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ISSUE 004 MARCH 2015
A customer is the most important visitor on our premises; he is not
dependent on us, we are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in
our work, he is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business, he
is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him, he is doing us
a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.
Mahatma Gandhi
Picture Speak
Jubilee Insurance Samaritan Awards judges (from right) Francis Openda, Andy
Kagwa and (extreme left) Patrick Wachira, pose with the JISA winner Edward
Munene, his wife Mary Wanjiku and their son after the awarding ceremony.
Munene was awarded for his compassion for humanity, dedication to the
community and self-denial in health service of the Turkana people.
Jubilee Insurance Group Head of Claims gives his opening remarks during a
customer service training session at Jubilee Centre Nairobi. The training aims at
improving customer service delivery to Jubilee clients.
Thought sand castles were only for kids? The Sandcastle Challenge is an intriguing
activity that allows teams to build on the dreams they have for their organization.
Jubilee Mauritius had a great go at it.
Jubilee Insurance Infrastrusture Coordinator Rashid Mohammed, Group IT
Manager James Muritu, Online Marketing Officer Ephraim Ombogo (at the back),
Head of Applications Selvaraj Chelliah, Training Manager Ruth Kyengo and
Regional Systems Coordinator Mathew Kimweli display the Best use of IT Award
at the ICT Association Value Awards.
Jubilee Kenya Team celebrate with Evelyne Bosibori (holding a certificate) who
was named Best IIK 2013/2014 qualifier by the Insurance Institute of Kenya.
Jubilee Insurance CEO Patrick Tumbo ( second from right) and the Jubilee Finance
team display the Company of the Year Financial Management Award at a gala
dinner held in November, 2014. The Insurers Human Resource Manager Emily
Kamunde-Osoro won the Kirit Dave Manager of the Year Award. The insurer was
also awarded the Human Resource Company of the Year.
Editorial Committee
Mary KihagiEditor
Herbert Twinamatsiko Contributor
Marie GorettiContributor
Kobashni Pillay
Anish Jacob
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It has been a year of pronounced achievements for the Jubilee
Group. ‘‘Team Jubilee’ has come together to demonstrate their
strength and zeal and have earned us some significant recognition
in the industry.
JICK scooped 9 awards, 4 in the first position and 5 runner-ups at
the 2014 Annual Insurance Awards. In addition, we were awarded
best Company of the Year (COYA) in Financial Management and
Human Resources; best Individual Pension Scheme and 1st runner
up Pension Administrator of the year, by Think Business. The IT
department also won the Financial Services award by CIO and
best use of ICT in Insurance by the Information Communication
Technology Association of Kenya.
I would like to specifically recognise our Human Resource
Manager Emily Kamunde who was awarded the Kirit Dave Award
Manager of the Year by COYA, and our Group Head of IT James
Muritu, who was awarded best IT Manager by the Information
Communication Technology Association of Kenya. This is a clear
indication of the level of competence and quality of our members
of staff. To them I say with pride; well done!
Editor’s Note
Happy happy 2015! I hope you are
rejuvenated and ready to take on the New
Year. More importantly, review your goals
both personal and professional, and work
towards achieving them. The Jubilation team
is excited to keep you updated as always
and this time we bring you emerging risks in
the insurance industry in Africa, catastrophies
that are only known to happen beyond the
continent. Read on how flash floods affected
our Jubilee Burundi office in 2014.
Last year, the business units across the region did well compared
to the competition and it is expected that we shall maintain our
number one position in 2015 as was the case in 2014.
Early last year, we finalised the remodelling of our Mombasa
Business Complex. I am happy to announce that this year; we have
officially opened the Jubilee Holdings office at Jubilee Centre, on
the eighth floor in Nairobi.
We are also remodeling the Jubilee Centre in Kampala, Uganda
and also constructing a 21 story apartment block off Shimoni
Road in Kampala. In addition, we are putting up a 10 story office
complex and a multi-floor parking bay in Kinondoni, Tanzania
which will serve as our corporate headquarters in Tanzania.
I encourage each one of you to put your best foot forward and
uphold Jubilee’s values in our service delivery. Let’s aim to achieve
excellent customer experience as the next level of delivering our
promise. Let’s put our customer above everything else – let them be
No. 1 in everything we do!
Wish you all a bountiful 2015!
Chairman, Nizar Juma
We have also highlighted a few ways in which Kenyans spent the
December holiday and believe you me; they are indeed a peculiar lot.
The Jubilee Kenya Pensions team has also encouraged us to save our
hard earned money more than we spend it, old age is inescapable! Team
Mauritius had their teambuilding by the beach, don’t we all want that? HR
please take note. Jubilee Tanzania launches BimaAFYA and Lady Jubilee
as Jubilee Uganda goes big on CSR.
On I am Jubilee, meet JICK’s new kids on the block, and I must say they
are doing well for themselves. Their ‘mum’ Ruth Kyengo must be very
proud of them. Please meet the only doctor at JICK and find out exactly
what he does and on our Etiquette Check page, see how to deal with
different personalities at work for Man Must Live remember! The Jubilation
team wishes you a happy and prosperous 2015. Feel free to send us
your comments or articles for the Jubilation. Enjoy your read!
Editor, Mary Kihagi
Climate change is altering weather patterns and causing an increase
in the intensity and frequency of adverse weather conditions globally.
Severe weather phenomena vary depending on the latitude, altitude,
topography, and atmospheric conditions of a place. High winds, hail,
excessive precipitation, and wildfires are forms and effects of severe
weather, as are thunderstorms, downbursts, lightning, tornadoes,
waterspouts, tropical cyclones, and extra tropical cyclones. Regional
and seasonal severe weather phenomena include blizzards,
snowstorms, ice storms, and dust storms.
Her name is Joviale Izigire and she is an intern at the Jubilee
Insurance Company of Burundi.
She is a living proof of the importance of Education Insurance
because her University Studies were funded by the Education
These have affected different industries and the insurance industry
has not been left out. Climate change can affect a policy holder’s
insurable assets thus creating risks to both movable and immovable
property and one of the issues for insurers is how to underwrite the
additional risks that climate change brings.
In 2013, a hailstorm occurred in Gauteng, South Africa with Santam
reportedly receiving more than 2,000 claims with an estimated value
of R60 million. In 2014, Burundi experienced an unprecedented flash
flood killing more than 70 people and leaving over 20,000 people
homeless. Businesses and factory premises were also not spared,
some of which were insured by Jubilee Burundi. “The damage was
devastating for our clients but we kept our promise and helped them
get back on their feet by settling their claims as fast as we could.” said
Jubilee Burundi CEO, Denis Huyberechts.
Climate change can also impact the sustainability of the insurance
industry. The availability of insurance is premised upon two factors,
being the ability of the insurance industry to finance the risk and
second, the expectation that the insurance underwritten will be
profitable. Climate change can therefore pose a financial threat to
the industry management, and understanding of its effect on insurable
assets are crucial in ensuring the future sustainability of the insurance
industry. Climate change should not be ignored or underestimated
and will inevitably lead to change both for the insurer and the insured.
By Marie Goretti Nzosaba and Mary Kihagi
Gabin Sungura (Life Business Development Officer) trains Joviale Izigire.
She has a degree in Business Administration and Management
from Uganda Martyrs University.
I thank Gabin Sungura currently BDO - Life Department in JICB
who prepared my contract 8 years ago, and now trains my
daughter Joviale, her father said: “One of the girls that you have
insured is with you. She has just passed her final year; she will
graduate in November 2014,” he added.
Joviale says:
‘My university studies have been possible because of the wise
initiative of my father who took up Education Insurance for me.
Currently I am doing my internship at the Jubilee Insurance
Company of Burundi and I am passionate in Marketing and
Management, I am learning a lot in insurance. I am considering
a career in insurance.
I would encourage parents concerned about better education
for their children, to take up Education Insurance policies with
Jubilee Insurance.
My dreams came true, thanks to my dad’.
Viva Education Insurance!
By Marie Goretti Nzosaba
A flooded business premises for one of Jubilee Burundi’s client.
Joviale Izigire with her father
Saving money is ranked as one of those “wise” things that we
resolve to do as we make our New Year resolutions. The impetus
to save ranges from the need to buy a car, move into a better
house, or build a home among others. The desire to save may
also be driven by the need to enroll in school at various levels,
building emergency funds or for investment purposes. In extremely
rare situations, there are those who have no choice but to save
because their income greatly exceeds their expenditure.
