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Issue 125
March Mid Month 2015
An exciting
Joy of Music - at NIAA Eisteddsfod Marimba Challenge
annual event
at the currently
Your one-stop, home grown, home
interior decor products provider
We make and Supply unique items:
Institute of
For the Home: curtains, Cushions, sheets, duvet
Allied Arts
covers and inners, comforters, tablecloths, wicker
laundry baskets, serviettes, doilies and Upholstery
For Baby: Wrappers, fleece blankets, nighties, cot
sheets, comforters, Toy baskets, play mats
The Marimba
& toddler slippers
Challenge is
Other Items: Aprons, assorted cloth bags, table mats,
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oven gloves, iron board covers etc
and pulls a
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decor accessories.
It’s considered
Orders taken: Phone 0712 801 365 or 2935836
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a highlight of
visit our showroom at:
the festival and this year's edition was no exception and was thoroughly enjoyable throughout!
5 Cavan Lane, Amby, Greendale Harare
Mon-Fri; 9am-4:30pm Sat: By appointment only
The Honours Awards Winners from both junior and senior schools strutted their stuff and well
demonstrated why they had attained such high marks! This year a massive 104
The Colour Spekes Project marimba ensembles participated in the Eisteddfod. Of these, 7 junior and 11
uplifting the look of the city
senior schools were awarded the coveted Honours Certificates, the highest
attainable from the NIAA. This cream of the marimba band crop kept a happy
crowd well entertained for an hour and a half on Prince Edward School's
basketball court, setting for the marimba and drum kit categories in this year’s'
Vocal and Instrumental Eisteddfod which drew over 2000 entries in total. Much
energy, action, dance and humour were injected into their performances making
this an exciting, foot stomping experience, and of course, the music itself was
excellent too! The many young people involved performed with great gusto,
enthusiasm and skill, and were clearly having as enjoyable a time as their
audience! The Nic Manomano Challenge Trophy for the winner of the Junior
Marimba Challenge went to the Dominican Convent Grade 6 Marimba band,
with Runner Up, Mother Touch Primary School. The Kutinya Challenge Trophy
This story
went to Prince Edward School, with Watershed College in second place and St
continues page 4
John's College in third place. Full NIAA Eisteddfod Story continues Page 2!
zimba zedu
Understand Waste Management
then get involved! by Rose Masunga
Waste management is the prevention,
characterisation, monitoring, treatment,
handling, reuse and residual disposition of
solid wastes. There are various types of
solid waste, including municipal (residential,
institutional, commercial), agricultural, and
special (health care, household hazardous
wastes, sewage sludge). The term usually
relates to materials produced by human
activity, and the process is generally
undertaken to reduce their effect on health
and our environment. The recent Miracle
Missions Waste Management Networking
Laurie McPherson is
doing an exciting
project at HIFA
this year
Delicious Nutritious
For Quality Low Carb Options look no further than
On Promotion!
Coming soon
to a
near you
In Store
Demos of
these great
Time-s Shredde
d Che
econom ddar
The Home of Healthy Food
dda te
ge Cted tas
os Vophisti
Ke ong, s
[email protected]
Meeting at Highlands Presbyterian Church was fascinating. Helen Davidson of GO GREEN HARARE
Recycle Collection Service has started a business, helping collecting rubbish for a small fee of $5.
She collects on a daily basis and the rubbish is recycled.
Sample Musical Delights across the Spectrum –
at the 2015 National Institute of Allied Arts Vocal and Instrumental Eisteddfod
By Rosie Mitchell
The annual Vocal and Instrumental National Institute of Allied Arts Eisteddfod began
on 2nd March and has much to offer the music loving public. All are very welcome to
attend sessions throughout for $2 each or buy a season ticket for just $10 and pop in
and out of whatever takes your fancy! Children and pensioners enjoy free entry and
the full programme, available from PE school Music Centre, costs $2. Children of all
ages are participating from a large number of schools nationwide, with over 2000
entries this year. Sessions and adjudications are held in Harare at Prince Edward,
Gateway High, Twin Rivers and Harare International Schools, and have already taken
place at Midlands Christian College in Gweru and The Academy of Music in
The Eisteddfod continues to the end of March, culminating in the exciting Final
Concert and Awards on 28 March and Junior Highlights Concert on 29 March, both
to be held at Harare International School. At these, the cream of the crop of the
Honours winners will delight us with their well-practised artistry. Be sure to go and
enjoy some of these musical delights and diarise the final concerts now. Tickets for
these are available from The Spotlight at Reps Theatre.
It's almost unthinkable to picture a world without the joy and enrichment that the arts
in their diversity of forms and expressions bring us, on a daily basis. The life of an
artist can be a hard one, for it remains challenging to make a living through creating
art in a chosen genre for many, even most, and this is especially true on our country.
Our economy is a troubled one and in such an environment artists struggle even
more. Yet, without our artists creating their works, whatever their form, for us to
enjoy, and sometimes to make us ponder some of life's big questions, we would all be
the poorer. So we all need to make some effort to keep the various arts alive and
well, and encourage each young generation to embrace them, learn them and
make them.
Over a century ago in Bulawayo, it was with exactly this in mind, that a Society for the
Advancement of Music and Art was created. This soon became The National Institute
of Allied Arts (NIAA). Ever since, the NIAA has assisted in providing the structures,
spaces and measures of progress needed, to maintain in young people the
enthusiasm and discipline that steer their chosen art forms into our collective future.
In so doing, NIAA helps children develop a passion for the art or arts that inspire their
interest and focus. This will bring them pleasure through their lifetimes, and, to their
audiences also! For some, it will also create a livelihood, and many who have come
up through the NIAA system and festivals, are now professional musicians. The four
annual scheduled NIAA Festivals galvanise several thousand young and adult artists
to tap into their creative wells, practise and hone their artistic skills and then with
courage, display, demonstrate, perform or open up to scrutiny, their chosen art.
