Expressions - Fort Madison Area Arts Association

Art Auction
“Best of Show” Member Artist Exhibition 2014
Winter Moon at Lone Tree by Carlene Dingman Atwater
April 11th , 2015
Wine Tasting at 7:00pm
Auction at 8:00pm
Comfort Inn & Suites
Highway 61 West
Fort Madison, Iowa
Carlene Dingman Atwater
Carlene’s first workshop was with David Garrison, in a class that her
sister wanted to take “together.” Martha didn’t show up but, Carlene
had a great time and discovered the color theory that had been
missing in her amateurish paintings.
Carlene’s art education continued through the various classes offered by the local art centers. Several talented professionals moved
to the area and gave workshops that she was eager to take. The first
time Carlene saw a Wendell Mohr watercolor wash, she was hooked
on the medium. The richness of colors and the transparency of the
medium inspired her to take up watercolor.
In 2011 Carlene started a blog to become part of the daily painters’
movement. She tried to create a new small painting every day to
post on the blog. On that first year, she ended up with 200 mostly
6” x 6” paintings and found that the discipline of painting every day
improved her technique and pushed her to try new subjects.
Carlene has recently started a new and exciting project at the Fort
Madison Art Center. Each week, she is painting portraits of leaders
or volunteers from local non-profit organizations. This ambitious endeavor creates a platform that will highlight volunteerism and recognize those people who generously
work to better our community.
The 52 completed portraits will be
exhibited at the FMAAA February
2016 feature exhibit.
“I believe that a passion for learning is necessary to perform. With
every painting an artist discovers
something new about color, composition, and design. The challenge to create the unexpected
and original art fuels my imagination, and thus I never tire of the
creative process. I always get
excited when I start working with
a different medium or on a new
surface. The process of learning
and evolving is empowering.”
Summer Grazing
43. Carlene Dingman
You can view Carlene’s work online at:
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About the Art Center
The Fort Madison Area Arts Association (FMAAA) was
chartered in 1979 and started in the home of Ruth and Dale
Newberry. The goal of the organization was to create an
environment of communication and sharing for active artists
in the area to engage in art workshops and share their joy of
creating fine art. Since then, the FMAAA has been housed
in several downtown areas, including eight years in the
renovated Burlington Northern depot. The members of the
organization enjoyed the depot location and made significant
improvements to the facility. However, after the 2008 flood,
the difficult decision was made to leave the depot. The
FMAAA now resides at 825 Avenue G and is open from
Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00-5:00.
As the FMAAA enters a new era, the member artisan gallery
boasts over 70 regional artists, giving the unit a strong
variety of mediums and styles. The Place of Fire, our modern
glaze studio, is housed in a separate room at the rear of the
consignment gallery. This studio is available for birthday
parties, badge attainment for Girl Scout troops, and the
daily hands-on usage of creating one-of-a-kind dishware or
figurines. The monthly feature exhibition continues to bring
the best artists to the Ft. Madison stage. Annual events have
always been a strong suit for the organization, continuing such
mainstays as the yearly garden tour and Art-in-Central Park,
while also advancing new initiatives such as Art~ssippi and the
FM Ghost Hunt. The FMAAA continues to encourage new
membership, which is a crucial funding stream to further the
organization’s goals. At this time, the Expressions Art Auction
continues to be the primary funding mechanism for the
organization. Thank you for supporting this event.
2014 Board of Directors
Coni Graber
Linda Marshall
George Gaudette
Cindy Roberts
Mary Ann Gaudette
Jerry Granaman
Karen Hope
Monica Schulte
Kathy McCracken
Sue Sorensen
Angela Sodey
Teresa Dearing
Becky Carlsen
Mary Brockman
Executive Director: Brian Riggs
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Dean Rockwell
1. Dean Rockwell
1. Dean Rockwell—Macomb,
IL. Lidded Pottery,
Dean turned his energies into
becoming a ceramic artist in
2002 after retiring from 32
years of teaching high school
biology. He skill level advanced
quickly, being selected as an Illinois Artisan in 2007. Dean and
his wife Jan have been instrumental in advancing the new art
center in Macomb.
