegoat for our
national shortcomings. They’ll
never say, Social Security isn’t
the reason for our national deficits, as it is paid for by payroll
taxes known as FICA or the
Federal Insurance Contributions
Maximum protection and minimum life-cycle cost
In 1982, the Greenspan
EasyCut mowers now feature SafeCut cutterbar protection
Commission on Social Security
The innovative and patented SafeCut system is standard-fit on EasyCut
Reform recommended to increase
mowers. Providing exemplary impact damage protection, the system
the payroll tax on the American
centres on a roll pin that connects each mower disc to the drive shaft
taxpayer as it is funded only by
and that shears off as the disc hits an obstacle. All elements in the cutthe unwashed and unlearned.
terbar driveline are protected. While the sprocket continues revolving,
What had been a “pay as you go
the stopped disc jacks up on a thread and out of the operating area of
plan,” was changed into paying
the blades on the neighbouring discs, thereby eliminating the risk of damaging these as well.
for those as yet not on the system as well as paying additional
taxes to help pre-fund their own
retirement. The 1983 payroll
tax increase would have swelled
in O
KW 5.52/4x7
Rotary Tedder
the Social Security Fund by 2.5
trillion, making it solvent until
2037. Since the mid 1980’s our
presidents with the full support of
Congress have looted what was
the Social Security Trust Fund
with wild abandonment. It has
paid for wars, replaced falling
revenue from lower taxes, giving
the unwashed and unlearned the
secure feeling
of a balanced
budget. All
of this was
plundered at
the expense
of future retirees, which
will be asked Corbett Mason
to give up more at their own
expense for the good of their
country. This money was squandered without any misgivings or
provisions for the money to be
paid back. The passing of the legislation in 1983 makes the Baby
Boomers the biggest payers into
the Social Security Fund.
The trustees stated in their
2009 Social Security Trustees
Report that the IOUs put in
the Social Security trust fund
were worthless: “Neither the
redemption of trust fund bonds,
nor interest paid on these bonds,
provides any net income to the
Treasury, which must finance
redemptions and interest payments through some combination
of increased taxation, reductions
in other governments spending,
or additional borrowing from the
The ole Rancher says, “The
trust laid upon our leaders’
shoulders on Capitol Hill by
the forgotten taxpayer has been
misplaced once again.”
The masses cry for protection from hunger, terrorists, from
a real job, for feeling inferior
and looked down on, they want
protection from all obstacles that
a man or woman will face in a
The unwashed masses have
a promise of health insurance,
but many will find they can’t find
a doctor. Dr. Kevin Grumbach of
UCSF coined a new phrase for
this new malady, called “medical
The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)
recent findings show, “The U.S.
will be short more than 90,000
total physicians by 2020 and
130,000 physicians by 2025.
Becker’s Hospital Review
reports that, “one in three practicing physicians in the U.S. is
over the age of 65 and close to
retirement. Furthermore, 6 in 10
say it is likely many colleagues
will retire in the next one to three
One thing about government if it sees a crisis coming,
it will disavow it. The government’s record on the scoreboard
casts a doubtful eye on any
chance government can identify
a crisis until after it hits and the
results are there for all to see.
To believe politicians on
Capitol Hill have your best interests at heart is less than naive.
The American taxpayer has been
outfoxed and out maneuvered.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Page 7
7 Things Congress Should Do
in the Budget
Charge: U.N., U.S. complicit in worldwide
war on women
By Sophie Simunek
The Daily Signal
‘The words, ‘it’s a girl,’ are the deadliest words on Earth’
United Nations and the Obama
For Washington, it’s budget sea- vency before the end of next
administration are turning a
son. President Obama released year and the retirement program
blind eye as millions of girls in
his budget early last month, is already running a cash-flow China and India are murdered,
and women are forced to undergo abortions and
and this week it’s Congress’
turn to reveal its own budget
Government spending and debt
has grown out of control: The
current national debt exceeds
$18.1 trillion and is only growing higher. It is Congress’
responsibility to address the national spending and debt problem and put the budget on the
path to balance. By adopting a
concurrent budget resolution for
fiscal year 2016, Congress has
the opportunity to enact reforms
and change the fiscal spending
pattern for the future.
Here are seven things that Congress ought to focus on in its
budget resolutions based on a
new Heritage report:
1.Prioritize Defense Spending.
The core duty of the federal
government is to provide for the
common defense. This congress
should increase defense spending by allocating $584 billion in
the 050 function. The defense
budget ought to be based on a
national security strategy and
military capability requirements, in addition to budget
2.Repeal Obamacare. Congress
should repeal Obamacare in its
entirety, eliminating $2 trillion
in new spending and saving
taxpayers $771 billion from
18 new or increased taxes that
would have helped fund Obamacare. A full repeal would free
the insurance market of costly
and onerous regulations. This
action is also a necessary step to
get entitlement spending under
3.Reform Medicaid. Medicaid must be put on a budget
rather than the current openended funding model. Congress
should make reforms that allow
Medicaid dollars to be used to
purchase private insurance of
the enrollee’s choice, granting
more control to the individual
enrollees over the care and services they receive.
4.Reform Medicare. Congress
should transform Medicare into
a premium-support program
that uses a defined-contribution
model of financing. This would
make Medicare both fiscally responsible and patient-centered,
benefiting both seniors and
5.Reform Social Security.
The Social Security disability
program is approaching insol-
China and India, Littlejohn said. fice was to restore that funding,”
noted Littlejohn.
The Chinese Communist Party
boasts its “One-Child Policy” “Hillary Clinton has come out
has “prevented” 400 million strongly opposing forced aborlives – a number greater than the tion and forced sterilization
in China on one
hand, and on the
other hand she
has said we’re
not going to let
human rights get
in the way of our
trade relations,”
Littlejohn said.
A group of women’s-rights activists made that
explosive accusation Friday at
a standing-roomonly event, as the
U.N. marks the 20th anniver- entire population of the United
deficit. Congress should enact sary of the World Conference States and Canada. The Party’s
use of forced abortion is well
structural reforms to Social on Women.
documented and is compounded
Security to avoid indiscriminate
cuts in benefits to society’s most “China is so powerful in the by the widespread use of sexvulnerable, without increasing United Nations no one wants to selective abortions by parents
the debt or tax burden for future offend them, so they are willing seeking to have a male child.
to turn a blind eye to the big- When couples are restricted to
6.Reform the Tax Code. Con- gest women’s-rights issue in the one child, women are often presworld today – forced abortions in sured by husbands and in-laws to
gress should simplify the tax
China,” Reggie Littlejohn, presi- only give birth to a boy.
system by lowering marginal
dent of Women’s Rights Without
tax rates and by eliminating
Frontiers told WND.
