Seawall briefed on projects, Pavilion and

PAHA Soup &
Salad Fundraiser
Next Thurs.
Cuts Ribbon
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Seawall briefed on projects, Pavilion and Cobblestone
The Matagorda Seawall Commission was
informed on one projects progress and another’s problems at last week’s monthly meeting.
Tom Schmidt of Urban Engineering kicked
off the meeting with all three Commissioners
present by reporting that the South Bay Beach
Enhancement project is at the mercy of the
permitting process.
“We are awaiting the permit needed for the
beach enhancement. After the Corps of Engineers latest correspondence, we have no
idea when this permit will be received,” said
Schmidt. “It is on a person’s desk who has no
idea if it all issues are cleared.”
“It appears that our permit is moving at the
warp speed of federal government. At this
time we most likely will not have this project
done by our target date in April. We are proceeding with Request for Proposals, but if the
delay is too long we may have to return them
and start over.”
Joe Kana reported the reef removal showed
a good job at the last low tide. The signs have
been removed and the last two buckets of remaining oysters were removed.
Pavilion Update
Kana, also chairman of the Palacios Coastal
Education Pavilion and the Seawall Commission’s liaison, updated the commissioners by
reporting that at the last committee meeting it
was decided to go ahead with the Phase 1 of
the building and have a bid opening on June
Schmidt reported “With the new hotel com-
MAR. 18, 2015
VOL. 108 • NO. 12
P. O. Box 817 • 453 Commerce
Palacios, Tx. 77465
(361) 972-3009/Fax 972-2610
E-Mail: [email protected]
is 35% to 38% occupancy, and will bring 10
to 15 jobs.
The company is mainly located in the Midwest region and this will be the first one along
the coast.” Check out www.staycobblestone.
com for more info.
No City Elections
Kocurek also reported that the city elections were cancelled due to lack of opponents
against the 3 candidates filed for the 3 open
positions. Andy Erdelt, Mary Crocker, and
Glenn Smith are un opposed and will take office after the first council meeting in May.
Inspectors Report
Larry Lanfear, inspector for the district,
also presented the following report:
Pavilion: There is one spot light and one
(See SEAWALL, Page 3)
The Only
Newspaper In The
World Published Just
For The Palacios Area.
ing we still have to coordinate parking areas
for both (Pavilion and Hotel) since it (hotel)
will be close by. It is likely that we will run
out of money before everything is done, so
there will be starts and stops as we go. It is
like biscuits and gravy, they never come out
Cobblestone Hotel
David Kocurek, City Manager, said, “The
hotel appears to be coming. The investor portion is being worked out as a LLC. There will
be more information coming.”
The hotel will be a Cobble Stone franchise,
whose motto is“Big City Quality, Small Town
Values”. Plans are for a 3 story, 58 rooms, fitness center, small conference room, small bar,
hot breakfast room, and outdoor pool. The
franchise fee is $2.50 per room, break even
USPS 418460
Serving The City By The Sea Since 1907
Plug pulled on llegal 8-liners
Beacon Deadline
5 p.m. Friday
Except for paid advertising, all
articles, photos or other information submitted on Monday
will be published on a space
available basis only.
Observing Our
■ St. Anthony’s
Lenten Fish Fry
Fri. at KC Hall
St. Anthony of Padua’s
Catholic Church in Palacios
will hold its Lenten Fish
Fry on Fri. (Mar. 20) for
$8 per plate dine-in or take
out, from 4 p.m. until sold
out. Plate includes fish
shrimp, coleslaw or rice,
pinto beans, hush puppes,
dessert and tea.
■ Menudo, taco
fundraiser Sat.
in Blessing
The Church of God of
Prophecy in blessing,
located at the corner of
Railroad and Pecan will
hold a menudo, taco
fundraiser from 8 a.m.
until gone on Sat. (Mar.
21). Menudo is $6 per
bowl. Chroizo and egg
tacos and bean and egg
tacos are $2 each. Eat in
or delivered. One time
delivery to Palacios at 11
a.m. To place your order
ahead of time call 979943-2260.
■ World Mission
Breakfast Sat.
The Church of God of
Prophecy, located at 808
9th St., will hold its World
Mission Breakfast on Sat.
(Mar. 21) from 8-11 a.m.
The breakfast is all you
can eat for $7 and includes pancakes, sausage,
bacon, scrambled eggs,
grits juice and famous
breakfast strudel. See ad
on Page 7 for more info.
City gets
hired hand
to collect
fines, fees
Palacios Beacon
Open 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
Beacon Closed Wednesday
MEMBERS of the Matagorda County Narcotics Task Force brought down two illegal gambling establishments
in Palacios and arrested four in a pair of raids on March 11. The Task Force, which includes members of the
Matagorda County Sheriff’s Department and the Bay City Police Department, confiscated 15 eight-liner gambling
machines and an undisclosed amount of cash. (Pictured above) Task Force members wrap up the raid with the
haul of gambling machines loaded into the back of a trailer at Henderson Drive In. (Beacon Photo by Ryan West)
BY RYAN WEST, Publisher
Palacios Beacon
The door was kicked down
on a pair of Palacios convenience stores that housed illegal gambling activities in a
raid by the Matagorda County Narcotics Task Force on
March 11.
In the mid-afternoon, law
enforcement converged on
both the Gas N Go Regal
Food Mart, located at 2010
First Street and Henderson Drive In Food Mart, at
100 Henderson Drive, with
search and arrest warrants
for both locations.
A total of 15 electronic
THE Gas-N-Go Regal Food Mart, formerly known as Sharkies Corner, was also
(8-liner) gambling machines
raided by law enforcement as an illegal place of gambling. Two individuals were
and an unspecified amount
arrested and transported to Matagorda County Jail. (Beacon Photo by Ryan
of money was seized.
Four individuals, two at
each location, were arrested
Huynh were arrested at Henderson additional charges being filed.
and charged with Keeping A
Drive In.
The Task Force indicated the PalaGambling Place.
All were transported to the Matago- cios Police Department provided supDeedaralin Daya and Hasina Daya
port during the execution of the search
were arrested at the Gas N Go Regal rda County Jail.
and arrest warrants.
Mart, while Men Nguyen and Linh
will continue with the possibility of
The Palacios City Council
reached an agreement with a
new debt collection agency at
last week’s Council meeting.
The City of Palacios agreed
to partner with the Linebarger
Goggan Blair and Sampson,
LLP collection agency.
Linebarger, Goggan, Blair
and Sampson, LLP is not new
to Matagorda County, and is
currently in agreement with
both the City of Bay City and
Matagorda County.
By entering into agreement
the city will authorize a
30-percent collection penalty
on delinquent municipal
court fines and fees. All
delinquent accounts regarding
outstanding traffic fines and
other court ordered financial
obligations will be contacted
by the collection agency.
Upon payment the City
of Palacios will receive
100-percent of each collection,
with the acceptation of the
initial 30-percent collection
penalty which will be allotted
back to the agency. The
city will not be responsible
for payment regarding any
unsuccessful collections.
Unopposed Candidates
Declared Elected
The City of Palacios election
has been cancelled after only
one candidate for each open
seat on City Council filed to
run by the deadline, which was
Feb. 27th.
Uncontested races ensure
victory for three city council
candidates. In accordance
with Texas Election code
section 2.053, the following
(See CITY, Page 2)
County jobless rate down 2-percent over last year
Palacios Beacon
Although Matagorda County experienced a typical
seasonal increase, as the December-to-January
rate climbed up 0.7 percentage points, countywide
unemployment figures continued to reflect a
downward trend.
According to the latest figures released by the Texas
Workforce Commission (TWC), the unemployment
rate for the county was 7.6-percent, nearly 2-percent
lower than the same figure only one year ago.
The number of employed Texans grew by 300,300
individuals over the year. The Texas unemployment
rate declined 1.1 percentage points leaving January
2015’s 4.6 rate, the lowest January rate since 2008.
The national unemployment rate increased
seven-tenths of a percentage point over the month
to 6.1-percent, down from 7.0-percent a year ago.
This was the 98th consecutive month Texas has
been below the national rate.
Current Unemployment rates for adjacent counties
followed the current downward trend, and showed a
significant decrease in the figures when compared to
those of the year before. (Jan 2014 in parenthesis):
Brazoria County, 4.6-percent (5.8-percent); Calhoun
County, 4.3-percent (5.7-percent); Colorado County,
3.8-percent (5.1-percent); Jackson County, 3.5
-percent (4.6-percent); Wharton County, 4.2-percent
TWC encourages all either unemployed or
underemployed to visit their nearest Workforce
Solutions Office and apply online at workintexas.
The Palacios Community Hub’s Free Career
Center, located at 205 4th St., is open Mon.-Fri. from
12-5 p.m. Assistance is available navigating job
search websites and critiquing resumes.
Beacon deadline for articles, advertisements is 5 p.m. Friday
Page 2 - Palacios Beacon - Wed., March 18, 2015
Area Briefs
Rise in youth sexually esplicit texts
EL CAMPO: A rise in middle school children allegedly
sharing sexually explicit text, pictures and or videos has
become a concern for parents, school officials and police.
Although all the activity occurred off campus, school
officials responded by sending parents a letter, followed
by a mass phone call, warning parents of the dangers. “We
constantly remind students of the dangers of social media,
but the message cannot be repeated enough,” said ECMS
Principal Mark Freeman. School and Police officials agree
that the message needs to be heard. –El Campo Leader News
Spark ignites tank explosion
CofC ribbon cutting for Parker Lumber
PARKER Lumber joined the ranks of Palacios’ best with
a ceremonial ribbon cutting with the Palacios Chamber
of Commerce. Pictured above are: (front, l-r) Pam Oliver, Mike Cox - District Manager, Andy Sanchez, Tina
Pape - District Manager, Melissa Aguilar, Efran Zamorano - Store Manager, Velmna Sanchez, Chris Miller Vice President, Carol Carney and Sally Kurtz; (back)
Rev. David King, David Kocurek, Rob Kessler,, Jodi
Janacek, Rob Seward, Leland Singer and Glen Smith.
Pictured right: Store Manager Efran Zamorano presents Kenny and Bej Svatek with a $500 gift card during
the grand opening sales event. (Submitted Photos)
unopposed candidates will
be taking office following the
May 9, 2015 election.
Mary Crocker will be
taking on pos. 3 after a City
Charter three 2-year term
limit forced Councilman and
Mayor ProTem Ed Schulze to
step down for a minimal of
WHARTON: Officials responded to reports of a tank
explosion located one mile north of FM 102 and 1161
intersection. It appears that a spark ignited one of four 600
barrel salt water disposal tanks. According to Andy Kirkland,
of the Wharton County Office of Emergency Management,
the tanker was draining and disposing the saltwater, which
is saturated in petroleum. The gas floats to the surface and
gathers there. Many causes such as static electricity could
create the spark, which caused the tank to explode. The
driver was treated and released at the scene. –Wharton
Journal Spectator
Breaking ground on new healthcare facility
GONZALES: Gonzales Healthcare systems will be
celebrating the groundbreaking of a multi-purpose facility in
Gonzales. The facility will be located across from Gonzales
Health Care Centers and will replace the James C. Price
facility. The new facility will include medical office building
space to include Cardiology, and orthopedic surgery as well
as a wellness center. -The Gonzales Inquirer
El Campo gettting new Taco Bell
(Continued From Page 1)
Glen Smith will be filling
Pos. 4, after incumbent Gary
Hafernick decided not to re-file
for a third consecutive term.
No changes will be made for
Pos. 5, where incumbent Andy
Erdelt will be completing a
second consecutive term.
City elections were last
cancelled in 2013 when there
Dorothy’s Bloomers
Dorothy Burkett,
Plants • Shrubs • Hanging Baskets
212 Green Ave.
Palacios, 77465
(361) 648-9557
were no opponents to those
who filed for open seats.
Update on Cobblestone
The Cobblestone hotel is
currently looking for local
investors. “They (Cobblestone
Hotels) have an itch to come
into small communities,
but they will only come if
there invited,” states city
manager David Kucerek, “it
is a 40-percent local investor’s
Update on Rainbow Park
Troy Lewis brought the
Palacios Parks and Recreation
Committee up to date on the
obstacles hindering Rainbow
Park including surveying the
Lewis announced that there
will be a clean-up hosted by
the LCRA and will include
Rainbow Park pending the
approval of a submitted
Name Suggestions
The Palacios Parks and
Recreation Committee are
looking to ‘revamp’ Palacios
parks by applying official
names to each park. Although
each park is well identified
East Bay, South Bay, City
Park, Railroad Park, ect. it
could also be argued that the
current identifying names are
unofficial and lack originality.
