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Congratulations on your purchase! You made a wise decision that will save you time, money, and
energy on your next trip. This instructions contains step-by-step instructions, tips, and money
saving tricks. Please review the documentation to get the most out of your SIM Card.
Lets get started!
Requirements for Service
In order to use this SIM you need an unlocked device.
How do you know if you have an unlocked device?
Insert the SIM card into your device. If your device indicates a provider (eg Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile)
then your device is unlocked. If your device displays a different message, your device is locked.
In addition, your device needs to support the correct frequency in order to call and / or use the internet.
Worldwide providers use of several GSM networks (850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz). The GSM1800
network is widely used in Europe, the GSM850 network often in South America and Asia and the
GSM1900 network especially in North America. To use your GSM anywhere in the world you will need a
quad-band phone.
For "faster" 3G, Internet Providers use the UMTS network (850/900/1700-AWS 1900/2100 Mhz.)
To access a list of all 3G frequencies by country please visit: / wiki /
4G Internet. 4G stands for 4th generation and is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications
standards. It is the successor to the 3G standard. 4G is still limited globally available.
For a list of all frequencies by country please visit:
Note: "Unlocked" means that your phone supports SIM cards from provider that are allowed. Often a
provider locks a cellular phone
Unlocking your Device
Unlocking your device is an easy process, it simply involves dialing a code on your phone’s keypad.
Most mobile phone operators will give you the unlock code and step-by-step instructions right over the
phone. Call customer service and inform them you’ll be traveling out of the country and you need the
„unlock code“.
Apple iPhone users can visit to unlock their devices for FREE.
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Contacting Customer Support
customer care team are available from 8am to 8pm every day, including Sunday and Bank Holidays.
Just dial 1749 from your Tesco Mobile phone, cost is 20c per call
From another network phone, or while travelling abroad you can call +353 (0)89 420 0000 (call costs vary
by network provider)
Getting started:
Getting started couldn't be easier. Pop your new SIM card into your phone. If you're unsure how to do
this, there's instructions in your handset manual. Then, just make a call and you're ready to go.
My Tesco Mobile:
With My Tesco Mobile you can:
 Check current balance
 Top up by credit card
 Add Internet packs
 And many more
Registering for my Tesco Mobile
You'll be asked for your mobile number and some details such as name, address and mother's maiden
name. When you submit these details, Tesco will text a secure password to your phone so you can
complete registration and login.
Note: You will not receive the text if SIM has €0,00 credit. To receive your password please contact
costumerservice at: +353 (0)89 420 0000 and ask the representative for a password of your account.
Tel: +31 314 820 225 • Email: [email protected] • website:
How can I top up?:
You have the following options to top up:
 By voucher
o Dial 1740 on your mobile and follow the instructions.
o Dial *101* voucher number# and press the call button. Follow the prompts.
o Select ‘Tesco Mobile SIM’ on your phone, press ‘Top Up’, then ‘By Voucher’ and follow
the prompts.
 By Credit Card (through your online account
 Go to top up and enter the amount, phone number and Creditcard details.
 Press top up and your sim will be loaded with credit in a few seconds
Where can I buy top up cards?:
Vouchers can be purchased at any Tesco Store. For a list of Tesco stores check:
They are also available through a number of retailers nationwide.
 Payzone
 Paypoint
 Postpoint
You can choose a voucher to the value of €5, €10, €15, €20, €25 or €30.
Tel: +31 314 820 225 • Email: [email protected] • website:
National Rates:
Every new customer who purchases a SIM card from Tesco Mobile, will initially be activated on the basic
What Do I Get on this Plan?
You will receive free texts to all other Tesco Mobile customers with a monthly top up of €5. By topping
up €10 per month, you will receive free calls and texts to all other Tesco Mobile customers.
Calls to landlines and mobiles within the Republic of Ireland
Calls to Northern Ireland 048 numbers
Texts to all mobiles within the Republic of Ireland
25c per/min
25c per/min
13c per/sms
International Rates:
International Calls From Only 1C Per Minute
For international calling rates check:
How to Dial International Calls
To place an International call you must dial ,,00“ followed by the country code.
The format is: 00 + COUNTRY CODE + AREA CODE + NUMBER
Tel: +31 314 820 225 • Email: [email protected] • website:
Recurring Bundles
1GB Data
5GB Data
Once Off Bundles
Monthly Charge
1 day
7 day
30 days
30 days
Text "OptIn DATA" to 1744
Text "OptIn DATA5" to 1744
Text "Data" to 174209
Text "Data" to 174210
Text "Data" to 174211
Text "Data" to 174212
Bundle scan be activated through your online account as wellv
Mobile Internet (APN) Settings:
Most Devices will configure themselves automatically to access the internet after arriving in Ireland
However in some cases you may need to manually configure the following APN Settings:
Tel: +31 314 820 225 • Email: [email protected] • website:
Android Settings:
1. Go to Settings -> Wireless&Networks -> Mobile Networks and turn on Data Roaming
2. Go to Settings -> Wireless&Networks -> Mobile Networks and turn on Packet Data
3. Go to Settings -> Wireless&Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names and delete all
existing APN’s.
4. Create a new Internet APN with settings
- Name TMI Internet APN
- APN:
- MCC: 272
- MNC: 11
- APN Type: default, supl
Sometimes for APN Type setting you are only allowed choose from a list. If so choose Internet or
5. Create a new MMS APN with settings
- APN:
- MMSC: http://mmc1/servlets/mms
- MMS Proxy:
- MMS Port: 8080
- MCC: 272
- MNC: 11
6. Reboot Phone
iPhone Settings:
1. Put the Tesco Mobile Sim into the unlocked iPhone and connect the iPhone to iTunes (customer
requires an internet connection on their computer).
2. Complete normal setup through iTunes.
3. Once the iPhone has network signal disconnect the iPhone from iTunes.
4. Go to Settings ->General -> Network and Turn Data Roaming On
5. Go to Settings -> General -> Network and select Mobile Data Network.
6. Put in APN and MMS proxy settings below.
7. Mobile Data Section.
a. APN:
b. Username: leave empty
c. Password: leave empty
8. MMS Section.
a. APN:
b. MMSC:
c. MMS Proxy:
d. Max Message Size: 307200
e. MMS UA Prof URL: leave empty
9. Reboot Phone
Tel: +31 314 820 225 • Email: [email protected] • website:
Tesco Mobile allows tethering through Mobile Hotspots.
InternationalSIM offers a range of Mobile Hotspot Devices.
SIM Card Validity
If you do not make a Credit Top Up to your Account, or use your SIM Card for 6 months, your Account
and any outstanding Credit on your Account will be suspended. If this happens you may reactivate your
Account by calling Customer Care. We will reactivate your Account, and any previously unused credit you
had on your Account will be available to you again.
After your Account has been suspended, you have a further 6 months during which you can have it
reactivated by calling Customer Care. If you do not ask us to reactivate your Account we will assume that
you no longer need it (as you will not have used it for 12 months) and it will be fully deactivated. This
means your SIM Card will no longer work, you will lose any unused Credit you may have had, and your
Mobile Phone number can be claimed back by Tesco Mobile and given to another customer.
Tesco has teamed up with 02 to give you the best value for money mobile phone service on the Irish
market. Working on the O2 network, Tesco Mobile has 99.6% population coverage, with the great pricing
that you expect from Tesco.
When you buy a Tesco Mobile phone or SIM, you're already set up to use your phone abroad. Note that
when your SIM has €0,00 credit you need to top up first.
**Information contained herein is subject to change without notice and is not
warranted to be error-free.**
Tel: +31 314 820 225 • Email: [email protected] • website: