Tutorial 9 Questions

Tutorial 9
ME101 (Engineering Mechanics) 2014-2015 Sem II
Time: 8:00- 8:55 am
Note: Each question carries 10 Marks
Q1. In Fig. 1, pin c is attached to rod BC and slides freely in the slot of rod OA which rotates at
the constant rate ω. At the instant when β = 60o, determine (a) ṙ and  , (b) r and  . Express
your answer in terms of d and ω.
Fig. 1
Q2. At the bottom of a vertical loop (Fig. 2) in the x-y plane at an altitude of 400 m, the airplane
has a speed of 600 km\h with no horizontal x-acceleration. The radius of curvature of the loop
 and
at the bottom is 1200 m. For the radar tracking at O, determine the recorded values of R
 for this instant.
7.2 m
7.2 m
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Q3. The car A in Fig 3. is ascending a parking-garage ramp in the form of a cylindrical helix of
7.2 m radius rising 3 m for each half turn. At the position shown, the car has a speed of 25
km/h, which is decreasing at the rate of 3 km\h per second. Determine the r-,  -, and zcomponents of acceleration of the car.
Q4. At a certain instant, cylinder A, in Fig. 4 has a downward velocity of 0.8 m\s and an upward
acceleration of 2 m\s2. Determine the corresponding velocity and acceleration of cylinder B.
Fig. 4