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A Buzz in the Air: Saving Energy Costs with Wefficiency. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Airing Out: HPR’s Outreach Initiatives. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
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Board of Directors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Staff, Program Hosts, and Content Contributors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
KAHU 91.7 Charter Members. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Program Underwriting and Corporate Support. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Foundations and Trusts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
HPR Legacy Society and Endowment Gifts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Leadership Circle Giving. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Sustaining Members. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
Pledge Drive Thank You Gift and Food Donors, Volunteer Groups (2014). . . . . . . . 25
Law Firm Sponsors for “Say-a-Nice-Thing-About-a-Lawyer Day” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Contact Information. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
Hawaii Public Radio
Radio with vision. Listen and see.
A N N UA L R E P O RT FO R 2 0 1 4
KHPR 88.1
Honolulu (O‘ahu and Kaua‘i)
K203EL 88.5
(serving parts of East O‘ahu)
KKUA 90.7
Wailuku (Maui) heard on Maui,
Moloka‘i, Lāna‘i & West Hawai‘i
KANO 91.1
Hilo (Hawai‘i Island)
K234AN 94.7
Waimea (Hawai‘i Island)
K269GD 101.7
Moloa‘a (Kaua‘i)
KIPO 89.3
Honolulu (O‘ahu and Kaua‘i)
KIPM 89.7
Waikapū (Maui) heard on Maui,
Moloka‘i, Lāna‘i & West Hawai‘i
KIPH 88.3
Hāna (Maui)
When looking for an adjective to describe Hawai‘i Public Radio, the one that scampers into my mind
the quickest is “unlikely.” There’s a lot about HPR that’s unlikely, including the fact that it exists at all.
Two member-supported networks, spanning a sub-tropical island chain three thousand miles from the
next service station, providing high-quality radio for grown-ups 48 hours a day, more than a quarter of
it homemade, operating largely out of a basement?
Unlikely. Preposterous, even. Nonetheless, here we are.
But, something’s been going on with HPR over the last year or two that promises to raise simple unlikelihood to the level of the paradoxical.
It started with a fairly simple idea. Traditionally, as you know, we have urged our
listeners, during our semi-annual on-air fundraisers, to make a one-time donation
to help pay for the cost of delivering our service. It’s been effective, but it’s not
a business model that lends itself to stability. Instead, we thought, why not encourage listeners to support us in the same way you subscribe to a magazine, or a
cable TV service, or an internet provider? Why not just ask for a regular, ongoing
monthly donation/subscription charged to your credit card, until you ask us to
stop? Wouldn’t that make more sense for everyone? We could call it a “Sustaining
Membership,” to underline the objective of keeping HPR healthy.
That was the simple idea. Now many of you have embraced it enthusiastically,
and the results are proving transformative. Nearly 3,000 of you are now sustaining members, providing almost a quarter of our membership revenues…revenues
upon which we can rely. And, here comes the paradoxical part: Although we are
continuing to budget HPR to keep pace with always-rising expenses…and even to
expand and enhance our service a little bit each year… we are currently preparing
for our Spring ’15 on-air campaign – with a goal $34,000 less than the last one, a
declining trend we hope continues into the future.
This puts a whole new spin on the HPR tradition of doing more with less, and we
thank you for helping to make it possible. And, if you’re not yet a sustaining member…please, consider the possibilities.
Oceanic Time Warner
Channels 864 (HPR-1) and 865 (HPR-2)
Hawaiian Telcom TV
Channels 661 (HPR-1) and 662 (HPR-2)
“Hawaii Public Radio” on
App Store (iOS) and
Google Play™ (Android™)
Listeners Per Week
HPR Members
Michael Titterton
President & General Manager
KAHU 91.7
Pāhala (Hawai‘i Island)
KHPH 88.7
Kailua-Kona (Hawai‘i Island)
KIPL 89.9
Līhu‘e (Kaua‘i)
Program & Special Events 1%
Foundation 1%
Temp Restricted 1%
In-kind Donations 2%
Endowments 4%
CPB Grant 6%
Misc. 7%
Sustaining Members
Interviews On
The Conversation
Per Year
Program & Special Events 1%
Insurance 1%
Equipment/Supplies 1%
Leases/Rents 3%
Repair/Maintenance 3%
Telcom/Postage/Printing 4%
Contract Services 5%
Utilities 9%
Volunteers Per
Pledge Drive
Income FY14
Expenses FY14
For further details, see HPR’s Audited Financial Report 2014 at
Locally Produced
Program Streams
*(Arbitron 2014)
page 3
That’s something of a rallying cry here at HPR and our promise to
you that the service we deliver every minute of every day strives to
be of a quality worthy of you, our discerning members, listeners, and
Please enjoy this record of some of the station’s recent
accomplishments, made possible by your support.
long-held dream of HPR’s Board and
staff, providing two quality program
streams to the entire state, is within
sight. In the last two years, the acquisition of
licenses in the northernmost and southernmost
regions of the Hawaiian island chain has allowed us to serve more communities, make the
acquaintance of some remarkable residents,
and inch even closer to the realization of a truly
statewide radio network.
For some time now, our transmitters on O‘ahu’s
North Shore have been beaming both HPR1 and HPR-2 to the east and south sides of
Kaua‘i, approximately 85 miles away. With the
installation of a transmitter on Kaua‘i’s Mount
Kāhili, KIPL 89.9 (HPR-2) went on the air in August 2013. The HPR-2 frequency now reaches
from Kekaha on the southwest to Anahola on
the northeast – completing coverage on the
Garden Island.
I am new to Kaua‘i and I wanted to join HPR as
a sustaining member, as I have lived in Washington and Oregon and always was a member
and I want to continue that tradition. Very
glad you are here [on Kaua‘i]. It makes me feel
happy to have the familiar NPR available as it
is the only station I ever listen to.
– Terry Waters, HPR member,
Kapa‘a resident
KAHU 91.7 Charter Members Jane Arthur and Kurt Corbin
In late 2013, HPR acquired the license to broadcast HPR-2 over the former community radio
station KAHU-FM 91.7 in Pāhala, Hawai‘i. This
allowed for the restoration of service to the
Ka‘ū district, much of which had been without
access to vital emergency and civil defense
This license also allowed HPR to begin building capacity to extend coverage to East Hawai‘i, the final region to receive our second
program stream.
In January 2015, the East Hawai‘i HPR-2 transmitter project met and exceeded its fundraising
goal of $150,000 (an amount originally determined to cover projected costs of a state-ofthe-art transmitter and antenna, engineering
and legal services, and the first year of overhead). Equipment has now been ordered and
is on en route, while the complex negotiations
proceed for the lease of the transmitter site.
Like all previous transmitter funding campaigns,
this project was a grassroots effort. 271 individual charter members, as well as corporate
donors the Atherton Family Foundation, Ha-
wai‘i Electric Light Company, KTA Super Stores
(in memory of Koichi and Taniyo Taniguchi,
founders of KTA Super Stores and K. Taniguchi,
Ltd.), and the McInerny Foundation showed
their generous community spirit.
We’re avid fans and supporters of HPR-1
(KANO 91.1) and eager to see the completion
of the second transmitter in East Hawai‘i for
KAHU. We support HPR because we believe
that access to a strong, credible, local news
source is essential for a community’s well-being. We look forward to more good radio from
HPR-2, linking us to local and international
“thinking people” news and entertainment including BBC, Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, Fresh
Air, jazz, blues, and Kanikapila Sunday.
– Barbara A. Hastings,
KAHU 91.7 Charter Member
Hawai‘i Island has also been the source of much
activity for our News department with the
active (June 27) lava flow. News Director Bill
Dorman, general assignment reporter Molly
Solomon, and Hawai‘i Island correspondent
Sherry Bracken have filed numerous stories and
HPR has responded to requests from NPR for
updates on the lava’s advance towards Pāhoa.
page 4
an outpouring of last-minute support. The
“happy ending” will long be remembered, not
just for its record-breaking total, but because
it was dramatic demonstration of the essential
role each and every member plays in keeping
the station operating.
On HPR-2, Applause in a Small Room, one of our
newer station-produced programs brings back
the magic of performances in our own Atherton
Performing Arts Studio and elsewhere.
Artists appearing in our Atherton season have
included: Karrin Allyson, John Cruz, Kuana
Torres Kahele, Peter Rowan, and Streetlight Cadence. “Applause” is hosted by HPR Multimedia
Production Manager Jason Taglianetti, who also
serves as the concerts’ sound engineer.
HPR reporter Molly Solomon took this photo of Aiko Sato (left) and
her aunt Eiko Kajiyama, holding up their photo of a family grave still
visible after the lava flow covered the Pāhoa Japanese Cemetery.
We’re proud to have contributed our voices to
the representation of some of Hawai‘i’s stories
to national audiences.
ince introducing the new ongoing giving
program, 2,767 individuals have elected
to become Sustaining Members. Their
donations are deducted monthly from their
checking account or credit card (until they
tell us otherwise). We gratefully acknowledge
these early-adopters and are already seeing
their participation reducing the station’s administrative costs and environmental impact.
This increase in sustained giving combined
with a growing number of first-time members
is delivering another anticipated, but no less
profound result: for the first time in a decade, we are entering this spring’s Challenge
2015 with a goal lower (by $34,000) than the
last drive.
Soon we may need to travel further and
pay more for necessities….but HPR still
provides the basic magic that our eternal/
lifetime/sustaining support can only begin
to compensate. Aloha.
– Michael Brown , HPR Sustaining
Member, Pāhoa resident
HPR’s fall 2014 fund drive exceeded its goal
of $1.03 million by more than $7,000, and
set a record for the most the station has ever
raised in any of its previous semi-annual, on-air
drives. But Celebration 2014 was memorable
in another way, too: for the first time in the
last 15 years, the pledge goal was not met by
the 10th and planned final day of the drive.
The significant shortfall necessitated additional
pledge days and pleas – to which we received
Celebration 2014 Final Moments
When donating to HPR, members can be
assured that their hard-earned dollars will be
used efficiently and responsibly. For the third
year in a row, HPR has received the highest,
four-star rating by the nation’s largest charity
evaluator, Charity Navigator.
Receiving four out of a possible four stars
indicates that your organization adheres to
good governance and other best practices that
minimize the chance of unethical activities and
consistently executes its mission in a fiscally
responsible way. Only 12% of the charities
we rate have received at least 3 consecutive
4-star evaluations, indicating that Hawaii
Public Radio outperforms most other charities
in America. This “exceptional” designation
from Charity Navigator differentiates Hawaii
Public Radio from its peers and demonstrates
to the public it is worthy of their trust.
– Ken Berger, President & CEO, Charity
Navigator, December 22, 2014
esides our rich mix of regular music
programs, HPR often makes it possible
for listeners to hear broadcasts of some
of the stellar live music performances from our
local stages. HPR-1 listeners heard the entire
Hawai‘i Symphony Orchestra’s 2013-2014
Halekulani Masterworks season, as well as the
Hawaii Youth Symphony’s 50th Anniversary
Onstage after Jeff Peterson & Friends, Hana Hou! (l. to r.) Derrick
Malama (host of Kanikapila Sunday and event emcee), Michael
Titterton (HPR President & General Manager), Jeff Peterson, Cyril
Pahinui, and John Kolivas.
HPR offers live events, such as concerts in the
Atherton summer and winter seasons, as a
benefit to members (who receive preferred
pricing), and as a gift to the community. Jeff
Peterson & Friends (August 2013) and Jeff
Peterson & Friends, Hana Hou! (August 2014)
presented at Windward Community College’s
Palikū Theatre, as well as the live broadcast
Gubernatorial Candidate Forum (September
2014) in the Atherton Studio, were all filled to
capacity by station members and the general
Fans of the popular Sabor Tropical (which left
the air in 2012) are thrilled that deep-voiced
host Ray Cruz, who also doubles as our assistant operations manager, returned to the air in
October 2014 with Latin Beat. He can now be
found spinning the sounds of the latest in Afro-Cuban Latin Jazz and Latin Big Band Classics
every Wednesday evening on HPR-2.
Our News team won three regional Edward
R. Murrow Awards for “Best News Series” for
“Feeding Ourselves: Hawai‘i’s Food Future,” as
well as individual “Best Breaking News” and
“Feature Reporting” awards to general assignpage 5
ment reporter Molly Solomon for her coverage
of the molasses spill in Honolulu Harbor and
her piece “Hawai‘i’s Brain Drain,” respectively.
HPR’s award-winning news staff (clockwise from upper left) Derrick
Malama, Wayne Yoshioka, Nick Yee, Bill Dorman, Dave Lawrence,
Molly Solomon, Noe Tanigawa
The News staff followed with another
series in 2014 “Genetically Engineered:
Beyond Emotion.”
Stories looked at
the issue from Kaua‘i, Moloka‘i, Hawai‘i Island,
O‘ahu, and international perspectives.
HPR political reporter Wayne Yoshioka covered
the candidates and issues across all the election campaigns of 2014, and HPR hosted the
above-mentioned Gubernatorial Candidate Forum. HPR also provided statewide live election
night coverage.
Dear Guy [Steele], Please accept this overdue
expression of gratitude and respect for your
contributions to the quality of life in Hawai‘i.
For years, like your other listeners, I have been
a beneficiary of your extraordinary research,
knowledge, and elegant presentation of
Sinatra: The Man and the Music.... [Y]our
programs offer precious knowledge of the art
and business of the time as well as insights
into The Man and his associates, especially
through your interviews with them.
– Glenn D. Paige, Professor Emeritus,
UH Mānoa
early 125 station supporters contributed
to a unique crowdfunding project, part
of Blue Planet Foundation’s WEfficiency
program. The $11,769 raised made possible an
energy retrofit at HPR’s Kāheka Street studios
and administrative offices. Energy Industries
Corporation completed the installation of the
LED fixtures in the fall of 2014 and we’re looking forward to the estimated annual savings of
$6,000 on our electric bills.
Aloha, I had to write to let you know how
much I enjoyed last week’s Town Square re:
the Hawaii Legislative crossover and update….
I felt the show set the bar in its intelligence,
wit, pacing, engagement with callers, and
demonstration of an open, unbiased discussion. And yet there was passion and community concern, all that epitomize public radio
for me….
– Roz Cohen
News Director Bill Dorman with Boys and Girls Club visitors.
Tim Vandeveer (host of Full Nelson) introduces new station members
to HPR’s operations center.
We have also extended our Neighbor Island
news coverage and joining us starting in 2014
with regular reports is Maui News journalist
Eileen Chao.
HPR-produced talk shows, including Town
Square, The Conversation, The Body Show,
and Bytemarks Cafe, bring listeners into
approximately 1,800 lively, in-depth
discussions per year. With these programs,
HPR provides rare opportunity for listeners
to engage in dialogue with those making the
news or behind the news at the national
level and across the islands.
A note from a member of the Boys and Girls Club of Nānākuli.
I have been meaning to write… to thank
you for your efforts at HPR which led me to
contribute…. I went to the member tour with
a friend of ours…. the tour was uber fantabulous! We were treated to live music that was
delightful. I felt so energized after meeting
some of the staff and hearing about various
– Michelle Manna
staff gave tours of our
modest studio facilities
to new station members,
Boys & Girls Clubs, the staff of KTUH, and
countless visitors and friends. We hosted information tables at such events as the Hawai‘i
Book and Music Festival, An Evening with
David Sedaris (Kaua‘i and Hilo), the Waikīkī
Aquarium’s Distinguished Lecture Series, Applause from the Kahilu: A Showcase of Hawai‘i
Island Artists, Honolulu Night Market, and at
Whole Foods stores.
n the eve of our fall 2013 pledge drive,
HPR received one of the largest individual donations in its 32-year history.
A $100,000 donation from long-time station
listener, real estate executive, and local philanthropist Dick Gushman was also made in a way
that resulted in a unique multiplication of his
gift. Mr. Gushman requested that his selected
donor’s premium – one million frequent-flyer
miles from HPR-sponsor Hawaiian Airlines – be
transferred to benefit another local non-profit.