Suggestions considered were
those of Palacios Beautification
Pavilion Committee including
Pelican Park (City Park) and
La Salle Park (East Bay.)
The Palacios Parks and
Recreation Committee would
like to announce that they
will be accepting public
suggestions regarding official
Citizens Forum
Mary Crocker acknowledged
Tenaris’ effort in energy
conservation by pointing out
that they have begun adding
solar panels to the roof, and
stated “this is a good example
for other people to consider.”
Next Upcoming Meeting
The next upcoming City
Council Meeting will be held
on March 24 at 7p.m. and will
be located at 311 Henderson
You’re Reading One Now!
EL CAMPO: Taco Bell is scheduled to open in El Campo
June 2015 and will offer jobs for 30 people. The location
chosen for El Campo’s newest eatery will be on the corner of
North Mechanic and Webb Street. Demolition of the existing
building most recently a day care facility was completed
mid February. Similar to other Taco Bells, the restaurant
will be a standalone building with parking, indoor sitting
and a drive through. –El Campo Leader News
Call me today for a complimentary insurance
(979) 244-4671
Hank E. Huitt
3120A Ave F
Bay City
[email protected]
Insurance subject to availability and qualifications.Allstate County Mutual Insurance Company,
Irving, Texas. © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company.
$30 in county
$40 out of county
Crawfish $8.99 per pound - Buy 4 pounds get 5th pound free!
Enchilada Dinner 9
Specials : Crawfish
Shrimp Enchilada Dinner 9
Wednesday - Sunday
$ .99
$ .99
Shrimp or (2) Fish Tacos $9.99
Beans and Rice included with specials.
Sun.-Wed.: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Thursday: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Friday & Saturday:
11 a.m. to 12 a.m. (Midnight)
511 Main Street • (361) 972-2766
MatagordaUrgentCareAdv2.indd 2
3/2/15 1:17 PM
Palacios Beacon - Wed., March 18, 2015 - Page 3
• Palacios Police Reports •
Individuals listed have been arrested and/or charged with an offense. Inclusion in this report does not imply that the
person is guilty of any crime. The following are offense and arrest reports submitted by the Palacios Police Dept.
to the Palacios Beacon as of noon Friday.
Forrest Quinton Thomas, 44, Bay City,
arrested in the 400 block of Commerce
at 8:09 p.m. on March 7th; driving while
license suspended/invalid.
Modesto Sanchez Muniz, 20, 138
Sandpiper Circle, arrested in the 800
block of 8th St. at 12:05 a.m. on March
9th; loitering.
Glenn Eddie Harvey, 52, 808 Commerce
St., arrested at Sandpiper Circle at 11:02
p.m. on March 9th; criminal trespassing.
Micki Lynne Holstein, 211 Moore Ave.,
arrested in the 1100 block of Henderson
Ave. at 10:10 p.m. on March 11th; public
Jason Rodriguez, 701 Lucas, arrested
at residence at 12:53 a.m. on March 12;
assault and unlawful restraint.
Advice Requested: Officers were
contacted by an official at the First Prosperity
Bank on March 5, at 10:46 a.m., in requesting
advice regarding a suspicious behavior.
Assault: Officers were dispatched to the
seashell apartments on March 6, at 5:10 p.m.,
in reference to a disturbance in progress.
Criminal Mischief: Officers were
dispatched to 1000 block of Morton on March
7, at 12:33 a.m., in reference to criminal
Advice Requested: Officers were
dispatched to the Police Annex on March
7, at 8:54 a.m., in reference to an individual
requesting advice.
Advice Requested: Officers were
dispatched to the Police Annex on March 7,
at 12:42 p.m., in reference to an individual
requesting advice.
Assault: Officers were dispatched to the
Police Annex on March 7, at 3:08 p.m., in
From the Police Chief
By Police Chief David Miles
Hopefully we’ve
have had the last real
cold front. I’m sure
there will be a few more
cool spells, just not as
cold. I don’t mind the
cold, the rain and cold
together have made the
bad part.
We had a couple of
vehicle burglaries last
week. Same issue as always, somebody didn’t
lock the door.
reference to a previous assault, subject was
referred to county.
Assault: Officers were dispatched to the
Police Annex on March 8, at 4:08 a.m., in
reference to a previous assault, report taken.
Information: Officers were dispatched to
the Police Annex on March 8, at 1:50 p.m.,
in reference to a civil matter, report taken.
Fraud/Theft: Officers were dispatched to
the Police Annex on March 11, at 12:15 p.m.,
in reference to a theft by check, report taken.
Burglary: Officers were dispatched to the
Police Annex on March 11, at 2:26 a.m., in
reference to a burglary of a motor vehicle,
report taken.
Welfare Check: Officers were dispatched
to the 400 block of 1st Street on March 12, at
8:19 a.m., in reference to suspicious activity
in the 100 block of Welch Street.
Advice Requested: Officers were
dispatched to the Police Annex on March
12, at 1:28 p.m., in reference to an individual
requesting advice.
PAHA’s annual Soup and Salad next Thurs.
The Palacios Area Historical Association will hold
its annual Soup & Salad on
next Thurs. (Mar. 26) at the
City By The Sea Museum at
401 Commerce Street, Palacios. The meal will begin
at 5:30 p.m. followed by a
very quick annual meeting
and then Bradford M. Jones,
Archeologist with the Texas
Historical Commission, will
speak at 7 p.m. If you would like to help,
you are invited to bring your
best soup, salad or dessert.
There will be prizes for best
in each category, so bring
family and friends to vote for
you! Call PAHA at 361-9721148 and let them know what
you will bring.
Tickets will be at the door
for $8 for members and $10
for non-members. Memberships will also be available at
the door. All are welcome!
Mr. Jones has been an archeologist for six years for
the Texas Historical Commission’s Archeology Division. Currently the Curatorial Facility Certification
Program Manager and AD’s
Collection Manager, Mr.
Jones has nearly 20 years of
experience in the archaeology and history of Texas, Ecuador and Peru. In addition to
serving as the La Belle Collection Manager, Mr. Jones
is an editor and author of the
La Belle technical volume
and currently working on
the analysis and publication
of the THC’s excavation of
the site of La Salle’s Fort St.
Louis and the 1720s location
of the Spanish Presidio La
His talk is entitled ”At the
End of the Beginning: 20
Years After the Rediscovery of La Belle.” In 1995,
the Texas Historical Commission’s discovery of a
bronze cannon on the floor of
Matagorda Bay set in motion
an unprecedented archeological excavation of La Salle’s
wrecked ship La Belle. Headquartered in Palacios, the
THC successfully excavated
the lower 1/3 of the hull and
over a million artifacts reflecting both life aboard ship
area light not working.
East Bay Pier: All lights
are working.
South Bay Pier: All lights
are working.
River Road: One cap
board is missing and several
are loose.
Bay Front Park: There
is approximately 30’ of concrete that has spared off the
cap in front of the parking
area at the Point Drive In.
South Bay Boat Ramp:
Some of the deck boards that
were nailed during the last
dock extension are beginning
to become loose.
The boat ramp has accumulated a substantial amount
of silt and will need dredging
(Continued From Page 1)
East Bay Boat Ramp: The
ramp will need to be dredged
Vernon Property: I have
requested Rhoades Land
Leveling to make the repairs
on the wash-out.
Conger Property: The
RV has been moved from the
wash-out location and repairs
can be made when weather
permits. Tom Schmidt said,
“Matt (Glaze) and Charlie
(Rhoades) have got a plan
under control and it will get
fixed when the weather gets
right and Charlie feels like
(doing) it.”
Next Meeting
The next regular meeting
is scheduled for April 8, at 7
p.m. at the Matagorda Coun-
St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church
Annual Fish & Shrimp Fry
MARCH 13th
Serving from 4pm
until sold out!
Menu includes:
Fish, Shrimp, Coleslaw or Rice,
Pinto Beans, Hushpuppies,
Dessert & Tea.
and La Salle’s failed colonial
vision. Twenty years later,
the technical publication on
the archeology of the ship
and its contents is at the press
and the conservation and the
exhibition of the reconstructed hull is nearing completion. This talk will present
an up-to-date interpretation
of La Salle’s ill-fated expedition from the perspective of
the excavations and analysis,
while exploring the important role the ship and its cargo
still have to play in enriching
our Texas heritage.
President of the Board of
Trustees, Lynda Bible commented, “We are so looking forward to a great turn
out for what is always a fun
evening with excellent food
and good company, plus an
outstanding speaker, talking
about a subject we really care
about!” For further information, please call the Museum
at 361-972-1148 or e-mail
[email protected]
ty Navigation District #1’s
Administration Building.
Blessing American
Legion BBQ cook-off
fundraiser next Sat.
The Blessing American
Legion will hold its annual BBQ cook-off and
fundraiser next Sat. (Mar.
28) at the American Legion Park.
The cook-off will be
brisket, ribs, chili and
beans with entry fee of
$25 for the first entry and
$10 for each additional
Registration will be
held from 8 - 9:30 a.m.
Trophies will be awarded for first, second, and
third place winners in
each category. A first
place Showmanship trophy will also be awarded.
The event will also feature a raffle, ‘happy wagon’ raffle, 50/50 raffle and
For more information
contact Nettie Cornett at
361-649-8536 or Eileen
Ackerman at 979-2401725.
No injuries in pair
of weekend wrecks
A pair of drivers were lucky to avoid
injury in separate accidents this past
A Chevrolet Covertte (left) will
need a facelift after running into the
back of a trailer in the 800 block of
Henderson Ave. last Saturday.
On Sunday, a Cadillac Sedan
(above) did major self inflicted damage when it struck the rear end of a
parked pick up in the 500 block of
Main St. and had its tire ripped off.
(Beacon Photos by Brandi G. West)
FSA accepting Emergency Farm Loan applications
Applications for emergency farm loans for losses
caused by drought are being
accepted at the Farm Service
Agency (FSA) office located in Wharton, Ms. Gail A
Hoskins said recently.
Victoria, Jackson, Calhoun, Matagorda, and Wharton Counties are 5 of 149 in
Texas recently named by Secretary of Agriculture, Tom
Vilsack, eligible for loans to
cover part of actual production and/or physical losses
resulting from the drought.
Ms. Hoskins said farmers
may be eligible for loans of
up to 100% of their actual
losses or the operating loan
needed to continue the agricultual business, which ever
is less. For farmers unable
to obtain credit from private
commercial lenders, the interest rate if 3.625 percent.
“As a general rule, a farmers must have suffered at
least a 30 percent loss of production to be eligible for an
FSA emergency loan”, Ms.
Hoskins said. Farmers participating in the Federal Crop
Insurance program will have
to consider proceeds from
those programs in determining their loss.
Applications for loans under this emergency designation will be acepted until
October 5, 2015 but farmers should apply as soon as
possible. Delays in applying could create backlogs
in processing, with possible
delays into the new farming
season”, Ms. Hoskins said.
FSA is a credit agency of
the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It is authorized to
provide disaster emergency
loans to recognized farmers who work at and rely on
farming for a substantial part
of their living. Eligibility is
extended to individual farmsers who meet U.S. citizenship
requirements and to farming
partnerships, corporations, or
cooperatives in which U.S.
citizenship requirements are
met by individuals holding a
majority interest.
The FSA office in Wharton
is open from 8:00 am to 4:30
pm, Monday through Friday.
Additional information regarding disaster Assistance
Programs may be found online at http://disaster.fsa.
Come Join the Fun
Omar’s Bar & Grill
~ Mixed Drinks & Draft Beer ~
Open 7 Days A Week • 10 a.m.-2 a.m.
No Minors after 9 p.m.
DJ’s on Saturday Nights
814 Henderson (Hwy 35) • Palacios • 361-356-1072
Collision Repair Specialist
• Computer Diagnostics
• Brake Service
• AC Service
• Tune Up
• Towing
• Restoration Quality
• Insurance Claims
Matagorda County Communities, Hazard Mitigation Plan
Public Involvement/Participation
A partnership of local government and other stakeholders ion Matagorda County
are working together to create a Matagorda County Hazard Mitigation Plan. Community input and involvement is instrumental in the development of a mitigation plan
update that truly reflects the perceptions and needs of Matagorda County residents.
x 2.5” | Maximum Font Size: 30 pt
Matagorda County Crime Stoppers provides citizens with a
toll-free number to call to report
crime and drugs in your area.
If your information leads to an
arrest and charges, you can receive a cash reward. Callers do
not have to give their names to
qualify for a reward.