It’s reported that China has 13
the capital gains tax, death tax,
million abortions per year – that’s
tax carve-outs, foreign income Read the tested and proven strate- 35,000 per day and 1,485 per
taxes and any tax on savings.
gies to defeat the abortion cartel, hour. While China’s population
7.Cap Welfare Spending. in “Abortion Free: Your Manual is four times greater than that of
Congress should scale back for Building a Pro-Life America the U.S., the abortion rate is 13
means-tested welfare spending One Community at a Time.”
times higher.
to pre-recession (fiscal year
2007) levels plus 10 percent, The Family Research Council, The U.S. is complicit with forced
and welfare spending should Population Research Institute and abortions in China through fundbe capped at the rate of infla- the Catholic Family and Research ing of the U.N. Population Fund
tion going forward. Welfare Institute joined Littlejohn to draw (UNFPA), Littlejohn charged.
programs should be reformed to attention to the widespread inciencourage work by implement- dence of forced abortion, forced “In China, the UNFPA and Insterilization and outright murder ternational Planned Parenthood
ing work requirements.
of female infants in China and have been working hand in hand
with the Chinese Communist
A Path to Balance and India.
Party on family planning, which
A U.N. expert estimates up to has been found to be coercive,”
200 million women are missing she said.
The national debt exceeds $18 in the world today due to ‘gen- Previous administrations cut
trillion and, absent spending dercide,’ the selective abortion, funding for UNFPA because of
reforms, will continue to grow. abandonment or fatal neglect of its complicity with forced aborAs a share of the economy, the baby girls.
tion and forced family planning
national debt already exceeds
in China.
the nation’s gross domestic “The words, ‘it’s a girl,’ are the
product, with the part that is bor- deadliest words on Earth when “One of the first things President
rowed in credit markets making said at the birth of a child” in Obama did on coming into ofup nearly three-quarters of this
President Clinton’s administration was the first to de-link human rights from trade relations
with China.
“Since then, human rights in
China has plummeted to appalling depths. I believe a lot of the
responsibility for the horrific condition of human rights in China
has to do with that delinking that
happened in the Clinton administration,” charged Littlejohn.
WND reported how Beijing used
pro-”free trade” advisers inside
the Clinton administration to
persuade President Clinton to
ignore human-rights abuses in
China and lay the foundation for
wholesale U.S. investment in the
communist nation. The Clinton
family has received millions of
dollars in speaking fees and donations to the family foundation
from companies doing business
in or tied to China.
The U.N. has been marking the
20th anniversary of the Fourth
World Conference on Women this week. Dignitaries from
around the world attended that
conference in Beijing 20 years
ago, including most notably
Hillary Clinton. Events at U.N.
headquarters in New York this
month are discussing what progress has been made on the status
of women.
Massive and growing debt
hinders economic growth and
opportunity by discouraging investment and threatening higher
future taxes to pay interest on
the debt. Congress should put
the budget on a path to balance
with health care, retirement,
and welfare reforms, while prioritizing national defense in the
budget, cutting inappropriate
and wasteful domestic spending, and reforming America’s
tax code to unleash economic
—Romina Boccia is Grover
M. Hermann Fellow in Federal Budgetary Affairs in the
Thomas A. Roe Institute for
Economic Policy Studies, of the
Institute for Economic Freedom
and Opportunity, at The Heritage Foundation. The following
Heritage Foundation analysts
contributed to this Issue Brief:
Diem Salmon (defense), Alyene
Senger (health care), Curtis
Dubay (taxes), and Rachel Sheffield (welfare).
&5"4(5!/++12,50-53$45-*1.3524(5/2+0245%/**'203&5,4,0%134,53/5&/'512,5 1.*02#)5
Share information and find solutions within the community
Download exclusive content for the New Holland equipment you own
Discuss current issues with leading experts in the Spotlight forum
Offensive, from pg. 3_______________________________
Syria; in retaliation they may attack the Bekaa, but I assure you
they will not be able to do more
than hit and run operations,” one
Lebanese source told WND.
“The army is ready alongside
the resistance (Hezbollah),” he
said. “We will prevail, the takfiris (foreign fighters) will not
prevail. God does not allow the
takfiri to prevail.”
In the predominantly Christian
region, Islamist fighters have
threatened to attack churches
and the Christians themselves.
In response, the residents are
taking up arms.
According to regional expert Esperance Ghanem, however, such
attacks would give the militants
“both field and moral gains.”
Register and manage your precision equipment (PLM)
3-5 .44512,541-&53/5/0253$45%/24.-130/25135&5"4(5!/++12,)5
“The field aspect is related to
how close these villages are to
the international road connecting
Beirut to Damascus,” Ghanem
Called the Al-Sham, or Damascus road, Ghanem said it is of
strategic importance to supply
lines to Syria and is a “vital
crossing connecting the northern
Bekaa to central and western
Bekaa, where some Christian
villages are located.”
Hwy. 69 South, Pryor, OK
(918) 825-2044
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/.5+0%42-4,53/5"!52,'-3.01+5"))503-5-'-0,01.04-5/.51 0+0134-)
Page 8 The BANNER
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Famous Actor Denzel Washington Said THIS
About the Bible…
There are plenty of reasons to
think famous actor Denzel Washington would be a liberal. He’s
a talented black actor who has
been a success in Hollywood
(two Academy Awards!). Statistics would make him
highly likely to be an
Obama-supporting secular liberal.
But that’s wrong! And
Denzel’s comments about
the Bible and his relationship with the Holy Scripture are extraordinary. He
is a patriot, and is unafraid
to reject the radical atheists on the Left Coast.
As he said in an interview, Denzel
Washington is a proud Christian:
“I read from the Bible every day,
and I read my Daily Word,” he
told a reporter, adding that it was
not difficult for him to grow up
as the son of a preacher.
“He wasn’t a taskmaster, but
there were certain things you
couldn’t do,” Washington said.
“He had his own church, and it
was a long Sunday, because you
had to be there all day.”
“Everyone I grew up with didn’t
have a father,” he continued. “I
had a father. My father was a decent man. He was a very spiritual
man and a gentleman.”
He didn’t like going to Church
when he was younger. But then
he had a truly personal experience with Jesus Christ. And the
rest is history!
Obamas fly to LA, same
day, separate jets
Ever since that day, Washington
By Tom Shattuck
has been a proud Christian, even
Boston Herald
going so far as to consider becomLook, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s couple could travel, separately, in
ing a preacher.
a plane ... No, it’s two planes!
opulence across the country. And
all to get their Hollywood cool
“A part of me still says, ‘Maybe,
Denzel, you’re supposed Two taxpayer-funded planes, on to impress people in circles
to preach. Maybe you’re that is. And on those two planes where fist-bumps matter.
still compromising,’” he last Thursday were two occusaid during a 1999 inter- pants of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Millions of your dollars.
in Washington, jetting across
In the end, Washington
decided to stick to playing
preachers in the movies.
He did, however, offer
some creative advice for
staying close to God ev“The minister was preaching, ery day.