HPR management identified Kapi‘olani Medical
Center for Women and Children’s Family Fund
page 6
Public radio enthusiasts know who they are
and what they like. Member benefits have
included opportunities to enjoy the company of
like-minded individuals, from chocolate/tequila
pairings to oceanography lectures, film screenings to pre-show dinners. HPR continues to be a
community-gathering place full of smart, lively
conversation and joie de vivre.
as the recipient. During the drive, other station
members were invited to do the same with
their HawaiianMiles premium and 49 were inspired to do so. As a result, a total of 1,131,050
HawaiianMiles were donated to fly Neighbor
Island children and their families to and from
Honolulu, when they are in need of Kapi‘olani’s
specialized care.
The offer to re-gift one’s HawaiianMiles (10 frequent flyer miles received per dollar donated)
to the Family Fund has been repeated at every
pledge drive since then. HPR members continue
to participate enthusiastically in Mr. Gushman’s
innovative Radio Flyers program knowing their
gift simultaneously benefits two nonprofits and
our island keiki.
The infamous “Pledge Central” during Celebration 2014 with station
volunteers taking calls from donors.
Many of our supporters give in other ways.
HPR volunteers are the hands behind our many
mailings to members, the ears and voices on
the phones during pledge drives, the legs and
backs assisting our staff at outreach events, the
brains behind music programs some of them
host week after week.
HPR event at The Liljestrand House, Honolulu
Maui station members enjoy a farm-to-table dinner
At the press conference announcing the Radio Flyers program
(l. to r.) Mark Dunkerley (Hawaiian Airlines, President & CEO), Dick
Gushman, Michael Titterton, Martha Smith (Kapi‘olani Medical
Center for Women & Children, CEO).
Volunteer of the Year Carol Kellett and Michael Titterton.
I listen to HPR-1 and -2 via your live streaming
in Tanzania. I’m a Lutheran missionary there.
I lived many years on Kaua‘i and O‘ahu – still
consider Hawai‘i home. Mahalo nui loa.
– Rev. John S. Lunn, International
Coordinator, Lutheran Global Health
KHPR is my main radio station at home and
while driving. It’s the best source of classical
music (new and familiar), news, and commentaries. No other station (except KHPR’s sister
stations) come close for quality, programming,
and staff.
– Raymond Tabata
page 7
Hawai‘i Public Radio PROGRAM GUIDE
KHPR 88.1 & 88.5 FM
KANO 91.1 FM
KKUA 90.7 FM
K234AN 94.7
K269GD 101.7
Stargazer (5:00am, 7:00am, 4:30pm) Monday: Hokūle‘a: Voyage of Aloha (9:50am, 4:30pm) every other Monday; Helping Hand (5:30pm) Friday
page 8
Hawai‘i Public Radio PROGRAM GUIDE
KIPO 89.3 FM
KIPM 89.7 FM
KIPH 88.3 FM
KHPH 88.7 FM
KIPL 89.9 FM
KAHU 91.7 FM
Stargazer (8:35 am, 1:30pm) Monday
page 9
To educate, inform and entertain by providing services to Hawai‘i, the nation, and
the international community that would not otherwise be available.
Hawai‘i Public Radio is a private, non-profit organization which broadcasts classical, jazz, and international music, and
in-depth news and informational programming from National Public Radio, Public Radio International, and other local,
national, and international program sources, as well as programs produced by Hawai‘i Public Radio.
Dr. Tyrie Jenkins, chair
Louis Saint-Cyr, first vice-chair
Nathan J. Sult, secretary
John T. Laufer, treasurer
Chikako Epure, accounting assistant
Cat Gelman, corporate relations director
Lacy Jeffreys, underwriting assistant
John Alves
Judge Richard R. Clifton
Buffy Cushman-Patz
Rosemary T. Fazio
Barbara A. Hastings
Marcie Uehara Herring
Howard M. Higa
Anne Swayne Keir
Paul R. Mancini
Gina Mangieri
Jan R. Medusky
Deane Neubauer
Barry Rivers
Kenneth Robbins
Dawn Suyenaga
Michael Titterton, HPR president
Dr. Bill Wiecking
Alan T. Yamamoto
Yang Yao
Carl J. Yee
Carol Yotsuda
Phyllis S.K. Look, director of marketing
EX-OFFICIO Valerie Yee, HPR vice president
Bernadette Shimono, HPR vice president,
finance / asst. treasurer
Maggie Ryan, administrative assistant
Bernadette Shimono, vice president, finance
King-Jenn Sun, accounting assistant
Michael Titterton, president & general manager
Valerie Yee, vice president & assistant general
Adriana Boteva, member services manager
Jane Burruss, membership assistant
Gene Evans, community outreach manager
Casey Harlow, membership assistant
Stephanie Larman, membership assistant
Gwen Palagi, listener event coordinator
Ruth Uemura, concert assistant
Rike Weiss, concert assistant
Guy Steele, Sinatra: The Man and the Music
Jason Taglianetti, multimedia production
David Teraoka, operations
Sandy Tsukiyama, The Brazilian Experience
Tim Vandeveer, Full Nelson
Building a public radio station requires more
than permits and equipment, it requires first
and foremost the will of the community. All
of HPR’s transmitter projects began with
grassroots campaigns and were initially
funded by those who shared a vision of what
our radio service could mean to their region.
The following Hawai‘i-based residents and
companies contributed to bring HPR-2 to East
Hawai‘i via KAHU 91.7 FM. Their generosity and
trust allow us to continue to move forward to
complete this long-held dream. Gifts received
between 11/1/2013 and 1/31/2015.
Sherry Bracken, Hawai‘i Island correspondent
Eileen Chao, Maui correspondent
Bill Dorman, news director
Dave Lawrence, local host All Things Considered
Derrick Malama, local host Morning Edition,
Kanikapila Sunday
Molly Solomon, general assignment reporter
Noe Tanigawa, arts & culture reporter
Nick Yee, associate producer, digital content,
Bridging the Gap
Wayne Yoshioka, political reporter
Jackie Young, weekend local news updates
Dr. Kathleen Kozak, host, The Body Show
Beth-Ann Kozlovich, executive producer talk
shows; host, The Conversation, Town Square
Burt Lum, co-host, Bytemarks Café
Ryan Ozawa, co-host, Bytemarks Café
Taylor Rice, production assistant, The
Bill Sage, What’s Brewin’, The Conversation
Lillian Tsang, producer, The Conversation
Chris Vandercook, co-host, The Conversation
Jon Alan, B-Sides & Beyond, Blues from the
Ian Capps, The Early Muse
Robert Carlile, operations
Michael Chauvin, operations
David Chong, operations
Ray Cruz, assistant operations director, Latin Beat
Ryan Delaney, operations
Howard Dicus, Howard’s Day Off
Thomas Hamasaki, operations
Casey Harlow, operations
Kevin Hashiro, operations
Gary Hickling, Singing and Other Sins
Charles Husson, director of operations, Evening
Jeff Long, operations
Seth Markow, The Real Deal
Fred Metcalf, operations technician
Don Mussell, consulting engineer
Gene Schiller, music director, Morning Café/
Morning Concert, Masterworks Hour, Sunday
A donor who prefers to remain anonymous
Atherton Family Foundation
Hawaiian Electric Industries (HELCO)
KTA Super Stores & K Taniguchi Ltd
McInerny Foundation
Schafer Philanthropic Family Fund
Dyanne Affonso
Dorothy A. Allinson
Mr. & Mrs. David B. Ames
Laurayne Badenoch
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Bartholomew
Roger Beck & Eric Anderson
Al Beeman
Betty & Michael Ben
Carl & Marilyn Bernhardt
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Block
Cynthia S. Boots
Tim Bostock & Melanie Holt
Sherry L. Bracken
Ms. Rosemary Brown
Bonni Brownlee
Ms Bonnie Burke
Joe Bush
Ms. Elizabeth M. Butler
Nancy Cabral
Anne Carlson
Roberta & Newton Chu
Ms Josephine Deluz
Lee Dombroski
David Douglas & Carol Conn
page 10
Adriana & Robert Duerr
Diane Edminster
Mrs. Cheri Eisgruber
Mike Frenz
Gaynell Fuchs
Mr. Michael Fujimoto
Steve & Carol Galper
Cynee Gillette-Wenner
Kerry Glass & Susan Munro
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Gleason
Julia Goettsch
Bonnie Goodell
Kenny Goodenow
Sharyn Y. Hirata
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Hopkins
Charlene Iboshi-Wagner
Robb & Elodie Imonen
Jenn Kagiwada
Francis Kaneshiro & Connie Hastert
Patty Kelly
Kathleen Leonard & John Peard
Janet Lew
Doug Lung
Nicholas Manoukis
Dr. & Mrs. James K. Matayoshi
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Matsumura
Fia Mattice
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McAlexander
Mrs Lynne McLaren
Nancy McMillan
Don Merwin
James A. Monk
Ms. Patrice Moriyasu
Caroline R. Naguwa
Lisa Nelms & Craig Walther
Wallace T. Oki
Yaw Owusu
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pacheco
Samuel & Mildred Paltin
David Pankenier
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Pratt
Kenneth Puliafico
Ronald Pusateri & Brad Clark
Art Roberts
Arnold M. Shimabukuro
Mr. & Mrs. Gene E. Short
James Simpson
Thomas J. Smith
Janet Snyder & Arthur G. Roberts
Sandra P. Song
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Sorenson
Dr. William Steiner
Norman Uchida
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd X. Van De Car
Lissa Van Kralingen
Sherman & Elaine Warner
Arne Werchick
HPR is truly locally managed and locally funded,
which allows us our cherished independence.
Our program underwriters and foundations
play a major role by contributing to the cost
of our programming and by lending their
names in support of our enterprise. For further
information, please see
support/underwriting, and contact Cat Gelman,
corporate relations director, at (808) 955-8821
or [email protected]
AARP Hawaii
ABC Stores
ACLU Hawaii
Ala Moana Center
Ala Moana Hotel
Alexander & Baldwin
Allens Plumbing
Aloha Data Services
Aloha International Piano Festival
ALTRES Staffing
American Savings Bank
Anna O’Brien’s
Ballet Hawaii
Bamboo Restaurant
BAMP Project & The Republik
Bank of Hawaii
Dave Baumgartner (Mister Dave)
Beachhouse at the Moana
Beach Tree Restaurant, Four Seasons Hualalai
Bishop Museum
Blees Piano Service
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC
Brasserie Du Vin
Busch Consulting
Care Homes by Hale Makua
Castle Medical Center
Caswell Orthodontics, Dr. Kimi S. Caswell
Central Pacific Bank
Chamber Music Hawaii
Chaminade University
Char Hamilton Yoshida & Shimomoto
Chef Mavro
Choir of the Lutheran Church
City Mill Company, Ltd.
Cohn Restaurant Group
(The) Cole Academy
Concordia Choirs
Confucious Institute at University of Hawai‘i
Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert
Dawson Technical, LLC
Diamond Head Theatre
Digitech Solutions LLC
Duke University Press
Early Music Hawaii
Electric Pencil
FIM Group
Ferraro Choi
First Hawaiian Bank
First Insurance Company of Hawaii
First Unitarian Church of Honolulu
Fisher Printing
Fertility Institute of Hawaii/IVF Center of
Foodland Super Market Ltd.
Foodscapes Hawaii
For Color Publishing
Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai
Fresh Chamber
Friends of Waikiki Aquarium
Gabby Pahinui Waimanalo Kanikapila
Gamma Corporation
Gourmet Events Hawaii
Hale Ho Aloha
Hana Hou!
Hastings & Pleadwell
Hawaii Arts Alliance
Hawai‘i Book & Music Festival
Hawaii Business Magazine
Hawaii Chinese Int’l Cultural Arts Festival
Hawaii Dermatology Centers
Hawaii Forest & Trail
Hawaii Life
Hawaii Opera Theatre
Hawaii Pacific Dental Group, Dr.Rohinton “Ron”
Patel, DMD
Hawai‘i Pacific Health
Hawaii Pacific Solar
Hawai‘i Pacific University
Hawai‘i People’s Fund
Hawai‘i Performing Arts Festival
Hawaii Pops
Hawaii Repertory Theatre
Hawaii Seniors’ Fair - The Good Life Expo
Hawaii Supply
Hawai‘i Symphony Orchestra
Hawaii Theatre Center
Hawaii Vein Center
Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian Lenses
Hawaiian Native Corporation
Hawaiian Telcom
Honolulu Chamber Music Series
Honolulu Civil Beat
Honolulu Magazine
Honolulu Pen Women
Honua Kai Resort & Spa
Howard Hughes Corporation / Ward Village
HPM Building Supply
(The) Irish Rose Saloon
Island Insurance Co., Ltd.
Island Printing Centers
Janell A. Israel & Associates
Jenkins Eye Care, Dr. Tyrie Jenkins
Kahilu Theatre
Kaiser Permanente
Kani Ka Pila Grille, Outrigger Reef on the Beach
Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women &
Kelley O’Neil’s
Kona Stories
La Pietra - Hawaii School for Girls
Lazar Bear Productions
(The) Leeward Theatre at Leeward Community
Legacy of Life Hawai‘i
Dr. Dwight Lin
Live Music Awareness
Lutheran Church of Honolulu
Mancini Welch & Geiger
Manoa Senior Care
Manoa Valley Theatre
Mason Architects
Maui Arts & Cultural Center
Maui Classical Music Festival
Maui Land & Pineapple
Maui No Ka Oi Magazine
Maui Pops Orchestra
Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows, Mauni Lani
Merriman’s Restaurants
Mid-Pacific Institute
page 11
Mister Dave
Mitsuyama & Rebman LLLC
Monkeypod by Merriman
Dr. Peter Mouginis-Mark, SOEST/UH Mānoa
Mountain Apple Company
Mozart Music House
Nico’s Pier 38
Nissan North America
Nohea Gallery
Oahu Choral Society
Ohana Medical Group
Dr. Carlos Omphroy
O’Toole’s Irish Pub
Our Kaka‘ako, A New Neighborhood by
Kamehameha Schools
The Outlets of Maui
Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort
Pacific Office Properties
Pacific Vision Institute of Hawaii
Pali Momi Medical Center
Palm Records
Paniolo Trading
PBS Hawaii
Piano Planet
Pineapple Grill
Pineapple Tweed
(The) Plantation House
Re-use Hawai‘i
(The) Royal Hawaiian, A Luxury Collection Resort
Ruby Tuesday Hawaii
Sacred Hearts Academy
David Sedaris
Servco Pacific
(The) Shen Yun Show
Simply Organized
(The) St. Andrew’s Schools
Stand Up Eight
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Hawaii
Still & Moving Center
Stormy Seas Salmon
Straub Clinic & Hospital
Studio 909 Presents
Tim Bostock Productions
Tom Moffatt Production
Tony Nissan
Tony Volkswagen
Tori Richard
‘ULU Ocean Grill & Sushi Lounge, Four Seasons
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, College of
Languages, Linguistics & Literature
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Department of
Urban and Regional Planning
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa - Kennedy Theatre
University of Hawai‘i - Outreach College
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Public
Administration Program
University of Hawai‘i Professional Assembly
VERC Hawaii
Waikiki Aquarium
Ward Village - Anaha
Wells Mental Health Services
Jeff White, Certified Financial Planner
Whole Foods Market Hawai‘i
Wilcox Health
William S. Richardson School of Law,
University of Hawai‘i
Wilson Homecare
Wilson Senior Living Kailua
Busch Consulting
Ferraro Choi
Gourmet Events Hawaii
Hawai‘i Supply
Infiniti of Honolulu
Kaiser Permanente
Nohea Gallery
Sacred Hearts Academy
The St. Andrew’s Schools
Straub Clinic & Hospital
Ulupono Initiative
Whole Foods Market Hawai‘i
SINCE 2006
Shidler Family Foundation
Mid-Pacific Institute
Servco Pacific
(gifts received 1/1/2014 – 2/28/2015)
Donor who prefers to remain anonymous (1)
Armstrong Foundation
Atherton Family Foundation
Evalyn Bauer Foundation
Bendon Family Foundation Inc
Cades Foundation
Hung Wo & Elizabeth Ching Foundation
Larry & Beatrice Ching Foundation
Davis Levin Livingston Charitable Foundation
The Dorrance Family Foundation
Elias Family Charitable Trust
Foodland Give Aloha
John R Halligan Charitable Fund
HARQUA Foundation
Ernest H Hui Family Foundation
Island Insurance Foundation
Marcelius Charitable Trust
McInerny Foundation
O.L. Moore Foundation
Dr & Mrs LQ Pang Foundation
Louis & Flori Petri Foundation
Pikake Foundation
Henk & Akemi Rogers Foundation
S J Ungar/J Shapiro Family Foundation
Shidler Family Foundation
Jonathan Starr Foundation Inc
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
K Taniguchi Ltd
The Caregiver Foundation
TWANDA Foundation
Mildred Tyson Charitable Foundation
Jhamandas Watumull Fund
The Weissman Family Foundation
Western Union Foundation
G N Wilcox Trust
Joseph & Vera Zilber Family Foundation
F J Zimmermann Foundation Inc.