We have developed a community survey and would like as much input from
Matagorda County residents, businesses, and interested citizens as possible. Please
take a few minutes to fill out this survey so that your ideas may become a part of the
plan to make Matagorda County a safer and more resilient county!
Community Survey Link:
College or retirement? Fi
Stocks. Bonds. CDs. IRAs.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact:
Laura Johnson at [email protected] or 303-312-8807
Mutual Funds.Brenda
J Christensen, AAMS®
Education Savings.
Financial Advisor
106 S Commerce St Ste 3
J. Christensen,
Port Lavaca,
TX 77979
Financial Advisor
S. Commerce St. Suite 3
Port Lavaca, TX 77979
Member SIPC
Palacios Beacon
Fax Line (361) 972-2610
Office Line (361) 972-3009
Page 4 - Palacios Beacon - Wed., March 18, 2015
10 YEARS AGO-2005
As the economy imposed financial hardships across the
coast, port of Palacios shrimpers were relieved to hear that
the Matagorda County Navigation District #1 had renewed the
50-percent six month rent deduction for the third consecutive
year in a roll.
The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture launched Crop Disaster
Program (CDP) and Matagorda County farmers became
eligible to receive financial assistance for crop losses.
Palacios Shark Melissa Navarro receives second place
in the Class 3A Girls and Tidehaven Tiger Tiffany Parks
placed first in the Class 2A Girls at the State Powerlifting
Championship Meet.
20 YEARS AGO-1995
Frank P. “Sonny” Brhlik was named Fireman of the Year
by the Palacios Volunteer Fire Department during its annual
awards dinner.
Several members of the Palacios Volunteer Fire Department
were honored for their years of service: Marvin Curtis,
45-years; Sonny Brhlik, 40-years; Leo Orsak, 35-years; Joe
Janak, 25-years; Kenneth Smith, 25-years; Ronnie Callahan,
15-years; Richard Joyce, 15-years; and Wayne Hunter,
The Main Bed and Breakfast opens for the first time.
Tidehaven Tigers claim the team title in the 31st Shark
Relays. Paul Horton accounted for two of the top finishes as
he helped the Tigers win their fourth consecutive team title.
Nearly a full house packed the stands in the Palacios High
School Gym to witness the Palacios All-Stars, Palacios
Women’s Coaches, Redneck and Palacios Men’s Coaches
display their dubious skills in hitting the hoop from the
stubborn and unpredictable backs of donkeys in the Donkey
Basketball Tournament.
25 YEARS AGO-1990
George C. Franguille, Jr. edged out Emmett Greene by a
mere 53 votes to win Democratic nomination in last weeks’
preliminary election for Justice of the Peace. Aaron Greene
beat out William Jalufka and Rodney Tucker for Justice of
the Peace in Pct. 4.
Tracy Thompson filed for the position of mayor of Palacios.
The Palacios Area Historical Association presented its
annual Historian of the Year Award to Opal Carter and the
Renovation/Preservation Award to Ted Bates.
PISD Junior High Students of the Month for March were:
Maria Correa, Wesley Hutto, D’Ann Bowers, Toby Callahan,
Matt Wilkins, Elna Olson, Cassie Kubecka, Tanya Aoughsten,
and Andrew Houser.
After years in the making, dedication ceremonies took place
for the Palacios Marine Education Center.
The Toot-Toot Club (a club within the Eagles Club)
presented a check of $800 to the Special Olympics for their
local program.
34 YEARS AGO-1981
Susan Bolling of Palacios FFA had the Grand Champion Calf
at the Matagorda County Livestock Show. Vanessa Hebert of
the Round up 4H raised the Grand Champion Lamb.
Effective March 22, the price of a first class postage stamp
went up to 18 cents.
Terry Oglesby filed for re-election to the city council.
49 YEARS AGO-1966
A gift of $250 had been presented to the Palacios Library
by Celanese Chemical Corporation.
James Henry of Palacios, John Henry Zemanek of Blessing
and Daniel Dabelgott of Markham were selected to attend the
American Legion Boys State in Austin in June.
Tidehaven won first place, the Sharks second in the Sweeny
Track Meet.
54 YEARS AGO-1961
Matagorda County’s active rig count slumped to 14.
Fifty Years of Service to the Palacios Area was the theme
of the Chamber of Commerce banquet held April 6.
The city council gave Ruel Foley the go ahead signal for
his new Green Acres sub-division.
A bill had been introduced in the House Representatives
that would place 5 percent production tax on shrimp and
oysters taken from Texas waters.
Ray Anders, stationed at Vance A.F.B., Oklahoma, was
promoted to Lt. Colonel.
Mrs. Guy Claybourn was elected president of the women’s
division of the Chamber of Commerce.
Bills filed to rein in spending, contract abuse
require agencies to post a list of all Committee on Government Facilities,
contracts on their state website. “These agencies need $1.5 billion to fix state
(Austin) Lawmakers this week con- contracts are paid for with taxpayer dol- facilities, up from $400 million in 2006.
sidered bills aimed at lowering the lars,” Nelson said. “We must ensure “People need to understand, deferred
spending cap and providing stronger that they are awarded with the highest maintenance has a cascading effect,” he
oversight over agency contracting prac- degree of ethics and transparency.” She told members. “If you don’t fix the roof,
tices. The Senate Finance Committee told members she intends to hold a vote it’s not just the cost of the roof five years
debated a bill that would revamp regu- on the bill at a meeting next week.
out, it’s the cost of the walls. It’s the cost
latory control over state agencies who
Another bill filed this week would use of the carpet, and repairs.”
contract for products or services with a different metric to set the state spendEltife set out the goals for his comprivate sector companies. This is a very ing limit, which its author said will re- mittee at a Thursday meeting. First, he
common practice across agencies, ac- sult in a more conservative spending wants to create an accurate picture of all
cording to Finance Chair Jane Nelson, cap. Senator Kelly Hancock of North the deferred maintenance needs across
who said state agencies were committed Richland Hills filed SB 9 this week, all agencies. Then, he wants to generate
to contracts with outside vendors worth which would tie the spending cap to a four-year plan to meet all these needs.
more than $60 billion in 2010. The population growth plus inflation. “This He also wants to consider the creation
committee first looked at this issue last is a false measurement and effectively of a special account to pay for maintemonth, when testimony from the State eviscerates the constitutional spending nance going forward, one that contains
Auditor’s Office revealed that out of 14 limit,” Hancock said of the current met- adequate safeguards to ensure that taxaudited agencies, only two met all con- ric, personal income growth. The con- payer dollars aren’t wasted. “It’s intracting guidelines. One contract for stitution limits the growth of the state sane not to take care of the facilities you
telecom services at the Health and Hu- budget to no more than the growth of own,” said Eltife. “If we’re going to
man Services Commission was found the state economy.
own them, we ought to maintain them.
to have serious conflicts of interest, inAlso this week, a new Senate com- If we can’t afford to maintain them, get
creasing costs and lack of oversight over mittee looked at the issue of deferred rid of them.”
payments and service delivery. Com- maintenance across state agencies.
The Senate was to reconvene on Mon.
mittee members expressed dismay at This refers to routine upkeep costs that (Mar. 16).
the findings and promised future action. get put off because agencies haven’t
“It’s outrageous, we’re going to get to been appropriated
the bottom of it and we’re going to fix enough money to
it,” Nelson told members at the Febru- cover repairs and
ary 18 meeting.
renovations in a
The fix comes in the form of Senate given biennium.
Bill 20, authored by Nelson. It would According to Tystrengthen reporting requirements, re- ler Senator Kevin
quire agency heads to sign off on con- Eltife, the Chair of
tracts worth more than $1 million, and the Senate Select
This week I was proud to join Rep. Dan Flynn in joint
authoring House Bill 9, which sets forth a plan to restore
solvency to the Employees Retirement System of Texas.
Many constituents have reached out to my office regarding this issue and it is because of your voice and your
involvement that this legislation has been proposed. HB 9 will fund the state employee pension system
Will greatly miss his diligence and tirelessness....
by increasing the state’s contribution to the plan without reducing benefits for current and future retirees, in
Dear Editor,
conjunction with an increase in contributions by active
I cannot speak for the Palacios Economic Development
state employees. In order to mitigate the effects of the
Corporation Board of Directors because we have not met
employee contribution increase, House leaders are prosince receiving Mike Strotheide’s Letter of Resignation.
posing a 2.5 percent, across-the-board pay increase for
I can speak for myself in saying that I will greatly miss
state employees to take effect in 2016. Through this leghis diligence and tirelessness in promoting our county and
islation, we keep our commitment to hardworking state
our community as a very skilled and professional Ecoemployees in their retirement years.
nomic Development Director. Mike works very closely
HB 9 also signals to Wall Street that Texas has a plan
with our city government in getting things done to help
to achieve actuarial soundness in its pension systems,
Palacios move forward. He hsa made numerous contacts
which is vitally important to our state’s economic vitalwith business and industry in order to bring new busiity. Most importantly, it ensures that this important issue
nesses and jobs to our community in addition to assisting
is on the road to being addressed so that our deserving
and supporting existing businesses. I respect Mike’s decistate employees receive the pension and salaries they desion to return to the private business sector and wish him
serve and count on.
the best.
Jan Pierce
President, PEDC Board of Directors
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The Editor
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59 YEARS AGO-1956
Indications were favorable that the City of Palacios may
be able to obtain a lease agreement with the Texas National
Guard for use of Camp Hulen.
The remaining 511 acres of airport property not presently
under oil lease, was put up for bid at a City Council meeting.
Jimmy H. Shearer announced as a candidate for school
64 YEARS AGO-1951
Matagorda County Navigation District’s No. 1 $250,000
harbor improvement bond issued proposal passed by 357 to
191 at the polls.
Albert Barrera was honored at a surprise reception in
commemoration of his 25 years of service in the local W.O.W.
Jerome Kimball announced his candidacy for re-election
as city alderman. A.H. Peterson announced his candidacy for
commissioner of Precinct No. 3.
Nathan Blum was appointed local manager of the American
Legion junior baseball team.
Elected to the board of directors of the Rotary Club were
M.M. Brooking, Rev. L.M. Greenshaw, H.C. Campbell, H.C.
Bolen, Glenn Claybourn, Tom Friery, and Ralph Newsom.
74 YEARS AGO-1941
R.J. Sisson, Guy Claybourn, D.D. Paulk, L.G. Margerum
and T.W. Caffal entered the race for city alderman.
G.R. Halliday, Justice of the Peace, who had been on sick
leave resumed to office. Thirteen men reported to the Bay
City draft board.
79 YEARS AGO-1936
Spring shrimp season opened with 15 boats from Crawford
Packing Company reporting about 15,000 pounds for the
first day’s catch.
Representing Palacios High School in the county literary
events were Wanda Stevens, junior girl’s declamation; Melba
Koerber, senior girls and Henry Johs, senior boys; Thelma
Anderson and Chester Barrett, extemporaneous speaking;
Gertrude Johnson and Mary Louderback, spelling; and Jimmy
Miller, essay writer.
Monthly bills paid by
the City of Palacios
Following are bills paid
by the city of Palacios
during the month of March.
Bills are published by the
Palacios Beacon as a public
record since City Council
does not see bills prior to
State Comptroller, sales
& use tax Feb. 2015;
Alleyton Resource Co.,
LLC, limestone base &
delivery charges; $4,189.94
Ascent Aviation Group,
INC.; $14,647.51
B a k e r, S t o g n e r &
Associates, audit ending
Sept. 2014; $21,500
Kenneth Eisman B&E
Electronics, avg. anti-virus
1/15-10/15/15; $300
Bay City Community
Development Corporation,
excel class-Rob & Cathryn;
DE Lage Landen Financial
Services, Inc., EDC copier
lease 2/15-3/14/15; $198.35
Envirodyne Laboratories,
Inc., sewer and lab test Jan.
2015; $496
Ferguson Enterprises,
Inc., (6) 12 X 4 rub. tees;
Ricoh USA, Inc., copier
service pd 2/13-3/12/15;
Ricoh USA, Inc., copier
service ch 2/16-3/15/15;
Ricoh USA, Inc., copier
service pd 2/17-3/16/15;
Gulf Coast Paper Co.,
supplies Feb. 2015; $515.65
Don Guynes, 8
inspections, 2 consultations;
I.C. Systems, Inc.,
collections F. GomezCalles; $37.08
Ricoh USA, Inc.,
proactive 1/09-2/08/15;
Kansas State Bank of
Manhattan, 2005 grandall
yearly pmt.; 12,547.27
McDonald Services,
backhoe swing kit; $247.18
Mercer Construction Co.,
sewer supplies; $223.37
Porter’s Ace Hardware,
tools & supplies; $1,321.54
Palacios Community,
pre-employment Test; A.
