March 2015 - Louisville Dental Society

June 2013
Volume 18 March 2015
President: James Randy
Ransdell, DMD 502 367-1536
Immediate Past President:
Bruce Haskell, DMD, PhD
502 964-9094
Vice President: Angela
Shelton, DMD
270 352-5566
Darren Greenwell, DMD
502 955-6134
Scientific Sessions Chair:
Bobby Mann, DMD
502 896-0555
Budget & Finance Chair:
Paul Abbott, DMD
502 412-3309
 Dental Health Advisory &
Community Service Chair:
Larry Gettleman, DMD
 Constitution & Bylaws Chair
Walter Distler, DMD
 Judicial Chair:
Scott Norton, DMD
 Membership &
Attendance Chair:
Darren Greenwell, DMD
 New Dentist Chair:
Bogdan Graboviy, DMD
 LDS Representative to KDA:
Karen Nation, DMD
502 244-6886
 LDS Secretary: 244-2005
Susan Broughman Lewis
Message from your President, James E Ransdell, DMD, FACD
Greetings to all our dental colleagues,
WELCOME to our KDA brethren & sisteren visiting for the KDA Annual Meeting beginning March 5th. There is a great slate of speakers and we encourage everyone’s
attendance to swap some stories and learn something new!
Does anyone know what now-huge company was founded in the 70’s, started in a garage, began on the sales of a device to make illegal long distance phone calls? They
are the maker of the APPLE I, APPLE II, APPLE III, The LISA, The Macintosh, The
Ipod (where did all the old Walkmans go?), the IPHONE, The IPAD, the MAC Daddy
Apple ! Just 40 years later they are the largest company in the world by market Capitalization. Second largest information technology company, behind Samsung & the
third largest cellular telephone maker. They have experienced a Jolly-Green-Giant
growth spurt.
While I can’t imagine Barry Ceridan, Mark Schulte & Dennis Price sitting around with a
smoky solder gun in a greasy garage, making illegal devices…. their dream, drive and
organization started the Smile KY! program 13 years ago.
Though no millionaires were made with the Smile KY! IPO, the returns in our children’s
oral health have been nothing shy of tremendous.
Smile KY! has grown from a grass-roots volunteer organization, to a well-organized
multi-county event harnessing public, private and volunteer resources to provide nearly $1.5mil in Free Dental Care to 40K children.
The decrease in oral health issues in the children who are screened has been dramatic. Many of those children who were not eligible for Publicly funded dental programs or who could not afford private dental insurance or treatment were the beneficiaries of Smile KY!
For this accomplishment, everyone in the LDS, and all who have participated over the
years, can be truly proud. From it’s brilliant conception, through its development of innovative partnerships, to its great success in treatment goals, SMILE KY! has become
a model for delivery of charitable dental care.
First, I would like to Thank Susan Lewis for her toil & skill at managing this Smile KY!
Beast every year. Through her patented mix of sweet talk & cajoling, she always has
filled the many unpaid volunteer screening & treatment slots with willing Louisville Dental Society Volunteers. She further manages the paper trail, so everything works
smoothly on treatment day. After it’s over, she feels like an accountant does on
Christy Ray & Kelly Dearing-Smith and the Louisville Water company & other volunteers have worked tirelessly to educate children about the importance of dental health,
provide support and spread the word about Smile KY! Christy Ray is a wizard in the
classroom and on treatment day she keeps us all on schedule! The Prospect Rotary
club deserves a special thanks for their monetary support totaling nearly $100K over
nine years. We appreciate your hard work & generosity.
Continued on pages 2 & 4.
Henry Schein & Colgate & other suppliers have provided materials allowing treatment of our many Smile KY! children.
Your generosity is phenomenal.
Obviously, the ULDS is one of the major reasons of the success of Smile KY! Thanks to the ULDS: faculty, Staff &
Students. You all are awesome.
I would like to recognize all of the following for their special & generous support of Smile KY!
Please hold your applause & cheers as this a long list::
Dr. Darren Greenwell
Meade County Area Technology Center
Dr Nicholas Ising
Meade County Health Department
Dr. Bob McDade
Microbrush Corporation
3M ESPE Dental Products
Morrison's - University Hospital
American Dental Association
Beam Technologies LLC
Bowman Insurance & Benefits Service
Brasseler USA
Bullitt Co. Area Technology Center
Nelson County School District
Northwest Area Health Education Center
Parker Hannifin Corp. - Porter Instruments Division
Passport Health Plan
Bullitt Co. Health Dept.
