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BRAND PARTNER – The lovely city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
[email protected]
VEMMA 32 oz
Verve Energy Drink
Nancy & Larry Hertz
About Me...
I've always had a keen interest in starting a part time business in
order to build multiple sources of income. In the past I've hosted home parties demoing kitchen ware
and jewellery.
My Favorite Vemma
Since being introduced to VEMMA by a friend, I have found the business for me. VEMMA has great
earning potential, fantastic products and after a few short months I can already see the significant
earning potential.
All of them
With the other home based businesses, I always felt like I was on my own. With VEMMA I have a team
that supports me every day through weekly webinars and conference calls.
My Great Escape:
Their role is to mentor and guide me on my path to success, and just as they have done for me we will
do that for you as well.
Become a brand partner today and join a fantastic team!
My Favorite Type of
Anything from the 60's and 70's
that you can dance to
My husband Larry and I love to
visit family in Maui
I've always wanted
Leave my current 27 year
career by starting my own
One of the coolest
things I've done is:
Nancy Hertz
Hike to Yakakaw Falls in Yoho
National Park with friends
"Remember it is not where we are, the focus is where we are going"
Why I Do This
My Goal for this
Is to achieve Platinum and
earn my new Beemer
Vemma is:
My goal is to build financial freedom for our family. Through this process I am excited to help others the
same way that my VEMMA brand partners have helped me!
Since I have joined Vemma, I have learned
that anything is possible. I am so thankful to my upline for the
encouragement and support they give me every day, I couldn't do it
without them!
I think what sets the Vemma opportunity apart from others
Vemma is a product that sells itself. It's a perfect risk free venture with
a 100% money back guarantee with products priced to sell, awesome
All about helping others to
achieve their dreams
branding and training to reach your personal goals.
I was introduced to Vemma by
Bonnie ... we were on a trip to Cancun that my husband was awarded
and got together with another couple for dinner one evening. We had a
great time, the food was remarkable and the conversation was
fantastic. The following day Bonnie introduced me to the VEMMA
business, I can't thank her enough for what opportunities VEMMA has
already brought into my life.
Thanks Bonnie!
My business goals are
to help my team to achieve their goals. In VEMMA its all about the
team, and only through their success will you achieve your own
success. Its a great business model and I'm thrilled to be apart of it.