2. David
IA. Woodcarving,
2. David Deming
Dave has been
one of the major organizers of the Tri-State Woodcarving
Festival each year at Bald Eagle Days. He took honors at last
years Art-in-Central Park by garnering the FMAAA Purchase
Award with this piece capturing a barns eye view of rural
Iowa, expertly carved in wooden relief.
Wendy Bailey
3. Wendy Bailey
3. Wendy Bailey—Fort Madison Print.
Wendy has taught first grade in FM for 22 years, so it only
make sense that she would have a keen interest in letters!
What began as a desperate, last minute need for some
Christmas gifts a few years ago has led to a library of over
600 photographic letters. Many of her pictures are taken
locally, including Kinnick Stadium. Her four daughters enjoy
helping her find the letters, and her husband accommodates
this interest by pulling over when they spy a unique letter
along the road while traveling! Visit the FMAAA to peruse
the letters and order your own personalized name or word!
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Donna Guy
4. Donna Guy—Brighton, IA
Porcelain China.
Donna is known as the queen
of china porcelain painting,
recognized nationally with work
in the China Painting Museum
in Oklahoma City. Donna was a
smash hit at her porcelain painting
4. Donna Guy
demo at her feature exhibition
with the Lunch-ala-Art program in fall of 2014.
Steve Helling
5. Steve Helling—West Point, Iowa
Woodblock Print
Steve has been a tenured veteran
of the FMAAA Board of Directors
for many years. He is the Board
Chair for the popular Garden Tour
event. He is an artistic jack-of-alltrades, working in printmaking,
5. Steve Helling
ceramics, photography, and
painting. He is an alum of Iowa Wesleyan College.
Brewmaster Dinner
6. Package—Brewmaster’s Weekend for Two
Trip to Des Moines for the weekend. One night stay at the
Hampton Inn in West Des Moines. Dinner and Brewery tour
at Rockbottom Brewery and all of the beer you can drink on
Donated by
Eric and Sue
Linda Hardy
7. Linda Hardy
7. Linda Hardy—Nauvoo, IL. black
laboridite and kyanite jewelry.
Linda has been an art educator for
decades and works in virtually all
mediums. She is currently involved
in film making. Her longtime
specialization has always been fine
gem jewelry.
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Hawkins Riddle
8. Virginia Hawkins
Riddle—Keokuk, IA
”Autumn” acrylic
painting. Virginia is a selftaught artist. Her love of
8. Virginia Riddle
life shows in her pencil
and charcoal drawings, and in her acrylic, watercolor, and
pastel drawings. She is a member Keokuk Fine Arts Council
and a member of Keokuk and Ft. Madison Art Centers.
Bob Ratcliff
9. Bob Ratcliff
9. Bob Ratcliff—B/W photography Bob is an Iowa native
who worked briefly in Ft. Madison and married Cathy
Boeding of Ft. Madison in 1969. He is a Certified
Professional Photographer shooting Portraiture, Weddings,
Sports, Architectural, Commercial, Nature and Landscapes.
Cathy and Bob live near Detroit, MI. They photograph all
over North America, and have won numerous awards in
international competitions.
Mike Salat
10. Mike Salata—Barn
Quilt Mike offers this
patriotic image or your
own design of buyer’s
choice that can fit the
4’x 4’ barn quilt.
Page 6
10. Mike Salata
Karen Ihrig-Gilbert
11. Karen-Ihrig Gilbert—
Nauvoo, IL
Karen’s whimsical felting
works have flown the
coop over this region for
11. Karen Ihrig-Gilbert
the last few years. She
continues to gain fiber
enthusiasts with her zoological caricatures. By naming the
felted cadre of critters, the flock is given it’s own branding!
Curt Swarm
12. Curt Swarm
12. Curt Swarm—Mount Pleasant, IA
Sculpture & Story.
Along with a piece of art, Curt would
like to auction off one of his columns.
Curt’s weekly column, Empty Nest, runs
in 15 newspapers, including the Daily
Democrat. The columns are generally
human interest. Everyone has a story.
The high bidder can receive the story or
gift it to another. Curt will travel to their
residence to interview them.
Robert Decker
13. Robert Decker—Wapello,
IA “Lamp Post”, Photography.
Robert Decker is a former
native of Ft. Madison and
currently resides in Wapello,
IA. In 2001 he discovered
New Orleans’ French Quarter
with a 35mm SLR camera,
13. Robert Decker
which generated a fire inside
for the medium. He became a member of FMAAA and
exhibited in the Annual Photographers Show in 2003. He
had his own feature exhibition at FMAAA in March of 2013.
