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April 2015 | Issue 167
2 | Global Rally 2015
2015 Global
Rally Qualifiers
7.5k Qualifier
1.5k Qualifiers
Pierrette De La Poterie
Tito & Gigi Apostol
Ruben Arellano
Lucila Ballardo
Galina & Yuriy Belous
Santos & Mirian Coca
Marco & Milagro Dubon
Elvira & Miguel Duran
Gerhard & Anna Enns
Leticia & Panfilo Fonseca
Earl & Belle Garcia
Maria & Sergio Garcia
Vicenta & Alejandro Gomez
Wei-Lih Hsu & Jennifer Chao
Frank & Feng-Lian Hwang
Aleksandr Kopylenko & Victoria Nemirovskaya
Galina Kronik
Oliver & Olivera Lepki
5k Qualifier
Elvira & Roberto Ruiz
2.5k Qualifiers
Gabriel Briseño & Karen Farias
Enrique & Zonia Espinosa
Chris & Mary Graber
Anna Miriam Henriquez & Roberto Abarca
Lydia Herrera
Alvin & Emma Lambright
Luis Leal & Nubia Valencia
Mui & Hung Ma
Sara & Antonio Maya
Boris & Irina Mezheritsky
Joe & Ruth Miller
Katie & John Miller
Catalina & Honorio Perez
Edgar & Erica Salinas
Petra & Ruben Sanchez
Ashley L. White
Forever | April 2015
Rita Lewis
Margarita & Apolinar Lopez
Manuel & Dina Marques
Noemi Martinez & Ricardo Lopez
Maria Melgar & Sotero Garcia
Angela & Juan Mota
Alma & Hector Muro
Shirley Perry
Raymond & Evelyn Rapadas
Oscar & Audelia Saenz
Maria De Los Angeles & Jose Sandoval
Salvador & Felicitas Valdez
Dejan & Gordana Varajic
Merida Villagomez
Natalya & Anatoly Yakubchik
Irene & Gary Yurkovsky
Natalya & Peter Zablotsky
Chairman's Bonus Qualifiers
Nemecia Alcaraz & Wenseslao Urieta
Gertrude Atabong
Rosa Curiel
Nina & Myrick Den Hartog
Jaswinder & Swarnjit Grewal
John & Anabelle Manzanero
Rowena & Solano Mercado
Imogene Raypon
Woo Y. & Suk. H. Sim
Asuncion & Serapia Vega
Contents | 3
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Forever News
12 FBO Highlight
04 Rex’s Message
Imogene W. Raypon is helping
others live the life of their dreams
Congratulations Forever
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18 On the Rise
08 Buy One
See who’s taken the next steps
in their Forever dream
19 Top Twenty
Business builders at the top of
their game
youtube .com/aloepod
06 The Perfect Balance
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17 Forever Giving
Helping children get the medical
treatment they need
20 Buzzworthy
Stay up to date with Forever
North America social media
How Forever Aloe Vera Gel® &
Forever Active Probiotic bring
digestive health
10 Forever Does
An adventure-filled day for
Global Rally Qualifiers
15 Aloe2Go
New upgrades to the 2go
packaging process bring
increased quality and efficiency
April 2015 | Forever
44| |Incentive
Rex's Message
In A Name?
We each have many titles and many
roles in our lives: parent, child, sibling,
friend, and, of course, in our Forever
businesses, Distributor. The title of
Distributor was carefully selected
when we created
Forever in 1978
and has
served us
well for
over 35
There has never been a moment that I
am not inspired by your example. You are
leaders in our industry, and I am incredibly
proud to be associated with you.
Just as we all have different titles
throughout our lives, there are many
things that we say about people
that join the Forever business.
You take no shortcuts. You
always show integrity. You
are Forever grateful. You are
positive. You always seek
adventure. You are creative.
You are brave. You are
passionate. And of course,
you are entrepreneurs.
This is why you are Forever
Business Owners. Being
a Forever Business Owner
means never taking no for an
answer, always finding new
ways to be innovative and
working hard to achieve your
goals. Like all entrepreneurs,
you are truly responsible for
the success of your own
business, and your hard
work and dedication will
drive its growth.
I have always said that owning your own
business is less about making a living
and more about making a life – choosing
your own path and living the way that
you deserve.
I hope that you are as
excited to be a Forever
Business Owner as I am.
Being a business owner
is an incredible privilege
- one that some people
work their whole lives
for, but are never able to
Use the name Forever Business Owner
and wear your pin with pride! Celebrate
and share your successes with those
around you - part of what makes Forever
the greatest opportunity in the world
is the ability to help other people look
and feel better and live in ways that they
never dreamed possible! Your success
shows your dedication to inspiring those
around you.
Thank you so much for all that you do and
congratulations on your brand new title!
Forever yours,
Rex Maughan
Forever | April 2015
FBOs | 5
April 2015 | Forever
The Perfect
6 | Product
Over the past few decades, a variety of ingredients have been
researched, bringing new innovation to foods and supplements
designed to support digestive health.
In fact, the amount of research being
conducted on probiotics has grown
exponentially in the past 10 years.
Between 1990 and 1999, there were just
300 peer-reviewed studies on probiotics
published… compare that to the more
than 5,300 articles published between
2000 and 2009, and over 6,100 in just
the last 5 years!
So what’s all the buzz
about? What exactly are
probiotics, and what do
they do for you?
Essentially, probiotics are the "good" or
"friendly" bacteria that line your digestive
tract. They produce vitamins, enzymes
and biochemical messengers that help
boost your immune system and promote
healthy digestion. There are a lot of
different species and strains of these
"good guy" bacteria, but only those that
are known to have a beneficial effect on
health are considered probiotics.
Today, many foods and supplements
contain only one or two types of
probiotics. This is a great start, but there
are a variety of probiotics that provide
different types of health benefits.
For example, some probiotics produce B
Vitamins, some produce Vitamin K and
some produce the messenger chemicals
your body needs to "turn on" or activate
your immune system. There are even
others which produce their own natural
antibiotic chemicals to help destroy the
bacteria that might find their way into
your gut.
Forever Living Products
recognizes the important
role that beneficial
probiotic bacteria play
in human health and
the need for probiotic
As a result, our scientific team created
Forever Active Probiotic®, a unique
probiotic supplement which contains
six beneficial strains of probiotics,
including two species of Bifidobacterium
and four species of Lactobacillus, all
well-researched for their probiotic
These beneficial bacteria work
synergistically to support both digestive
health and overall health. In addition,
Forever Active Probiotic utilizes an
exclusive, patented encapsulation
technology that protects the probiotics,
Forever | April 2015
Focus | 7
releasing them only after they have
reached the desired destination of the
intestines. How cool is that?
Forever Living also understands the
important role that Aloe can play in
overall health. One of the many studied
roles of Aloe is its potential ability to act
as a prebiotic. Prebiotics are essentially
“food” for the probiotics and support the
growth of the important friendly bacteria.
By combining our Forever Aloe Vera
Gel® with Forever Active Probiotic we
create a perfect blend of support for
optimal digestive health.
Forever has the seal of
approval from the International
Aloe Science Council!
Our team of scientists has patented our processes to ensure
that only pure, stabilized Aloe Vera Gel is the primary source of
our amazing products. Imagine slicing open an Aloe leaf and
consuming the gel right from the plant... you can come as close
as possible to doing just that by drinking our Aloe Vera Gel.
Our patented, stabilized Aloe Vera Gel is just as fresh and pure as
nature intended. In fact, our products were the first to be awarded
the International Aloe Science Council’s Seal of Approval.
April 2015 | Forever
8 | Forever Products
Buy One
Get One Free
Spring Fever is here and Product Brochure
packs (quantity 10) are Buy One Get
One FREE - while supplies last! Visit
foreverliving.com to take advantage of this
business building tool today!
Order one pack, in any language, and a
second pack will automatically be included
with your order.
The Product Brochure is currently
available in the following languages:
English #10242
Spanish #10243
French Canadian #10248
Korean #10247
Russian #10245
Chinese #10244
Polish #10246
Order your packs of 10 today and get another
pack FREE. Visit ForeverLiving.com
Forever | April 2015
5 Products
in 5 Minutes
One easy
makeup look
Sonya™ | 9
On busy mornings you may only have 5 minutes to focus on your face.
With just 5 flawless by SonyaTM products, you can create a flawless
makeup look in under 5 minutes.
1. aloe BB crème
Create an even looking complexion using aloe
BB crème in Nude with SPF 20 Sunscreen or
Cocoa with SPF 10 Sunscreen.
