Memories of the Future - St. John Brebeuf Catholic Parish, Niles IL

March 22, 2015
Fifth Sunday of Lent
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Memories of the Future
The Future is as Bright as the
Promises of God
St. John Brebeuf Parish
8307 N. Harlem Ave., Niles, IL 60714
The Parish Community of St. John Brebeuf congratulates
the following young men and women who received the
Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday, March 21, 2015,
at 1:30 p.m. The Sacrament was conferred by The Most
Reverend Andrew P. Wypych, Auxiliary Bishop of
Chicago. We promise you our continued prayers and
support as you have now been sealed with the gift of the
Holy Spirit.
SJB Religious Education
Emilia Aguilar
Czarina Bautista
Pauline Burdyn
Haley Croke
Tyler D'Acquisto
Caroline Hensing
Amanda Hiller
Sabina Jaromin
Lizzette Jose
Nicole Kasperek
Jonah Kim
Casandra Kopec
Karol Koziel
Patrick Kubik
Patryk Kucharski
Eric Lelo
Julia Lukasik
Thomas Maksimowicz
Jasmina Malek
Julia Nawara
Karolina Orzech
Julia Osika
Paula Ostapkiewicz
Conrad Persowski
Thomas Prieto
Julie Rublev
Konrad Ryk
Martin Kris Skrzypek
Sebastian Stankiewicz
Martin Sulewski
Alexandra Surowka
Natalie Trytko
Elizabeth Urban
Gabriella Vos
Alexander Walega
Alice Werynski
SJB School
Jillian Bacon
Brandon Brucal
Mabel Chevlin
Samantha Dias
Brigid Early
Vincenzo Genualdi
Emily Gutzman
Hailey Hawkins
Jessica Jelke
Caroline Komosa
Michael Latessa
Maria Lojko
Michael Luisi
Kirsten Macam
Bryanna Manogura
Greta Mueller
Colleen Paschelke
Roman Rajski
Joseph Ramirez
Olivia Stepek
Kamila Swiatek
Matthew Tan
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Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 22, 2015
Dear Parishioners,
On Saturday, March 21, Bishop Andrew Wypych celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation. Fifty Eight
students were anointed with the gift of the Holy Spirit; the same gift that Jesus bestowed on his disciples.
The gift of the Spirit was promised by Jesus to his disciples to be an abiding presence and assistance (Acts 1:8;
Lk 24:49). In the power of that gift, received at Pentecost, the early church was strengthened to witness to the
truth (Jn 15:26) and proclaim the mighty works of God.
The Rite of Confirmation emphasizes the centrality of the Spirit throughout the rite of anointing. “The sacrament of Confirmation is conferred through the anointing with chrism on the forehead, which is done by the
laying on of hands, and through the words: “Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit” (Document on the
Liturgy, p. 770).
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge, fortitude and fear of the Lord.
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit strengthen the confirmed to be witnesses, through lives of faith and love before the
Our 8th graders, all adolescents, are beginning to embrace the issues of life. School work? Curfew? Computer
time? Driving? Dating? During this time of testing and maturation, the church supports the young person and
their parents to face their responsibilities with maturity.
Confirmation is not the time to back off from helping the adolescent with schoolwork and all the other decisions that come at their age. Unfortunately, some parents have the mistaken notion that when their child
reaches a certain age, they shy away from their responsibilities. Psychologists remind us that there is no magic
date when a person reaches emotional maturity.
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit guide our young people in a very real way when they grapple with these issues.
They enable both parents and the young person to move away from defiance, indifference or laziness to spiritual and emotional maturity. Just as the disciples became more courageous in their witness of God’s mercy and
love, so do our Confirmed.
Through the Holy Sprit our life becomes full, rich and heroic and not at all limited or made dull.
To help Confirmandi to embrace the challenges of Christian Discipleship, they choose a Saint’s name at the
time of the conferral of the sacrament. The saint is a model and a source of encouragement to our young
people and to all the faithful as they journey all through life. A Saint has embodied the challenge to “Do this in
remembrance of me.” In an age when Christians must literally choose between life and death for the sake of
the gospel, saints choose life though the cost is death.
Perhaps a hundred years from now one of our Confirmandi will be named a saint after living a sacrificial life
for others like our patron, Saint John Brebeuf!
Father Mike Meany
March 22, 2015
Fifth Sunday of Lent
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7:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:45 AM, 12:30 PM (Polish), 6:00 PM
Sunday, March 29
3:00 PM LIVE AT SJB Concert Series
Niles Metropolitan Chorus & Soloists, Musica Lumina Orchestra
STABAT MATER by Gioachino Rossini A sacred music masterpiece by the celebrated opera composer, the Stabat
Mater is a 13th-century Catholic hymn to Mary and is, appropriately for Palm Sunday, about the Sorrows of Mary
REQUIEM by Gabriel Faure This beautiful favorite setting by the French composer offers an inspiring start to
Holy Week.
