UpDate Quarterly District Newsletter

Spring 2015
Spring 2015 • Volume 37 • No. 3
Farmington Public Schools’ Quarterly News Update
Classroom Tours to be held March 25, April 18 and April 23
Model classrooms at Power Upper Elementary School and North
Farmington High School created to showcase improvement possibilities
In order to showcase the improvement possibilities
envisioned in the May 5, 2015 bond proposal, two model
classrooms have been created; one at Power Upper Elementary School and one at North Farmington High School.
Visitors to these classrooms, will see some, if not all, of
these types of improvements:
• Energy efficient andtask appropriate lighting along
with ample electrical outlets
• Floors and finishes appropriate to the classroom use/
• Updated student and staff furniture; appropriate desk
and chairs for size/age of students
• Integration and replacement of technology tools
to support current and future curriculum goals
• Updated HVAC systems, providing proper
temperature and ventilation
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Saturday, April 18
Power Upper Elementary School
34740 Rhonswood St., Farmington Hills
1st Tour: 10-11 a.m.
2nd Tour: 11 a.m.-12 p.m.
Thursday, April 23
North Farmington High School
32900 W. 13 Mile Rd.,
Farmington Hills
1st Tour: 6:30-7:30 p.m.
2nd Tour: 7:30-8:30 p.m.
will NOT have school on
Tuesday, May 5 except for students in the early childhood programs
At the March 3 Board of Education meeting, Farmington Public
Schools’ Superintendent George
Heitsch announced that the District
will not have school for students
on Tuesday, May 5 except for those
students who attend early childhood programs at Alameda Early
Childhood Center and Farmington
Community School Early Childhood
This decision was based on the
safety of students and the ease of
access to polling sites for voters.
Thirteen of the District’s schools
are election polling sites and it is
expected that Proposal 1 on the
ballot will draw out a large volume
of voters.
“While we would much rather
have students in school learning,
we needed to make the best deci-
sion for both our students and our
community,” said Superintendent
Heitsch.“Our staff will use this
day to further their own learning
through professional development
which ultimately benefits students.”
“Closing the schools on Election
Day makes perfect sense,”
said Farmington Hills City Clerk
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Board of Education Meeting Dates . . . . . . . . . . 2
Farmington/Farmington Hills Education
Foundation awards $22,500 to fund 19 grants. 2
Neighborhood House Fundraising Gala. . . . . . . 2
Vision Screening. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
One School, One Book.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Schools of Choice. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Update Sex Education Program . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
High School Plays . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Vision for Schools. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
School Bond Proposal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-5
Niche List of Michigan’s Best High Schools. . . . . . . . . . 4
FPS Teachers of the Year. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Parent Forums. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Awards and Achievements. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
MCMR and Judy White-Ora - Call for Nominations . . . . 7
Spotlight on Board Member George Gurrola . . . . . . . . . 8
Senior Adult Breakfast. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Wednesday, March 25
Power Upper Elementary School
34740 Rhonswood St., Farmington Hills
1st Tour: 6:30-7:30 p.m.
2nd Tour: 7:30-8:30 p.m.
UpDate Spring 2015
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3/13/15 3:57 PM
Farmington/Farmington Hills Education Foundation
Board of Education
Meeting Dates
March 31 Study Session
April 21 Regular Meeting
May 5
Study Session
May 19 Regular Meeting
June 9 Study Session
June 23 Regular Meeting
July 21 Organizational Meeting
Aug. 18 Study Session
Regular Meeting
All meetings begin at 7:30 p.m.
and are held at the Lewis
Schulman Administrative Center
located at: 32500 Shiawassee
Street, Farmington.
Did you know...
In 2014, Farmington
Public Schools gradu-
awards $22,500 to fund 19 innovation grants
The Board of Trustees of the Farmington / Farmington Hills Education
Foundation is pleased to announce
the recipients of its 2015 Spring grant
allocations. These awards were funded
from proceeds from October’s successful “A Toast to Education” fundraiser and private donations.These
awards bring the total awarded by the
Foundation since 2013 to more than
$152,500 to projects impacting students in Farmington Public Schools.
Thirty grant requests totaling more
than $34,465 were submitted for
consideration. The Foundation was
pleased to award 19 teacher-submitted
projects and initiatives ranging from
the 2015 Festival of the Arts to technology in special education.
Projects and programs funded include six collaborative grants and
13 mini-grants, 13 projects that impact
multiple buildings and six unique
schools. Awards given include two
Technology, eight Extracurricular
Enrichment, one Arts and eight Scho-
lastic Achievement projects. Congratulations to the projects that received
funding in this cycle.
