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Monday, March 23, 2015
States testing food-stamp work options
The Associated Press
federal grants will help 10
states test programs to help
food stamp recipients find
jobs, from using career coaches
to quicker training courses to
mental health assistance.
The grants, announced
Friday in Georgia by
Agriculture Secretary Tom
Vilsack, come as the
Republican Congress is exploring ways to cut the program,
which cost $74 billion last
year — twice its cost in 2008.
Some in the GOP have proposed stricter work requirements as a way to do that. But
the Obama administration sees
better worker training as an
alternative to cuts or stricter
work requirements.
Vilsack said the grants will
help USDA identify what works
and what doesn’t in terms of
getting people to work.
The food stamp program
has long been the center of
political wrangling in
Washington, with elective officials debating it virtually endlessly. Republicans for the
most part have called it a government give-away and have
worked historically to rein it
in, if not eliminate it. Many
Democrats, particularly those
in the party’s liberal wing,
have steadfastly fought cuts to
the program, calling it an
essential element of the federal
government’s safety net for the
Washington provides the
money for food stamps, now
called the Supplemental
Nutrition Assistance Program,
or SNAP. But it is administered
by the states, with regulations
varying from state to state. As
part of the grant program, the
Agriculture Department is contracting two private research
organizations to evaluate the
states’ performance.
Only about a fifth of the 46
million SNAP recipients are eligible for training. The rest are
elderly, disabled, children or
already in the workforce.
Vilsack said 35 states applied
for the $200 million in grants,
which were part of a wideranging farm bill that became
law last year.
Among the winners:
In Georgia, participants
would use an online tool
developed by the state to create individualized work plans.
In Kentucky, the state will
work with local employers and
teach skills for in-demand
jobs, like food service.
California will test child care
programs for people who need
work training as part of a family-centered approach.
Other states receiving the
grants are Delaware, Kansas,
Illinois, Mississippi, Vermont,
Virginia and Washington state.
Congress’s virtually annual
fight over the cost of food
stamps grew more intense as
the benefit rolls started climbing during the Great
Recession, which was under
way when President Barack
Obama took office in 2009.
The Republican House
passed a bill in 2013 that
would have allowed states to
put broad new work requirements in place. The bill also
would have ended government waivers for some states
that allowed able-bodied
adults without dependents to
receive food stamps indefinitely. Current law only allows
those adults to receive the
benefits for three months in a
three-year period.
Democrats, in keeping with
traditional practice, opposed
major cuts to the program, and
the final farm bill only made an
estimated 1 percent cut, with
no new work requirements.
Vilsack has encouraged better worker-training programs as
one way to trim the cost; the
farm bill established the grants
for states to test programs.
Republicans have also supported that approach.
House Agriculture
Committee Chairman Mike
Conaway, R-Texas, praised
thecf grants, saying that states’
innovative approaches “will
help able-bodied SNAP recipients climb the economic ladder.”
Still, the fight over foods
stamps is continuing.
As in past years, a House
budget proposed this week
would transform the program
into block grants to states, a
move that could cut tens of
billions from the program. A
Senate version of the nonbinding budget resolution called
for cuts to programs like SNAP
but was not as specific in how
they should be done.
Vilsack said he has “deep
concerns” about the House
proposal and said the job
training is a better way to
make SNAP work.
With block grants, “you are
either going to cut people or
cut benefits, and both
approaches are the wrong
way,” Vilsack said.
Cash-strapped Americans like tax refund advances
The Associated Press
WASHINGTON — Cash-strapped
Americans anxious for tax refunds are
increasingly turning to payment
advances, prepaid cards or other costly
services when getting tax preparation
help, according to new federal data
raising concerns among regulators
about whether consumers are fully
informed about the fees.
Regulators are looking to increase
oversight of preparers amid the rise in
“refund anticipation checks,” a type of
cash advance especially popular among
low-income families who receive the
Earned Income Tax Credit, the government’s $65 billion cash benefit program. The advances are being marketed
as a way to get fast refunds or defer
payment of tax preparation costs.
The Consumer Financial Protection
Bureau says some consumers have
complaints about refund anticipation
checks centered on advertising, quality
of service or fees.
