NEWSLETTER OF COUNTRY ROADS An Age 55 and Over Homeowner Community
Editor: Julie Hanenkrat
1st: Oregon Days!
5th: Board Planning –Mojave
5th: Sock Hop (Dance)
6th: Art Walk
6th: HFOT Johnny Cash Tribute
7th: Keepin’ It Country (Dance)
10th: Board Meeting
12th: Debbie and Gordy Show
13th: Spaghetti Dinner (Building
14th: Dakota Players (Dance)
16th: St. Patty’s Dinner (Building
19th: Craft Fair
19th: Sock Hop (Dance)
21st: Play’in Country (Dance)
23: Mark Cordes (Comedy
25th: Farewell Dinner Show!
27th: Fish Fry (Dinner)
28th: Dakota Players (Dance)
30th: Movie Matinee
4th: Dakota Players! (LAST
5th: Matinee Movie
7th: Ray Cox (Dance)
9th: Board Planning—Mojave
14th: Board Meeting
14th: Ray Cox (Dance)
19th: Matinee Movie
21st: Ray Cox (Dance)
Mark Cordes! Comedy
Monday, March 23rd, 2015
Time: 7:00 p.m., Ballroom
MARCH 2015
From start to finish Mark will
have you laughing and smiling!
Mark Cordes has been hailed by
many critics as a "One Man
Laugh Factory." This inventive
comedian and humorist is a
"Comic Strip Live," "Caroline’s
Comedy Hour" and "An Evening
at the Improv." Come out and
watch a great show! Open
seating, $10 per ticket!
Farewell Dinner Show!
Wednesday March 25th, 2015
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Spittin' Image are identical twin
brothers who love to sing and
play their instruments as much
as they love to entertain an
audience. Intertwining wonderful
vocal ability with excellent
musicianship, and mixing it all
with comedy, makes for a high
energy show that will keep you
captivated! Top 40 and classic
country mixed with classic rock
‘n roll is the music they love to
Menu will be BBQ Chicken,
baked beans, mixed veggies,
cornbread muffin, and a dessert!
$15 per person, BYOB.
It is hard to believe that it is
March already. What a winter
Founding Editor: Curly Silva
season this has been! January was
a very busy month with the 30
Year Celebration. I was so
impressed with the number of
Country Road residents that
teamed up with their friends and
clubs to participate in the
parade. And then as we went
through the park, I was even more
impressed with so many of you
lining the streets to say hi, wave at
and support your neighbors. The
week was a terrific celebration
with so many successful activities.
What made the week such a
success were all the volunteers
who put in hours to make the
events happen. Our volunteers
wrapped hot dogs or worked at the
burger bash. There was the group
that did the golf cart poker
run...and the volunteers that
coordinated the dog show. Then
there is our dedicated activities
council that worked 2 shows in
one day so we could enjoy the
Texas Tenors!! Special thanks go
to the models that strutted their
stuff at the Ladies’ Day
event. Volunteers, all of you who
participated in so many of the
various 30th activities, deserve
In January we elected a new
Board of Directors. I was chosen
to be President of the Board. I am
very honored to be the leader of
Page 2
The Country Roads COURIER
newsletter is an informational
newsletter for management news,
club activities and announcements of
interest to all residents. Any article
inflammatory, disrespectful, political
or biased, or any article in poor taste
will not be included. All articles
submitted for publication shall be at
the discretion of the Editor, Manager
and Board of Directors.
Submission deadline is the 10th of
the month for inclusion in the
following month’s issue.
homeowners. The new board
wants and needs your help to
make 2015 a successful year.
Consider adding your name to the
volunteer list. We will be asking
for more of your input in our
decision making process this
year. Please step forward and
offer a bit of your time to assist in
your community.
compliments. One person told me
that she read it from cover to
cover and found it very
interesting to get to know our CR
families. And others commented
on the 30 year history that the
committee has captured. We
apologize for any errors or
Be sure to get one!
Valeri Shoemaker
Board President
Judy Jessen, Chairman
[email protected]
Country Roads
Board of Directors
Thank you to all of the organizers
and participants for making the
30th Anniversary week so special!
Thank you to everyone who
helped me make my early
deadline for this issue of the
Courier. I hope to have met a lot
of you during my Feb. visit!
Valeri Shoemaker……President
Art Fuller…….....Vice President
Stan Hayter...……......Treasurer
Steve Metz…….……..Secretary
Jim La Frenaye.……....Member
Leon Brown….….…….Member
Dave Wylie……...….…Member
5707 E. 32nd St. #1127
Yuma, AZ 85365
Phone: 928-344-8910
Country Roads
for making our 30th
go so smoothly!
Did You Know? The CC&Rs
state, “Neither the Association
nor any Owner shall permit any
thing or condition to exist upon
any portion of the Property which
shall induce, breed or harbor
infectious plant diseases or
noxious insects.”
Please consider NOT leaving any
firewood on your lot that may
breed termites. Be cautious about
the plant material you choose.
There are not supposed to be any
fruit bearing plants on any lot.
In preparing your lot for the
summer remember to bring in
lawn items that may blow in
strong winds. Thank you.
Melissa Wood
Your efforts and contributions to
the Courier are very much
Julie Hanenkrat, Lot 981
Editor, Country Roads Courier
The 2015 Elections are over, but
it isn’t too early to start thinking
about the 2016 Country Roads
RV Village elections. This is the
last communication that will
reach ALL OF YOU, before the
resumes are due for candidates
for the 2016 January election.
There will be two (2) open
positions on the board of directors
for the January 12, 2016 election.
So, you might think about it over
the summer as to whether or not
you would like to submit your
name as a candidate. Candidates
must be a member (home owner)
of the association.
Page 3
In September/October, I will start
sending out requests, via the CR
Bulletin, for candidates’ resumes.
There will also be an article in the
October Courier, which can be
read online through the Country
Roads Yuma website: http://
The deadline for resumes to be
turned into the homeowner’s
office will be Mon., Nov. 9, 2015,
4:00 p.m. Please give this article
some thought. We want to be sure
to have candidates for our
election, giving us a choice.
Deloros Shemwell,
Lot 432, 928-314-4920
[email protected]
The next meetings for the
Building Fund are: General
Mar02, Mohave Room at 9:00
am, planning To Be announced
by new committee.