We are deeply touched by those who have
made arrangements in their estate plans to
benefit HPR. Their lasting gifts strengthen the
station’s ability to serve our community long
into the future. To find out more about how
you too can enter the Legacy Society, contact
Valerie Yee, HPR’s vice president and assistant
general manager, at (808) 955-8821 or
[email protected]
Donors who prefer to remain anonymous (12)
Estate of Mrs. Harriet D. Baldwin
Estate of Mrs. Ruth S. Ballard
Estate of Ms. Nancy M. Bannick
Mr. Robert Berssenbrugge
Dr. Roger Brault & Dr. Felice Brault
Drs. Joan E. Canfield & William Kramer
Celia & Lloyd Canty
Ms. Mollie W.M. Chang
Rick & Terry Clifton
Ms. Lee G. Cone & Mr. Michael Cone
Mrs Carol J. Coops
Mr. & Mrs. R. Dougal Crowe
Michael W. Dabney
Ms. Carolyn Davis
John Henry Felix
Estate of Shirley N. Ferreira
Mr. Ray Galas
Kent Ghirard
Ms. Arien B. Grabbe
Estate of Mrs. Luvia T. Gregg
Estate of Liselotte S. Grieshaber
Estate of Mrs. Freddie Harby
Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Hildreth
Anna R. Horne
Ms. Gail Hudson & Mr. Phillip Olsen
Estaet of Henry K Iwasa
Daniel & Jane Katayama
Carolyn Kimball
Estate of E Kincaid & M Murakami
Estate of Barry LeFevre
Estate of Mrs. Lois Luehring
Mr. Franklin T. Luke
Estate of Katherine B. Marcelius
Mr. Richard S. Morris
Mrs. Gloria Munson
Estate of Keiji Murakami
Mr. Ogden K. Myers, Jr.
Ms. Judy Neale
Dr. Norma Nichols
Estate of Ms. Anita Ouverson
Ms. Ann M. Peters
Marilyn A. Requena
Mr. Samuel E. Rhoads
Maxine & Stuart Robson
Shawn Rose & Taj Carbrey
Joseph Rothstein & Ann Yoklavich
Estate of Gordon Thomas Salter
Estate of Patricia Sands
Paul Schwind
Estate of Mrs. Mary M. Shaw
Estate of Ms. Barbara J. Steffee
Ms. Elizabeth A. Tajima
Eileen Tamura & Dave Raney
Estate of Mr. Robert B. Thomas
Juli M. Walters
Estate of Ms. Angeline A. Walther
Estate of Walter Victor Weber, Jr.
page 12
GIFTS (cont’d)
Monique & Gary Weisman
Ms. Sim Wenner
Perry & Joan White
Mr. George Willoughby
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Wilson
Mr. Louis Peter Xigogianis
Mr. Carl Yee & Ms. Mary Beth Wong
Myrna Zezza
Membership gifts account for more than half
of the funds needed to support the station’s
ever-growing programming and operating
expenses. We are grateful for the generosity
of each and every individual who has given to
HPR. We know you have many options for your
charitable dollar and sincerely respect your
investment in this enterprise.
HPR’s Leadership Circle contributors are
improving the station’s financial stability,
often by offering matching challenge gifts to
encourage station membership. In addition,
their support of station infrastructure
or programming initiatives is further
strengthening HPR’s work in and for the
local community. For more information on
Leadership Circle giving, contact Valerie Yee,
Vice President & Asst. General Manager at
(808) 955-8821 or [email protected]
We acknowledge these Leadership Circle
members whose annual contributions totaled
$1,000 or more (gifts received between
1/1/2014 and 2/28/2014).
Kate Bell & Tom Blackburn
Hawaii Pacific Area Combined Federal
GIFTS OF $20,000
Donors who prefer to remain anonymous (2)
Robert & Jacqueline Gaensslen
Richard Gushman
Maizie Sanford
GIFTS OF $10,000
Chuck, Zana & Tui Mitsui
David & Kathleen Pellegrin
Schafer Philanthropic Family Fund
Richard & Angela Smerz
William & Lynn Vogt
GIFTS OF $5,000
Donors who prefer to remain anonymous (2)
Michelle Bartell, American Savings Bank
Roger Beck & Eric Anderson
James & Susan Bendon, Bendon Family
Foundation Inc
June Chambers
David & Patti Chevalier
Edward Chun
Everett Dowling, Dowling Company
Peter Drewliner
C. Pardee & Betsy Erdman, Ulupalakua Ranch
Sandra Fricke
Stephen & Gloria Gainsley
Howard Higa, The Cab & CabBUX
Ian Mattoch, Law Offices of Ian L. Mattoch
Joan Packer
Wayne Pitluck, Pitluck Kido & Aipa
Maxine & Stuart Robson, Maxine Robson
Endowment Fund
Henk & Akemi Rogers Foundation
Lynette Stobie
Paul Weissman, The Weissman Family
John Weldon, Business Solution Technologies
Perry & Joan White, Planning Solutions Inc
GIFTS OF $3,000
Donors who prefer to remain anonymous (2)
Robert Armstrong, Armstrong Foundation
Alan & Phyllis Britten
Roberta & Newton Chu
Paul Cool & Betty Wood
Amy & Raymond Charles Elgiar
John Henry Felix
Foodland Give Aloha
L. Richard & Susie Fried, Cronin Fried Sekiya
Kekina Fairbanks
William & Sharolyn Hartman
Marcie & Kevin Herring
Peter Ho
Leon Hyman & Alex Walter
Susan & Richard Jackson
Tyrie Jenkins & George Norcross
William Moore, O.L. Moore Foundation
Caroline Neal
Judy Neale
Billie Nelson
Pam Omidyar
John Otte
Bonnie Lisa Pestana
Patricia Posadas
Joseph Rothstein & Ann Yoklavich
Raymond Runyan
GIFTS OF $2,000
Donors who prefer to remain anonymous (2)
Darlene Abt
John Alexander, Dolphin Bay Hotel
Sidney & Gloria Ayabe
Lee Canfield
Kenji Carroll, Carroll Capital Management
Ed Casebier
Chauncey & Theodora Ching
Floyd & Doris Christenson
Carol Coops
Jim Cremins
H. Dwight Damon, Movie Museum
Eric Darmstaedter
Jeffrey Dinsmore
Claire Durham
Elizabeth Fischer
Barbara Fischlowitz-Leong & Michael Leong
Julia Goettsch
James & Priscilla Growney
Alyson Helwagen, Honolulu Magazine
Gary James
Jeannette Johnson & Ian Capps
Lynne Johnson & Randolph Moore
Edmund & Carol Kellett
Belinda Kiley
Mitch Kysar, Mitch Kysar Construction
Janet Lew
Jack & Nancy Lockwood
Gordon & Junko Lowry
Carol Lum
Mette Lyons
Mary Anne Magnier
Natalie Mahoney
Paul Mancini, Mancini Welch & Geiger LLP
Lillian Cunningham & Bruce McEwan
David McEwan
Peter & Victorine Merriman
James & Lauren Moriarty
Johnnie Murphy & Susan Brown
Dr. J. N. Musto
Tania Narvaes-Busch
Deane Neubauer & Keiko Sakuma-Neubauer
Rolando & Pauline Oasay
Mary Suzanne Palumbo, The Cat Clinic
James & Marilyn Pappas
Ann Peters
Debra Pfaltzgraff & Robert Creps
Deborah Pope
Kenneth Robbins
Jane Schoonmaker
Christopher & Marjorie Smith
Clifford Smith
Kathleen Spalding
Carolyn St. Romain
Dawn Suyenaga & Alec Dinsmore
Diane Tamane
Juli Walters
Paul Weidig
Ruth Wilson
Julia Wo
Marilyn Zilber, Joseph & Vera Zilber Family
GIFTS OF $1,000
Donors who prefer to remain anonymous (2)
Bob Acree, Kohala Ranch, LLC
Anne Akiko Meyers & Jason Subotky
Robert Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Alston
Paul Anderson
Jodene Arakaki, SI Group
Richard & Margaret Baker
Jeremy & Michelle Baldwin
Anthony & Naomi Bartholomew
Don Beckwith
Jack & Caroline Belsom
Debbie Berger
Lois & Robert Berger
Stanley Bergstrom
Mark & Leah Bernstein
Paul & Rachel Bernstein
Terance & Jan Bigalke
Lyle Bjork
Jennifer Bohlin
Marlene Booth & Avi Soifer
Rossini Botev & Adriana Boteva
Margery Bronster, Bronster Hoshibata
Dianne Brookins
John Seely Brown & Susan Haviland
Suzanne Brown, Kawaihae Malie
Bill Burton
Georgine Busch
Russel Castagnaro, Hawaii Information
Debra Caswell
Janice Chadwick
Richard & Lissi Chadwick
Keith Chan, AOAO Kapiolani Bel-Aire
Susan Chandler
Robert Chapman, Clay Chapman Iwamura
Pulice Nervell
Mimi Charette
page 13
Won-Yee Cheng
Frances Ching
Han Ching, Hung Wo & Elizabeth Ching
Randy Ching
Deane Chun
Steven Chung
Henry & Charlotte Clark
Steven Clayson
Rick & Terry Clifton
Silas Collier
Ian & Janet Cooke
Bonnie Cooper
Patricia & Chris Cooper
Ron & Myrna Cooper
Virginia Crandall
R. Dougal & Ann Crowe
Steve Cunningham, Cunningham Cabinets
Daniel Dae Kim
Alan Daniel
Mark Davis, Davis Levin Livingston
Mattson & Thalia Davis
Peter & Susan Denman
Jeanne Denton-Nelson
Celia & David Diamond
Walter & Diane Dods
Stephen Dorman
Bill Downes
Peter Durst
Carolyn Eaton
Lawrence Eron & Donna Cheng
Roxanna Faith
Denise & David Falls
Janet (Jennie) Farley
Rosemary Fazio
John & Kim Fenton
Scott Ferguson & Joyce Miller
Jane & Paul Field
Ralph Fisher, USAF(Ret)
Nina Fite
Judith FitzGerald
Tracy Flanagan
Rodney & Grace Foreman
Elizabeth Foster & George Grace
Charles Fox
Gerard & Patricia Fryer
Norman & Gail Glenn
Jodi Goh
Todd Goode
Christopher & Michelle Goodin
Rose Marie Gooding
Rebecca Goodman
Marjorie Gordon
Douglas Gould
Elizabeth Ann Grove
Tim Guard, McCabe Hamilton & Renny Co Ltd
David Hafermann
Sandy Hagstrom
Hwei-Shien Hahn
Linda Hansen & Bruce Kau
Martha Hanson
Joe & Cherry Harrison
John & Anne Harrison
Phil Hart, Perigon Wealth Management
Christine & Ross Hartley
James & Constance Hastings
Anna Hatchett
Geraldine Hayes
Hugh & Barbara Hazenfield
David & Nery Heenan
Larry Heim, Jr., HONBLUE
Rick Heltzel
Linda Henning, Linda Henning RN Inc
John Herman
Mahilani Hiatt, Hiatt & Hiatt
Jessie Hill
Devin Hiranaka
James Hogan
Jana Holden
Elizabeth Honzik, The Caregiver Foundation
Horizon Lines, LLC
Michelle Hryniuk
Yvonne Hsieh
Gilman & Ruth Hu
Robb & Elodie Imonen
Julia Ing
Janell Israel
Brenda Jensen
Chuck Jones
Walter Kam
Charles Karnella
Edward & Nancy Karrels, Karrels Foundation
Harry & Patti Kasanow
Daniel & Jane Katayama
Michael & Gail Kawaharada
Randy & Katrena Kennedy
Bob Kessner, Kessner Umebayashi Bain &
Robert & Barbara Kildow
James & Deborah Kirkendall
Chuck Kleintop, Kleintop Luria & Medeiros
Michael Kliks & Dolores Brockman
Michael Klimenko
Wiley Knight
Rodger Kollmorgen
Laurence Kolonel
John Koon
Drew Kovach
Robert Kraus, Jr
Sue Kuo
Evelyn Lance
Robert Lanser, Jr.
Edward Lanson
Walter & Shirley Laskey
David Lassner
John T. (Jack) Laufer
Carol Lee
Mollie Lee
Rhoady Lee & Alan Gartenhaus, Architecture &
Worldster & Patricia Lee
Joyce Lee-Ibarra
Sheree & Levani Lipton
Elliot Loden, Mildred Tyson Charitable
Sidne Long, TWANDA Foundation
Brenda Lowrey
Donna Lum & Larry Abbott
Florence Lum
Duncan MacNaughton, The MacNaughton
Aaron Mahi
Annie Malama
Jacqueline Maly
Chris Manaseri
Regina Mangieri & Doug Ewalt
Debra Mark
Tom & Donna Mark
Keith Matsumoto, Keith T. Matsumoto M.D. Inc.
Shoshana & Regan Matsumura
Dorien McClellan
Jim & Pam McCoy
Matthew McGranaghan
Jean McIntosh
Jan Medusky
John & Marion Melish
Paula & William Merwin
Charles Miller
Paul & Ann Misura
Gail Miyashiro
Derek Monell & Joann Sarubbi
Jody & Paul Moore
Willis Morriss, Waimea Instant Printing
Ronald Moyer, Upcountry Veterinary Services
Davis Muramoto
Joan Namkoong
Kay Naquin
Jay & Claudia Narr
Thanhlan Thi Nguyen Jeter
William Norwood
Pam Omidyar
Carlos Omphroy
Mio Osaki
Robert & Rebecca Ozaki
Cynthia & Robert Pacheco
Wayne Parsons, Law Offices of Wayne Parsons
Ed Hardy & Francesca Passalacqua, HARQUA
John Payne, Jr
Brooke Peters
Steven Petranik, Hawaii Business
Patti Petri Rose, Louis & Flori Petri Foundation
Jeanette Phillips
Regina Plarisan
Richard & Christina Polston
Lemoine Radford
Greg Ravizza & Kathleen Ruttenberg
Marilyn Requena
Steven Rhee, Hawaiian Eye Center
Bonnie Rice
Shaunagh Robbins
Trevor Rodrigues
Sally Roggia
Scott & Ingrid Rolles
Charles & Jennifer Rose
Peter Rosegg
Robert Ruggieri, Kahala Urgent Care
Steven Sakai
Eric Salassa
Charles Salmon, Jr.