‘Just let it go,’” Washington
recalled. “I said, ‘I’m going to “Put your slippers way under
go with it.’ And I had this tre- your bed so when you get up in
mendous physical and spiritual the morning, you have to get on
your knees to find them. And
while you’re down there, start
“It did frighten me,” he said. “I your day with prayer. Ask for
was slobbering, crying, sweating. wisdom. Ask for understandMy cheeks blew up. I was purg- ing,” he said. “Don’t aspire to
ing. It was too intense.”
make a living, aspire to make a
He had plenty of questions – like
any good Christian does – and he What a role model! He looks to a
continues to pray on a daily basis higher power, and is humbled by
to guide him through his career: his God-given talents. By showing others how he lives his life,
“It almost drove me away. I called he is a great example for young
my mother, and she said I was people who might try to make it
being filled with the Holy Spirit,” in Hollywood. No matter what,
he recounted. “I was like, ‘Does prayer and a personal relationthat mean I can never have wine ship to God are essential to live
a good life.
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country to the same destination Take heart, though, the president
-- L.A.
didn’t borrow your plane exclusively for a tacky Tinseltown
Separate planes. Your money.
glamour shot. He also took time
to hobnob at a swanky HolReady for the pain?
lywood fundraiser -- his 32nd
in 21 visits to the area since he
You’re going to need a No. 2 took office, according to the Los
pencil and scrap paper for this. Angeles ABC affiliate.
Estimates are that Air Force One
costs about $206,000 per hour
to operate. You could go on
Priceline right now and book a
round-trip itinerary from Boston
to LAX for between $500 and
$1,000 total. For what it costs
taxpayers to ferry the POTUS,
one-way, to Jimmy Kimmel for
the all-crucial mission of reading
“mean tweets,” you could book
1,000 round-trip flights from
Boston to Los Angeles.
The president’s love for Air
Force One has been on display
since way back in 2009 when
he gleefully hopped aboard the
snazziest of all 747s for a 156mile jaunt to a Democratic Party
function in Virginia. He couldn’t
contain its awesomeness as he
swooned, “Thank you for giving
me a reason to use Air Force One.
It’s pretty nice.”
If you did the math, you know the
result. Millions of dollars of taxpayer money spent in a handful of
hours in one day so that the first
I have no problem with “Let’s
Move,” Mrs. Obama, I just have
a problem with you moving on
our plane, with our money.
There is almost a youthful naivete that makes it OK when this
And since FLOTUS took to the president enjoys his executive
skies on her own plane to dance toys.
on “Ellen,” you might want to
double that.
My bigger grievance is with Mrs.
Obama, who felt entitled to spend
Oh yeah, add in Marine One, millions of taxpayer dollars for
and two separate motorcades, separate travel arrangements
security, etc.
in order to promote her relentless “Let’s Move” initiative by
And because they need to do it all performing some kind of Miagain in order to get back to D.C. chael-Jackson-meets-Teen-Wolf
... double that.
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Local Tea Party Group
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Page 9
Tribunal, from pg. 1_____ Meddling, from pg. 1___________________________________________________________________________________
Why would the United States
have any interest in joining an
agreement that largely targets it
for climate violations or makes
us subject to a legal entity outside of our own judicial system?
Horner said it’s part ideology
and partly driven by policy.
First, he said there are many
leaders and activists on the
political left in America and
around the world who don’t like
our system.
“There are a lot of people,
including the head of the UNFCCC, which is the U.N. body
running this and some academics and some authors who have
come out saying, ‘Look, capitalism is the problem. This is how
we solve the problem. This is
how we solve capitalism.’ There
are a lot of people who believe
that, including some in the administration,” said Horner, who
said the climate-change movement has had the U.S. economy
in its cross hairs from Day 1.
“It was transparently all about
us when [Kyoto] was drafted in
the ’90s,” he said. “When Asia
happened and all this development occurred, thank goodness,
and their emissions began skyrocketing while ours did not, it
remained about us. Now that’s
odd if it really was about greenhouse gas emissions.”
“Now that they’re putting in
a court and claiming they’re
going to go around the U.S.
Senate, you need to be very
concerned because these climate jurists will not be those
who have our best interests at
heart,” he said.
Horner said another major
motivation for Obama to get involved in this climate agreement
is to help lock his own environmental policies in place.
“He’s trying to make sure that
his EPA rules are too politically
hot-buttoned that his successor will not touch them and
undo them,” Horner explained.
“Congress will not undo them
and the courts will be reluctant
to undo them.”
Does the Senate have a way
to stop this if the agreement
is never presented for ratification? Horner said there is and
it means following the strategy
we’ve seen Senate Republicans
already take this week on Iran.
“They need to make the same
statement, either in a letter or
perhaps through a Sense of the
Senate Resolution saying that
anything he does that purports
to bind us in Paris on climate is
freelancing,” he said. “Do not
think this is a treaty because
we don’t.”
ing drive aimed at replacing ing themselves the Joint List.
Netanyahu’s government with
Polling is showing the Joint
a center-left coalition.
Arab List could potentially
V15′s headquarters is actually gain at least 12 seats in Israel’s
the offices of OneVoice, which 120-seat parliaments, finishing
bills itself as an “international third and potentially becoming
grassroots movement that am- a major force in coalition buildplifies the voice of mainstream ing to form a new government
that consists of a plurality of
Israelis and Palestinians.”
the Knesset.
OneVoice received a State Department grant for $350,000. If Israel’s leftist parties fair
well, they could form a coaliOneVoice’s offices Tel Aviv tion with the Arab parties and
officers are being used as the replace Netanyahu’s governing
campaign headquarters for coalition.
V15′s anti-Netanyahu effort,
Another U.S.-backed scheme
as WND first reported.
to defeat Netanyahu exposed
It was OneVoice that reportedly hired 270 Strategies, a As WND reported last month,
consulting firm whose senior the U.S. has not been standing
leadership is comprised mostly on the sidelines when it comes
of former top staffers for Presi- to mobilizing the all-important
dent Obama’s 2012 re-election Arab vote.
In an interview with WND,
The reported move to investi- Amnon Beeri-Sulitzeanu, cogate the state funding comes executive director of the Abraone week after Netanyahu ham Fund, maintained that his
gave an interview in which he group’s voter participation
spoke of “tens of millions of activities are entirely nonparshekels from abroad” aiding tisan and that his organization
in an effort to mobilize leftist does not endorse any political
Jewish and Israeli Arabs voters party.
to defeat him.
The Abraham Fund works to
OneVoice is reportedly spon- encourage Arab participation
sored by scores of nonprofits in the Israeli economic, cultural
and received two grants in the and civic arenas. Its slogan
past year from the U.S. State is: “Building a shared future
for Israel’s Jewish and Arab
The State Department is also
listed as a partner of OneVoice In 2010, the State Department
provided the Abraham Fund a
on the group’s website.
$999,715 three-year grant for
OneVoice development and an education initiative in coopgrants officer Christina Taler eration with Israel’s Ministry
told the Washington Free Bea- of Education. Another part of
con that “no government fund- the grant was designated to a
ing” has gone toward the V15 project with the Israeli security services aimed at fostering
voter mobilization effort.
closer Arab-Jewish ties.
However, V15′s complete
takeover of OneVoice’s Tel Beeri-Sulitzeanu told WND
Aviv offices may raise some the U.S. government funds are
questions, not only about the not being utilized for the votergrant usage, but about the State participation drive.