• 2015 Festival of the Arts: Energize
• Bright Summer, Bright Futures at
• District Recycling Revitalization
• Early Childhood Sleep Education
• Esteemed Ladies Leadership
• Farmington SAFE and Farmington
Public Schools present,“You are not
alone.The stigma myth” with Jordan
• Green Team PSA’s
• Health Fair
• High School eReader Project
• iPad Air 2 in the ESL Classroom
• LEGO Robotics For Afterschool
Youth Programs
• Math Pentathlon
• Math Workshop Alive!
• More than sticks and bricks:
Camp Riley Makerspace - Where
Every Child is a Maker
ated 865 students;
approximately 93
percent went on to
a four-year university,
community college or
technical school.
The District serves
families who represent more than 102
All schools are fully
accredited by AdvancED (Formally
North Central Association of Colleges and
UpDate3_15.indd 2
Networking for High School Boys
One School, One Book extensions
Project Blossom
Technology for Early Learners
Technology in special education
“The Education Foundation is
honored to allocate funds to so
many worthy programs,” said David
Roggenkamp, Board chair and grant
committee member. “Foundation
funds are helping our students get interesting and innovative educational
opportunities that might not otherwise be available. It is vitally important for the Education Foundation to
continue to offer innovation grants
to our teachers, staff and community
members so those opportunities can
continue to be created.”
The Farmington/Farmington Hills
Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3)
charitable organization. The Foundation’s mission is to “foster investment
in innovative educational opportunities to benefit the students of Farmington Public Schools.” Questions regarding the Farmington/ Farmington
Hills Education Foundation may be
directed to Executive Director Nancy
Jennings at [email protected] or by calling 248.426.2897.
Additional information about the
Education Foundation and its work is
available online at www.ffhedfoundation.org, Facebook and Twitter.
Photo: Nancy Jennings, Farmington/Farmington
Hills Education Foundation Executive Director; George Heitsch, Superintendent; and David
Roggenkamp, Chair of the Farmington/Farmington Hills Education Foundation.
Alameda Early Childhood Center and Farmington Community
School are accredited
by the National Association for the Education of Young Children
Neighborhood House
Fundraising Gala
Farmington/Farmington Hills
Neighborhood House, with support
from the Farmington Area Goodfellows, will be hosting a Fundraising
Gala on Thursday, April 16, 2015. The
Gala will be held at the Longacre House, 24705 Farmington
Rd., Farmington Hills, from 4 – 7 p.m. Program at 6 p.m.
The Second Annual Dick Tupper Community Service
Award will be presented to a nominated individual who
shares and demonstrates the spirit of caring, giving and
achieving that Dick Tupper had when he created Neighborhood House more than 25 years ago.
Tickets are available for a donation of $25 and can be
purchased at the Farmington Public Schools’ Central Office
(32500 Shiawassee, Farmington), or by calling the Neighborhood House office at 248.871.2848.
Vision screening required for
Kindergarten entrance
Michigan Law (Public Health Code, Act 368 and
Michigan School Code, Act 291) requires a vision screening for Kindergarten entrance.
Vision screening done by a health department technician, a physician or an eye doctor fulfills this requirement.
Oakland Country Health Division offers free vision
screenings by appointment for County residents. Call
248.424.7070 to make an appointment.
Spring 2015
3/13/15 3:57 PM
March is Reading Month;
One School, One Book reading
program kicked off Tuesday, March 3
Farmington Public Schools’ elementary media specialists
have been busy preparing for the “One School, One Book”
program.This year’s book selection was “Gooseberry Park,”
by Cynthia Rylant.The story is about unusual friends, Kona, a
labrador retriever and Stumpy, a squirrel, in Gooseberry Park.
The two become fast friends, but when Stumpy’s babies are
born, disaster strikes, Kona is worried sick. With the help of
Murray, a hilarious bat, and Gwendolyn, a wise hermit crab,
you’ll find out how heroic true friends can be.
The program kicked off on Tuesday, March 3, with a promotional video revealing the book.The video features George
Heitsch, Farmington Public Schools’ Superintendent, as the
host for a special version of the game show “Jeopardy.”The
video was produced by Farmington Public Schools’TV-10.
You can see the video at https://vimeo.com/121102419.
Originally started at Lanigan, Gill and Longacre Elementary Schools by the schools’ media specialists, the “One School,
One Book” program has grown to all of the District’s nine
elementary schools.This will be the second year all elementary schools will be participating and reading the book at the
same time.The families of Kindergarten through fourth grade
students received a free copy of the book, and a charming
stuffed bat.
The “One
School, One
Book” program is
designed to create a shared reading experience
and help students
develop a lifelong
love of reading.
