Yankee Hill Winery and Cooking School 2015 Schedule of Classes

Yankee Hill Winery and Cooking School
2015 Schedule of Classes
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Give a Cooking Class GIFT Certificate. Phone 209-532-3015
You can have a private cooking party any time, any date, any cooking class. They are
fun and you learn how to be a better cook. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Groups ask for Ron
at 209-532-3015.
Cost Per
August 3rd through
August 7th 9am –
Artisan Bread Baking The crackle and smell of fresh, hot, bread
right from the oven. Learn to bake baguettes, ciabatta and others,
from selecting the flour to mixing, forming and eating a loaf hot
out of the oven. Baking bread is easier than you think and is
sooooo satisfying for the mind.
Sushi the ultimate finger food We are taking SUSHI to a new level
with party rolls, smoked salmon, coppa and lots of sauces. Learn
the new California flavors and how to set up a SUSHI Buffet. If you
do not like sushi this class will change your mind. Add this to the
new changes in your life.
Cooking of the Italian Rivieria is a treat for the taste buds. A
combination of fresh ingredients and time honored cooking
techniques. Salads, polenta, sea food, fresh pasta, gnocco fritto and
more. I have cooked in Italy and would like to share what I have
learned with you.
Gourmet Pizza Make your own Gourmet Pizza at home in less time
then going to take and bake. 10 different pizzas, from fresh tomato
to BB-Q Chicken to Smoked Salmon. How to make your own Italian
Sausage. Why settle for the same old pizza when you can have
Gourmet Pizza.
Five Day Gourmet Culinary Class
Nine AM to three PM daily.
Day One: Knife Skills, Mise en Place, Stocks, Soups, Sauces, Sauté
and Lunch.
Day Two: Preparation, Vegetables, Eggs, Rice, Pasta, Grains, Herbs
and Spices, Lunch.
Day Three: Meats, Poultry, Fish, Shellfish, Grilling, Roasting,
Braising, Steaming, Lunch.
Day Four: Planning, Bread baking, Savory Torts, Pastries, Cookies,
Desserts and Lunch.
Day Five: Creative Cooking, Production, Menu, Garnishing and
To register for a class or for more information call 209-532-3015. All classes are to be paid in advance and a full refund will be
given if notice is received 72 hours before the class. If a class is cancelled by us a full refund will be given. Yankee Hill Winery
P.O.Box 330, Columbia, CA 95310, ¾ mile east of Columbia on Yankee Hill Road. Email us.