Longoria; $40
Palacios Lawn Care, Feb.
2015; $4,850
Group 71 Invest, I-Feb.
12 - Mar. 02,15 Inv’s 2/12
– 3/02/15; $642.60
Prime Parts Supply Inc.,
parts & supplies; $671.18
Presslink Printing, Ltd.,
rcpt. labels – thermal paper;
Robert L. Garrett, judge
training - mileage exp.;
Seed Stock Media, city
of Palacios website; $450
Ed Schulze, I-HGAC
mileage; $118.45
South TX Corrugated
Pipe, culvert pipe; $1,186
Randall B Strong, prepare
trail/jury docket; $1,140
T M L I E B P, h e a l t h
insurance -2015- ;
Texas Mun. Retirement
Syst., rtmt deductions &
contribution; $25,818.41
The Productivity Center,
tcledds subs. 4/2015 4/2016; $745
TX Dept. of Public Safety,
criminal history search; $1
Unique WWCE, Inc.,
sewer supplies for shop;
United Parcel Service,
shipping cost (rg3) meters;
Walmart Community
BRC, supplies PD & animal
control; $163.62
Matagorda County
Auditor, city’s shared elect.
bill; $1,412.32
Total: $120,797.57
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•Deadline for submitting articles and advertising is 5 p.m. Friday.
•All material published is at the discretion of the publisher. The publisher
reserves the right to edit all letters and other articles submitted to meet
space requirements, clarity or to avoid obscenity, libelous or slanderous
•All “Letters to the Editor” must be signed by an individual or individuals. All
letters must bear the handwritten signature of the writer and include the
address and phone number(s) for verification purposes. (Address and
phone number will not be printed.) Letters should not exceed 200 words
and limited to one per person/household per 30 day period.
•Letters published do not necessarily reflect the editorial policies or views of
the Palacios Beacon or its staff.
•There is a $40 charge for engagement announcements.
•There is a $40 charge for wedding stories up to 10-column inches (not including picture) that are submitted within 4 weeks of the ceremony ($5.50
for each additional column inch). Wedding stories submitted more than
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if brought to the attention of the publisher.
•The Beacon’s liability for any mistake in any advertisement is limited to the
value of the advertisement.
‘Soul Bubba’ needed a complete self-recycling job
Truthfully, many of us have pasts
liquor-by-the-drink got Texwe’d just as soon forget except,
as voters approval, seemed
perhaps, the resurrection of some
to have bars everywhere a
episodes might serve as cautions
“thirsty” man looked.
and detours to others. This piece is
Often, the job involved enwritten in that hope.
tertaining clients at a two-hour
Those in creative professions, it
(minimum) lunch that includseems, tend to be more susceptible
ed drinks before the meal and
to the misguided notion that the
cognac or some similar after“pressures” of such endeavors call
meal imbibing.
for induced relaxation. That beTo compound the situation,
comes a “cause celebre” that leads
while I worked in Houston
most often to alcohol although, unthose six years, I lived in Confortunately, in more recent times it
roe, a minimum hour’s (often
seems to point toward some more
Guest Columnist
two) drive in afternoon rush
harmful, and illegal, drugs as a
traffic. There were plenty of
means to unwind.
bars lining the homeward
The term, “more harmful” is used advisedly bound route, so if traffic got too heavy, and/or
while, though I consider alcohol a drug and a barstool called with a “Soul Bubba” label on
thus addictive, the immediate effects of other, it, I got off clogged IH-45.
usually illegal, drugs often bring about more
A longtime friend, known only by his selfdestructive personal damage.
anointed nickname of Freddy Fudpucker III,
A significant segment of society engages also worked in a graphics-related sales job. He
in what most call “social drinking,” in and and I usually coordinated our departures so
of itself a harmless enough undertaking. Al- we could socialize and make “new acquaincohol’s addictive qualities are usually under- tances” in those wholesome establishments.
played. People fall into the trap of regularly We also knew that if one had car trouble, the
over-imbibing. If you go beyond one drink, other could come to his aid.
you’re probably going to be over the legal
Ultimately, I came to the realization I was
limit on a Breathalyzer test.
making part of the drive home without reHeavy drinking and addiction are a serious membering how I got there.
health threat, not to mention a public safety
That’s when I decided the friendly small
issue when an over-imbiber gets behind the town confines with a lessening of temptawheel of a car.
tions, where one could again publish country
Uh-oh, Soul Bubba (self-chosen nickname), newspapers, were screaming “Soul Bubba.”
you done stopped preaching and started medI took a job publishing The Lockhart Postdling.
Register, which turned out to be a fortuitous
Bear with me. I don’t speak without some move. There was a raven-haired beauty on
experience and understanding of alcohol’s the staff, and she ultimately became my Life
addictive qualities and dangers. Thankfully, Partner and my complete Soul Mate (LP-SM)
I came to that realization before it became a as well.
long-term, life-threatening habit.
While the move was the beginning of my
I still can enjoy a glass of wine with a “recycling” into the newspaper business, it
good meal or I may nurse or sip one highball was also a life-saving extraction from drownthrough a long reception at some convention ing in alcohol. LP-SM played no small role
or meeting. The effects beyond that are not in that.
appealing to me. Believe me, I’m relaxed
Now, by my ordained family rule, “drivenough at my age, a threat to fall asleep on ing” after imbibing my healthy one glass of
my own at any minute. Any driving on such white wine (I’m allergic to red), involves only
trips, where there is a convention/reception/ a short walk to our master bedroom or punchmeal, only requires pushing my floor button ing the button on the elevator ride to our hotel
on the hotel elevator to retire at an hour con- room at a meeting or convention.
ducive to my age and sleep needs.
Willis Webb is a retired community newsMy usual newsman-social imbibing, af- paper editor-publisher of more than 50 years
ter some ‘normal’ collegiate shenanigans, experience. He can be reached by email at
took an upturn when I entered the sales field. [email protected]
This was in 1970s-80s Houston, which, after
USDA invites applications for loans
to fund community facility projects
USDA Rural Development
has recently been awarded
over $60 million in funding
to be dispersed for community facility projects throughout
Texas. Funding is authorized
through the Department’s
Community Facilities Direct
and Guaranteed Loan Program. “We are pleased to announce available funding
in the form of low interest
loans, guaranteed loans, and
grants used to develop or improve essential facilities and
equipment in rural communities that have experienced a
lack of capital during these
challenging times,” said Paco
Deadline 5 p.m.
Friday for all
photos & articles
to be submitted
for consideration
to be published
in the
Palacios Beacon
Valentin, Rural Development
Texas State Director. “Funds
to promote local and regional
food systems, healthcare and
education broadband protocol, renewable energy/energy
efficiency, public safety and
public service facilities are in
much demand statewide.”
USDA Rural Developments’ community programs
enhance the quality of life
for rural Texans by providing funds to public bodies,
community-based non-profit
organizations and Federallyrecognized Tribes for essential community facilities and
services. Funds may be used
for a wide range of various
community projects. These
include, but are not limited
to, projects such as those
which will enlarge, improve
or construct schools, libraries, farmers markets, medical clinics, assisted living
centers, public buildings, and
community centers. Funding
can also be used to purchase
public safety equipment such
as ambulances, firefighting
equipment, and other emergency required implements.
Community Programs can
make and guarantee loans to
develop essential community
facilities in rural areas and
towns of up to 20,000 in pop-
ulation. Loans and guarantees
are available to public entities
such as municipalities, counties, and special-purpose districts, as well as to non-profit
corporations and tribal governments. Community Programs can guarantee loans
made and serviced by lenders
such as banks, savings and
loans, mortgage companies
which are part of bank holding companies, banks of the
Farm Credit System, or insurance companies regulated
by the National Association
of Insurance
Commissioners. Community Programs may guarantee up to 90% of any loss of
interest or principal on the
loan. Community Programs
can also make direct loans to
applicants who are unable to
obtain commercial credit. In
some circumstances, grants
may be awarded to smaller
Applications are now being accepted to fund projects
meeting the criteria for community facility loan, guaranteed loan, and grant programs, as outlined on www.
The public is invited to come
view and enjoy the 2015 Matagorda
County Fair Grand Champion decorated cake which will be displayed
at Prosperity Bank in Palacios on
Wednesday, March 18th thru Friday,
March 20th as requested by top bidders Shirley and Dick Kubecka.
The cake was created by Steven
Nevarez, a sophomore at Palacios
High School.
Mrs. Shirley Kubecka, a former
Home Economics teacher at PISD,
would like to encourage youth to
show their creativity through Home
Economics projects.
We thank Mr. and Mrs. Kubecka
for purchasing the cake and exposing youth to a culinary art.
Palacios Beacon - Wed., March 18, 2015 - Page 5
EPA fines Wharton Chemical
for hazardous waste violations
DALLAS – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
recently conducted a compliance evaluation of Wharton
Chemical in Hungerford,
Texas. The evaluation revealed violations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) related
to the storage and handling of
hazardous waste at the facil-
This Week
in Texas
March 18, 1849: Fort
Croghan established
on the north bank of
Hamilton Creek, about
ten miles from its junction
with the Colorado River;
abandoned in Dec. 1853.
1937: New London
school explosion.
March 19, 1826:
Cherokee leader John
Dunn Hunter arrived in
Mexico City to renew
negotiations with the
Mexican government
for land for a Cherokee
settlement in Texas.
March 20, 1721: An
expedition under the
Marques de Aguayo
crossed the Rio Grande
into Texas.
March 21, 1864:
Attack at Velasco by
Union blockading ship.
March 22, 1864: Battle
at Corpus Christi between
Union and Confederate
March 23, 1846:
General Zachary Taylor
reached the Rio Grande
River in response to
threats by Mexico against
annexation of Texas by
the United States.
March 24, 1825:
Mexican legislature
passed the State Coalition
Law. For a nominal fee,
this law encouraged
farming, ranching, and
commerce. It granted
settlers as much as a
square league (4,428.4
acres) of pasture land
and a labor (177.1 acres)
of farmland. Immigrants
were temporally free of
any kind of tax.
Advertise Your
Business or Event
Regional ads available
Contact this newspaper
for more information
ity. The company will pay a
$230,000 civil penalty to settle allegations that it violated
RCRA, and is taking steps to
protect the local community
from health and environmental risks associated with hazardous waste.
Wharton Chemical, also
known as Lamberti USA,
Inc., produces specialty
chemicals for industrial applications. The facility was
classified as a small-quantity generator of hazardous
waste. However, during several occasions in Jan. 2009
through Dec. 2013, the facility generated large quantities
of hazardous waste (1,000 kilograms of hazardous waste
per month).
RCRA is the federal law
governing the treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste. RCRA is designed
to protect public health and
the environment, and avoid
costly cleanups, by requiring
the safe, environmentallysound storage and disposal of
hazardous waste. The RCRA
requirements mandate the use
of safe practices which greatly reduce the chance that hazardous waste will be released
into the environment.
Bird Notes
Cathy Wakefield
Outreach Specialist, International Crane Foundation
Feathered Fridays will be
held Friday, March 20, at
The Nature Conservancy’s
Mad Island Marsh Preserve, Collegeport. Please
call or e-mail me to participate.
Bob Friedrichs reported
viewing the following birds
at the Matagorda County
Birding Nature Center:
Couch’s Kingbird, Field,
Chipping, Savannah, Lincoln’s, and White-throated
Sparrows, Pileated Woodpecker, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Eastern Phoebe,
Great and Snowy Egrets,
Turkey and Black Vultures,
a Bald Eagle and variety
of dove. Others observed
were Blue Jay, American
Crow, Carolina Chickadee,
Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Wren, Ruby-crowned
Kinglet, Eastern Bluebird,
Hermit Thrush, American
Robin, Northern Mockingbird, European Starling,
Cedar Waxwing, Yellowrumped Warbler, Wilson’s
Warbler, Northern Cardinal, Red-winged and Brewer’s Blackbirds, Common
and Great-tailed Grackles,
and Brown-headed Cowbird.
Others around the area
reported seeing Osprey,
Great Blue Heron, Sandhill
Crane, American White
and Brown Pelicans, Snow
Goose, Belted Kingfisher,
Crested Caracara, Laugh-
ing and Herring Gulls.
Groups of White Ibis have
been seen A variety of
wading birds have been
seen, by Bob, Bruce Herlin
and others, in Trull Marsh.