Nude #371 | Cocoa #373
2. Olivia and the flawless
Master Blush Collection
Swirl a little Olivia Brilliant Blush on the apple
of the cheeks using a blush brush from the
flawless Master Blush Collection and blend
towards to temples.
Olivia #391
Brush Collection #10188
3. Defining Eye Pencil
Define eyes quickly byusing our Defining
Eye Pencil to trace the upper lashline.
Defining Eye Pencil #418
4. Volumizing Mascara
Swipe on flawless Volumizing Mascara to the
upper lashes to create an eye opening effect.
Black #415
5. Luscious Lip Colour
Add your favorite shades of Luscious Lip Color
to add brightness to the face and finish your
look. Visit www.foreverliving.com for the full
line of colours.
Extended Due To Popular Demand
Order a flawless by Sonya product this month
and receive a FREE black Sonya eye pencil. The
Sonya eye pencil is the perfect way to define.
April 2015 | Forever
10 | Global Rally 2015
Sentosa Island is an idyllic retreat which offers just about any activity
and attraction you can imagine. From spotless beaches to zipline
adventures and water parks, Sentosa Island has something for
Each 1.5K Qualifier and above will receive a ‘Forever Does Sentosa Day
Pass’ to use on Wednesday, April 22nd to enjoy many of the fantastic
activities that this island offers, culminating in a Beach Party like no
other on Silosa Beach!
Desperados in 4D
The Forever Does Sentosa Day Pass allows Forever Business Owners
to enjoy:
Extreme Log Ride
Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore brings your favorite blockbusters and characters to life
in thrilling rides, attractions and shows. Get lost in the animated lands of Madagascar
or Far Far Away or visit the past or the future with Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt and the
Lost World!
S.E.A. Aquarium
S.E.A. Aquarium is home to over 100,000 marine animals of over 800 different
species! View creatures from all over the world in natural habitats including manta
rays, hammerhead sharks, eels, jellyfish and countless varieties of fish! Learn about
coral reef preservation and enjoy interactive experiences at the Discovery Touch Pool!
Forever | April 2015
Get caught up in a Wild West shoot-out,
chase outlaws and save the day in this
4D experience!
Take a fantastic 4D voyage that sends
you soaring between cliffs, plunging
over waterfalls and diving into crocodile
infested waters!
Journey 2:
The Mysterious Island
Journey to the center of the earth and
visit Mysterious Island – a place few
have lived to tell about in this one of a
kind 4D adventure
Bi-Pedal Bicycle Rental
Discover Sentosa at your own pace, and
explore places you never new existed
during a one-hour bicycle rental.
Global Rally
2015 | 11
We’re always full of
surprises! At the 2015
Global Rally in Singapore
we are inviting all 1.5K
Qualifiers and above to
spend the day with us
on Sentosa Island!
Butterfly Park
& Insect Kingdom
Immerse yourself in the beauties of the
animal kingdom. Watch over 1,500
butterflies from over 50 species flutter
around you as you enjoy the cool
outdoor conservatory.
Fort Siloso Combat
Skirmish Indoor Maze
Your mission, along with your team, is to
defend Fort Siloso at all cost. Navigate
the laser tag maze, dodge opponents
and win!
Images of Singapore
Images of Singapore offers a glimpse
into the values, diversity and culture of
Mega Bounce
Conquer your fears or feed your need for
adventure at Mega Bounce! Fly into the
sky while tethered to a harness - twist
and twirl to your heart’s content.
Port of Lost Wonder
Take the kids to the Port of Lost Wonder,
a kids’ club on Palawan Beach designed
specifically for young explorers to play,
learn and grow!
Segway Fun Ride
Hop on a Segway for an introductory
experience with these one of a kind
Singapore Cable Car
Fly high above Sentosa with a fantastic
cable car experience. Enjoy thrilling
views and see all that the island has to
offer from the sky.
Skyline Luge Sentosa
(1 Luge & 1 Skyride)
The Sentosa Luge is a unique wheeled
gravity ride that gives thrill seekers the
opportunity for some speed, a lot of fun
and plenty of safety!
The Flying Trapeze
The flying trapeze requires concentration
strength and coordination. Find out if you
have what it takes to master the art of trapeze.
Sentosa Merlion
The legendary Merlion is the half lion
half fish guardian of prosperity that
personifies Singapore’s history as a
port city. Visit this beautiful statue that
watches over Sentosa!
Tiger Sky Tower
Relax inside the Tiger Sky Tower, a
lookout 131 meters above sea level, and
enjoy panoramic views across Sentosa,
Singapore’s Southern Islands, Malaysia
and even Indonesia!
Wave House Sentosa
(Catch a Wave, 1 Try)
Surf’s Up! Catch a wave and try your
hand at surfing at Wave House, a 70,000
square foot beachfront facility – the
ultimate beach lifestyle experience.
Don’t forget to save your appetite
and energy for the Forever Sentosa
Beach Party on Wednesday evening
on Silosa Beach!
April 2015 | Forever
12 | FBO Highlight
W. Raypon
After dedicating herself full time to her Forever business 3 years ago,
Imogene W. Raypon is helping others live the life of their dreams and refusing
to settle for anything less than greatness.
I first encountered Forever Living
Products 22 years ago when my
sister, Loni Ramos, became a Forever
Business Owner. Initially, I thought it
was just another business that she
would eventually lose interest in.
Today, she is the only Filipino Diamond
Manager in the world!
When Loni began the conversation with
me about Forever Living Products, I
had a well-paying job as a sales and
training supervisor of a distinguished
cosmetic brand, so I was not interested
in the business. However my belief in
the products grew when my mom and
nephew started drinking Aloe Vera Gel
Forever | April 2015
and had amazing results. This is when
I realized Forever had the greatest
products. When my sister began
receiving huge checks month after
month, I realized Forever also had the
best business opportunity. After all my
years as an employee in the cosmetic
industry, I had never seen any checks of
this size to be given to an employee, or
even to a boss. It was at that point that
I signed up in the Philippines, and then
became an Assistant Manager. In 1999, I moved to New York to seek
greener pastures, or the so called
‘American dream’. I worked many
different jobs while continuing to build
my Forever business for some extra
income. I became a Manager in 2001
when New York was the venue for the
International Super Rally. It was truly a
memorable experience to be awarded by
our founder, Rex Maughan.
I knew that for me it was very important
to be happy with what I did for a living,
so I pursued my dream to become a
professional make-up artist, which
I’d always had a talent and passion
for. After graduating cosmetology
school, my new skills brought me many
clients, and I enjoyed working in highend department stores in Manhattan.
I was also able to work on fashion
FBO Highlight | 13
Three years ago, I got
into Mr. Victor Elahi's
cab from La Guardia
airport. Now he is a
Senior Manager and
no longer driving a
cab! Forever truly
provides people with
the American dream!
Photography by Zdravko Zee Petrov
shows, editorial shoots and with bridal
parties. But I found that after a while,
the happiness started to wear off. I grew
sick and tired of not having control of my
time and freedom.
So, as they say, "love is sweeter the
second time around". When Edmund
Ramos, my brother-in-law, spoke about
the tremendous success they were having
in Dubai, his stories challenged and
motivated me to come back to my Forever
business with the attitude ‘it's now or
never’. My motivation was not forgotten
after all these years, and Forever had
remained loyal and honest to me - my
position as Manager, and corresponding
privileges, had not changed. Forever is there
anytime, anywhere
you need it.
I have now been doing the business full
time for three years. Not only do I enjoy
the freedom of being my own boss,
but I have been able to do so many
things: achieve Senior Manager, qualify
for Earned Incentive Forever2Drive,
Chairman’s Bonus and Eagle Manager!
But the most important accomplishment
for me has been helping my team grow
and achieve their goals. My team
currently includes two first line Senior
Managers and Forever2Drive qualifiers!
There have been many success stories
that I feel lucky to be apart of. Enrisa
Beng Reyes is a very good friend who
had listened to me share Forever for 10
years before joining three years ago.
She is unstoppable and I am positive she
will become Eagle Manager in no time.
Another fantastic story is Mr. Victor
Elahi, from Bangladesh, who lives in New
York City. Three years ago, I got into his
cab from La Guardia airport. Now he is a
Senior Manager and no longer driving a
cab! Forever truly provides people with
the American dream!
Our business is not for everybody and as
a leader, you need to constantly look for
people – not just more people, but the
right people. I continually work to keep
my team’s level of motivation steady and
consistent with their goals. The support
of those around you is really important
to be successful. The teamwork of my
NYC “Aloe-trageous” group has brought
me to where I am and I am constantly
inspired by them. I am grateful to have
a wonderful mentor in my sister, who
is a Diamond Manager and for the
extraordinary support of Supervisor
Ermie Martinez.
