March 22, 2015 Sacred Heart Catholic Church 425 North M Street

March 22, 2015
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
425 North M Street Lake Worth, Fl 33460
[email protected]
Phone: 561-582-4736
Fax: 561-588-5238
Fr. Quesnel Delvard
Ext. 208
Fr. Nobert Jean-Pierre
Parochial Vicar
Ext: 207
[email protected]
Deacon Gerard A. Palermo
[email protected]
Deacon Josh Swallows
[email protected]
Fr. Paul Nguyen
Priest In Residence
Parish Office Hours
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Weekend Mass Schedule
Saturday - 7:30 AM,
Vigil: 4:00 PM (English)
7:00 PM (Spanish)
Sunday - 7:30, 9:00, 11:00 AM
1:00 PM (Spanish)
3:00 PM (Creole)
Daily Masses
Monday - Friday
7:30 AM & 9:00 AM
Holy Days
Vigil: 7:00 PM (English)
7:30 & 9:00 AM (English)
7:00 PM (Creole)
8:30 PM (Spanish)
8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
6:30 PM - 7:00 PM (Spanish)
2:30 PM - 3:00 PM (Creole)
Our Mission Statement
We, the Roman Catholic family of Sacred Heart Church
in Lake Worth, empowered by the Word and the
Sacraments, are a welcoming, Christ-centered,
culturally diverse community. Together, we answer our
Christian calling to worship God, grow in holiness and
share our faith in Christ by loving and serving our
brothers and sisters.
A Word From Our Pastor
Monday, March 23, 2015
7:30 am - †Mari-Laure Carroll, by
Jim Carroll.
9:00 am - †Hank & Gloria Trofinoff,
by Charles & Catherine McCarthy.
Tuesday, March 24, 2015
7:30 am - †Rey Solages, by his wife.
9:00 am - †Joan & Sid Fissenden by
Wednesday, March 25, 2015
7:30 am - †John Jean, by Louis &
Dan O’Garman.
9:00 am - †Oderay Medina, by the
Smith & Medina families.
Thursday, March 26, 2015
7:30 am - †Maria, by Tam Xin.
9:00 am - †Bob Barattini and the
deceased members of the Barattini
family, by family.
Friday, March 27, 2015
7:30 am - †Lucien Alexandre, by
Marie Alexandre.
9:00 am - †Peter & Maria, by Kim
Saturday, March 28, 2015
7:30 am - †James McCarthy, by
4:00 pm - †Joyce Fields, by Connie
7:00 pm - Souls in Purgatory.
Sunday, March 29, 2015
7:30 am - Settimia Perilli & family,
by Iole Ciammetti.
9:00 am - †Carl, Marie & Mary
Palomba, by Carol Palomba.
11:00 am - Sacred Heart Parishioners.
1:00 pm - Sick Parishioners.
3:00 pm - In thanksgiving to the
Sacred Heart of Jesus, by Ginette
This is the fifth and last Sunday of Lent, just before we enter into the holiest week of the church’s calendar, Holy Week. We see Jesus proclaiming for
the first time that His hour has come. He is referring to His upcoming suffering and death. In so many instances in the gospels especially in the gospel of
John, we hear Jesus saying that His “hour has not yet come”. At the wedding
feast in Cana Jesus told His mother “my hour has not yet come (John 2:5);
when she told Him there was no wine. In another instance Jesus’ opponents
during a heated argument in the temple of Jerusalem wanted to arrest Him.
John tells us “So they tried to arrest him, but no one laid a hand upon him,
because his hour had not yet come” (John 7:30).
My brothers and sisters, the hour of which Jesus is speaking of is the time
of his death and resurrection; the ultimate price that He had to pay in order to
redeem us. Consequently, Jesus has a choice to make whether to accept the
cross or to flee from it. But we know that Jesus had chosen to be obedient to
His Father even to the cross because He loves His Father and knows that His
Father will glorify his beloved Son through His death and resurrection.
Fr. Quesnel
Easter Novena Envelopes may be found in the vestibule of the Church. The
Novena will begin Monday April 6th and continue for nine consecutive days.
(Every Friday during Lent)
6:00 PM - English
7:00 PM - Spanish
8:00 PM - Creole
Travel with father Quesnel Delvard,
Pastor of Sacred Heart Church, Lake Worth, Florida
on our Italy Regular Trip.
Where: Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Assisi, Venice
When: October 3-11, 2015
Cost: $ 3, 699.00 Airfare and ALL Included.
To register, please contact Proximo Travel at
(855) 842-8001 or (508) 340-9370.
You can also register online at www.
Holy Week and Easter Schedule
Holy Thursday
March 15th, 2015……….$8,782.00.
Easter Flowers.……..…..$2,417.11.
