Sunday Bulletin - St George Episcopal Church

St. George Episcopal Church
1250 Paige Place, The Villages, FL 32159 (352) 750-1010
St. George Episcopal Church
The Rt. Rev. Gregory O. Brewer, Diocesan Bishop
The Rev. F. John Kelly, Rector
750-1010 or 352-446-5769
The Rev. Janet Galbreath, Deacon
The Rev. Tom Bankowski, Deacon
Barbara Coulter, Music Director
Ann Taylor, Choir Director
Tom Trainor, Sexton
Debbie Shartle, Office Manager
Senior Warden
Junior Warden
Vestry Clerk
Vestry Member
Vestry Member
Vestry Member
Vestry Member
Vestry Member
Vestry Member
Assistant Treasurer
Archie Duncan
Bob Hasbrouck
Dorcas Miller
Bob Gunn
Marilyn Hood
Vince Maury
Walter Martin
Jan Head
Phil Partington
Ruth Wadman
Diane Prather
Week of March 22—March 28
10:00 AM
9:00 AM
10:30 AM
1:00 PM
9:00 AM
10:00 AM
11:30 PM
4:30 PM
10:30 AM
5:00 PM
5:00 PM
Worship Service Rite 1
Worship Service Rite 2
Centering Prayer
Gems of Truth Study
Craft Workshop
Altar Guild
Bible Study
Healing Service
Choir Practice
Scripture Discussion
Stations of the Cross
Worship Service Rite 2
The Fifth Sunday
In Lent
March 22, 2015
The Holy Eucharist—8:00 AM
Penitential Order Rite I
The Word of God
Opening Salutation
The Decalogue (Kneeling)
Confession of Sin and Absolution
Kyrie Eleison
Collect of the day
The Gospel Reading
Nicene Creed
Prayers of the People
The Peace
BCP 319
BCP 317-318
BCP 320-321
BCP 324
Fr. John Kelly
BCP 326
BCP 387
Blessing of Birthdays & Anniversaries
The Holy Communion
Eucharistic Prayer I
The Breaking of the Bread
The Blessing
The Dismissal
BCP 333
BCP 337
BCP 339
Today’s Service Leaders
8:00 AM
Flag Bearer
Newcomers Table
Flag Bearer
Newcomers Table
Wayne Bryan
Sheryl Noland & Vince Maury
Hugh & Evelyn Gibson
Elizabeth Torian & Judy Owen
Keith & Judy Brody
Chuck Fulcher
10:00 AM
Jack Bigford
Tish Kelly & Maggie Bilanin
Peter & Jean Haslam
Ed & Betty Johnson
Nancy Parris & Sally Hoffman
Jack & Karen Bigford
Palm Sunday
Next weekend we begin Holy Week with Jesus’ Triumphal Procession into Jerusalem. Each service including the Saturday 5:00
PM will follow the Book of Common Prayer’s Liturgy of the
Palms and Passion Sunday service. For those who are physically
able, you are asked to join us for the Liturgy of the Palms which
will be held outside the front entrance of the Church. We will
then process into the Church.
Fr. John
Stations of the Cross
The Stations of the Cross is a meditation on our Lord’s last day of
suffering. It is a profound spiritual experience. Stations of the
Cross will meet every Friday at 5:00 p.m. in the Church from
February 20th through March 27th and each day during Holy
Week, except Good Friday when it will follow the Good Friday
noon service.
Are You a Member?
Have you actually joined St. George, or are you still attending as a
guest? Joining the Church is like taking a relationship to the next level.
There is something wonderful and different about being committed to
your Parish. If you would like to join St. George, please call the office
at 750-1010 to make an appointment.
Church Parking
St. George is growing and the snowbirds are returning. How can you
help our parish with its limited parking? Here are a few ideas: If you
are a two car St. George couple become a one car St. George couple!
Pick up a friend and come to Church together. Are you physically able?
Park across the street at the Hacienda Center. If you can, leave your car
and take your golf cart. Don’t forget! If you come to Church in a golf
cart, park in the designated area on the north side of the Church by the
office. Keep the traffic lane clear for emergency vehicles. Thanks . Fr.
John Kelly, Rector.
Visitors Welcome—Coffee Hour
We welcome all visitors to St. George. Everyone is invited to the coffee hours held between services at 9:00 a.m. or after the 10:00 service in
the Parish Hall.
If you are a first-time visitor please sign our guest book in the Narthex.
Sick, Homebound, and Hospital Visitation
Visiting the sick and the home bound is a vital ministry which we
clergy value highly. If you or a family member is admitted to a hospital please contact the Parish Office. With today's HIPA regulations getting information is very difficult, so we would appreciate your getting
in touch with us. We will be happy to visit you or your loved one. It is
our particular joy to visit and to pray for you.
Healing Service
Healing service is every Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. in the Church. Everyone is welcome.
Fire Lane
Do not park your vehicle in the fire and ambulance lane, which is
marked by yellow painted curbs. This is an important safety issue and
we have been instructed by the Lady Lake Police to maintain emergency vehicle access at all times. You may get a ticket.