Monday, March 30
Tuesday, March 31
Wednesday, April 1
6:30 & 8:45 AM Mass
6:30 & 8:45 AM Mass
6:30 & 8:45 AM Mass
2:00 PM
SJB School - Stations of the Cross
6:00 PM
Decorating for Holy Thursday – Church
Holy Thursday, April 2
8:45 AM
7:00 PM
Until Midnight
Good Friday, April 3
8:45 AM
3:00 PM
5:30 PM
7:30 PM
9:00 PM
Holy Saturday, April 4
Easter Sunday, April 5
Morning Prayer – Church Chapel
Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Parish Priests Concelebrate – Adult Choir
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Morning Prayer – Church Chapel
Stations of the Cross
The Lord’s Passion (Polish)
The Lord’s Passion (English) – LifeTeen Choir
Decorating for Easter – Church
8:45 AM
Morning Prayer – Church Chapel
9:15 AM
Decorating for Easter – Church
10:45, 11:30, 12:15, 1:00—Food Blessings in Church
7:00 PM
Vigil Mass – Parish Priests Concelebrate –
Adult Choir, brass, organ
5:00 AM
7:30 AM
9:00 AM
10:45 AM
12:30 PM
No 6 PM Mass
Sunrise Mass (Polish)
Mass – Cantor with trumpets, organ
Mass – Cantate Deo Women’s Ensemble with trumpets, organ
Mass – Adult Choir with brass, organ
Mass (Polish)
Second Sunday of Easter (Sunday of Divine Mercy) April 12
7:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:45 AM, 12:30 PM (Polish)
3:00 PM
Bilingual Mass with Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Exposition
6:00 PM
Eastertime continues until Pentecost Sunday on May 24
(continued on page 5)
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Fifth Sunday of Lent
Devotions in the Church
Monday through Friday
After 8:45 AM Mass
After 7:30 AM Mass Saturday
Ave Maria Polish Prayer Group
After 7:00 PM Mass
(Including Benediction )
First Friday Devotions
To the Sacred Heart of Jesus
After 8:45 AM Mass and
After 7:00 PM Polish Mass
First Saturday Devotions
To Immaculate Heart of Mary
After 7:30 AM Mass and
After 6:30 PM Polish Mass
Devotions in the Adoration Chapel
Marian Prayer Group
March 22, 2015
Saturday, March 21
Bishop Andrew Wypych
Sunday, March 22
Fifth Sunday of Lent
(Second Collection for Church Projects)
10:45—Family Mass
Saturday, March 28
Sunday, March 29
Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
(Second Collection for St. Vincent de Paul Society)
Monday 7:00 PM
Godzinki Ave Maria Prayer Group
Thursday 8:00 AM
Hour of Divine Mercy
Friday 3:00 PM
(Includes Stations of the Cross)
Pray for priests every Thursday
The Marvelous Rosary
Join in Rosary Prayers daily,
Monday through Friday,
immediately following the 8:45
AM Mass; Saturday following
the 7:30 AM Mass; Sunday
before the 7:30 AM Mass.
Praying the rosary
together in front of the Blessed Sacrament
gives many graces and is so peaceful.
Christ's followers were
skeptical when He preached
the reality of His Body and
Blood as food and drink. St.
John said, "many of His disciples withdrew and no longer
went about with Him."
Seeing this, Jesus asked the Twelve, "Do
you also want to leave me?" Simon Peter did
not understand any more than those who left
Christ, but his loyalty was more firm. "Lord,"
he said, "to whom shall we go? You have
the words of eternal life."
We have the "Word of Eternal Life"
right here with us day and night in our
Adoration Chapel. Do you have something
you want to ask Him? There are several
hours needing adorers. Please pick one for
your personal hour with Him.
Altar Server Schedule Week of March 23—-29
8:45—Renz Yuson, Ryan Inumerable
8:45—Peter Seitzinger, Samanta Dias
Wednesday: 8:45—Kirsten Macam
8:45—Grace Seitzinger, Allison Walsh
8:45—Vincent Macam, Samantha Wargo
Stations of
3:15—Vincenzo Genualdi, Anthony Genualdi
the Cross
Megan John
7:00—Colleen Murphy, Steven Sciwiarski
Joshua Vernon
7:30—Merril Philip, Adam Gucik
Patrick Jurkulak
5:00—Joey Hodge, David Jozefczak
Annamarie Diaz
6:30—Steven Sciwiarski, Daniel Bosak
Adam Cudzich
7:30—Matthew Seitzinger, Caitlin Aguada
Jesse Anamoo, T. Bartyzel, Alina Bosak
9:00—M. Schoenfeldt, S. Kuechel, Agnes Folga
Jackie Buczkowski, Gabriel Catane
10:45—Ralph Joseph, Cameron Faust, Ray
Joseph, Cassie Corbes, Denise Gomez
12:30—E. Karpinski, J. Lukasik, Karolina
Orzech, K. Dyczko, Christian Guzek
6:00—J. Inumerable, Agnieszka, Simon, Ania &
Iza Rostkowski
March 22, 2015
Fifth Sunday of Lent
Page 5
DAILY EUCHARIST— 6:30 AM and 8:45 AM
SACRAMENT OF PENANCE —Saturdays 11:00 AM until noon (except Holy Saturday)
MONDAY ROSARY DEVOTIONS— 7:00 PM in the Adoration Chapel in the Parish Ministry Center
WEDNESDAY MASS (in Polish)—7:00 PM
STATIONS OF THE CROSS — 7:00 PM in the Church (except on Good Friday) (English & Polish)
FRIDAY: HOUR OF DIVINE MERCY—3:00 PM—Adoration Chapel in the Parish Ministry Center
SCRIPTURE STUDY—Sunday Mornings beginning February 15 from 10:00 AM—11:45 AM (contact
Chester Gilbert, 847-966-4789
POLISH LENTEN TAIZE—Sunday, March 22—8:00 PM
Special Palm Sunday Showing:
The Francis Effect Video
All are invited to a special showing of The Francis
Effect Video on Palm Sunday, March 29 at 7:15 pm in
our Parish Ministry Center. From the moment he
appeared on the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope
Francis won the hearts of the people. The Francis Effect
takes a critical and in-depth look at how one man has
quickly changed the face of Catholicism at a moment
when no one really expected it. Admission is FREE and
light refreshments will be served. For more information
please contact Deacon Andy Beierwaltes (847) 966-6961.