The first festival was held in May 1913, and thousands of volunteers and artists
through the decades since have stewarded the Institute, expanded its ambit, and prepared for and
Why the Eisteddfod?
performed at the many festivals to follow. The NIAA and its festival are a hub and creative
This festival, like many arts festivals worldwide
'factory' around which generations of young people have
and through the ages, carries a title that might sound
fine-tuned their artistic skills, discovered and expressed
baffling. Eisteddfod is a Welsh word, a language with
their talents and developed the discipline needed to
which not many are familiar. Wales forms part of the
become tomorrow's artists. In June and July, we can look
United Kingdom and has a strong cultural identity.
forward to the Speech and Drama, Literary and Visual
The Welsh, proud of their history and heritage,
Arts. Each NIAA festival culminates in a concert or
are making every effort to ensure their language
exhibition of outstanding entries, providing the public with
continues to be used and learned.
the opportunity to sample these art forms and attend an
Without doubt it is pleasing to the Welsh that many
impressive artistic event or display. These also contribute music festivals the world over continue to bear this name!
to our available arts offerings, and our appreciation of
The first such festival of literature, music and
these arts, as well as introducing some of those who
performance with the title Eisteddfod dates back at
attend to art forms with which they may not yet be familiar,
least as far as the 12th century.
so creating wider audiences for our future artists.
The name has remained popular ever since!
Animal Welfare, Wildlife Conservation
AWARE (Animal and Wildlife Area Research and
Rehabilitation) Trust is run by vets and focuses on animal
welfare, wildlife conservation and research. Campaigns in rural
areas adjacent to wildlife areas vaccinate, sterilise, de-tick,
de-worm and improve quality of life for domestic animals. This
assists in broader goals by contributing to improved farming,
better quality of life for rural people, resultant decreased
poaching, and preventing spread of diseases from domestic to
wild animals. AWARE educates children and adults on animal
care and conservation, does research on health of wild &
domestic animals living adjacently, rehabilitates & releases
injured wild animals, dehorns rhino. [email protected]
Friend Animal Foundation cares for and re-homes
abandoned, unwanted and rescued animals. Open 7 days a
week 8am to noon, 1pm to 5pm; 7 Kirkman Rd, Tynwald.
Economical boarding for cats & dogs, grooming & dipping
service; 0772225845; [email protected]
Harare SPCA works to eliminate cruelty to animals.
Comprises, an inspectorate, veterinary hospital and re-homing
centre. Inspectorate investigates and prosecutes all cases of
cruelty reported, visits homes of potential adopters and does
spot checks after adoption. Surgery provides medical care,
vaccinations and sterilisation to animals in SPCA care and
animals of underprivileged owners. Large percentage of
veterinary treatments are pro bono or subsidised. SPCA never
turns away any animal in need. Mobile veterinary unit goes
out five days a week to high density areas to treat, vaccinate
and dip animals whose owners cannot bring them to hospital.
ZNSPCA Charity Shop: 156 Enterprise Rd. Open Mon, Wed,
Fri 8am to 2pm, all proceeds to animal welfare, drop donated
goods too. [email protected] 0772 308 647.
Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary: Open to visitors by prior
booking only. Tours of orphanage and rescue centre 10am
and 2:30pm, morning/afternoon tea included, bring a picnic if
you like, picnic sites in beautiful gardens overlooking the dam,
you will likely be joined by our sociable duikers, the occasional
tortoise or bird and inquisitive cats! Day ends with 4pm lion
feeding. [email protected]; 0733 436239
Veterinarians for Animal Welfare Zimbabwe (VAWZ) is a
private trust organisation spearheading many animal welfare
activities, including inspections, investigations, training and
liaison. VAWZ needs your support in cash or kind, or, apply to
adopt a rescued animal. [email protected]; 0772 308234.
Lost and Found Animals: Join Zim Pets Lost and Found
Facebook Group! Post photos and details of animals lost and
found here. Very active page, pets and owners often reunited
using this supportive community tool, stray animals reported
here also rescued by VAWZ, SPCA; unclaimed can be rehomed. www.facebook.com/groups/135440236649668
BirdLife Zimbabwe: Learn about birds, help conserve them,
make new friends! Bird walks in scenic areas, participate in
research projects, regular talks and events, to join & for more:
[email protected]; www.birdlifezimbabwe.org;
481496; 490208. BirdLife Zim Mashonaland Branch
organises free bird walks for members and non-members
(there may be entry fees or a tip required depending on
location); for more contact [email protected]; 490375.
Harare area BirdLife survey of raptors and wetland birds
in derelict brickfields - an important habitat for wetland
species. During the dry season vleis and grasslands often
burn. With cultivation and urban development, wetland bird
species are losing habitat and declining in numbers. The clay
soils and depth of these brickfields means water remains year
round and reedbeds are extensive in some. Often bordered by
steep sides and not impacted by people as much as vleis and
dambos. All bird species to be surveyed, waterbirds will also
be counted. BirdLife would like the public to tell them
locations of derelict quarries, sand pits & brickfields especially
south and east of Harare (Mt Hampden already scouted).
Time Out
By Jacqueline Collins
My Writers’ Group at Bottom Drawer Café
One of my main antidotes to keep depression at bay is to make sure that I take a few
hours out of my busy schedule each week to spend some time out with different groups
of friends. Although it is only for a very short time, but because it is on a regular basis
it is a lovely way to build up relationships over a period of time and it really helps to
keep loneliness at bay. On a Saturday morning I have my Writers’ Group at the
Bottom Drawer on Maasdorp Avenue, which has the most beautiful garden to admire.
We enjoy a few frothy cappuccinos while we read out our latest works, usually based
on a similar theme. It is quite incredible to see how much we have developed since we
started, and we are about to host a Poetry Soirée on 26 March at Tristan's Bar.
However, I notice that whether it is a choir, exercise class, learning a musical instrument
or having a prayer group, it is that commitment to meet once a week that is the
important thing. Perhaps it is the decision to be part of a group that starts to make
All made with locally
something a priority in your life.
grown sesame seeds
Sometimes for a rather sensual treat, I arrive about an hour early, so that I can
wander around the fantastic foodie market beforehand. It is an instant tonic to
browse round the stalls as everybody is so friendly and you can taste some of the
delectable things on offer. I love to hear all the different stories about the things on
sale from the stallholders. The charming Floyd Jarvis from the Caribbean says that he
came to Zimbabwe about 4 years ago and he believes that he was drawn by God to
work here. He sells an interesting type of spinach, called Calaloo or Caribbean
spinach which he says is full of Folate, Vitamin K and A, Calcium and Iron. I really
must try some of his special drink called Sorrel, made from Hibiscus Sabdariffa which
is supposed to be a powerful antioxidant and combats high blood pressure, thyroid
problems and diabetes to name a few. Another lady sells very prettily packaged
quail eggs which again have many medicinal benefits, apparently they help to
Halima's Indian
Savoury treats
strengthen the immune system and promote memory health among other things.