According to Jubilee Insurance Head of Pensions David Ogega,
there is a significant amount of money that passes through our
hands , most of it being spent on recurring expenses and none or
little on savings. A saving culture is partly supported by increased
employment rates and incomes as well as reduced costs of living
in developed economies. “In developing economies like Kenya’s
where we are struggling with unemployment and inflation, we have
to exercise self-discipline in order to reduce our expenditure and
save a substantial amount of our income for investment,” said David.
Kenyans’ life expectancy rate has improved to 63 years due to
better health care and improved living standards. Family support
is reducing and people will be more independent in retirement as
opposed to the African practice a where family took care of their
parents at old age. For this reason, it is advisable to set aside a
fund that will support you in old age.
by Mary Kihagi
Jubilee Pensions Operations Manager Christine Karoki, Business Development
Manager Catherine Kang’ata, Customer Service Manager Peter Awuor, General
Manager Pensions David Ogega and Brenda Akweya receive the Individual
Pension Scheme of the Year award from Ferdinand Othieno, Lecturer and
Finance Director at Strathmore University during the Investment Awards by Think
Business. The Insurer was also runner up Administrator of the Year.
Jubilee Kenya staff underwent a comprehensive free health check up
in the office during the wellness week and resolutions were made
especially at the weighing scale. There was increased subscription to
the Oasis gym, the water dispensers in the office run dry more often
(L-R) Jubilee Insurance Administration Officer Geraldine Njama, is attended to
by a Clinician from ICAS Kenya during the Jubilee Insurance wellness week.
and taking the stairs was not so tiring anymore. The wellness team
celebrated the great behavior change; they had achieved their goal,
to promote a healthy lifestyle.
Then came November and December and in the real Jubilee style, we
started scooping awards after awards after awards. As a result, in the
typical Kenyan spirit, there was great celebration. There was always
a cake cutting ceremony or a lunch in one department or the other.
Then checked in the festive season and you know what, Christmas
and New Year happens once a year. Our relatives from the diaspora
(both local and international) started streaming in and it was time for
Nyama Choma (roast meat) and a little Tusker (Kenyan beer) to help
in digestion, save the vegetables and fruits for ‘Njaanuary’. We were
not able to go to the gym because we had either travelled or were
entertaining visitors and anyway, we worked hard all year so why not
allow the body a bit of rest.
Some define a perfect holiday by the beach and the travel advisories
just made it easier; fewer international tourists and reduced hotel rates.
What’s better than an attendant at your beck and call? Can I have
some biting, pour me some more wine, room service please and the
list is endless. The gym had about five people while the hotel rooms
were fully booked. I guess this is allowed since you started saving
five thousand bob in January which reduced to two thousand bob by
March to afford that holiday. And when all is said and done, Jambo
Jet was such a timely savior. And if you are still nursing sunburns after
a long stay in your great grandmother’s home in Manyenyoni like I am
doing, its okay, that’s our kind of fun.
January is here and top on our list of New Year’s resolution is the
gym, detox, wheatgrass tops our menu etc, it’s called picking up from
where we stopped. Dear wellness team, can we have the wellness
week in January because then we have a whole year to practice what
we’re advised without fear of the December temptations (asking for
a friend).
by Mary Kihagi
Un nouveau look, tant attendu, pour nos panneaux d’affichage.
Une nouvelle initiative, l’option d’un « pop-out » donne à notre
publicité un aspect visuel différent.
’Etes-vous assuré auprès de la compagnie à croissance rapide ?
Un message clair qui déborde de significations. L’idée de ce slogan,
est d’inviter le Mauricien à comprendre, pourquoi nous sommes le
meilleur choix, ce que nous avons de plus que nos compétiteurs et
surtout la signification de ces visages sur le panneau.
Nous souhaitons, à travers cette publicité, transmettre aux
mauriciens cette confiance que nous tous avons en Jubilee. Et
leur faire voir que, comme de nombreux autres compatriotes, ils
auraient bien raison de prendre la route avec Nous. En toute
sécurité et sérénité !
Nous projetons, pour l’an 2015, deux nouveaux concepts qui
reflèteraient de nouveaux produits mis en place afin de continuer
à séduire le marché Mauricien … aussi hors du commun soit-il.
By Kobashni Pillay
JIML new Board Director, Dinesh Tulsidas
On a beautiful day with welcoming bright sun, all was set for a
superb fun day at “La Cambuse” Beach in the south of the Island in
September, 2014. The sight of the beach just got the staff excited!