Forever Living is a business of people
who have good relationships with one
another. I have learned to be more
patient and flexible in dealing with
different personalities, which is a huge
skill on its own. Being able to penetrate
into the Bangladesh community where
there are challenges with language and
differences in culture and currency is
proof enough that through skills learned,
success permeates.
We all have dreams. Most people
say that they want to live comfortably,
to travel, to see different places and
have the freedom to do what they love.
Financial independence, health – these
things are all of our dreams! My dreams
continue to grow. I want to travel more
and spend more time enjoying the
things that I love to do. I know it won’t
happen overnight but with hard work
it’s just a matter of time. This year I aim
to become a Soaring Manager, Senior
Eagle Manager and a Chairman’s Bonus
Dreams can become a reality if you are
willing to fight against the negativity.
The truth is that if we work hard, we are
all meant for greatness.
April 2015 | Forever
14 | Forever2Drive
Thousands are earning this. What is the car of your dreams?
Natalya & Anatoly Yakubchik
Philipp Ritter
Bogumila & Jan Sroka
Thousands have already qualified for a new car via our
Forever2Drive incentive. If you want to be next, contact
your upline and ask how.
Qualifiers this month
Chris & Mary Graber – Level 2
Moon Lee & Byoung Shu - Level 1
Frank Ym & Feng-Lian Hwang - Level 1
Manuel & Dina Marques - Level 1
Maria Elena & Sergio Garcia - Level 1
Forever | April 2015
2Go || 15
Ready, Set, Go!
New upgrades to the 2Go packaging process increase efficiency,
quality and get your favorite on-the-go products even faster!
The 2Go packaging process, which
is responsible for the packaging of
Aloe2Go and Freedom2Go, is one
of the most complicated in the
filling industry. This complex
manufacturing process contains many
steps and allows for many opportunities
for error. If even one thing isn’t running
efficiently, it could be a disaster!
How Does It Work?
After the 2Go product is blended and
completes quality testing, it is released
for packaging. A thin layer of film is
unrolled and crafted into a pouch by
forming dies and welding plates. Next,
the pouch is filled with product and
sealed before extra packaging material
is trimmed away to give the pouch its
bottle-like shape. The final product is
then inspected for seal, fill volume and
product specifications.
to Forever, that we could improve its
efficiency to make it an even greater
asset. Over the last few years, the 2Go
process has been reengineered to help
make it the best in our industry!
Through our continued dedication to
quality, we are able to continually make
improvements to the systems and
equipment that we use to make the
products that you love the very best!
Rebuilding and recalibrating the 2Go
equipment included new computer
programming to control the accuracy
of the process, additional systems to
improve the processes that unwind the
film and form the 2Go pouch, redesign of
the filling system to ensure the product
is filled accurately within 1/10 of a
milliliter and improvements to the sealing
and cutting tools. These improvements
led to 32,000 pouches being produced
in only 6 hours with the oversight of 8
personnel during one shift!
New And Improved
Installed at Aloe Vera of America in July
of 2009, the 2Go process initially took
24 hours to produce 32,000 pouches of
product over three shifts and involved
more than 60 AVA staff members! We
knew that while this incredible piece of
machinery added a tremendous value
April 2015 | Forever
16 | Eagle
Manager Program
The Eagle Manager program is truly helping us
enrich lives all over the world. Eagle Managers
represent our Forever Business Owners that are
dedicated to business building and helping those
around them look and feel better.
We are in the final two months of qualification and there
is still plenty of time to achieve this fantastic incentive.
Make sure you join us at Eagle Manager’s Retreat this
year in Cancun for sun, adventure, training and more!
MAY 4-7
Tour Forever Nutraceutical and the Home Office,
enjoy activities and gain insight and training to help
you achieve Eagle Manager!
To learn more contact Customer Care at
[email protected] or 1-888-440-2563
Forever | April 2015
Forever Giving | 17
MCC helps children with heart defects, receive treatment they could not
receive in their home country. More than 2,500 children from 75 countries
have been operated on with MCC.
Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque Enfants
du Monde enables children with heart
malformations to undergo surgery in
France when they lack the technical and
financial means to be cared for in their
countries of origin. Each month, about
20 children are operated on in 9 French
towns. In addition to this main mission,
the Association also supports the
training of doctors from their countries
of origin, as well as educational
Each child is flown in and stays in France
for 2 months on average. There is a team
in place for the arrival of every child
including a host family that will house
them while they undergo tests prior to
their surgery. All treatments, including
the actual procedure are done with
careful consideration and in the best
It costs an average of $14,000 per
child, funded by private donations and
corporate partners like Forever Giving.
Forever Giving presented Mecenat
Chirurgie Cardiaqu with a check in the
amount of €45,091 from distributor's
generous contributions to the Mecenat
Chirurgie Cardiaque campaign collected
by Forever Living Products France
Forever Living Products France
distributors donated more than $50,000
in 2014, which will save 4 children in
April 2015 | Forever
18 | Move-Ups
On the Rise
Juan Ramirez & Leonila Serafin
Ruben & Nilda Arellano
Margarita Avelino & Leobardo Porcayo
Sergio Garcia
Atukuzwe Nyirenda
Shaine & Mandy Canlas
Sergey Dubyaga & Marie Koryaka
Melanie & Alwin Escobar
Alexandra Escobar
Grace Fuh
Maria Luisa Gonzales
Nicola Harber
Erica Lepp
Esther Njibamum
Salma Semakula
In Yoo
Dovi Abbey
Nancy Karen Agapito
Lidia Alonso & Rodolfo Martinez
Maritza Alvarez
Francoise Arrey
Carolyn Azurin & Tadeo Leyson
Ilya Babkin
Simranjeet Bhandal
Dacia Biletnikoff
Diana & Artem Bychkov
Leonisa Luna & Rogelio Capangpangan
Joseph Carr
Kenneth Cheung
Luis Chimborazo
Amado & Richel Conanan
Princess & Elmer Dela Carcel
Sergey & Alla Dubyaga
Ana Escobar Ortega
Eduardo Espinosa
Forever | April 2015
Wei Wei Feng
Francisca Fuentes
Estela Galindo
Gloria Garcia
Sanjuanita Garza
Hilda Gomez
Antonia Gorostieta
Zam Hau Tang & Lal Thu Flahi
Ursonita Jandayan
Margaret Kariuki & John Mburu
Erin Katzman
Chamanpreet Kaur
Ji Kim
Quennie Ladao-Soto & Jose Soto
Chun Lam
Arthur Macarubbo
Jyzela Moreno
Sarah Mukasa
Peter Mwakakonyole
Marylucy Nkangaghwe
Youn Noh
Marne Padsing
Marissa Rivera
Delfina Roman
Rogelio Ruiz
Elta Saintil
David Sebutinde
Florina & Rigoberto Sierra
Divine Tagro
Norma & Mario Vargas
Venus & Peter Viloria
Anna Liza Wiegand
Bradley Wright
Top US/Canada Leaders
| Incentive
| 19
Top Twenty
This incentive is based on achieving the highest total
business and sponsoring at least one Assistant Supervisor
during the month.
This incentive is based on achieving the highest non-manager
business and sponsoring at least one Assistant Supervisor
during the month.
1. Antonia Catalan & Efren Castillo
2. Sergio Garcia
3. Moon Lee & Byoung Shu
4. Atukuzwe Nyirenda
5. Carmen & Rafael Castillo
6. In Yoo
7. Salma Semakula
8. Marcela Cruz & Elden Miranda
9. Soledad Batalla
10. Alexandra Escobar
11. Lyudmila Shulishova & Mikhail Shulishov
12. Erica Lepp
13. Mraia Villa & Mauricio Magdonal
14. Carolyn Azurin & Tadeo Leyson
15. Zoila Acosta
16. David Sebutinde
17. Edith & Pearson Morse
18. Venus & Peter Viloria
19. Jonatha & Elvira Melegrito
20. Elidia & Hector Torres
1. Gabriel Briceño & Karen Farias
2. Joseph & Ruth Miller
3. Maria Elena & Sergio Garcia
4. Moon Lee & Byoung Shu
5. Arthur Ortega
6. Enrique & Zonia Espinosa
7. Mui & Hung Ma
8. Earl Garcia
9. Ruben & Nilda Arellano
10. Natalya & Anatoly Yakubchik
11. Vicenta & Alejandro Gomez
12. Lyudmila Shulishova & Mikhail Shulishov
13. Rhodora & Manuel Banasihan
14. Ana Henriquez & Roberto Abarca
15. Shaine & Mandy Canlas
16. Ruben & Geraldine Layug
17. Chris & Mary Graber
18. Norma & Elizandro Dias
19. Gerhard & Anna Enns
20. Atukuzwe Nyirenda
April 2015 | Forever
20 | Incentive
Social Media
North America social media highlights of the month!