Maureen Schaeffer & Alan Price
Irwin & Barbara Schatz
Niklas & Sharon Schneider
Robert Shapiro
Jane Sherwood & Robert Masuda
Margaret Shiba
Daniel Shiu
Julie & Ralph Shohet
Cliff Silverstein
Janet Snyder & Arthur Roberts
Roy & Gladys Sonomura
John & Susan Spangler
Peter Sparks & Clytie Mead
Mary Spears
Robert Speer
George St John
Warren Stone & Karen Dyas
Sandra & Earl Stoner
Donald Swanson & Barbara White
Patti Takayama
Sandra & Howard Takishita
Gwen Tan
Michael Tarring
Carroll Taylor, Taylor Leong Chee
Craig Thomas & Susan Scott
page 14
Laura Thompson
Donald Thomson
Pauline Thomson
Michael Titterton
Al & Joyce Tomonari
Christopher Tortora, Hawaiian Eye Center
Wanda Tse
Lea Uehara ,Tropical Music
Peter Uehara
Aaron Ungerleider
Joseph Uno & Aloma Wang
Mark Viglielmo
Doug & Debbie Walch
Jack Wallace
Carolyn Walther
John Wang
Robert Waterford
Gulab Watumull, Jhamandas Watumull Fund
Frances Weibenga
Sharon Weiner
Carol & Donald Weir
Edward & Kathryn Weldon
Arne & Ruth Werchick
Daniel & Judy White
Gaylord & Carol Wilcox
Gary Wild
Jack Wilder
Beverly Withington
William Won
(as of 3/11/15)
Sustaining Members (formerly called Lifetime Members) are the revolutionary core of the station’s membership corps. Their monthly donations have allowed HPR to – for the first time in a decade – significantly
lower the goal of its upcoming spring fund drive, even while plans are
underway to modestly expand and enhance our services.
This relatively new Sustaining Membership program delivers a range of
benefits. For the member, there’s the convenience of no longer having to
Jill Abbott
Lisa Abbott
Barbara Abe
Melanie Abecasses
Jay Abel
Gov. Neil Abercrombie & Nancie
Kim Abrahamson
Virginia Abshier & Kevin Kelly
Georgia Acevedo
Elizabeth Ackerman
Marvin & Denise Acklin
Gus Acosta
Dixie & Jon Adams
Gloria Adams
Laura Adams-Shimabukuro
Kathryn Adcox
Lara Adelberger
Martin & Helida Adler
David Adler
Lori Adolewski
Alohi Aea
Steve & Elena Aglinskas
Anthony Agudelo
Hamilton Ahlo
Rosa Ahrens
Jean Ainlay
Karen Akamine
Carol Aki
Eugene Aki
Eleanore Green Akina
Henry Akina
Elizabeth Alau
Steven & Linn Alber
Joseph Albertoni
Michael & Cheryl Albright
Robert Alder
Tony & Tat Aldred
Nancy Aleck
Nancy & Thomas Alejo
Barbara & David Alethea
Carol Alevizos
Pamela Alexander & Jim Hentz
Lesley Alexander
Jeff Alfriend
Elsa Alizadeh
Franklin Allaire
Leslie Allen & Milton Ebesu
Jessie Allen
Kalei Allen
Kathryn Allen
Robert Allen
Allen Allison
Jennifer Allison
Patti Almirez
Sherwin Alop
Julia Alos
Marilyn Alper
Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Alston
Salina Althof
Rick Alumbaugh
Anne Alvarez
Dennis & Shirley Alvaro
John Alves
George Amon-Wilkins
Teresita Amore
Wanda Anae-Onishi
Raymond Ancheta
Amy Andaluz
Barbara Andaya
Larry & Lynda Anderson
Judith Anderson
Karen Anderson
Sandra Anderson
Susan Anderson
Kurt Andrews
Richard Andrews
Carol Ankrom
Judith Annetts
Andrew & Beth Aoki
Byron Aoki
Candice Applegate & John Reynolds
Lauris Aragon-Mata
Jodene Arakaki
Andrew & Kimberly Arakawa
Lynda Arakawa
Brad & Naomi Wong
Linda Wong
Lynette Wong
Barbara Workman
George & Mary Ann Wyman
Alan Yamamoto
John & Cheri Yamamoto
Carl Yee & Mary Beth Wong
Valerie Yee
Arienne Yoshihara Chun Kerr LLP
Lisa Yoshimoto, Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing
Elarka Yuen
Kenneth & Laurel Zeri
Stanley & Janet Zisk
remember annual renewal dates and the ability to adjust the recurring
contribution amount at any time. The station enjoys reduced administrative costs (paper, postage, staff time) and is assured a reliable income
stream. And the entire listening community is rewarded with potentially
shorter on-air pledge drives.
Mahalo nui loa to this “first generation” of Sustaining Members for all
the goodness they have bestowed. If you would also like to sustain the
station by enrolling in this ongoing giving plan, one of the staff in our
friendly Membership department would be happy to speak with you.
Please call (808) 955-8821 during business hours.
Ruben Arbon
Susan Arnett
Stacey Arnold
Vivienne Aronowitz
Jane Arthur & Kurt Corbin
Dean Asahina
Wendy Asato
Duane Ashimine
Nancy Ashley
Melinda Ashton
Colin & Maggie Aspin
Scott Atkinson
Fred Attard
Adam Atwood
Jone Augustin
Elizabeth Aulsebrook
Kate Aurilio
Stephanie Austin & James Niess
Mitzi Austin
Warman Austin
Patricia Avila
Lorna Awana
Joyce Azama
Nezia Azmi
David Baccus
Argyl Bacon
Laurayne Badenoch
Adele Bahl
Corinna Bailey
Margaret Bailey
Gary & Laura Baker
Richard & Margaret Baker
Mischa Baker
Russell Baker
Ted Baker
Kristeen Bakewell
Sundari Balaraman
Kelly Baldwin
Ronald Baldwin
Sylvia Baldwin
Denny Bales
Jane Ball
Tom Bamburg
Rob & Lee Banashek
Roy Bann
Cathleen Baptista
Andre Barber
Jo Barboza
Lehua Barboza
Sharon Barfield
Dennis Barger & Laurie Tanner
Jacques & Jane Bargiel
Marc Baril
Joshua Barnes & Julie Iezzi
Andrea Barnes
Lisa Barnes
Dana Barnum
Donna Barr
Leonora Barratto
Henry Barrett & Malia Kaai-Barrett
Erin Barrett
Jammi Barrington
Elizabeth Barry
Michelle & Todd Bartell
David & Mary Barter
Anthony & Naomi Bartholomew
Christopher Bartholomew
Nancy Bartter
Daniel Baston
Brad Bate & Kay Lorraine
Maureen Bates
Noa Batlin-Hamilton
Glenn & Marilyn Bauer
Joan Baughman
Amy Baum & Eric Jeschki
Gina Baurile
Corinne Bauske
Teresa Bay & Thomas Gorak
Jacqueline Baydo
Brooks Bays, Jr.
Christopher & Patricia Bazin
David Beasley
Bobbie Becker
Rita Becker
Stewart Beckley
Robert Beckvall
page 15
Scott Bedingfield
Joan Bedish
Barbara Beebe
Barnaby Beech
Juliet Begley
Stephen Behee & Regina Parsons
Jessica Behnke
Renee Beihl & David Vest
Sue Beitia
Lynn Beittel
Bette Belanger
Guy Belegaud
David Bell
Martha Bell
Mary Bell
Shirley Bell
Paul & Susan Bellanca
Betty & Michael Ben
Carol Bendell-Wiers
Byron & Lois Bender
Daniel & Mary Benedict
Heather Benjamin
Alice Bennett
Greta Bennett
Howard Bennett
Jennifer Bennett
Ruth Bennett
Kathy Bentley
Emily Benton
Caral Beresiwsky
Stephen & Kathleen Berg
Jeffrey Berg & Angela Runyan-Berg
Susan Berg
Debbie Berger
Margaret Bergman
Sue Bergman
Carl Bergquist
Stanley Bergstrom
Marion & Rand Berkline
Carl & Marilyn Bernhardt
Ann Bernson
Mark & Leah Bernstein
Glenda Berry
Mark Berry
Shaun Berry
Mary Betancourt
Ralph & Paulette Bethel
Jon Betwee
Jean Bevanmarquez & David
Zaib & Vaid Bey
Alison & Eesha Bhattacharyya
John Bickel
Anne & James Biedel
Donna Bielby
Terance & Jan Bigalke
Mariko Bilinsky
Jim Bill & Scarlett O’Hara Bill
Teresa Bill
Dorothy Billingsley
Kim Binsted
Charles Birkeland
Janice Birnie
Suzanne Bistline
Anna Derby Blackwell
Teresa Blackwell
Amy & Douglas Blagriff
Rosemary Blair
Nicholas Blank
Carolyn Blankfield
James Blattau & Susan Cortes
Michael & Lindsay Bliss
Chris Bloomer
Nancy Bloomfield
Gregg Blue
Lara Blum
Richard Blum
Joseph Bobich
Joanne Bogan
Jennifer Bohlin
David Bohn
Phil Bohnert & Elsha Bonhert
Clara & Vernon Boido
Richard Bolen
Kathleen Bolger-Hahn
Jessica Bollinger
Debbie Boltz
Marjorie & Dale Bonar
Robert & Marita Bonham
Colleen Bonne
Adrian Bontje
Bryan & Kathleen Booth
Tammy Bopp
Karen & Jim Borg
Andrea Borgioli
Celia Bortfeld
Michael Bosley
Valerie & Tom Bosworth
Gwen Botti
Larry Boucher
David Bower
Kathy Bowers
Chris Bowman
Judith Bowman
Lee Ann Bowman
Gregory & Jann Boxold
Thomas Boyd
Jeremiah Boydstun
Christina Boyko
Daniel & Gloria Boylan
Randall Braa
Janet Dom Bracken
Marcia Braden
Susan Bradford
Tim & Kat Bradley
Stephen Bradley
Nancy Bradwell
Kalani Brady
Janine & Norman Brand
Paul & Susan Brandon
George & Mary Brandt
Teresa Bratakos
Roger & Felice Brault
Christa Braun Inglis
James Bray
Bonnie Brayton
David Breach
Carol Brede
Wanda Breitenstein
Elizabeth & David Bremer
Barry Brennan
Laureen Brennan
Mary M Brewer (Volcano)
Mary Brewer (Kōloa)
Lesley Brey & Randall Kam
Christie Bridges
David & Leonor Briscoe
Doug & Sharon Britt
Janet Britt
Alan & Phyllis Britten
Krista & Charles Brodie
Terrence Brogan
Douglas Bronick
Tish Brook
Dianne Brookins
Noel & Sachi Brooks
Ben Brooks
Lettice Brooks
Charles & Joan Brotman
Malia & Lon Brown
Matt & Merissa Brown
Carey Brown
Dennis Brown
Janice Brown
Jason Brown
Joel Brown
Michael Brown
Shana Brown
Julian & Tanja Browne
Marlo Browne
Walter Brownridge
Barbara Bruno
Catherine Bruns
Timothy Bryan
Kathy Bryant
Alicia Bublitz
Nina Buchanan
Steven & Vanessa Buchthal
Nicole & Charles Buckingham
Elizabeth Bulfinch
Doris Bullen
Fred & Chalintorn Burian
Martin Burke
Thomas Burke
Leslie Burnau
H. Richard & Eleanore Burson
Morgan Busby
Donna Buscemi
Megan Bush
Danny Bushart
Bob & Adella Buss
Miemie Byrd
Eileen Byrnes-Perry
Michelle & Craig Cabebe
John Cadman
Adrianne Cadorna
Iracema & John Cahill
Stephanie Caires
Shelly Caldeira
William Caldwell
Amy Caliboso
John & Emily Callan
Rita Calvan
Charles & Lynne Calvet
Carrie Camacho
Alexander Campbell
Jane Campbell
Keith Campbell
Paul Campbell
Joan Canfield & William Kramer
Stephen Canham
Margaret Canonigo
Cecily Capelouto
Donna Caplan
Faith Caplan
Bill Carl
Lisa Carle
Roma Carlisle
Marilyn Carlsmith
Catherine Carlson
Richard Carlson
Michael Carney
Michelle & Jim Caron
Alan & Courtney Carpenter
Jane Carr
Melaine Carr
Jeff & Ruth Carroll
Joan Carroll
Paula Carroll
Glenn Carter
Naomi Carter
Scott Carter
James Cartwright
David Carvalho
Pam Carvalho
Rick Casey & Kelen Geller
Rosemary Casey
Sean Casey
Lena Casimano
John & Sarah Casken
Franklin Caspino
Randy & Jeanne Castello
Rick Castillo
Olivia & James Castro
Luisa Castro & Richard Cowan
Katherine Caswell
Richard & Lissi Chadwick
Mark & Makana Chai
Frances & Jean-Paul Chaine
Allyson Chambers
Elizabeth (Beth) Chambers
David Chandler
Susan Chandler
Melvin & Sandy Chang
Carla C. M. Chang
Cheryl Chang
Didi Chang
Elaine Chang
Kaulana Chang
Kevin Chang
Sanford Chang
Robert Chanin
Joan Channon
Claire Chao
Andrew & Linette Char
Patricia Charles
Sherre Chase
Rick Chatenever
John Cheever
Amy Cheng-Woo
Sandra Chesemore & Christopher
Kerry Chesser
John Cheung
Don Child & Wyn Aubrey-Child
Carol Childerhose
Gregory Chilton
Tom Chilvers
BJ Chinen
Karleen Chinen
Richard & April Ching
Jacquelyn Ching
Randy Ching
Stuart Ching
Yvonne Ching
Anne Chipchase
Janette Chiron
Michael & Karen Chock
Christopher Chock
Elizabeth Chock
Galen Y.K. Chock
Yong-Ho & Minja Kim Choe
Adele Deming Chong
Alexander Christensen
Keng Chua
Peter & Elisabeth Chun
Sheila & Hingson Chun
page 16
Sandrea Chun
David & Johanna Chung
David Chung
Linda Chung
Patricia Chung
Danielle Ciccone
Georgia Cicmil
Edward Ciliberti
Alma Cirino
Charles Ciszek
Henry & Charlotte Clark
Sharon & Daniel Clark
Katharine Clark
Patricia Clark
Patricia Clark
Eileen Clarke
William Cliff & Gabriella Cooper
Elaine Coats
Janet Coburn
Andrew Cochran
Barbara Coda-Chambers
David & Lisa Cohen
Lola Cohen
Roz Cohen
Gregory Colbert
Dorothy Colby
Ian & Colleen Cole
David Cole
Kathleen Cole
Roz Cole
Simone Cole
Will Cole
Michael & Gloria Coleman
Gail Coleman
Paul Coleman
Stuart Coleman
William Colgam
Michael Collat
Carol Collette
Mary Collier
Sara Collins & Craig Howes
Vincent Collins III
Tarquin Collis & Katie Kingsley
Robert & Harriet Collopy
Rebecca Colvin
Brian Combs & Leslie Matsukawa
Donielle Comeau
Rick Comilang
Bill Comstock
Neal Conan & Gretel Erlich
Howard & Stephanie Conant
Patrick Conant & Stephanie Nagata
Lee & Michael Cone
Edward & Elizabeth Conklin
Eric Conklin
M.Gay Conklin
Roberta Conlan
Mark Conley & Mary Hyss-Conley
Peter & Vickie Conmy
John & Chintana Conner
Julie Conner
Don Conover
Lytha Conquest
Kenneth Cook
Patricia Cook
Jenni Cooney
Barbara Coons
Elizabeth Corbin
Jan Corbin
Glenn & Inge Cordeiro
Dan & Irene Cordell
Susan Cordell & Patrick Hart
Leslie & E. Shan Correa
Milton Correa
Ellen Corrie
Sandra Corrigan
Fernand Cortiguera
Shelley Coscina
Ann Cosson
Jaki Cottman
Marie Couture
Christina & David Cowan
Joseph Cowan
Matthew Cowell
Robert & Virginia Cowie
Sue & Cedric Cowing
David & Sara Cox
Evelyn Cox
Cheryl Crabtree
Victor Craft
Sandra Craig
Virginia Crandall
Michael Crandell & Mary Jeanne
Jean Creadick
Randi Creamer
Jim Cremins
Rolanse Crisafulli & James Cristafull
Ellen & Charlie Crocker
Elizabeth Crook
Simon Crookall
Katherine Crosier
Diana Crow
Cromwell Crowell
Michael Cruise
John Cruz
Ray Cruz
Richard & Myrna Cundy
Carol Cunha
Alakai Cunningham
Dominic Cunningham
Kili Cunningham
Christopher Curley
Stewart Curry
Marisa Curtis
John & Eiko Cusick
Mary & Keith Cutler
Lesley Czechowicz
Harry Daguman
Rod & Sue Dahl
Kristine Dahlquist
Lisa Dahms
Pamela & John Dalrymple
Shelley Dalzell
Kaulana Dameg
Deborah Damon
Joseph Dane
Mary Louise Danfield
Alyson Danford
David Dang
Patrick D’Angelo
Marcus Daniel & Vina Lanzona
Gary Danley
Kathy Dassis
Natasha Dator
Ann Datta
Peter Daub
Shirley & Don David
Diana Davids
June Davids
Fred Davidson
T.J. Davies, Jr.