Most of the JIML staff were present and ready for a day filled with activities!
Teaming is a way to formalise the power of collaboration among
individuals. It is a way to blend the talents, skills and inherent creativity
of diverse people. Ultimately the work group leverages its skills, time,
and resources for their own benefit and that of the organisation.
Five teams, each with a mixture of departments had to identify
members to participate in the various activities with the obvious aim
of becoming the winner. The activities were designed for the staff
to have fun and more importantly, to encourage them to know their
colleagues from other departments.
At the end of that day, there was lots of fun and laughter. There was
a lot of bonding and new friendships. The staff loved the event and
look forward to another one this year.
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
- Helen Keller
By Kobashni Pillay
1. New JIML Board Director and the youngest one – how do you
feel about it?
It is indeed an honor to be part of the Jubilee team. I have always
been an admirer of the origins and the structure. The AKDN has a
rich history and is fascinating. The contribution is invaluable and I
am proud to be a member of the organisation. At a local level, the
other board members are all highly respected businessmen/CEO’s
in the country. They have a proven track record and working with
them will be a unique experience.
2.What will you bring as a new Board member?
I will bring in some freshness and a different approach. I have
always been passionate about the economy and business at all
levels- locally, regionally and internationally. I read a lot and have
witnessed many companies/organisations grow at a phenomenal
pace. I am always trying to analyse what makes it tick for some
and what is the secret ingredient behind the success or sometimes
failure. Being born and brought up here and having studied in the
UK for several years, I hope to make concrete suggestions given
my extensive understanding of the retail market and real estate
in general. Another area I can contribute would be the IT given
my educational background. This is an area which is constantly
evolving and is now the backbone of most enterprises.
3.Jubilee Insurance – what do you think is its future in the
Mauritian market?
Jubilee Mauritius engage in a Tug of War exercise during the company’s
team building activity.
Mauritius is a very interesting market in spite of being smaller as
compared to the others. I have rarely seen a financial institution
grow as fast as I have seen Jubilee in the last 3 years. At this speed,
Jubilee’s positioning can only get better. Yes, it will be a challenge
at the top 2 or 3 with long established firms. But with some deeper
understanding of the client, the corporate world, customer service
and PR, Jubilee is headed for a bright future ahead.
By Kobashni Pillay
Jubilee Tanzania participated in the 7th Annual Automotive Festival
which is an important event involving the Tanzania Automobile Industry.
Jubilee Tanzania partnered with Vodacom Tanzania to launch
BimaAFYA (health Insurance), an affordable and comprehensive
medical cover. BimaAFYA will allow the client access to over 150
quality service hospitals and will cater for in - patient, out - patient
and maternity services.
We used this opportunity to create awareness of our products and
services like J-Drive for Private Cars, J-Care for Individual Health
Insurance, Individual Life insurance as well as our about our newly
launched Agriculture Insurance products like Multi Peril Crop,
Poultry, Greenhouse etc.
BimaAFYA is designed to cater for monthly, quarterly and yearly packs
at affordable premium prices, to enable the average Tanzanian pick
an affordable pack that falls within his or her income bracket.
The Autofest attracted a lot of visitors due to the variety of
automobiles displayed at the festival grounds. The highlight of the
festival was the “Celebrity Car Wash” which was attended by the
major Bongo Stars who washed cars to collect money for charity.
Jubilee Tanzania CEO, George Alande noted that “statistics indicate
that only 18 percent of the Tanzania’s population have health
insurance - mainly employer based medical insurance covers. These
means that millions of Tanzanians especially those who are employed
in the informal sector and those in self-employment such as our dala
dala drivers have been left out. “They now need not to worry since
BimaAfya provides an affordable solution to health Insurance,”said George.
By Anish Jacob
The Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) (Saba Saba) takes
place annually at the Mwalimu J. K. Nyerere Trade Fair Grounds in
Dar es Salaam.
Jubilee Tanzania participated in the 38th edition which started in June
2014 and July 2014. The Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair has
established itself over the years as the shop window for Tanzania’s
products and services as well as the East, Central and the Southern
African regions.
In addition, the favorable business environment in Tanzania attracted
participants from other countries such as Korea, China, India, UAE,
and Australia among others.
The fair enjoys the patronage of the Tanzania business community
who both exhibit and use it as a forum for business exchange.