Recently Bob has been successfully selling his photography
in numerous art fairs throughout Iowa.
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New Orleans Condo
14. Enjoy all the perks of
the French Quarter with
a three night stay in the
heart of the action. This
location is a pristine to
access all of New Orleans
flavors near the corner
of Bourbon and Ursaline.
The dwelling boasts
two private courtyards with a pool. Package hosts up to four
people and not available during Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, FG Fest,
Xmas, or Thanksgiving. Please allow up to 6 months to schedule date selection.
Donated by Gary Mallon
Jon Rhodes
15. Jon Rhodes—New London,
IA ”Scenic View”
Jon specializes in oil painting,
from calming woodland
landscapes to airbrush bullet
holes applied to motorcycles.
15. Jon Rhodes
“Scenic View” captures that
special family mood while enjoying nature’s gifts.
Jim & Sheryl
16. Jim & Sheryl
McLain— Cantril, IA
Gallery fans have
become accustomed
16. Jim & Sheryl
to seeking out the
wood duo’s Christmas
ornament selection. Jim has a more traditional approach,
while Sheryl likes turning organic bough pieces and experimenting with wood stains. The couples donation showcases
both styles.
Larry Wright
17. Larry Wright—
Larry has an intense
love and knowledge
of all aspects of
the photography
17. Larry Wright
industry. He looks
forward to continued advancements in the industry while still
remembering the early days and how we arrived at the point
we are today. He made a impact with his Fort Diner image,
this image may give it a run for it’s money!
Page 8
18. Jessica KirbyRunge—Formerly from
Burlington, Jessica now
lives in Ft. Madison;
18. Jessica Kirby-Runge
she graduated from
Western Illinois University with a BA in art, and a focus on
drawing and painting. Working in oil paint, pastels, and
graphite her recent achievements include winning the
purchase award at the Gazebo Art Festival in Macomb, IL.
Laurel Gillespie
19. Laurel Gillespie— Carthage, IL
”Vivendi Tribute” acrylic painting.
Laurel loves to work in all mediums. She
has combined her love of art with care for
people by being an artist and registered
19. Laurel nurse. “I feel gifted in the visual arts and
want to create work that will communicate
a deep respect for God’s handiwork and inspire people to
care for our world everywhere.”
Tim Laffey
20. Tim Laffey—Carthage, IL
“Marlowe” acrylic painting.
Tim has the innate ability to
work in all mediums. He will pick
up anything and meld it into
something else. “My materials are
paint and canvas, wood, metal,
paper, stone, nut and thorn, the
stuff around me.”
20. Tim Laffey
uart Eichel
21. Stuart Eichel—”Porch
Sittin” Limited Edition Print.
This limited edition print is
certified #419 of 950 from
an established illustrator that
graduated from New York’s
Pratt Art Institute. The print is
protected with sun resistant
plexiglass shield.
21. Stuart Eichel
Page 9
hy Johnson
22. Kathy Johnson—
Acrylic painting.
“There is a kind of magic
and music in nature, that
speaks to all my senses
22. Kathy Johnson
and calls to my artist heart
and soul. It is found in the
rhythm of the waves against the shore, the fog rising on the
river, and the turtle sliding off a log.” Kathy retired as longterm art educator at Mediapolis, IA.
Myrtle Beach, SC
23. Vacation Rental Home
located in Myrtle Beach, South
Carolina featuring 5 bedrooms,
4 baths and with a total
occupancy of 14.
Private Pool - Professionally
Maintained, Streetside Side
Covered Porches First &
Second Level with ocean views.
Just steps from the ocean. Exterior Shower, Paved Parking,
1 Parking Bay, 2 Covered, 4 Total Parking, Professionally
Landscaped Grounds
Booking to occur after Labor Day and prior to Memorial
Day. Sleep Accommodations: Upstairs Bedrooms (Three): 1
Queen & 1 Queen Sleeper Sofa, 1 Queen, 1 Bunk Bed = 2
Singles Downstairs Bedrooms (Two): 1 Double, 1 Double
Downstairs Living Area: 1 Queen Sleeper Sofa for more
Donated by Dave & Jane Bartlett
Mike Steinkruger
24. Mike Steinkruger
24. Mike Steinkruger — Saint Charles, IA. Fused glass plate.
Mike studied stained glass techniques under Pat Latty. He
is a member of the Stained Glass Guild that had a feature
exhibit in May of 2014 at FMAAA.