The bureau is finalizing the first rules
on prepaid debit cards, including those
for tax refunds, that would require
“easy to understand” disclosures
upfront about costs and risks.
Refund anticipation checks rose to
roughly 21.6 million in 2014, up 17 percent from 2011, according to IRS data
provided to The Associated Press. About
half the purchasers are EITC recipients;
roughly 84 percent are low-income,
according to the data. Industry analysts
project the payment advances and their
fees will become more widespread as tax
preparers seek to boost revenue.
Currently, refund anticipation checks
and prepaid cards make up 10 percent
of industry giant H&R Block’s revenue
and more than 20 percent of Liberty Tax
Service’s, according to earnings reports.
Both companies said they are committed to providing consumers with
the information they need to make
tax-filing decisions, including use of
refund anticipation checks. They said
the payment advances offer added
value, such as convenience.
The Internal Revenue Service has
been pushing Congress for new authority to regulate the $10.1 billion tax
preparation industry after an appeals
court last year barred it from requiring
tax preparers to undergo background
checks and testing.
“It’s the wild, wild West,” said Nina
Olson, the IRS’ national taxpayer advocate, describing the current state of the
industry. She called the level of risk for
abuse in pricing and quality of service
The National Association of Tax
Professionals supports certification of
providers to ensure a minimum level of
competency. But the Institute for
Justice, which filed the lawsuit against
IRS, says new licensing requirements
and other oversight aren’t the answer.
“We should do more to increase
competition, not drive independent
tax preparers out of the market,” said
Dan Alban, an attorney for the group.
The average tax-preparation fee for
2014 returns is $273, up 11 percent
from two years ago, according to a survey by the National Society of
Accountants. But there’s wide variation,
with fees of $400 or more, according to
the National Consumer Law Center.
Skagway has decided to close
its two stores in Grand Island.
CEO Bill Martin told
employees in a letter posted
online Sunday night that the
stores would be permanently
closed effective May 22 and
that all employee positions
would be eliminated.
Martin announced last week
that the pharmacies at the two
stores would be sold to U Save
Pharmacy and that the deal
should be completed next
month. In October, officials
announced that a deal with
B&R Stores to buy the two
Skagway stores had fallen
Martin didn’t immediately
return a call from The
Associated Press on Monday.
The Associated Press
Monday’s 11 a.m.
local markets
Corn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3.62
Soybeans . . . . . . . . . . .9.23
Milo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3.91
Wheat . . . . . . . . . . . . .5.28
Stocks of local interest
The following stocks of local interest were
traded today:
219,496 +1,196
Berkshire Hathaway A
Berkshire Hathaway B
Eaton Corp.
Ingersoll Rand
Level 3
Tricon Global Restaurants 79.74
Union Pacific
Wells Fargo
Williams Cos.
Public Notices
School Board Proceedings
Hastings Public Schools
March 16, 2015
Action was taken to:
-Approve minutes of the previous meetings.
-Approve expenses as submitted: Payroll $2,749,565.12, Vendors – $837,212.08, Total Warrants $3,586,777.20
-Recognize the nominees for Hastings Public Schools
Educator of the Year.
-Approve Second Reading of Revised Policy 201.02.
-Approve First Reading of Revised Policy 507.02.
-Approve bid for HVAC at Alcott Elementary.
-Approve bid for HVAC at Longfellow Elementary.
-Approve enrollment option limits for 2015-2016.
-Approve the purchase of an activity bus.
-Approve Freeholder Petition.
-Approve custodial bids for 2015-2016.
-Approve contract with Grand Island Physical Therapy
for OT services for 2015-2016.
-Approve foreign language travel for 2015-2016.
-Approve creation of a special education paraeducator
position at Watson Elementary.
-Approve an Elementary Life Skills program beginning in
-Under Consent Agenda, approve administrative resignation, certificated staff retirements, certificated staff appointment, extra-standard resignation and appointments,
classified staff resignation, appointments and gifts.
