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Teslas New Product
Media Release March 2015By Christopher Lewin
In this Issue:
New Teslas Spiritual Pattern Enhancers
PP New Spiritual Plate
Chakra Plate
PP Plus new research
on how EMFs
effect DNA and
a new Teslas
solution to solve
the problem.
Large Adult Version
Smaller Teenager & Younger Version
Teslas Spiritual Pattern Enhancer
PP Teslas Starhenge
Every now and then there comes a new product that can have outstanding effects in
your life. The product I am talking about is the new Teslas Spiritual Pattern Enhancer or
the TSPH for short.
PP Pendants for Pets
People are advancing today in their personal growth and are looking for new ways
to achieve spiritual enlightenment. But many are finding that their old patterning is
harder to release then they expected. This is because of the level of complexity that
exists within us.
PP Spinning Universe
PP Clean Enviroment
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to Harmony
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Last year the Teslas Starhenge was developed and it has
had incredible results in helping people with their personal
growth. While not everyone can have access to a Teslas
Starhenge at this point in time, they can now have access
to the new Teslas Spiritual Pattern Enhancer. This new plate
has come about from the knowledge that has been gained
by the development and use of the Teslas Starhenge. This
new plate gives you the opportunity to take your personal
growth to a whole new level.
The name Teslas Spiritual Pattern Enhancer gives you some idea of what it is used for.
But to understand this properly you are going to need some form of reference why
these words were chosen.
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Why the name Teslas Spiritual Pattern Enhancer?
Ph: +61 7 5494 2155
The first word Teslas is used to refer to special metal plates that have been treated with
a technology developed by Nikola Tesla. This technology is designed to balance spin
rates or as Nikola Tesla referred to it as Oscillations. Everything has a relation to these
spin rates: electrons, cells, organs humans, Earth, Planets, Solar systems, Galaxies etc.
These spin rates determine the quality of life. We will examine these later.
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The second word spiritual: this refers to something more than just our physical being.
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Move Energy Patterns That No Longer Serve You
It can be many different things to different people but none
the less it refers to our ability to connect to something more
than ourselves. One of the jobs of the new Teslas Spiritual
Pattern Enhancer is to open and clear the mechanism in our
physical body that allows us to connect to the spiritual side
of our lives.
The third word is Pattern: our lives are made up of many
patterns that we have inherited, received when we were
young and ones we have formed ourselves. Many of these
patterns no longer serve us yet they play in the background
effecting the way we see things and behave. The Teslas
Spiritual Pattern Enhancer when used correctly helps to
release those patterns.
The forth word is Enhancer: as the word means to lift up
and to bring forward, to add character. The new Teslas
Spiritual Pattern Enhancer is designed to lift you up from
low thinking and to help you to go forward and embrace life
with colour.
Why use the Teslas Spiritual Pattern
PP To move energy patterns that no longer serve you.
PP To be able to release a negative energy pattern the
moment you recognise it in yourself.
PP To clear your thought patterns when creating.
PP To help you assess a situation more clearly.
PP To help you connect at a spiritual level.
PP To release & cleanse from Spiritual Attacks.
It is a double sided oval shaped plate and comes in two
sizes, a large version for adults and the smaller version for
teenagers and younger. The plates are hand coloured and
each has its own unique design. (See photo on front page_
How do you use it:
Following the sequence outlined in the picture below, the
process should be completed seven times, the first time
you use it, after this it is up to your discretion. But we do
find if time permits doing it seven times is very thorough in
clearing energy patterns.
Full directions of use come with the Teslas Spiritual Pattern
Enhancer plate.
How often should you do this?
This will vary with each person depending on the resistance
that exists in the individual to change and their willingness
to let go. If you are open to it – do a full seven circuits
morning and night for 7 days. After this you will know for
yourself when you need to do it.
PP If you know of something that you specifically want
to shift, bring it to your attention, ask for clarity
forgiveness and to release it, than start the process.
Maybe you could not forgive before you started the
process, see if you are able to forgive once you have
completed the sequence.
PP In another scenario you may be looking for clarity
about a decision you have to make. This time you will
ask for clarity, the highest good and the best way to
move forward, than start the process.
