Brochure Final Exam - PhD Program in Information Technology

Ph.D. in Information Technology:
Belloli and Caporale Final Dissertations
DEIB - Seminar Room
March 25th, 2015
First Ph.D. presentation and discussion:
Dr. Damiano BELLOLI – XXVI Cycle
Analysis and Control of Mechatronic Actuation Systems in Industrial Applications
Supervisor: Prof. Sergio Savaresi
The widespread of the actuation systems in the industrial applications and the recent introduction of the
electronic components and new generation of devices, called mechatronic actuators, lead to necessity of
more deep studies and analysis of the dynamical behavior and control strategies for such actuators.
In this research theme, the development of suitable models, estimation algorithms and control strategies
for different technologies of mechatronic actuators are detailed. In addition, the methodologies analyzed
are applied to specific industrial environments, such as self-balancing manipulators and rolling mills for pipe
Second Ph.D. presentation and discussion:
Dr. Danilo CAPORALE – XXVII Cycle
Optimal/Robust control for anti-slip/skid devices in railway applications
Supervisor: Prof. Patrizio Colaneri
Control systems for wheel axle control of railway vehicles are the main focus of this work. we analyze the
problem from two points of view: the single axle speed control and the whole train coordinated control. In
both of them we propose innovative control algorithms to enhance the performance of current wheel slip
protection devices exploiting advantages offered from modern control theory. Results are theoretically
validated and simulation experiments are given.