A.R.M. Properties, LLC-650.00; A&D Technical Supply
Company, Inc.-11,536.22; Beth Adelson-107.49; Allen's
of Hastings, Inc.-153.81; American Library Association267.00; American Time-217.89; Amle-214.98; Amsan57.74; Anderson Auto Parts-829.48; Jami Anderson370.00; Aramark-578.10; AS Central Services-236.79;
Auto Glass Experts-185.00; Awards Plus-165.75; Jenni
Bauer-7.25; Big G ACE-1,368.85; Blue Hill Ribbon762.36; Bosselman, Inc.-96.70; Katie Bramble-95.45;
Brown Industries, Inc.-394.50; Roxanne Bruce-138.26;
Business World Products-315.92; Cannon Moss Brygger Architects-7,355.54; Carey's Pest Control-738.00;
Cash-Wa Candy Company-279.42; Central Community
College-276.00; Central Nebraska Rehab Services11,425.57; Central Restaurant Products-1,076.44; Certified Laboratories-3,071.46; CGSmusic-199.00; Cherry
Berry-3,150.00; Jalaene Choquette-15.13; Cleaner's
Supply, Inc.-37.33; Computer Hardware, Inc.-7,787.00;
Conditioned Air Mechanicals-25,970.92; Consolidated
Concrete Company-99.54; Don Conyers-18.00;
Cornhusker Press-2,017.73; CPI/Cooperative Producers, Inc.-6,911.05; CPI/Cooperative Producers, Inc.10,095.56; Dick Cramer-27.14; Lance Creech-22.38;
Culligan Water Conditioner-418.10; Demco, Inc.-215.91;
Department of Health & Human Services-115.00; Tracy
Douglas-12.98; Chad Dumas-111.27; Dutton-Lainson1,348.04; Eakes Office Solutions-270.16; Earl May Seed
& Nursery, LC-8.99; Echo Electric Supply-1,688.75;
Educational Service Unit No. 10-245.00; Educational
Service Unit No. 4-40.00; Educational Service Unit No.
6-450.00; Educational Service Unit No. 9-116,214.90;
Egan Supply Company-3,009.41; EPS/School Specialty
Literacy & Intervention-112.50; Dave Essink-96.16; Essink Brothers Drywall, Inc.-6,505.84; Eye Care & Cure45.90; Family Medical Center-226.00; Farber's Piano
Tuning & Repair-85.00; Farris Construction-101,178.00;
Fastenal Company-85.33; Monica Fielder-108.00; FleetPride-1,197.90; Follett School Solutions, Inc.-2,030.98;
Clarissa Gillham-18.98; Gilmore & Bell, PC-1,000.00;
Glenwood Telecommunications, Inc.-864.75; Goodwill
Industries of Greater Nebraska, Inc.-65.00; Grace's
Locksmith Service-4.00; Graham Tire-1,178.80;
Grainger-54.20; Joan Griffin-38.46; Halloran Automotive1,643.93; Becky Hamik-32.98; Harcourt Outlines, Inc.280.80; Calvin Hartwig-33.50; Hastings Area Chamber
of Commerce-1,070.00; Hastings College-55.00; Hastings College-1,380.00; Hastings Museum-136.00; Hastings Outdoor Power, LLC-69.19; Hastings Senior Housing-90.00; Hastings Tribune-1,121.25; Hastings Utilities56,932.61; Hatten Electric Service-75.60; Heartland
Concrete & Construction, Inc.-19,756.15; Art Herman29.64; Jolene Hinrichs-15.13; Hobart Company-332.28;
Hometown Leasing-13,757.67; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt-793.20; Howard's Glass-76.39; Ingram Library
Services-1,867.36; Interstate All Battery-179.40; Island
Supply Welding-118.94; J.W. Pepper & Sons, Inc.1,426.25; Joel Jank-73.99; Jerry Spady Chevrolet GMC
Cadillac-433.07; Jimmy John's/Hastings-47.13; Jimmy
John's/Hastings-120.08; Johnson Hardware Company3,057.00; Bailey Johnson-182.69; Kayla Johnson134.88; Jostens-2,145.80; Theresa Julian-90.00; Kmart354.22; Jodi Kauffman-100.34; Michelle Kimle-57.40; Jill