Families read the
chosen book, a
chapter at a time over the course of a month. Books are chosen for the ability of early readers, yet still hold the interest of
experienced readers. Previous years’ books have been,“Tale
of Despereaux,”“The World According to Humphrey,”“The
Cricket in Time Square,” and “The Mouse and the Motorcycle.”
This program’s success was made possible through generous donations of time and/or money by members of the West
Oaks Civitans, Elementary School PTA’s, the Farmington/
Farmington Hills Education Foundation, the Friends of the
Library, Farmington Community librarians and elementary
school media specialists.
Farmington Public Schools’ Board of Education approves
The Board of Education approved
the recommendations of the Schools
of Choice Options Committee at their
March 3, 2015 board meeting.Therefore,
Schools of Choice for the 2015-2016
school year will be open as follows:
Information and Application Dates
Intra-District Schools of Choice
(District Residents):
For the 2015-2016 school year, the
District will open Kindergarten through
fourth grade at the lower elementary
schools, with the exception of Highmeadow Common Campus (which has
already held their lottery.)
For the 2015-2016 school year, the
District will open ninth grade spaces at
Farmington High School, Harrison High
School, and North Farmington High
Schools of Choice options
NOTE: Farmington Central High School has
a separate application process.
March 9, 2015 Application/Guidelines
available and posted
on web site
March 27, 2015 Applications due
April 1, 2015 Lottery, if necessary
April 13, 2015 Placements announced
to families
Section 105 Schools of Choice
(Residents of the Oakland Intermediate
School District):
For the 2015-2016 school year, the
District will open Kindergarten and first
grade at the lower elementary schools,
with the exception of Highmeadow
Common Campus (which has already
held their lottery). Specific schools
will be defined per grade level when
the application is made available on
April 13, 2015.
April 13, 2015 Application/Guidelines
available and posted
on web site
April 27, 2015 Applications due
May 12, 2015 Lottery, if necessary
May 15, 2015 Placements announced
to families
The Board of Education approved
August placement of Schools of Choice
applicants who are placed on the waiting list, if there are open seats remaining according to 2015-2016 staffing
levels/ratios. Wait listed families will be
contacted by the office of Instructional
Services for placement.
For any questions regarding Schools
of Choice, please contact Kim Buckley
at 248.426.4692
updates sex education program;
public hearings set for March 18 and March 23
On March 17, the Farmington Public
Schools’ Sex Education Advisory Board
presented recommendations to the
Board of Education regarding updates to
the sex education curriculum.
Following this introduction, two
public hearings prescribed by Michigan Law, will be conducted to gather
feedback from parents and community
members regarding the Sex Education
Advisory Board’s recommendations.
The hearings are Wednesday, March 18
at 6 p.m. and Monday, March 23 at
1 p.m. Both hearings will take place at
the Maxfield Education Center (formerly known as the Ten Mile Building), located at 32789 W.Ten Mile Rd.,
The hearings are formatted so that,
after a brief overview of the recommendations, attendees will be invited
to view materials and ask questions.
All of the documents related to the
sex education program and the recommended videos will be available for
review. A staff member will be avail-
able to answer questions. Attendees
who wish to provide specific feedback
on the recommendations to the Sex
Education Advisory Board and/or the
Board of Education may do so in writing
at the hearings. This feedback will be
recorded in a report to both the Sex
Education Advisory Board and the Board
of Education.
The Board of Education will be
asked to vote on the recommendations
at their regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. on
Tuesday, March 31, 2015.
North Farmington High School
presents Les Misérables
(School Edition), Thursday,
March 26 at 7:30 p.m., Friday,
March 27 at 7:30 p.m. and
Saturday, March 28 at 7:30
p.m. Tickets will be available
through March 27, during all
lunch hours at North Farmington High School and through
the box office by calling
248.426.5202, as well as at
the door beginning one hour
before each performance. Ticket
prices are $12 for students and
senior adults (60+) and $15
for adults.
North Farmington High School
is located at 32900 W. 13 Mile
Rd., Farmington Hills.
Farmington High School (FHS)
Theatre presents the musical, Cinderella (Enchanted
Edition) Friday, March 20 &
Saturday, March 21 at 7 p.m.
and Sunday, March 22 at
2 p.m. Tickets are $12 for
adults and $10 for students,
children, and senior citizens.
Tickets can be purchased
at the door or in the FHS
main lobby from 2:45 p.m.3:30 p.m. Contact [email protected]
farmington.k12.mi.us for
any questions or visit their
Facebook page, Farmington
High School Theatre.
Farmington High School is
located at 32000 Shiawassee
Street, Farmington.