Carolyn Davis
Catherine Davis
Dineh Davis
Gary Davis
Nancy Davlantes
James Day
Paul Day
Marjory De Burnett
Heinz-Gert & Susan De Couet
Gerald de Heer
Cassandra de Kramer
David De Leon
David De Luz, Jr.
Melissa Dean & Jesse Eiben
Deborah Dean
Elizabeth Dean
Jan Dean
Jan Dean
Yolanda deAndrade
Barbara Debaryshe
Kris DeBode
Andre Debouk & Meagan Debouk
Joan Debrah
Kari DeBusca
John & Linda Decker
Edward Dedeo
Layla Dedrick
Robert Deedman
Anne Deeley
Sharon DeJesus
Lea & Rafael del Castillo
Ellen Delbene
Richard DeLeon
Janet DeLong
Kathy Dembinski
Duncan Dempster
Paul Demura-Devore
Joan Denn
Christopher Dennis
Scott Dennis
Theres Desai
Steven Desmond
Casey Desormier
Pearl Desure
Elizabeth Jan Dettweiler
Virginia DeVine
Wendy Deweese
Celia & David Diamond
Heather Diamond
Connie Dichner
Deborah Dickerson
Linda Dickie
Keri Dickie-Clark
Sally & Neil Dietz
Laure Dillon
Elizabeth Dingeldein
David Dinh
Peter Dinmore
Elyse Ditzel
Carol Docherty & Michael Militano
George Dochin
Thomas Doma & Francesca Carey
Bonnie Dombeck
Lily Bloom & Samuel Domingo
Megan Donahue
Leigh Dooley & Stephen Carll
Katharine Dooling
Bill Dorman & Noriko Namiki
David Douglas & Carol Conn
Dorothy Douthit
Nancy Downes
Jim Doyle
Linda Doyle
Katie Doyle-Hummel
Lois Drake
Peter Drewliner
Audrene Duarte
Aolaha Dubey
Anne Marie & Jim Duca
Nick & Kristen Dudley
Eleanor Dudley
Diana Duff
Christl Duffett
James Dumas
Andrea Duncan
Jeri Duncan
Adrian & Glenda Dunn
Dennis Dunn
Gabriel Dunn
Becky Dunning
Jeanne Dunning
Florence Dunn-O’Neal
James DuPont
Jerry Dupont
Bryan & Susan Duprey
Mark Duran
Claire Durham
Susan Dursin
Randall & Donna Duryea
Warren Duryea
Tiare Dutcher
David Duval
Vicky Dworkin & John Wendell
Peter Dye & KahBo Dye-Chiew
Esther Dye
Paul Dyson
Harry Eagar
Paul Eakin
Peter Eames II
Robin Earle
Jane Earle-Dabrowski
Peter Easterling
Pratibha Eastwood
Jared Eaton & Patty Rose
Carolyn Eaton
Peggy Ebata
Walter Eccles
Bruse Eckmann
Joel Edelman
Chris Edwards
Janna Edwards
Kathy Edwards
Steven Edwards
Jim Efstation
Carol Egan
David Eguchi
Robert Ehmke & Richard Wright
Barbara Eichelbarger
Rick & Susan Eichor
Dorothy Furuya Eilenberg
Peggy Eisenberg
Kim Ek
Margaret Elcock
Sharman Elison
Danica Elliott
Greg Ellisworth
Dirk Elting
Pat Elwell
Diane Embrey
Edward & June Emerling
Richard Emery & Joanne Farnsworth
Mindy Emmons
Suzanne Enersen
Thea Engesser
page 17
Estelle Enoki
Ernestine Enomoto
Todd Ericksen
Becky Erickson
Karen Erickson
Marsha Erickson
Cheryl Sue Ernst
Duane & Marjorie Erway
Don Erway
Bonney Esbensen
Joseph Espiritu
Hulda Esrason
Susan Essoyan
Philip Estermann
Mary Jo Estes
Mark Ethridge
Andrew Evans
Gene Evans
Gregory Evans
Margaret Evans
Suzanne Evans
Pam Everett
Terence & Ann Every
Alan & Candace Ewell
Diana Ewing
Regina Ewing
Kristin Exter
Brian Fagan
Gloria Faltstrom
Cynthia Farias
Janet (Jennie) Farley
David & Loren Farmer
Brad & Pam Farnsworth
Anuschka Faucci
William & Vicki Fay
Emily Fay
Kathy Fay
Leon Fedenczuk
Tom Fee & Pam Gring-Fee
Kevin Feeney
Paulette Feeney
Judith Fekete
Marvin & Louise Feldman
Christine Feldmann
Stacy Feliciano
Miguel Felipe & Aaron Gould
John Henry Felix
Marie Ferdun
Raleigh Ferdun
Scott Ferguson & Joyce Miller
Jonathan (Jef) Fern
Frank & Rinda Fernandes
Derek Ferrar
Diane S.C. Ferreira
John & Mary Fiedler
Jane & Paul Field
Dawn Fields
Paul Fields
Amy Fine & Joe Gatti
Janet Finley
Mary Finley
Zoe Finn
Sandra Finney
Eric Firing
Lloyd Fischell
Kenneth Fischer
Matthew & Linda Fitzgerald
Judith FitzGerald
Chuck Flaherty
Didier Flament
Joanna Fleming
Elizabeth Flint
Joan Marie Florence
Noni Floyd
John & Virginia Flynn
Jacqueline Foil
Jennifer Foley
Margaret Foley
Alice Folkart
Phyllis Fong
Ann Fontes
Karl Fooks
Jessie Ford
Stephen Ford
Cecilia Fordham
Nalani & Craig Foreman
Daniel Formanek
Kevin Foster
Tanja Foulds
Beth Fox
Charles Fox
Jefferson Fox
Pat Fox
Kauaoa Fraiola
Joseph Francher
Kirk Francis
Valerie Franck
Barbara Franklin
Zachary Franks
Edward Frazer
Stephanie Frazier
Erik Fredericksen
Joann Freed
Genevieve Freeman
Beebe Freitas
Lory Freitas
Alexandra French
David Friar & Pamela Matsuda
Kathleen Friday
William & Susan Friedl
Wil Friesen
Fred Fritschel & Carol Lagner
Collin Fritz & Susyn Miller-Fritz
Celia Frost
Darryl Frost
Griffith Frost
Gaynell Fuchs
Lucas & Sherry Fuhrman
Andi Fujii
Lillian Fujimoto & Loren Rivers
Julia Fujioka
Terry Ann Fujioka
Russell Fujita
Kimberly Fujiwara & Robert Green
Christine Fukui
Christine & Ernie Fukumoto
Rona Fukumoto
Cynthia Fukunaga
Yoon-Hi Fulbright
Peter Fuleky
Vickie & Martha Fullard-Leo
Forrest Furman
John & Sharon Furstenwerth
Don & Carlene Furukawa
Donna Gabriel
Edward Gaffney
James Gagne
Priscilla Gaison
Geoff & Lena Galbraith
Anne Galios
Susan & Charles Gall
Gary Gallagher
Linda Gallano
Alan & Anna Gamble
Janice Ganigan
Cheryl Gansecki & Ken Hon
Harold Garbeil
Phillip Garcia, Jr.
Richard Garcia
Stanton Garduque
Norman Garon
Chuck Garrett
Howard Garval
Jacqueline Garza
Emory Gaskins
Jared Gates
Jess Gauf
Gergory Gauthier
Terri Gavagan
Sheareen Gedayloo
Leilisa Gehring
Sangeet Gellhorn
Jon & Catherine Gelman
Robert Gentry
Carol Gentz
Andriana Genualdi
Martha & Wayne German
Grant & Sharon Gerrish
James & Diane Gibson
Douglas Gibson
Robert Gibson
Mike & Jody Gilbert
Marc Gilbert & Cathy Hall
Jeanette Gilbert
Matthew Gilbertson
Jane Gillespie
Cynee Gillette-Wenner
Ngaire Gilmour
Elaine Gima
Shinye Gima
Thelma Gima
Edwin Ginoza
Kerry Glass & Susan Munro
Hal Glatzer & Kathy Frankovic
Janet Gleason
Thomas Glover
Dennis Glynn
Elizabeth Gocong
Jean Goda
Deborah Goebert
Linda Goeth
Margaret Goettelmann &
Edward Ohye
Jodi Goh
Eric Gold
Robert Golden
Judith Goldman
Rita Goldman
Creighton & Patricia Goldsmith
Jane & Glenn Goldsmith
Stan & Carol Golembeski
David Gomes
Rachel Gonzales
Sharon Gonzales
Sherlyn Goo
Cynthia Good
Marian Pualani Good
Antje Goode
Bonnie Goodell
Merril Goodell
Bradley Goodman
Brian Goodyear
Joseph Gorak
Joy Gorman
Dabney Gough
Nina Gough
Mare Grace
Catherine Graham
Nancy Grahtham
Fenix Grange
John (Vito) Granito
Fabrizio Grasso
Barbara Graves
Kim Graves
Dana & Barbara Gray
Debra Gray
Travis Gray
Lynn Graybeal & Jonathan Roberts
Sharmen Graydon
Jaclyn Greeley
Janet Green
William Greenleaf
Mark Gregory
Tina Grice
Lynne Grieco
Gail Grief
Bettykay Griesemer
Keith Griffin
Thomas Grimes
Paul Groesbeck
Ed Gross
Philippe Gross
Peter Grossman & Catherine Ching
Michel Grotstein
Laurie Guard
Artie Guerin
Eleanor Guerrera
Judy Guffey
Kamaka Mahi & Robert Gunderson
Alex Gupton
Elson Gushiken
Ben Gutierrez
Eric Guttormsen
Joanne & Dennis Guy
Frank & Sue Haas
Werner & Esther Haas
Shadia Habbal
Sara Hagen
Ken Hagmann
Clifford Hahn
Hwei-Shien Hahn
Gabriele Hahnen
Andrea & Chris Haigh
Celina & Douglas Haigh
Rob Hail
Robert Hail
Celia Haines
Carol Halbur
John Hall
Leon Hallacher & Kenith Simmons
Ernell Hallaman
Marion Haller
Sophie Halliday
Michael Hallstone
Patricia Halpern
Mark Hamamoto
Scott Hamilton
Ululani Hamilton
Shirley & Howard Han
Katie Hancock
Katherine & David Hanlon
Brendon Hanna
Carol Hanna
Linda Hansen & Bruce Kau
Christine Hansen
Dennis Hansen
Karin Hansen
page 18
Marie Hansen
Mendy Rae Hansen
Martha Hanson
Lenore Hanson Stafford
Paul Hapa
Janet Hara
Raymond & Gwendolyn Harada
Reid Harada
Theodore & Zelie Harders
William Hargrove
Pamela Harlow & Richard Ritter
Casey Harlow
Kekoa Harman
John Harrington
Karin & Joe Harris
Bettye Harris
Jack Harris
Reina Harris
Linda Harrison
Robert Harrison
Chuck & Kelly Hart
Carla Hart
Joseph Hart
Sally & Ralph Hartman
Susan Hartman-Fukumoto
Hilary Harts
Elizabeth Harvath
Pearleen Harvey
Ulla Hasager
Jane Hasegawa
Ken & Gail Hashi
Valerie Hashimoto & Daniel Bender
Eric & Lynn Hashizume
Patricia Sue Hashley
Mary & Tom Hassett
Ann Hassler
Connie Hastert
Barbara Hastings
Victoria Hasty
Kyoko Hatanaka
Lily Hatanaka
Bryce Hataoka
Nichol & Ian Hatch
Alexa Hatton
Cathy Hauanio
John & Emily Hawkins
Mii Hawkins
Robert & Vickie Hayakawa
Doug & Laura Hayashi
Joanne Hayashi
Junie Hayashi
Michael Haynes
Karin Hazelhoff
Douglas Hazelwood
Debra Heanu
Joan Heartfield
Nancy Heck
Rachel Heckscher
Michael Hedrick
John & Marian Heidel
Kerri Jo & Ken Heim
Marcia Heller
Harvey Henderson & Suzanne
Lyle Hendricks
Miranda Hendrix
Richard Hennessey & Hong Jiang
Monika Hennig
Linda Henning
Linda Henson
Emily Herb
Stephen Herr & Beth Kupper Herr
Eileen Herring & Wayne Borth
Marcie & Kevin Herring
Sheldon & Lorna Hershinow
Mel Hertz
Marvin Heskett III
Kyoko Heslinga
Jacqueline Hess
Jacquelyn Hewett
Rachel Hibbard
Susan Hicks
Eden Hifo
Ed Higa
Keith Higa
Ricky Higashide
Paul & Jennifer Higashino
Allison Higgins
Baralynn Higgins
Mary Beth Hilburn
Terry Hildebrand
Michael & Patricia Hildreth
Dania Hill
Patricia Hill
Sarah Hill
Mark & Sarah Hines
Jane & John Hinrichs
Ty Hintz
David & Sandra Hirano
Phyllis Hironaka
Martin & Cynthia Hirsch
Roslyn Hirschhorn
Cindy Hoddick
Michael Hodge
Snowden & Paula Hodges
Garry & Cyd Hoffeld
Tracy Hoffman
Donna Mae Hogan
Frances & Nathan Hokama
Jana Holden
Carolyn Holl
Brenden & Michi Holland
Constance Holland
Mike & Suzy Hollinger
Teri Hollowell
Ruth Holmberg
Colleen Holmes
Kristin Holmes
Douglas & Linda Holt
Susan Holt
Lance Holter
Campbell Holtey & Kathryn
Peter Honeyman
Kathee Hoover
Kevin & Margarita Hopkins
Arnold Hori
Laura Horigan
Gail Hoshiko Reed
Alice Hosticka
Fred & Barbara Housel
Dennis How
Charles Howard
Elizabeth Howard
Janet Howard
Jim & Karen Howell
Peter Howell
David Howle
Emilie Howlet
Michelle Hryniuk
Yujen Edward Hsia
Yvonne Hsieh
Darcy Hu
Robert Hubbard
Sascha Hubbard
June Hubbell
Stephen & Barbara Hubert
Gail Hudson & Phillip Olsen
Samantha Hudson
Dave Huff
Brian Huffman
Harlan Hughes & Judy Anderson
Deborah Hughes
Flint Hughes
Dudley Hulbert
David & Laurie Hull
Jere Y.N. Humphreys
Michael Hunnemann
Joan & Kirk Hunt
Christiane Huntley
Daniel Hurley
Lea Hurley
Susan Hurst
Edna Hussey
Ikaika Hussey
Ramona Hussey
Joan Husted
Joseph Huster
Karen Huston
Jimmi Suzanne Hutchins
Heidi Hutchinson
Karen Hutchison
Chuck Huxel & Nancy Wond
Barry Hyman
Helen Iaea
William Ichinose, Jr.