Granola, Gluten
Out of this world Indian Pickles
However, for those with a sweet tooth, there are also lots of tempting treats and
free brownies and
Gossip with Jo
lots of trendy looking types who come back each week for their favourites. I was
rather fascinated to hear about one lady who had actually retired from making
wedding cakes for 25 years and to combat the empty nest syndrome she went to
the Swiss school in Durban to learn how to make genuine Swiss nougat. She
makes almond, macadamia,
Painting - Interior and Exterior.
ginger and strawberry and
Ceilings, Gutters, Fascia Boards, Cornices etc.
pineapple varieties. She also makes chocolate coated
Tiling - Floors, Walls.
Turkish delight and a more traditional Greek variety with
Home, Office and Factory Refurbishments.
toasted almond flakes. Another
Roof Waterproofing: Cold-lay and Torch-on.
All Small Scale Buildings, Plumbing, Electrics. stall specialises in all kinds of
Office: 4-309061; 0773-284-229
Iranian sweet cakes and biscuits
0773-235-847; 0774656448
such as Pofaki, Jalebi and Zolbia,
Email: [email protected]
infused with Saffron, Cardamom
Website: www.maintenancesolutions.co.zw
and Rosewater. I was pleased to
see that the Pasteis de Nata, the Portuguese delicacy mentioned a while back in this
column, are still being made, together with very authentic almond tarts. I just adore
Emily Pastelli's Energy Health bar made of locally grown sesame seeds using her
parents' ancient Greek recipe. A delightful expupil and now teacher has amazing varieties of
Healthy Drink to combat
high blood pressure
fudge for any fudgeaholics out there. Also my
friend Jocelynne sells all sorts of gluten free
goodies, including pecan brownies and coconut and
The queen of Swiss Nougat
macaroons. She
also specialises in
the most
Charming and philosophical gentleman,
wonderful gossip,
Floyd Jarvis from the Caribbean
so there are
always lots of
people milling
around her stall
just catching up!
Look no further!
For Hire:
A customer
looks at
on the
Pretty and healthy
Quails' Eggs
1 Northolt Drive, Bluff Hill, Harare
331789; 0772 423 652; 0772 404 403; [email protected]
Authentic Portuguese
Pasteis de Nata
Business Hours: Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5pm; Saturday - 8am to 11am
Those who love spicy things are also well catered for, with the most out
Belinda from Kubatana Bindi
with her creative designs
of this world and tantalising pickles, such as mango atchar, sweet chilli
and lime pickle. There are Samoosas, half-moons, pies, spring rolls and
savoury Indian snacks that you can indulge in, somehow these never
quite reach home, they always have to be eaten immediately! There is a
huge range of Honey products made by a very erudite lady, who is just
so knowledgeable it is fascinating to listen to her about the variety of
products that she makes. Apparently her hand and body creams are
quite in demand, together with her Pollen Honey. She even makes an
organic Black Ant repellent and Furniture polish out of Honey. My other
favourite stall which is just a feast for the eyes is the KuBatana Bindi
which sells cushions, bunting and food nets, among a myriad of other
things all made out of the traditional material. Her designs are witty
and innovative and she also “upholds the principals of ethical trade and
Peter Brewer with
empowers women and men by providing them with flexible work
the latest book by
opportunities, sustainable incomes and skills training.”
Zimbabwean Author,
at the Book List
There is one stall that I am often just ‘forced’ to spend money on, even
though it should be spent on other more
A Feast for the eyes
90's songs Word Search
practical items - because I find it hard to
words hidden in the grid of letters
resist a good book! The Book List often
Solution see page 7
has some very interesting books and I just
had to buy the latest book by Alexandra
Fuller, an ex-Zimbabwean, called “Leaving
before the Rains Come.” I was also quite
tempted by another book which is on the
top of the best seller list, also written by an
ex Zimbabwean, “The Girl on the Train,” by
Paula Hawkins, but I managed to err on
the side of caution since money is very tight
these days!
In the Kitchen
with Jacqueline Collins
Curried Gems - TV Suppers for a crowd!
This week's recipe is almost low-carb - apart from 2 teaspoons of Beef Flavour Royco
Mchuzi mix, to thicken up the gravy. Although it is for 4-6 people, it is an ideal recipe
to expand, you can easily add extra onions, some chopped carrot, peas and celery to
spin it out further and to fill some extra gem squashes. Another variation is the Cape
Malay version, which adds baked beans to the mince mixture. I find it is perfect at the
weekend, and very economical especially when a crowd of teenage boys turn up out of
the blue. It is also great as a TV supper when the football is on.
! 400g topside mince
! 6 gem squash
! 1 small onion, finely chopped
! 1 tablespoons of butter and 2
tablespoons of oil
! 3 cloves of garlic, crushed
! A tin of chopped tomatoes
! 1 chopped red chilli
! 1 tsp of curry powder
! ½ cup of water, and two tablespoons water to
mix the gravy powder
! 2 teaspoons Beef Flavour Royco Mchuzi Mix
! Salt and pepper to taste
! Bunch of fresh coriander, chopped (optional, I
love it but many do not like it at all)
! Blobs of butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon
! 200 grams of grated cheese for topping
! Fry onion and garlic in a little butter and oil until golden.
! Add the curry powder, red chilli and the paprika and fry for
a minute.
! Brown the mince.
! Add the tin of tomatoes and the water and let simmer for about
half an hour until most the water is absorbed.
! Meanwhile, cut the gem squashes in half and cook in a small
amount of water.
! When the gem squashes are cooked, pour away the water and
then take out the seeds in the middle.