We encourage everyone to attend
these meetings. The planning
meetings requires you to inform
us in advance. We would expect
anyone attending to present a
project or an event or add info on
another's presentation.
It's important that all of you know
that all association members are
automatically members of the
Building Fund and you are
welcome to attend general
meetings to cast your votes and
add your comments to the
Start thinking about becoming a
member of the committee or
recommending someone.
safe trip North and a hasty return
for next season.
We will elect 3 members at our
Mar 2nd meeting. Dan Sauro
found it necessary to submit his
resignation in February. Dan was
a valuable member of our board,
and will be missed. His
replacement will be to serve out
his final year.
Please remember that some of us
are here in the Park during the
summer, so can answer your
questions about improvements on
your property during that time.
Just ask Sandy in the Home
Owners’ office and she will help
you find one of us. On another
note, if you are planning on
improvements to your lot during
your absence, be sure to complete
a Lot Improvement Plan and have
it approved by the ACC before
you leave, if possible. Also,
please appoint a representative to
oversee the improvement being
done while you are away. We
need a letter signed by you and
your representative brought into
the office when you bring in the
improvement application.
The Saturday breakfasts and
monthly and spaghetti dinners are
doing great. Keep up your
We have 2 projects working at
this time. In Feb, we presented to
the board a proposal for
safety railings on the choir risers
in the amount of n$1,600. We
hope to present, in March,
a proposal in the amount of
$2,500, for a storage room for
luncheon musicians.
We are all looking forward to an
active, competitive election this
Jim Stoner President
WOW!! It just doesn’t seem
possible that this fun season in
Country Roads is about to come
to an end for many of us. The
Thirtieth Anniversary Party &
Celebration, the Tournaments, the
dances & fine entertainment were
enjoyed in the Ballroom; they are
all now a part of history. We
won’t forget the old and new
friends that help make it such a
joy to be here each season. We
members of the ACC wish you a
If you are among those friends
heading North, have a safe trip
and a good summer. If you are
spending summer here, we (who
are here) look forward to seeing
you at the Pool Parties, Steak
Fries, and many other activities.
We are retired, let’s enjoy it
wherever we are!!!
John Raymond, #281, Chairman
4:00 p.m. Happy Hour
5:00 p.m. Potluck Dinner
Chicken and coffee will be
provided. Bring your own table
service. BYOB and glass.
Shirley & Jim Morehouse, Lot
1247, 928-366-1032
Page 4
The Marketing Committee is
wrapping up a very productive
year. With a lot of support from
the Board of Directors, the
Management team and the energy
of our volunteer committee, we
have completed the following
promotional efforts:
A. Updating of the brochure.
10,000 brochures were delivered
to the resort in time to be
distributed at the Boomer and
Beyond Exhibition. Pictures in
the current brochure remained as
we received excellent feedback
that they accurately depicted the
life of the resort. Material which
was outdated was updated and
any items erroneously omitted
from the 2013 brochure were
added. Before residents leave for
the summer, they should stop by
the Homeowners Office and take
a handful to distribute to family
and friends during the summer
B. Participated in the first
Boomers and Beyond Exhibition
at the Civic Center on Feb. 7.
Brochures and Craft Fair and
Ballroom Show flyers were
distributed. Visitors to the booth
were asked to complete a short
questionnaire if they were
interested in information about
CR ownership, rentals, craft fair
questionnaire cards were then
shuffled and 6 couples were lucky
winners of tickets to the two
remaining ballroom shows—
Cindy Miller Variety Show and
the Deidre and Gordy Show. The
information received on the cards
was shared with the appropriate
staff for personal follow up. It is
our hope that several new owners
and renters will emerge, as well
as seeing additional folks at craft
fairs and ballroom shows.
ROADS programs for new
owners and renters have been
well received. It is anticipated the
Feb. 25 program and the March 5
one will also be positive
programs (5) will all be scheduled
early each month, beginning in
November, in order to really
inform new residents about our
facilities and activities while they
are still getting settled and
looking to learn about everything.
Gary Bartlett, Chair, Lot 1207
Annual party in the Coronado
Room. Bring your gently used
clothes to sell at the fabulous
silent auction. More information
will be posted. Mark your
calendar for March 1st!
Aleeda Grant, Lot 489
The Country Roads "open AA
meeting" has been moved to the
Inca room on FRIDAY's at 4:15
- 5:30 p.m.
Alfe Duhamel, Lot 1042
VICTORY belongs to the
Congratulations! It was a close
race, but the US will be serving
the Canadians next season with
all smiles. It is a very spirited and
fun time for us all. What a
splendid job Jodi Walz and Dave
Nelson did in putting this big
event together. So many KUDOS
owed to you. Thanks also to Jill
Blazier for representing the USA,
you did it well, and to Patti
Ferguson for working up the
handicaps, a tedious job. What
about that great music by Jerry
Olson? There is no way I can
name all who helped make this
event so successful but a special,
special THANKS to you all.
February was quite a month; not
only the CAN/AM celebration,
but our members enjoyed two out
of the area golf trips. The two day
trip to Emerald Canyon is always
a popular one, it could be staying
at a casino adds to the thrill. The
Barbara Worth trip was Feb. 18th.
Donna Lundberg will take over
the Cancer Relay for Life
coordinator job. Thanks to Jill for
filling in for Donna until her
arrival. By the time you read this,
our club will donate and serve the
usual great clam chowder for this
very worthy cause.
March 8 will be the end of the
season banquet. John Mitchell
will be catering again, remember
those great ribs and chicken, yum.
If you plan on attending, Bob &
Judy need a head count so our
Page 5
caterer will bring enough food. If
you are bringing a guest, they
need to know that also. Prizes
will be given and the 2015-16
officers will be elected. See you
all there.
Well 2014/2015 is almost over
and the Guys & Gals golfers have
enjoyed four months of golf
already. We still have March to
go so keep plugging away, I hear
there could be enjoyment in golf,
**Learn to “Make Peace with
Imperfection.” I’m trying, I’m
Norma Bright, Secretary, # 610
We had our Feb. 10th meeting in
the Inca/Aztec rooms, followed
with a wine & cheese social. It’s
a fun time for everyone.