Kinley-141.15; Klingler Embroidery & Engraving-163.92;
Torrey Kloppenborg-32.00; Kucirek Engineering, Inc.96,770.00; Kully Pipe & Steel Company-1,609.77; LCL
Truck Equipment, Inc.-333.89; Lightspeed Technologies43.00; Susan Lindblad-25.55; Natalie Linstrom-1,410.00;
Little Caesars/Hastings-84.00; Marje Little-21.00; Lone
Star Percussion-247.59; Kathy Long-20.86; Lunchtime
Solutions, Inc.-140,833.79; Lunchtime Solutions, Inc.161.48; MacGill & Company-53.95; Matheson Tri-Gas,
Inc.-1,500.92; Matt Friend Truck Equipment, Inc.-33.50;
Rick Matticks-259.11; McCormack Distributing Company, Inc.-71.22; Glenda McMurray-8.51; Mechanical
Sales Parts, Inc.-440.95; Menards-579.70; Mid-States
Automation & Control, Inc.-2,081.60; Midamerica Books330.12; Midwest Technology Products-312.90; Midwest
Turf & Irrigation-171.25; Moore Music Company-71.68;
Donna Moss-302.35; Municipal Supply of Nebraska4,219.33; NAPA Auto Parts-1,779.98; NCS Pearson,
Inc.-424.18; Nebraska Junior Academy of Sciences300.00; Nebraska Association of School Boards7,439.00; Nebraska Central Equipment-374.34; Nebraska Truck Center, Inc.-40.92; Nebraska-Iowa Industrial Fastener-515.71; O'Keefe Elevator Company-945.73;
Brooke O'Neill-29.64; Olsson Associates-1,750.00;
Omaha World-Herald-602.00; Omaha World-Herald124.80; OneSource the Background Check Company400.00; Tiffany Opperman-61.00; Oregon Trail Equipment, LLC-155.92; Oriental Trading Company-215.71;
Orscheln-16.99; Viviana Lara Pantoja-48.00; Patterson
Medical-275.15; Patterson Medical Supply, Inc.-78.95;
Pavelka Truck & Trailer-1,266.18; Payflex Systems
USA, Inc.-825.65; Payroll Maxx-422.00; PC & Mac Exchange-79.00; Rosalinda Pereda-Carreon-78.00; Perry,
Guthery, Haase & Gessford, PC-6,777.91; Christina
Pfeil-31.65; Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab-9,041.63;
Karen Portwood-36.98; Prairie Books & Gifts-148.54;
Preferred Mail Service-4,000.00; Pro-Ed-851.10; Productivity, Inc.-9,556.93; Public Risk Management5,962.00; Resources for Educators-219.00; Rockler
Woodworking & Hardware-220.13; Jocelyn Rundle53.77; Russ's Market-194.59; John Schakat-14.00; Amber Schultz-15.45; Shar Products Company-1,803.10;
Sherwin-Williams Company-50.13; Kristen Slechta25.00; Sodexho, Inc. & Affiliates--678.75; South Central
Bobcat, Inc.-75.87; State of Nebraska-45.00; Stelling
Brass & Winds, Inc.-396.50; Stetson Building Products586.78; Jayson Stoddard-664.88; Strategic Pioneer4,230.00; Stuhr Museum Education Department-161.00;
Sunbelt Rentals-62.00; Amy Swayze-52.29;
SYNCB/Amazon-328.96; The Grand Island Independent-615.58; The Perfect Patch-14.98; Tractor Supply
Company-134.27; Lauren Trimble-14.20; Lauren
Trimble-22.47; Truck Center Companies-270.64;
Tumbleweed Press, Inc.-599.00; Heidi Tunks-93.73;
U.S. Bank-6,605.28; Van Kirk Brothers Contracting2,900.00; Holly Vanderpool-20.87; Verizon Wireless160.81; VoWAC Publishing Company-73.95; W.G. Pauley Lumber Company-1,838.99; Creighton Weseman66.32; Roger Williams-27.36; Roger Williams-20.70;
Jeremy Woodard-32.78; Woodward's Disposal Service2,851.66; Yanda's Music-9,755.75. TOTAL-789,424.15.
