‘I always take Scotch Whiskey at night as a preventive of toothache. I have never
had a toothache…Never intended to have it…’ - Mark Twain
Those cocktails have been created by Chris and named after
his favourite skateboarders!
Sake Mare £12
‘The Rising Son’ (Dedicated to Christian Hosoi) £13
Chris’ classic!
Gin Mare (Spain) · Kokushi Cocoo Sake (Hokkaido)
Thyme Syrup · Fresh Lemon Juice & Peel
Organic Pear, Rosemary & Sichuan Pepper Infused Sake (Hokkaido)
Fresh Lime Juice · Organic Pear Juice · Japanese Yuzu Lemon Syrup
‘Z-Boys’ (In memory of Jay Adams) £12
Inca ‘Mole’ Pisco £12
Chris’ signature Pisco Sour!
Organic Pear Infused Pisco · Vanilla Syrup · Fresh Lemon Juice
Organic Egg White · Xocolate Mole Bitters
Raisins & Vanilla Infused Rum · Lemon Verbena Infused Rum
Organic Apple Juice · Cinnamon & Star Anise Syrup · Fresh Lime Juice
MARTINI with vegetable & Californian twist…
‘Creating a Dream’ (Limited Edition) £12
Chris’ latest creation!
Organic Honeycomb Infused Bourbon · Lavender Syrup
Fresh Lemon Juice · Organic Egg White · Boston Bitthas Bitters
‘Don’t drink to be drunk. Drink to enjoy life.’ - Jack Kerouac
‘Hola, My Name is Konichiwa’ (Limited Edition) £13
Combine Alain’s own Vermouth & Chris’ infusion - The perfect Martini!
Organic Carrots Infused Vodka (California) · Sweet House Vermouth
Cumin Bitters · Fresh Orange Peel
No more rules! The second of a real ‘Off the Wall’ series – To be continued…
Organic Orange & Sichuan Pepper Infused Mezcal · Fresh Lime Juice
Ryoma 7 Years Oak Cask Aged Rum (Japan) · Organic Agave Syrup
Carrot & Cumin £12
Teahupo’o (In memory of Ricardo Dos Santos) £13
Chris’ love & passion for Tahiti’s waves!
Sugar Cane Agricole Rum (California) · Ron Millonario Reserva Rum (Perù)
Cointreau · Fresh Lime Juice · Vanilla Syrup
Organic Alphonso Mango Juice · Elemakule Tiki Bitters
‘I exercise strong self-control. I never drink anything stronger than gin before
breakfast.’ - W.C Fields
Mo’ Better Blues £11
A real prohibition drink!
Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey · Sweet House Vermouth
Crème de Mûre · Fresh Orange Peel
Gimlet_9 £21
Is it Mezcal, is it Gin? All we know, it is a work of a genius! Try it for yourself.
Pierde Almas Espadin, 9+ Legendary Botanical (Oaxaca) · Fresh Lime Juice
Simple Syrup · Rose Petals & Fresh Lime Peel
*All our infusions & syrups are homemade
*We’re using Bittermens ‘very small batch’ bitters from Brooklyn, NY