Bulletin Insert, March 22

March 22, 2015
Please Pray for
Clergy and Staff
Assistant to the Rector
Assistant for Parish Life and
Family Ministries
Head of Grace Episcopal School
Director of Music
Director of Parish Operations
Office Administrator
Children’s Chapel Coordinator
The Rev. Robert H. Malm
[email protected]
The Rev. Leslie N. Steffensen
[email protected]
The Rev. Elizabeth Locher
[email protected]
Chris Stegmaier Byrnes
[email protected]
Richard Newman, DMA
[email protected]
Jeffrey Aaron
[email protected]
Beth Wiggers
[email protected]
Ruth Young
Pedro Hernández
Chandler Whitman
[email protected]
Grace Church Vestry
Executive Committee
Senior Warden
Lisa Medley
Junior Warden
Eric Waskowicz
Bill Eckel
Mary Ann Ryan
Eric Bonetti
Class of 2015
Eric Bonetti
Lisa Medley
Mary Ann Ryan
Eric Waskowicz
Jan Wolff
Alternates: John Metz
Class of 2016
Jeffrey Chiow
Lina Dobbs
Bill Eckel
Bill Malone
Easter Thompson
Judy Willard
To get in touch with us....
Grace Church’s clergy and staff are most
easily accessible during normal office hours:
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
Phone: 703/549-1980 • Fax: 703/549-2832
E-mail: [email protected]
On the web at www.gracealex.org
Parishioners…...Mary, Michael, Liz, Sarah, Ed, Jimmy, Lois, Petrona,
Virginia, Eugene, Joyce, Barbara, Neille, Dick, John, Andrea, Robert, Teresa,
Julia, Jona, Ralph, Kathleen, Nora Lee, June, Barry
Family and friends…...Tina, Debra, Traci, Carol, Matthew, Jake, Sherrel,
Kevin, Kirk, Kristal, Anne, Ava, Amy, Fr. Jack, Peggy, Joanne, Harry, Susan,
Lynn, Shellyn, Randy, Sandy, Kim, Holly, Robin, Rob, Pepper, Bentsen and
family, Dylan, John, Susan, Rachel and Jonathan, Bob, Jim, Jack, Jeanette,
Maria, John, Steven, Joan, Leonardo and Issa, Edith, Bryon, George, Libby,
Bill, Cleo
Requiescat in Pace….....Crystal Byorick; and the victims of wars in the
Middle East and Ukraine
Those serving in Afghanistan or Iraq and all others at risk, including
Alex Ford, Andy Lopez, Dan Pattarini, and Jay Wise. Pray for healing for US
troops wounded as casualties of war and their caregivers
Others who are overseas serving the Church or our nation or studying,
including Maggie Eckel; Heath and Katie Winkler and family; Chris and
Maggie Corlett and family; Lit and Mary Carol Tazewell; Chris, Melissa and
Michael Reed; Andrew Boyd and Audra Kreger; the Scudi family; Travis
Thompson; and Ben Joyner
Those in assisted living……….Shirley, Alma Deane, Dick, Jorge, Daisy,
Frank, Joan, Cheryl, Robert
Those traveling……….Cynthia, Rose, Ward and Barbara, Martha
In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer: The Church in Tanzania
Class of 2017
John Boris
Colby Gustafson
Katie Madigan
Leo Ribeiro
Lorna Worley
In the Diocese of Virginia: Our Bishops, Shannon, Susan and Ted; and the
congregations and clergy of All Saints, Richmond; St. Peter’s, Richmond; Our
Saviour, Charlottesville; Holy Cross, Dunn Loring; St. Dunstan’s, McLean
In the parish: The Vestry and Executive Committee of Grace Church: Lisa
Medley, Senior Warden; Eric Waskowicz, Junior Warden; Mary Ann Ryan,
Register; Bill Eckel, Treasurer; and Eric Bonetti, Member-at-Large
Those with birthdays
22 ....... Kathleen Arthur, Paige Medley, Liz Rugaber, Ethan Woodhead
23 ....... Mia Giacomo, Pat Hansen, Easter Thompson
26 ....... Lisa Doelp, Georgia Gillette, Christopher Pilcher, Kathy Zucca
27 ....... Simon Kupczyk
28 ....... Kirk Steffensen, Nicolas Zola
March 22, 2015
Welcome to Grace Church!