No Morning Masses
5:00 PM - Creole
7:00 PM - English
8:30 PM - Spanish
Good Friday
9:00 - 10:30 AM - Confessions
12:00 PM Stations of the Cross - Creole
2:00 PM - Teen Live Stations of the Cross - English
3:00 PM - The Lord’s Passion - English
6:00 PM Spanish Living Stations beginning at Lucerne and N.
M. St. concluding with Lord’s Passion in the Church.
The hosts for the Month of
March have been donated by
Anita Lorentz
in loving memory of
George O. Marcks.
Please keep them
in your prayers.
Holy Saturday
8:00 PM - Easter Vigil - Trilingual Mass
Easter Sunday
Regular Mass Schedule
The Altar wine for the month of
March has been donated by
Anita Lorentz
in loving memory of
George O. Marcks. Please keep
them in your prayers.
Invitation to Attend the Chrism Mass
As part of Holy Week, on March 31 at 11 a.m. at the Cathedral of St. Ignatius
Loyola in Palm Beach Gardens, the Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito, Bishop
of the Diocese of Palm Beach, will celebrate the traditional Catholic Chrism Mass Monday:
Dn 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30,
with priests from the Catholic Diocese of Palm Beach. During the Chrism Mass,
33-62 [41c-62];
Bishop Barbarito will bless the three oils* that will be used for sacramental purPs 23:1-6; Jn 8:1-11
poses during the next year throughout all of the diocese’s 53 churches and misTuesday:
Nm 21:4-9; Ps 102:2-3, 16
sions. In addition to the blessing, the priests will renew their vows and those with
-21; Jn 8:21-30
significant ordination anniversaries will be recognized. For questions please con- Wednesday: Is 7:10-14; 8:10; Ps 40:7tact: [email protected] or 561-775-9529.
11; Heb 10:4-10;
Lk 1:26-38
Thursday: Gn 17:3-9; Ps 105:4-9: Jn
Jer 20:10-13; Ps 18:2-7;
Jn 10:31-42
Saturday: Ez 37:21-28; Jer 31:10, 11
-13; Jn 11:45-56
Mk 11:1-10 or Jn 12:1216 (procession); Is 50:4
-7; Ps 22:8-9, 17-20, 2324; Phil 2:6-11; Mk 14:1
Rekindle and renew your love on a Worldwide Marriage Encounter week— 15:47 [15:1-39]
end. Available date for 2015 is May 1-3. For more info, contact Roberto
and Maria Ibarra at Home (954)-972-8129 or via E-mail [email protected] To ensure a place, please contact Roberto and
Maria Ibarra at least two weeks before the weekend. Please use this bulletin for $35.00 off the application fee.
Creole Page
Nan 5èm e dènye Dimanch Tan Karèm ane sa-a Sen Jan ap fè nou viv
youn nan pi gwo mirak Jezu yo, ki se rezurèksyon Laza-a; sa vle di Jezu
leve Laza soti nan lanmò. Istwa rezurèksyon Laza a ap fe nou konpran ke
pa gen anyen ki enpozib pou Jezu ki menm jan ak Papa-a gen pouvwa sou
tout bagay ki ekziste menm sou lanmò tou. Se yon bagay moun pa janm
wè ak je ke yon moun ki mouri leve soti anba lanmò e sa ki te pi enteresan
nan ka Laza-a sèke li te deja gen 4 jou nan kavo pa blye ke pou Janyen pa
enposib.Jezu te deklare bay patizan Li yo ke Laza ap dòmi; mwen prale
poum reveye-l.
Jezu ki te byen anpil avèk, Mat, Mari ak Laza pat prezan le Laza te
tonbe malad la epi finalman li ta pral mouri. De sè li yo te voye yon moun
bò kot Jezi pou di li: “Seyè, zanmi ou lan malad. Lè Jezi tande nouvèl
la, li di: Maladi Laza a p'ap touye li. Tou sa rive pou fè moun wè pouvwa Bondye. Se ak maladi sa a Bondye pral fè wè pouvwa Pitit li
a” (Jan 11:3-4). Jezu te pran tout tan Li pou-L te rive Betani paske Li te
konnen ki sa Li ta pra-L fè. Frè ak sè mwen yo, nan dènye Dimanch
Karèm sa-a an nou envite Jezu antre nan lavi nou konsa Li va resisite tout
sa ki pa gen lavi nan nou pou n ka leve byen vivan avèk Li pandan fèt Pak
ane sa-a.