Randy Ahrens-65.00; Awards Unlimited, Inc.-26.30;
Awards Unlimited, Inc.-55.05; Awards Unlimited, Inc.132.95; Diane Biere-21.03; Big G ACE-60.65; Big G
ACE-103.84; Big G ACE-181.91; Maegan Blodgett19.29; Jim Boeve-144.00; Nancy Breault-366.75; Jordan
Brennfoerder-160.00; Jordan Brennfoerder-120.00; Burger King/Kearney-90.18; Tim Canady-208.95; Cash408.00; Cash-104.00; Cash-156.00; Cash-180.00; Cash672.00; Cash-200.00; Cash-Wa Candy Company153.43; Cash-Wa Candy Company-425.65; Cash-Wa
Candy Company-424.65; Columbus High School270.00; Competitive Edge-1,185.40; Cornhusker Press265.70; Countryside Inn & Suites/Fremont-711.00;
Lance Creech-159.56; Lance Creech-30.56; Drew
Danielson-65.00; DMJ Products-285.00; DMT Properties, LLC-1,032.00; DMT Properties, LLC-261.25; Debra
Dowling-37.65; Nyabong Duang-225.00; Jim Eberly160.00; Educational Service Unit No. 9-2,978.85; Troy
Ehmke-63.00; Scott Engberg-19.24; Delta FajardoNorton-465.38; Cherise Farmer-200.00; Jeanette Fast165.00; Marvin Fast-275.00; Jim Fielder-169.76; Brian
Fisher-80.00; Emily Funkey-150.00; Michael Gartner-
165.00; Clarissa Gillham-66.75; Grand Island Northwest
High School-105.00; Grand Island Northwest High
School-100.00; Brent Grabill-130.00; Grand Island Senior High Student Council-200.00; Graphic Edge-25.92;
Haan Crafts-872.72; Rod Hartman-130.00; Richard
Haseloh-80.00; Hastings College-75.00; Hastings College-105.00; Hastings Museum-52.00; Hastings Senior
High Activity Fund-100.00; Hastings Senior High Activity
Fund-1,600.00; Hastings Senior High Activity Fund944.00; Hastings Senior High Wrestling Club-246.86;
Hauff Sporting Goods-540.74; Tom Hawes-121.50;
Carla Hedstrom-15.00; Dave Hemberger-130.00; Kurt
Hinrichs-130.00; InkCredible, Inc.-1,567.80; Derek Jagels-130.00; Kristen Janda-10.00; Molly Johnsen555.75; Kmart-18.66; Kearney High School-490.00;
Kearney High School-147.00; Randy Kissinger-130.00;
Richard W. Klamm, Jr.-369.00; Steve Klein-544.50;
Betty Kooy-275.00; Andrew Kuta-80.00; Lexington High
School-252.00; Lincoln High School Wresting-225.00;
Lincoln North Star High School-48.00; Lincoln Southeast High School-435.00; Brad Lindblad-120.00; Brad
Lindblad-65.00; Lochland Country Club-500.00; Lunchtime Solutions, Inc.-350.84; Lunchtime Solutions, Inc.562.58; Lunchtime Solutions, Inc.-97.60; Malcolm Public Schools-495.00; Ryan Martin-160.00; Rick Matticks187.20; Shelly Mau-180.00; Tate Mays-49.50; McCook
High School-384.00; Scott McKelvey-75.00; Moore Music Company-71.22; National DECA-20.00; National
Speech & Debate Association-280.00; Nebraska Choral
Directors-270.00; Nebraska City High School-125.00;
Nebraska DECA-1,010.00; Kyle Neugin-125.00; Nancy
Nguyen-75.00; Norfolk High School-339.00; North Platte
High School-429.00; NSAA-1,558.00; NSAA-182.00;
NSAA-260.00; Tim O'Dey-130.00; Brooke O'Neill-37.66;
O'Reilly Auto Parts-19.23; Kent Ochsner-65.00; On
Deck Sports-1,289.66; Pepsi of Hastings-1,447.00; Productivity, Inc.-186.49; Quiznos Sub-9.28; Quiznos Sub9.37; Ramada/Columbus-510.00; Paul Reinertson130.00; Tyler Ripperger-22.50; Russ's Market-373.52;
Russ's Market-91.30; Russ's Market-24.60; Joyce Sadd30.00; Troy Schmitz-80.00; Scottsbluff High School942.00; Skills USA-472.00; Kristen Slechta-83.16; The
Cornhusker Marriott-621.00; Kenneth Turner-165.00;
U.S. Bank-1,754.28; U.S. Bank-318.44;
Valentino's/Columbus-160.00; Marlana Walla-175.00;
Marlana Walla-75.00; Walnut Middle School-104.00;
Wells Fargo Bank-3,220.00; Wells Fargo Bank-1,170.00;
Barton Wells-130.00; Jeremy Williams-139.50; Jeremy
Williams-65.00; Yanda's Music-142.76; Yanda's Music677.06; TOTAL-47,787.93.