Paul’s Fruit Market
Carestream Health (Kodak & Cooke-Waite)
Plehn’s Bakery
Centrix Dental
Practiceworks, Inc.
Prospect-Goshen Rotary Club
Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures
SDI / Southern Dental Industries
Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals
Come Back Inn - Louisville
Delta Dental of Kentucky
Shelby County Cooperative Extension Service
Shelby County Area Technology Center
Spencer county School District
Dentsply Caulk
Dentsply Professional
Stock Yards Bank
Garrison Dental Solutions
Subway - Waterfront
GC America
Texas Roadhouse
Healthcare Practice Consultants
Henry Schein / Sullivan Schein
Horton Fruit Company
Kentucky Dental Association
Ultradent Products, Inc.
UofL Parking Department
UofL School of Dentistry
Van Zandt, Emrich & Cary, Inc.
Kentucky Dental Foundation
VOCO America, Inc.
Kentucky Dental Hygienists’ Association
Waterfront Development Corporation
Louisville Dental Society
WaterPik Technologies
Louisville District Dental Hygienist Assoc.
Whip Mix Corp.
Louisville Water Company
Any one I forgot?
Thank you all for the wonderful past success of Smile KY!, but please keep reading…..
Due to federal, legal & institutional changes the scope of the program will change in future years. The Affordable care
act should provide dental coverage for most un-insured children in the state of Kentucky. If the Kentucky tax base can
survive the expense, this is a phenomenal development.
On the negative end, the Jefferson County School System presented a binding mumbo-jumbo “Memorandum of Understanding” which our legal advisors have advised us to avoid, as worded. This memorandum prevented participation of
the children in the Jefferson County Public school system from receiving treatment from LDS volunteers. JCPS was
non-responsive to our multiple requests for discussion.
Additionally, in 2015 the University of Louisville dental school did not need LDS member volunteers for treating Smile
KY! children at the school because of the low numbers of children coming to ULSD on Free Treatment Day (just 87 this
year.) I trust this will not be a continuing development and we will be back to treating hundreds of children on this day
every year, with many LDS member volunteers. All of the children were treated this year by dental & hygiene students.
On the positive side of the ledger, many children were treated at Drs. Bob McDade, Darren Greenwell & Nick Ising’s
offices & the surrounding county school systems had no requirements for unnecessary memorandums.
Future Smile KY! programs may utilize additional volunteer LDS members to treat Smile KY! children in LDS members
offices’. Thanks, in advance, for your continued participation.
Other opportunities for charitable dental care to different populations are being explored. The Louisville Metro Dental
van may be utilized for mobile care to underserved areas.
If you have never experienced the THRILL of mobile dentistry, there will be an opportunity to see the van & volunteer (if
desired) at the Sojourn Clinic, 1207 S. Shelby St., Louisville KY 40203, Saturday, March 21, 2015, Noon to 4 p.m.
For more information and the registration packet see this link:
Thanks once again for your participation, community service and membership. I hope to see you at the next LDS CE
meeting on April 16th at the Audubon Country Club. Details on page 5.
You all are the greatest. Sincerely, Randy
Supreme Court Rules Against North Carolina Dental Board. The American Dental Association (2/26) reports, “In a 6 to 3 decision issued Feb. 25, the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that a dental board that includes ‘market participants,’ i.e., dentists, who control
its decisions must be subject to ‘active supervision’ by the state if the boards and their individual members are to enjoy immunity from
federal antitrust laws under the State Action Doctrine.” In response, the American Dental Association says it “believes the decision
constitutes a radical departure from the court’s established law and throws into question the regulatory, licensing, and disciplinary
authority of thousands of professional boards across the country.”
The AP (2/26, Sherman) reports, “in dissent, Justice Samuel Alito warned that the decision ‘is likely to have far-reaching effects
on the states’ regulation of professions’ because many boards are made up of practitioners.”
The Los Angeles Times (2/26, Savage) reports, “Legal experts said the ruling stepped away from earlier decisions that had
made state officials immune from federal antitrust charges.” The Los Angeles Times adds that, in his dissent, Justice Alito wrote that
“the court had ‘veered off course’” and that “‘Today’s decision will spawn confusion’ when judges try to decide which state boards
‘merit a good-government seal of approval.’”