Pè Quesnel
Lendi: Danyèl 13:1-9,15-17.19-30.33-62; Sòm 23:1-6 & Jan 8:1-11
Madi: Nonb 21:4-9; Sòm 102:2-21 & Jan 8:21-30
Mèkredi: Ezayi 7::10-14;8:10; Sòm 40:7-11; Ebre 10:4-10 & Lik 1:26-38
Jedi: Jenèz 17:3-9; Sòm 105:4-9 & Jan 8:51-59
Vandredi: Jeremi 20:10-13; Sòm 18:2-7; & Jan 10:31-42
Samdi: Ezekyèl 37:21-28; Sòm Jeremi 31:10-113; & Jan 11:45-56
Dimanch: 1 Samyèl 50:4-7; Sòm 22:8-24; Filipyen 2:6-11 & Mak 14:115:47
1. Retrèt Karèm 2015 lan se pou Lendi 23 ak Madi 24 Mas a 7:00 pm
nan legliz lan. Nap tan-n tout moun!
2. Si ou ta renmen fè batèm pitit ou tanpri rele biwo pawas lan nan (561)
582- 4736 pou pran yon randevou avèk Pè Quesnel.
3. Men program pou Semèn Sent 2015 Jedi Sen Lamès a 5pm; Vandredi
Sen sèvis a midi; Samdi dlo benit Lamès a 8pm.
Please Keep in Your
Karen Clouse,
Marjorie Lawson,
Louise Cassar,
Mary Cassar,
Taylor Isenberg,
Nicholas Demet,
Bonnie Baschko,
Sophie Kereky,
Robert Diederich,
Jackie Bacerra,
Maria Sagabon,
Rose Alma Savard,
Pamela Stark Thomas,
Margaret Warning,
Pepper Sherman,
Isabel O’Hara,
Alphonse DiStepfano,
John Shea,
Carol Palomba,
Estefan family,
Wadley Demzan,
Coach Black,
and our Troops, especially
Wesley Augustin.
We pray for the souls of all
those who have died
recently, especially,
Sr. Dorothy Stinson, CSJ,
Susan Kelly Muth,
Fred Guido,
Margaret & George McGrath,
May their souls and souls of
the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God,
rest in peace.
Quinto Domingo de Cuaresma
22 de marzo de 2015
Voy a poner mi ley en lo más profundo
de su mente
y voy a grabarla en sus corazones.
Yo seré su Dios y ellos serán mi pueblo.
— Jeremías 31:33
Dn 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33
-62 [41c-62];
Sal 23 (22):1-6; Jn 8:1-11
Martes: Nm 21:4-9; Sal 102 (101):23, 16-21;
Jn 8:21-30
Miércoles: Is 7:10-14; 8:10; Sal 40
Heb 10:4-10; Lc 1:26-38
Gn 17:3-9; Sal 105 (104):49: Jn 8:51-59
Viernes: Jer 20:10-13; Sal 18 (17):27; Jn 10:31-42
Sábado: Ez 37:21-28; Jer 31:10, 1113; Jn 11:45-56
Domingo: Mc 11:1-10 o Jn 12:12-16
Is 50:4-7; Sal 22 (21):8
-9, 17-20, 23-24;
Fil 2:6-11; Mc 14:1 — 1
5:47 [15:1-39]
Full Name
Deposit in the collection basket or drop off
at the parish office
Cuando el profeta Jeremías creó el término “nueva alianza” hacía algo muy
radical. Para el pueblo judío, sólo había una alianza, la que el Señor Dios había
hecho con Israel por medio de Moisés en el Monte Sinaí. Cuando Jeremías dice
que de alguna manera Dios va a reemplazar la antigua alianza con una nueva, seguro que sus oyentes pensaban que era algo muy atrevido. De ese modo Jeremías
es un predecesor de Jesús, quien, en el Evangelio de Juan se presenta siempre
como alguien que reemplaza el pasado, estableciendo el Reino de Dios de una
manera nueva. Y en el pasaje del Evangelio de hoy, Jesús, “la nueva alianza”
habla con el lenguaje del “nuevo mandamiento” de amor cuando menciona el grano de trigo que muere y nuestra propia muerte al egoísmo para poder resucitar
con Cristo. Al finalizar la Cuaresma y al prepararnos a entrar en la Semana Santa,
el grano de trigo que muere es un símbolo excelente del tipo de muerte y autosacrificio al que los discípulos están llamados, un símbolo de esa nueva alianza escrita en lo más profundo de nuestro corazón.
Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Horario de confesión:
Sábado: 3:00–3:45pm
Domingo: 12:30-1:00pm.
Ama más que otros creen necesario.
Confía más qe otros creen prudente.
Sirve más que otros creen práctico.