These include Short-billed
Dowitcher, Black-necked
Stilt, Lesser Scaup, and
Lesser Yellowlegs. Large
groups of White Ibis have
been observed flying over
the bay and pastures.
Neighbor Roger observed
a Loggerhead Shrike capture/kill/eat a Northern
Spring migration has
started. Bob said there are
reports of seeing Louisiana Waterthrush, Pectoral
Sandpiper, and White-eyed
vireo. He also shared information about a fellow
named John Arvin, a volunteer at Gulf Coast Bird
Observatory, who uses
radar, Nexrad, to track
the density of birds along
migration routes. Apparently the flocks/groups of
birds reflect back the radar
waves to produce density
images. He posts his observations on the website Texbirds, and the Texas Bird
Discussion group’s Face
Book page.
Continue to let me know
what you’ve observed. It is
exciting to read about the
large variety of birds observed in our habitat-rich
Midfield VFD annual fundraiser
auction, raffle cook-off Apirl 25
The Midfield Volunteer
Fire Dept. (MVFD) will hold
its annual fundraiser raffle,
auction and brisket, ribs and
bean cook-off on April 25.
BBQ plates with all the
trimmings will be sold by the
Fire Dept. complete with dessert and beverage.
The raffle and auction will
be held during the event,
and your donation of items
is needed to help make this
event a success.
The community support is
used for training and equipment for the firefighters.
The MVFD is a non-profit
organization and donations
are tax deductible.
For more information
contact Vic Collins (979240-5030), Jim Mote (713503-3920), Christi Collins
(979-240-9771) or Nancy
Fitzgerald (070-240-6148).
(Committed to Excellence)
• Your Custom Home Builder Since 1975
• Specializing in Fine Custom Homes
• Inland and Bay Areas
• Remodeling and Light Commercial
• Custom Plan Service
• Texas Wind Storm Compliant
• Insured
• Serving Brazoria, Matagorda &
Wharton Counties
979-245-2650 Bay City
[email protected]
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Inspe ite
Pest & termite cOntrOl tion
“The Only Name You Need to Know in Pest Control”
Oscar TOrres, Owner
(361) 578-7378 • (361) 920-7378
And this is testimony; that God has given us
eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He who has
the Son has life; he who does not have the Son
of God does not have life. These things I have
written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that
you may know that you have eternal life, and that you may
continue to believe in the name of the Son of God.
Skilled Nursing Facility
700 12th • Bay City • 979-245-7800
Admissions Director: Debbie Castillo
Palacios Funeral Home
701 1ST STREET • 972-2012
Antiques & Resale
501 First Street • Palacios
Open Fri. & Sat. 10am - 5pm • Sun. Noon - 4pm
1917 13th St. • Bay City • 979-245-2097
(361) 972-2222
1811 Newsom Blvd.
Sunday Fellowship: 10 a.m.
Sunday Worship: 10:30 a.m.
Tuesday Discipleship: 7 p.m.
Wednesday Bible Study: 6:30 p.m.
Pastor: Eric Young
Church Phone: 972-0800
710 8th Street
Lunes-Oracios 7:30 p.m.
Martes-Culto Juvenil
Bilinque: 7:30 p.m.
Miercoles-Culto De Adoracion: 7:30 p.m.
Domingo Escuela Dominical: 9:45 a.m.
Culto Evangelisticio: 2 p.m.
Pastor: Eddie Martinez
Phone: 972-2419
451 Commerce Street
Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Worship: 10:30 a.m. & 6 p.m.
Wednesday Service: 7 p.m.
Pastor: Richard Alamia
Assistant Pastor: Carmen Rios
Phone: 972-6171
Prime Parts Supply
709 Henderson • (361) 972-2565
P.O. Box 342
Palacios, TX
TEXAS 77465
361-972-3596 • 117 Henderson • Palacios, TX
1-877-4-BAY CITY
39 South 11th St., Blessing
Sunday Services: 10 a.m.
Wednesday Prayer: 7 p.m.
Railroad & Pecan Streets
Sunday Worship: 11 a.m. & 5 p.m.
Pastor: Steven Walker
Sunday School: 8:45 a.m.
Sunday Worship: 9:45 a.m. & 7 p.m
Wednesday Service: 6:30 p.m.
Pastor: Larry Swift
Church Phone: 588-7325
Pastor’s Phone: 588-6313
Corner CR 470 / CR 476
Carancahua Community Ctr.
Sunday Service: 8:30 a.m.
Wed. Service: 6 p.m.
Pastor: Bob Keprta
Casual Dress
[email protected]
459 Main • Palacios • 972-2585
The Trull FoundaTion
404 FourTh STreeT • PalacioS,TX • 361-972-5241
Serving the Palacios - Matagorda
County Area Since 1967
Do it
204 Henderson
Palacios, TX
361• 972-5500
M-F/ 7:30am-5:30pm
Sat 8am-2pm
307 Henderson • Palacios • 361-972-2273
6th at Rorem
Sunday School: 10 a.m.
Sunday Worship: 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.
Wednesday Bible Class: 7 p.m.
Phone: 972-2132
508 4th St.
Sunday School: 9:45 a.m.
Sunday Worship: 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.
Wednesday Worship Service: 7 p.m.
Pastor: Lloyd Rodriguez
Church Phone: 972-6550
Sunday Worship: 9 a.m.
Sunday School: 10 a.m.
Interim Pastor: Vanessa Potter
Church Phone: 972-1158
4th & Rorem
Sunday Worship: 6pm
Wednesday Bible Study: 7 p.m.
Church Phone: 972-3852
202 Main Street
9th & Moore
Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.
Sunday School: 9:45 a.m.
Sunday Morning
Sunday Worship: 11 a.m.
Worship: 10:45 a.m.,
Wednesday Prayer Service: 6:30 p.m.
Sunday Family Bible Study 5:45p.m.
Wednesday Bible Study: 7 p.m.
Wed. Youth & Children Activities: 6 p.m.
Pastor: LeRoy Monroe
Wed. Church Prayer Time: 6 p.m.
Phone: 972-6482
Pastor: Chris Webb
Associate Pastor of Ministries:
James Collins
4th & Morton
Church Phone: 972-5486
Domingo Escuela
Domincal: 9:45 a.m.
Adoracion: 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.
Miercoles Estudio Biblico: 7 p.m.
3rd & Morton
Pastor: Juan Aguilera
Sunday School: 9:40 a.m.
Parsonage: 972-5542
Sunday Coffee: 10:30 a.m.
Sunday Worship: 11 a.m.
Interim Pastor: Vanessa Potter
Church Phone: 972-2124
1800 First St.
Pastor’s Phone: 972-5389
Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.; 6 p.m.
Wednesday. Service: 6:00 p.m.
Pastors: Billie Burch
Church Phone: 972-3675
3rd & Lucas
Sunday School: 9 a.m.
Sunday Worship: 10 a.m.
Wednesday Adult Choir: 6 p.m.
1004 Magnusson
Pastor: Rev. David King
Confessions Saturday:
Church Phone: 972-3013
5-5:45 p.m., or by Appointment
Pastor’s Phone: 972-6005
Saturday Mass 6 p.m.
Sunday Vietnamese Mass: 8 a.m.
Sunday English Mass: 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Spanish Mass: 11 a.m.
Pastor: Rev. Bryan Heyer
525 Morton Street
Church Phone: 972-2446
Sunday Service: 10 a.m.
& 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday Service: 7:00 p.m.
Pastor: James & Susie Jimenez
3rd & Main
Se Habla Español
Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.
Church Phone: 972-2707
Morning Prayer: 10:30 a.m.
Church Phone: 972-2744
Church Fax: 972-1334
9th & Morton
Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Worship: 10:30 a.m.
Church Phone: 972-5254
Domingo: 9.45 a.m., 6 p.m.
Miercoles: 6:30 p.m.
Viernes: 6:30 p.m.
1008 5th Street
Sunday Worship: 10 a.m.
Monday: 7 p.m. School of the Book
Wednesday Worship: 7:30 p.m.
Pastor: Danny G. Perez
Church Phone: 972-2849
Pastor’s Phone: 972-2475
Junetta St., Midfield
Sunday Worship: 7:30 a.m.
Pastor: Howard Harper
Phone: 979-241-1274
12th & Henderson
Sunday Worship 10 a.m., 6 p.m.
Wednesday Youth Service: 7 p.m.
Mon., Tues., Thurs. & Fri.: 7 p.m.
Pastor: Tony Flores
Church Phone: 972-2352, 972-2955
2nd & Rorem
Sunday School: 10 a.m.
Sunday Worship: 11 a.m. 6 p.m.
Pastor: Louis Rush
Church Phone: 972-3139
808 9th St.
Sunday School: 10 a.m.
Sunday Praise-Worship: 11 a.m.
Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m.
Pastor: Raymond Salinas
Church Phone: 972-6262
Pastor’s Phone: 361-588-7117
10th & Ritchie • PO Box 657
Sunday Worship: 6pm
Thursday Worship: 7pm
Church Phone: 361-649-4715
Pastor: Kenyon Hamilton
7am-10pm/Mon.-Fri., 8am-10pm/Sat. & 9am-10pm/Sun.
307 Henderson • Palacios • 361-972-2273
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------To list your church information on this page, for free, bring, mail, fax or e-mail your information to the Palacios Beacon. Fax: 972-2610; or E-mail: [email protected]
453 Commerce • 361-972-3009 • Fax 361-972-2610
The Luther Hotel
An Historic Inn
408 South Bay Blvd.
STP Nuclear
Operating Company
215 5th St.
Coastal Properties
"Strong Churches Make Strong Communities"
Palacios House of Flowers
414 Main St. • Palacios • 361-972-2517
Irene Page, Owner
Dairy Queen
215 Henderson Ave.
Open: 10am-10pm
1105 Henderson 361-972-5923
Mon-Fri: 7:30am-4:30pm
Turning Basin 1 • 361-972-6060
We Support Our Community & Local Churches
Equal Housing
Homes • Business • Life
308 4th Street ~ Palacios
Mon-Sat: 11am-1:30pm & 5-9pm
1 John 5: 11-13
Quality, Variety and Value!
702 Henderson
(Hwy 35) • Palacios
(361) 972-2534
Phone: 972-1606
When visiting the businesses and services listed
above, thank them for sponsoring this Church Page.
BIG G Auto GlAss
Proudly Serving the Palacios Community
Lumber and Marine
405 Main Street • Palacios • 361-972-5222
Hours: Mon. - Sat. / 7am - 6pm & Sun./8:30am -3pm
Capt. Tom’s Seafood
Richard & Nancy Rhoades
317 Henderson
Palacios, Tx
Located at Seacrest Estates
45 Seashell • (361) 972-3721
1160 FM 616 • 361-588-6631
Tire Shop 361-588-6660
Blessing, Texas 77419
first be
be submitted
a funeral
or a family
is a $40
a standard obituary.
by either
a funeral
Funeral services for Donald
Ray Kelly, Sr., 79, of Palacios
were held March 12 with Rev.
Shan Jackson officiating.
Donald was born August 1,
1935 in Palacios to the late
Lawrence and Ella Cosby
Kelly and the Lord softbly
called him home on March 8,
He attended and graduated
from Palacios High School.
Shortly thereafter, he was employed by Alcoa Aluminum
where he became a Lab Analyst. Around this same time
he met and married Pearl Mary Wagner, his beloved wife
of nearly 60 years. They would never leave Palacios,
and he would later retire from Alcoa Aluminum after 39
He became a longtime member of the Church of Christ,
A devout Christian with an unrelenting faith and belief in
God’s Providence, and his personal savior Jesus Christ.
Donald was a kind honest man with an incredible quick
wit who never shirked a task, always placing his family’s
needs above his own. He loved ranching and working
on and driving his antique cars, but most of all he simply
enjoyed being with his family.
If the love a family feels for one, is the true measure of
ones wealth, then our father was extremely blessed. He
will be deeply missed by his wife, children and grandchildren.
Donald was preceded in death by his parents and
daughter Patricia Kelly.
He is survived by his wife Pearl Wagner Kelly; daughters Stephanie Winfield (Charles) of San Marcos, and
Beverly Vacek of Palacios,; sons Donald Kelly, Jr. of Palacios and Harold Wagner Kelly of Austin; sister Betty
Kelly; brothers Lawrence Kelly, Jr. of Victoria, and Roy
Kelly of Palacios; grandchildren Justin Kelly (Andrea),
Jessica Vacek, Dylan Kelly, Lucas Kelly, Kaitlyn Vacek,
Amy Vacek, Colton Kelly and Christian Kelly; great
grandchildren Laila Kelly, Roman Kelly, Abram Kelly,
Belen Kelly and John Paul Kelly.