Our FREE lessons are going good
every Wed. from 10:00 to 12:00
noon for men & women. Lessons
are led by Ed Jessen, and Frank
Walls is helping also. Sign-up
sheets are in the tennis cabinet for
Round Robin play and Sign up
The winners of our mixed
tournament that was on Jan. 15th
& 16th was 1st place Bill Clarke &
Ruthie Dunn; 2nd place was Owen
Rogers & Ani McDowell.
Our Pizza and Beer Party on Feb.
11th was a good time for all our
members and their spouse. We
had at least 16 new members, one
of them won the new tennis
The Ladies tennis tournament
went well. We always wish we
had more ladies play in it. Aaron
Sanderson did a good job running
it. We also enjoy visiting and
coffee and donuts.
Winners in the Senior Games
were: Ladies
Reid & Ruthie Dunn, Gold;
Men’s Doubles-Bill Clarke &
Colin Goodman, Silver; Mixed
Doubles-Frank Walls & Bonnie
Reid, Gold; Mixed Doubles-Colin
Goodman & Ruthie Dunn, Gold.
Too bad more tennis players from
CR didn’t join us this year!
Our Mar. meeting is Mar. 10th at
1:00 p.m. in the Inca/Aztec
rooms. The Season Finale Party
will be Mar. 11th in the Ballroom.
To finish our tournaments for this
season will be the Men’s
Tournament on Mar. 19th & 20th.
Come join us for Fun & Friendly
Ruthie Dunn, Tennis President
U.S survey says that areas where
motion lights were installed,
burglaries decreased by 74%.
Wayne King, Security Supervisor
At the annual
Bev Huffman
Ralph Johnson
meeting in Jan.,
was elected and
was reelected to
graciously agreed to fill in for the
remainder of the season. The
board members for this year are:
President-Terry Moser, VicePresident-Giles
Treasurer-Jean Engel, SecretaryMarcia
and Jim Johnston, Women’s
Bruce Edwards remains as our
Room Maintenance Manager.
We kicked off the park’s 30th
Anniversary Party with three
tournaments the week before the
Member/NonMember partners format brought
in many new players to have a fun
and competitive event. The
Women’s First Place went to the
team of Myrt Wiebe & Barb
Bunn. Betty Johnson & Bea
Marler were Second. The Mixed
Doubles event was a full field of
22 teams with Marc Bernatchez &
Barb Smith taking First and Ralph
Johnson & Jan Glaus Second. In
the Men’s event Marc Bernatchez,
with his partner, Rheal Caisse,
took First again. Lyle Olmstead
came off the horseshoe pits long
enough to get Second place with
Herb Klein as his partner.
The Billiard Club was well
represented with floats and
participants in the Country Roads
30th Anniversary Parade. Giles
Lansfield did a fantastic job
including Sandy Lansfield, Ralph
& Betty Johnson, Terry & Tonya
Moser, Marc Bernatchez, and Carl
created a beautiful “Billiard Club
Pioneers” float with herself and
Page 6
two other original Billiard Club
members, Phyllis Dunn and
Shirley Cheniere, as passengers.
With the other riders and
marchers we may have had the
largest entry; certainly we had the
most fun.
We again hosted the Yuma
Senior Games Pool Shooting
events and the results of two of
the events are in. In the women’s
singles event Nadine Singleton,
Tonya Moser and Jean Engel all
took Gold medals. Betty Johnson
and Joyce Radke won Silver, and
Beverly Dilworth and Myrt
Wiebe won Bronze.
The Men’s Singles event had
fewer contestants than usual this
year but not less talent. In Men’s
Singles, Albert Cheniere lost his
first match in the double
elimination format but made a
strong comeback to get the Gold.
Ralph Johnson and Terry Moser
both went undefeated to also get
Gold. John Stanviloff, Bill
McClarty and Al Vaught all took
Silver Medals. Marc Bernatchez
and Bill Southard captured
If you haven’t signed up for the
Annual Billiard Club Dinner and
Tournament, please do so by
March 2nd. The Dinner is on
Mon., March 9th in the Ballroom.
Happy Hour starts at 3:30 p.m.
and we will start eating at 4:00
p.m. Chicken, potatoes and rolls
will be provided, with members
bringing salads, vegetables, and
desserts. Coffee will be provided,
otherwise BYOB. Guests are $2
each, pay at the dinner. The
Tournament will start at 6:00 p.m.
in the Billiard Room. Hope to see
all of you, including the new
members, there.
Terry Moser
Billiard Club President
We were so fortunate to have
Dick and Jo Bright as our Grand
Marshals for the parade. They are
longtime residents of our park
and are now full time as well.
They came to Country Roads in
1990 and started volunteering
right from the start.
Jo has been one of the most active
volunteers this park has ever seen.
She worked in the kitchen for 24
years, as well as many years in
the activities office and ice cream
socials. Wherever there was a
needing hand, she was there.
Dick came to Country Roads as a
retired California Highway Patrol
diligently to get Country Roads
solvent in those trying years of
financial short falls. He served as
President of the Board of
Directors, helping hire a new
manager and getting the park
back on its feet. We all owe them
groundwork they laid to make
Country Roads the park it is
today. They were crowned King
and Queen of Country Roads in
Myrna Mattson, Parade Chair.
The weather is warming up, so
come join us for great water fun
while exercising to Latin and hip
Wednesdays and Fridays, 10:45
to 11:30 a.m. $5 a visit or $40 for
a 10 visit punch card.
Mitzi Lisle, Lot 321
Zumba Gold continues to attract
new participants, as well as
longtime fans of this Latin music
based, one hour fitness workout
THURSDAYS at 9 a.m. (except
for the Out of Park Craft Fair the
3rd Thursday of the month &
holidays) and SATURDAYS at
9:50 a.m. Thank you to Annette
Longchamps for assisting me
with registration. Feb. 28th, we
hosted our ANNUAL 2 hour
ballroom. There were guest
instructors in addition to our
beloved Rebeca leading us, as
well as many giveaways. Much
fun was had by all! This event
assists Rebeca to upgrade her
qualifications in San Diego so we
at Country Roads may continue to
enjoy ZUMBA GOLD. Thank
you to JoAnne Opp & her line
dancers for accommodating our
preplanned event.