Jo Ann Ige
Carol Ignacio
Cathy Iha
Ronald & Patti Ihori
Jane Iida
Alvin & Raquel Ikeda
Audrey Ikehara
Amber Ing
Katherine & Mark Ingoglia
Kristina Inn & John D’Amato
Linda Inouye
Dennis & Patsy Irie
Pamela Isayama
Warren Iseke
Mae Isonaga
Janell Israel
Claire Iveson
Elizabeth Ivey
Patricia Iwamoto
Reyna Iwamoto
Tsugumi Iwasaki
Joanne Iwashita
Elisabeth Iwata
Urich Ja Brunt
Thomas & Astrid Jackson
Andrew Jackson
Elizabeth Jackson
Jamie Jackson
Kristin Jackson
Shane Jackson
Lisa Jacob
Mindy Jaffe
Hamid Jahanmir
Eric & Kay James
Susan James
Paul Janes-Brown
Susan Jannuzzi & David White
Lesley Jantz
Marc Jasek
Kathy Jaycox
Danielle Jayewardene
Kimberly Jeffs
Everett Jellinek
Jill Jenkins
Kristina Jenkins
Lisa Jenkins
Rita Jenkins
Carl & Tammy Jennings
Sarah Jenny
Brenda Jensen
Diane Jensen
Jens Jensen
Jean Jewell
Matthew Jewell
Dennis Jinnohara
Tammy Jivens-Perrin
Arthur Johnsen
Jeannette Johnson & Ian Capps
Chris & Bela Johnson
Matt Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Pearl Johnson
Tracy Johnson
Beate Johnston
Darlene Jones
David Jones
Kiran Jones
Lloyd Jones
Lucy Jones
Natalie Jones
Richard Jones
Stephen Jones
Tom Jones
W. Larry Jones
Cynthia Jordan
Robert & Judy Joseph
Karuna Joshi-Peters & Michael
Judy Joustra
Lawrence McCully Judd
Donna Jung & George
Lea Kaahaaina
Denise Kaai
Deanna Kackley
Dixie Kaetsu
Peter Kafka
Eldred Kagawa
Jeanette Kahalehoe
Ken Kakesako
Sandra Scafe Kalama
Carol Ann Kaleiwahea
Mae & Florence Kalerr
Evelyn June Kam
Karla Kam
Nathan Kam
Marc Kamimoto
Annie Kamiya
Caroline Kane
Karen Kaneko
Brandee Kaneshiro
Kate Kaneshiro
Linda Kaneshiro
Wayne Kaneshiro
Pamela Kantarova
Anna Kaohelaulii
Richard & Judith Kappenberg
Chrstine & Matt Karpan
Anna Karsin
Jerome Karzen
Julian Kasberg
page 19
Gabriele Kasper
Patricia Kassis
Lloyd Katekawa
Albert Katsuyama
Kathleen Katt
Julia Katz
Kaipo & Crystella Kauka
Patricia Kawa’a
Jeslyn Kawabata
Rosemary & Tom Kawamoto
Peter Kawamura
Diane & Clifford Kawana
Sarah Kay & Elena Gomes
Kay Kaye
Judith Kearney
Ken Keast
Sterling Keeley
Cathleen Keene
Linde Keil
Kate Keilman
Hilary Keith
Judith Keith
Gill & Kallie Keith-Agaran
Michael Kellar
Cyndi Keller
Carol Kellett
Petra Kelliher
Irene Kelly
Melanie Kelly
Shawn Kelly
Tracey Kelly
Margie Kelm
Ann Kelminski
Libby Tao Kelson-Fulcher
Ria Keltz-Remenar
David Kemble
Jamilee Kempton
Alex & Stephanie Kendrick
Dale Kennedy
Nancy Kern
Jayne & Thomas Kerns
Gina Bacon Kerr
Keoki Kerr
D’Arcy Kerrigan
Lara Kertesz
Lynda Kerwin
Carol Kesler
Ken Kessler & Rebecca Andrew
Sean Kettley
Petra Keuning
Alma Khan
Nancy Kickertz
Edmund & Cheryl Kido
Meredith Kiefer
Richard Kiefer
Maureen Kiehm
Erik Kiesz
Hannah Kihalani-Springer
Katie Killebrew
Valerie Kim & Gerry Weldon
David Kim
Joe Kim
John Kim
Peter Kim
River Kim
Carolyn Kimball
Karen Kimbrell
Atomman Kimm
Mark Kimoto
Amy Kimura
Jennifer Kimura
Laurel King & Tomoko Iwai
William & Joann King
Amy King
Anne King
Liz King
Gregg Kinkley
Philip Kinnicutt
Erin Kinnney
Aileen Kinoshita
Frances Kinslow
Ken & Deborah Kirchner
Martin Kirk
James & Deborah Kirkendall
Markus Kissler-Patig
Hans Georg & Leslie Kissner
Robert & Valerie Kiste
Brian & Nan Kitagawa
Daniella Kittinger
Therese Klaty
Jeff Klein & Ruby Edwards
Robert Klein
Kathleen Klett
Jena Kline
Lesley Kline
Robert Klotz
Lester & Gretchen Klungness
Wiley Knight
Graham Knopp
Zaheva Knowles
John Knox & Mary Alice Evans
David Knox & Beverly Hoversland
Mark Knox
Denn Ko
Diane Ko
Phyllis Ko
Tomi Kobara
Joanna Kobayashi
Leslie Kobayashi
Paul & Marie Kodama
Valerie Koenig
Karin Koga
Jennifer Kogan
Robert Kohn
Chad Koide
Mike Kojima
Tom Kolbe
John Kolivas
Laurence Kolonel
April Komenaka Scazzola
Vicky & John Kometani
Denise & Abel Konan
Christine Kornet
Rick Kornowski
Kris Kosa-Correia & Ed Correia
Kathryn Koshi
Karin Kosoc
Catherine & Mataichi Kosora
Elaine & Emilie Kottenmeier
Judy Kovell
Beth Ann Kozlovich
Carol Kozlovich
Mercy Kraft
Karla Kral
Sandra Kramer
Thelma Kramer
Douglas Kreider
Chip Kreisman
Delafield Kribben
Robin Krieger
Sankaran Krishna
Joni Kroll
Heidi & Miles Kubo
Peter Kubota
Thomas Kuczmarski
Trina Kudlacek & Robert Jedicke
Karen Kudlo
Debbie Kudo
Kathy Kuharski
Ben Kulia
Russell & Clara Kumabe
Perry Kunin
Ryosuke & Adel Ann Kunisawa
Clay Kurisaki
Leslie Kurisaki
Douglas Kurth
Barbara Kush
Lynne Kushiyama
Alan Kusunoki
Lionel Kutner
Maiju Kutty
Julia Kwan
Deane Kysar
Rosemary Kyte
Johnny Lacewell
Ronny LaChappelle
Leslie Laird
John Lakatos & Patricia
Thomas & Lynn Lalakea
Elizabeth Lam
Jay & Patricia Lambert
Joan Lamont
Evelyn Lance
Cynthia Landes
Deborah Lang
Doris Lang
Leslie Lang
Pierre & Yasuko Langeron
Abigail Langlas
Juliet Langley
Christine Lanning
Matt Lannis
Robert Lanser, Jr.
Martha Lanzas
Louise King Lanzilotti
Joan Larcom
Joyce Larkin
Ruth Larkin
Stuart & Stephanie Larman
Marilyn Kay Larsen
Don & Mary Lashway
Peter Lasich
Eliza Lathrop
Ronald M.K. & Rebecca Lau
Cori Anne Lau
Lansdale Lau
Geoff & Suzy Lauer
Stan Lavine
Teresa Law
John Lawrence
Jason Lazzerini
Thao Le
Larry & Judy Le Doux
Loic Le Marchand
Michael & Susan Leach
Schel Leatherman
Terese Leber
Neal Lebsack
George & Grace Lee
Edson Lee
Erin O’Donnell Lee
Gretchen Lee
Lillian Lee
May Lee
Novie Lee
Van Lee
Wesley Lee
Joyce Lee-Ibarra
Linda Legrande
Mike Leidemann
Scott Leister
Scott Leitner
Tom Leland & Jean Adair-Leland
Gerald Lelesch
Paul Lemcke & Kumiko Naiki
Ruth Lenney
Ann Lentz
Anthony & Joan Lenzer
Alex & Lucy Leonard
Nalani & Ray Leonard
Lincoln Leong
Marian Leong
Sisi Leong
Marta Lepes
Mark Leroy
Michelle Lesperance
Linda Leveen
Maury Levin
Debra Lewis & Doug Adams
Nancy Lewis & Mike Herb
Barbara Lewis
Leinaala Ley
Megan Libby
Linda Lierheimer
Noble Lieu
Bob Liljestrand
Kristina Lilleeng
Carmille Lim
Deborah Lim
Vincent Linares
Dennis & Judy Lind
Janice Lind
Rob Linden
Daniel Lindsay & Susan O’Neill
Robert & Kathy Lindsey
Holly Lindstrom
Marcia Linville
Oakley Lipp
Julian Lipsher
Barbara Gandin Littenberg
Bernice & Robert Littman
Robin Liu
Lindsay Livengood
Clifford Livermore
Jeff Livingston
Clark & Beverly Llewellyn
Juliana Lo
Judy Locke
Jack & Nancy Lockwood
Andrew Lockwood
Leanne Logan
Paul Logan
Wayne Longos
Russell & Binh Loo
Jun Look
Phyllis S.K. Look
Adriana Loomis
Jonathan Loomis
Glenda Kay Lopa
Alphonso Lopez
Linh Lopez
Mai Lopez
Maria Lopez Haney
Matthew & Julia Lopresti
Tony Lorenzo
Nikom Los Banos
page 20
Naomi Losch
Gayle Lovinger
Emily Low
Brenda Lowrey
Lloyd Lowry & Kathy Frost
John Lozier
Daniel Lucey
David Luedtke
Petra Lueg
Marilyn Lufkin
Donna Lum & Larry Abbott
Ann Lum
Burt Lum
Wilbur Luna
Laura Lunchick
Pamela Lundquist
Debra Luning
Charles Lunson
Alice Lunt
Rebecca Luria
Amy Lutey
Catherine Luthe
Christopher & Maria Lutz
Helen Luuwai
Dennis Lynch
Sheryl Lynch
Jonathon Lyon
Dorothy Macdonald
Robert Mace
Dale & Victoria Machado
Suzanne & Marc Machbitz
Mireille Machu
Grant Mack
Prakash Mackay
Joanna Mackin
Maureen MacLeod
Jan MacMillan
Mary Macmillan
Neal & Leilani MacPherson
Teresa Madden
Conred Maddox, Jr.
Kathleen Maddux
Gail & Gerry Madie
Lois Maemori
Jarrett Maeshiro
MaryLou Magno
Robynne Maii
Donald Mair & Joan Yanagihara
Michael Makino
Donna Makishima
Jimi Ray Mallary
Paula Maloney
Bryan Man
Prana Mandoe
Alan Manibog
Mark Manley
Christopher & Cindy Mann
Jane & Steve Mann
B. Allen Mann
James & Carole Manuwa
Mary Marasovich
Kenneth & Gail Marcus
Beatrice Marcus
Mark & Erin Maretzki
Ronnie Margolis
Suzanne Marinelli
Jodi Markhart
Marilyn Markley
Deanna Marks
Suzette Marlowe
Keith Marrack
Jessie Marshall
Teri Marshall
Joseph Martin
Rick Martin
Anna Martinez
Greg Martino
JoAnn Maruoka
Nancy Masaki Hathaway
Reginald Masan
Kevin Masciadrelli
Andrew & Janet Mason
Karen Mason & John Sibert
Miles Mason
Pat Masters
Deborah Masterson
Thomas Mastin
J.J. & Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Rob & Susi Mastroianni
Anne & Ray Matasci
Michael Mathes & Hayley
James Mathews
Gerald Mathias
Mary Matis
Chris Matser
Gale Matsumoto
Kerry Matsumoto
Juliet Matsumura
Patsy Matsunaga
Ann Matsunami
Susan & Paul Matsushima
Marvin & Barbara Matthews
Fia Mattice
Nainoa Mau
Carla Mauri
Ethel Maxson
Paul Maxwell
Patricia Mayer
D. E. Maynard
Wendie McAllaster
Elaine McArthur
Joyce McCarthy
Candace McCaslin
David McCauley
Richard McCauley
Dorien McClellan
Makana McClellan
Judy McCorkle & Tom Reed
Dorothy McCorriston
Vanessa McCowan
Jim & Pam McCoy
Mac McCoy
Lynn McCrory
David McCulloch
Elizabeth McCutcheon
Heather McDaniel
John & Sarah McDermott
Patrick Mcdermott
Candice McDevitt
Licia McDonald
Kendra McDonough
Lillian Cunningham & Bruce
BS McEwen
Lynn & Gary McFarlane
Lindsey McGill
Janice McGrath
Marti McGurk
Julie McIntyre
Anne McKay
Madeleine McKay
Brian McKenna
Wendy McLain
Daniel McLaughlin
Paul & Lana McMahon
Michael McMahon
Sharron & Martin McMorrow
David McMurray
Patrick McNally
Sharon McPhee
Madalyn McWhite-Lamson
Kimble Mead
Erin Medeiros
Jonathan Medeiros
Williet Medeiros
Stephen Meder
Paul Medina
Denis Mee-Lee
Paul & Janis Meierdiercks
Fabienne Melchioar
Jan Meli
John & Marion Melish
Pali Mench
Debra Mendes
Pamela Menter
Annie Meredith Mitchell
Grant & Arlene Merritt
Arthur Mersereau & Marian
Paula & William Merwin
Don Merwin
Wendy Kim & Victor Messier
Heather Metzler
Anderson Meyer
James Meyer
Victor & Pat Meyers
Nancy Michel
Roxy Mico
Robin Midkiff
Fred Mikawa
Jackie Mild-Lau & Rodney Lau
Paul Miles
Priscilla Millen
Anne & Charles Rod Miller
Britann Miller
Charles Miller
Jacquelin Miller
John Miller, Jr.
