General Info about our Burlesque Course starting

What is burlesque?
A quick Google search of Burlesque gives you these two definitions.
an absurd or comically exaggerated imitation of something, especially in a literary or
dramatic work; a parody.
a variety show, typically including striptease.
We’re not interested in number 1  Our Burlesque is focussed on the vintage, pinup, strip
tease style. “Classic Burlesque”.
For our purposes, burlesque is over the top, but glamourous theatrics – a woman who
entices and engages her audience by using her feminine charms. It might be comedy,
heartache or seduction. We’ll use props and accessories for fun, but mostly we’ll be using
our faces, arms, shoulders, hips, legs and of course our awesome boobs! We’ve all got ‘em.
It’s for women aged 18 years and over, any shape and size. You don’t need a dance
background and it IS a workout so it will also help achieve your weight loss, fitness &
confidence goals.
In our 6 week beginner course, we will cover some of the basic moves used in classic
burlesque and learn a tease-style routine.
Later, we’ll experiment with fans, boas and chairs.
As we go we’ll also delve into the wonderful world of costumes, accessories, hair & makeup.
Oh and shoes.
No experience necessary. We want you to have fun with this.
Bookings are essential and can be made online at
Cost per 6 week course:
$150.00 per person
$ 25.00 per person to trial the first class
[you will be asked to pay $25 on booking which secures you a spot in the first class. Balance
of the term fee is payable at or before the 3rd class]
If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us
About Polelicious: we are a family owned & operated business, established in 2008. We work
hard to maintain our 2 family friendly studios. Our instructors are fun, non-intimidating, and
approachable and committed to a safe learning environment for all students – kids to adults.
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Polelicious Pole Dancing
Some of the basics include bumps, grinds, shimmies and peeling a glove.