Today, we celebrate the Holy Eucharist at 7:30 am and 5:00 pm; and Choral
Eucharist at 9:00 and 11:15 am in the church.
We also celebrate la Santa Eucaristía at 9:00 am in the Auditorium on the third
floor of Merrow Hall.
Sunday, March 22 .................................................The Fifth Sunday in Lent
8:30 am ....... Library open (until 12:30 pm)
8:45 am ....... Childcare (2 years and under) until 12:30 pm — Nursery
8:50 am ....... Children’s Chapel (3 to 6 years) — St. Nicholas Room
10:00 am ....... Liturgy Moment: The Triduum — Nave
10:15 am
Adult Forum: The Triduum (continued) — St. John Room
10:15 am ....... Inquirers’ Class: Easter Narratives — St. Mark Room
10:15 am ....... Sunday School for Children and Youth — Classrooms as posted
12:15 pm ....... Liturgy Moment: The Triduum — Nave
Monday, March 23 .................. The Annunciation of Our Lord Jesus Christ
to the Blessed Virgin Mary (tr.)
8:30 am ....... GES Spring Vacation Club (until 5:00 pm) each day through Friday
— Classrooms, Auditorium
9:30 am ....... Prepare and serve Brown Bag lunches each day through Friday —
Kitchen, then Meade Memorial Church
1:00 pm ....... Food Pantry open (until 3:00 PM)
6:30 pm ....... Education for Ministry (EFM) — Library
6:30 pm ....... Holy Eucharist — Nave
7:15 pm ....... Simple Supper (Vestry) — Auditorium
7:15 pm ....... J2A Confirmation Class (until 8:45 pm) — St. Luke Room
7:45 pm ....... Children’s Lenten Program — St. John Room
7:45 pm ....... Adult Lenten Series tonight in cooperation with the Alexandria
Episcopal Lenten Series: Sharing Jesus outside our walls (The Rev.
David Gortner)— Auditorium
Tuesday, March 24
Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador and the
Martyrs of El Salvador, 1980
10:45 am ....... Church Staff meeting — St. Mark Room
1:00 pm ....... Food Pantry open (until 3:00 pm)
3:30 pm ....... Boys and Girls Choir (until 4:30 pm) — St. Cecilia Room
4:00 pm ....... Bulletin Insert deadline
5:45 pm ....... Confessions (until 6:15 pm) — Nave
6:30 pm ....... Holy Eucharist (with Prayers for Healing) — Nave
Wednesday, March 25....................... Wednesday in the Fifth Week of Lent
7:00 am ....... Holy Eucharist — Nave
8:30 am ....... VBS Planners (until 12:00 noon) — Library
7:00 pm ....... AA District 1 — St. Luke Room
8:00 pm ....... AA & Al-Anon — Auditorium and St. Luke Room
Thursday, March 26 ............................. Thursday in the Fifth Week of Lent
12:15 pm ....... Holy Eucharist — Nave
3:30 pm ....... Boys and Girls Choir (until 4:30 pm) — St. Cecilia Room
6:45 pm ....... Handbell Choir — St. Cecilia Room
7:30 pm ....... Adult Choir — St. Cecilia Room
Friday, March 27 .................................... Charles Henry Brent, Bishop, 1929
11:30 am ....... Confessions (until 12:00 noon) — Nave
12:15 pm ....... Stations of the Cross and Holy Eucharist — Nave
5:00 pm ....... Boys and Girls Choir (until 6:00 pm) — St. Cecilia Room
6:30 pm ....... Food Pantry (until 7:30 pm)
8:30 pm ....... AA — Auditorium
Saturday, March 28 .......................................................................................
9:00 am ....... Altar Guild (until 11:00 am) — Sacristy, Chancel and Nave
9:00 am ....... Altar Guild Palm Breaking (until 12:00 noon) — Auditorium
March 22, 2015
Liturgy Moment: The Triduum
This morning, following the 9:00 and 11:15 am services, we will continue our
series of “Liturgy Moments” in the church nave immediately following the
organ postlude. Mother Elizabeth will speak about Holy Week and especially
the sacred three days – Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter
Vigil. All ages are welcome!
