Taiwan Internship Initiative 2015

Taiwan Internship Initiative 2015
Internship Short Profiles (to be published on DAAD and AHK webpages)
Internship offered
Siemens Limited Taiwan
Field of business
Industrial, electrification, building automation and healthcare
Company website
Siemens Limited Taiwan has recently devoted to developing
young talents from various backgrounds. We have 2 internship
programs in 2015:
(1) Siemens Sales 100 in particular, is a program focusing on
development of talented fresh graduates from engineering
background, to potentially take on managerial role in Sales
function at Siemens in the near future. In this program we
provide platforms as well as networks for these identified
young talents. They are expecting to receive comprehensive
tasks and practical experiences to enhance their academic
knowledge in engineering field.
Siemens Sales 100 - Sales Engineer Program officially starts in
July 2015 and lasts for eighteen months. During this period,
Sales Engineer will participate in three different training
sessions; each training session takes about six months and the
first two sessions will take place in China. Trainings may vary
based on Sales Engineer’s experience and background, focusing
on Product, Engineering, Sales and Channel Management.
Expected monthly salary is NT$50,000.
(2) 2015 Siemens Summer Internship Program (SSIP): Siemens
is a global company specialized in electrification, automation
and digitalization. For more than 50 years, Siemens has made
substantial contributions to economic and industrial
developments in Taiwan. We, Siemens, are also committed to
talent development. Since 2010, we offer Siemens Summer
Internship Program (SSIP) to selected university students in
Taiwan. We invite and welcome all undergraduate young talents
to participate in our business activities in a specific function for
2 months in summer. Students will explore corporate culture
and working environment of a Fortune 500 company. They will
also gain basic understandings on how Siemens operates on a
daily basis and be better equipped for a jump start after
graduation. Program period: July 1, 2015 to August 31, 2015.
Sales 100: 18 months
SSIP: 2 months
Offered to:
(1) Sales 100:
undergraduates ■
Field of studies: EE and ME
(2) SSIP:
graduates ■
Field of studies: Engineering, Business Administration… etc.
Foreign Language
English ■
Yes ■
Sales 100: China & Taiwan
SSIP: Taiwan
More information to come in March.
(1) Sales 100: April 8, 2015
(2) SSIP: estimate deadline April 30, 2015