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Support Services for Students
Associate Professor Alistair Symons
Director | Academic Enabling and Support Centre
Careers Advisors Day
The Objects of the University
The provision of university education, within a context of Catholic faith
and values; and the provision of an excellent standard of:
1) Teaching, scholarship and research;
2) Training for the professions; and
3) Pastoral care for its students.
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Students are encouraged to contact the following staff if they have any
academic or personal issues :
1. Lecturer or Tutor
2. Unit Coordinator
3. Course Coordinator
4. Dean
If you have any administrative issues contact your School Administration
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Access to Student Support Services
Careers Advisors Day
Student Support Services at Notre Dame
Academic Support Office – weekly workshops on study skills, online
resources, personal consultations.
p: 8204 4295.
e: [email protected]
TEP Enrolment Day
Careers Advisors Day
Student Support Services at Notre Dame
Disability & Equity Support Office – assistance and provisions for students
with special needs.
p: 8204 4283.
e: [email protected]
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Student Support Services at Notre Dame
Counselling – professional service in which students can discuss issues
impacting their study.
p: 8204 4220.
e: [email protected]
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Student Support Services at Notre Dame
Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme – tutoring to assist Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander students.
p: 8204 4228.
e:[email protected]
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Post Enrolment Literacy Assessment
All students entering the University of Notre Dame are assessed to provide a guide to their current
academic literacy. Academic literacy includes reading, writing, critical thinking and communication.
These skills are vital to academic success at university, and may be very different to the expectations at
secondary schooling or of training providers.
We want every student entering Notre Dame to be successful and ready to engage with the academic
literacy demands of university study.
The PELA is administered by the University as a diagnostic tool designed to identify students
who would benefit from support in their undergraduate study. The PELA will not impact on your
continuing enrolment or your undergraduate unit results.
Students identified through this test as requiring support, will be advised via email about academic
support to enhance their literacy skills.
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Alternative Entry Pathways
Tertiary Enabling Program:
ONE semester
7 units
Foundation Year:
TWO semesters
8 units
Careers Advisors Day
HSC Study Week 2015
July 6-10