Good Friday “Living” Stations of the
Cross at St. Anthony’s
All are welcomed to join Deacon Andy
Beierwaltes to participate on Good Friday, April
3 for the Living Stations of the Cross at our
sharing parish, St. Anthony of Padua in Cicero,
Illinois. We will leave SJB via car pool at 8:00
am Good Friday to journey to St. Anthony’s to
walk the streets surrounding the parish to pray
and experience the Living Stations of the Cross.
For more information, please contact Deacon
Andy at (847) 966-6961 or via e-mail:
[email protected]
Page 6
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 22, 2015
THE FEAST OF DIVINE MERCY_______________________
_April 12, 2015
On Good Friday, 1937, Jesus requested that St. Faustina make a special novena before the Feast of Mercy, beginning
on Good Friday and through the following Saturday. He suggested to St. Faustina the specific intentions she was to
use in this Novena.
(These suggestions were for her, individually, but can be our intentions as well).
Day 1 All mankind, especially all sinners
Day 2 The souls of priests and religious
Day 3 All devout and faithful souls
Day 4 Those who do not believe in God & those who do not know Me
Day 5 The souls of those who have separated themselves from My Church
Day 6 The meek and humble souls and the souls of little children
Day 7 The souls who especially venerate and glorify My mercy
Day 8 The souls who are detained in Purgatory
Day 9 Souls who have become lukewarm
Jesus said: “You are to show mercy to your neighbors always and everywhere. You must not shrink from
this, nor try to excuse yourself from it…..Even the strongest faith is of no avail without works (742)….If a soul
does not exercise mercy in some way, it will not obtain My mercy on the day of judgment (1317).
Admonish sinners
Instruct the uninformed
Counsel the doubtful
Comfort the sorrowful
Be patient with those in error Forgive offenses
Pray for the living and the dead
Altar Bread and Wine will be
Offered in Memory of
Frank Sergot
Donated by Casey Sergot & Children
during the week of
March 22, 2015
Feed the hungry
Give drink to the thirsty
Clothe the naked
Shelter the homeless
Comfort the imprisoned Visit the sick
Bury the dead
Gospel at the Procession with
Palms — Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem (Mark 11:1-10 or John 12:1216).
First Reading — In spite of my
sufferings I am not disgraced. I am not put to shame
(Isaiah 50:4-7).
Psalm — My God, my God, why have you abandoned
me? (Psalm 22).
Second Reading — Christ emptied himself, and God
filled this emptiness with exaltation (Philippians 2:6-11).
Gospel — The account of Christ’s passion according to
Mark (Mark 14:1 — 15:47 [15:1-39]).
As we approach Holy Week, the creative juices of the ancient church of Jerusalem begin to shape our journey.
In old Jerusalem at this season of the year, the attempt was made to recall the events leading up to Christ’s passion.
Those attempts were based not only on time, with celebrations of events as close to the day and hour as possible,
but also on people’s best guesses as to the actual place of these events. Vast numbers of pilgrims flooded the city
during the forty days of Lent, many of them catechumens in their last stages of preparation for initiation. The fourth
-century Spanish nun Egeria wrote a delightfully detailed diary of her experience of this lively and aerobic liturgy,
which involved hearty singing, strong preaching, and nimble processions across vast and arduous terrain.
Much of this energy was lost over the centuries, with the procession of palms a noteworthy exception. Northern
climates had to reinterpret this Jerusalem liturgy, using forsythia, willow, or olive branches, but to this day the entry
into Holy Week by a community on the move accompanied by joyful song hearkens back to a venerable tradition.
Egeria’s letters were rediscovered a little more than a hundred years ago, but they reveal a pattern of prayer: full,
conscious, active participation, to which we have a right and a duty.
March 22, 2015
Fifth Sunday of Lent
Page 7
Easter Season Flower Memorials
What a beautiful way to remember your loved ones, living or deceased, with a
donation in the amount of $10 toward the purchase of flowers which will grace the
church environment from Easter until Pentecost.
Only one name or one family name may be listed per donation, i.e. Mr. John
Smith or John Smith Family. Please place this completed form along with your
donation, in an envelope marked Easter Flowers. You may then place it in the offering basket or return it to the parish.
All memorials must be received by Easter Sunday, April 5 so that they can be published in the Divine Mercy
Sunday, April 12th bulletin. Please note that the names of those memorialized will be printed, not the donor’s name.
Easter Flower Memorials
Memorial Name ____________________________________________________
Donor’s Name ____________________________________________________
Amount Enclosed ___________________________________________________
Immediately following the 7:00 PM Mass of the Lord’s Supper, St. John Brebeuf
Parish offers the opportunity to revive the age-old tradition of the “Visitation of
Churches”. We are invited to pray with our Lord late into the night, through the sacrament
of the Mass, followed by an evening visiting five “Altars of Repose” throughout
Chicago. Chartered school buses will pick us up outside of St. John Brebeuf and will
whisk us from church to church, for our evening of prayer. The Churches we tentatively
plan to visit are: St. Hyacinth Basilica, Holy Trinity, St. Stanislaus Kostka, St. John
Cantius, and St. Mary of the Angels. The evening will end with night prayer at about
midnight, when the buses return us to St. John Brebeuf.