! Add a tiny blob of butter and mash into the gem squash
forming a little nest for the mince mixture. Sprinkle each gem
squash with a tiny pinch of cinnamon.
! Mix the Royco with 2 tablespoons of water and add to the
mince mixture. Add coriander and just let it wilt over the mince
mixture for a few minutes. Add extra salt and pepper to taste.
! Spoon into the prepared gem squashes.
! Cover the stuffed gem squashes with grated cheese and place
under the grill until the cheese is melted and slightly browned.
Curried Gems
Understand Waste Management, get involved!
From page 1 - by Rose Masunga
Endorsed by Environment Africa, they work parallel with the City of
Harare's waste collection service. Helen's concern is to reduce the
amount of recyclable material dumped into landfills and in the
process nurture a new attitude towards waste management from all
levels, be it residential, business or industrial. During her talk, she
emphasised that it’s now time up for everyone out there to get
involved and Go Green. We should all be more responsible for our
refuse and the direct effects it has on our environment. We need to
share knowledge and spread the word out there not to waste our
rubbish, but recycle it. Glass, plastic, cans and paper can all be
recycled. Refuse Collection Services offers a convenient service of
collecting recyclable material directly from your home or business.
To sustain livelihoods, Go Green Harare donates certain recyclable
materials to community projects such as Sunshine Zimbabwe Project
and the Lynde Francis Trust, supporting disadvantaged sectors of our
society. We all accumulate waste and so everyone can recycle.
When sorting our rubbish we must ensure that plastic is cleaned
before placing it in the recycling bag. The plastic bags and wrapping
– bread and sugar bags, cling film, sandwich bags, shrink wrapping
bags must be clean. Plastic bottles and jars must be rinsed before
putting them in the recycling bag.
Theo’s House of Coffee
Scrapbooking Lessons & Supplies. Beginners
to Advanced & Everything in-between!
Phone: 0714 304 664; 0772 412 750
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Treat your home a professional carpet and
upholstery cleaning service. We make DIRT
disappear!!!! Call for a competitive quote,
prompt and efficient service:
[email protected]
Turbo Solutions Africa (Pvt Ltd)
Over sixty tones of firewood for sale. Tobacco Farmers and
end consumers welcome. Sold per cord (4x4x4feet)
or(1.2x1.2x1.2m). $40 per cord. (special prices for large
quantities) Seller has approved inspection report by
Forestry Commission. Harvested wood is mainly
overgrown gum and trimmed indigenous trees.
1 Harrow Rd Msasa Tel: 0774894027, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.
Open 7 days a week 8 - 5.
Visit 167 Enterprise Road, Chisipite for a
unique shopping experience many
specialised shops, 9 - 4.30 Sat, 9 - 12.30
“Turbocharger Sales and Service”
Unit 1, 3 Borgward Road, Msasa, Harare
446587 / 0712 889 540 / 0773 195 474
[email protected]
Inner Living
Staircases, Decks, Railings, Balustrades
(including Stainless Steel), All Gates and Burglar
Bars, Pool Fences and more. Call / Whatsapp
Dave on 0775 490 418 or email
[email protected] for a site visit.
Shop – 16 Kew Drive, Highlands, Harare.
Absolutely Water
Water Purification Systems
Contact: Rod Bellringer;
0776 401 747 / 301257
Email: [email protected]
Household Electrical Repairs Installations & Services
We repair, install, and service: Washing Machines,
Dishwashers, Built in Stoves and Ovens, Cookers,
Microwaves, Fridges, Aircons, Electric gates, Intercoms,
Electric Fencing and Boreholes Genuine spares for most
brands like Defy, Samsung, LG, Electrolux, etc. For
professional service please contact Takas: 0772 264 184,
0733 248 823, [email protected]
Victoria Falls Rest Camp and Lodges
Corner Parkway and West drive
Tel: 013 40509 -11
Cell: 0773 496 695
Email: [email protected]
Pest Exterminators: The Pest Control
Specialists, for guaranteed control of all
pests!! Call for a competitive quote,
prompt & efficient service:
[email protected]
Does your home or business require painting?
Quick efficient and personalised painting
service, 25 years experience.
Tel 302355 or 0772 340 917
email: [email protected]
Rorry Interiors
Sharon’s Jewels
For: Upholstery, Sofa Loose Covers, Roman
Blinds, Curtaining, Bedcovers, Lampshades,
Duvets, Cushions, Furniture Re-polishing, Awnings
and More, Call Norman Muzanenhamo on
0775 911 948; 0733 259 988;
email: [email protected]
All your jewellery requirements
Pearl Re-stringing
0772 345 729
Waste Management - from page 4
Computer Systems
It is very important to make sure that paper does not get wet and it must
established 1989
be flattened. Glass bottles, broken ceramics and cookware are not
accepted for recycling by Go Green. However, some other recyclers do
We offer efficient and confidential
accept these, and otherwise, the City of Harare can always collect
payroll services for small, medium
whatever waste material cannot be recycled. Local companies such a
and large companies, run on the
Waverley Plastics can melt down all the plastic and use this to make
Payday payroll system.
recycled and recycling bags, plastic buckets and basins to mention but a
pay slips and useful reports.
few. It was great getting to know that so much is being done to protect
Call Sue Green on 777832/3/4.
our environment across all networks!
We also had the chance to watch the I'M Possible HARARE video, Colour
Spekes, a project filmed in Harare CBD which totally transformed the
Speke Avenue crossway bridge over Julius Nyerere Way. This pedestrian
area was painted with the public in mind to make the city as bright as the Accredited Multichoice Installer
Fast friendly service
people who live in it. Colour Spekes was implemented by Urban Space
For satellite dish installation, repair
under a programme funded by Hivos and Trust Africa called Inclusive
and maintenance of all TV,
Cities. The main thrust of this is to promote active citizen participation
VCR, Decoder, DVD, Electronic,
from all walks of life. The programme was presented to the public by
Microwave, CD player, audio, as well
our own local artists Jimmy Saruchera and Martin Stewart. There were
so many volunteers that came through to paint, including lots of children. as electrical maintenance;
Quotes given on request.