Throughout the summer months, I
hope you will take advantage of
ZUMBA GOLD classes, in or
near your home base, wherever
that may be. Remember to listen
to your body and do what you are
able. When possible, do NOT sit
Page 7
down during the hour. If you are
tired, drop the arms or use a chair
to give you some balance & keep
in time with your feet. Make sure
your doctor is aware of/agrees
with your choice of fitness
workout. Do wear appropriate
footwear & take regular sips of
water. Please stretch following
the class for an effective cool
Maggie Carr, Coordinator
Lot 821, 928-257-1515
[email protected]
Sand Volleyball at Country
Roads: everyone is welcome. No
prior experience needed to play,
you only need to know how to
laugh and have fun! We play at
the courts by the maintenance
area, Monday-Saturday at 9:00
On the 3rd Friday of each month,
we have a potluck get-together at
the Mojave Room. Social time is
4:30, followed by dinner. We all
hope you will come and join in
the fun.
Gary Luyuckfassel, Lot 57
President, Submitted by
Deanie Pizzillo, Lot 55
Coronado Room
General Club Class Presentations
on requested topics or Drop-in
Technical Discussions in the
Coronado Room, Wednesdays,
10:00 a.m. to noon. Technical
Drop-in sessions on Tuesday
evenings in the Aztec Room, 6-8
p.m. Special Interest Groups on
Wednesdays for Apple Devices at
8:30 a.m., Windows 8 at 9:00 and
Computer Beginners at 1 p.m. in
the Coronado Room.
Doug Irvine, President
Thank you, Choral and Drama
members…you’ve had a ‘banner
year’…and give us all pride to be
part of Country Roads!
What an exciting season we’ve
enjoyed over the last five months,
singing for numerous events in
December, January, February and
March, plus taking part in
Christmas caroling and the 30th
Anniversary Parade. As the
months progressed, we added
more and more voices, making
for marvelous results. Our men’s
section became the foundation
from which the choir grew…
every director’s dream!
Tricks: 1st Place Sparky, Peggy
& Charles Scott; 2nd Place
Moxy, Sharon Heindricks; 3rd
Place Mugsy, Sharon Rowe.
The Drama members of our group
deserve a bow too, for their
delightful presentation of the
George.” Months of writing, rewriting and rehearsals galore,
turned out a fun-filled production.
Ninna Sherwood, Jo Nightingale
and John Green, as well as all the
performers deserve our applause.
It’s great to see our friends and
neighbors through fun-filled
glasses. A job well done!
As our rehearsals wind down, the
chorus’ last performance will be
part of the annual St. Patrick’s
Dinner on Mon., March 16th. That
night, we all become a little more
Irish, singing songs we’ve sung
since we were kids, but adding
traditional Celtic melodies, as
well. Be sure to get your ticket for
dinner and be prepared to be
Nancy Kirkelie, Director, # 1163
Costume: 1st Place Chloe, Debra
Tabor; 2nd Place Kitty, Carole
Hedstrom; 3rd Place Sparky,
Peggy & Charles Scott.
Obedience: 1st Place Sidnee, Pam
Pilon; 2nd Place Lily, Ann
MacKenzie; 3rd Place Sparky,
Peggy & Charles Scott.
Judges Choice: 1st Place
Hershey, Irv Stern; Lily, Ann
MacKenzie, 3rd Place Nikita, Sue
Our recent Spudfest dinner was a
success. Thank you to the over
hardworking volunteers for your
support. Many door prizes of
jewelry, rock specimens and slabs
were handed out. The grand prize
raffle winner of the Patio Heater
was Byron Courtright from this
park. We hope to see you all
again next year at this annual
Field trips last month were out on
Highway 95 to collect rhyolite
and to the Rowley Mine NW of
Gila Bend for possible vanadinite,
Page 8
chrysocola, crystals, hematite and
wulfenite finds.
Club members are working
together to demonstrate their
Cabochon making and Jewelry
for the Artisan Exposition March
6th. Please come out and see the
The Club's Annual Picnic is
scheduled for March 11th 2015.
Our classes this year have been so
well attended that wait lists were
necessary. If you missed out this
season and would like to attend
one next season, look out for
details in next season's Courier.
Until then the shop will be up and
running until the end of March.
Barbara Armstrong, Lot 1000
The Mystery Poker Run was
coordinated by Judy Fuller, lot
537. Many thanks to all of the
volunteers who helped make this
fun event happen. The winners
were: Jim & Shirley Morehouse,
Nancy & Gerald Price, Ed &
Valerie Henkle and Jim &
Caroline Coulter.
We had a great turnout for our all
park poker tournament during the
30th Anniversary celebration. The
interesting part of that was all the
winners were beginners and the
regulars all lost out. It was a great
time and there is talk that we may
do it again next year. In Feb. we
also had a Battle of the Sexes and
Elections of officers were held
the first of the year. Dennis
Mattson has stepped down and
Don VanSkiver is the new
president, with an elected board
of officers for support: Marty
Aucoin, Rick Gerring, David Lee
and Judy Fuller.
If you are interested in joining our
group, drop by any Monday,
Wednesday or Friday evening and
check us out.
Myrna Mattson, Scribe, Lot 679
4x4 CLUB
We had never previously
cancelled one of our “Back
Country Adventures” due to rain.
But, on Monday, January 26, it
was raining hard with no relief in
sight, and the sky was black. Dale
Sessions, our group leader, and
Everett Wolfe, our trip leader that
day, decided to postpone the trip
to Wed. The margarita party/
potluck went on without a hitch
on Tues., however. Dale said that
we have the parties scheduled for
the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, and
they will be held even if the trips
are cancelled.
So, on Wed., Jan. 28, under sunny
skies, a group of sixteen 4x4s left
our park at 8 a.m. sharp with
Everett & Barbara Wolfe in the
lead. They led us to the other side
of the Colorado River to Gold
Rush country, where gold was
discovered in 1862 by members
of a wagon train headed for
California. Using his CB radio,
Everett related to us that fullfledged mining was underway not
long after they discovered gold.
The miners lived in the town of
Ogibly, which was later named
Tumco. We toured around an area
of several mines: The American
Girl, the Padre Madre and the
Cargo Mines, along with several
unnamed mines.