PP When looking to connect to higher realms empty your
mind than go through the process. Once completed
begin your meditation or prayer.
Once you have your own Teslas Spiritual Pattern Enhancer
you will be able to experiment and use it in ways that serve
you for your highest good. You can if you choose, perform
this on another person while they stand still. It can be done
both front and back of the person.
What is the investment for the Teslas
Spiritual Pattern Enhancer?
When looking at the value and benefits it can bring to your
life on many levels and those whom you choose to share it
with, it is priceless.
The price will be $550 but as an introductory
price for the next two weeks it will be $525 for
the Adult and $225 for the Teenager & younger.
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The Perfect Partners
10 Years in the making
A marriage that has taken almost ten years to
come about is complete with the perfect partners.
The Teslas Spiritual Pattern Enhancer and the
Teslas Chakra Balancer. Both combine to give
you a balance of energy that increases with your
spiritual growth.
When both these plates are used together
amazing things begin to happen. As you clear
the patterns that have held you back and they
are dissolved into the universe, you will find the
renewed energy from your chakras will give you
the strength, power and will help to move you
forward in your journey of life.
Teslas Chakra Balancer Brings Harmony To Your Life
A Beautiful Song
Opening of Chakras
When I first looked at the Teslas Chakra Balancer back in
2006 I was immediately drawn to it as if the energy that was
emanating from it was calling me. As I held it in my hands
it was not long before I found out why. I placed it over my
heart and it felt like a beautiful song was playing just for me.
In the book Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan on page 65
there are the two diagrams, one that shows an adult chakra
and a child’s chakra. As you can see a child’s chakra does
not fully open till the age of seven. It is important that if you
work with a child under seven using the Chakra Balancer
use it very lightly and for a short duration.
How was it that what seemed like a piece of titanium metal
had such strange powers? But this was no ordinary piece of
titanium metal, and in fact I soon learn t that it had been
in a device that was designed by Nikola Tesla. This device
would change the structure of the metal to a transceiver
that tuned to certain frequencies in the Galaxy and the
Earth to bring about harmony.
This sounded like a far stretch of a story but I could not
deny what I was feeling with this Chakra Balancer Plate
in my hand and my heart. The more I looked into Nikola
Tesla I realized the man was a genius who had lodged
over a thousand patents in his lifetime. He had a unique
understanding of energy and how it worked with the human
system. I decided to let my resistance go and let the Chakra
Balancer do its work.
The Chakras
The knowledge of the Chakras goes back thousands of
years in Indian history. They are described as stations along
the central axis of your being. Each one is a point at which
energy can be expressed and received in a certain set of
actions, attitudes and emotions. The Chakras express your
journey in life which you must move along for healing to
happen. These points represent our physical, mental,
emotional, and spiritual growth. When these points are
flowing, healthy and in balance, then we are in harmony.
Page 3
Restore Balance To The Chakras Very Quickly.
Why use the Teslas Chakra Balancer
When one understands the importance of having your
Chakras in balance and at optima performance you will
discover how good that makes you feel. Having the right tool
can make it a quick and powerful way to bring about these
results. Using the Teslas Chakra balancer is exceptional at
restoring balance to the chakras very quickly. The energy
that comes through the Chakra Balancer is something that
is really in harmony with our bodies energy system.
How to use the Teslas Chakra Balancer
One of the recommended ways to use this beautiful plate
is to hold it over the Heart about 100 to 150 mm (4 to 6
inches) away with the flat side facing you. You will then
move it in and out till you start to feel the energy pulsing.
You can also turn the plate in your hand at the same time
you are moving it in and out. As you start to feel the pulse
you can take the Chakra Balancer further away which helps
to really open up the energy of the Chakras.
When you look at the diagram in the next column, you can
see that the chakra projects out both sides of the body
therefore it is very good if both sides can be done. This will
require another person to help you to achieve this.
balancers lets you do both sides at
the same time. This is extremely
Once you have completed the
Heart Chakra move You can use
the Teslas Chakra Balancer with
all of the chakras.
There are over 360 of these
energy points in the body but
today we will focus on the 7 main
What is the investment
for the Teslas Chakra
When looking at the value and benefits it can bring to your
life on many levels and those whom you choose to share it
with, it is priceless.
