March Newsletter - lebanon elks lodge #422

March 2015 Newsletter
Lodge Meetings
1st & 3rd Thursdays
At 7 PM
Lodge Meetings Are
Open to All Members
Lodge Officers
Chris Hatcher
Exalted Ruler
Ron Buxton
Leading Knight
Brad Peyton
Loyal Knight
Chris Flannery
Lecturing Knight
Stephanie Flannery
Vicky Perry
Diana Hill
Inner Guard
Debbie Hatcher
Kyle Lewis
Alice Deer
Lebanon Elk’s Lodge #422
From The Exalted Ruler...
It is with both sadness and joy that I am writing this, my final
Exalted Ruler newsletter. I have been Exalted Ruler 3 times
over the last 15 years and honestly, I have enjoyed it very
much. Conversely, I am very gratified that we have so many
new and active members coming up through the chairs. That
is as it should be. I appreciate all the help that has been given
to me and the support of all our members.
I would like to review all that our Lodge does for our members and our community.
I believe that we tend to forget or take for granted all the time and effort that is put
forth by our membership to make our Lodge a great place and to aid our community. Below is a quick list culled from the past year or so meeting minutes. I am sure
that I have left something out, but as you can see from the list, there is a reason to
be proud of belonging to the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks and Lodge
Our Lodge is heavily involved with fund raisers and is located well for our members
to enjoy all the festivals held downtown. The Oktoberfest, Blues Fest, Apple Fest,
Country Music Fest, and the 3rd Friday Block parties all allow our members volunteer opportunities as well as a great place to relax and attend these events.
Here is a quick list of some of the events held at the Lodge over the last year.
New Year’s Eve party, Halloween party, Steak Shoots, Corn hole Tournaments, Fantasy Football league, Shuffle Board Tournament, Derby Day, CP Party, Founders Day
celebration, Golf Tournament, Dayton Dragons outing, Elk Stag Day, Burger Thursdays, Friday night dinners, Wine Tasting party, Bourbon tasting party, Girls Night
Out, Easter Egg Hunt, Mother’s Day breakfast, Texas Hold ‘em night, Super Bowl,
Ohio State and Bengals parties, Valentine dinner, Steak dinners specials, a renewal
of marriage vows party, and the many various birthday parties held routinely at the
Lodge for members.
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Board Meetings
2nd & 4th Mondays
At 7 PM
Brad Peyton
Board Chairman
We are a charitable organization foremost. During the last year funds from our
Lodge were donated to:
Warrior Backpack Program
Lebanon Youth Basketball Program
Cerebral Palsy
Basket of Life Charity
30 Christmas Baskets full of food given away
Elks National Foundation ($1400)
Ohio State Elks Association for charity
Lebanon Food Pantry
United States Veterans. (many hours along with funds put toward the VA
Hospital in Cincinnati.)
Heidi Peyton
Trustee—One Year
Board Secretary
I am sure that I am missing something above, and I do not have a total monetary
donation summary, but it is a significant amount of money. Above does not include
the many countless hours of effort donated by our members to accomplish the
fund raising to be able to provide these donations.
Jeff Dillon
Trustee—Two Year
In addition to all of the above accomplishments, we have spent a considerable
amount of time and money repairing our aging building. In the last year, we have:
Joe Mack
Trustee—Three Year
Auxiliary Officers
Robin McGrew
Pat Salada
Vice President
Connie Darmour
Darlene Dunn
Judy Michael
Connie Darmour
Bitha George
1. Repaired our roof
2. Replaced or repaired all the emergency Exit signage.
3. Completely renovated the upstairs men’s restroom
4. Removed the old chair lift in staircase
5. Re-wired the 2nd floor
6. Replaced the water heater on 2nd floor,
7. Replaced the garbage disposal on 2nd floor
8. Replaced the dish washer on first floor
9. Purchased new fire extinguishers
10. Purchased a new ice maker downstairs
11. Repaired and or replaced beer coolers in club room.
12. Repaired several frozen pipes and our heating system
I am sure that again, I am missing some items above. Having said that, we have had
to repair or replace a number of items at a fairly high cost this past year. Thanks to
many members who donated time and effort to help us mitigate some of those
costs by volunteering labor or expertise.
Our Lodge is a there for our members. We have initiated about 50 new members
over the last year or so. We are one of a few Lodges that continue to bring new
members into the fold and we should be very proud of that fact. Lebanon Lodge
also had the most members out of any one Lodge from Ohio to attend the National
Elks Convention in New Orleans this past year. I think we had somewhere around
16 members make the trip.
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Sadly, we have also held several funeral services throughout this year for deceased members. I am
quite proud of the spirit and turnout of our membership to support those in time of need and the
availability of our Lodge as a place to gather and celebrate the lives of our departed members.