The Padre Madre mine is once
again being worked, and we
viewed a lot of men and
equipment busily at work. These
mines were primarily gold mines,
but they produced several other
minerals in marketable quantities,
including silver and even
uranium. The Cargo mine is a
vertical mine with eight levels.
The bottom reaches more than
600 feet deep, Everett said.
We drove down inside The
American Girl Mine and had
lunch. Everett told us it is
presently for sale. If you are
interested, the 140-acre mine
owned by Everglade, LLC, can be
purchased for $56,000. It is
patented land and the owners
have full legal title. It closed in
the 1930s because of the low
price of gold. It opened again in
1989 and produced 456,000
ounces of gold which would be
worth about $556 million at
today’s price. It closed again in
Our runs take place on the 2nd
and 4th Mondays of each month.
Our next trips will take place
March 9th and 23rd. Sign-up
sheets are available about two
weeks prior to the trips. You can
find them outside on the west side
of the Ballroom. On the morning
Page 9
of our runs, we line up in the
front and leave the park promptly
at 8 a.m. The only requirement is
that you must have an on-board
working CB radio. Be sure to
plan on taking folding chairs,
lunches and water.
On the Tues. following our trips,
we have a potluck/margarita party
on the patio at 3:30 p.m. It’s
always amazing to see the huge
variety of foods at our parties. We
have bulletin boards outside on
the northeast corner of the
Ballroom. Be sure to stop by and
view pictures from some of our
trips. If you have any questions,
contact Dale Sessions at Lot 777.
Leta Danielson, Lot 1237
If you are into scrapbooking, card
making or paper crafting join us
in the Navajo Room on
Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to
9:30 and Saturday mornings from
9:30 to 1:00. Our club has a
Cricket and a Cuttlebug, plus
basic essentials that members are
welcome to use during our
sessions. We share the latest
techniques in scrapbooking and
paper crafting. Membership is
$20 for the season or $2 per dropin.
March 19 is the last craft fair for
this season and the last chance to
purchase something unique to
take home to your friends,
neighbors, grandkids, etc. Be sure
and check out ALL the vendors,
inside and outside, you might be
surprised at the treasures you will
11-1 is on Thurs., April 9th.
The Craft Fair for the 2014
season (Jan thru Dec) had an
congratulations to all involved.
Without the great help from so
many, we would not have a
successful craft fair in Country
Roads. Lots of kudos go to the
Maintenance staff, Security,
Kitchen Crew, our Shuttle
Service men and vendors. We
don’t want to forget Bobbi’s
ladies in pink who work on
keeping the vendors happy, we all
work well together.
The last date for the In-House
Craft Sales this season on the
patio is Fri., March 20th from 9-3.
Please plan on continuing the
great job for the craft fair next
year (winter). If you have any
questions on tables for next
season, Bobbi will be glad to
answer any and all. Have a safe
and healthy summer.
Bobbi Caylor, Lot 751
Craft Fair Coordinator
928-344-8910, ext. 104
The In-House Craft Sales are held
on the 2nd Thursday of the month
from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the
ballroom. The sign-up sheet is on
the west side of the ballroom by
the Navajo room. The only
exception of the time and place is
when the Quilt Show and Arts
and Crafts are in the ballroom on
a Friday. During those times, we
will have our In-House sale on
the patio from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
The next In-House Craft Sales
this season in the ballroom from
Mary Halvorson, Lot 787
The painting groups are going
strong and flourishing. We have
acrylic paint class on Tuesdays
from 8:30 to 12:30 in the Inca
room. Watercolor is in the
afternoon on Tuesdays, also in the
Inca room. Thurs. mornings is oil
painting in the Navajo room from
9:00 to 12:00. Fri. morning from
8:00 to 12:00 in the Navajo room
is acrylic and watercolor.
If you are interested in
painting, come have a look at what
we are doing.
Angela Shore, Lot 141
TOPS AZ #0380
Here it is March already. Some of
you will be heading north during
this month, however, we will be
having our TOPS meetings
through the last Friday in
April. Please remember to pick up
wish those departing in March a
safe journey home and we look
forward to seeing "less of you"
next season. Please stay healthy,
eat sensibly and exercise.
A good percentage of us have
signed up to attend the TOPS
WINTER RALLY that is being
held at St. John Newman Catholic
Church on
Page 10
the 14th of March. It is always an
informative and fun day for those
attending. Some of us have the
opportunity to show off our “lost
pounds.” We also have a few
members that are planning on
attending IRD in Reno, Nevada in
This month we will be
nominating and voting for our
new officers for the 2015/2016
Season. We wish to thank our
departing officers for jobs well
Again, we wish to extend an
invitation to anyone wishing to
lose weight and are looking for a
friendly, informative support
group. You are welcome to attend
one meeting without charge to see
if this is what you are looking
for. Our meeting begins promptly
at 9:00 and is over by 10:00. It is
held in the Mojave room.
Anne MacKenzie, Secretary
Lot 1170, 541 868 6775
It is hard to believe that March is
here already! Many of us must
now start to get ready for the trek
North! It has been a great season
of fun play on the pickleball
courts. This year, weekly Round
Robin Tournaments have been
introduced to the Club members.
By all accounts these have proven
to be popular and a lot of fun! In
February we had a special
Valentine tournament on the 15th,
followed by a social get together
at the courts. We will wind up the
month of March with a March
Madness Scramble Tournament!
Come on out to watch the play!
Our Annual General Meeting will
be held on March 11th.
Membership in the Pickleball
Club has grown to over 130
members this year! This is an
indication of the enthusiasm for
the game of Pickleball within the
park. Through our fundraising
efforts, the Club has been able to
make donations to both the
Building Fund and the Relay for
Life. By the time that you read
this, we will be holding our
annual Chili Fiesta on March 4th,
complete with a raffle and
dancing to DJ Mark! Thank you
to everyone for your continued
support of the Pickleball Club.
Safe travels to everyone and we
are already looking forward to
another great season next year!
Janice Goodall, Vice President
CR Pickleball Club
The Catholic Potluck is on March
15th, in the Coronado Room, at
1:00 p.m. We will be celebrating
St. Patrick's Day. Tea and coffee
are provided. Please bring a dish
of your choice.