The price is $605
Contact Golden Pathways to order Today
I have found for those who work on other people and
providing it won’t stretch the budget, having two Chakra
Teslas Starhenge
What does it do?
One of the most exciting things to
be developed over the last couple of
years is the Teslas Starhenge which
was completed in July last year.
It is described as a working version of
Stonehenge or the equivalent to sitting
in the Kings Chamber at the Great
Pyramid of Giza.
The Teslas Starhenge provides a
unique and powerful, holistic solution
to stress reduction, purifying the body
and clearing energy blockages.
The Teslas Starhenge is a MultiDimensional Oscillator – It brings
balance to the energy and emotional
systems by reading the energy fields of
the person or situation, while assisting
people to new ways of thinking. It
enhances the energy flow through the
twelve meridians and other energy
systems of the body.
Many have felt a higher connection
to other realms while in the Teslas
Starhenge bringing clarity to their
lives. The Teslas Starhenge works
at a deep spiritual level by tapping
into dimensions that are beyond the
Physical Plane.
When Kim Kirkman from Lift Gallery
visited the Teslas Starhenge he said:
“I was ready to embrace
the energy that was there
… I felt the energy come
through every cell in my body
lighting it up with white light
and reshaping itself … my
imagination and dreams were
so wild and big and I really
felt them so easily becoming
a reality.”
The Teslas Starhenge tends
to open the thought patterns
of the individual to a higher
Page 4
vibration helping them to make
better choices in their lives. CEOs,
business operators, sports people and
politicians and those who depend on
making good decisions may find their
decision making improves. It may also
enhance relationships by improving
co-operative thought process between
The New Tablet and Laptop Tag Set
How safe is your Tablet and Laptop?
This led them to conclude:
“Laptop is paradoxically an improper site for the use of a
LTC, which consequently should be renamed to not induce
customers towards an improper use.”
After much research and
testing the Tablet and
Laptop Tag Set (TLTS) has
been developed for Tablets
and Laptops.
Dr Mercola’s Personal Experience with
“I have used a 13-inch notebook for many years as I travel. It
was a marvelous way to keep productive during my travels
on a plane and as a passenger in a car. For some reason it
never occurred to me to measure the EMF radiation coming
from the device. Recently I used a gauss meter on my
notebook computer, and on those of a number of my staff.
This new tag set is a very
powerful answer to the
many devices that people
are using. These devices are
generating Electro Magnetic
Frequencies (EMF) that are
causing our DNA to break
This has been proved by seeing the DNA generate heat
shock proteins due to the damage that is being caused by
Electromagnetic (EM) and Microwave fields emanating from
the blue tooth and Wi-Fi antennas of Tablets and Laptops
are believed to cause bio-energy effects to the DNA when
they are is in use.
Dr Mercola sends out warning.
Researchers Warn Laptop Computers
Should be renamed to Protect Users’
“New research published in the Archives of Environmental
and Occupational Health evaluated five commonly used
laptops of different brands.
“After measuring the EMF exposure produced, researchers
found EMF values were within the guidelines put forth by
the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation
Protection (ICNIRP), but “considerably higher than the
values recommended by 2 recent guidelines for computer
monitors magnetic field emissions, MPR II (Swedish
Board for Technical Accreditation) and TCO (Swedish
Confederation of Professional Employees), and those
considered risky for tumor development.”
“Further they noted that the EMF values became alarmingly
high when the laptop was used close to the body:
“I was shocked to find that the EMF levels were off the
chart on the device and most readings were higher than
100 milligauss. Safe ranges are less than 0.3. I do still use my
notebook computer, but needless to say I have made some
VERY serious adjustments to using it -- and I would strongly
encourage you to do the same. Most of the radiation
decreases about 2-3 inches away from the computer. So I
have been using an external keyboard ever since I found out
that the readings were so high. I never put the device on my
lap unless there is a 1-foot cushion under the notebook, as
that is about how far the field extends out.”
“If you don’t believe me on this one I
would strongly encourage you to get
a gauss meter and measure your own
notebook computer and see for yourself.”