Department’s current partner“The initiative is being paid
ship with OneVoice.
for by private donations from
Aside from the State Depart- donors interested in Arab parment, OneVoice is also openly ticipation,” he said.
partnered with Google, the
U.K. Labour Party and the He acknowledged, however,
that “some (money for the projRockefeller Brothers Fund.
ect) comes from our core fundWhile Fox News reported the ing at the Abraham Fund.”
Senate was looking into the
State Department funding for “Since our workers are getting
OneVoice, the organization is paid anyway, some of their
not the only state-funded group job is dedicated to the vote
leading an effort to defeat Ne- project,” he said.
A source close to the Abraham
WND exposed the second Fund said the financing for
scheme last month in an article the voter participation project
documenting a State Depart- came in large part from private
ment-financed nonprofit based wealthy American donors.
in Israel currently engaged in a
major effort to get young Arab The same source told WND the
citizens to the voting booths voter-participation drive was
in the upcoming Israeli elec- encouraged by staffers from the
U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv.
Horner cited a Sense of the
Senate Resolution passed unanimously in the 1990s to denounce
the Kyoto Protocol before it was
even adopted at the conference.
As a result, the Clinton adminisIsraeli election trends have
tration never submitted the plan
for ratification and the U.S. was long demonstrated that Arab
citizens vote overwhelmingly
never bound by it.
for left-wing and Arab parties.
He admits the Senate can no Any increase in the Arab vote
longer get a unanimous vote on would clearly come at the exthis issue, but he says you don’t pense of the Likud Party and
need that many when two-thirds other right-wing parties.
of the Senate would be required
Indeed, following the country’s
to approve it.
most recent parliamentary elec“Fifty-one votes is plenty,” he tion in 2013, Arab lawmakers
said. “To be honest, 34 votes complained that a higher Arab
is plenty. You have to put the voter turnout could have tipped
world on notice, because of the election toward the left and
something called customary defeated Netanyahu.
international law which our
courts sometimes bow to, that Now, for the first time, four
whatever happens is not a treaty Arab political parties here have
if it doesn’t go through the Sen- united under one banner, callate.”
Asked if there was truth to the
claim of U.S. Embassy encouragement, Beeri-Sulitzeanu
simply responded, “No.”
The Abraham Fund is the second State Department-financed
nonprofit to engage in voterorganizing activities.
told reporters “no government The last three elections saw the
funding” has gone toward the eligible Arab vote come out
V15 voter mobilization effort. at 56.3, 53.4 and 56 percent
Young Arab vote to defeat
The Abraham Fund was a cenNetanyahu?
tral player in getting Arabs to
Meanwhile, the Abraham vote in the 2013 parliamentary
Fund put out a press release election, which saw a nearly
announcing the launch of a 3 percent rise in Arab voting
“Broad-Based Action Plan to numbers.
Increase the Participation of
Arab Citizens in upcoming Beeri-Sulitzeanu told the Jerusalem Post that year that his
Elections for Knesset.”
group had contributed to the
“The Abraham Fund focuses higher voter turnout.
its plans on a number of areas
including running conferences “We have been working hard
for Arab students in colleges to get out the Arab vote regardand launching a media and ad- less of who they were voting
vertising campaign to persuade for, just as long as they would
the Arab public to participate use their civic right to vote,”
in the democratic process and he said.
vote in the elections,” the orga- Much of the Arab vote in 2013
went to Arab parties, as well as
nization said.
to the leftist Labor Party and
The fund’s co-executive di- the far-left Meretz Party, which
rector, Beeri-Sulitzeanu, told that year featured an Arab on its
WND much of his group’s parliamentary ballot list. Still,
activities are aimed at younger the Jerusalem Post documented
that year that a tiny fraction of
Arab voters.
the vote surprisingly went to
“Young, first-time voters are religious Zionist and far-right
more than others tending to parties.
refrain from voting,” he said.
“We’re targeting them the After the 2013 election, which
had a 56 percent Arab voter
turnout, several Arab Knes“We don’t push any political set members complained that
agenda and don’t work with a higher rate of Arab voters
any party or ideology,” he could have defeated Netanyahu
and his right-wing coalition.
However, partisan electioneering among the Arab Israeli
sector is not needed to influence the outcome of the next
election. Any increase in the
Arab vote would clearly bolster
Netanyahu’s rivals.
UAL-Taal leader Ahmed Tibi
told Ynet, “I have no doubt that
we will continue to lead the
Arab sector,” but if the turnout
had “gone up by 10% we could
have toppled the Right’s rule
and pushed Netanyahu and
Liberman from leadership.”
According to data provided
by Israel’s Central Bureau of “This was a missed opportuStatistics, as of 2013 about 15 nity.”
percent of Israel’s 5.1 million
eligible voters were Arabs.
The figure included Muslim
and Christian Arabs as well as
Arab voting trends have
changed over the years. From
the 1950s to 1999, Arab voter
turnout in Israeli elections
ranged from a staggering 90
percent to about 75 percent.
However, following the collapse of Israeli-Palestinian
talks and the outbreak of the
Second Palestinian Intifada in
2000, voter turnout reached a
low point of just 18 percent.
Call us for
A Weekly Column by
Dr. Wayne Shaw
Jesus had some very dear
friends; Mary, her sister, Martha
and their brother, Lazarus. John
11 begins by informing us that
Lazarus was sick. In fact, three
times, in each of the first three
verses it states that Lazarus was
sick. This seems serious. It was
so serious that the sisters sent
word to Jesus, “Lord, the one
you love is sick.” This is not
a request or even an invitation.
It is simply a statement of fact.
They are confident that if Jesus
knows Lazarus is sick, He will
come and heal him. But notice
verses 5 & 6. Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus.
Yet when he heard that Lazarus
was sick, he stayed where he
was two more days. Jesus loved
Martha, Mary and Lazarus so
much that He stayed away!
OneVoice is reportedly sponsored by scores of nonprofits
and received two grants in the
past year from the U.S. State
Department. The State Department is also listed as a partner
of OneVoice on the group’s
You know the rest of the
story, when Jesus got there
Lazarus had been dead for four
OneVoice development and days. The sisters were so disapgrants officer Christina Taler pointed that Jesus had not been
there to heal him, but they did
not expect Jesus to raise him
from the dead.
Sometimes God delays!
From an earthly perspective it
seems that God has abandoned
us. Maybe you have felt that
way at times.
Where were
you, Lord?
God delays,
there are a
couple of
things you
need to know. Sen. Wayne Shaw
1) His delays
are never a contradiction of His
love. 2) His delays are not final.
He will come, in His time and
in His way. He created time
and He is never late for His appointments. Remember, God
is seldom early, but never late.
God works all things out for
our good and His glory. God
moves in mysterious ways, His
wonders to perform.
Page 10 The BANNER
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Selfbow Event To Be Held Next Weekend
The 11th annual Oklahoma
Selfbow Jamboree (OJAM) and
Selfbow Championship will be
held March 19-22 in Stillwater.
OJAM teaches participants
the art of building selfbows as well
as other primitive skills including
leatherwork and flint-knapping.