Pallbearers were Justin Kelly, Lucas Kelly, Charles
Winfield, Rene Galvan, Kenny Maynard and Stephen
Frangullie. Online condolences may be shared by visiting Arrangements were made with
Palacios Funeral Home.
Library News
Palacios Beacon - Wed., March 18, 2015 - Page 7
Patchwork of Life Conference will exhibit
four types of lamps used in Ancient History
As part of the Pottery Exhibit of the Third
Annual Patchwork of Life Community Christian Women’s Conference, oil lamps from
three distinct periods of ancient history will
be on display - the Intermediate Bronze Age
(2000 BC), the Iron Age (1500 BC to 600 BC)
and the Herodian Dynasty (50 BC to 50 AD).
The Bronze Age lamp was used during the
lifetime of the Biblical characters, Abraham
and Sarah. These lamps were developed with
multiple wicks because of the scarcity of olive
oil. The use of fish oil made the development
of multiple wicks a necessity.
The Iron Age lamp was in use during the
lifetime of the Israel’s King David. It is also
know as the Canaanite Olive Oil Lamp. It is
among the earliest of clay lamps. In antiquity,
it was developed after a saucer or shallow bowl
had its edges folded up to form a spout.
The Herodian Dynasty Lamp was common
in Judea during the life and ministry of Jesus. It was in widespread use during the reign
of Herod the Great in Israel. This lamp was
wheel-made with the spout applied by hand. In addition, the Conference will feature
4000-year-old potsherd fragments from the
Holy Land, as well as authentic American Indian pottery.
This year’s speaker, Rachel Norris, Master Potter, will be speaking on “The Potter’s
Hand,” Rachel will be performing a live potter’s wheel demonstration as she illustrates her
message. The Conference will be held at The
Christian Life Center, 202 Welch St. Palacios,
TX from 8:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. Lunch is included in ticket price.
Tickets are available at Old Main Bookstore
and First Baptist Church office, as well as
on-line at Tickets
are $15/ea. or two tickets for $25 and include
lunch, program and exhibit. Free childcare for
0-5 years old is available by pre-registration.
Pottery Registration form as well as a Child
Care Registration is also available on-line.
Patchwork Community Christian Women’s
Conference is soliciting hand-made pottery
from area women for the exhibit. For more information call 361-972-6068.
•Birth announcements must be
submitted within 4 weeks of birth to be
published free of charge. Otherwise, a
$20 charge applies.
•Wedding stories must be submitted
within 4 weeks of ceremony to be published at nominal rate, otherwise $5.50
per column inch rate will apply.
Karl and Kimberly
Mutz of St. Hedwig, Texas are proud to announce
the birth of their daughter,
Emma Rose, born February 25, 2015.
weighed 7-lbs. 4-oz. and
was 21-inches long.
grandparents are John and Dawna
Frankson of Palacios. Paternal grandparents are
Betty and the late Russell Mutz of Cestohowa,
Deadline For
Articles, Ads
Is 5 p.m. Friday
Classified Ad’s
10 a.m. Monday
MCUW accepting applications for 7th annual Day of Caring
Matagorda County United
Way has designated Friday,
April 10, as the 7th Annual
Day of Caring and applications for minor home repair
services are now available.
This community-wide effort is a day when over 100
volunteers work on projects
making minor repairs to the
homes of elderly or disabled
community members. The
event is a unique opportunity for volunteers to see
how their time and generosity impacts the individuals
in our community. The day
will be a busy and fulfilling
day for participants and an
experience everyone who has
participated looks forward to
each year.
Applications to request
By Vikijane Bear
minor home repairs are now are provided and there is no teers and sponsorships as
available at the MCUW of- cost to the homeowner.
well. Please call the United
fice at 2417 Avenue G, Bay
Matagorda County United Way office at (979)245-5852
City. Interested persons may Way is also seeking volun- for information.
also call the United Way at
(979)245-5852 to have an
application mailed to them. Applications are also available at the Economic Action
Committee Senior Center, the
Friends of Elder Citizens. To
first be
be submitted
a funeral
be eligible, an applicant must
or a family
is a $40
for a standard obituary.
by either
a funeral
or family
be a senior citizen 65 years of
Funeral services for
age or older or have a disabilVirgil D. Farley, 87,
ity and they must own their
were held on March 16
home. The work will all be
at St. Anthony’s Cathodone on the Day of Caring
lic Chruch in Palacios
by United Way volunteers at
with Fr. Bryan Heyer ofno cost to the selected applificiating.
cants. Examples of eligible
Virgil was born on
repairs include painting;
5, 1928, to Oscar
building wheel chair ramps;
and Nancy Wilkins Farinstalling bathroom safety
ley and grew up in Crysgrips; power washing houses,
tal City, Texas, with his
driveways and sidewalks;
parents and six siblings
yard maintenance and beauand he passed away
tification; spring cleaning,
peacefully on March 18, 2015 in Edna .
changing door locks; planting flowers; repairing winVirgil and Adela have resided in Caranachua commudow screens; replacing light
nity for most of their 67 years of marriage. He worked
bulbs; and other small carfor Alcoa in Point Comfort, Texas for 36 years and repentry projects. One-hundred
tired in 1986. He was a member of St. Anthony’s Cathopercent of the work is done
lic Church, Knight of Columbus and Woodmen of the
by community volunteers on
World. Virgil was a avid hunter and a man of many talthe Day of Caring. Materials
ents including ranching, carpentry and mechanics. He
was also a wonderful counselor, advisor and teacher to
his family and will be truly missed by his family and
He is survived by his wife, Adela; son Benny Farley
and wife Yvonne; daughter Marilyn Mallory; grandsons
Eric Mallory and wife Stephanie, Chris Farley and wife
Marcey and Brett Ringo; great-grandsons Seth Mallory,
Joshua Farley and Colton Farley; brother James Farley
and numerous sisters and brother-in-laws, nieces, nephews and friends. He is preceded in death by his parents;
We have just received
son Lawrence ; brothers Otto, Grover and Daniel Farsome new children’s
ley; sisters Pernia Dennis and Leona Wooten.
books at both Blessing and
Pallbearers were Eric Mallory, Chris Farley, Brett
Palacios. They have been
Ringo, Josh Farley, Andy Novak and Russell Orsak.
updated with A/R labels for
Honorary pallbearers were Seth Mallory, Colton Faryour child’s convenience.
ley, Bennie Orsak, Marvin Stuhrenberg, Michael Novak
Both fiction and nonfiction
and Wayne Dennis. Online condolences may be shared
for young adult, elementary
with the family by visiting Araged, and preschool age are
rangements are with Palacios Funeral Home.
available so come by and
check one out.
During Science Rocks
Chris and Kristin Webb
demonstrated some
Antique & good used furniture • Collectibles • Good
snack experiments to the
used pots & pans • Kitchenwares • Cast iron cookware
children. The children
got to experiment with
• Decorative items • China • Crystal • Knick knacks
marshmallows, 3 Muskateer
• Books of all kinds • Jewelry (new & vintage) • Small
bars, and pop rocks. It
large appliances.
not only was fun it was
Now that Spring Break is
over join us for Story Hour
and the After School Story
501 First St. • Palacios • 361-972-1380
Library News
Palacios Antiques & Resale
328 Commerce
Palacios, TX
Saturday, March 21st
8am - 11am
Church of God of Prophecy
808 9th St. • Palacios
$7.00 - All You Can Eat
Please join us for pancakes, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs,
grits, hot coffee, juice and our famous breakfast strudel.
All proceeds go to support mission fields around the world.
We have enjoyed your
fellowship and patronage for 70
years, and appreciated your continued
support. Please call 361-972-6262
(day of event) to place your “to go” order
or to reserve dine in space.
Page 8 - Palacios Beacon - Wed., March 18, 2015
Beacon Classified Ads
$5.00 Per Insertion for 25 Words Or Less • Payment required at the time of placement for all Classified Ads
1014 Jackson County Road 477
Palacios, TX 77465
• Foundation Repair
• Waterproof Roofing
• Remodeling
• Carpentry
• Residential Painting
• Free Estimates
406 Milam
Edna, TX 77957
361-235-0208 Cell
361-460-8739 Cell
[email protected]
Palacios Autos
117 Henderson
H Auto Detailing by Appointment H
2012 KIA
VOYAGER- Handicap Van
with Scooter & Lift.
Call for details and price.
2618 N. Richmond Rd.
Wharon, TX 77488
Priced below CAD value. 1617 W. Bayshore DR. 3BR,
2BA, w/water right & pool on .95 of an acre
WEST BAYSHORE -3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, in
Cape Carancaha.
Mary Repka 832-434-0482
1121 7th Street
Bay City, TX 77414
(979) 245-1441
• 813 PR-BLESSING - 1BR, 1BA, 1360 sq.ft. $65,000.
• HWY 71 NORTH - Call for info. 2 Acres. $145,000.
• 22 ACRES-HWY 1862 - $121,000.
• COMMERCIAL BLDG-BAY CITY - 2,000 sq.ft., 1AC $200,000.
• 221 Elm, Blessing - 4BD, 2BA, Pool, 2 Lots, Fenced. Like New.
• 200 CR 467 - 40 AC, M/H, Blessing
• 1085 HWY 616 - Blessing, 3BD, 2.5BA
• LOTS - Turtle Bay Cove, Palacios
3 Bedroom,
2 Bath Home,
2 Car Garage
CH/A, new floors,
RE/MAX Coastal Properties
FOR SALE: 12th Street. (1) Acre Frontage left. Utilities Pending. Surveyed
& Platted. $23,500. Owner Finance,
$2,500 down. Low monthly payments.
Details 713-882-8080. (10-6tc)
FOR LEASE: Large 2BD, 2BA, 2 car
garage home on E. Bayshore. $1100/
month + deposit. Call 361-649-4275
and please leave a message. (9-tfc)
-----------------------------------------------FOR RENT: 2BD, 1BA Duplex. $550/
month + utilities. $550/deposit. No smoking. Call Jan @ 361-972-1438. (10-tfc)
-----------------------------------------------FOR RENT: 2BD, 1BA, Duplex @ 210
Duson. $600/month, $600/Deposit + Utilities. Call Jan @ 361-972-1438 (45-tfc)
FOR SALE: 3BD, 2BA Nice home
with detached 3 car garage. Shown
by appointment only. $190,000. Call
361-649-4275 and please leave a
message. (9-tfc)
-----------------------------------------------FOR SALE: 1111 2nd St., 3-2-2.
CH/A, new floors, remodeled bathrooms, Call Ron to view @ 979-2404413. Re/Max Coastal Properties
215 5th St., Palacios. (48-tfc)
-----------------------------------------------FOR SALE: Riverfront property on 2
lots. 3BD, 2BA house, CH/A, WBFP.
Built in 2000. Enjoy river on tree lined
property. Great fishing for trout. Subdivision has boat launch with access to
bay, Swimming pool. Call Ron Laws
for details 979-240-4413. (37-tfc)
-----------------------------------------------FOR SALE: Complete set of Golf
Clubs. - $500.00 Call 361-920-3460
for more information. (12-2-tp)
Since 1979. We have single phase,
three phase, new and rebuilt motors
in stock. We work on generators,
hoists, water pumps, air compressors, fan motors, etc. Call 361-2084483 or 361-293-7712. (28-tfc)
STOP? , Episcopal Hall, 3rd & Main
St., Palacios, Thursday, 7 p.m. &
Sunday 3:30 p.m. Call John (361)5539638 or Jeff (713)299-7179. (34-tfnc)
1111 Second Street
Call Ron to view
@ 979-240-4413.
Circles from Purina Brand Dog and
Cat food bags and boxes. They can be
used to get discounts. Please call 361972-0100 for more information or mail
cut out circles to Pet Pals, P.O. Box
215, Palacios, TX or drop in Palacios
at H.L.C. Bookkeeping, 217 Fifth St.,
during business hours. (18-tfnc)
Small Ads Get Attention.
Your Reading One Now!