(PLEASE PRINT) PRINT______________________________________________
LONG PEW-$1000:_____________________SHORT PEW-$500________________
General Donation (any amount)____________
NAME ON CARD______________________________________________________
Billing Address_______________________________________________________
CARD #_________________________EXP.________SECURITY CODE______
LAKE WORTH, FL 33460*561-582-4736
Liturgy Committee
Pat Gallon 586-2668
Altar Servers
Tiffany Bernard 900-4170
Eucharistic Ministers, & Lectors
Pat Gallon 586-2668
Music Ministry
Bill Boisvert 582-4736
Family Life
Respect Life
Don Beers 310-9902
Homebound Eucharistic
Nursing Home Coordinator
Marilyn Watkins 533-0615
Prison Ministry
Don & Angela Beers 310-9902
Knights of Columbus
Tom Brand 542-7899
Fifi George 512-3270
Religious Education
RCIA (Becoming Catholic)
Deacon Gerry 582-4736
Baptism Preparation
Parish Office 582-4736
Faith Formation
Betty Arthur 582-4736
Welcome and Hospitality
Brigitte Earl 547-8687
Our Lady Queen of Peace
Philanthropists William B. Finneran, Frankie Stevens, Barbara Messier and
Richard Schmeelk along with the Sacred Heart School children recreate their
S.O.S pose from 5 years ago when the school almost closed.
Lake Worth, Florida - March 13, 2015: The children of Sacred Heart School
along with phyloanthropist William B. Finneran, Richard Schmeelk, Frankie Stevens, Father Quesnel Delvard, Barbara Messeir and Principal Candace Tamposi
line up to form the shape of S.O.S. for an aerial photograph. Five years ago, Sacred Heart School faced some rough times and was on the verge of closing its
doors. One of their children suggested that the school send out an SOS to the
community to help us raise the money to stay open. Philanthropists such as Cathleen McFarlane Ross (deceased 2010), William B. Finneran, Frankie Stevens, the
honorable Judge Rodney Eielson, Barbara Messier and Richard Schmeelk heard
the call on the news and came to the rescue. Mr. Schmeelk a retired Navy man
himself understood the SOS call. He came to visit the school and told them that
they would not close. He then gathered a few of his friends from Palm Beach and
formed the school’s Executive Board. Together, the School and the SHS Executive Board put on several fundraisers which helped save the school. (See YouTube: Sacred Heart S.O.S. Music Video - Save Our School! or Students send
'SOS' To Keep School Open).
“Today SHS is stronger and we want to thank the community for helping us thrive by recreating the pose that started it all. Oh, by the
way! The student that suggested we send out an SOS call is now in 8th
grade! (See YouTube: Sacred Heart School stronger video (written by
the Principal's daughter and SHS Alumni, Ali Tamposi). We want the
community to know that we have full enrollment, the William B. Finneran Montessori Academy for early learning, a fully operational
S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Lab and a
sports program which includes Basketball, Soccer, Baseball and Softball. As a matter of fact our Boys Varsity Soccer team and Girls Varsity Basketball team won trophies this school year. Could you imagine
what these children could do if they had a Gym they could practice
in? You see the children at Sacred Heart School haven't (in 70
years) experienced a home game. Can you imagine that? We hope to
change all of this by building the SHS Gymnatorium! HOME OF THE
The school is working hard to meet their fundraising goal for the Gymnatorium
project. If you would like to make a contribution please contact Sacred Heart
School’s Principal Candace Tamposi at 561-582-2242
Parish & School
561 582-4736
561 582-2242
Joseph George
Parish Bookkeeper Ext 201
[email protected]
Ronna Rivero
Church Secretary/Bulletin Editor Ext 202
[email protected]
Betty Arthur
Faith Formation Ext 206
4:00 - 6:00 Tuesday thru Friday, and
Saturday 9 - 12.
Bill Boisvert
Music Minister Ext 203
Sr. Carolyn Dowd
School Admissions Director Ext 104
FiFi George
Assistant School Administrator
Ext 150
Candace Tamposi
School Principal Ext 101
Cornelius Costelloe
Director of Maintenance Ext 123
cell 578-3957.
Sacrament of Baptism
Children under seven years old are
scheduled as needed. Please call
the parish office at 582-4736 to
register. Parents and godparents
must attend a preparation class.
Sacrament of Marriage
Couples must contact a Parish
Priest at least six months in
advance. Please call the parish
office at 582-4736.
Sacrament of the Sick
Call the Parish Office to request a
priest to visit and administer this
beautiful sacrament; or if you know
someone is in the hospital or is in
need of a homebound visit and
would like confession or prayer.
Faith Formation Classes
For Registration information please
call Betty Arthur at the parish
office at 561-582-4736 ext 206 or
email her at:
[email protected]
Daily Rosary
Every morning following 7:30
a.m. mass.
Prayer Chapel
The chapel is open daily for
prayer from 8:00 am - 7:00 pm.
Exposition of the Blessed
Sacrament in the adoration
chapel beginning at 8:00 a.m.
and ending with Benediction at
7:00 p.m.
The Divine Mercy Chaplet
Wednesdays at 11:00 am in the
Every First Friday
Every first Friday of the month
there is a noon Mass to
commemorate our patron, the
Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Eucharistic adoration will follow
with Benediction at 6:00 p.m.