Reservations are not only a must, but they are limited too. Please fill out the form
below and return it to the parish office, along with your donation of $10.00, to help defer
the expense of the buses, by Monday, March 30th. For additional information, please contact Barbara Bronder at
PHONE: ________________________ # OF PEOPLE IN YOUR PARTY: _________
AMOUNT ENCLOSED: $ _________________
Page 8
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 22, 2015
All are invited to
collectively make or renew
their 33-day
St. Louis Marie de Montfort
Total Consecration to
Jesus through Mary
The Annunciation
of the Lord
Wednesday evening, March 25th
7:00 P.M. Holy Mass
5:30 P.M. Confession
6:00 P.M. Angelus,Rosary
St. Catherine Laboure
3535 Thornwood, Glenview
Per Archdiocese policy, all employees and volunteers working with children, in any Catholic Parish and/or
School must attend a Virtus Training Session, before beginning their service to their faith community. We will be
offering this training, here at St. John Brebeuf on the following dates:
Monday, March 23, 7:00 PM—10:00 PM, PMC-A
Monday, April 20, 7:00 PM—10:00 PM, PMC-A
Monday, May 11, 7:00 M—10:00 PM, PMC-A
You need to only attend one session; however, you must be present for the entire three hours to get credit and to
receive your certificate. You must also be registered on-line in advance of the date of the class.
To register, access and clicking on the lower left side of the screen, where it reads:
Protecting Children. The screen will then walk you through the registration process. For further information call
Larry Skaja at 847-966-8145. Please arrive 30 minutes before the class to sign in. No one will be allowed in after the
session starts.
March 22, 2015
Fifth Sunday of Lent
Page 9
March 24—Don’t Forget the
Sack Dinners for the Homeless
and Less Fortunate
Please remember to bring your
sack dinners to the front of the
Church this Tuesday, March 24th.
We will be gathering the sack
dinners from 6:00 to 9:00 AM.
Thank you for your continuing
generosity in helping to feed some of
the less fortunate.
"... the temptation
grows to have recourse
to euthanasia, that is, to take control
of death and bring it before its time,
ending one’s own life or the life of
others. In reality, what might seem
logical and humane, when looked at
more closely is seen to be senseless
and inhumane. Here we are faced
with one of the more alarming symptoms of the 'culture of death'."
Please pray to end the culture of
death. St. John Paul II.
Let us continue to pray daily:
“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you
very much. I beg you to spare the
life of the unborn baby that I have
spiritually adopted who is in danger
of abortion.”
St. John Brebeuf Spelling Bee
The 33rd annual Local Spelling Bee, sponsored by the
Knights of Columbus Council #4338, was held at St. John
Brebeuf School on February 5, 2015. Congratulations to the
top three winners pictured below with Leo Weiss, the Coordinator from the Knights of Columbus
From left to right the winners are Jayden De Leon, first
place; Alex Kierna, second place; and Kirsten Macam, third
place. At the Regional Spelling Bee on February 28 at St.
Catherine Laboure, Jayden De Leon did the best of the three
by placing in ninth place.
Page 10
Fifth Sunday of Lent
1. SIGN UP BY MAY 1, 2015! SJB Youth Ministry is registering teens for our Summer Service camp
“ALIVE IN YOU 2015”. Deadline to sign up is May
1, 2015. Be part of an inspirational summer experience! We will be traveling to Springfield, Illinois,
from June 23 through June 28, 2015. Registration fee
is $140. Interested? Contact Mrs. Pam Perez by texting (847-239-2379) or emailing her for the registration form. Tell your friends! ALL TEENS 13 YEARS
2. Join SJB Youth Ministry at the Holy Name
Men’s Club BINGO Event on Sunday, March 22nd
in FLANAGAN HALL from 2:30 to 5:30pm. We will
be selling food, baked goods, and World’s Finest
Chocolates. All sales will cover our costs for the Summer Service Trip. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
3. TEENS our next Life Teen Mass and Life Night
is Saturday, March 28th. ALL TEENS GOING TO
ATTEND. We’ll meet in church and celebrate the
5:00 Mass together. Then we will proceed to the
Parish Ministry Center until 8:00pm for our evening
activities. Join us for food, group bonding games,
inspirational talks, music, and more! ALL TEENS
4. Our next OPEN ROOM is Sunday, March 29th
from 7:00-9:00pm in the Youth Ministry Office.
Enjoy video games, board games, or watch a new
DVD. Snacks and pop are provided by Youth Ministry. Pizza is $3.00. Invite your friends, and make new
5. TEENS join SJB Youth Ministry, our clergy
and parishioners from St John Brebeuf for the annual Church Pilgrimage on Holy Thursday, April
2nd . Immediately following the 7:00pm Mass of the
Lord's Supper, we board school buses outside of St
John Brebeuf, and will visit five beautiful churches in
the Chicago area. The evening ends at St John Brebeuf with night prayer at about midnight. COST IS
FREE TO TEENS! Join us for this age-old tradition! Text Mrs Perez (847-239-2379) to sign up.
March 22, 2015
Check out our upcoming events at and
select Parish Ministries,
then Youth Ministry, then select Calendar.
The North American Martyrs
Council 4338 would like to thank
all of the individuals that attended
the corned beef and cabbage dinner March 14th. I believe we had
a record turnout. I hope everyone
had a great time and enjoyed themselves.
Also, a big thank you to all the council officers who
assisted with setup, the sale of raffle tickets as well as
other charitable causes. Please be assured that those who
donated and purchased raffle tickets and your generosity
will definitely go to support our local charities. God
Bless each and everyone of you!