Dan Tucker
Ron Laws
Tammy Hill
Charlotte Tucker
215 5th Street 361-972-5900
Independently owned and operated
Mar 21
8:30 -10am H Starcke Park - color me nutty 5K fun run/walk
10am - 3pm H Central Park
artisans market, zumba, sidewalk art, live performances, pet
poochanga, 10am poetry readings at Court St Coffee Shop
7-9pm H Texas Theatre - CelebrARTe
ticketed event with live entertainment, wine & beer tastings,
keepsake glass, appetizers, art show and silent auction H 830-401-0810
Elmo Duke 979-240-4105
Classified Deadline
10 A.M.
Robbie Brieden
• 411 Mertie - 2BD, 1BA, Brick
home in Green PENDING
Acres has a large living room. Attached 1 car garage. Covered porch. CH/A. $115,000. Call Tammy
• 511 Ave E-Markham - 4BD, 1BA, large living and dining room. Office space. CH/A, hardwood floors. $88,000. REDUCED $78,000. Call Robbie
• 1111 Second St. - 3BD, 2BA, 2 Car garage House, 2 lots, 2 remodeled bathrooms, new tile and laminate floors. New hot water heater and central air and
heat unit. Covered patio, Electric window shutters. Fenced yard. View of Tres Palacios Bay $189,000. Call Ron
• 3441 Beachside Blvd. - 3BD, 2BA House, 1800 GLA, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, CH/A. Covered porch to enjoy the sunrise and sunsets.
Gasted community. Ground level offers covered parking for cars and boats. $253,000. Call Ron
• 74 Grand Oak, Tres Palacios Oaks - 2-3 BD, 2BA, Brick home. Home sitting on 5 fenced in lots. Garage/Workshop with a carport for a RV. Community
swimming pool & boat ramp $96,000. Call Tammy
with a waterview on a half acre of land. Detached single garage with shop. $145.000. Call Tammy.
• 314 E. Bayshore - 3BD, 1 1/2 BA, located across from the bay
• 111 Morton - 3BD, 2BA, has a screened in porch
area a 10x20 storage building. Located 2 blocks from bay. Well maintained with security system
$99,000. Call Tammy
• 308 Magnusson - 3BD, 2BA, home on 2 1/2 lots, with 2 buildings. Also has slab for RV hook-up. $118,000. Call Tammie
• 607 Ave D, Markham - 2BD, 2BA, Mobile home on 2 lots. $95,000. $85,000. REDUCED $75,000. Call Robbie.
• 2111 E. Bayshore - Stunning house overlooking Tres Palacios Bay. Main house is 2BR, 1BA, CH/A, large livingroom, den, fireplace, Jacuzzi in masterbath.
Fenced yard, 2 car garage. large metal building. Guest quarters 1BD, 1BA, efficiency. Recent build outdoor kitchen $285,000.
• 405 1st St. - 1BD, 1BA, Fully furnished, fenced yard, Pecan trees, close to bay, fishing pier, boat launch, Great weekender/retreat home. $59,000. Call Ron
• 506 Humphrey - 2BD, 1BA, home with hardwood floors, carpet, fenced yard. Storage building. $55,000. REDUCED $49,500. Call Robbie.
• 771 CR 305 - 3BD, 1 1/2 BA, Brick home with waterview. Situated on 4 acres. Attached on car garage. $361,000. Call Ron
• 312 Duson - 3BD, 2BA, with openCONTRACT
concept floor plan PENDING
& wood burning fireplace. Enclosed front porch & detached garage $184,500. REDUCED $169,000. Call Ron
• 517 Lucas - 2BD, 2BA Home great for entertaining with outdoor BBQ room. $115,000. REDUCED $110,000. Call Robbie
• 307 Windswept - Located in Sunrise Bay Sub-Division. This 3BD, 3BA, open concept home has a beautiful view of the bay. $279,000. Call Charlotte
• 413 E Bay Blvd. - 3BD, 3BA, Town home with waterview from balcony, $215,000.REDUCED $195,000. Call Charlotte
• 415 E Bay Blvd. - 3BD, 3BA, Town home with waterview, gated parking in the back. $215,000. REDUCED $195,000. Call Charlotte
• 805 Ave C, Blessing - 3 Bedroom, 1 bath, cinder block home, remodeled bathroom. $45,000. Call Tammy
• 401 Henderson - Strip Mall! Great Business location! $325,000. Call Charlotte
• 1.27 Acres - Hwy 35 - Sloan Rd, $18,000. Call Ron
• 0 Bellwood, Tres Palacios Oaks, Creekside Sec/Lot 1442 - 50X100, .115 Approx. Acreage. $1,500. Call Robbie
• 0 Henderson Hwy 35 - 162ft. Wide x 210ft. Deep, .78 Acres. Prime commercial building site. Great location for restaurant, or retail store. $150,000. Call Ron
• Lot 709, Cape Carancahua - Great building site, gated community, community swimming pool and boat ramp. Priced only $6,000. Call Ron
• 1.68 Acres, CR 313, Vanderbilt - Great site. Country living. Industrial School District. $10,000. Call Ron
• Lot 269-270 Swallow - Cape Carancahua, gated community, community swimming pool and boat ramp. $25,000. REDUCED $15,000. Call Robbie
• Lot 83 Sandollar, Boca Chica - Located near community pool, community boat ramp, great for fishing. $5,000. Call Robbie
• Lot 1009-1010, BayView - 2 Lots with
water view, in gated community. $15,000. REDUCED $13,500. Call Robbie
• 3.2 Acres, Hwy 35 - Over 3.2 acres with 200 ft. of frontage on Turtle Bay with bulkhead. Located just outside of town. $98,000. Call Ron
• Lot 121, Beachside S/D - Gated community with lots of future amenities, underground utilities. $17,500. Call Ron
• Lot 146 - Bayview in Cape Carancahua. Gated community with boat launch, pool, piers. $10,000. Call Ron
• 552 Bayview - 2 Lots. Great lots to build on. S/D has piers, boat launch, pool. $19,000. Call Ron
• Lot 24 Windswept - Sunrise Bay S/D. Fantastic view of Carancahua Bay. $45,000. Call Ron
• 633 Swallow Drive - 2 Great lots to build on, includes small building and power pole. S/D has boat launch, pool and pier. $21,000. Call Ron
• River Hollow Way - 1 Acre of River front property, lots of trees. $51,500. Call Tammy
• 6405 SH 35 - 1.73 Acres of undeveloped waterfront property on Turtle Bay. Over 148 ft. of water frontage with seawall. $92,000. Call Ron
• FM 3280 - 627.71 Acres in 2 different tracts. $1,489,000. Call Dan
• 503 E Bay Blvd. - Wateview, great building site, close to boat ramp. $150,000. Call Charlotte
• 28 Windswept Dr. - .95 acre Sunrise Bay SD. $109,000. REDUCED $89,000/ Call Robbie
• 10 Acres-Collins Rd - Great tract for building or commercial, fenced. $65,000. REDUCED $39,000. Call Ron
• 2 Acres - on Tres Palacios Bay -"Collegeoport" with 120' of Bulkhead $105,000. Owner financing available. Call Ron
• 1st & McGlothin - 6 Lots, Road frontage on 4 sides. $115,000. Call Ron
• E. Bayshore Dr. - 1 Acre would be a great homesite with view of the bay. $110,000. Call Tammy
• 141 Sandollar - Boca Chica Lot #74. $6,500. Call Robbie
• Lot # 13 & 14 - Live Oak Landing, Blessing, $49,900. Call Robbie
• Lots 1344 & 1345 - Cape Carancahua, Waterfront lots-$79,000. each. Call Ron
• Palacios Acres - Lot B - 2.08 Acres on 12th Street. Great location and close to town. $35,000. Call Ron
• Palacios Acres - Lot C - 2.08 Acres. Convenient location. Close to town. $35,000. Call Ron
• Riverfront Property - Live Oak Landing S/D, Lot 9, 2 acres. $89,000. Call Robbie
• 1620 Ruthven - 1 acre waterfront property with bayfront view $70,000. Call Tammy
• Lot 63, Sea Urchin Drive - 75x104 lot in Boca Chica across from reserve. $7,500. REDUCED $5,900. Call Robbie
• 2201 First St. - 6 acres in town. Building not included. $220,000. $217,500. REDUCED $180,000. Call Charlotte
• 684-685 Swallow - 130' x110' $12,000. Call Ron
• Sea Urchin Boca Chica- $8,000. Lot 62 across from reserve. REDUCED $7,000 Call Robbie
• 8.2 Acres on Green Ave. - $145,000. Possible owner finance. Call Ron
• 1 Acre tracts on Collins Rd. - Great Building Site! Call Ron
• 862 CR 478 - 1.3 Acres on Carancahua Bay - w/ 308' waterfront, Wonderful homesite. $159,995 $139,995. REDUCED $ 139,000. Call Charlotte
• Bayshore Dr - 2.5 Acres WATERFRONT Land. Great Homesite! $295,000. REDUCED $199,000. Call Charlotte
• Various Lots in BEACHSIDE S/D, some foreclosures, Sunrise Bay, Bay Point, Live Oak Landing, TPO, Cape and Boca Chica
See our website at
• Fence line cleaning
• Small Pond Construction
• Dirt/Gravel Leveling
If you need it pushed,
leveled, or cleared call
361-676-0386 (cell)
PART-TIME Custodian needed to
ensure that municipal buildings and
facilities are maintained in a healthy,
safe and sanitary manner. Please
apply at Palacios City Hall, 311 Henderson. (12-2tc)
-----------------------------------------------Retail Merchandiser needed
Tues. between 6am-6pm to service
magazines in Palacios. Only 1 hour a
week. Apply to
tng (11-2tp)
-----------------------------------------------BARTENDERS NEEDED at Omar’s
Bar and Grill, 814 Henderson, Palacios, TX. Apply Within. (19-tfc)
Dance and Ride will be April 10th,
11th, & 12th. Dance will be at Blessing Community Center the ride will
be the 10th, 11th and 12th, For more
information call Stella @ 361-6551129. (12-1tc)
----------------------------------------------THE CHURCH OF GOD of Prophecy.
corner of Railroad & Pecan in Blessing,
TX is having a fundraiser Sat., March
21st, 8am till all gone. Menudo-$6 a
bowl, Chorizo & Egg or Bean & Egg
Tacos-$2 each. Eat in or delivered. One
time delivery to Palacios at 11am. To
place your order ahead of time call 979943-2260. (12-1tp)
Henderson Place Apartments, 501
Henderson, Palacios, TX 77465 is
accepting bids for concrete/concrete
repair work. Please contact the manager at 361-972-3428. (12-2tc)
Pick it uP
Worker Injury
The oilfield is dangerous, requiring
the use of heavy equipment in an
environment surrounded by highly
explosive chemicals and products. Drive
for profits often results in shortcuts and
disregard of proper safety procedures
resulting in serious accidents, injuries
and death. If you or someone you love
have been injured or killed in an oil field
accident, call us for professional insight.
Lawyers with more
than 100 years
combined expertise.
Ryan A. Krebs, M.D., J.D.
Doctor-Lawyer in Full-time Law Practice
Richard A. Dodd, L.C.
Timothy R. Cappolino, P.C.
Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Law and Civil Trial
Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization
OffIces In HOusTOn/cOnrOe, Temple anD ausTIn,
prIncIpal OffIce In camerOn
www.Tx Trial
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Experienced drivers, new Class A CDL holders
and owner-operators should apply ($6,000 tuition
reimbursement for qualified candidates)
Some drivers home weekly
Apply: | More Info: 800-44-PRIDE
TexSCAN Week of
March 15, 2015
HILL COUNTRY LIVING, 4.11 acres north
of Kerrville just outside Harper. Paved
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$2272/down, $414/mo. (9.9%, 20-years) 1-800-992-7863 ext.185
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Palacios Beacon - Wed., March 18, 2015 - Page 9
Sharks open District play on
diamond Fri. versus Rice
Sam Schulman - Palacios (jr.)
First Team All-District
Cameron Sides - Palacios (sr.)
Isiah Morales, Tidehaven (jr.)
Second Team All-District
Jackson Kelley - Palacios (jr.)
Second Team All-District
Sharks, Tigers selected to Dist. 28-3A
All-District basketball rosters
Palacios Beacon Publisher
Hallettsville’s exit from the boys basketball playoffs leads to the release of
the Dist. 28-3A All-District teams.
Hallettsville swept all but one postseason award, as Industrial junior Brandon Alexander was named the District’s
Most Valuable Player.
The Brahmas’ Jimario Grounds was
selected Offensive MVP with Defensive MVP honors going to fellow Hallettsville senior Trenton McGee. Hallettsville sophomore Colton Starnes
was tabbed Newcomber of the Year
and Brahma coach Scott Cottenoir was
named Coach of the Year.
A trio of Sharks earned All-District
honors with one Tiger from Tidehaven
receiving recognition.