Meanwhile, the New York Times (2/26, Liptak, Subscription Publication) reports, “A supporting brief from the American Medical
Association and several other medical groups had argued that a ruling against the dental board would discourage doctors from serving on professional boards and disrupt a ‘150-year tradition.’”
Similarly, Modern Healthcare (2/25, Schencker, Subscription Publication) reports that prior to the ruling both the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association had filed amicus curiae briefs in support of the North Carolina Board of Dental
Examiner’s position that “it should be immune from antitrust laws because it is a state agency.”
Medscape (2/26) also mentions the AMA and ADA’s amicus curiae briefs, reporting that the “AMA and its allies” said, “If state
licensing decisions are subject to invalidation by federal agencies with no particular expertise in the healing arts, then those federal
agencies will become the final arbiters of matters of public safety, tasks that they are ill-equipped to perform.”
Scientific Sessions
Thursday, April 16, 2015: Ozzie Richi, Master Dental Technologist on Immediate Load Full
Arch Restorations with nSequence, 2 credit hours.
Sponsored by Platinum Patron Keller Dental Lab.
$25 in advance for dinner for LDS members; $75 for non-members; please call LDS today to
make your paid reservation with credit card, or mail check to LDS, 1920 Nelson Miller Pkwy, 40223.
Call 502-244-2005 to reserve today. Audubon CC, 3265 Robin Road, 40213
The immediate load full arch restoration (also known as All-on-4, Diem, RevitaliZe, TeethExpress, etc.) is one of the
fastest growing parts of implant dentistry today.
In this lecture we will examine the immediate load full arch procedure and the flexibility it brings to the same day surgical and prosthetic face. We will introduce you to the digital version of it called nSequence and all the benefits and
precision it brings to this same day dentistry.
Who Should Attend: Surgeons, Periodontists, Prosthodontists, General Practitioners and Dental Auxillaries.
• Review fixture level impression techniques
• Review abutment seating and soft tissue displacement options
• Learn how guided surgery results in fewer appointments and less chair time for immediate load full arch prostheses
• Compare nSequence vs. competitors including costs
• Enhance collaboration between the surgical, restorative, and laboratory teams
Presenter: Ozzie Richi, Master Dental Technologist
Born in Argentina, Ozzie Richi moved to New York City when he was 15 years old. He has worked in all facets of dental
technology since he was 19 and attended New York University where he received a Master Dental Technician title
after successfully completing the American Society of Master Dental Technologists course. Specializing in implants for
the past 24 years, he has helped with the development of several implant companies’ systems and products available
in the market today. Ozzie has also worked directly with several laboratories’ implant departments and helped grow
them. He owned a laboratory himself in New York City which specialized in producing high-end implant prostheses.
During his career, Ozzie has worked alongside some of the best dentists in the world, including Dr. Carl Misch, Dr.
Dennis Tarnow, and Dr. Larry Rosenthal. Currently, Ozzie is the Program Director of Implants for National Dentex, the
largest network of dental laboratories in the country.
Audubon CC, 3265 Robin Road, 40213
Our general membership meetings for the new year began in a
new location . . . Audubon Country Club, pictured here. Our
meetings are still on Thursday evenings, beginning with hospitality time at 5:30. Most meetings are the third Thursday. Our CE
speakers will begin promptly at 7 PM.
Audubon has different size rooms, some facing the beautiful golf
course, so we may be in different rooms each month, according
to our attendance. We are looking forward to this change in a
positive way.
See you at Audubon!
Community Service
Action Alert from the ADA: Help End Unfair Dental Insurance Practices
With your help, we can end the free ride that the health insurance industry has enjoyed for nearly
65 years, and make health care insurers accountable to the principles of fair competition.
Repeal of the McCarran-Ferguson antitrust exemption for the “ business of health insurance” would empower federal agencies like the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate and challenge collective action by insurance companies, and enable parties victimized by illegal and anticompetitive conduct to pursue remedies against those insurers. These victims may include dentists, their patients, and the public at large, all of whom would benefit from the repeal of
Contact your Representative today, asking him/her to support H.R. 494, the
Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act.
New 2015 LDS Officers
President: Dr Angela Shelton
Vice President: Dr Bobby Mann
Secretary/Treasurer: Dr Paul Boyd
Scientific Sessions Chairman: Dr Darren Greenwell
Assistant Secretary Treasurer: Dr Joe Cieslak
Budget & Finance Chairman: Dr Allan Gould
Budget & Finance New Committee Members: David Willis & Bogdan Graboviy
Peer Review: Drs. Walt Distler, Darren Greenwell, Susan King, Mark Nation, Scott Norton, Jolanta Sauer.