OJAM is open to the public,
but membership in the Oklahoma
Selfbow Society (OSS) is required
for anyone wishing to build a bow.
OSS activities, including OJAM,
are funded through membership
fees and the support of members.
The event is free, and registration is not required. However,
for safety and insurance reasons,
anyone attending the event must
go to the OSS registration booth
to register upon arrival. Anyone
younger than 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
Selfbow building classes will
begin at 8 a.m. each day. Instruction is free, however OSS membership is required to participate
in a bow building class or to use
power tools.
OSS does not supply bow
staves. Vendors will have a limited
number of bow staves for sale at
OJAM. Depending on the type of
wood, a stave can run from $40
to $100. Wood must be well-seasoned. It is a good idea to bring
New Cy Curtis State Record
Mule Deer Harvested
While bow hunting elk in Cimarron County, Chandler Henderson
took advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and bagged a recordbreaking buck. With a final score of 191 7/8 inches, he now holds the
all-time Cy Curtis record for a typical mule deer taken in Oklahoma.
Henderson’s wife, Brooke, spotted the big buck first. Henderson
drew back his bow and let an arrow fly. Henderson knew he had just
harvested a large mule deer, but a state-record mule deer was “out of
the question,” he said.
After a week, Henderson’s curiosity got the best of him. He
decided to green-score the antlers on the Boone and Crockett website
to estimate what the deer would score. Realizing he might have a staterecord mule deer, Henderson contacted official scorer, Weston Storer
who is a biologist for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
at Beaver River, Optima and Rita Blanca wildlife management areas.
After a 60-day drying period required for all trophies, the mule deer was
officially scored. It is required that all potential state-record trophies be
scored by three certified Boone and Crockett scorers. The final score of
191 7/8 surpassed the previous Cy Curtis record by more than 11 inches.
Henderson along with another hunter are the only two sportsmen who
have taken a record Cy Curtis mule deer with archery equipment, in the
typical and nontypical categories.
The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation established
the Cy Curtis Awards Program in 1972 to recognize trophy game and
hunters in Oklahoma. The program originally recognized only trophy
white-tailed deer and mule deer. But in 2014, the Cy Curtis Awards Prograsslands with Bermuda grass
gram was expanded to include trophy elk, pronghorns and black bears.
and fescue will provide very little
Oklahoma’s Top Five Typical Mule Deer
for upland game and other wildlife
1. Chandler Henderson 191 7/8 Bow 11/4/2014; 2. Curtis McBrien
compared to grasslands with native
grass species such as big and little 180 1/8 Gun 11/19/2001; 3. Kirie Willimon 178 6/8 Primitive
10/27/1992; 4. Robert Crow 178 4/8 Gun 11/25/1985; 5. Jeremy
The site visit will reveal im- Brobst 171 4/8 Gun 11/18/2000.
portant information on the numbers
and kinds of grasses, forbs, shrubs
and trees that are present which will
28: Cleveland Ducks Unlimited
help in determining what habitat
components may be missing and
Chamoklahoma/events/36935/clevewhat can be done to enhance the
property. Just one site visit will pionship 3-D Shoot Flyer
provide the necessary information 21: Weatherford Ducks Unlim- 28: Miami Ducks Unlimited
a biologist needs to offer manage- ited Dinner http://www.ducks. Dinner
ment recommendations for the org/oklahoma/events/37142/ oklahoma/events/37007/miamifuture, all based on the goals and wagoner/waterfowl-party
objectives of the landowner. In 22: Outdoor Oklahoma: Meteo- 29: Outdoor Oklahoma: Turkey
addition, the biologist will provide rologist Lacey Swope Profile - Hunt - Tune in to OETA at 8:00
a detailed follow-up report to the Tune in to OETA at 8:00 AM.
landowner a few weeks later, detailing habitat recommendations
and listing cost-share programs that
might be available.
For technical assistance
about improving habitat on private
property, contact Doug Schoeling, CLUES ACROSS
2. “CIA Diary” author Phil
private lands biologist (western 1. Bangladesh capital
3. Chew without swallowOklahoma), at (405) 590-2584, 6. Ed Murrow’s home
ing, as of tobacco
or RosaLee Walker, private lands 9. L. Lamas’ mother Arlene 4. Steadies
biologist (eastern Oklahoma) at 13. 9th Hindu month
5. Article
14. Barbary sheep
6. Slang for lots of reptiles
(918) 607-1518.
7. True toad
For more information about 15. Olive genus
8. Be in session
wildlife and habitats in Oklahoma, 16. Repast
9. For measuring doses of
visit the Oklahoma Department of 17. Into the air
Wildlife Conservation’s website at
10. Winged
your own stave.
The basic tools for bow
building include a drawknife, rasp
and scraper blade. If you want to
build bows, it is best to come with
these three items. Vendors will
have a limited number of tools
available for sale at OJAM.
Primitive camping, available
in designated areas only, is free.
For tournament details, call
Doug Rutter at (918) 630-8353.
For vendor information, call
Jason Grace at (580) 716-2150.
For all other event information, call Mike Magee at (405)
209-6430 or John Holman at (405)
Free Habitat Evaluations Are Just a
Phone Call Away
Everything seems to cost
money these days, so when something is advertised as “free,” it can
sometimes be dismissed as too
good to be true. But the Oklahoma
Department of Wildlife Conservation has been offering free habitat
evaluations on private property
for years. Whether a landowner
is interested in managing for big
game or upland game, a wildlife
biologist is ready to help. And best
of all, the free assistance is only a
phone call away.
One of the most important
steps to managing land for wildlife is to first determine what’s
out there. Completing a thorough
habitat evaluation of the land will
help identify the types of habitat
present, the overall arrangement
of each habitat type, and what
kind of condition the habitat may
be in. Knowing the target wildlife
species (deer, turkey, quail, etc.)
will be key in helping to determine
what actions, if any, are needed to
enhance the property. Landowners
with large, contiguous blocks have
the ability to manipulate many
acres at once and begin to see
results in a relatively short period.
For smaller parcels, coordinating
management efforts with adjacent
landowners can help maximize
returns. Occasionally, adjacent
landowners will see the rewards
of the habitat management being
accomplished and be motivated
to do the same. It is important to
complete the evaluation and get
So, what will a wildlife biologist do to help? Typically an
evaluation starts with an in-depth
look at the latest aerial photograph
of the property. Mapping out forest
from grassland and uplands from
lowlands provides knowledge of
what may be out there. Other important features that are added to
the maps include soil properties,
water bodies and waterways, moist
soil areas, and flood zones. Adjacent properties are also glanced at
to help paint a picture of potential
limiting factors. Often, the biologist will make multiple copies of
the aerial maps, providing one to
the landowner.
Once the prep time in the office is done, a site visit is scheduled
at the landowner’s convenience.
The biologist and landowner will
tour the property, looking at the
items identified within the maps.