Louise Bragge, Director of Urban Space expressed pleasure over the
Contact Gavin on 0772 252 057
contributions by individual citizens and corporate world that helped in
Fax/Phone: 04 333064
making the different components of the projects successful and
meaningful. ColourSpekes project, an Urban Space initiative, has been
[email protected]
an amazing platform for people from different backgrounds to come
[email protected]
together and give a present to
Harare better than any other!
Reach YOUR Market!
Also on the platform was
Laurie Macpherson, the
renowned photographer who
has worked at HIFA for the
past eight years. She has
partnered with HIFA on her Fortnightly Lifestyle & Conservation
Magazine; Launched 2009, going
upcoming project with the
strong; Loyal, enthusiastic and
theme OWN YOUR
growing reader base.
RUBBISH. Her main focus is
Colour Spekes Project
to showcase how best one
3000 FREE magazines
can make useful things out
widely distributed
of waste such as plastic
PDF version also sent to our
bottles. She is going to build
4800+& rising email group;
an alleyway at HIFA this year
using recyclable materials.
Emailshot service
Laurie is appealing to
Active website, Facebook Page
individuals and corporates
out there to help her in any
Call 492666; 492669, 492445
possible way for her project
[email protected]
to be successful.
Payroll Bureau
advertise in
The Zimtrader
Restaurant Guide
Email [email protected] to
get your restaurant a FREE listing here.
Underlined + B, L, D denotes open on
Sunday for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.
Fine Dining Restaurants
The Coach House
Inn on Rupurara
La Fontaine
The Livingstone Room
New Orleans
The Boma
The Palm
Victoria 22
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls
09 282726
09 244243/7
029 3021
013 44751
013 43201
09 243176
013 43208/20
013 44737/9
Up-Market Restaurants
Alo Alo
Harvest Garden B L
Jungle Junction
Millers Café
Southern Comfort Lodge
The Goose
The Conservatory
White Horse Inn
Victoria Falls
013 44751
0712 218 449
0773 246 082
029 60138
Family/Casual Restaurants
Arizona Spur
Bonne Journeé
Café Afrique
Deano’s Diner
The Fishmonger
In Da Belly
Bojangles Bistro Bar
Park View
Silver Spur
Simple Pleasures
Springroll Centre
The Topside
Troutbeck Inn
Victoria Falls 013 44561/4
09 56871
Harare 0783827916/886662
09 64839
Victoria Falls 013 40509/11
0772 247 990
0772 127 270
Victoria Falls 45871/4
029 2441/5
0774 449 041
029 8487
Pub Restaurants
Explorers’ Bar
Flat Dog Diner
The Centurion Pub and Grill
The Mill
0772 773 983
0774 362 717
Specialised Restaurants
Arnaldo’s Kensington
Arnaldo’s Graniteside
Butchers Kitchen L D
Da Eros
Dehli Palace
Galleria KwaMurongo
Great Wall
Nando’s Avondale
Nando’s Marimba
Nando’s Speke Ave
Nando’s Pomona
Nando’s Jason Moyo
Paula’s Place
The Shop Café
The Sitar
The Spice Lounge
The Tandoor
Victoria Falls
0772 238 306
0777 006 823
0777 006 825
0777 006 830
0777 006 834
0777 006 865
0777 006 862
0777 006 857
013 41525
0712 616 562
0779 581 000
0772 313 131
Coffee Shops, Cafés and Bistros
Antique Rose
Banff Coffee Café
Blue Bird Café
Bottom Drawer
The Bridge Bistro
Café Espresso
Café Espresso A/port
Café Nush
The Cottage
Green Coucal
Indaba Book Café
Jacob’s Well
Meikles Lounge
Mukuvisi Woodlands
The Olive
La Patisserie
Lucullus Café
The Plot Café
River Café
Spring Fever
Stanley’s Terrace
Tony’s Coffee Shop
Vanilla Moon
Willow Bean
B L D Harare
Victoria Falls
0771 131 896
09 243176
0773 272 473
0772 313 647
0776 270 703
0783 910 199
0772 440 043
0733 897 871
09 67068
0772 908 145
0772 613 023
0774 397 804
0712 367 647
0772 711 985
013 44762
020 62653
0712 349 356
To get a listing here, email [email protected]
FREE for non profit organisations, charities, fund-raisers. $10 PER ENTRY FOR ALL BUSINESSES.
Sports, Outdoor, Environmental
Reps Theatre & Spotlight News
Fairs, Markets
The Spotlight in Reps Theatre foyer: Belgravia Shops,
open Mon to Fri 9am to 4pm & Sat 9am to 12 noon.
308159, phone bookings available to all. Booking
venue for Reps shows, Celebs concerts, many other
events and shows in Harare, to use this facility: 335850.
Sells Ndeipi, free copies of Zimtrader. Join Reps, be a
member of Africa's best amateur theatrical society:
Enjoy the bar as a social theatre-goer, shows at discount
prices, or be an active member on or back-stage.
www.reps.co.zw; www.facebook.com/RepsTheatre
Dirty Dancing comes to Harare for the first time!
This vibrant show runs at Reps Until 21 March.
Directed by Clare Hingeston, choreographed by Michelle
Nativel and with a talented 40 strong cast. Tickets $10,
booking at Spotlight, 308159; 0773200831. March 30
An Evening of Words, Reps Bar. Theme, Easter
Bonnet. Poetry, prose and fun action with this theme,
bring an Easter Bonnet to qualify for a prize. Reps
Wardrobe open so you can pop in and find something!
Food avail, free entry, all welcome.
Other Arts Events, Quizzes
Marden Singers: 'A Little Jazz Mass', Arundel School
Chapel 22 March 3pm composed by Bob Chilcott, a
performer of the internationally acclaimed King Singers,
and professional musician for the BBC. A kaleidoscope
of classical music for voices and instruments, peppered
with the spoken word. Well-known Zimbabwean
musicians and locally based artists from Japan, Turkey,
Britain and Holland. Donation $5.
'Belonging' Gallery Delta to 31 March: Exhibition of
Mixed Media Paintings & Graphics: Gillian
Rosselli.'Robert Paul's Old House' 110 Livingstone
Ave/Ninth St, Greenwood Park, 792135;
[email protected]; www.gallerydelta.com.
