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Comparison of splice sites reveals that long noncoding RNAs are evolutionarily well conserved
Anne Nitsche, Dominic Rose, Mario Fasold, Kristin Reiche, and Peter F. Stadler
miRBoost: boosting support vector machines for microRNA precursor classification
Van Du T. Tran, Sebastien Tempel, Benjamin Zerath, Farida Zehraoui, and Fariza Tahi
Metazoan Maelstrom is an RNA-binding protein that has evolved from an ancient nuclease
active in protists
Kuan-Ming Chen, Edgar Campbell, Radha Raman Pandey, Zhaolin Yang, Andrew A. McCarthy, and Ramesh S. Pillai
Characterization of a novel eukaryal nick-sealing RNA ligase from Naegleria gruberi
Mihaela-Carmen Unciuleac and Stewart Shuman
Regulation of the rplY gene encoding 5S binding protein L25 in Escherichia coli and
related bacteria
Leonid V. Aseev, Natalia S. Bylinkina, and Irina V. Boni
Spliceosome assembly in the absence of stable U4/U6 RNA pairing
Jordan E. Burke, Samuel E. Butcher, and David A. Brow
Visualizing the global secondary structure of a viral RNA genome with cryo-electron microscopy
Rees F. Garmann, Ajaykumar Gopal, Shreyas S. Athavale, Charles M. Knobler, William M. Gelbart,
and Stephen C. Harvey
Environmental RNAi in herbivorous insects
Sergey Ivashuta, Yuanji Zhang, B. Elizabeth Wiggins, Partha Ramaseshadri, Gerrit C. Segers, Steven Johnson,
Steve E. Meyer, Randy A. Kerstetter, Brian C. McNulty, Renata Bolognesi, and Gregory R. Heck
Whole-genome mapping of 5′ RNA ends in bacteria by tagged sequencing: a comprehensive view
in Enterococcus faecalis
Nicolas Innocenti, Monica Golumbeanu, Aymeric Fouquier d’Hérouël, Caroline Lacoux, Rémy A. Bonnin,
Sean P. Kennedy, Françoise Wessner, Pascale Serror, Philippe Bouloc, Francis Repoila, and Erik Aurell
Rapid isolation and single-molecule analysis of ribonucleoproteins from cell lysate
by SNAP-SiMPull
Margaret L. Rodgers, Joshua Paulson, and Aaron A. Hoskins