22 March 2015 - First Garvagh Presbyterian Church

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First Garvagh Presbyterian Church
Sun 29 March
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Susan Martin
Sun 5 April
Weekly News
Welcome as we gather today to
wait upon God and worship Him.
If you are visitor, we hope you’ll
feel at home among us and that you
will come back again soon.
If you have just moved into the
area, we’d love to have you join
with us on a regular basis. Please
make sure you speak to the minister
or one of the stewards and give
them your name and address.
If you haven’t been to church for a
while, we hope that you’ll sense
today the very real presence of God
that will draw you back again to this
place. The greatest need in your
whole life is the very thing he’s
offering you today. Deep down in
your heart you know you need him.
Seek him, for he is here!
We all long to meet with God in a
special way today. He is here to do
just that for us. Take a moment in
silence just now. Tell him about
your burdens you’ve carried in with
you today—you know, your greatest
need today is to see the Lord
himself, to hear his voice, to sense
his powerful touch upon your life,
to feel his strong arms around you,
to understand what he wants you to
If you need any sort of help today,
please do not hesitate to wait and
speak to the minister afterwards or
contact him at home.
22nd March
1. Coleraine & District Battalion of the Boys’ Brigade
Annual Parade & Church Service for Junior & Company
Sections in New Row Presbyterian Church. All Junior
and Company Section Boys should meet in Main Street
Car Park Garvagh at 2.20pm. They should be back in
Garvagh for 5.00pm
First Garvagh Company Section won the Battalion
Scripture Shield this year & presentation of the shield
will take place during the Church Service – Boys should
be encouraged to attend as this is a very prestigious
award which the boys have worked hard to attain.
2. Evening Service in this Church at 7 pm.
There will be a cup of tea/coffee served in the
vestibule afterwards.
3. Mission Hall Service at 8.15 pm
Speaker—Rev Desmond Knowles
4. Youth Fellowship : Fusion @ Moneydig Presbyterian
church 7:30 to 8.30 pm. “Red Letter” leading praise.
Speaker Rev Jonathan Frazer.
Youth Fellowship meet at 7:10pm at our church car
park. Please join us for a good night out with young
people from our neighbouring churches. Please let
Jennifer or John know if you plan to go.
Helen Annett
Question 68— What is required in the Sixth Commandment?
Answer: The Sixth Commandment requireth all lawful endeavours to preserve our own
life, and the life of others.
Tanya Magowan
This Week
Monday 23 March—The Bowling Club will meet at 8.00pm
Tuesday 24 March—Good News Club meets at 6.45pm
Wednesday 25 March—Tots & Co meets 10.30 am to 12 noon
Wednesday 25 March—Prayer time at 7.45pm
Thursday 26 March—Choir practice at 7.30 pm
Friday 27 March—39th Annual Girls’ Brigade Parents Evening at
7.30 pm. Girls should meet at 7pm in full uniform.
11. Saturday 28 March—Annual Boys Brigade Display in Main Street
Church Hall at 7.30pm. Boys should meet at 7.00pm sharp in full
Cornerstone Prayer Path
Thursday 2 and Friday 3 April, 10.00am – 12.30pm
Everyone is welcome to drop in at any time during these mornings to pray for the
community of Garvagh. We believe in a powerful and loving God who hears and
answers prayer. We want to provide a quiet space at Easter for local people to come
and pray for our community. For further information talk to Ruth or Mark at the
Mission Overseas Prayerline
Issued on Wednesday 17 March 2015
Please provide me with
further information on …
SPAIN - Derek and Jane French are currently on a six-month sabbatical from
their routine work with GBU in northern Spain, during which time they are
concentrating on specific projects related to GBU and MOCLAM (a
theological training course). Pray for Derek as he focuses on specific and
important projects that will benefit GBU and the church at large. Pray for
Jane as she undertakes further study. Remember their colleague Lina, who
has additional responsibility for the work of GBU in the north of Spain, whilst
Derek and Jane are on sabbatical.
 Finding out more about
ITALY - Alan and Tracey Johnston, serving with Sola Grazia congregation in
Porto Mantovano, are involved in preparations for a church conference to be
held in Rimini at the end of May / beginning of June. Pray that the plans for
the conference will come together well. Pray for Tracey as she works
alongside Andrea on the finances. Pray for the Sunday School project and
for Tracey as she heads up this work. Pray for the youth group and that it
might develop under Leo and Antonella, and that the young people who
attend would grow in their faith.
KENYA - In their March Bulletin, Gary and Mary Reid send the following
prayer requests from Olkinyei:- Pray for Gary and Mary as they seek to be
Christ’s witnesses in a spiritually dark area of Maasailand. Pray for the
renovations being carried out at the Mission which will allow full access to
those who are disabled, so that they and their families can stay at the
Mission for periods of rest and teaching. Remember too the Reid children
who are at boarding school and the youngest who is being home schooled.