The National Institute of Allied Arts 2015 Music
Eisteddfod running throughout March at Prince
Edward School and other locations. Full programme ($2)
available from PE Music Centre. Admission per session
$2; season tickets $10. Junior Schools Choirs (Western)
at Twin Rivers School, 19 & 20 March. Senior Schools
Open Choirs (Western) at Harare International School 25
& 26 March. Other attractions include: PE Sports Field
19 March, 9am-1pm Snare & Tenor Drum, Bagpipes,
Drum Corps & Pipe and Drum Bands; Vocal Challenge
Harare International School 25 March 6:30pm. Bands
and Orchestras Harare International School 27 March.
Final Concert 28 March 6:30 Harare International
School, tickets $8 from Spotlight. Junior Highlights
Concert Sun 29 March 11am at HIS, tickets $6 from
Spotlight. Enquiries NIAA Office 9am-1pm, 702989 or
[email protected]; answering service 0778457773.
Chamber Music Concert Arundel Chapel 29 March
3pm: Jeanette Micklem, Catherine Stirling, Amy Macy,
Arianna Macy and Abigail Macy. Beethoven Piano Trio,
Op. 1, No. 3, in C Minor and Dvorak 'American' String
Quartet, Op. 96.
Phoenix & Harare Male Voice Choirs plus guests, St
Mary Magdalene Church Avondale, 28 & 29 March at
3.30pm: A selection of classical choral excerpts from
oratorios, including works by Handel, Haydn, Bach, Verdi,
Mendelssohn and others. Tickets on door by donation $5
or pre-book via choir members.
Tuesday March 24 and 31 Fun Quiz, Theo's House of
Coffees hosts fortnightly quiz event for teams. Come with
a team or join one. No entry fee, fun prizes. 167
Enterprise Road opposite Redan Lewisam. Starts 6.45pm
so arrive 6.15ish to get settled. Supper available at $5 or
$8 with dessert. Drinks and refreshments available. No
need to book ,just come along; but if you would like to
reserve a table, ohone 0772 881877.
The DSTV Ngoma Awards 11 April: The awards for the
advertising communications industry. Starts 12 noon.
Open to everyone. Venue: Cresta Sango conference
centre, tickets $45 each or tables of 10 for $400.
Wine enthusiasts, Join Meikles Grapevine! Informal
very social wine group, no fees or obligations, regular
tastings, food & wine pairings, wine weekends, quizzes,
treasure hunts, whiskey tasting and more.
[email protected]zw
Troutbeck Mile-Open Water Swim 28 March, 750m &
1500m in clean, clear, safe Open Water. International
Triathlon Union Swim Course Water Quality Specifications
guaranteed, with Medical and Water Safety facilities. Info
and entry forms via [email protected]; Early Bird entries via
e-mail, deadline 13 March, First 200 Early Bird entries
receive Event T-shirt and swim cap. Early Bird entry fee
$15 per person. Registration 28 March 9am-10:30,
750m Start 11,15; 1500m Start 11.30, cut-off 1215.
For special event hotel rates contact [email protected] or
go to www.zimtri.org. Categories - male & female for
both distances: Under 14, 16, 18, 19-24, 25-39, 40+.
Age on 31 Dec 2015. Min 13 yrs.
Troutbeck ATU Triathlon African Cup 28 March, Adult
Age Groups Standard 1500m, 40km, 10km; National
Championship. Junior 16 -19 yrs – Sprint, 750m, 20km,
5km National Championship. Age Group - Sprint - Nat.
Champs. Youth 13 -15 yrs - Super-Sprint
375m/10km/2.5km - Nat Champs. Elite/U23-Standard 1500m/40km/10km.
ATU Triathlon African Cup Event incorporates Troutbeck
Mile-Open Water Swim 750m, 1500m www.zimtri.org;
www.triathlon.org; Entries for championship categories:
[email protected] Running Events: Time
Trials Friday 5.30, from Old Georgians Sports Club,
opposite Bridge Spar, cnr The Chase and Teviotdale Rd,
20 Mar. 22 Mar, Busywick, Borrowdale Club, 7am, 10,
21km, all welcome, [email protected]
Matopos Ultra Marathon 12 April! See Byo Events!
Cycling Zimbabwe National Mountain Bike Series
2015: Remaining events: 22 March, Quest, Bulawayo,
Registration: 7.30am; 11 April, venue and time TBA; 25
April, Zimbabwe National Mountain Bike Championships,
Harare, Registration 7:30am. Entry fee $10 per race;
[email protected]; [email protected]
Ironwill Charity Eco Challenge, 30 April to 6 May
2015: Get Training NOW! See www.ironwill.co.zw
Mountain Club Walks etc: 21 March Chindima, Ruwa,
Christian Schmidt 0773 288 199; 25 March Convivial for
Easter camping trip to Inyangani 6
Mountain and the hut 36 April and MCZ goodbye to Jan, Ramona and Tim who
soon leave Zim. 28 March walk - Leader's Choice Patricia
Barber 497033. About Mountain Club: Saturdays meet
1pm depart 1.15pm, return by 5.30 at car park.
Sundays, all day walks. Meet 8am, depart 8.15, return
3-4pm, depending on distance. Meet at convenient
venue where we car pool and leave excess vehicles. All
walkers on that day contribute towards fuel. Wear
suitable shoes that grip. Bring small rucksack with
water/drink, snacks, rain-wear. If unsure on level of
fitness required phone Hiking Leader for that walk. We
walk in Communal Lands & National Parks so no dogs
allowed. Climbing usually Wed at Cleveland Quarry from
4pm. Phone 0773 247721, or 0772 245716
particularly if use of MCZ climbing gear required. Braai &
drinks every Wed evening MCZ Club, Boy Scouts HQ, 76
McChlery Ave, Highlands from 6pm. Bring own braai
pack, salad, cutlery and plate. Braai fire, tables, chairs
(not always electricity!). Camping weekends: A convivial
(meeting) generally held at Club 10 days before the
weekend to organise logistics, car pool, ask questions.