Spring 2015
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3/13/15 3:57 PM
“Vision for
Schools” Town
Hall Meeting March 30
On Monday, March 30, from
7 to 8 p.m., Farmington Hills
Mayor Pro Tem Dr. Ken Massey
will host a special Town Hall
meeting featuring Farmington
Public Schools’ Superintendent
Dr. George C. Heitsch, who will
speak about the “Vision for
Dr. Heitsch will address the
upcoming Bond Proposal that
will be on the ballot in the May
5 Election. He will share his
views on our schools and his
vision for the future, and he
will discuss the central role that
schools play in our community.
Dr. Heitsch will also take questions from the audience after the
presentation. All members of the
public are welcome to attend
and light refreshments will be
The meeting will take place
in the gymnasium at Hillside
Elementary School, located at
36801 W. 11 Mile Road in
Farmington Hills. For detailed
information about the FPS Bond
Proposal, please go to http://
Farmington Hills
Voter Precinct 27
Due to the closing of St.
Alexander’s Church, Farmington Hills voters in Precinct 27
will now vote at Greater Seth
Temple, 21825 Grand River
Avenue, Farmington Hills, for
all future elections.
New Voter ID Cards will
be mailed out in early March
2015. If you do not receive
your new Voter ID Card by
the end of March, or if you
have any questions, contact the City Clerk’s Office at
UpDate3_15.indd 4
May 5, 2015 • School Bond Proposal
Schools are a community asset;
maintaining them can help
protect property values.
The cost to the average homeowner is $6 - $8 per month.
The bond proposal amount is based on needs determined critical by a Capital
Planning Advisory Committee of parents, community leaders and other taxpayers.
Our school buildings averaging
more than 50 years old, require
regular investment and repair.
Community Bond Forums
Superintendent George Heitsch will present an overview of the
bond proposal and answer any questions. The $131.5 million
bond proposal is based on needs determined critical by the
Capital Planning Advisory Committee that was composed of
parents, community leaders and other taxpayers.
The bond will address core facility improvements, learning
technology in the classroom,updates and improvements in the
schools, safety and security, as well as the purchase of buses.
Wednesday, March 18 • 7 p.m.
Maxfield Education Center,
32789 W. 10 Mile Rd., Farmington
An independent Citizens Oversight Team will monitor bond
funds and bond work performed.
Safety &
$9.5 Million
Buses &
$9.2 Million
Updates &
$14.8 Million
Core Facility
$80.6 Million
$17.4 Million
Monday, April 13 • 6 p.m.
John Cowley & Sons,
33338 Grand River, Farmington
(second floor)
places 50th on the Niche
list of Michigan’s best school districts
Farmington Public Schools recently
placed 50th on the Niche list of Michigan’s
100 best school districts (17th among
metro Detroit schools). Niche was founded
in 2002 by Carnegie Mellon University
students as CollegeProwler.com. Their
web site states that they have since grown
into one of the largest content startups
in the country. They also state that they
are obsessed with providing students,
families, and professionals with best-inclass content and deep insight into big life
Niche’s web site states: “Our rankings
are different, and for good reason. We believe that the quality of a school or district
should be measured, at least in part, by
the parents and students who actually go
there. They should also be measured by
hard data and across a number of key
factors so that no one factor dominates
a ranking. Most importantly, they should
be measured by their results. The most
unique thing about our rankings is that
they incorporate student outcomes. We go
to great lengths to ensure that our rankings
represent a comprehensive assessment
of each school or district. Each Survey
Score used in each ranking represents a
composite score of several different survey
questions pertaining to that topic. Of the
dozens of statistical factors that go into
each ranking, no one factor accounts for a
majority of the overall weight.”
Farmington received an overall grade
of A- with Oakland County schools receiving an A and Michigan schools a B-.
Ranking are based on academics,
health and safety, parent/student surveys,
student culture, and other factors.
Below is how Farmington Public
Schools scored:
• Academics ...............................A• Administration and Policies......... B
• Educational Outcomes ...............A• Extracurriculars..........................A• Food ........................................B• Health and Safety ..................... C+
• Resources and Facilities ........... C+
• Sports and Fitness ..................... B
• Student Culture and Diversity ...... A
• Teachers................................... B
Further information about the
Niche rankings can be found at
Spring 2015
3/13/15 3:57 PM
Model Classroom Tours to be held March 25, April 18 and April 23
The model classroom at Power Upper Elementary School showcases the type of
finishings and furniture that could be possible.
The new LED lighting provides a bright environment for students to learn, as well as being much more
energy efficient. LED fixtures produces light that is close to natural light.
Continued from page 1
It is important to note that the furniture and technology devices showcased
in the model classrooms are just examples of what classrooms could receive.