Contact Bertie Caissie, Lot 85
[email protected]
We are into the second week of
Lent. Rosary is being prayed
Monday through Friday at 8:00
a.m. in the Chapel. Palm Sunday
is on the last Sunday, on March
22nd. Holy Thursday and Good
Friday follow on March 26th and
Easter Masses begin
Saturday evening, with the
beautiful Easter Renewal Mass.
The blessings of the Easter Fire;
Easter Candle; Holy Water;
Renewal of our Creed and of
course all the wonderful and
beautiful Easter music all
completed with Holy Communion
and our receiving of the Body and
Blood of Christ!
Check with your parish for times
of Reconciliation. I will try to get
schedules of the times from the
parishes and have them at the
Divine Mercy continues on the
First and Third Tuesdays. Check
with Elaine (928-726-3430) and/
or Betty (443-536-9042) for
additional information.
Our Catholic Study Group meets
at the home of Marlene Rowe,
Lot 99, on Monday following the
rosary. We have completed our
study series begun last year and
have chosen to pray the Patriotic
Rosary for the remainder of the
season. In the Patriotic Rosary,
we pray for each and every state
in the United States and have
added an additional decade to the
Rosary and added prayers for
each of the Provinces in Canada
and for the country of Mexico.
We decided to do this because of
the turmoil in the world and felt
our countries should be included
in special prayers at this time.
Remember, the forty days of Lent
are a time of reflection and
Page 11
renewal. There are many books
and pamphlets to help us on our
journey. Check the internet for
The Catholic Company or go to
the local Catholic Book Store on
4th Avenue.
God Bless You All,
Joyce Lane, Lot 1213
Happy Springtime everyone. The
Eager Beavers enjoyed the parade
and the entire week of the 30th
Celebration in the park. We had
some newcomers stop by to get a
Round-To-It from Doug Ladd as
a special incentive to check us
out. We are over 40 members
strong at the present time.
We had our annual celebration of
woodcarvers in Feb. hosted by
Millie Geary, our favorite cookie
fairy. It was on Valentine’s Day,
which gave us an excuse to
celebrate together. Feb. was a sad
month because we lost one of our
long time charter members, Gene
Neff. Gene and his wife Gloria
lived at Country Roads for years
before they bought a “real” home
out in the foothills. He will be
truly missed by us all.
The new officers for the next year
are Myrna Mattson, President;
Ken Foos, Vice President; & Deb
Scott, Treasurer. Myrna also has
her own private executive
secretary, Wayne Vipond, who
makes sure she stays on track. We
are all looking forward to the
Artisan’s Exhibition in March.
Myrna Mattson, Scribe, Lot 679
H.F.O.T. Shirt; please wear it to
both events.
Bring your paper; bring your pen
to the Country Roads Writers'
Club get together. We meet in the
Mojave Room every Thursday at
10:00 a.m. All are welcome. Each
week we have exciting, often
humorous, topics to write about
and discuss. If you need some
help on a story you're working on,
Remember: 10:00 on
Rich Nelson
Friday, March 6th, 5:00-6:30 p.m.
“Bratwurst Dinner” on the
Patio. $7 per person includes a
bag of chips, a side of slaw, plus a
bottle of water or a soda. We will
also be holding a “Meat Draw.”
Tickets ($1 each or 6 for $5) will
be sold during the Brat Dinner,
and winning tickets drawn at the
show intermission. You don’t
have to be present to win and
your package of meat will be
delivered to your home.
Fri., March 6th, 7:00 p.m. “THE
tribute to Johnny Cash and June
Carter will be performed live on
stage. No reserved seating, all
tickets $12. Tickets will be
available through the Activity
Office or at the door. Why not
make it a “Double Header” by
events? Remember if you have an
Wed., March 11th, 4:00-9:00 P.M.
Lutes' will donate a portion of
their night’s receipts to H.F.O.T.
Remember to tell your waiter or
the cashier that you are there to
support our H.F.O.T. Fund
Raiser. P.S. Please remember to
wear you H.F.O.T. Shirts.
The mission of Homes for Our
Troops is to build specially
for severely
injured Veterans across the
nation, enabling them to rebuild
their lives. 180 homes have been
completed to date and 49 are in
the planning or construction
stages. Included in this total are 3
in Arizona, with one more under
Over the past few years, several
Country Roads Clubs have made
If your Club, or any individual,
would like to make a donation,
please contact Nancy Wallenborn,
Lot 711 or phone 928-344-2688.
Also, we extend a BIG
THANK YOU to all of our
Country Roads residents and their
friends who supported our "Lutes'
Take Over" on Jan. 18th. We
filled the place. YOU CAN
Grant Workman, Lot 1054
Page 12
We play every Sunday and
Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. in the
Mojave Room all year--Winter
and Summer. Come out and play
and meet new friends. We have a
fun and friendly game.
Contact JoAnn Ball at 928-3445121, Lorraine Rich at 928-7261412 or Reg Saddoris at 928-7263523.
JoAnn Ball, Lot 1062
The Country Roads Singles Club
meets on the 2nd and 4th Sunday
of every month at 2 p.m. in the
Mojave Room. We normally have
a buffet at this time, followed by
a meeting. You are requested to
bring a dish to share, your own
place setting and drink.
We welcome all singles in
Country Roads. No one should
have to attend outings on their
own; this will give you a chance
to be social with others in our
park. We look forward to seeing
Lila Wood, Lot 822
Are you curious about what the
group is really all about? Well,
you can come to the Artisans
Exhibition on Fri., March 6th
between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in the
Ballroom to see examples of the
projects the members have made
this year, from small art quilts,
Christmas wall hangings, chenille
pot holders, woven strip baskets
and easy top/beach cover-ups to
tacky Christmas shirts and
more. Come and see the various
articles made for our annual
BUMFAB event.
You will be amazed at the
creativity by the members to
incorporate this small piece of
unique. See
demonstrate the making of
Wacky Women pins. Also, see
how to hand applique and the new
easier way to bind a quilt.
You can still join our group. The
March projects include an outside
instructor, Katie, who is coming
for a day and a half to
teach techniques such as zippers,
button holes and homemade
piping, which will result in a
waterproof, lined cosmetic bag.