Often, this requires more extensive
on-the-ground habitat evaluation to
be sure maps are accurate. One of
the most important aspects of the
site visit is to determine what type
of condition each habitat is in. Forests composed of oaks, plums and
hackberries are more beneficial to
wildlife than forests dominated by
cedars and soapberries. Likewise,
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Fishing Report
N O R T H E A S T river channel. Hudson: Elevation
normal, water 43. Paddlefish fair
Copan: Elevation normal, water at 13-18 ft. along channels in the
low 40s and clear. Crappie good upper end of the lake. Largeon minnows and jigs at 4-8 ft. mouth bass good on plastic baits
around brush structure, coves and and crankbaits at 7-13 ft. around
brush structure, standing timber
Ft. Gibson: Elevation above nor- and points.
mal, water 42 and clear. Crappie Hulah: Elevation normal, water
fair on minnows and tube jigs at low 40s and clear. Crappie good on
20-25 ft. around brush structure minnows and jigs at 4-8 ft. around
and docks. White bass, blue catfish brush structure and coves.
and channel catfish fair on live Kaw: Elevation normal, water
shad at 25 ft. in the river channel 45 and clear. Crappie fair on
and the main lake and on Carolina- minnows and jigs in winter fish
rigged shad on bottom in the main patterns at 20 ft. around brush.
Paddlefish good below the dam.
All other fishing slow.
Oologah: Elevation normal, water
45 and clear. Crappie fair on minnows and jigs at 15-20 ft. around
brush structure. Blue catfish fair
on shad and cut bait at 10-15 ft.
along flats.
Skiatook: Elevation below normal,
water clear. Crappie fair on minnows and jigs at 15-25 ft. around
brush structure.
Sooner: Elevation normal, water
murky. Saugeye and striped bass
hybrids slow on sassy shad in the
ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20
A debate forces you to reconsider some
long-held opinions. Use this time to reflect on your point of view and if there is
anything you might want to change.
LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23
A rush of adrenaline this week will help
you sail through any projects that need
completion, Leo. Take a break every
now and then so you don’t burn out.
SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21
Sagittarius, try not to over-think things
this week. Sometimes the simplest solution to a problem is the best solution.
Keep this in mind at the office.
TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21
Life gets better and better as the week
goes on, Taurus. Expect a few obstacles,
but remember there’s nothing you
cannot tackle, especially when you get
some help.
VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22
Virgo, you and a superior at work are
seeing eye-to-eye this week. This could
mark the beginnings of a great partnership, so continue to work hard.
CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20
Capricorn, a distraction this week
proves so fascinating that you neglect
other responsibilities. While you may
like a challenge, don’t let it consume
your life.
GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21
A situation arises at work that evokes
strong emotions among your coworkers. Stay neutral on the issue until you
have had enough time to gather more
CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22
A recently started relationship is going
great, Cancer. Now might be a great
time to take the next step with your
special someone. Expect this person to
share your feelings.
LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23
Libra, you will sort out a complex
problem in due time. Don’t let any
initial struggles to find a solution keep
you down. Continue to focus on the
bigger picture.
SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22
Scorpio, use this week to address an
unresolved issue. Tackle every project
thrown your way head-on and with
vigor. Others will notice your efforts.
AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18
You yearn for privacy this week,
Aquarius. Make the most of any opportunity to seek out a quiet corner and
spend some time deep in reflection and
PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20
Chores are completely unappealing
this week, Pisces. But they must get
done one way or another. Delegate
some tasks.
Crossword Answers
21. Yes _____ Bob
22. Gross revenue
23. Scottish woolen cap
24. Initials of “Girls” star
25. WGBH or WNET
28. A. Hamilton
29. Skin lesions
31. Mures river city
33. Phone counselling volunteer
36. Restaurants
38. Deerfield, Il Christian
39. Gland secretion
41. Trace the outline of
44. Give advice, explain
45. Male parents
46. One point N of due E
48. Radioactivity unit
49. Equally
51. “Rubber Ball” singer
52. 93562
54. Bird confinement status
56. Daniel Boone’s state
60. Burn the surface of
61. Hillsides (Scot.)
62. Swiss river
63. Stir to anger
64. Political action committees
65. Ajitesh ___, Cricket
66. In bed
67. Miles per hour
68. Checkmating game
1. Musical “____ Yankees”
11. 1770-1831 German
12. Emitted coherent radiation
14. Estranges
17. Wheel shafts
20. Take in solid food
21. Indian frocks
23. Hill (Celtic)
25. Singular of 64 across
26. Small nail
27. Strongboxes
29. White dessert wines
30. Curved cavalry sword
32. Dropped off a package
34. __ Farrow, actress
35. Class of comb jellies
37. Begat
40. __ student, learns healing
42. Born of
43. Very dark blacks
47. Midway between N and
49. Capital of Ghana
50. Indian term of respect
52. Impart knowledge
53. 4th Hindu month
55. Strong air current
56. Hunting device
57. One who is wise
58. Amounts of time
59. Soft-finned fishes
61. Beats per minute
65. Carrier’s invention
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Hollrah, from pg. 1_______________________________________________
Classified Ads
To place an ad in classified call 918-783-5657 or mail your ad to P. O. Box 88, Adair, OK
74330, or e-mail to [email protected] All classified business ads are $6 per
column inch, with 1 column inch minimum. Business ads come with a border and a tinted
background if preferred. All other ads are $4.50 per 20 words or less and $.10 per word
thereafter. All ads must be paid in advance of publication.
Selling my collectible
books, 100+ first editions
$3 ea. or four for $10. Wagoner 918-718-4281 or 918485-0217 leave message
-------------------------------I am a caregiver with years
of experience, can do a
semi-live in, call for information. 918-964-0569
-------------------------------1998 Plymouth Breeze,
4 cyl. automatic, 104,000
miles $1295... 1994 Saturn,
4 cyl., automatic, sunroof,
102,000 miles $1095. 918782-4105 or 479-530-1594
-------------------------------Fertilized round bales 5x6
bermuda mix w/clover $45
-------------------------------Regular square bales,
sprayed, fertilized mixed
bermuda, second cutting
$5 per bale, we can load
232-6654 Call before 7am
or after 7pm
-------------------------------For Sale – Home winemaking
equipment. Includes large
10-gallon primary fermentor,
three 5-gallon glass secondary
fermentors, fermentation
locks, wine thermometer,
hydrometer, beakers,
glass siphon, winemaking
chemicals, wine thief, brewer’s
sacharometer, funnels, eight
12-bottle cases of wine bottles.
Call (918) 386-2444.
Page 11
Drivers: CDL (A or B)
Local Recruiting Fair Mon.
3/16-Thurs 3/19 8:30a-4:00p
Walk-ins Welcome
Hampton Inn (Board Room)
9009 North 121st East Ave.
Owasso, OK. 74055 or call
Kim: 855-204-3216
Mike & Dee Anderson
Plastic &
Metal Barrels $5-$15
Fri.-Sat. 9-5 • Sunday 12-5
2 Blocks S. on Hwy. 69
Adair, OK
Same business location
45 years. New pools,
remodeling, restoring,
Kool-Deck cleaning,
repair, refinishing.