Stephen and Angelina Cowan send the following prayer requests:- Pray for
good community relations as raiders have been seen in the area. Continue
to pray for good conversations with people, especially men who made
professions of faith in the past. Pray for Kasoni visiting Loongerin this week,
speaking in the primary school and meeting adults. Pray for next week’s
monthly teaching time in Tuum; that people will come with open hearts and
minds, and ears which are ready to listen.
PAKISTAN - Last Sunday (15th), two suicide bombers attacked two
churches in Youhana Abad, Lahore, killing 15 and injuring more than 70.
Pray for those who lost loved ones, those who were injured and those who
witnessed the attack. Pray for Christians throughout Pakistan who live in
fear of further attacks. Pray that they will be protected and that they will
remain strong in their faith. Remember students and staff at Forman
Christian College in Lahore. Pray that God would continue to use their
witness on campus and in the wider community.
the Christian faith
 How to join First
 Freewill Offering
 Christianity /
Discipleship Explored
 Small Groups
 Children’s / youth
Other ……………….....……
I would be interested in
getting involved with …
 Children’s / Youth work
 Helping with crèche
 Tots & Co
 Media Team
 Music & singing
 Outreach to the
 Helping with tea/coffee
after services
Other ………………......…..
Further Ahead
Other Information
EASTER WORKSHOPS - Children 6+ - Thursday 9th and Friday 10th April 2015
10.30am to 12.30pm : Tutor: Lorna Kyle : Cost: £4.00 (materials included) Max 10
Thursday - come along and take part in an exciting ‘Just Jemima’ workshop creating
your very own fairy house that lights up in the dark using clay, paint and mixed media
Friday - ‘Just Jemima’ will be back again to celebrate Easter running a very
eggstraspecial workshop designing your own Easter basket with new born spring chicks
and bunnies.
10.00am to 4.00pm : Tutor: Louise McLean : Cost: £50.00 (materials included). Max
participants 10
This new workshop is perfect for beginner and improvers in basketry. Participants will
have the opportunity to develop and explore new concepts of combining the use of
textiles if desired, within the realms of traditional heritage basketry. Working to
produce a beautiful and unique colourful creation to take home. Materials include,
Willow, sea grass, felted wool, dyed hessian, banana fibre and others... A great
opportunity for those wishing to enhance their basketry skills
RUFFLE SCARF - FELT WORKSHOP – Adult - Saturday 25TH April 2015
10.00am to 4.00pm : Tutor: Jacki Sleator : Cost: £50.00 (materials included). Max
participants 10
Make a beautiful luxury silk scarf for spring. Using the finest of silk fabrics we will
create texture and add surface decoration by using meandering lengths of silk ruffles
and leaf motifs. We will then add merino wool and carefully felt. This workshop is
suitable for beginners as well as those with some experience.
To book ring 02829557325
Pastoral Care - Hospital Visitation
Very often notification that a parishioner has been admitted to hospital can take up to a week to
be communicated by post to the Minister from the Hospital Chaplain.
In some cases no information is received as sometimes church details are not gathered on
admission to hospital in A&E from the patient which are then used to notify the Hospital
Chaplain. The Hospital Chaplain only works 1 or 2 days a week and so sometimes patients can
be missed if they have been in hospital for only a few days.
If you or a family member are admitted to hospital and you would appreciate a visit please inform
the Minister as soon as possible. Likewise it would be appreciated that the Minister would be
informed of hospital discharge to save a wasted hospital call. Hospital visitation is an important
aspect of pastoral care and we don’t want to miss anyone because of the inadequacies of the
system of notification.
Friday 3 April—Good Friday Communion Service at 8.00 pm. “The
Cross” DVD will be shown during the service. Members of Kirk
Session will meet at 7.00 pm—new communicants are requested to
come along at 7.15 pm.
Saturday 11 April—Londonderry Gospel Male Voice Choir invite
you to their Annual Praise Festival in Kilfennan Presbyterian Church
at 7.30pm. Guest speaker—Pastor Harold Chambers
Tuesday 21 April—PW 70th Anniversary Dinner will be held in TBF
Thompson Ministries. Those attending should add their names to
the sign-up sheet on the vestibule table.
Sunday 26 April—The Morning Service will be followed by the Soup
& Cheese Lunch in aid of Tear Fund.
Sunday 17 May—The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper will be
celebrated at the Morning Service.
Sunday 19 April—Good News Club Service—please note change of date. We will
continue to meet as follows:Tuesday 24 March—6.45 to 7.45 pm for practice
Tuesday 31 March—Easter Party evening 6.45 to 7.45 pm
Tuesday 7 April—we will NOT meet
Tuesday 14 April—6.30 to 7.45—final practice in the Church
Sunday 19 April—Service at 11.30 am. Children meet in Minor Hall at 11.10am.