Joline Miller
Karen Miller
Meredith Miller
Nicola Miller
Richard Miller
Sandra Miller
Susan Miller
Wilford Miller
Heide Miller-Pakvasa & Sandip
Weslie Mills
Maiana Minahal
Dayna Minatodani
Lorraine Minatoshi
Claton & Jodi Mine
Makia Minerbi
Keith Minn
Lea Minton
Bennette Misalucha
Gregory & Iris Mishima
Victoria Missien & Ethan Souza
Rebecca Mitchel
Randall & Leigh Mitchell
Steven Mitchell
Teri Mitchell
Amy Mitsuda
Lynne Miura
Jill Miyamura
Carrie Miyasato
David & Mernal Miyasato-Crawford
Jean Miyashiro
Ryan Miyashiro
Sharyn Lea Miyashiro
Barry Mizuno
Katherine Mobley
Paula Mochida
Marsha Mochizuki
Robert Moeller
Carolyn Mohn
Constance & Gary Monell
Stacey Moniz
Mecca Monson-Gere
Hugh & Kaulana Montgomery
Mike & Mary Moody
William & Candace Moore
Carleton Moore
Dawn Moore
Karen Moore
Ken Moore
Patrick Moore
Philip Moore
Robert Moore
Willis H.A. Moore
Michelle Morales
Lacy & Phill Moran
Stephanie Morem
Paul & Barbara Morgan
Frank Morgan
Jeffrey Morgan
Martha Morgan
Nancy Morgan
Paul Morgan
Sally Morgan
Noel Morin & Stephanie Hall-Morin
Burt & Laura Moritz
Ann Moriyasu
Jeffrey C. Morrell & Family
Larry Morris
Richard Morris
Barry Morrison & Elisa Johnston
Rebecca Morrison
Skye Morrison
Henry Morrow
Marcia Morse
Margaret Mortz
Darryl Moses
Donna Mosher
Paul Mospens
Mary Mowdy
Phillip Mowrey
George & Lei-Jayne Moy
Laura Moye
Marjorie Mrasek
Leslie Mullens
Sayoko Kay Mura
Joseph & Joy Murakami
Mark & Lynn Murakami
David & Grace Murata
Richard & Lynn Murison
Johnnie Murphy & Susan Brown
Thelma & Ted Murphy
Anne Murphy
Leah Murphy
Marjorie Murphy
Richard Murray
Connie Muse
Dr. J. N. Musto
Patrick Myer
page 21
Janine Myers
Maya Myers
Paki Myers
Paula Myers
Robert Myint
Nicolas & Carol Myrianthis
Chifumi Nagai & Michael Weitzenhoff
John Nagamine
Richard & Carol Nagano
Miles Nagata
Ann Nagel
Jack Naiditch
Rick & Carol Naish
Kristin Nakagawa
Marcia Nakama
Theta Nakamura
Trisha Nakamura
Ann Nakao
Rick Nakashima
Karen Nakasone
James Nakata
Eric Nakayama
Kaila Narimasu
Joseph & Patricia Narrowe
Sarah & Corbett Nash
Michael Nassir
Richard & Ingrid Natzke
Patrick Naughton
Noreen Naughton-Nash
Judy Neale
Lloyd Nebres
Deborah Nehmad
Peter Neifert
Scott Neish
Elizabeth Nelson
Tracy Nelson
Violet Nelson
Betty Neogy
Jonathan Nery
Thomas Nesser
D. Neubauer & K. Sakuma-Neubauer
George Neubauer
Miriam Neuman
William Neumann
Colleen Nevins
Leslie Newall
Audrey Newman & Bill Garnett
Larry Newman
Barbara Newton
Eugenia Ng
Mildred Ng
Marisa Nguyen
Jon Nicholson
Barbara Nickerson
Rosemay Niide
Mary Nilges
Natalie Nimmer
Eileen Nims
Clarence Nishihara
Edna & Clifford Nishimura
Hee No
Marlene Noble
Wade Nobuhara
Milton Nodacker
Dennis & Jane Noe
Jimmie Ann Noell
Puakea Nogelmeier
Mark & Paula Nokes
David & Sherry Nolte
Shirley Nordyke
Philip Blair & Kim Norris
Robert & Anne Notley
Dana Nottage
Stephen Nottingham
Stephen Novak
Ed Nugent
Jim & Julie Nurre
Dolores Oakes
Julia Oaten
Kanani Oberholzer
Mary O’Connor
Tim O’Connor
Caroline & Francis Oda
Sandra Oda
Friend of HPR
Karen Offerdahl
David Ogata
Joanne Ogata
Lenore Ogawa
Wendy Ogawa
Cherrie & Greg Ogin
Amber Ohai
Terry Ohalloran
Kathy Ohara & Tom Hammond
Kazuo Joseph Oishi
Christine Okamoto
Joyce Okano
Wallace & Micheline Okazaki
June O’Keeffe Sebring
Michael & Evelyn Okihiro
David & Courtney Okumura
Kenneth Okumura
Neil Okuna
Timothy & Susan Oldfather
Melanie Oldfather
Anthony & Frances Oliver
Robert Olson
Gail Olson-Smith & Terry Smith
Lurana O’Malley
Joseph O’Mealy
Linda Mae Onomoto
Michael Ontkean
Steve Orenstein
Nancy Ornellas
Rick Ornellas
Cecilia Ortiz
Darrell & Mary Orwig
Bonnie Osaki
Gerrit Osborne
Gregory O’Shea
Margaret Oshiro
Mildred Oshiro
Tavia Oshiro
Anna O’Shiro
Libby Pulelehua Oshiyama
Jonathan & Mary Osorio
Valerie Ossipoff
Mary Osswald
Beverly O’Sullivan
Norman Ota
Mark Oto
Laurie Otto
Eddy Oumi
Catherine Overstreet
Hadley Owen
Cynthia & Robert Pacheco
Sheila Pactol
Kehaulani Padilla
Jimmy Pae
David & Sylvia Pager
Emily Pagliaro
Glenn & Glenda Paige
Gwen & Kris Palagi
Warren Paley
Melani Palmer & Jack Hamilton
Karlee Palms
Joan Pan
Sue Pantano-Saldana
Marilyn Paradiso
Bill Paris
Helen Paris
Mealani Parish
Betsy Park
J O Park
Alice Parker
Ashley Parks
Genevieve Parks
Gene & Shirley Parola
Jonathan Parrish
Ireneo Pasamba
Neil & Mary Pateman
David & Maria Patten
Wanda Patterson
Lesley Patton
Scott Paul
Jay Paul-Paz
John Payne, Jr
Michael Pecsok
Peter Pedro
Jay & Teya Penniman
Louie Penolfo
Jessica Pentland
Eileen Peppard
Elly Pepper
Charles Perez
Jessica Perez-Mesa
Eleanor Pernell
Matthew & Luana Perry
Francis Perry
Gloria Perry
Rhonda Perry
Steve Perry
Bonnie Lisa Pestana
Dennis & Chandra Peters
Ann Peters
Daniel Peters
Elizabeth Peters
Alan & Martha Peterson
Richard & Lynne Peterson
Ann Peterson
Debra Peterson
Dan Petrill
Jeremy Pettet
Nancy Pettiford, Jr.
Eileen Peyton
Cassandra Phillips
Eileen Phillips
Sandra Pickard
Julie Piedra-Gugierrez
Brian & Cynthia Pien
Helen Pierce
James Pierce
Lawrence Pierce
Eric & Claudia Pilger
Josephine Piltz
Francis Pimmel
Richard Piper
Andreas & Jacqui Pirl
Calvin Pitman
Kara Plamann-Wagoner
Regina Plarisan
Mary Plaunt
Barbra Pleadwell & Jayson Harper
Phyllis & Mike Podolske
Kayleen Polichetti
Norman Polk & Sharon Connolly
Aaron Poll
Lois Pollock
Richard & Christina Polston
Dina Poma-Barnes
Jim & Angela Poorbaugh
Colin Porner
Brad Porter
Jeanne Porter
Rick Porter
Robert Porter
Sarah Porter
William Porter
Bernard & Rachel Portner
Toby Portner
Sol Posner
Verna Post
Francis & Larma Pottenger
J. William Potter, Jr.
Barbara & Lee Potts
Michele Potts
MacKenzie Potvin
Sharon Power
Theresa Prater
John & Lani Pratt
Richard Pratt & Debra
Diane Praywell
Duane & Sarah Preble
Frank Price
Melissa Price
Steven Prieto
Marci Prins
James & Kathleen Proctor
Jessica Proffitt
Michael & Linda Proud
Jip & Jo Pruden
William Pruyn
Garnett Puett
Anne Pulfrey
Lynn & Larry Pullen
Greg Puppione
Stephen Purcell
David & Priscilla Purington
Louise Puuohau
Peter Quackenbush
Dana Quealy
Sadiqa Queen
Jerry & Terry Quimby
Brian Quinn & May Okihiro
Greg Quinn
Christine Quintana
Melanie Quintana
June Rabago
Chuck & Claudia Racine
Harvey & Lynne Rackmil
Christopher Radovich
Sarita Rai
Uta Rainalter
Jane Raissle
Ambika Ramamurthy
Lynette Ramirez
Rolando Ramos
Richard Rapson
Sarah Rasca
Cindy Rasmussen
Greg Ravizza & Kathleen Ruttenberg
Sheryl & William Rawson
Katherine Ray
Marcia Ray
Richard & Deborah Reed
page 22
Joyce Reed
JP Reed
Don & Henrietta Reeser
Paul Reeser
Nicole Reid
Ron Reilly & Roberta Baker
Brian Reimer
Anne Reiners
Russell Reinertson
Al & Maggie Remos
Paul Reppun
Marilyn Requena
Elizabeth Reveley
Agnes Reynolds
Samuel Rhoads
Bethany Ribble
Doug Rice & Christine Andrews
Elizabeth Rice
Joan Rich
Kelvin Richards
Patti Richards
Dave & Carolyn Richardson
Murney & Anita Richman
Brendan Rickerd & Laura Reed
Thomas Riddle
Cindy Ridgway
Ryuta Riecke
Richard & Elizabeth Riegels
Michael Riese
Alison Rieser
H. Ronald & Joan Riggs
Cecelia Jane Rigsby
Anne Rillero & Arnie Koss
Frank Rinciari
Camille Rios
Dylan Rist
Cecil Riter
Joseph Rivera & Sandra Barr
Courteney Rivera
Barry & Stella Rivers
David Roach
Norma Roath
Patricia Robb
Virginia Robb
Shaunagh Robbins
Mary Jo Robel
Stacey & Robert Roberts
Esther Roberts
Janet Roberts
Jill Roberts
Larry Roberts
Ian & Rene Robertson
Beverly Robertson
Joyce Robertson
Rumi Robertson
Robert & Eileen Robinson
Craig Robinson
Diane Robinson
Donna Robinson
Lyle Robinson
Michael Robinson
Ruth & Birch Robison
Carol-Len Robitaille
Pamela Robles
Rob Robnett
Susan Rocco
Helie Rock
Jo Ann Rockwell
Kevin Roddy
Paul Rodrick
Darlene Rodrigues
Patricia Roebuck
John Rogers & Eileen Gawrys
Nancy & Ray Rogers
Darlene Rogers
Sarah Rogers
Mark Rognstad & L. Olingy
Diego Roig
Donna Rolens
Melinda Rollo
Diane Roloson
Donald & Katheleen Romero
Cecelia Romero
Joyce Romero
Sabine Ronge
Page Ronning
Barry Root
Shawn Rose & Taj Carbrey
David Rose
Marcia Rose
Peter Rosegg
Richard Rosen
Sam Rosen
Kayla Rosenfeld
Norman Rosenfield
Stephanie Ross & Hugh Jenkins
Dale Ross
Sandy Rossi
Claude Rothe
Jana Rothenberg
Rachel Rounds
Richard & Judith Rovin
Alison Rowland-Ciszek
Johanette Rowley
Mary Roy
Susan Rubenstein & Andy Snobkler
Angela & Kevin Ruddell
Paul & Cari Rufo
Glenn Ruis
Denise Russell & Robert Boenig
Ann Russell
Mark Russell
William Russell
Nadean Rutledge
Jayne Ryan Kuroiwa
Barbara Ryder
Eric Sadoyama
Robin Sagadraca
Marlene Sai
Betsy Sakata
Kathi Saks
Gary Salenger
Jami Sales
Suze & Rod Salm
Eugene Salonga
Daniel Saltman
Deseree Salvatore
Todd Sammons
Eric Sanders
Susan Sanders
Robert & Mary Louise Sandla
Fredrick Sands
Maizie Sanford
Carol Santucci
Michael Sapp
Carol Sargeant
Holly Sargeant-Green
Sandy Sater
Herbert Sato
Leroy Sato
Michiko Sato
Terry Savage
Natalie Savio
Jane Sawyer
Dee Sawyers
Jan-Joy Sax & Fred Barnett
Sandra Scarr
Rosemary Scavuzzo
Ronald Schaeffer
Martha Schaffer
Ray Schaffer
Eric Schank
Sam Schank
Otis Schaper
Madeline Schatz
Edward & Katie Schell
Shirley & Russ Schick
Mariette Schiff
Hugo Schildhauer
James Schlosser
George Schmelzer
William & Janice Schmidt
Judy Schmidt
Robert Schmidt
Randall Schmitt
Niklas & Sharon Schneider
Sarah Schoberg
Walter Schoettle
Susan Schofield
Wendy Schofield-Ching
Jane Schoonmaker
Jean Schrader
Phillip Schrager
Jeffrey Schulberg
Jackie Schuld
Kathy Schulmeister
Greg Schultz
Michael Schultz
Pamela Schulz
Judy Schuman
Rachel Schutz & Jonathan Korth
Kyla & Doc Schwartz
Dave Scondras
April Scott
Barbara Scott
Erika Engle Scott
Leo Scott
Stuart Scott
Patricia Scullary
Alimar & Mirnah Sears
Cynthia See
Stefano Segre & Francesca Larue
Vija Sehgal
Alana Seibert-Hatalsky
Maria Seinitz
Karen Sender
Dean Sensui
Everett Senter
Betty Sestak
Tammy Setterland
Eric Severseike
Brian Sevy
Lisa Seymour
Joseph Shacat
Steve Shaffer
David & Susan Shanahan
Sarah Shanahan
Donna Shanefelter
Alexis Shanks
Michael Shapiro
John & Janet Sharp
Carla Sharp
Delbert Shaw
Nancy Shaw
Tom & Cynthia Shea
Michael & Michele Sheehan
John Shen
Diane Shepherd
Karen Sherman
Ekaterina Sherstyuk
Michael Shewmaker
Alexandra Shibata
Lydia Shigekane
Sharon Shigemasa
Tyra Shimabuku
Rodney Shimabukuro
Stacey Shimabukuro
Esther & Donna Shimazu
Melissa Shimonishi
Susan Shingle
Lei Shinoda
Ann Shinsato
Charlotte Shintaku
Kinau Shipman
Edward Shipwright
Chanel Shiraishi
Naomi Shiroma
Anna Mae Shishido
Daniel Shiu
Rita Shockley
Carrie Shoda-Sutherland & Duncan
Sheryl Shohet
Leigh Sholler
Jack Shoot
Kasandra Shriver
Lee William Sichter
Gerald & Carole Siegel
Alexandra Siegrist
Jane Sieverts
Eric & Camille Sigmund
Alicia Signaigo
Brandon Silva
Noenoe Silva
Alex Silver
Madeleine Silverman & Dale Jensen
Liza Simon
Loke Simon
Jaime Simpson & Aito Steele
Marilyn Simpson
George & Marguerite Simson
Gwen Sinclair & Steve Pickering
Roger & Anne Sing
Jacqueline Sing
Paul Singer
Raymond Siu
Mark Skinner
Kimberly Skog
Clifford & Rosalie Slater
Geoffrey Slater
Leigh Slattery
Hannah Slovin
Cecelia & Robert Smith
Christopher & Marjorie Smith
Frank & Laura Smith
Stephen & Jacqueline Smith
Ann Smith
Cameron Smith
Daniel Smith
Erin Smith
George Smith
Marilyn Smith
Robyn Smith
Ruth A Smith (Waikoloa)
Ruth Smith (Pukalani)
Stephen Smith
Anne Smoke
page 23
Kiyomi Smothermon
Joan Smoyer
Sonya Smyk
Richard Smylie
David Sneed & Anna Elento-Sneed
Sharon Snow
Janet Snyder & Arthur Roberts
Andrea & Robert Snyder
Maria Snyder
Judy Sobin
Karla Sochi
Pam Soderberg
Matthew & Jennifer Sojot
Jean Solomon
Bronwen & C. Garrett Solyom
Richard Sommery-Gade & Nancy
Sharon Soper
Joan Sorbets
Julie Sorenson
Mayela Sosa
Jose Sotomayor
Jeannine & Jesse Souki
Amparo Souza
Wanda Sowell
David & Teena Spafford
Kathleen Spalding
Nicole Spalding
Bruce Spear
Karen Spellmeyer
Ashley Spencer
Nan Spencer
Dale Spenner
Edwyna Spiegel
Bud Spindt
Teresa Spinola-Campbel
Thomas Spring
Timothy Sprowls
Sierra Spruce
George St John
Arthur & Carolyn Staats
Paul & Marilyn Stader
Martha Staff
Geoffrey Stafford
Sharon Stahl
John Stallman
Valerie Ann Standing
Sarah & David Stanford
Sandra Stangler
Carolyn Stanton
Colby Stanton
Thomas Stanton
Hal Staples
John & Barbara Stark
Guy Steele
Krish Stefanelli
Ann Stegmaier
Barbara Stehouwer
Shawn Steiman & Julie Wieting
Patrick & Namji Steinemann
Jonathan Steiner
William Stempel
Judy Stenger
Gary Stephens
Judith Sterling & Leslie Wilson
Ann Stern
Ann Stern
Barbara Sterne
Kathleen Stevens
D. Kent Stewart
Lisa Stewart
Eben Stiefel
Carol Stimson
Muriel Stitt
Donald Stoddard
Dayna Stoker
Sandra Stokes
Allan & Beth Stone
Bill & Trudy Stone
Elizabeth & Peter Stone
Joni & John Stone
Ruth & Jason Stone
David Stone
Robert Stoner & Nobuko Miyake
Sandra & Earl Stoner
Leslie Stoops
Debbie & David Story
David & Karen Stoutemyer
Dave Strang
Larry Stratton
Linda Stringer
Erika Stuart
Marga Stubblefield
Anne Sturgis
Sherrill J. P. Sturm
John & Greer Sucke
Ann Sueoka
Margaret Sueoka
Cynthia Sugden
Mary Sullivan
Tom Sunae
Jean Sunderland
Carol Surban
Krisna Suryanata & Keith Mattson