Specialing in difficult
jobs hillsides, etc. We
also do lake shoreline
work, shotcrete and steel
for stabilization.
Jay Oklahoma
Days: 918-244-3912
Evenings 918-253-2225.
Decompress while
enjoying the natures
of beauty off of your
spacious balcony!
Unique floor plan offers
master bd down &
ba. Office
w/closet down. 3 beds up. Both levels
entertain a living room. 4bd/2ba on 2.42
acres +/-. Locust Grove. Call Kimm w/Bob
& Jo Realty @ 918-864-4922. M-383
Great Home Time.
Excellent Pay Package &
Paid Driver Benefits
Dry Van and Flatbed
You Choose. Refreshers
Wanted: Cars, old
appliances, scrap
metal, clean-up
farm dumps,
call Bob
Tea Party
Look to the
All American
Banner Weekly for
all your advertising
It’s Just
Good Business
Call 918-783-5657
Tell your friends or
us how much
you enjoy
this paper....
Meters, from pg. 4______________________________________________
All Rise:
Lawyer: Mr. Friedman has a concern about the safety of Smart Meters, he does not
have to have one.
Judge #1: Is it PUC’s decision that by allowing an opt-out it can DUCK an obligation to consider the health or trespass issues?
Lawyer: Your Honor all of these issues where before the commission in the earlier
proceedings the commission had, had a proceeding on this and, and
Judge #1: But it did not decide on any of these issues?
Lawyer: No, No your Honor the Commission did not.
Judge #1: The Commission in fact declined to do the analysis to make the decision
about health and safety?
Lawyer: The remedy for all the concerns in those proceedings was to offer an optout.
Judge #2: How about the members of the public that are not opting out, is it the
commission’s responsibility to look out for their health and safety? And to make
a judgment to whether they are being unreasonably exposed to RF?
Lawyer: Your Honor nothing in the world can be made absolutely safe.
Judge #1: So are you admitting that they are not safe? Is it the PUC’s position
“that they are safe enough?
Lawyer: Your Honor the, the public is free, uh, to, to have, uh, whatever the concern
it, it, it would have.
Judge #3: What the commission is doing as you present it, is it is saying it has
declined to do the health and safety analysis you’re on your own?
Lawyer: No the commission instructed the utility to in its communication plans to
provide information to all its customers about smart meters and so as to the science
that is out there.
Judge #2: Uh, Mr. McColman there is still all those people that have them and
for those people you are saying that the state of affairs can be the commission
can take no position on their safety?
Judge#1: And leave it up to the utility?
(After this exchange the Lawyer Mr. McColman appeared to be dumbfounded--this
was the end of the exchange that was presented on the DVD -- watch http://www.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5:21-----------SMART PROPERTY RIGHTS
10:54----------SMART BILLING
23:12 ---------SMART SPY STATE
49:21---------- SMART HEALTH DAMAGE
1:27:20--------SMART EXTORTION
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Call your Oklahoma Attorney General’s office and demand that he impose a
MORATORIUM on Oklahoma utilities’ smart meters and to require the Oklahoma utilities to turn off the microwave transmitters on the existing smart meters
today, people are being harmed 24/7/365!
Attorney General Scott Pruitt -- website
Oklahoma Attorney General
313 NE 21st Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Oklahoma City: (405) 521-3921
Tulsa: (918) 581-2885
once they’d regained control
of the southern legislatures
they set about enacting Jim
Crow laws and the Black
Codes, dictating where and
for whom blacks could work,
where they could live, where
they could eat and sleep,
which restrooms and drinking fountains they could use,
and where they were allowed
to sit in movie theaters and
on trains and busses. Such
inhumane policies were still
in effect as late as the 1950s.
As black historian John Hope
Franklin has written, “The
personal indignities inflicted
upon individual whites and
Negroes were so varied and
so numerous as to defy classification or enumeration.”
Herbert Aptheker, in
his book, Documentary History of the Negro People in
the United States, Vol. 2,
quotes the November 1, 1871
testimony of John Childers,
a black resident of Livingston, Alabama, as recorded in
Senate Report No. 579 of the
48th Congress.
Childers was questioned about threats made
against him and whether or
not he was afraid of what
might happen to him if he
voted Republican. Childers
replied, “I was sir, because…
there was a man that told me
he had a coffin already made
for me. Yes, sir, I voted it,
and don’t pretend to deny it
before nobody. When I was
going to the polls there was a
man standing in the door and
(he) says, ‘Here comes you,
God damn your soul, I have a
coffin already made for you.’
I had two tickets in my pocket then; a Democratic ticket
and a (Republican) ticket. I
pulled out the Democratic
ticket and showed it to him,
and he says, ‘You are all
right, go on.’ ”
On March 25, 1871,
Kentucky blacks sent a letter to the Congress, saying,
“The Democratic Party has
here a political organization
composed only of Democrats
- not a single Republican can
join them…. We pray that
you will take some steps
to remedy these evils listed
below?” The letter provided
details of 85 murders (hangings and shootings), 18 beatings, 5 fire-bombings, 1 rape,
and 10 miscellaneous attacks
in Kentucky in the three year
period between January 1868
and January 1871. Although
no official records of Klan
atrocities, nationwide, are
available for the years 1866
to 1882, Tuskegee Institute
records indicate that, between the years 1882 and
1951, some 3,437 blacks
and 1,293 whites, nearly all
Republicans, were lynched
by the KKK.
On May 17, 1918,
Klansmen committed an
atrocity in Valdosta, Georgia
that almost defies description. Mary Turner, a black
woman who was nine months
pregnant, announced that she
would seek the prosecution
of the Klansmen who had
lynched her husband, Hayes
Turner. A mob dragged her
from her home, tortured her,
and hanged her. And while
she was still alive, hanging
from the rope, they cut open
her womb, the child spilled
out onto the ground and
they crushed the baby’s skull
under the heel of a boot…
proving only that Democrats,
in the history of their party,
have been just as ruthless and
bloodthirsty as the fighters
of Islamic State who have
a fondness for cutting the
heads off their captives and
burning others alive.
Are black children instructed on the evils of the
KKK and who they were?
If not, they may be interested
in the congressional testimony of former Klan member Thomas W. Willeford.
When questioned about his
initiation into the organization and what he was told
of the objective of the Klan,
Willeford replied: “They
told me it was to damage the
Republican Party as much as
they could… burning, stealing, whipping n_ _ _ _ _ s
and such things as that.“
Unlike blacks of today, 19th century blacks
had a well-informed opinion
of Democrats. Herbert Aptheker has written that, on
February 18, 1884, Mrs. Violet Keeling, a black woman,
testified before a U.S. Senate
committee regarding black
voting preferences. She was
asked what she would do if
she found that her husband
had voted Democratic. She
said: “I think if a colored
man votes the Democratic
ticket he has already sold
himself… I would just pick
up my clothes and go to my
father’s, if I had a father,
or would go to work for 25
cents a day.”