Christian Formation Hour
Programs for all ages take place during the education hour, 10:15 - 11:00 am
during the academic year.
• Sunday School for children and youth: The classroom name or number
for each age group is posted near the elevator in Merrow Hall.
• Adult Forum: The Triduum (continued): After the 10 am Liturgy Moment
presentation, you are invited to continue the conversation with Mother
Elizabeth in the St. John Room on the third floor of Merrow Hall.
• Inquirers’ Class: Easter Narratives: Join Father Malm in the St. Mark Room
on the second floor of Merrow Hall to reflect on the Easter stories found in
the Gospels. The Inquirers’ classes are open to all those interested in learning more about the Christian faith and Grace Church.
Easter Flower Donations —
Deadline extended until tomorrow at 9 AM
The deadline for inclusion in the Easter Flower booklet has been extended until
9:00 am TOMORROW. To contribute to the Easter flowers, please send an
email message to [email protected], submit a flower form online at
www.gracealex.org, or fill out one of the pink donation forms found in the tract
rack or on the credenza in the Commons. Please note “Easter flowers” on your
check’s memo line. Please do NOT put your message on your check. Today, you
may leave your check and/or form in the Sacristy or give them to one of the
clergy. Please do NOT put either the form or check in the collection bag. Thank
you for participating in making Grace Church beautiful for Easter. Questions?
Please contact Lisa Doelp at 703-239-1302 or [email protected]
This Week at Grace
Monday Night Lenten Series — March 23
Our Monday Night Lenten Series concludes tomorrow, Monday, March 23,
with a program in cooperation with the Alexandria Episcopal Lenten Series
here at Grace. The program begins with Holy Eucharist at 6:30 pm and a
simple supper at 7:00 pm (this week prepared by the Vestry). Please note that
this program for adults and a movie program for children begin at 7:30 pm
this week. Tomorrow evening, the Rev. Dr. David Gortner, Professor of
Evangelism and Congregational Leadership at VTS, will talk with us about
Leaving a Legacy of Faith: Sharing Jesus outside our walls.
Commemoration of the Martyrs of El Salvador — Tuesday
March 24th is the commemoration date for the Martyrs of El Salvador. Please
join us in marking the faith and witness of the men and women who died for
the Gospel and for the love of the Salvadoran people at the Tuesday night
Holy Eucharist at 6:30 pm. Contact Mother Steffensen for further information.
Weekday observances in Lent — Tuesday and Friday
• Confessions: Parishioners are invited to take advantage of “walk-in”
opportunities for the Rite of Reconciliation, or private confession, this week
on Tuesday, March 24, from 5:45 to 6:15 pm and Friday, March 27, from
11:30 am to 12:00 noon.
• Stations of the Cross: The 12:15 pm liturgy this Friday begins with the
Stations of the Cross.
Next Sunday — March 29, Palm Sunday
Palm / Passion Sunday Liturgies
All of next Sunday’s liturgies will include the distribution of palms and the
reading of the Passion Gospel of St. Mark. The 9:00 and 11:15 am choral
liturgies will begin outside, weather permitting. At 9:00 am, we will walk by
the side of the church, through the parking lot, up Russell Road and back
into the church. At 11:15 am, we will process directly into the church from
the circle driveway.
Formation Hour — 10:15 to 11:00 am
• No Classes: There are no classes Palm Sunday or Easter Day. Classes for
all ages will resume on Sunday, April 12.
• Palm Sunday Intergenerational Activity: Next Sunday, in place of Sunday School or an Adult Forum, we will have an Intergenerational Event in
Merrow Hall Auditorium from 10:15 to 11:00 am. Among the many
activities that will be available, you can learn to make a cross from a palm
frond, sign cards for fellow parishioners away at Easter, and support the Sunday School students raising funds for a donkey and plow through Episcopal
Relief and Development! !
• Sign Cards: On your way to the Auditorium for the intergenerational event
(or after the 7:30 and 11:15 am services) next Sunday, please stop by the St.
John Room to sign Easter cards for those being confirmed at the Great Vigil;
and for our students (college and boarding school), parishioners serving and
working overseas, and others on our prayer list.