Have a great week as we prepare for the resurrection
of Christ !
Michael Curtis, GK, North American Martyrs, Council
Upcoming Events:
March 25 - Officer Meeting at 7:00 in P.M.C.
April 1 - General Business Meeting at 7:30 S.J.B. in
March 22-Fifth Sunday of Lent:
In the Gospel today, Jesus says
“Whoever serves me must follow me,
and where I am, there also will my servant be. The Father will honor whoever
serves me.” When we help the poor we are truly followers of Jesus, servant of the poor.
As you place your gift in the Society of St. Vincent
de Paul poor box, know that you are a sign of God’s
love to those who are suffering and you give them
Easter hope and joy.
Parish Office: (847) 966-8145
Email: [email protected]
Parish Council is asking all of the Ministries/
Organizations to represent themselves to the Parish.
During the next several months, leaders of our ministries will be in the main vestibule to present themselves
to our parishioners. We encourage you to take advantage
Find us on Facebook! Search for St John YM or our group
of this opportunity. If you are thinking about using your
St John Brebeuf YM
time and talent, this would be a great time to join.
Questions? Contact Pam Perez, Youth Ministry
During March we will be highlighting the Commissions
Director, 847-966-9815
[email protected]
that make up Human Concerns.
March 22, 2015
Fifth Sunday of Lent
Page 11
The Catholic Women’s Club recently hosted a “Ladies Night Out” at Riggio’s Restaurant in Niles. The CWC
officers and board members would like to thank the almost 50 ladies who supported this event and enjoyed a great
dinner, a fun game, and an evening of socializing. Thanks to Salon M Day Spa for the door prize donation. A special
thanks to Riggio’s for the wonderful accommodations and service.
Jean Kuna, Dinner Chairwoman
Carolyn Drblik, CWC President
On Wednesday, April 15th, from 4:00
until closing, Kappy’s Restaurant at Harlem
and Dempster, is hosting a family night out
to benefit the SJB Catholic Women’s Club.
You can order anything on the menu and
CWC will receive 20% of your bill. Just
inform the restaurant that you are from St.
John Brebeuf. (There are early-bird specials
available for seniors.)
Why not take your family out for a midweek treat and benefit the SJB Catholic
Women’s Club at the same time? For any
other information, call Pam Lowder, 847-692
Our Niles Knights
golf league has several
openings for men interested in good competition, great camaraderie
and golf. Join us at Tam, Tuesday afternoons. First tee time is at 2:00 PM; 20 week
season, with a mid-season Steak BBQ and
year-end banquet. For info, call Jim Lange
(847-826-1676) or Fred Disch (847-9025448).
Page 12
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 22, 2015
Drodzy Parafianie,
W sobotę, 21-go marca, Biskup Andrzej Wypych udzielił Sakramentu Bierzmowania. Ponad 58 uczniów
zostało namaszczonych darami Ducha Świętego, tymi samymi, którymi Jezus obdarzył swoich uczniów.
Dar Ducha Świętego był obiecany przez Jezusa swoim uczniom, jako znak stałej obecności i pomocy (Dz 1: 8;
Łk 24: 49). W mocy tego daru, otrzymanego w dniu Pięćdziesiątnicy, początkowy Kościół został wzmocniony
do tego, aby dać świadectwo prawdzie (J 15: 26) i głosić wielkie dzieła Boże.
Obrzęd bierzmowania podkreśla centralność Ducha Świętego przez cały obrzęd namaszczenia. "Sakramentu
bierzmowania udziela się przez namaszczenie krzyżmem na czole, którego dokonuje się wraz z nałożeniem
ręki i przez słowa: "Przyjmij znamię Daru Ducha Świętego" (Dokument o Liturgii, str. 770)
Darami Ducha Świętego są mądrość, rozum, rada, wiedza, męstwo, pobożność i bojaźń Boża. Dary Ducha
Świętego powodują umocnienie i przygotowanie do bycia świadkiem, poprzez życie wiara i miłością w
Nasi uczniowie ósmych klas, czy wszyscy nastolatkowie, zaczynają odkrywać problemy życiowe. Praca w
szkole? Wracanie do domu na czas? Czas spędzony przed komputerem? Jazda samochodem? Randki? W tym
czasie testowania i dojrzewania Kościół popiera młodych ludzi i ich rodziców, aby mogli sprostać swoim
obowiązkom płynących z ich dojrzewania.
Bierzmowanie nie jest czasem, aby wycofać się z pomocy młodzieży związanej z ich nauką i wszelkimi
innymi decyzjami, które zachodzą w ich życiu.
Niestety niektórzy rodzice przyjmują błędne założenie, że gdy ich dziecko osiągnie określony wiek, to
odżegnują się wtedy od swoich obowiązków. Psychologowie przypominają nam, że to nie jest jakiś magiczny
okres, kiedy osoba osiągnie dojrzałość emocjonalną.
Dary Ducha Świętego prowadza nasza młodzież w sposób bardzo realny, gdy borykają się z tymi problemami.