One of our members, Colleen, is
teaching how to make a very
large washable gadget bag so you
can carry all your sewing supplies
with you. We will also have a fun
group work day to start making
our raffle prizes for next year.
Our sewing group meets weekly
on Tuesdays at 9 a.m. in the
Coronado Room. Please come
and check us out.
Sharon Vipond, Secretary
Lot 91, 928-257-3717
The Country Red Roses have had
a very busy year. We traveled to
several different parks to help
them in their parties; fun and
games for all. The High Tea was
elegant as usual. We had a good
crowd and lovely lunch.
The Convention - Hootenanny in
the Hills, was a raving success.
Thank you to those who did all the
work. Costumes were lots of fun.
Now wind-up parties are the order
of the day. St. Patrick will be the
theme of our next meetings, the
last of the year. In April it will be
a pick-up and go for those still
Be sure to bring your costumes for
the Convention for next year.
Have a good summer, and be back
to see all of us in the fall of 2015.
The members play every Monday
and Friday, at 9:00 a.m. at the
horseshoe pits. The pits are open
daily for everyone to use. There is
equipment (horseshoes) in the
shed, by the pits, if needed.
Everyone is welcome to play or
join the Horseshoe Club. The first
Friday of each month, the club has
a potluck followed by the monthly
The Horseshoe Club elected a new
president, Steve Hanenkrat, at its
last meeting. A special thank you
goes to the past president, Irene
Nanninga. She did a wonderful job
for the last 2 years. A word of
appreciation to the vice president,
Jeanne Chenard, Rheal Caissie
secretary/treasurer and Tom Pratt,
tournament director, who have
volunteered their services for
another year.
The club held its annual Member
Tournament Feb. 13 and 16, its
Page 13
Night Tournament in Feb. and
Tournament March 6 and 9.
6 bibs, and the best part was the
pot luck lunch.
The winners of the January
Nanninga, Alvin Nanninga, Tom
Pratt, Noel Chenard, Lyle
Olmstead and George Brown,
who were winners or co-winners
of one tournament, and Jeannie
Chenard, Gary Johnson and Al
who were winners or co-winners
of two tournaments.
In addition to the donations to
Amberly’s Place, there were 6
quilts for Hospice, 16 flannel
receiving blankets and other baby
items donated to the Marine New
Family Support group of new
fathers and mothers, and 58 dog
beds to Yuma Humane Society.
We owe a large thank you to the
Open Sewing group for sharing
the Coronado Room for the 3rd
Rheal Caissie, Secretary
Lot 85, 928-344-0944
[email protected]
Judy Magill, Lot 352
Thank you to everyone who
attended and helped make our
Quilt Show a success. Thank you
to our husbands who helped set
up; we couldn't have done it
without you.
On Feb. 3rd the club members
had a meeting. After much
discussion, we agreed to have
short range purchase goals...1
Spray Booth, 1 Pug Mill, 1
Grinding Disk; and long range
purchase goal...1 Gas Kiln. This
equipment will improve the look
of our clay pieces. The club is
very excited about all of this.
Quilt Club is winding down for
this season with just a couple
more planned projects for March.
As we are preparing to say good
bye for this season, we are also
thinking ahead to exciting new
projects for next season.
Safe travels to everyone.
Margaret Luyckfassel, Lot 57
For our 3rd Annual Baby Day,
products were submitted by more
than 26 volunteers, which was
received 50 quilts of various
sizes, 9 children’s stocking caps,
The Club presented a check for
$500 to the Building Fund at the
Feb. HOA meeting. Without the
help of the Building Fund
assisting us in purchasing initial
equipment, this Club would not
be the best in Yuma today! Thank
you Building Fund Committee.
Silent Auction was a very
successful fundraiser for the
Club. We ran it for 2 1/2 days,
ending at noon the day of the
Craft Fair, with 2 beautiful pieces
done by Master Artists donated
for raffle sales. Several club
member pieces sold during the
Auction. Thank
Country Roads residents for
making this another successful
During our January Social on a
sunny Saturday afternoon, club
members met. Yep, another club
member has gone away with a
gift. Congrats! We enjoyed our
drinks and food...with much
laughter and getting to know new
On March 6th, the Club will be
participating in the Artisan
Exhibition. Many of CR artist
clubs will be showing many
beautiful, handmade pieces. I
know Pottery Studio Club is
looking forward this event! We
will have a raffle item, too.
Judy Jessen and Linda White are
giving Orientation classes on
Fridays. You do need to be a
continue. On
Mondays, Jeanne is giving
Beginners classes. After that, you
are ready to sign-up for other
classes. Make your own piece or
purchase a piece for the Golden
or White Horsehair Class, Sagger
Class, Glazing Class, Raku Class
or Pine Needle Class.
We invite all CR owners and
renters to come see what we are
doing. Playing in the clay is
relaxing and exciting. Clay on!
Judy Jessen, Vice President
Page 14
The ninth Relay for Life is now
history. Since the actual program
was scheduled for Sun., Feb. 22,
after the March Courier deadline,
the final dollars raised will be
noted in the March Courier. With
the committee working hard in
the sale of T-Shirts, luminaries
and raffle tickets, it is anticipated
the final figure will be close to
the 2014 amount ($14, 175).
Many off resort sponsors have
promised nice donations, plus
several CR clubs have indicated
they will be making a nice
donation this year.
Sales of Clam Chowder, Taco
Soup, Bread Pudding, Baked
Goods, Hotdogs, and Root Beer
Floats will meet the dietary needs
of residents, plus generate several
hundred dollars. Music by Bob
Lester and Friends band and
karaoke provided by Dale and
Kaye Holland will keep the
afternoon program rolling, along
with announcing the winners of
several raffle items.
The Survivors Walk will be a
highlight as will the special
recognizes those residents who
passed away from cancer since
the last Relay for Life in March
2014. Two beautiful songs by the
CR Chorus will conclude a
luminaries, plus those purchased
to honor family and friends, will
be lighted and placed around the
fountains and will remain
glowing all night.
Dance music will be provided by
CR favorites Brock and Sherry
Quast. With the entire day
beginning at 12:30 p.m., the last
dance at 9:00 p.m. will be both
welcomed, yet sad because the
entire day will have been so
special in so many ways.