Delegates to 2016 KDA: Drs. Todd Cochran, Bruce Haskell, Ken Hofmann, Michael Hunzinger, Susan King,
Darrell Lyvers, Randy Ransdell. Susie Riley, Charlie Tritle.
Alternate Delegates to 2016 KDA: Drs. Gay Baughman, Greg Cecil, Nick Ising, Joe Jacobi, Lee Mayer, Mark Nation.
Investment Committee Member at Large: Dr Dave Willis
LDS representative on the KDA executive board: Dr Karen Nation
LDS representative to the KDA Council on Dental Care Programs: Dr Susie Riley
All new officers will take office at the May 21st LDS meeting at Audubon Country Club.
For nine years the Prospect Goshen Rotary has
been a major contributor to the Smile Kentucky!
Program. Rotary members have volunteered on
treatment days in February for the past nine years.
From left, Carol Brenner, RDH, Christy Ray,
Susan Lewis, Jim Lewis, DDS & Michael
Mansfield, DMD, Nat Green, Kelley Smith
and front row, Bill Sherman.
But even more important is that the Rotary has a
golf scramble each fall and for the past 9 years has
donated proceeds from that scramble to Smile KY!
so that the children who need to return to ULSD later for additional treatment are able to do that. This
picture is at the December Rotary meeting when
they gave SK! a check for $8,500. Prospect Goshen
Rotary has given Smile KY! $93,000 in 9 years!
Thank you Prospect Goshen Rotary!
You can help the Smile KY! program by planning
NOW to have a foursome at the Rotary Golf Scramble in October. Call Bill @ 502.228.0185.
ADA: Op-Eds Strongly Support Community Water Fluoridation.
In an op-ed for the VT Digger (3/2), practicing Rutland, Vermont dentist, Vermont State Dental Society board member and ADA trustee Dr. Judith M. Fisch writes strongly in support of community
water fluoridation. “Water fluoridation is one of the most effective choices communities can make
to prevent health problems and improve the oral health of all residents,” Dr. Fisch writes, adding
that opponents of water fluoridation “resort to creating confusion and fear, frequently with bizarre
conspiracy theories they proclaim as fact” in order to undermine support for fluoridation. Dr. Fisch
continues, citing CDC data that show, “every $1 spent on fluoridation saves $38 in dental treatment,” and concludes, “I know I speak for my colleagues within the Vermont State Dental Society
and the American Dental Association when I say fluoridation is safe and is one of the best tools for
improving the oral health of our communities.”
In another op-ed, this one for the Philly (3/3) “Healthy Kids” blog, pediatrician Dr. Emiliano Tatar,
MD, writes that “in looking at 70 years of data, it’s hard to understand” the anti-fluoride stance. Indeed, Dr. Tatar adds, “Fluoride’s ability to prevent cavities is well-documented” and its “benefits
are touted by the vast majority of dentists, physicians and scientists as well as all major health organizations around the globe.” Dr. Tatar specifically points to a Harvard review of foreign studies
that “seem to show IQ loss in areas where fluoride concentrations were high,” but has since “been
analyzed, shown to have multiple profound flaws, and debunked.”
Cedar Lake Lodge is a private nonprofit organization whose mission is to offer highly compassionate, capable care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they may
experience a life of abundant possibilities. There
are several locations where those with disabilities
can live in a home style environment and care for
themselves, but have the support of staff to insure
their safety and well being. The residents are all
ages, but many will spend years there after their
families are gone or can no longer care for them.
It is the closest thing to a family that some of the
residents will experience. I became involved with
Cedar Lake due to several patients and friends
that had family members who were housed there.
It is a wonderful, local, financially efficient organization that could use our support. The residents
would greatly appreciate your donations. —Randy
. $8800 in donations have been received from these:
Phil Barber, DMD
Randy Ransdell, DMD
Louisville Dental Society
Glenn Blincoe, DMD & David Shutt, DMD
Kenny Livesay, DMD
Mattingly & Howell Orthodontics
Perio Implant Associates
Louisville Dental Society Pictorial Roster Update
Current roster is on sale—half price! 7.50 for members & advertisers; 27.50 for nonmembers. Call today before we run out. We will mail them to you for an additional 2.00 per
roster; just send LDS a check for rosters & postage, or you may pick up at the LDS office.
Is your Pictorial Roster Information Correct?
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