Upon passage of the bond, a Districtwide focus group will be created to select
the new furniture. Over the course of the bond issue, technology tools similar to
the ones listed below will be integrated into classrooms throughout the District:
• Portable computers provide the appropriate tool for student productivity..
• Tablet Devices - These devices will provide flexibility, portability to allow
for creativity.
• Audio Enhancement - assists students in following lessons by projecting
by projecting the teacher’s voice and audio/video clips
Old TV monitors and other outdated technology will be replaced with the
right tools for learning.
Document Cameras - displays documents and artifacts used in teaching
and learning. Allows for the sharing of student work which in turn
allows students to show their thinking and learning with others.
Touch Screen Interactive TV/Display - Displays multi-media information
for all members of the classroom. These units enhance learning through
video, sound, interaction and collaboration.
The wired and wireless networks will be upgraded
to increase access speed.
Spring 2015
UpDate3_15.indd 5
3/13/15 3:57 PM
Parent Forums
Farmington Empowered
Parent Forum
March 23, 2015 • 7 p.m.
Dunckel Middle School
32800 W. 12 Mile Rd.,
(Note new location)
Green Initiatives Forum
April 20, 2015 • 7 p.m.
Hillside Elementary School
36801 W. 11 Mile Rd.,
Farmington Hills
Drugs 101 Program
April 16, 2015
6:30-8:30 p.m.
North Farmington High School
32900 W. 13 Mile Rd.,
Farmington Hills
Reflections Awards
April 17, 2015 • 6 p.m.
Costick Center
28600 Eleven Mile Rd.,
Farmington Hills
PTA Council
Monday, May 4
Meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the
Maxfield Education Center
(formerly Ten Mile),
32789 W. 10 Mile Road,
Farmington Public Schools’ 2014-2015 Teachers
On Wednesday, February 25, Dr.
George Heitsch, Farmington Public
Schools’ superintendent, surprised
three Farmington Public Schools’
teachers to inform them that they had
been named Teachers of the Year at
their respective levels; upper elementary, middle and high school. Doreen
Swift at Power Upper Elementary
School; Whitney Tyner at East Middle
School and Steve Dail at Harrison High
School are the District’s 2014-2015
Teachers of the Year.
Upper Elementary Teacher of the
Year - Doreen Swift, Power Upper
Doreen began
teaching in the
District in 1995.
Over the years,
she has taught at
Flanders Elementary, Lanigan
Elementary and
Wooddale Elementary Schools. She
currently serves as a fifth grade English Language Arts (ELA), Math and
Social Studies teacher at Power Upper
Elementary School.
Doreen creates a positive, fun and
student-centered learning environment to increase student engagement.
When Power received interactive
projectors, Doreen created interactive
lessons where students learn through
playing games and /or completing
activities using the board. She and
her partner received five iPad minis
through a Farmington/Farmington
Hills Education Foundation grant.
Each year, Doreen adjusts her
teaching to meet the diverse academic,
social and emotional needs of her class.
She is known for helping students during her lunch hour and after school.
As parent, Melissa Francis recently
wrote in an e-mail,“I know there are
great teachers out there who can advance students academically. I haven’t
met as many who can advance their
spirits at the same time. Providing my
child with your phone number is going above and beyond.”
Her colleagues appreciate that she
is a team player who is always willing
to share her discoveries or do her part.
As a current student expressed,
“Mrs. Swift demonstrates kindness by
being fair, forgiving, and flexible with
her classroom rules. She is one teacher
who I will never forget.”
Adding to this honor,The Suburban
Collection awarded Mrs. Swift with
a vehicle lease for one year.“Doreen
Swift is an outstanding teacher and
it is so important that she be recog-
nized for her excellence and dedication,” said David Fischer, Jr., general
manager of The Suburban Collection.
“We are delighted to provide her with
a vehicle lease to express our thanks
to her as being selected for this award.”
Doreen was randomly chosen from the
2014-2015 Teacher of the Year finalists
to receive the car.
of the Year
High School Teacher of the Year –
Steve Dail, Harrison High School
Steve Dail has been with Farmington Public Schools since 1998 at Harrison High School teaching science
and physics.
Steve is not only a teacher of physics, but a student of physics as well.