Invitation to Communion
All baptized Christians are welcome to receive the real and living presence of Christ in this Holy Communion. To receive the Bread, extend
your hands upward, palms crossed. When receiving the Wine, please
guide the chalice as it is offered. If you prefer, you may leave the Bread
on your palm for the person administering the chalice to dip into the
Wine and place on your tongue.
Anyone may come forward for a prayer for God’s blessing in lieu of
receiving Communion. Please indicate your desire for a prayer for
God’s blessing by crossing your arms on your chest. Ladies are encouraged to blot lipstick before receiving Communion. Ushers will
direct the congregation to receive Communion.
The Holy Eucharist—10:00 AM
Penitential Order Rite II
The Word of God
“My song is love unknown”
Processional Hymn
“America“ (vs. 4)
Opening Salutation
The Decalogue (Kneeling)
Confession of Sin and Absolution
Collect of the Day
Old Testament Reading
New Testament Reading
Gospel Hymn (vs. 1, 2)
Gospel Hymn (vs. 3, 4)
Nicene Creed
Prayers of the People-Form III
Confession and the Absolution
The Peace
Mark Sedio
Hymn 168
Hymn 717
BCP 351
BCP 350
BCP 352-353
Hymn 337
Hymn 337
Fr. John Kelly
BCP 358
BCP 387
BCP 360
Blessing of Birthdays & Anniversaries
The Holy Communion
“Lamb of God”
Eucharistic Prayer A
The Breaking of the Bread
Agnus Dei
Communion Hymns
“Give thanks”
“Bless the Lord, O my soul”
“On Christ the solid rock”
Prayer of Thanksgiving
The Blessing
Processional Hymn
The Dismissal
F. Melius Christiansen
BCP 361
BCP 364
(booklet #14)
(booklet #8)
(booklet #39)
BCP 366
Hymn 441
W. A. Mozart
Holy Unction: The Rev. Janet Galbreath
St. George Prayer Lists
Please be aware that names on the Parish Prayer List, Long-Term Treatment
and Nursing Homes/Assisted Living will be read aloud in church. Names on
the Extended Family list will be removed after four weeks. Please call the
Church Office to request being put back on the list, as needed.
Our Mission
Our mission is to proclaim by word and action the healing love
and Good News of God in Christ.
Parish Prayer List
Doris Adams
Doris Austin
Dean Corbett
Ina Del Bosco
Charlie Ellis
Dave Evans
Nancy Evans
John Findley
Milli Fitzgerald
George Gangemi
Peggy Hatfield
Jim Hubbard
John Kane
Ed Kirchdoerfer
Bob Lawrence
Kathryn Sears
Pete Shrider
Doris Turner
Anne Vilseck
Donna Ward
Cell Phones
Please silence your cell phone in Church. Thank you for your consideration.
You may donate old cell phones to the Troops by bringing them to the
church office. We send them off to be refurbished and have minutes
added so that soldiers and their families can be in contact.
Long-Term Treatment
Peter Adams
Charlie Anderson
Pete Anderson
Dotsy Ann Barry
Agnes Bellomy
Irene Birtwell
Dana Bishop
Dot Bishop
Alma Coit
Dave Comp
Pat Comp
Deanna Ellis
Frank Gambino
Al Grigull
Ted Hummel
Erdine Lewis
Linda Lewis
Joan Martin
Bill Moylan
Nancy Nash
Chet Naylor
Gene Olson
Nancy Parks
Jackie Preston
Tom Price
Deborah Ruhsenberger
Father David Ryan
Bob Schulze
Eileen Schulze
Ben Shrader
Barbara Simpson
Rick Sundstrom
Ray Treinen
Richard Tubby
Beverly Turner
Nedra Updike
Jane Van Wyen
Nursing Homes/Assisted Living
George Beers
Cora Kelley
Martha Key
Frank Killea
Loren Poff
Jock Spies
Extended Family
Dan Baker
Samantha Ball
Jane Boldrick
Maria Colangelo
Rena Michaud
Roger Michaud
Muriel Plourde
See the enclosed insert, “Saints Alive!” newsletter, or our website at for news and announcements.
Military Prayer List
Andrew Banasmer
Amos Barrows
Daniel P. Bello
Sheila Black-Watson
Karl Blinkinsop
Justin Lee Buch
Stephen W. Buch
Ted Bucieika
Chris Cadieux
Shawn Coleman
McAllister Collins
Andrew Conn
Christopher Czumak
Michael DeLuca
Eleanor E. Derouin
Blake Faller
Michael George
Justin Gist
Jack E. Kelloff
Charles W. Kojak
Travis Lewis
Chris Love
Scott Lugo
Darrell Mitchell
Dana Moore
Tyler O’Bryan
John O'Grady
Jim O’Neal
Brian Parmeter
Nicholas Parsai
Ryan Rieman
Keil Schreiber
Joey Severes
Brian Shear
Arthur Smith
Kayley Squire
Chris Stanifer
Darian Tate
Christopher Timinski
William Verrett
David Wilbur
Ryan Wilcox
Brad Willette
Joe Williams
Please notify the church office of updates to this list.