Membership Jan to Dec 2015. Registration for first
timers $20 single $30 per couple, annual subs thereafter
are same. Info: [email protected]
Telecel 2015 Drag Racing Series – Donnybrook
Racetrack – Public Drag Racing 22 March, 1 May, 26
July, 3 October. For more [email protected]
0735 005 500. “Race the Track, not the Street”.
Mukuvisi Woodlands ‘A touch of the wild in the heart
of the city’: Open every day of year for game viewing,
bird spotting, coffee shop, walking or horseback guided
safaris; Every Sun, Woodland Walk-Run: Start any time
from 6.30 to 10.30 am, explore further on marked trails,
leashed dogs allowed; Cnr Glenara Ave/Hillside Rd, join
for free entry year round; [email protected]
Run/Walk for Life: Friendly and welcoming running and
walking group, lots of regular group sessions for any level
of fitness, plus events, very social: [email protected]
Haka Game Park: Open daily 6 to 6. Turn left at
Cleveland Dam on Mutare Rd; entrance gate clearly sign
posted. Spacious unspoilt scenic environment, walk, run,
cycle, horse-ride, canoe, drive, game and bird spot, rock
paintings. [email protected]
Maasdorp Ave every Wed & Sat 9 am to 12 noon:
Huge variety of delicious fresh fare on sale. Doon Estate
Market & Book Fair: Last Sat of every month, free
entry, 9am - 1pm: 1 Harrow Rd, Msasa. Social monthly
market! Interesting range of product, service and
refreshment providers. Stands: 0772 301 212. Fresh
Food Fair, Amanzi Restaurant each Friday 9am to
1pm. 158 Enterprise Rd, Highlands, 497768.
Support, Charities, Fundraisers, Community
Cancer Association relies on donations, sponsorship and
fundraising for income & needs volunteers; join our street
collectors, help raise funds; T707444; 705522.
Miracle Missions: Networking Meetings, Highlands
Presby Church 112 Enterprise Road, 8.45 to 10.45 am:
Clean & Green & Waste Management: First Tues every
month, Life & Hope 4 Kids Last Tues; Prisons last Thurs.
All welcome.
Harare Senior Citizens Club: Over 55s join for just $20
annually. Super library, TV room, hair salon, bar, coffee
shop, restaurant run by hospitality training company, low
cost meals, weekly Bingo, many other events: 250093.
Support Group for People Living With Cancer. Share
experiences, fears, positive thoughts with others on a
similar path. Together we are better: [email protected]
Bulawayo Events
Bulawayo Theatre 18 to 21 March: Petra High
School's 'A Midsummer Night's Madness'. Pensioners'
Special 18 Mar 2.30pm, then opens 19 Mar 7pm, runs
20th 7pm, 21st2pm and 7pm. Tickets $6 at Theatre or
Midi's Coffee Shop.
Bulawayo Museum Fun Day 28 March, 10am: Lots of
fun activities, quiz, treasure hunt, archaeological dig and
more. Any company wishing place banners on the day for
a donation phone 0776 174839; 250045; 0712 432
506. Includes Car Boot Sale in area beside museum
$10/per car/table. To book use same numbers.
Launches of 'Textures', poems by John Eppel and
Togara Muzanenhamo two of Zimbabwe's foremost
poets: Christian Brothers College 19 March 5.30pm
free entry; Indaba Book Cafe 20 Mar 5.30pm $2 entry
includes a frree drink.
Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage Easter Special 1 to 6
April only $ per person!
Bulawayo Help Network Charity Golf Day 22 March
Hornung Park Golf Club 9am. Own Pairs Multiplier. Gin
tent, full bar & catering. Funds raised to Bulawayo
pensioners in need; to enter tel 243114.
56th Zimbabwe International Trade Fair 28 April to 2
May. 28 to 30 April exclusive Business Days.
Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe (WEZ) 19 March:
Speaker Rachel Gardner on 'What roles do zoos play in
species re-introduction and how can they optimise
success'. 7pm Lions' Club of Matopos cnr 23rd
Avenue/Moray Road Famona.
The Matopos 33 Miler (53km) Ultra Marathon 12
April: Launched in 1963, this race is run along much the
same route today as it was then, and is Zim's only Ultra
Marathon! It was re-launched in 2013. There is also a
Half Marathon (21km) a relay (5 runners by 10.6km
each) and a 5km Fun Run. All runs finish at Bulawayo
Athletics Club. Entry $10 per runner 33 Miler and Half
Marathon, $5 per runner 5km, $50 per relay team of 5.
Start Times 33 Miler and Relay 5:30am, Half
Marathon7am, 5km 8am. Register 11 April 10am to 5pm
at PPC Zimbabwe 126 JMN Nkomo St/13th Ave, Byo.
Museum Conservation Club 2-3pm 20 March - The
importance of Vultures. Museum next temporary
display Dinosaurs of Zimbabwe. Every Tuesday 1pm
from 17 March we screen an episode of the BBC
production Walking with Dinosaurs. First episode New
Blood features Coelophysis (Syntarsus) which has been
found in Zimbabwe and will be on display.
Treasure Pleasures Charity Shop, Stillhaven, 18
Lawley Rd, Suburbs, entrance 7th Street. Proceeds
support pensioners in distress. We have had a complete
make over and shop is jam packed with amazing
bargains: clothes, bags, belts, shoes, jewellery, crockery,
silver, crystal, ornaments, paintings, print and much more!
Open Wednesdays 11am to 4 pm. New stock every week.
Also open Saturday morning 28 March.
Francophonie Festival 13 to 27th March! A full
programme of cultural activities for everybody, See
Alliance Française on social media to find out what's on,
when! Also, the AGM and Special Cine-Crêpes 2 April
5pm at Alliance Française. Meeting, then cocktails and
crêpes then monthly Cine-Club under the stars.