Jubilee Tanzania also exhibited their products to more than 500,000
visitors present at the trade fair.
By Anish Jacob
Mr. George Alande at the Autofest Press Conference with the Manager of
Autofest Mr. Ally Nchahaga second from the left side.
Jubilee Tanzania sponsored the Women’s National Hockey Team
by providing branded track suits, t-shirts and sports bags. We
also participated in the Press conference which was held at the
National Sports Council Centre. This was a great opportunity for
us to promote “Brand Jubilee”, as the event was well covered in
major national English dailies as well as the language press and
digital media. During the press conference, the Team was handed
the Tanzanian flag by the officials as they were going to Nairobi
to represent Tanzania in the World Hockey League Round 1
Tournament, which was held from the 2nd to 8th September, 2014.
By Anish Jacob
Douglas Fredrick from Life Department explaining to the client about the Fanaka plan
When the team was handed the Tanzanian flag at the Sports National Council .
Jubilee Insurance Uganda, MMAKS Advocates and Café
Pap held a blood drive and a free health check camp at the
Jubilee Insurance Centre. The annual drive was geared towards
contributing to the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services’ call to
the general public to continuously donate blood and save lives.
The blood donation drive was themed “Donate blood and make
a difference”.
The 15 member Jubilee team and colleagues from other AKDN
affiliate companies in a CSR activity to paint the pediatric ward at
Mulago National Referral hospital in Kampala.
by Herbert Twinamatsiko
The event was also used as a platform to sensitise the public
to live a healthy lifestyle. A team from the Aga khan Medical
Centre was on the ground to carry out free health checkups
which helped individuals understand their health better. These
checks have been known to impact on the decisions taken by
individuals to maintain healthy lifestyles.
by Herbert Twinamatsiko
Charles Ssegane, Ismail Atibu and Frank Bagambe part of the Jubilee Team
prepare to paint their allocated section at the Pediatric ward, Mulago National
Referral hospital.
Ismail Kasasa, Manager Credit Control undergoing preliminary tests before
donating blood.
Jubilee Insurance participated in the Annual 6th Full Woman Health
Camp, a platform through which the Monitor Publication Ltd gives
back to its readers, by providing a forum where they interact with
various health specialists. The Jubilee Medical Team in partnership
with Uganda care offered free HIV testing and counseling to the camp
participants. The camp was presided over by Her Royal Highness
Nanabagereka Sylvia Nagginda the Buganda Kingdom queen who
made a stop over to the Jubilee exhibition tent.
by Herbert Twinamatsiko
The Jubilee Team poses for a photo with veteran journalist Kazinda Esther (Eseza
Omuto) who presents a children programme on Uganda’s Local Television and
Radio stations.
Her Royal Highness Nanabagereka Sylvia Nagginda signing the visitor’s book
as Jubilee Team looks on.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
What was your highest moment as a GMT?
I will be a legal expert in corporate governance,
legal drafting and company secretarial matters.
Jubilee has offered me an opportunity to acquire
the expertise I need to rise to this high level, an
opportunity which I am so grateful to have.
At the graduation ceremony from the GMT
Programme. The chairman and the CEO hosted
us to a luncheon and then the Chairman pinned
the I am Jubilee lapel pin on all of us. You don’t
get this every day you know.
What is the one thing most people don’t know
about you?
Which individual inspires you most?
I am a philanthropist and greatly believe in
giving back to the society. My greatest aspiration
when I retire is to share the knowledge I would
have acquired with upcoming young talent and
enable them scale to greater heights.
Dr. Jonathan Ciano the CEO Uchumi supermarket.
Having been appointed as a receiver manager
in 2007 when Uchumi supermarket collapsed
he managed to turnaround the company in 3
years and by 2010 the supermarket had started
making profits and almost clearing its debt.
Your best piece of advice?
Which individual inspires you most?
Humility, patience and persistence are the
values needed to scale upwards. Never give
up; the beginning is always the hardest. Every
perfect path must live its full course, just like a
baby in a mother’s womb.
My mother, she stands for persistency and
consistency. She has taught me to be ready to
start from the ground if i want to climb any ladder.
New Appointments
1. David Ogega
General Manager, Pensions Business
2. Catherine Karori
General Manager, Medical Business
3. Rebecca Chitwa Opati
Claims Manager, General Business
4. Stephene Kimani Ndungu
Risk Surveyor, General Business
5. Nelly Mwongeli Muthiani
Medical Sales Coordinator, Medical Business
6. Donald Kivungi Mbuuko
Claims and Benefits Manager, Life Business
Coffee Break
“Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.”