Palacios junior Sam Schulman was
the lone Shark representative and a
unanimous selection on the First Team.
Shark senior Cameron Sides was
joined by junior Jackson Kelley on the
Second unit.
Tidehaven’s Isiah Morales garnered
Second Team honors.
Palacios’ Justin Filip and Tidehaven’s
Jacob Galvan and Bryce Galvan received Honorable Mention.
Le’s five saves led Sharkettes past El Campo on pitch
While the schedule showed
a bye for Tues. (Mar. 16),
the varsity Sharkettes of the
soccer pitch wrapped up the
2015 season with a split in
action in the final two games
of the year.
Behind a stout performance between the pipes by
goalie Nicki Le, the Shar-
kettes blanked El Campo’s
Lady Ricebirds 2-0.
Le denied El Campo’s five
shots on goal.
Figueroa and Megan Buckley booted the ball past the
Lady Ricebird goal keeper
for the decisive scores.
Both Figueroa and Buckley
recorded two shots on goal,
while Maria Hurtado tacked
on another shot on goal attempt. Madeline Harvey had
one free kick attempt.
Last Friday, the ‘Big
Red’ girls of the pitch were
bounced by Columbia’s Lady
Roughnecks 5-0.
Buckley led Palacios with
two shots on goal and tacked
on one free kick attempt.
Cristal Martell, Bianca Gonzalez and Hurtado each recorded a shot on goal.
The Sharkettes closed out
the season with a 2-2-6 mark
in District play.
The Palacios hardballin’ Sharks had a rough go
of last week’s Banquete
Tournament and wrapped
up play 0-3-1.
The Sharks opened the
tournament with a 2-2 tie
with Aransas Pass’ Panthers.
Sides and AP’s Troy Galvan both pitched gems
with each striking out ten
Sides held a slight edge
as he surrendered just one
hit in the five inning affair.
Adrian Ortiz pushed
across Palacios’ first run
on a sacrifice bunt that
plated Jeffrey Frierson in
the bottom of the third.
In the bottom of the
fourth, Justice Acosta
reached on an error that
allowed Branson Hebel to
come around for a run.
The Panthers put two on
the board in the top of the
fifth on a two out two-run
double to center.
After failing to push one
across in the bottom half
of the fifth, the contest
was called due to time.
In round two, the Sharks
were held to just two hits
as tourney host Banquete
pulled away 7-3 in five innings.
Justice Acosta surrendered six runs on four hits
and was tagged with the
Sides drove in two runs
and Ortiz plated Joseph
Rodriguez on a fielder’s
choice in the top of the
John Paul II pounded
Palacios 12-2 in four innings in the third tournament game.
Justin Filip and Sides
were the lone Sharks to
record a hit, and Sides
scored both of the Sharks’
runs in the loss.
On the mound, Acosta
was tagged for 10 runs
on three hits and walked
The Sharks closed out
the tournament with a 7-3
loss to Ben Bolt.
Josh Garcia pushed his
first of three runs across
on an RBI single in the
bottom of the first that
brought in Dominic Garcia.
Ben Bolt went up 4-1 in
the top of the third with
three coming around to
score in the frame.
In the bottom of the
third, Josh Garcia sacrificed but reached on an
error that allowed Sides
and Ortiz to come around
to score.
Ben Bolt tacked on two
runs in the fourth and another in the fifth to close
out the Sharks’ tourney
The Sharks were to
travel to Lake Jackson on
Tues. (Mar. 17) to face
Brazosport Christian. The
Boys in Red will return
home for the first time
since February as they
open their Dist. 28-3A
schedule at 7 p.m. on Fri.
(Mar. 20) against the Rice
Tigers take down no. 2 ranked
Flatonia, take 3rd at tourney
The Tidehaven Tigers regained their footing on the baseball diamond and downed the
no. 2 team in Class 2A en route to capturing
third place in last week’s Flatonia Tournament.
Coach Eddie Russell’s Tigers downed Flatonia, the no. 2 team in the State in Class 2A,
3-0 behind a complete game shutout by Brandon Litzau.
Litzau allowed five hits,
struck out five and walked
four in seven scoreless innings on the mound. At the
plate, Litzau went 1-3 and
drove in one RBI.
Eric Villareal finished
2-3 with two doubles and
scored one run. Leighton
Galvan finished 1-3 with
one RBI and scored one
The Tigers opened the
tourney with a 5-4 victory
over Sacred Heart.
Litzau delivered the game winning hit in
the bottom of the 7th that plated the winning
run. He also picked up the save on the mound
with two strikeouts in one frame.
Mason Rodriguez picked up the win on the
mound and struck out three in two and twothirds inning of work.
Cameron Riojas drove in two runs and Villareal finished with a 2-4 day at the plate with
a double, two runs scored and one RBI.
The Tigers followed up the tourney opening win with a 6-5 defeat by Smithville.
Mason Ledwig pitched six innings and surrendered five runs, two
walks, 12 hits and struck
out four.
With the game tied 5-5
in the bottom of the seventh, Tidehaven’s Justin
Hernandez surrendered
the game winning hit as
Smithville prevailed.
Villareal led the charge
for the Tigers with a 2-4
day in the batter’s box
with a double and three
Hunter Saha was 3-4
with an RBI and two runs
The Tigers were to host Needville on Tues.
(Mar. 17) and will open District 28-3A play in
Industrial on Fri. (Mar. 20) with first pitch set
to fly at 7 p.m.
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Fill out the coupon below and mail it, along with a check or money order for the
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For 1 Year
P. O. BOX 817
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Out Of
Page 10 - Palacios Beacon - Wed., March 18, 2015
MEMBERS of the PHS Robotics Team 6510 CyberSharks are: (front, l-r) Jeffrey
Dinh, An Nguyen, Margaret Castanon and Lisa Nguyen; (back) Blake Huitt, Randall Jasek; Middle row: Thai Pham, Leo Sanchez, Kyle Seaman, Jessica Nguyen,
Sarah Nguyen and Sabrina Garcia. (Submitted Photo)
CyberSharks bound for FTC Robotics World Championship
PHS Winter Guard on to Championship
On March 7 Palacios Winter Guard performed their show “Letters from War” in
Magnolia, Texas and earned 1st place in
their group selection. This team faced a
total of 22 novice groups and had the 2nd
highest score at this competition among
their group. They are headed to championships on next Sat. (Mar 28) at Morton High
School to face a total of 33 novice groups.
Some of the schools they will compete with
are Foster, Seven Lakes, Pearland, Klien,
Bush HS etc. for a chance of earning 1st,
2nd, or 3rd place.
“Earning either one of these spots or close
to it would be a great success for this team”
said Mrs. Popham. Competing on this level
for the first time ever has made these members understand that a small school can
compete with larger schools.
Please join the team this Thurs. (Mar. 19)
for a community performance at 6 p.m. in
the new high school gym. This will be a
free performance and the last performance
before championships.
Members of the team are Dale Durgan,
Velinda Durgan, July Hernandez, Estefani
Lopez, Chasity Nguyen, Minh Nguyen, Tiffany Nguyen, Vanessa Nguyen, Ana Ortiz,
and Imelda Rios. These members would
like to thank their sponsors for their support
and generous contribution towards their
program. Their contribution enabled this
group to participate in highly distinguished
competitions throughout the Brenham and
Houston areas. Without the support of people like them, the PHS Winter Guard would
not be able to reach their goals. The Winterguard would like to thank sponsors: Captain
Tom’s Enterprise, Inc.; Mr. Ray Hinds; Dr.
Humphries (Bay City); Mrs. Marilyn King;
Mrs. Shelley Newsom; Nails One (Port
Lavaca, Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Nguyen); Mr.
Christopher Page; Mr. & Mrs. James Popham; Oxea Corporation; STP; Ms. Laura
Trad; Travel World (Bay City); Trull Foundation; Simple Simons (John Baughman);
and Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Stuhrenberg.
For the second time in
three years the PHS Robotics Team 6510 CyberSharks
have advanced to the FTC
Robotics World Championship. They competed with
72 teams in the U.S. South
National competition this
past week in San Antonio.
The CyberSharks made
it to the semi-final round in
the Finalist Alliance which
was enough to advance
them to the World Championship, then they won the
“Connect” award placing
them 9th overall.
The “Connect” award is
given to the team that most
connects with their local
and engineering community. The team that wins
the Connect Award aggressively seeks engineers and
explores the opportunities
available in the world of
engineering, science and
technology. In addition, this
team has a clear Business or
Strategic Plan and has identified steps to achieve their
goals. The CyberSharks
won this award because
they are co-developers of
an innovative FTC Team
Collaboration (TEC) Network along
with Team 4082 RoboSpartans of New Hartford,
New York, the site creators.
They are able to collaborate
with teams from around
the world in real-time using the Google+ Community and Google Hangouts.
Their unique team communication, collaboration
and connection website en-
ables them to interact with
over 100 member teams in
6 countries. http://www.
There are over 3000
FIRST FTC Robotics teams
worldwide. PHS will now
compete with the World’s
best in a 128 team International competition April 2124 in St. Louis, MO. Once
again they have put Palacios
and Matagorda County on
the World Map.
The CyberSharks are actively seeking corporate,
business, and organization
sponsors in their journey to
the World Championship.
Please contact Mr. Morris
at Palacios High School.
Email: [email protected]
PHS registration orientation schedule
In preparation for next
school year, Palacios High
School will be having reg-
Seven locals on
WCJC Dean’s
List for Fall ‘14
Wharton County Junior
College has recognized a
number of area students as
distinguished scholars for
the fall semester of 2014,
according to Karen Preisler,
Registrar/Acting Director of
Admission and Registration.
The following students
were named to the Dean’s
List for earning at least a 3.5
grade point average,
out of a possible perfect
4.0, in all work completed
during at least twelve semester hours of work.
Palacians’ named to the
Dean’s List were: Jade Ashley Hunter, Mayra Carmela
Mancera, Mynda Danielle
Morton, Angela Russell Pahira, Ricky Corbett Rhoades,
Irasema Sifuentes and Jonathan Toan Vu.
istration orientation for all
students 8th grade through
11th grade. During orientation, students will be given
an overview of PHS, discuss
registration, and the courses
offered. Registration packets
will be given to all students. Information and materials
will be explained to students
in detail. There will be a Parent
Orientation for 8th Graders’
parents and all PHS Parents
on Mon. (Mar. 23) at 4:30 pm
in the PHS LRC. Parents are
strongly encouraged to attend
this informational meeting. Registration Orientation
Schedule for Thurs.
•Sophomore Orientation
for Current Freshmen: 2nd
Period in the FAB
• Freshmen Orientation for
Current 8th Graders: 3rd Period in FAB
• Junior Orientation for
Current Sophomores: 4th Period in the FAB
• Senior Orientation for
Current Juniors: 5th Period in
the FAB
Subscribe to the PALACIOS BEACON
proudly keeping it local for 108 years!
Sponsored by the Palacios Beacon
Terrific Tigers of the Week at Blessing
SELECTED as Terrific Tigers of the Week at Blessing Elementary last week were:
(front, l-r) Andrew Serna and Jesse Martinez; (back) Aimee Martinez, Kailee Beane,
Iclalie Cano and Valeria Hernandez. (Submitted Photo)
Welcome ~ Bienvenida
Cháo múng
Dr. Kim Chau, D.O.
When government officials make decisions, they must let their
citizens know. That’s why the state requires them to publish their
actions through public notices in newspapers.
But some politicians would prefer to bury public notices on little seen,
rarely visited government websites – away from public scrutiny!
If it is not in the newspaper,
you won’t know about it.
Stand with the Palacios Beacon and tell State Legislators
to keep public notices in newspapers
Multi-lingual in English, Spanish and Vietnamese Dr. Kim Chau, D.O. is the newest
addition to our Women and Children’s Health Center! Board certified General
Pediatrician and fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, received her
bachelor degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and her medical degree
from Touro University Nevada. She completed her residency at the University of
South Florida where she trained at Tampa General Hospital and John Hopkins All
Children’s Hospital.
Dr. Chau practiced in New Mexico and Florida and cared for patients from premature infants to young adults up to 21 years of age. Her special interest includes
premature infant healthcare and treatment of infants with neonatal abstinence
syndrome. She is excited to join the MEHOP family where a child’s
healthcare needs come first and foremost.
Dr. Chau will begin seeing new and established patients beginning mid-March.
MEHOP Pediatrics accepts Medicaid, CHIPS and Private Insurance. If uninsured,
discounts may be available based on household income if eligible.
111 Ave. F, Bay City, TX 77414