Turbo Solutions Africa
(Pvt) Ltd
“Turbocharger Sales
and Service”
Unit 1, 3 Borgward Road,
Msasa, Harare
446587/ 0712 889 540/
0773 195 474
[email protected]
Mills Electrical Services
Tel Shaun 0775 886 236
2918394 (Evenings best)
Parade Fabrics
28 George Avenue, Msasa
Tel: 446143 Cell: 0774 108 430
email: [email protected]
Wild Imaginings
492666, 492669
0772 212 730
[email protected]
Travel 2000
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 776673 / 746201,
0772 273 901
Medic Alert Foundation
of Zimbabwe
704488; 704489; 2916307
[email protected]
Get Wet Borehole
Drilling Services
0772 336 593/ 04 746 040
[email protected]
Les Plumbers (Pvt) Ltd
For all plumbing and
property maintenance
04 - 747992; 0772 350 395,
0772 696 893
e-mail : [email protected]
Wild Imaginings
492666, 492669
0772 212 730
[email protected]
Leisure Travel Centre
NIAA Eisteddfod
[email protected]
from page 2
festivals provide
Tel : 740679 / 740946 /741031
enjoyable and
important goals
Or 0733 433 745
TO ADVERTISE HERE - ONLY $10 per Issue - $20 per month!
for children
Discounted Rates for Multiple Bookings Paid in Advance!
studying the
Pre-pay, cut down on admin and save:
diversity of arts
$50 for 6 inserts (3 months) pre-paid - 1 insert free
$100 for 12 inserts (6 months) - 2 inserts free
under these
$190 for 24 inserts (12 months) - 5 inserts free
banners. As
Amend wording any time you choose.
they climb up
through the
Grades, so they
take pride in their achievements which are recognised through their NIAA
certificates, awards and trophies which also provide a useful measure of
their progress and increasing mastery through the years. Adult entrants
are also motivated into creativity and useful practice by these annual
deadlines. As they enter each year, children learn to overcome stage
fright, and hone their musical acumen, developing the discipline to
practise regularly and work to deadline, striving to attain as close to
perfection in their recital or performance as they can. Whilst this is of
Email: [email protected]
course a bit nerve-wracking, it is an essential and useful experience in the
life of a budding young singer or musician. The NIAA festivals are
[email protected]
organised and managed by many devoted volunteers, and receive
Skype: spurwing.island
generous sponsorship from corporate backers who recognise the vital
importance of the arts to society. Mashonaland Holdings sponsors the
Eisteddfod, Deloitte, the Speech and Drama Festival, Innscor Africa, the
Visual Arts Festival and CBZ Bank, the Literary Festival. Additional support
0777 516 171 - Spurwing Direct
and assistance are received via the Association of Trust Schools.
0772 611 554 - Kim
The Eisteddfod and Speech and Drama Festivals are adjudicated by
internationally renowned professionals in their fields. The delightfully
enthusiastic Adjudicator, music teacher and director Boudina McConnachie, an accomplished musician in her own right, held
a very enjoyable interactive Workshop for Music Teachers in the PE Music
Centre. Boudina is particularly good at encouraging the children as she
adjudicates. A Music Education Specialist, Lecturer at Rhodes University,
Grahamstown, and author of the recently published 'Listen and Learn - Music
Made Easy', McConnachie is currently working towards her PhD through
Rhodes and is passionate about equal education for all. She wrote this very
easy to follow and use book to assist teachers, especially those with very limited resources, to
share the joy of music and make learning it fun and accessible to all children.
NIAA Eisteddfod From Page 7
Her fellow Adjudicator Anthony Caplan,
also a Lecturer at Rhodes University, is an
accomplished musician, composer,
arranger and ethnomusicologist and
teaches a range of instruments as well as
voice. He held an interesting and
enjoyable Own Composition Workshop
and a Guitar Workshop at PE. The NIAA
Workshops are free of charge and a great
opportunity for students and teachers alike,
as well as being interesting for audiences to
observe. Also adjudicating is Eren
Levendoglu, the performing musician and
Gumusluk International Classical Music
Festival Founder and Artistic Director who lives in Turkey but grew up and studied music in
Zimbabwe. She won several Eisteddfod awards of her own over the years, then studied piano and
violin at Cape Town University and graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in
piano performance.
The fourth Adjudicator this year is the well-known and delightful conductor, musical director, pianist
and singing coach Ben Costello from England, whom many will remember from HIFA where he
conducted Carl Orff's great work Carmina Burana in 2010. I had the pleasure of singing under his
friendly tutelage for this show and he was an absolutely brilliant tutor and conductor for all of us
involved. He too is an excellent adjudicator who puts young performers at ease and provides much
constructive feedback and encouragement.
There is a dazzling array of entry categories
which include marimba and mbira solo, duet
and ensemble, African Traditional, Gospel and
Contemporary vocal solo, a capella ensemble
and choral accompanied, vocal solo, duet,
trio, ensemble and choral Western Traditional,
Contemporary, Gospel, Sacred, Film and
Country, Musicals, Old Italian, Operetta,
Lieder and art songs. Amongst other
instrumental categories are the recorder, bag
pipes, drum kit, woodwind, piano, violin, viola,
cello, double bass, snare drum, tenor drum,
pipe and drum, orchestras, instrumental
sonatas and concertos, brass - and so the list
continues. So there is something for every
taste, and this spectrum of categories is aimed
to ensure that there are budding young
musicians across the genres coming up
through the ranks!
Achievements and recognition through the
Institute in the form of the Certificates, Awards
and Trophies annually bring participants at the
Eisteddfod (and the other NIAA festivals) of
every age pleasure, pride and a measure of
artistic progress through the years. Adult
entrants are also motivated by these annual
deadlines and triggered into producing art,
delivering performances and honing their
artistic skills. The public in turn can enjoy the
fruits of all these efforts both at the festivals
and their culminating concerts and exhibitions,
and later, in other fora in which these artists
will appear. Individuals and companies can
add their support to the NIAA festivals by
becoming Members and helping through their
interest and modest subscription payments to
ensure future viability. You can also volunteer
your time to help before and during these
festivals – a great way both to enjoy them and
to contribute to the future of the arts.
The NIAA is currently collecting information
about its long and colourful history and
Festivals, should you have memories, records
or memorabilia to share to help in this
process. To contact NIAA: [email protected]
So – make some time to take advantage of this
annual instrumental and vocal festival and let
it lift your spirits. It is wonderful to see so
many children, and some adults too, studying
so many musical genres, clearly enjoying the
process, and being encouraged along their
way by friendly adjudicators.
Marimba Challenge 2015