Fact Sheet - CanadaJobs 2015

Platinum Services and Pricing Summary
This document is not a legal contract. It summarizes and describes many of the services that you will receive from SkillsInternational
Global Holdings Pte. Ltd., a Singapore private company (“SkillsInternational”) if you sign up for the Platinum Service Package.
This document also sets forth the applicable fees and terms for such services as well as important notes.
Access to a Canada-based, dedicated Career Counsellor
Work with Career Counsellor to define key skills and competencies that form the foundation for Career Management
Access to the SkillsInternational web site platform to build your Profile, including:
Profile Introduction
Work Experience
Personal Details
Skills & Competencies
Document upload (e.g., 3rd party verification, diplomas, work commendations)
Resume review and suggestions for improvement
Assist you in achieving SkillsInternational’s Ready4EmploymentSM certification by certifying the following:
IELTS English Proficiency
Criminal History
Work Experience
Fees (and Training, if necessary) for IELTS exams for the member
Assist you in preparing a career development plan
Provide objective assessments (when available) to verify qualifications and skills through propriety technology
Work directly with Canadian employers to identify jobs for which you may be qualified
Search for jobs and post on SkillsInternational’s web site and other job banks (e.g., Canada job bank)
Match you with prospective employers and facilitate interviews (no limit on the number of interviews or job matches
until you accept your first job offer)
Assist you in participating in virtual job fairs
Mock interview coaching (i.e., how to do video interviews, communication style, presentation skills, etc.)
Guidance on the Canadian Permanent Residency Visa application process
Guidance on forms required to apply for a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa
Forms review and interview preparation
Application filed by a certified immigration consultant
Application fees for the Permanent Residency Visa (including spouse & children) – C$550/member,
C$550/spouse and C$150/child under the age of 19
Note: Skills International does not charge any fees for the Visa application itself. The charges outlined
above consist of actual pass-through fees that are charged by the government of Canada.
Personalized step-by-step guidance on the entire relocation process
Summary of actions/forms to be submitted within the first 30 days; 30-90 days and 90 days+
Access to Canadian resource(s) to assist with adjusting to the new community
Opportunity to work with Skills International’s relocation partners
Continued personalized assistance throughout the settlement and job process
Local referrals and services through Skills International to assist you in getting settled (e.g., banking services,
provincial driver’s license, health insurance ID card, etc.)
Employer feedback gathering and discussion to help ensure a good start at the new company
To attend a follow-up meeting with us or ask questions, visit www.canadajobs2015.com/nextsteps/
Access to existing Skills International program in Canada to assist in finding subsequent job opportunities
for the duration of your career
Twice/year career coaching discussions with a Career Counsellor
Use of Learning Management System to increase skill level
Subsequent job search assistance as needed
You may choose either of the two payment options shown below to finance your membership:
Standard Payment Plan: US $9,000
This option allows you to make three payments over a 3-1/2 month period and receive an early-adopter discount
of US $3,000 off our Standard Payment Plan commercial price of $12,000 as follows:
Make your first membership payment of $4,000 within 45 days of attending your conference.
Make your second payment of $3,000 within 45 days after making your first payment and your third
& final payment of $2,000 within 45 days of your second payment.
Extended Payment Plan: US $10,600
This option allows you to finance your membership over a 13-month period and receive and early-adopter discount
of US $3,500 off our Extended Payment Plan commercial price of $14,100 as follows:
Make your first membership payment of US $2,500 within 45 days of attending your conference.
Then make 12 consecutive monthly payments of US $675 beginning one month following the day you make your
first payment. The total of your initial payment and 12 payments of US $675 is US $10,600.
30-Day Refund
You may cancel your services at any time on or prior to 30 days from the day we process your
first payment under either payment option. Your fees are otherwise non-refundable.
The Platinum Service Package does not guarantee you a successful Visa approval or a job in Canada.
Your spouse and child(ren) under age 19 years old must be included in your PR Visa application whether or not they
are planning on moving to Canada. As such, they will also be required to pass the Medical Exam and the Criminal
Background Check. They are not required to pass the IELTS exam.
Relocation and settlement expenses,such as airline tickets and moving company fees,are not included in our fees.
Only the services specifically mentioned in this summary above are included in our fees. Other fees are not included
in our services and must be paid for by you separately, such as: medical exams, certifications, airline tickets,
moving expenses, etc.
In order to qualify for a Permanent Residency Visa, you must pass a medical exam, have no criminal record and earn
a minimum of 6 on all sections of the IELTS “General Training” exam.
During the Certification phase of the service, SkillsInternational will conduct a criminal background check. If you have
a criminal record that would deny a Permanent Residency Visa, you will no longer be a member of SkillsInternational.
No fees will be refunded.
If your Visa application is rejected due to not passing the medical exam, no fees would be refunded.
If you elect to stop receiving the services (for any reason), you will still be responsible for paying all of the fees.
For further questions or information, go to “www.canadajobs2015.com/nextsteps/”. You can schedule a
face-to-face meeting with us; request a consultation with a Platinum Service Consultant; submit
questions online; or sign up for a Q&A web event
When you are ready to become a member, contact your Platinum Service Consultant who will introduce
you to our Onboarding Team for contract review and first payment instructions.
To attend a follow-up meeting with us or ask questions
visit www.canadajobs2015.com/nextsteps/