Christopher & Irene Sutherland
Doug Sutherland
June Sutterfield
Jeff Sutton
Dawn Suyenaga & Alec Dinsmore
Yokichi Suzuki
Margaret Swall
Donald Swanson & Barbara White
Robyn Sweesy
John Swim
Valerie Swink
Sharene Taba
Kerry Taggart & Steve Mobley
Jason Taglianetti
Muriel Taira & Burt Lau
Deborah Taira
David & Lee Takagi
Talbert & Margaret Takahama
Sandra Takahashi
Tracy Takano
June Takayama
Eileen Takayesu
Ellen Takazawa
Ken & Esther Takemoto
Amy Takemoto
Joanne Takeuchi
Diane Tamane
Andrew Tamasese
Shari Tamashiro
Bev & Randy Tanaka
Dan Tanaka
Janice Tanaka
Wayne Tanaka
Elizabeth Tang
Noe Tanigawa
Jean Tanimoto
Ellen Tanoura
Ross Taosaka
Stephanie Tapia
John & Shari Ann Tapper
Chelsea Tarnas
Gary Tasaka
Juliette Taura
Dan Taylor
Heather Taylor
L. David Taylor
Marsha Taylor
Denyse Temple
Ty Tengan
Lori Tenn
Ann Teranishi
Michael Tereschuk
Tom Teson
Joanne Tetsutani
Bryce Thayer
Thomas Thayer
Shane Theriault
Eric Therrio
Sandra Theunick
Greg & Carolyn Thibault
Susie Thieman
Brooks Thomas
Chris Thomas
Nancy Thomas
William Thomas
Pete & Sylvia Thompson
Richard & Johanna Thompson
Kathryn Thompson
Shirley Thompson
Stephanie Thompson
Susan Thompson Lohse
Jean Thoulag
Jennifer Tiboris
Dominic Tidmarsh
Julia Tiedra
Karen Tiller & Mark Polivka
Cynthia Timberlake
Axel Timmermann
Leah Tinkleman
Michael Titterton
Carly Tobias
Laurie Tochiki
Howard & Lei Tocman
Lois Toevs & Charles Grigsby
Bonnie Tokita
Patricia & Michael Tokunaga
Kate Tolentino
Q.Z. Tom
Robert Tom
Sonya Toma
Paul & Libby Tomar
Vien That & Kimthu Ton
Kelley Toor
Sunshine & Miles Topping
Mary Townsley-Ross
Julie Toy
Buddy Toyama & Caryl Lindamood
Fay Toyama
Christine Trecker
Eileen Tredway
Gregory Trifonovitch
Kristin Trout
Kelly Tryce
Kathy Tschappat & Mark Luppino
Daniel & Stephen Tschudi
Pearl Tsuji
Sharon Tsuji
Sandra Tsukiyama
Tim Tsukiyama
Edward & Leslie Tucker
Larry & Anne Tucker
Michelle & Marjorie Tui
Catherine L. Tungpalan
Brian & Helen Turano
Richard Turchi
Greg Turnbull
William Turner
Amanda Turowski
Cindy & Jim Turse
Lisen Twigg-Smith
Dennis Tynan
Rochelle Uchibori
Norman Uchida
Patrick Uchigakiuchi
Linda & Danny Uehara
Mary Ueki
Ruth Uemura
Beverly & Jeff Uhr
Curran Uno
Christine Urban
Colleen Uyechi
Sharon Uyeno
Alex & Sally Uyeshiro
Patrick & Gail Uza
Katherine Vail
Richard & Karen Valasek
Adrienne Valdez
Stephen Valentin
Susan Valentine
Todd Van Amburgh
Diane Van Dyke
Alan Van Etten
Mark Van Heukelem
W. Douglas Van Loan
Diane & Joe Van Ryzin
Robert Van Sluis
Ginger Van Vleet & Mike Singer
Jeanie Vance
Timothy Vandeveer
Don Varni
Carl Vasconcellos
Luca Vassalli
David & Frances Vaughan
Jacob Verkerke
Seeske Versluys
Charlotte Vick
Karen Victor
Robyn Vierra
Anna Viggiano
Susan Vigil
Leona Vik
Judy & Dale Vincent
Jeane Vinson
Anne Virnig
John Vodehnal
Alan Vogt
Carine Volaric
Hazel Wada
Jim & Cindy Waddington
Billie Wade
Martyn Wade
Duke & Deborah Wagner
R. Mark & Leilani Wagner
Jason Wagner
Marlenajon Waihee Stafford
Wesley Wakai
Jacqueline Walden
Janis Walholm
Katherine Walholm
Norman & Terry Walker
Charlene Walker
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James Walker
Mark Walker
Ro Walker
Youlanda Walker
Jeff & Claudia Wallace
Jack Wallace
Pamela Wallace
Robert Walls
Thomas & Maile Walsh
Lisa Walsh
Robyn Walters
Ming-Li Wang
Pamela Wang
Sheri Wang
Jolie Wanger
Randall Wappler
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Carole Ward
Deborah Ward
Lorraine Ward
Jay & Laura Warner
Jennifer Warren
Mike & Deborah Washofsky
Craig Washofsky
Spencer Washom
Veronica Wassill
Wayne Watkins & Helen Felsing
Edward Watson
John Watson
Julie Watson
Puanani Watson
William Watts
Pam Weaver
Denise Webb
Garrett Webb
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Susan Wehren
Diana Wehrly
Robert & Joan Wehrman
Paul Weidig
Jessie Weinberger
Christopher Weininger
Carol & Donald Weir
Nina Weiser
Monique & Gary Weisman
Roger & Lydia Weiss
Rike Weiss
Joan Weisskopf
Fumiko Wellington
Drake Wells
Sandra Wells
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Arturo Wesley
Carol West
Herb Wheatman
Jill Wheatman
Curtis Wheeler
Yvonne Wheeler
Anne Wheelock
Susan Whitacre
William White & Stephanie
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Logan & Melissa White
Jeff White
John A White (Honolulu)
John W White (Hale‘iwa)
Judith White
Rose White
Amber Whitehead
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Roger & Claudia Whitlock
Katy Whitman
Tanya Whitner
Cindy Whittemore
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Robert & Molly Wilkinson
Gary Wilkinson
Jill & Mike Williams
D. J. Williams
Elaine Williams
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Robin Williams
Gailynn Williamson & Mark
GROUPS (2014)
It takes a village to mount a semi-annual pledge
drive! Numerous businesses and individuals
provide special premium gifts that keep the
drive exciting. Dozens of caterers keep our
tireless “troops” fed and happy. And before,
during, and after the drive itself, we bask in
the generosity of hundreds of volunteers who
give of their time to staff the phone banks and
process membership paperwork and mailings.
Mahalo to this ‘ohana of in-kind contributors,
many who have returned year after year to join
in the community celebration that is an HPR
pledge drive.
George Willoughby
Thomas Wills
Lee Wilson
Linda Wilson
Ron Wilson
Ruth Wilson
Robert Wilt
Barry Winfield
Ashley Winkler
Heidi Winkler
Deborah Winter
Elizabeth Winternitz-Russell
Beverly Withington
Lana Wold
Alfred Wolf
Carlynn Wolfe
Keith Wolter
Rachael Wong & Bradley Chun
Lisa & Warren Wong
Livingston & Linda Wong
Michael & Terrina Wong
Jeremy Wong
Laureen Wong
Lorraine Wong
Nathan A. K. Wong
Ronald Wong
Susan Wong
Greg & Julie Wood
James Wood
Melinda Wood
Patricia Wood
Rick & Kanaka Woodford
Rebecca Woodland
Terry Woody
Jason Worchel
David Worth
David Worthen
Sharon Worthington
Irobela Wreagh
Dick Wright & Liedeke Bulder
Tricia Wright & Eric Olson
Mitch & Suzanne Wright
Gary Yamamoto
Traci & Bob Yamamura
Sharon Yamaoka
Rhea Yamashiro
Milton & Elaine Yamashita
Kenneth Yamashita
Erica Yamauchi
Sally & Carl Yanagawa
3660 On The Rise
AARP Hawaii
Abstract Magazine
Wanda Adams
Agnes Portuguese Bake Shop
AIA Honolulu
Alaska Airlines
Aloha Petroleum
ALS Association of Hawaii
American Savings Bank
Amuse Wine Bar at Honolulu Design Center
Animal Clinic of Honolulu
Art & Flea
Ashford & Wriston
Assets School
Baci Bistro
Von Baron
Blees Piano Tuning
Blue Planet
Booz Allen Hamilton
Melanie Yang
Brian & Eloise Yano
Helen Yap
Akiko Yazawa
Stephen Yeaton
Nick Yee
Valerie Yee
Chiachen Yeh
Jacques Yerby
Juliette Yip
Kris Yoakum
Sigrid Yoakum
Sharon Yokote
Veronica Yonehiro
Beth Yos
Jill & Tony Yoshicedo
Laura Yoshida
Saeko Yoshida
Raymond Yoshimura
Joy Yoshina
Shana Yoshinaga
Judith Yoshioka
Myonghee Yoshioka
Colin Yost
Bruce & Virginia Young
Alan Young
George Young
Johnnie Young
Lockwood S. J. Young
Nancy Young
Terrence Young
Zuojun Yu
Elarka Yuen
JoAnn Yukimura
Bob & Carol Yurth
Clarence Zamora
William Zanella
Paul Zarate
Wendy Zarella
Debra Zedalis
David & MaryAnn Zevenbergen
Sharon Ziegler & Charles Chong
Joseph Zilliox & Margaret Camacho
Jack Zimmerman
Stuart Zinner
Eileen Zorc & Travis Hong
Dorann Zuke
Ira & Gemma Alia Zunin
Daniel Zurbriggen & Karen Nielsen
Rupert Boyd
Brasserie Du Vin
Brazil Hawai‘i Business Connection
Cactus Bistro
Café Julia @ YWCA
Camille’s Meals
Chai’s Island Bistro
Chamber Music Hawaii
Chef Chai at the Pacifica
Chef Mavro
Chevron Energy Solutions of Hawaii
Allana Coffee
Coffee Consulting
Stuart Coleman
Common Cause Hawai‘i
Don Conover
Da Spot Health Foods & Juices
The Daughters of Hawai‘i
Daylight Mind Coffee Company
page 25
Donna’s Detours
Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art
Doris Duke Theatre
Each One Teach One Farms
Early Music Hawaii
Energy Industries
Solomon Enos
EuroCinema Hawai‘i
Evergreen by Debra
Fathom Events
Ferguson’s Irish Pub
Fleetwood’s on Front Street
Foodscapes Hawaii
Fresh Café
Steve Geimer
Global Caravan
Grand Wailea Resort
Green Path Technologies
Greens & Vines Restaurant
Gyotaku Japanese Restaurant
Hanahaouli School
Hawai‘i Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations
Hawaii Architectural Foundation
Hawai‘i Arts Alliance
Hawaii Bicycling League
Hawai‘i Book & Music Festival
Hawai‘i Business Magazine
Hawaii Chapter of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Hawai‘i Craftsmen
Hawai‘i Fashion Incubator
Hawaii Human Resources
Hawaii International Child
Hawaii International Film Festival
Hawai‘i Library Association
Hawaii Literacy
Hawai‘i Meals on Wheels
Hawaii Opera Theatre
Hawai‘i Pacific University Department of Marine
Hawai‘i Pacific University Music Department
Hawaii Pops
Hawaii Potters’ Guild
Hawaii Restaurant Association
Hawaii Society of Business Professionals
Hawai‘i Symphony Orchestra
Hawaii Theatre Center
Hawaii Theatre Center Education Programs
Hawaii Theatre Young Actors Ensemble
Hawai‘i Women in Filmmaking
Hawai‘i Women’s Legal Foundation
Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian Humane Society
Hawaiian Isles Tennis
Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site & Archives
Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame
Hawaiian Nougat Company
Healthcare Association of Hawaii
Ho‘omana Na Mele
Hōkūlani Bake Shop
Honolulu Academy of Arts Café
Honolulu Chamber Music Series
Honolulu Choral Society
Honolulu Classical Ballet
Honolulu Magazine
Honolulu Museum of Art
Honolulu Museum of Art Café
Honolulu Pen Women
Honolulu Rose Society
Honolulu Theatre for Youth
Honolulu Waldorf School
Honua Kai Resort & Spa
Hospice Hawai‘i
Hot Club of Hulaville
HPR Sustaining Members
HPR Volunteers
HPR Young Ambassadors
Hula Grill Waikiki
Il Gelato Hawaii
Imiloa Astronomy Center
Independent Order of Odd Fellows – Excelsior
Lodge #1
Ingredients Hawai‘i
Innovation Arts & Entertainment
Institute for Human Services
JJ Dolan’s
Juicies Inc.
Ka Leo O Hawai‘i
Kahilu Theatre
Kaiser Permanente
Kan Zaman
Kani Ka Pila Grille
Kapi‘olani Medical Center
Kiwanis Club of Kāne‘ohe
Kōkua Market Natural Foods
Kristin Jackson
Kua‘aina Ulu Au‘amo
Kupaa Farm
Le Bistro
League of Women Voters
Life Stream Hawai‘i
Lutheran Church of Honolulu
Madre Chocolate
Mala Tavern
Manoa Valley Theatre
Maoli Arts Alliance
Mas Design
Maui Arts & Cultural Center
Maui No Ka Oi Magazine
Maui Pops
Mauna Kea Beach Hotel
Madeleine McKay
Merriman’s Fish House at Po‘ipū
Merriman’s Restaurant at Kapalua
Merriman’s Restaurant at Kapalua Bay
Merriman’s Restaurant at Waimea
Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman at Ko‘olina
Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman at Wailea
Morton’s Steak House
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Murphy’s Bar & Grill
Musicians of the Hawai‘i Symphony Orchestra
Napoleon’s Bakery
Native Books / Na Mea Hawai‘i
Nico’s Pier 38 Restaurant & Fish Market
Nohea Gallery
Oahu Choral Society
Onda Pasta
Opterra Energy Services
Ian O’Sullivan
Outrigger Hotels & Resorts
Outrigger Reef on the Beach Hotel
Pacific Business News
Paiko Hawai‘i
Palikū Theatre
Jeff Peterson
Pilot Club of Honolulu
Polynesia Culture Center
Ponds Hilo Restaurant
Punahou Journalism Students
Returning Peace Corps Volunteers of Hawai‘i
Royal Hawaiian Center
Ruby Tuesday Hawaii
SAG/AFTRA Hawai‘i Chapter
SEEQS (School for Examining Essential Questions
of Sustainability)
David Sedaris
Esther Shimazu
Society of Professional Journalists
Soul de Cuba Café
St. Andrews Priory
Stage Restaurant at Honolulu Design Center
Studio 909
Surfrider Foundation
Sweet Revenge
Tango Contemporary Café
The ALS Ohana of Hawaii
The Arts at Mark’s Garage
The Awesome Foundation Oahu
The British Ohana
The Cab
The Cathedral of St. Andrew
The Liljestrand House
The Metropolitan Opera
The Nature Conservancy
The Still and Moving Center
Ti2 Designs
Toastman Inc
Tori Richard
Town Restaurant
Travasa Experiential Resort - Hana
T-Shirt Theatre
Turtle Bay Resort
University of Hawai‘i Bookstore
University of Hawai‘i Professional Assembly
University of Hawai‘i School of Architecture
Alumni Association
University of Hawai‘i School of Communications
Waikiki Aquarium
Fumiko Wellington
Waimea Williams
Whole Foods Market Kāhala
Whole Foods Market Kailua
Windward Choral Society
Windward Elks
Windward Friends of Hawai‘i
Windward Writer’s Group
Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing
Ayabe Chong Nishimoto Sia & Nakamura
Bays Lung Rose & Holma
Bronster Hoshibata
Chun Kerr LLP
Cox Fricke LLP
Davis Levin Livingston
Kawashima Waters & Lum, LLLC
Kessner Umebayashi Bain & Matsunaga
Kleintop Luria & Medeiros
Law Offices of Brook Hart
Law Offices of Ian L. Mattoch
Law Offices of Wayne Parsons
MacDonald Rudy Byrns O’Neill Yamauchi
Merchant Horovitz LLLC
Ning, Lilly & Jones
Roeca Luria Hiraoka LLP
Taylor Leong Chee
Mildred Tyson Charitable Foundation
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