We are in good financial health, which is also something for our Lodge to be proud of. We have
spent about $27,000 over the last year for the above repairs along with increased cost for payroll
and payroll taxes, yet we continue to meet our financial obligations. That is a testament to the
support given by our membership both from a financial standpoint as well as donation of time and
I want to thank all those that have been so helpful this past year and are truly dedicated to our
Lodge and the Elks. It could not be done without all the efforts by our membership. I congratulate
and am excited about the new core of Officers incoming for next year. Our Lodge will be well
represented by these very thoughtful, intelligent and dedicated Elks.
Lastly, always remember the Motto of our Order- “The faults of our members we write upon the
sand, their virtues upon the tablets of love and memory.”
Fraternally Yours,
Chris Hatcher
PAST Exalted Ruler
From the Secretary...
Dues statements will be mailed out this week. Please return payment by mail or dropping it off at
the lodge. New cards will be available at the lodge once paid. If you would like us to mail your card
to you, please return a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment and we'll be happy to
do that for you.
Stephanie Flannery
Lodge Secretary
Auxiliary News...
The March meeting will be a very important meeting please plan to attend. We have Auxiliary
member of the year nominations and election of new officers.
Dues are $15.00 per year and include a Key Card. Our fiscal year begins the first of April and dues
should be paid by that date. 3rd floor member dues are $10.00.
Our next meeting is April 1st at 7:00 pm.
March Birthdays:
Courtney Wilson
Cynthia Klein
Robin McGrew
Auxiliary President
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March Events
March 4th 7 PM
Auxiliary Meeting
Thursday, March 5th
7 PM Lodge Meeting
Monday, March 9th
7 PM Board Meeting
March 14th 7 PM
Installation of Officers
March 19th 7 PM
Lodge Meeting &
March 20th 6:30 PM
Lodge Friday Dinner
March 21st
Lodge Founders Day
Monday, March 23rd
7PM Board Meeting
Friday, March 27th
11 AM
Lodge Stag Event
Around the Lodge...
February remained another active month around the lodge. Many thanks to
Jan Kaufman for hosting three Friday dinners including a special Valentines Day
event. Jan also help organize and prepare food items for the two memorial
receptions that the lodge hosted over the last couple of months. I would also like to
offer thanks to all of the members & officers who participated in the lodge's
memorial services over the last couple of months. I am confident that its meaningful
to the families in their time of grieving and makes me proud to be a member of our
Stephanie Flannery hosted a Steak Shoot event, that despite bad weather, raised
nearly $400 for our state charity cerebral palsy. Besides raising funds for a worthy
cause it was a great evening of fun and a welcome break from the poor weather.
As lodge ENF chairperson I am proud to say that our lodge, despite a year with many
unexpected repair expenditures, exceeded our per capita donation. That was in large
part due to the volunteer and patronage efforts of many members. Our goal is to
extend that trend by keeping our lodges financial status strong and remaining
active in our fundraising efforts. Its rewarding that most of the money was earned at
our various lodge fundraising events—anyone can write a check—its takes extra
effort to spend time to raise it. It also greatly increases our community visibility and
build fraternal friendships.
I also urge all members to take a moment to personally thank Chris Hatcher for
serving his Lodge (again) as Exalted Ruler. As an Officer of the Lodge I know how
much time and effort it requires, and appreciate Chris’s guidance and enthusiasm for
the Elks. Lebanon Lodge is fortunate to have members like Chris and others—this is
why our Lodge continues to grow—while others are struggling.
In Our Thoughts and Prayers…
Our sincere condolences to family and friends, on the passing of our fellow lodge
member John George. At the request of John’s family an Elk’s Memorial reception
was held at the lodge on February 7th.
Elks are never forgotten, never forsaken.
Please let us know if there members who need our thoughts and prayers. Send your
news to Brad Peyton: [email protected]
Welcome the Lodges Newest Members…
Josh Seuberling
Seanna Bohman
Jessi Flint
Bar & Club Room Hours
Monday thru Thursday 5 – 10 PM
Friday - 5 PM – 1 AM
Saturday - 5 PM - 1 AM
Closed Sunday & Holidays
Lodge Drawings & Books
Quarter Books Daily
Friday night $1.00 and Saturday night $5.00 books.
You must be a current Elk’s or Auxiliary member to register
You must sign up for yourself - please don’t sign up for others.
You must be present at the time of the drawing at 9:00 PM to win the entire pot.
If you are registered but not present, you will receive half of the total pot.
Winning funds will be available within one week of your name being drawn.
Lodge Banquet Room Rental
Anyone interested in renting the 2nd floor for family gatherings or private parties/receptions,
should contact Jerry Michael at 932-7111. Rental is available to the public.
Burger Thursdays
Jerry Michael & Debbie Hatcher are alternating to cover the “Burger Thursday” dinners, so make
your plans now. Burger Thursdays are being held on the non meeting nights—the second & fourth
Thursdays of the month.
It’s a great excuse to let someone else do the cooking!
Please Check the Weekly
E-Mails & Website for
Burger Thursday &
Friday Dinner Updates
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