Page 10
Carol Gunn
25. Carol Gunn—
Bonaparte, IA
“Under the Sun”
Giclee Print.
Since her retirement
from Harmony
25. Carol Gunn
High school, Carol
has been touting
her own wares, gaining distribution in an Iowa City gallery
and entering juried shows. She is a signature member of
the Iowa Pastel Society and the original of this work took
1st Place in the 2014 Richard Heggen Award with that
organization. Her attention to detail in her subject matter
takes one to the original scene.
Jim Knapp
26. Jim Knapp—Fort
Madison, IA
Buyer’s Choice:
Commissioned drawing
of your home or family in
graphite or pen & ink with
watercolor wash.
Jim’s style is widely
recognized in the area,
and he continues doing
portraits for the Hall of
26. Jim Knapp
Fame Sports Banquets.
He has been an ardent volunteer at FMAAA, able to run the
show at the gallery just as reliably as his coaching sports or
teaching art in the public school system!
Sarah Graber
27. Sarah Graber—Fort Madison,
IA. Fiber art, Turqoise Boho
Bandana Cowl.
Sarah has always had an attraction
to the arts. An alum of CulverStockton art education program,
27. Sarah Graber
she worked her college summers
at the FMAAA when still at the depot. She participated in
the Emerging Artists Feature in 2005 at FMAAA. Although
moved by all mediums, fiber arts has captured her recent
inspiration. She has formed Nerdy Needles, a Face book
gallery to showcase her crocheting, knitting, pattern design,
and felting. Check out her clever hats at the silent auction.
Page 11
Larry Kirkwood
28. Larry Kirkwood—3D Bust
Larry made a career in silkscreen
printing while living in Florida.
Upon moving back home to
Kansas City he began his Body
Image series, whereby he
completed over 500 body cast
sculptures in plaster caste during
his lifetime.
28. Larry Kirkwood
Ilmberger Scott
29. Mary Ilmberger
Scott— Fort Madison
29. Mary Ilmberger Scott ”Bold” Acrylic Painting.
My passion for
incorporating, mixed mediums like acrylics, distress ink, and
vintage items coupled with being self-taught has brought a
sense of no limitations in my work. To use items discarded
by others as raw materials in some of my work only enhances
this truth. Ultimately I hope to provoke thought, encourage
creativity and effectively be a part of our ability to change
for the better.
Dana Bushong Jewelers
30. Nancy B Collection-Sweep Onyx Earrings
Dana Bushong Jewelers
has always been on the
forefront when supporting
cultural arts in Ft. Madison.
A new tack for Bushongs is
attracting a filming crew to their vintage architectural interior,
a gem in itself on Avenue G. This year showcasing Nancy
B, a collection of first class innovative earring and gemstone
jewelry designs for the fun, flirty, and unique. The design is a
simple sweep onyx briolette sterling silver earrings.
Page 12
Lillian Rubin
31. Lillian Rubin—Raku
Vessel. Lillian has been making
pots for over 25 years. She
has been the workshop
chairperson for Burlington
Arts for Living Center for even
longer! The raku method is an
ancient Japanese production
31. Lillian Rubin
method of an oxidationreduction process. The glazed pieces are fired and allowed
to burn in sawdust to create brilliant glazed effects.
Donna Guy
32. Donna Guy— Brighton, IA. Watercolor
Two times the fun from Donna as she has
mastery over two mediums. Donna is a
signature member of the Iowa Watercolor
Society. Her porcelain painting demo was
a smash hit at her feature exhibition with
the Lunch-ala-Art program in fall of 2014.
Enjoy the serenity of “Gardens” in your
meditative spot!
32. Donna
John Bybee
33. John Bybee —
Burlingon IA. ”Bowl
Me Over” Pottery.
A longtime art profes33. . John Bybee
sor at SCC campus,
John pulled off a feature exhibition at FMAAA in 2013 that
featured a soup kitchen line installation of Empty Bowls.