Working in an office environment (or any type of workplace) means
having to deal with all different kinds of people; and sometimes
getting along with all of them can be a bit of a challenge, and
when people are hard to deal with, it translates to low productivity.
Different people need to be dealt with in different ways and as
individuals; you would deal differently with a touchy-feely person,
than you would with a no-nonsense type of person.
Tips on how to deal with all different personality types:
If someone would rather be emailed than have you stop by his or
her office, or vice versa, take note. Do what you can not to interrupt
other people’s processes (when it can be avoided) and you will be
looked at as a team player. Find out what personality types people
have, and adapt your behavior towards them accordingly.
Different personalities can be great for a workplace because
it allows there to be many different opinions and ideas. It’s just
important to remember that everyone is working towards the
same thing: the success of the company. It’s ok for people to be
passionate and have opinions about work; it means they care.
For the most part, people will repeat patterns and behave
predictably. If you can prepare yourself with a response to a
certain behavior, you’ve won half the battle. Play out the situation
in your mind or with a friend, and come up with a solution that
will resolve the issue in a mature and rational way.
More often than not, people act the way they do because of
something personal that is going on with them. The same thing
goes for difficult co-workers. It likely doesn’t have much to do
with you, even though it may feel that way. It doesn’t excuse bad
behavior, but it can help to explain why it may be happening.
Find some common ground somewhere with them, something
that will at the very least help you to exist together civilly.
Above all, most people just want to know they are being heard.
People have different areas of expertise, that’s the value of
working on a team. One person can’t know it all or do it all, so
everyone needs to respect each other’s strengths, ask others for
input and work together.
by Mary Kihagi
Know your Organisation
Doctor Kanja joined Jubilee in 2008 August as a medical officer in the Medical Department.
As a medical doctor in the insurance field, he deciphers everything including diagnosis, tests
and medical reports to ensure they are correct, necessary and covered within the Jubilee medical
policies. Dr. Kanja also sits with the care management team to ensure that clients not only get
the best care but are also in the right facility (hospital) i.e. one that can cater for their needs.
Based on his vast experience in the industry and also being a member of the Medical Fraternity
makes it easier for him to reach out and negotiate with doctors for the best care and price for
Jubilee clients. He also assists in pointing out any irregularities or questionable claims.
Although Dr. Kanja is a medical resource, he consults for the Life Department whenever they
have a muddled case. He is also the lead claims resource for the ACTISURE System (a new
state-of-the art IT medical system) where he handles care management, claims rules, high value
claims, general claims administration and general system testing. Dr. Kanja also develops health
communication which he distributes to clients.
“Sales are the heart of our business and I am at the disposal of the business development
team whenever they need to show our finesse. Our clients stay happy and healthy through the
wellness programme that I spearheaded,” said Dr. Kanja.
by Mary Kihagi
Picture Speak
(R-L) George Alande, CEO Jubilee Tanzania, Mrs. Adelaida Muganyizi - representative
from TIRA, Elieth Kileo - Product Manager, Jubilee Tanzania during the launch of Lady
Jubilee Motor Insurance in Tanzania.
Dan Thuku of Jubilee Kenya Cash Office is congratulated by Kigunda Kinanua of Jubilee
Kenya, Life Department after finishing the race at the Standard Chartered Marathon
where Jubilee Kenya provided insurance worth Kshs. 7.5 million for all the participants,
volunteers and officials. The company also gave cover for all equipment in use during
the event as well as public liabilities.
Jubilee Insurance football team members display their certificates during the trophy handover ceremony held at Jubilee Insurance. The team emerged second at the 2014 AKI sports competition.
Its innovation at its best by one Kanyingi Kagucia of Jubilee Kenya Medical Department.
When your hands are full, explore other options!
(R-L) Angela Ngamau, Frank Mugisha and Ivy Musa were among the staff who donated
blood during the Jubilee Kenya’s Blood Drive.
The customer experience is the
next competitive battleground.
Jerry Gregoire
Our Contacts
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The Jubilee Insurance Company of Uganda Ltd
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The Jubilee Insurance Company of Tanzania Ltd
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Jubilee Insurance Company of Burundi (S.A.)
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