Umożliwiają one zarówno rodzicom, jak i młodym ludziom pozbycia się oporu, obojętności lub tez lenistwa w
zamian za dojrzałość duchową i emocjonalną. Tak jak kiedyś apostołowie stali się bardziej odważnymi w ich
świadczeniu o miłosierdziu i miłości Boga, tak też dotyczy to naszych uczniów, którzy przyjęli Sakrament
Dzięki Duchowi Świętemu nasze życie staje się pełne, bogate i heroiczne i wcale nie jest ograniczone lub tez
W chwili udzielania sakramentu bierzmowania, nasi uczniowie obierają sobie imiona świętych po to, aby
pomagali im sprostać wyzwaniom w naśladowaniu Chrystusa. Święty jest zarazem wzorem i źródłem zachęty
dla młodych ludzi i dla wszystkich wiernych, ponieważ ich podróż będzie trwać przez całe życie. Święty
wciela wyzwanie: "Czyńcie to na moją pamiątkę ". W czasach, gdy chrześcijanie muszą dosłownie wybierać
między życiem a śmiercią w imię Ewangelii, święci wybierają życie, choć kosztem tego jest nieraz śmierć.
Być może za sto lat, ktoś z naszych bierzmowanych uczniów będzie nazwany świętym dzięki ofiarnemu życiu
względem innych, takich jak nasz patron, Święty Jana Brebeuf.
Z poważaniem,
Ks. Mike Meany
March 22, 2015
Fifth Sunday of Lent
Page 13
Archidiecezja Chicago
Konsultacja Parafialna i Przygotowanie do Synodu Biskupów
Powołanie i Misja Rodziny w Kościele i we współczesnym świecie
Nasz Ojciec Święty Franciszek, zwołał jak do tej pory dwa synody lub tez zebrania poszczególnych
Biskupów z całego świata po to, aby zwrócić swoja uwagę na rodzinę. Pierwszy Synod odbył się jesienią ubiegłego
roku, a drugi odbędzie się w tym roku w październiku. Nasz Arcybiskup Cupich został mianowany delegatem na
tenże Synod.
Przygotowując się do ukazania własnej perspektywy jego braciom w biskupstwie w Stanach Zjednoczonych,
a także Urzędowi Synodu, przewidzianego na jesień w Rzymie, arcybiskup Cupich chciałby usłyszeć głos wiernych
z Archidiecezji Chicago. Proszę się zastanowić nad wykorzystaniem tej krótkiej ankiety, która z pewnością pomoże
mu w tych przygotowaniach. Twój ksiądz proboszcz i pracownicy parafialni otrzymają Twoje komentarze i przekażą
je dalej do Arcybiskupa Cupich.
Tematem Synodu jest powołanie i misja rodziny w Kościele i w świecie współczesnym. Natomiast Synod
ma nadzieje, ze przyczyni się do tego, aby "Ewangelia rodziny" na nowo odżyła w otaczającym nas świecie.
Oznacza to zrozumienie życia rodzinnego w taki sposób, że to rodzina staje się uprzywilejowanym miejscem gdzie
możemy spotkać Boga i gdzie Bóg spotyka nas. Proszę podzielić się swoimi refleksjami po zapoznaniu się z tymi
oto pytaniami.
Pełną dokumentację, o nazwie Lineamenta lub wytycznych, wraz z wykładami papieża Franciszka i dwoma
artykułami, można znaleźć na stronie archidiecezji:
Formularz konsultacyjny parafii
Czy życie rodzinne jest łaską i błogosławieństwem danymi Wam od Pana?
W jaki sposób współczesna kultura amerykańska, w tym konkretnym momencie historii, pomaga lub utrudnia
naszym rodzinom stawanie się takimi, jakimi Bóg chciałby, aby one były?
W oparciu o własne doświadczenia powiedz, jakie są największe wyzwania, przed którymi stoją współczesne
W jaki sposób my, jako Kościół możemy odpowiadać na te wyzwania?
Co parafie, Twoim zdaniem, mogłyby zrobić dla włączenia tych, o których być może trochę zapomniano, kiedy
mówi się o życiu rodzinnym?
Co można zrobić, aby parafie były bardziej dostępne dla takich ludzi, jak na przykład: osoby samotne, wdowcy,
matki lub ojcowie samotnie wychowujący dzieci, osoby rozwiedzione lub żyjące w separacji, a także ci, którzy
utożsamiają się z homoseksualistami i dla innych?
Page 14
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 22, 2015
Upamiętnij Swoich Bliskich Kwiatami Wielkanocnymi...
Pamiętajmy o naszych ukochanych, żyjących i tych, którzy już od nas odeszli,
ofiarując $10 na zakup kwiatów, które ozdobią naszą świątynię od Niedzieli
Wielkanocnej aż do Zesłania Ducha Świętego.
Proszę podać tylko jedną osobę, lub rodzinę, wraz z każdą ofiarą (przykładowo: Jan
Nowak, albo Rodzina Nowak). Proszę włożyć wypełniony formularz wraz z ofiarą
do koperty z napisem “Easter Flowers” i złożyć na niedzielną tacę, albo przynieść
go do kancelarii parafialnej.
W związku z ograniczeniami czasowymi, aby ofiary mogły zostać opublikowane w biuletynie w Niedzielę
Miłosierdzia Bożego, 5 kwietnia, muszą być one złożone do niedzieli 12 kwietnia. Tylko imiona upamiętnianych
osób, a nie ofiarodawców, zostaną opublikowane.
Wspomnij Swoich Bliskich Kwiatami Wielkanocnymi...