Come and follow us on
Facebook and connect with
the thousands of FBOs who
are currently interacting.
Forever North America
What a great day! Nearly 100 Forever Business Owners made it out to
Scottsdale for the Forever Nutraceutical & Home Office Tour. We had a blast!
Likes on ou a
North A
Forever North America
Wear blue to represent N. America at the Singapore Global Rally
Product Launch. Stay tuned for details on how to get your blue "Ready
to Rally" shirt! #FGR15
Forever North America
Have you met Ryan Palmer yet? He's our Southern California Sales
Coordinator. Make sure to 'Like' his page, and stay in the loop with what's
going on in SoCal!
Dress to impress in the above
regional colours for the Singapore
Global Rally Product Launch on
Thursday 23 April.
Be Part Of Something Amazing.
Tweet us about your F.I.T. Challenge and don't forget
to include the following hashtag #100daysoffit
Forever | April 2015
Social Media | 21
"Thank you Forever - it's no wonder why we love to be
part of Forever Family" - Maria Bonilla
Thank YOU, Maria! If you haven't seen the new
Forever Business Owner video yet, make sure to
check it out on our Facebook page.
Getting F.I.T.? Find this recipe and more on our
Pinterest page:
Are you eating the right
kind of calories? See
what our F.I.T. Trainer,
Jake Coyle, has to
say about calorie
consumption in our
latest blog post.
April 2015 | Forever
22 | GLT
We're so excited to announce the
Global Leadership team for 2015!
These individuals are Forever's Top
FBOs from around the world that
help generate ideas for the business
and for YOU!
Continued from our last issue,
here are five more members of
our fantastic GLT. Stay tuned as
we introduce more 2015 GLT
members in upcoming editions of
this magazine, and congratulate
them all on this incredible
Natalie Heeley
Meet Natalie Heeley from the UK. She's reached
her #ForeverDream in an impressive amount of time,
achieving Sapphire Manager in just 5 short years! Her
modern approach to network marketing and her keen
social media skills are what she credits her success
to. Congrats Natalie!
Forever | April 2015
GLT | 23
Maria & Clement Idigo
Christel & Dietmar Reichle
Meet Maria & Clement Idigo from Nigeria! These two
incredible people base their business and their lives around
helping others. With a successful Forever business, it's no
wonder they have luxury houses in Lagos, London, and
Hawaii. But their real #ForeverDream is accomplished by giving
scholarships to underprivileged children and helping widows
in Nigeria to start their own businesses. Well done Maria &
Meet Christel & Dietmar Reichle from Germany. Not only
did they find their professional fulfilment with Forever, they also
met through Forever and got married at the Super Rally 2005
in Las Vegas in the Grand Canyon. From then on they shared
their #ForeverDream together and now have more than 80,000
team partners! Nice job Reichles!
Attila & Kati Gidofalvi
Angela Loughran
Meet Attila & Kati Gidofalvi from Hungary! They have one
of the fastest growing ownerships in Forever history, with a
huge presence in Russia, Kazakhstan and Hungary. How do
they live out their #ForeverDream? Stunning cars, breathtaking
vacations, and a beautiful house on the Hungarian countryside.
Cheers to Attila & Kati!
Meet Angela Loughran from the UK. She has been with
Forever for four years, building the business internationally
from her home in Lanzarote, Spain. Her next ‪#‎ForeverDream‬ is
to achieve a $300,000 Chairman’s Bonus check, which would
allow her to pay off her mortgages and be truly financially free.
Impressive achievements for someone who has built their
business primarily through social media! Cheers to Angela!
To see images of all GLT members
and the CC levels they have achieved,
visit www.discoverforever.com/glt
April 2015 | Forever
Order your Globl Rally
T-shirt today, and
join the rest of North
America in representing
the region on Thursday,
April 23 in Singapore!
Login to the
United States
FBO website.
Click on "FLP Tool"
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