Dr Martin Blows the Whistle
When Dr Martin Blank spoke in 2010 he stated how we
can now know for shore about the damage that is being
done right across the man-made electromagnetic fields to
our DNA. He specialized in the study of Heat Shock proteins
that the DNA produces when effected by EMFs. This is a
response by the DNA because of the strands breaking down
by these frequencies.
He said we can tell this now because we have identified the
20 proteins produced by the DNA that are involved with
heat stress response and in particular the one named HSP
“When close to the body, the laptop induces currents that
are within 34.2% to 49.8% ICNIRP recommendations,
but not negligible, to the adult’s body and to the fetus (in
pregnant women).
On the contrary, the power supply induces strong intracorporal electric current densities in the fetus and in the
adult subject, which are respectively 182-263% and 71483% higher than ICNIRP 98 basic restriction recommended
to prevent adverse health effects.”
Page 5
EMFs Cause Heat Shock Protein Activation In The DNA
Results from fitting the new Teslas Tablet Nikola Tesla
and Laptop Tag Set
Nikola Tesla was
Testing done with the micro-capillary microscope has shown
the blood flow slowing down considerably while the person
was using a device that was connected via Blue-tooth or WiFi, whereas the same person’s blood flow increased when
the same Tablet or Laptop was fitted with Teslas Products
Thermal image tests have shown the heat patterns when a
laptop or tablets are just 10mm above the skin, but when
the same test was done with a the Teslas Tags fitted to the
either device there is no heat pattern from the laptop and
When the Tablet and Laptop Tag Set is fitted correctly to
your device, it may help alleviate the energetic effects
associated with EMFs.
a genius
who had lodged over a
thousand patents in his
lifetime. He had a unique
understanding of energy
and how it worked with the
human system.
He was so concerned
about the detrimental
effects of some of his
earlier inventions like AC
Wireless devises etc. we’re
having on humans.
To counteract this he designed a device that would change
the structure of certain metals to a transceiver that once
changed would tune to certain frequencies in our Galaxy
and the Earth to bring about harmony to these EMFs.
Many people over the last 20 years who have used the
Teslas plates, which are altered by this device, designed
by Tesla. They testify to the benefits and wellbeing it has
brought to their lives.
The new Teslas Tablet and Laptop Tag Set comes ready
to fit with double sided tape already attached; fitting
instructions follow.
Dr Martin Blanks evidence linking Heat Shock proteins in the
DNA to devices that emit EMF’s and the health problems
related to this should be a wakeup call to all of us.
You may require more mainstream scientific studies that
are complete and excepted by the authorities that prove
100% the effects these devices are having on us, but if that
is the case we should err on the side of caution and take
our own precautions till that day comes. Remember how
long it took to get the tobacco industry to accept that there
was a problem, let alone to get the mobile device industry,
which is much bigger, to admit to the problem that exists
with EMFs today.
What is the investment for the Teslas
Tablet and Laptop Tag Set?
When looking at the value it can bring to the health of your
DNA and your life not to mention those whom you share
your devices with and the benefits it achieves, it is priceless.
The price for a set of four tags is $180.
The Teslas Tablet and Laptop Tag Set will be effective for the
rest of your life and can be transferred to new devices when
you purchase them.
Contact Golden Pathways to order Today
DNA under attack.
The range of frequencies that can effect us.
Page 6
Teslas Pendants For Pets
Pets and Inflammation
Our pets are being effected by all the Electro Magnetic
Frequencies and are exhibiting the disease that are
caused by inflammation from EMFs.
Because we care we have a specific range of Teslas
products just for our pets. Many people have asked
for these over the years and now we have them.
The proprietary treated metal in the Furry Friend
Pendant is not affected by any chemicals (body acids
or chemicals in water etc.), so bathing or swimming
with the Furry Friend Pendant on is recommended.
The Furry Friend Pendant has been
found to assist pets with:
After 24 hours the Pets Furry Friend Pendant will
have adapted to their energy matrix and should then
not be worn by other pets.
The Furry Friend Pendant was specifically
designed to be worn on the collar and has a unique tie
cable. During the proprietary manufacturing process
the vibrational signature of the metal (Titanium) has
been varied so that it acts as a transceiver of specific
photons (packets of light/energy).