Pragnę Upamiętnić:____________________________
Ofiara: $_______________
Proszę wypełnić czytelnie drukowanymi literami
Uroczystość Bożego Miłosierdzia
12 kwietnia 2015
Siostra Faustyna była praktycznie nieznana podczas swego życia. Zmarła na gruźlicę 5
października 1938. Jezus nakazał jej, aby prowadziła osobisty dzienniczek zapisując w
nim swoje doświadczenia mistyczne. Objawił jej również, że obecny czas jest czasem
miłosierdzia. Epoka, w której żyjemy, jest bardziej niż jakakolwiek inna epoka w historii
wezwaniem do uczestnictwa w obfitości Bożego miłosierdzia. Jezus powiedział,
„Obiecuję, że dusza, która czci ten wizerunek nie zginie. Obiecuję jej również zwycięstwo
nad wrogami tutaj na ziemi, a zwłaszcza w godzinę śmierci. Ja sam będę ją bronił, jako moją własną chwałę
(47,48)... Daję ludziom naczynie, z którym mogą przychodzić do źródła miłosierdzia po potrzebne łaski.
Tym naczyniem jest mój wizerunek ze słowami „Jezu ufam Tobie” (327)... Pragnę, aby ten wizerunek był
czczony na całym świecie (47).
March 22, 2015
Fifth Sunday of Lent
Page 15
Page 16
Fifth Sunday of Lent
Jackie Weiss
Hannah Guziak
Stanislaw Budzinski
Daniela Lechniak
Dolores Rode
If you would like to
remember a deceased relative
or friend in a special way, here
is your opportunity. We are
accepting donations for the altar breads and wine that are
used at Mass each week. Every week in the bulletin we
will post who the bread and wine was donated in memory
of. Suggested donation is $50. You can drop off or mail
your donation to the Parish Office, marked “Altar Bread
Memorial.” Make sure to include your name and the
name/s of whom you would like to be remembered.
Requests are published in the bulletin in the order
that they are received.
Celebrating our SJB Military
St. John Brebeuf Parish is in the
process of establishing a military
remembrance presentation for all active and fallen since
September 11, 2001. We are accepting family members
names, branch of service and photo. Please bring them to
the parish office, attention Legion of Mary. ARMY,
Please remember in prayer the
following who are currently
serving in the Armed Forces:
Timothy Casey
Joseph Merkel
Robert Monaco
Thomas Neuhengen
Christopher Vick
Pvt. James Cunningham
CDR John Tutwiler
Dominic Carrabotta
Mark Honsa
Peter Merkel
Chief Ryan Morrow
Scott Rodberg
Sgt. Daniel Cunningham
Susanne Connolly Tutwiler
Kevin Michael Kozeny
Col. Barbara Jones
May they return safely to their families.
March 22, 2015
Pray for all our ill Members
Carlyn Delort
Eugenio & Antonia Dias
Diana D’Costa
Angela D’Costa
Walter Przybysz
Aidan Stotz
Virginia Penkala
Barbara Donovan
Kathy Berresheim
Sr. Rose Mary Carney
Henryk Stankiewicz
Michael Curtis
Bob Biewald
Lorraine Bielat
Lourdes Vivar
Dolores Perales
Esther Prochaska
Mary O’Toole
Irene Dodaro
Mildred Nosko
Madeline Albano
Sally Raphael
Clem Juris
Shahla Lahijani
Anna Chacko
Terry & Dominic DiVito
Margaret Lach
Mary Hamma
Debbie Terzakis
Souk Tha Phone
Rose Ugel
Cathy Neff
Donna Miller
Albert DeLorenzo
Dorothy Cichon
Kim Travaglio
Pamela Sobie
Charlene Green
Jeffrey Bandis
Betty Weiss
Henry Zajac
Kamillus Urban
Patti Maher Tyska
Stanley Kogut
Zdzislaw Puacz
Stanley Budzinski
Laura Begale
Michael Luisi
Lorna Alba
Annette Schubert
Patrick Leahy
Eugene Mangan
Adam Rowel
Varant Minatiskan
Madeline Pukal-4 yrs. old
Cyril & Peg Maher
Elaine Friedman
Patricia Clausen
Dolores Gruzynski
John Peter Rolwes
Nanette Sadorra
Oscar Malabanan
Jeff Sefcik
Lita Rosales
Alma Kort
Randolf Abana
Noli Failma
Christina Curtis
Bernadyne Semmerling
Jerry Brazowski
Michael Likvan
Madeline Hendricksen
Mary & Mario Colosi
Ruben Pactol
Mitchell Miklas
Marcelino de la Cruz
Donna Kornovich
Geraldine Tyre
Barbara Zonsius
Edward Kolasa
Patricia Jablonski
Dolores Perales
Linda Karno
Marilyn Philippsen
Butch Reeder
Linda Bennett
James Kurtzer
John Nawodylo
Wladyslaw Policht
Franciszek Policht
Jadwiga Cudnowska
Jan Martin
Dorothy Pedtke
Brian Brown
Roy Wolf
Anne Maczek
Jolanta Bialobrzewski
March 22, 2015
Fifth Sunday of Lent
Page 17
Sunday, March 29—Palm Sunday of the Passion of
Mass Intentions for the Week
The Lord
Monday, March 23—Lenten Weekday
7:30—Celebrant: Fr. Robert Pajor
6:30—Good Health & God’s Blessings for James
Albert & Georgiana Dorsch
Thomas & Valsa James
Stanley Szalda, Marie Dobrzynska
Jean Milauskas
Albin Bielski (48th Anniv. Of Death)
8:45—Blessings for Greg
9:00—Celebrant: Fr. Patrick Marshall
Successful Surgery for Renato Castillo
Lucy Simone, Jo Bergles
Remedios/Librado Ando
Carrie Catronski (1st Anniv. Of Death)
Tuesday, March 24—Lenten Weekday
Jackie Weiss
6:30—For All Souls in Purgatory
10:45—Celebrant: Fr. Michael Meany
8:45—Elizabeth Matteoni
Anthony & Antoinette Schillaci
Good Health for Emmanuel Alzona
John Bizzotto
Wednesday, March 25—The Annunciation of the Lord
Erlinda Guevarra
6:30—Albert & Georgiana Dorsch
Wladyslawa Kozicka (10th Anniv. Of Death)
Good Health & God’s Blessings for Viju, Tiju &
Michael D. Gubbins
their Families
Margaret Taylor Franzman
8:45—Caroline Kinsley
Living Members of Budzik Family
Earl Romz (1st Anniv. Of Death)
12:30—Celebrant: Fr. Peter Rapcia
7:00—Kazimierz Jedrzejewski
Eugenia, Apolonia & Jozef Dopart
O Boze Blogoslawienstwo i Dary Ducha Sw.