Those bowls scooped thousands of dollars in donations
for both Burlington and Ft. Madison homeless shelters. This
vessel is massive enough to feed the masses. Scoop it up!
Wendell Mohr
34. Wendell Mohr—
“Caboose” Pen & Ink. Formerly
of Bentonsport, IA. Wendell
was a signature member of
the highly regarded American
34. Wendell Mohr
Watercolor Society, as well as a
charter member of the Iowa Watercolor Society. He worked
primarily in the mediums of watercolor and silk-screen
printing. His skill as an artisan and educator matched only by
his benevolence. This auction provides the rare chance to
gain an original ink wash of his favorite subject matter.
Page 13
35. Fort
Madison, IA
— “Central
Park Muse”
Jerry has
35. Jerry Granaman
been an avid
student of
photography since 1974, from darkroom to digital, he has
kept an upward curve since his regional work is well-known
for his portrayal of New Orleans scenes, as well as capturing
his native territory.
Martha’s Vineyard
36. A Great Escape to Martha’s Vineyard
Plan your exquisite getaway for a week to one of the most
fabled resort areas in the nation on this island just off the
coast of Cape Cod. This beautiful New England home will
sleep eleven, but can creatively house thirteen. The home is
conveniently located to tennis, beaches, and biking, as well
as being only minutes from the epicenter of Oak Bluffs. The
buyers will be able to choose a week in the months of June,
September, or October.
Donated by: The Marshall Family
a Lee
37. Anita Lee—Acrylic Painting
Bob Dylan once said, “I was born
far from where I’m supposed to
be, so I’m just on my way home.”
Nothing could say it better for
Anita. Retirement has afforded her
exploration of personal creativity
... finally. The creative process
has recreated her. A self-taught
37. Anita Lee
artist revealed great interest for
learning from other artists, painting, sculpture, and now
teaching through Art Parties for adults and children, with
FMAAA, it’s a great journey. Passion to inspire & encourage,
believing that true gifts, defines us as individuals, community,
country. I believe that creativity is in our DNA, be it numbers,
communications, problem solving, or the arts, we all have
strengths and interests waiting to be aroused.”
Page 14
Carroll Michalek
38. Carroll Michalek—
Keosauqua, IA
”Arbor Tree”, oil .
Carroll lives in Van Buren
County with her husband,
38. Carroll Michalek
dogs, and way too many
pastels. She continues to advance her artistic education taking
workshops with noted professionals in the field. She loves to
observe and paint the scenes around her rural area.
Linda Ross
39. Linda Ross—Ceramics
Linda Ross has had a long
term affair with the clay
medium. Chestnut Hill
Pottery in rural Wever, has
been a pilgrimage for fine
art lovers for many years.
She founded The Artisans
Next Door, an artisan
39. Linda Ross
cooperative complimenting
the local cafe, The Ivy Downtown. It has been evolving for
the past 6 years, with classes offered regularly. She has been
active in the coordination of the Southeast Iowa Studio
Tour for many years. Lately, Linda has been crafting sake
ware for her friends at Simple Table. Please enjoy, cheers!
Tim O’Neal
40. Tim O’Neal—Quincy, IL.
“Winter Grass” oil painting.
In the past few years Tim has
transitioned from pencil to oil
painting completely. Some of his
subject matter has remained the
same but he is now working with
40. Tim O’Neal
still life and landscape. Tim has
won Best of Show in the Keokuk Annual Exhibit numerous
times, and will look forward to accolades from he and his
wife Lydia in the Quincy/Hannibal art region in the future.
Erika Wolfe
41. Erika Wolfe— Keokuk, IA
“Picasso on my Mind” - Pendant
Necklace - Sterling silver and
fine quality CZ on a 16 inch
silver cable chain. Erika was the
3D winner in the 2014, FMAAA
Members Show. She has a masters
degree in jewelry/metal-smithing.
All of her pieces are original and
41. Erika Wolfe
one of a kind and have been
exhibited and sold in galleries throughout California and
Iowa. Over the years she has earned a number of prestigious
awards including a first place recognition for Metal in the
Iowa Crafts Exhibit, at the McNider Museum in Mason City.
