MEKKANO 3D Standard UK Pocket Door Kit

MEKKANO 3D Standard UK Pocket Door Kit
Mekkano 3D KIT installed directly to the stud work
Adjustable to Fit Door & Wall Practical Advantages
Width :
up to
d Wall
ss :
mm &
Height :
mm &
Technical Benefits
Pocket Door Kit Components
• UNIVERSAL Suits standard UK door sizes.
Only one cutting step for the door width.
• Easy and Quick to Install
- Vertical installation directly to studwork
- only three steps to install it
- only one person to assemble and fix it
• Rigidity Guaranteed :
- Large tubular aluminium beam sections
- Track integrated into the beam section
- Tubular aluminum Vertical stud profiles
- Multiple fixings all around the pocket
• Accurate Finishes with the innovative
vertical profile which can be easily plastered
• Soft-Closing Included providing safe usage
of the sliding door, avoids slamming and
finger pinching
• Reduced Installation Cost for dry-liners (1
person takes 30 min to install a door)
• High Quality stable materials : anodized
aluminum alloy 6060 certified UALANOD
• Lower Door Guide, designed for 2 fixing options
- Directly to the floor with screws
• Sliding Hardware and stops included in the set
- Or to the vertical profile to protect
• Rollers with Delrin-covered wheels and shielded
prestigious floors (marble, mosaic, etc…)
precision ball bearings, with cast metal alloy body
• Soft –Closing “ABS” System for up to 80kg door • Plastic Components are made of a strong
molded polymer compound
weight, inserted inside the track, no adjustment
• Pocket Door Kit is packed in a yellow box to be
or special milling of the door panel required
• Reinforced Tubular Vertical Profiles (2 profiles easily identified on site
per side) to keep the plaster boards rigid, straight • Mekkano 3D Box can be easily handled by
carriers and on site by one person (25kg max/box)
and parallel to the pocket. No wall curving when
the spacer block and special length self-tapping
screws provided are used during installation
MEKKANO 3D - Some Installation Benefits
TRADITIONAL Door Finish with Architraves
• MDF Jamb Profile Kit includes rubber gaskets and soft brushes
MINIMAL Door Finish, no Architraves
Finishing kit includes rubber gaskets and soft brushes
Door Flush to Track 5mm gap +/-3mm adjustment
MINIMAL Door Finish (Flush
to Ceiling Room Divider)
Video of installation on the website or on
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