And finally, what are
black children taught about
the Democratic Party’s longstanding fondness for fraud
and political corruption? After Democrats gained control
of the White House and both
houses of Congress in 1894,
they introduced the Repeal
Act of 1894, hoping to repeal
all of the major civil rights
laws enacted by Republicans
since the Civil War, including the Civil Rights Act of
1866, the First Reconstruction Act of 1867, the Enforcement Act of 1870, the
Force Act of 1871, the Ku
Klux Klan Act of 1871, and
the Civil Rights Act of 1875
(identical to the Civil Rights
Act of 1964, which today’s
Democrats attempt to take
credit for).
Just before the final
Senate vote on February 7,
1894, Senator George Hoar
(R-MA) took Democrats to
task on the Senate floor. He
said, in part, “Wherever there
is a crevice in our protection
of the freedom of the ballot there you will find the
Democratic Party trying to
break through. Wherever we
have left open an opportunity
to get possession of an office
contrary to the true and constitutional will of the majority, there you will find that
party pressing; there you will
find that party exercising an
ingenuity before which even
the great inventive genius
of (the) American People,
exerted in other directions,
fails and is insignificant in
the comparison… …
“If you will produce
me a citizen of the United
States, a Democrat, who
lost his honest vote in consequence of intimidation or
impediment, created by these
United States marshals, I will
find on record here the proof
of ten thousand Republicans
who have lost their votes by
Democratic practices…. Mr.
President, the nation must
protect its own. Every citizen whose right is imperiled,
if he be but one, when it is a
right of national citizenship
and a right conferred and enjoyed under the Constitution
of the United States, has the
right to demand for its protection the entire force of the
United States until the Army
has spent its last man and the
Navy fired its last gun. Most
of us have nothing else than
the right to vote…. The urn
in which the American cast
his ballot ought to be, aye,
and it shall be, as sacred as a
sacramental vessel.”
And finally, are young
blacks taught that, in 1909,
four white Republicans issued a call for a meeting
to discuss racial justice for
African Americans? The
organization created as a
result of that meeting was
the National Association for
the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)… the
once-respected organization
whose politics has drifted so
far to the left that it has lost
all relevance as a force for
the social and economic advancement of minorities.
Since the earliest days
of the civil rights movement
in the 1950s, African Americans have been so thoroughly
propagandized by Democrats
that most rank-and-file Republicans consider them to
be a lost cause. They won’t
even attempt to reach out to
blacks because they’re convinced that, if they do, black
leaders will only attempt to
draw them into a bidding war
for the hearts and minds of
black people. That, Republicans will never do.
Sadly, the spineless
men and women Republicans elect to Congress today
seem blithely unaware that
they are playing an entirely
different game than their colleagues across the aisle. Perhaps one day they will come
to understand that Democrats
of today are pretty much like
Democrats of the 19th and
20th centuries. The only
major difference being that,
today, they no longer arrive
on horseback in the middle
of the night, carrying ropes
and torches and dressed
in hoods and white sheets.
Today, they fly in private jets
and wear Armani suits, silk
ties, and Rolex watches.
On March 7th, Ms.
Diane Nash refused to participate in the reenactment of
the march across the Edmund
Pettus Bridge because she
was afraid she might accidentally rub elbows with
George W. Bush. Wouldn’t
it be fun to sit down with Ms.
Nash just to remind her of all
the things black children are
not being taught in “black
history” class?
ISIS, from pg. 1__________________________________________________
ers in western Africa. In
particular, [we direct this
call to] the callers [of Islam] and those seeking [Islamic] knowledge. Come,
O Muslims, to the land of
the caliphate, for it is better
for you to be a sheepherder
in Dar Al-Islam [abode
of Islam] than an obeyed
master in Dar Al-Kufr [the
abode of unbelief]. Here,
monotheism was fulfilled,
here the [principle] of association [with Muslims]
and disassociation [with
the unbelievers] has been
realized. Here is the jihad
for Allah’s sake. No polytheism or idols. No nationalism or patriotism. No
polytheistic democracy or
heretic secularism. [Here,
there is] no difference be-
tween Arab and foreigner,
white or black. Here, the
American and the Arab
became brothers, and the
African and European, and
the Eastern and Western
[as well].”
what you pay to finance
your doomed war [against
ISIS],” Al-’Adnani said,
MEMRI reported.
He tells Jews and Christians “that they are faced
with only two options:
To become Muslims and
be assured safety, or pay
the jizya (poll tax) in humiliation after pulling their
armies from all Muslim
lands, including Saudi
Arabia and Jerusalem,”
MEMRI said.
“We want, Allah willing,
Paris before Rome and
before Al-Andalus, [and]
after that we will blacken
your life and blow up your
White House, Big Ben, and
the Eiffel Tower, Allah
willing. … We want Kabul, Karachi, the Caucasus,
Qom, Riyadh, and Tehran.
We want Baghdad, Damascus, Jerusalem, Cairo,
Sana’, Doha, Abu Dhabi,
and Amman. And Muslims
shall return to ruling and
“What you [will] be paying
to us in jizya won’t account
for [even] tenth of a tenth
of a tenth of a percent of
He promises civilizationwide violence.
Page 12 The BANNER
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
The Underground
The amazing, successful underground railroad is alive and well.
Today’s railroad is actually dedicated individuals and organizations
who effectively use social media to
move hundreds (yes hundreds) of
dogs to their new awaited families - scattered throughout the northern
states and Canada.
This does not include the equally
effective bird in the air (aka plane).
Pilots n Paws is just one of many
such organizations that provides
connecting rides for animals headed to a better home.
Second Chance Pet Rescue’s March Madness “Double
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With your help, we are making
the Grand Lake Communities a
better place for all pets.
A few years ago, it would have
taken many phone calls to make
the necessary connections for a
transport. Today - with social
media - the connections are made
via a text message, email or shared
post on a facebook page dedicated
to a specific transport, breed, or a Adopting two cats can be bet- Second Chance Pet Rescue is a
group of concerned people who ter than one. One of the many non-profit, life-saving animal
share a passion for helping.
myths about cats is that they rescue organization not affiliOnce our facility is open, we will
be able to offer a stop-over place
for animals headed up Interstate 44.
We will reach out to transports and
groups, let them know the logistics
and space available. In addition
to adoptions and transports - we
will also be working with prisons
to provide obedience training and
organizations who train dogs for
service - such as ptsd, diabetes,
epilepsy and autism because,
thankfully, shelter dogs are now
recognized for their value as service dogs.
We have a long way to go, in Oklahoma, to save more dogs and cats.
But we’re making a difference and
that’s a start.
Kay Stout - Executive Director
- - PAAS Vinita - - e: [email protected] c: 918-256-7227
ated with the national Humane
Society of the United States,
ASPCA, or any other animal
rescue organization. Our shelter remains operating through
private donations. Please help
us help the animals by mailing a
tax-deductible donation to P.O.
Box 451205, Grove, OK 74345
or donate online at Follow us on
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Two cats are twice the pleasure, wonderful adoptable pets.
but not twice the effort to care
for. Bonded pairs are available Carol Rice
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Madness “Double Dribble.” If
there’s anything better than one
prefer to live alone, but that’s
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