Throughout the years, he has had
scientific articles published in many
Middle School Teacher of the
journals and regularly atYear - Whitney Tyner, East Middle
tends scientific lectures throughout
the area. In his class, he exposes his
Whitney has been teaching for
students to as much scientific writing
Farmington Public Schools since 2003.
as possible, immersing them in the
She currently serves as a seventh
study of physics.
grade teacher
His passion for
for English and
his subjects cerHealth. She also
tainly transcends
taught eighth
the classroom,
grade English at
but his students
Warner Middle
are the definite
School for seven
of his thirst for
classroom is
Every day
characterized by active engagement. At
in his class, Steve engages his stuthe center of the room are tables that
dents in hands-on demonstrations or
she painted with dry erase paint. Her
“Grand Finales,” as he calls the final
students can gather around this giant
result. Whether it be taking volunwhite board and interact with and
teers to put their hands on a Van de
respond to lessons in an enjoyable,
Graaff generator for a hair-raising
kinesthetic manner. Her classroom
demonstration, or swinging platters
web site has multiple resources that
of water-filled cups in a circle over
students can access anytime for suphis head to demonstrate force, Steve’s
port beyond the classroom. She uses
class is always an engaging and interRemind (texts) as a tool to remind stuesting experience. He collaborates
dents of upcoming events. Whitney’s
constantly with the other teachers in
students are instilled with a feeling of
the department and is accessible to all
pride while they are striving to move
of his students and parents.
forward and when they meet goals
Steve understands that in order
they have set.
to create role models, you have to
In addition to her knowledge of
be one yourself. For the past sevstandards in English, she has taught
eral years, Steve’s class has been the
herself about the national standards
hands-down winner of every food
(and the standards of various states) in
drive that has taken place at Harridigital literacy and citizenship. Whitson High School. Although he’s been
ney is currently working with peers to
teaching for several years, Steve has
align the District’s secondary English
never forgotten how to empathize
curriculum. She is committed to helpwith all of the demands placed on
ing her students take full advantage of
teenagers today. He understands that
the digital tools and resources that are
students achieve mastery at different
so much a part of their lives. Whitney
times and his grading of homework
started a building Technology Team
reflects the desire he has for students
and has carried technology implemento truly understand the content, rathtation on her shoulders. She channels
er than just “finish” the homework.
her energy and enthusiasm in a way
Former student, Balaji Pandian,
that inspires the rest of the staff to be
wrote, “Mr. Dail spurred my dreams
involved and stretch them to deliver
about a world where energy is free
positive changes and results.
and I fully intend to make it a reality.
As colleague, Jim White stated,
The inspiration and dreams that he
“Whitney is constantly encouraging,
creates make him the most influential
weaving a strong safety net so that
person in my life.”
students can experiment and take
All three FPS Teachers of the Year
risks. This is Mrs. Tyner’s gift; this inwill be honored at the Board of Educaexhaustible positive energy that picks
tion meeting on Tuesday, March 31,
all of us up.”
Spring 2015
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3/13/15 3:57 PM
Awards & Achievements
This is a partial list of award and achievements of Farmington Public Schools’ staff and students.
Congratulations to the following students
who were winners of the Farmington/
Farmington Hills Breakfast Optimist
Club Essay Contest!
High School Winners
(all from Farmington High School)
1st Place-Nick Trevisan
2nd Place - Kelli Weigold
3rd Place - Shikha Raman
Middle School Winners
(all from Dunckel Middle School)
1st Place - Erin Sawyer
2nd Place - Anjali Chiravuri
3rd Place - Kavina Sheth
The Farmington Musicale recently held
their 47th Annual Awards for Musical
Excellence Competition. The Competition included music students from
seventh through 12th grades who live
in or attend school in the Farmington/
Farmington Hills community.
Winners of the Awards for Musical
Excellence Competition 2015
Farmington Public Schools
or homeschool
9th-10th Grade:
Jeffrey Bell, 1st prize,
Harrison High School
11th-12th Grade
Carolyn Chow, 2nd prize,
North Farmington High School
7th-8th Grade:
Alexander Feldman, 1st prize;
flute, East Middle School
9th-10th Grade:
Jerusha Taylor, 1st prize, violin,
home school
Nohemi Perez, 2nd prize, violin,
Farmington High School
Mason Hill, Honorable Mention,
violin, North Farmington High
Jeffrey Bell, Honorable Mention,
alto sax, Harrison High School
11th-12th Grade:
Natalie Gaines, 1st prize,
bassoon, Farmington High
Annika Andersson, 2nd prize,
violin, Farmington High School
10th-12th Grade
Annika Anderson, 1st prize,
Farmington High School
Margaret Merogi, 2nd prize,
Harrison High School
Finalists for National Merit Scholarships:
Anjali Chandra, Farmington High School
Anuhya Emmandi, Farmington
High School
Kristen Gallett, Farmington High School
Rohan N. Angle, North Farmington
High School
Adwaiy J. Manerikar, North Farmington
High School
Aviral Pandey, North Farmington
High School
Bradley Williams, North Farmington
High School
Manasvini Rao, Harrison High School
Michael Broughton, Harrison
High School
Finalists for the National Achievement
Aria Moore, Farmington High School
Chandra Sahu, North Farmington
High School
For the 2015 Hackbots’ first outing of the
season, the team journeyed to Waterford,
where they won six of 12 matches but
unfortunately ranked just short of playing
in the elimination rounds. The weekend
still ended well, as the Hackbots won the
Entrepreneurship Award.