Maria Cynar
Opieke Matki Bozej z Okazji Urodzin i Imienin
Lestor Pawlica (1st. Anniv. Of Death)
dla Maryii Majerska
Stanislaw Ciesla, Jozef & Helena Ciesla
Thursday, March 26—Lenten Weekday
Zofia, Tomasz, & Wladyslaw Boczar
6:30—Good Health & God’s Blessings for Cyriac,
Henryka & Zygmunt Gizynski
Siju, Alex & Angela
Teresa Kot, Janina & Miroslaw Kotowske
8:45—For All Parishioners
Krystyna Liszka, Maria & Eugenia Dopart
Friday, March 27—Lenten Weekday
Tomasz & Helena Franczek & Family
6:30—Albert & Georgiana Dorsch
Bronislava Markevich
Good Health & God’s Blessings for Alice, Ancy,
Halina & Jerzy Prokopowicz
Mary & Tresa & Their Families
Barbara Garmisch & Leonard Szarabajko
Jean Milauskas
Lucyna Wasidlow (5th Anniv. Of Death)
8:45—Pat Leahy
Bronislaw, Stanislawa & Maks Wasidlow
Matthew Vettikattil
Helena & Zygmunt Kadziak
In Thanksgiving and Birthday Blessings for
Za Jana, Anny & Longiny Maskowskich
Maureen De Vera
Wladyslaw Dambrowski
3:15 & 6:00—Stations of the Cross
O Zdrowie Boze Blogoslawienstwo i Opieke
Saturday, March 28—Lenten Weekday
Matki Bozej dla Patrycji Wojdyla w 17-ta Rocz.
7:30—Birthday Remembrance for Mary Cierny
5:00—Celebrant: Fr. Robert Pajor
O Zdrowie i Boze Blogoslawienstwo dla Anny i
Thomas Birt
Tomasza Wojdyla z Rodzina
Andrew Beierwaltes, Jr.
O Blogoslawienstwo Boze Zdrowie i Opieke
Carl Komorowski
Matki Bozej dla Ani Sendecki z Okazji 13-tych.
Clara Filmonczyk
Lorenz Gfesser
O Boze Lazski Opieke Matki Bozej z Okazji
Andrew Grisanti
Urodzin dla Pawla
Good Health for Joanne Barrett
6:30—Celebrant: Fr. Peter Rapcia
6:00—Celebrant: Fr. Michael Meany
Bronislava Markevich
Lorenz Gfesser, Elizabeth Matteoni
Lidia & Aleksander Radon
Wedding Banns
1—Kamil Walewander & Martina Maziarek
Page 18
St. John Brebeuf Church
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 22, 2015
Pastor: Rev. Michael Meany
Associates: Rev. Piotr Rapcia
Rev. Robert Pajor
Pastor Emeritus: Rev. Robert Banzin
Weekend Asst.: Rev. Patrick Marshall
Deacons: Larry Skaja
Andy Beierwaltes, Mariusz Kosla
Pastoral Associate: Maciek Karaban
Music Director: Marek Rachelski
Associate Music Director: Mariusz Kosla
Business Manager: Joseph Wojtowicz
School Principal: Elise Matson
Director Youth Ministry: Pam Perez
Staff Secretary: Charlotte Lindquist
Bulletin Editor, Parish Secretary:
Barbara Bronder
Rectory: 8307 N. Harlem Ave.
Parish Office: 8305 N. Harlem Ave.
Niles, IL 60714
(847) 966-8145 Fax: (847) 966-0014
School: (847) 966-3266
Religious Education: (847) 966-3269
Youth Office: (847) 966-9815
Mass Schedule
“We are a people of faith who offer each
other and those touched by us the
means to experience God through prayer,
sacraments, education
and mutual support in light of the
Gospel and Catholic Tradition.”
March 22, 2015
Saturday: 5:00 PM, 6:30 PM (Polish)
Sunday: 7:30, 9:00, 10:45 AM,
12:30 PM (Polish), 6:00 PM
Monday—Friday Morning: 6:30 & 8:45 AM
Wednesday: 7:00 PM (Polish)
Saturday Morning: 7:30 AM
Holyday: 5:30 PM (English); 7:00 PM (Polish)
Vigil: 7:00 PM English
Reconciliation - Saturday
11:00 AM—Noon (English & Polish)
First Friday, 6:00 PM (English & Polish)
Last Sunday of each month during
10:45 AM Mass or 2:00 PM Service
(Polish): First Weekend of each month:
at 12:30 PM Mass on Sunday &
Third Sunday of the Month at 1:45 PM
Parents must attend pre-baptism instruction.
Four months notice is minimal.
Eucharistic Adoration
24 Hours a Day In Parish Ministry Center Chapel
St. Vincent de Paul—[email protected]