Conference 2015 Programme - University of Portsmouth

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5th Counter Fraud and Forensic Accounting
Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd June, 2015, Portland Building,
University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth
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Monday 1st June – AGENDA
Afternoon Plenary Sessions - Chair: Professor Mark Button (Portland Lecture Theatre 1.74)
13.00 -13.30
13.30 -14.00
14.00 -14.30
14.45 – 15.15
15.15 – 15.45
15.45 – 16.15
16.15 – 16.45
16.45 – 17.15
17.15 – 18.15
Afternoon registration and refreshments served in Portland ‘Cafe’ located on
ground floor.
Welcome - Professor Mark Button, Director of the Centre for Counter Fraud
Studies, University of Portsmouth
Philippa Foster Back CBE, Director, Institute of Business Ethics - Creating an ethical
culture to say no
Professor Gerald Mars, University College London (UCL) - The Need to
Disaggregate: Corruption, Organisations and Culture.
Dr David Stillwell, Deputy Director of the Psychometrics Centre at the University of
Cambridge - Psychometrics and Corruption.
Afternoon refreshments served in Portland ‘Cafe’ located on ground floor.
Professor Susanne Karstedt, School of Criminology & Criminal Justice at Griffith
University - Contemporary Moral Landscapes: The Law-abiding majority and the
crimes of everyday life.
Professor Monica Whitty, Department of Media and Communication, University of
Leicester - Insider Threat.
Mr. Don Randall, Bank of England - Occupational Corruption: A Practitioners
Professor Mark Button, Director of Centre for Counter Fraud & Mr. Dean
Blackbourn, Research Fellow in Counter Fraud Studies - TBC
Steve Webb, CIFAS - New Sector Business Engagement Manager - “How Sharing
Your Data Can Help Prevent Internal Fraud”
Professor Mark Button, Director of Centre for Counter Fraud, University of
Portsmouth - 1st Day of Conference Close
Drinks Reception served in Portland ‘Cafe’ located on ground floor. Kindly
sponsored by: -
Tuesday 2nd June – AGENDA
Morning Plenary Sessions - Chair: Professor Lisa Jack (Portland Lecture Theatre 1.74)
Registration and Visit Conference Exhibitors – Morning refreshments served in
Portland ‘Cafe’ located on ground floor.
Professor Lisa Jack, University of Portsmouth & Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Pal
Ahluwalia, University of Portsmouth – Welcome address
Commander Steve Head, City of London Police - TBC
Jim Gee, Chair of the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies & Partner and Head of
Counter Fraud Services, PKF Littlejohn LLP -TBC
Professor John Spink, Director & Assistant Professor
Food Fraud Initiative, Michigan State University - Global Food Fraud Prevention
Trends and Regulatory Update
Morning refreshments served in Portland ‘Cafe’ located on ground floor.
Breakout Sessions 11.30-13.00
Portland Rm 1.74
Chair: Professor Mark Button
Portland Rm 0.41
Chair: Alan Graham
Portland Rm 0.28
Chair: Dr. Martin Tunley
Michael James Betts, City of
London Police - Preparing to
Police the Bribery Act
Ivan Bradshaw, Counter Fraud
Specialist in the NHS Targeted Fraud Deterrence –
Understanding what buttons
to press to discourage
David Sykes, Independent
Inventor & Sole Trader of Ellis
Day Ltd – No No-2-Fraudsters
Peter Stiernstedt, Institute of
Criminal Justice Studies PhD
Student - How can the varied
perception of corruption in the
EU be explained?
Allan Maund, Managing
Consultant, Baker Tilly Risk
Advisory Services LLP Investigating fraud and
corruption in developing
countries and hostile
Professor Lisa Jack, Professor
in Accounting, Portsmouth
Business School - Is there a
theory to explain food
Hannah Lamming, Partner,
Peters & Peters - Private
Prosecutions – A New Frontier
in the Fight Against Fraud and
Annabel Kerley, EY -Evidence
Gathering in a Private
Rebecca Nicolaides, University
of Portsmouth - “Identifying
signs of deception through
analysis of language”
Eckhard Volker, Managing
Director Integrated Forensic
Accounting Services (Pty)
Limited - Ponzi Schemes in
Southern Africa
Buffet lunch & refreshments served in Portland ‘Cafe’ located on ground floor.
Guest Speaker Session
14.15- 14.45
Chair: Professor Mark Button (Portland Lecture Theatre 1.74)
Kim Sow, Joint Leader of Immigration Marriage Fraud UK - Immigration Marriage
Dr Cassandra Cross, Lecturer, School of Justice, Faculty of Law - “But you gave it
away…”: Experiences of victims reporting online fraud to police.
Meet the Author
14.45 – 15.10
Professor Tony Bendell, Lead Trainer at The Anti-Fragility Academy & MD at Services
Limited - The Failure of Governance and the Pursuit of Anti-Fragility (Gower
Publishing, 2014)
15.10 – 15.35
Mr. Mark Cheeseman, Head of Fraud, Error and Policy, Cabinet Office – 'The UK
Government's Strategy for Tackling Fraud - Challenges and Opportunities'
15.35 -15.50
Afternoon refreshments served in Portland ‘Cafe’ located on ground floor.
Afternoon Plenary Sessions: Chair Professor Mark Button (Portland Lecture Theatre 1.74)
15.50 -16.15
Professor Paul Barnes, Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance at
Macquarie University - Stock Market Efficiency, Insider Dealing and Market Abuse
(Gower Publishing, 2009)
16.15 – 16.40
Rachel Spearing, Senior Law Lecturer, University of Portsmouth, Barrister at Law,
Pump Court Chambers, London - ‘Risk takers and rule breakers’ – the application of
situational action theory as a predictor of crime.
16.40 – 17.05
Dr Alexis Stenfors, Senior Lecturer in Economics and Finance, Portsmouth Business
School - LIBOR and FX manipulation: a conspiracy or a market convention.
Conference Close: Professor Mark Button, University of Portsmouth