2014-2015 District Parent Teacher
Association (PTA) Reflections winners
Farmington Area PTA Council and Farmington Public Schools are proud to announce the 2014 - 2015 District Parent
Teacher Association (PTA) Reflections
winners. These students will be moving on
to the State level. District and State award
winners will be honored at the Reflections
Awards Ceremony on Friday, April 17 from
6 - 7 p.m. at the Costick Center.
This year’s theme was “The world would
be a better place if...”.
Dance Choreography - 8 students took
1st - 3rd place, 2 Honorable Mention;
Film Production - 9 students took 1st 3rd place and 2 Honorable Mention;
Literature - 12 students took 1st - 3rd
place and 9 Honorable Mention;
Music Composition - 10 students took
1st - 3rd place and 5 Honorable Mention,
Photography - 13 students took 1st - 3rd
place and 7 Honorable Mention; and
Visual Arts - 14 students took 1st - 3rd
place; 6 Honorable Mention and 3 were
awarded special artist
For a complete listing of winners please go
to http://www.farmington.k12.mi.us/news/
Farmington Area PTA Council celebrates achievements at their Annual
Founder’s Day Dinner
On Monday, March 2, the Farmington Area PTA Council held their annual Founder’s
Day Dinner to celebrate local PTA and PTSA achievements. The Founder’s Day Dinner is
sponsored by the Farmington Area PTA Council.
The following Farmington Public Schools’ parents and staff members were recognized for
their achievements accomplished on behalf of children:
Distinguished Service Awards
Alameda Early Childhood Center:. . . . Kim Englehardt, Tanya Jones
Beechview Elementary School:. . . . . . Julie Skaff
Dunckel Middle School:. . . . . . . . . . . Beate Turner, Emily Eahrow
East Middle School: . . . . . . . . . . . . . Colleen Ruff
Farmington High School:. . . . . . . . . . Jennifer Boros Sellen, Jan Millinoff
Forest Elementary School:. . . . . . . . . Lisa Goldstein, Jamie Carrick
Gill Elementary School:. . . . . . . . . . . Ronette Chojnacki
Harrison High School:. . . . . . . . . . . . Teresa Traverso
Highmeadow Common Campus:. . . . Ellen Cucco, Kathy McRae, Nancy Jennings
Hillside Elementary School:. . . . . . . . Michelle Deisinger, Lisa Brosnan
Kenbrook Elementary School:. . . . . . . Cindi Dinkins, Peggy Wilke
Lanigan Elementary School:. . . . . . . . Rob Woelkers, Laura Meisner
Longacre Elementary School:. . . . . . . Jen Weber, Veena Manja
North Farmington:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Connie Sharp, Nanye Amadi
Power Upper Elementary School: . . . . Susan Schantz
Warner Upper Elementary School:. . . . Terri Weems, Jackie Sherbrook
Wood Creek Elementary School:. . . . . Rebecca Lasecki, Serena Mosher, Shayna MacArthur
Council Members of the Year . . . . . . . Bonny Marks, Rebecca Lasecki
MCMR accepting
nominations for
Annual Rainbow
Recognition Awards
The Farmington/Farmington Hills
Multicultural/Multiracial Community Council is accepting nominations for their annual Rainbow
Recognition Awards.
These awards are intended to
honor individuals of any age who
have actively promoted racial/
cultural understanding in the
community. Nominations should
be submitted to the Farmington
City Manager’s Office no later
than Tuesday, March 31, 2015.
Selected 2015 Rainbow Recognition recipients will be honored
at the Rainbow Recognition
Celebration event scheduled for
Wednesday, April 22, 2015,
7- 9 p.m., at the Farmington
Hills Costick Center.
The nomination form is available
online at: http://www.farmington.
One person per nomination form.
Judy White-Ora
“Teaching with Heart
and Soul” Award
nominations due
Wednesday, April 15
Farmington Public Schools is
announcing the call for nominations for the eighth annual recognition award for teachers called
the Judy White-Ora “Teaching
with Heart and Soul” Award. This
recognition program is in honor
of the District’s former Assistant
Superintendent of Curriculum,
Judy White-Ora, who dedicated
her life to the pursuit of excellence in education.