Page 15
Jerry Woodsmall
42. Jerry Woodsmall—
“Yellow Finch” acrylic
Painting. Jerry is a self-taught
artist who remembers
perusing artwork at libraries
42. Jerry Woodsmall
as a research project over
time. He is inspired by the
subject matter in his own backyard---quail, Amish folk, and
the woods! His has incorporated a long range perspective
in his landscapes and a penchant for detail in his style.
Ed Broadfield
43. Ed Broadfield—Oceanside, CA
Glow-in-the-Dark Glass Sculpture.
Ed grew up in Ft. Madison and upon
revisiting his hometown for 50th class
reunion, was persuaded to return for a
feature exhibit at FMAAA gallery depot
43. Ed
in 2007. His family has produced three
generations of glassblowers. This piece
has the same luminescent material that is
utilized in his popular pendant necklaces. Let the glass take in
the sun and in the dark of night, await the GLOW.
Carlene Dingman At
44. Carlene Dingman Atwater—
Cover Artist. Oil Painting
Carlene started painting over 25
years ago after taking a workshop at
the local art center. Since then, she
has won awards at Plein Air painting
events, art fairs, and has been
accepted into national competitions.
44. Carlene
Dingman Atwater
Brad Schnedler
45. Brad Schnedler —
Mediapolis, IA
45. Brad Schnedler
Brad’s range of photography
is caught by the hook for this premeditated scene sending a
bat signal for man cave’s everywhere.
Page 16
Pick Your Vacation Raffle
If you can dream it, you can pick it! Whether you
want somewhere close to home like Lake of the
Ozarks or to venture across the border, this ticket
has you covered. Interval International has hundreds
of resorts in 75 different countries. In fact there
are 2900 resorts to choose from in their catalog.
The last winner when this package was offered in
2013 choose Cabo San Lucas in Mexico and loved
it! The vacation package is good for a one week
stay. Transportation to your resort of choice is not
included in the package.
Donated by the Marshall Family
FMAAA Heartily Thanks to all of
our Silent Auction Donors:
Silent Auction Packages
Ragin’ Cajun Party--August 22nd at FMAAA
FMAAA Artists Hosting: Cuisine & Spirits
35 slots available
Place of Fire: Children’s Ceramic Party with
Kelly’s Cupcake Treats
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Auction Listing
Dean Rockwell — Pottery
David Deming — Woodcarving
Wendy Bailey — Ft. Madison Photography
Donna Guy — Porcelain China
Steve Helling — Woodblock Printing
Package — Brewmaster Dinner
Linda Hardy — Jewelry
Virginia Riddle — Acrylic Painting
Bob Ratcliff — B/W Photography
10. Mike Salata — Barn Quilt
11. Karen Ihrig-Gilbert — Fiber
12. Curt Swarm — Sculpture & Story
13. Robert Decker — Photography
14. Package — New Orleans Condo
15. Jon Rhodes — Oil Painting
16. Jim & Sheryl McLain — Woodturning
17. Larry Wright —- Photography
18. Jessica Kirby-Runge — Acrylic Painting
19. Laurel Gillespie — Acrylic Painting
20. Tim Laffey— Acrylic Painting
21. Stuart Eichel — Limited Edition Print
22. Kathy Johnson — Acrylic Painting
23. Package — Myrtle Beach
Page 18
Auction Listing
24. Mike Steinkruger — Fused Glass
25. Carol Gunn — Pastel Giclee Print
26. Jim Knapp — Portrait or Home Commission
27. Sarah Graber — Fiber
28. Larry Kirkwood — 3D Bust
29. Mary Ilmberger Scott — Acrylic Painting
30. Dana Bushong Jewelers — Onyx Earrings
31. Lillian Rubin — Raku Vessel
32. Donna Guy — Watercolor
33. John Bybee — Pottery
34. Wendell Mohr — Pen & Ink
35. Jerry Granaman — Photographic Canvas
36. Package — Martha’s Vineyard
37. Anita Lee — Acrylic Painting
38. Carroll Michalek — Oil Painting
39. Linda Ross — Ceramics
40. Tim O’Neal — Oil Painting
41. Erika Wolfe — Jewelry
42. Jerry Woodsmall — Acrylic Painting
43. Ed Broadfield — Blown Glass
44. Carlene Dingman Atwater — Cover Artist
45. Brad Schnedler — Photography
46. Raffle — Pick Your Vacation
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