• Help support our Sunday School service project! As you attend the
intergenerational Palm Sunday event next week stop by one of the Sunday
School tables to have a cup of hot chocolate, play pin the tail on the donkey
and buy some shares in a plow. A donation will be asked to help fund a donkey, plow and cart through Episcopal Relief and Development. Our goal is
Rehearsals for Good Friday meditations next Sunday
Easter Thompson will meet in the Nave with the individuals who are
offering meditations during the Good Friday Stations of the Cross for a brief
rehearsal at 12:45 pm (after the 11:15 am liturgy).
Other Notices
ESL: A ministry opportunity for our neighbors!
Grace Episcopal Church will be starting an English as a Second Language
(ESL) course in April. Classes will meet Tuesday evenings, April 14 – June 9.
If you have a friend who might want to be a student, please contact Mother
Steffensen by email at [email protected]
From the Library
Three new library books: The Divine Comedy by Dante, The Pilgrim’s Progress in
Modern English by Bunyan and The Karamazov Brothers by Dostoevsky. With
these books, we have 24 of the 25 recommended for Christians by J. Roller.
Does anyone have any books of poetry by Gerard Manley Hopkins to donate
to the library? He is the 25th and last book needed to complete the series.
Mark Your Calendar
Good Friday Children’s Holy Week Service — April 3
During Holy Week there will be a special service at 5 pm on Good Friday
designed specifically for children and their families. Together we will walk
through the events of Holy Week, from Palm Sunday through Jesus’ time in
the Garden of Gethsemane to the Way of the Cross. Take some time to experience the mysteries of Holy Week and prepare for the joy of Easter! Children are also welcome at all Grace Church services.
Agape Feast following the Great Vigil of Easter — April 4
Your Grace Church fellowship committee invites you to join in the celebration feast (the agape) that follows the Easter Vigil liturgy on Holy Saturday
evening (it's Saturday, April 4!). Watch for our sign-up poster near the parking lot doors; it will offer many ways to help with the production of this
glorious party in honor of the holiest event of the Church year! Get out your
best finger food recipes and sign up to assist in other ways as well.
Questions? Contact Jeffery Chiow or Gary Carter. Check our Facebook page
for updates and suggestions of delicious and easy-to-make finger foods!
Easter Egg hunt – April 5
Youth from our Journey to Adulthood (J2A) class will be hosting an Easter
Egg hunt for children to celebrate the Resurrection on Easter Day! Weather
permitting, the hunt will take place at 10:15 am on the playing field behind
the church. Invite your friends to join us! We have postcards available to give
to friends and neighbors inviting them to Grace Church for Easter.
PYM 6th-7th Grade Shrine Mont Weekend — April 17-19
The Diocese of Virginia is hosting its annual 6-7th grade retreat weekend at
Shrine Mont this April, and Grace Church will be sending a group. Please
contact Mother Elizabeth ([email protected]) if you are interested in going as a youth or adult chaperone. Registration is $150 per student
and scholarships are available.
J2A Silent and Live Auction — May 2
J2A will be hosting a Silent and Live Auction on Saturday, May 2, to raise
funds for their pilgrimage this summer.
How you can help:
• Attend the auction and bid on exciting items.
• Donate items to bid on for the auction (donation forms are available on
the credenza in the Commons across from the parish office and at
• Tell your friends.
For answers to questions or more information about the auction, contact
Lisa Medley at [email protected]
Vacation Bible School: June 28 – July 2!
This year, Vacation Bible School will start on a Sunday night, and then run
mornings, Monday through Thursday. A full-day option will also be available. Our dates and times are Sunday, June 28 (5 to 7 pm) and Monday to
Thursday, June 29-July 2 (9 am to noon). Registration will open in a
month, but if you are interested in volunteering to help in some way, you can
contact Mother Elizabeth Locher at [email protected] at any
Help at Grace and Beyond
Brown Bag Lunch Reminder! — March 23 – March 27
If you were unable to bring your sandwiches today, please let Linda
Waskowicz know by e-mail ([email protected]) or telephone
what day you will be putting them in the Merrow Hall freezer. Thank you to
all for your outreach.