Nominees must be teachers with
at least three years teaching
experience and members of the
Farmington Education Association (FEA). The nomination form
can be found on the District’s
web site at www.farmington.k12.
mi.us. Deadline for submissions
is Wednesday, April 15. For any
questions regarding this award,
please call School/Community
Relations at 248. 489. 3349.
All current PTA/PTSA Presidents were also recognized with Outstanding Service Awards.
Spring 2015
UpDate3_15.indd 7
3/13/15 3:57 PM
Tuesday, May 5
will NOT have school on
except for students in the early childhood programs
Continued from page 1
Pam Smith. “It allows for the necessary logistics required in conducting
an Election such as parking, adequate
rooms, accessible doors and security of
the equipment and supplies, but more
importantly the schools do not have
to alter normal security procedures in
place for their faculty and students to
accommodate hundreds of voters.”
“The City of Farmington appreciates
the action taken this week by
Farmington Public Schools’
Farmington Public Schools to close
school for the May 5th election,” said
Farmington City Clerk Sue Halberstadt.
“By doing so we avoid moving precinct
locations within the schools and the
related mailing costs, avoid significant
parking issues, and most importantly
avoid the security concerns of parents,
teachers and staff relative to voters
entering and exiting their buildings
throughout the day.”
Early Childhood Program
Board of Education
George E. Gurrola,
Vice President
George Gurrola was elected to the
Board in 2011. During his tenure on
the Board, Mr. Gurrola has served as
Board Secretary,Treasurer, and now
Vice President.
He and his family have resided in
Farmington Hills since 2003 and he
and his wife are the proud parents
of three children who attend FPS
schools – two first graders and one
second grader.
George is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he earned his
Bachelor of Arts Degree in history
and his law degree. He was a rising
star in law school where he served
as the Executive Note Editor of the
Michigan Telecommunications and
Technology Law Review and the
Contributing Editor of the Michigan
Journal of Law Reform.
Start Young, Finish Strong!
The Farmington Public Schools’ Early Childhood Program
has a variety of preschool options for toddlers and
young children up to five years of age. See all that
Farmington Public Schools has to offer your child!
• State licensed and credentialed teachers and assistants
• State licensed and nationally accredited facilities
• FREE* Preschool Available (*must meet eligibility requirements)
• Great Start Readiness/Head Start
• Before and After Care (Alameda Early Childhood Center only)
Enrollment is ongoing as space is available.
No residency requirements for tuition-based programs.
George currently works as a Tax Law
Specialist in the Office of Tax Exempt Bonds for the Internal Review
Service where he has worked since
2009. Prior to this he worked as an
Associate in the Public Law Department at Miller, Canfield, Paddock,
and Stone, PLC for six years. He
also has experience as an Associate
in the Public Finance Department
of Chapman and Cutler law firm in
Chicago, Illinois for four years and
an Investigator in the Office of Budget and Management for the City of
Chicago for two years.
In his spare time, he also coaches
baseball for a North Farmington/W.
Bloomfield league. He is a passionate, hardworking, and dedicated
member of the Board who brings
a wealth of experience and knowledge to some of the complex financial issues the Board faces.
Community Senior
Adults invited to the
19th Annual
Senior Adult
March 26, 2015
9 a.m.
Hills senior residents are
invited to join Farmington
Public Schools’ students
and staff for breakfast at the
Costick Activities Center on
Thursday, March 26, 2015.
Seniors will get the opportunity to speak with
District representatives, see
student curriculum exhibits
and enjoy performances by
student musicians.
Also highlighted will be
the announcement of the
2014/2015 Senior Adult Extraordinaire Award Winner.
Reservations required,
please call 248.489.3349.
UpDate is a newsletter for Farmington Public
Schools’ residents. It is published four times
during the school year by the School/
Community Relations Department. Comments
and suggestions are welcome. Please
visit www.farmington.k12.mi.us. or call
George C. Heitsch
Board of Education
Sheilah P. Clay, President
George E. Gurrola, Vice President
Karen L. Bolsen, Secretary
Howard I. Wallach, Treasurer
Jessica B. Cummings, Trustee
Terry L. Johnson, Trustee
Murray J. Kahn, Trustee
Diane Bauman
Director, School/Community Relations
[email protected]
Early Childhood Center
32400 Alameda Street, Farmington Hills
Farmington Community School
Early Childhood Center
30415 Shiawassee Street, Farmington Hills
Lynne Meyer
Communication Specialist
[email protected]
Visit us on
Visit us on
For more information, visit: www.farmington.k12.mi.us/district/ecc/
Farmington Public Schools Celebrates 50 Years of Providing
Excellent Early Childhood Education Programs!
Spring 2015
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3/13/15 3:57 PM