Jeff Schneider,
Secretary of the Board
Hastings Public Schools
March 23, 2015
The following described property will be sold at public
auction to the highest bidder on April 10, 2015, at 10:00
a.m. in the main lobby of the Adams County Courthouse,
500 West 4th Street, Hastings, Nebraska 68901:
All subject to any and all: (1) real estate taxes, (2) special assessments, (3) easements, covenants, restrictions, ordinances, and resolutions of record which affect
the property, and (4) unpaid water bills, (5) prior mortgages and trust deed of record and (6) ground leases of
record. The purchaser is responsible for all fees or
taxes. This sale is made without any warranties as to
title or condition of the property.
By: Eric Lemp, Trustee, NSBA #24096
Kozeny & McCubbin, LC
12400 Olive Boulevard, Suite 555
St. Louis, Missouri 63141
(314) 991-0255
Published in the Hastings Tribune
K&M Filename: STRJANO7
March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 2015
Formal Contract No. HU 2015-03 FC-18
Sealed Proposals will be received by Board of Public
Works, 1228 North Denver Avenue, P.O. Box 289, Hastings, Nebraska 68902 until 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, March
31, 2015, at which time they will be opened and read
aloud for WEC1 Mercury Control Equipment Construction for Hastings Utilities, Hastings, Nebraska.
Proposals received after the above time and date will
be returned unopened to the party submitting the proposal.
Each proposal shall be accompanied by a cashier’s
check, certified check on a solvent U.S. commercial
bank, or a bid bond in an amount of not less than five
percent (5%) of the total bid in accordance with Exhibit A
of this specification. Such check or bid bond shall be
contained in a separate envelope attached to bidder’s
proposal. All proposal and bid bonds shall have original
The Board of Public Works reserves the right to accept the bid which best suits its needs whether the price
is the lowest or not, to reject any or all bids, and to waive
any informalities.
Prospective bidders may secure a copy of the Proposal Form, including Plans and Specifications, at the office
of the Manager of Utilities, 1228 North Denver Avenue,
Hastings, Nebraska.
Marvin H. Schultes
Manager of Hastings Utilities
March 16, 23, 2015
You are notified that on
February 24, 2015, Unifund CCR Partners filed its
motion to revive judgment
against you in the County
Court of Adams County,
Nebraska, at Case No. CI
You are hereby notified
that a hearing on said motion will be held on the
22nd day of April, 2015, at
9:30 a.m. in the County
Court of Adams County,
500 West 4th Street, Hastings, Nebraska 68901. If
sufficient cause be not
shown to the contrary, the
action shall stand revived.
By Dean J. Jungers
101 West Mission Avenue
Bellevue, Nebraska
March 2, 9, 16, 23, 2015
Notice of Dissolution
Boyd Beverages, Inc.
GIVEN that Boyd Beverages, Inc., a Nebraska
corporation (the "Corporation"), has filed Articles of
Dissolution with the Nebraska Secretary of State
on December 23, 2014,
and the Corporation is in
the process of voluntary
dissolution. The terms and
conditions of such dissolution are, in general, that all
debts and obligations of
the Corporation are to be
fully paid and satisfied or
adequate provision is to be
made therefore. Timothy J.
Boyd, President of the
Corporation, will wind up
and liquidate the Corporation's business and affairs.
The Corporation has no
assets or liabilities as of
the date thereof.
March 16, 23, 30, 2015
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