This Relay for Life event will
conclude our two year CoChairperson term. It has been a
most uplifting time and a great
opportunity to head up a
allowed us to say “thank you” to
previous fundraising events,
which lead to the necessary
research which helped cure Pat of
Breast Cancer in 2003. Thank you
Country Roads residents for your
generous support for the past 9 m
Gary & Pat Bartlett, Lot 1207
Exhibition (Art Walk) will be
taking place on March 6th from
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the
Ballroom. Mark the date on your
calendar! The clubs involved will
be "strutting their stuff" through
questions, along with raffles.
Great exhibits! Everyone is
welcome to see what Country
Roads artisans have to offer.
There will also be a door prize, so
come one and all! It's a free
It is anticipated that the Taco in a
Bag dinner will be a sellout (300).
The Men’s Fellowship would like
to thank all who attended the
Ladies’ Valentine Luncheon. We
sincerely hope you had a great
time. If you have any comment
on what would make it even
better for you in the future, feel
free to contact me.
We continue to encourage men to
come to our fellowship on
Wednesday mornings at 7:30 a.m.
in the Inca Room. We have
excellent speakers and wonderful
fellowship. Our last meeting will
be in the Ballroom on March
25th. The Women’s Fellowship
will be putting on a wonderful
all. More
information on this will be
provided at the men’s and
women’s fellowships.
As some of you get ready to head
back home this month, may God
give you safe travel and bring you
back to us in the fall.
Lyle Steers and Ed Hinkle
Everyone is invited to the
interdenominational services in
the ballroom each Sunday
beginning at 10:00 a.m. Come
early for a cup of coffee.
Communion is offered on the first
Sunday of each month. Our
church potluck is after church on
the third Sunday of each month
(March 15).
Remember the Liberty Quarter
will perform during the church
service on March 22nd. This group
specializes in southern gospel
selections. They hail from Boise,
Idaho but maintain a varied travel
schedule. Take a look at their
Page 15
The Fitness Club will be hosting
the March Spaghetti Dinner. It is
our annual fund raiser. The raffle
item this year is a portable
Another incredible year is
winding down. We held another
Orientation Day in Jan. that was
well attended. The equipment has
been well maintained and 2 new
bicycles have been purchased to
replace 2 that were old and
requiring lots of maintenance.
Membership dues help to make
this possible.
The Fitness Club’s Fit 4 Life
team was active in the Feb. Relay
4 Life. We fringed t-shirts as a
donation, along with all those
who got their shirts through the
club. Thank you for your
Thanks again to all the members
that have volunteered for events
during the season.
Carla Allen, Lot 577
Fitness Club Secretary
The last month of our busy winter
season is now here. We have over
40 annual members in our club
who have been busy with many
creative projects. We will be
displaying some of their work at
the Artisan Exhibition March 6 in
the Ballroom. We expect to have
a small lathe demonstrating
woodturning at the Exhibition.
Our annual Wind-Up pot luck
dinner will be held March 14
starting at 5:30 in the Coronado
room. Everyone who has used the
Woodshop is encouraged to join
in the party.
Membership in our club is open
to anyone residing in Country
Roads. We enjoy fellowship with
people ranging in age from 55 to
90. Over the years, members have
shared willingly their talents and
skills. It has been wonderful to
see individual skill levels grow as
As a Club we need to thank our
volunteer monitors for keeping
the shop operating in a
productive, safe environment.
The end of March means that
most of us will again return to our
summer home. We are all
thankful that we found Country
Roads as our winter home. Have
a safe trip home and a wonderful
Bob Sinclair
Molded slip ceramics is the art of
decorating pieces of clay bisque.
The process of turning wet clay
into pieces that can be decorated
with all types of ceramic paints is
described in three stages. First the
wet clay is poured into molds.
The clay is allowed to dry in the
molds and then removed from the
molds. The pieces are then
imperfections, placed in a kiln
and fired at high temperatures.
This process turns the piece into
what is called bisque. This
process produces pieces that can
now be decorated with any
number of ceramic paints.
Our group has had a good year so
far. We invite anyone interested
in decorating ceramic pieces to
stop by the ceramic room and see
what we have done so far. We are
generally in the ceramic room
Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m.
to 4:00 p.m.
Our silent auction was held Feb.
17th, 18th and 19th. We had a
great response. The proceeds
from our auction pay for all the
paints and supplies that are used.
We are selling raffle tickets for a
beautiful table top ceramic
Christmas tree. The raffle tickets
went on sale on Feb. 17th and
will continue selling thru March
6th at the Art Walk. Tickets are
$1 each of 6 for $5. The winner
will be chosen on March 6th at
2:00 in the ballroom. Our group
will have tables set up at the Art
Walk showing our work from the
start to finish. Be sure and stop by
and visit us.
Sue Miller, Lot 1018
Primary contact person
The Disco Dance was a huge
success, many thanks to AJ Jones,
Melissa Wood, Yvonne and Marv
Dutnall. Judges-Val Shoemaker,
Jim and Shirley Morehouse, Russ
and Donna Reid and the cleaning
crew-you know who you are!
Fantastic job everyone! Great
music by DJ T-Rex aka Rex
Prizes were given for Disco
Kings & Queens and best tables.
Page 16
It is the Veteran, not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion.
It is the Veteran, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the Veteran, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the Veteran, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to assemble.
It is the Veteran, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to fair trial.
It is the Veteran, not the politician, who has given us the right to vote.
It is the Veteran who salutes the Flag.
There are over 22 Million US Veterans - Source VA
Local Merchants Paid Advertising
Page 17
Verna Davis, Church Board
Page 18
Local Merchants Paid Advertising
Local Merchants Paid Advertising
Page 19
Tell A Country
Roads Employee
Local Merchants Paid Advertising
Page 20
Local Merchants Paid Advertising
Page 21
Local Merchants Paid Advertising
Page 22
Page 23
The Association Board of Directors recently installed a security software computer system at the gate house. This system is capable of registering your visitors, printing passes,
printing ID badges for contractors and you can choose to interact with the system from
your home computer and / or smart phone. To get started simply go to the Country Roads
Website and the link is in the Manager’s message along with the full manual.
Username is Lot # and Temporary Password is 1234
Page 24