This product then has the effect of strengthening your
pets energy field, thus helping to alleviate the bio-energy effects of some man-made EMF/EMR. The
process is similar to an antidote, which transforms a
poison to neutral and educates the body to resist the
poison next time. Testing has been done on a variety
of pets after they have worn the FFP in the correct
position for 24 hours with great results.
Skin Conditions
Plus More
Cat or Small Dog
Medium Dogs
Large Dogs
The Spinning Universe
Every thing in our universe is on the move from the greatest
Galaxy’s, the planets and Stars in them right down to the smallest
atoms in us.
What does it mean when we look at our own planet and the speed
it travels at the equator, 28 kl a minute all the way down to 10 kl
at the antarctic. A larger Spin rates represents a greater ability to
unlock the minerals in the Earth. That is why plants grows four
times as fast at the equator than in Melbourne or Canada.
It is important for us as humans that the spin rates of the electrons
in our atoms are at an optimum so that they can interact with the
minerals in us. This enhances the energy level we can utilize on
any given day.
Antenna in our DNA? Well it turns out that our DNA is a Fractal
Antenna. If you were to take the DNA out of one of your cells it
would stretch out to two meter’s long. Thus by the way that it
curls up in the cell it forms the same characteristics of a Fractal
This gives the DNA the capacity to operate with many different
frequencies, both sending and receiving information.
What a shame it is that we did not adopt Nikola Teslas concept
of free Scalar Energy. Had we adopted it we would not be subject
to all the damage that is being done to our DNA today by Electro
Magnetic pollution.
Tesla understood spin rates and he realized that everything has
an opposite including things that spin. He would refer to this as
oscillations. Through this understanding he discovered Scalar
waves and was able to transmit electricity through the ground
and air without wires. He also discovered that our DNA operates
with Scalar waves.
These Scalar waves are generated when the electrons cycle back
and forth through the ring network of the minerals. This creates a
magnetic wave which then generates a Scalar wave.
To transmit Scalar waves requires an Antenna. So where is the
Page 7
Creating a Clean Energy Environment
In Search Of Harmony
The Solution
In our chaotic world people are constantly searching for
a safe haven where they can find peace even if it is for a
short period each day. But often the atmosphere they try
to create eludes them. They attempt to create this space
in their own home surrounding themselves with all the
latest electrical technology and modern conveniences.
This is extended to their computer driven cars with all the
creature comforts.
Many people are strongly aware that something is not quite
right, they can feel it, but they can never put their finger
on it. They know it is affecting their health and thought
We have encircled the earth and infused the earth’s
atmosphere with these non-ionizing electromagnetic fields
- frequencies in ways that don’t exist in nature. We use
unnatural strengths, Alternating Current, digital signals, all
sorts of odd frequencies, without any understanding of the
full biological effects on both the earth and its inhabitants.
In reality everyone is affected by EMFs. In fact there are few
if any other factors currently as adverse to the ‘ease’ of the
human body.
In today’s world we are surrounded and bombarded with
all types of energy. It is amazing that we withstand the
onslaught to our cells from High tension power lines,
Wireless transmissions, Microwaves, Phone towers, Electro
Magnetic frequencies combined with the earth energies in
different places.
Save 20% off normal prices when purchasing a kit
Town Kit
8 and 14 sided Kit Farm or Factory Kit
After much research and development there is an answer
to our polluted EMF atmosphere.
Today Teslas Technologies have a number of different Plates
and technologies to counter the effects of each of these
energies using its proprietary technology.
1000’s of people today now use this technology and feel
what it is like to live in a energy clean home or work place
with out the bombardment of these energies in their lives.
Many people who could no longer go to shopping centers
because of the high levels of Electro magnetic Stress can
now shop again with out being affected and are very
The House Kit
To assist people cover their house, car, phones, water and
bodies, Tesla’s products help you to enjoy the atmosphere
your body craves for. This is a once only lifetime purchase.
It will last you the rest of your life. It is transportable,
when you move house you easily take it with you.
To purchase contact Golden Pathways To Harmony Email: [email protected] Ph: 07 5494 2155 ext 1 M: 0409 055 816
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