The army provides an excellent career to the young and dynamic

The army provides an excellent career to the young and dynamic boys
and girls of this nation. It is apparent the job profile in the Armed Forces is
challenging, rewarding and with sufficient remuneration to lead an ideal life style
in the Twenty First Century. Through Foreign Direct Investment and opening up
the Indian Economic Market there is sufficient job creation in our nation which is
provided by big corporate houses and the Multi National Companies. The pay
scales are exorbitant and the young mind is lured towards these jobs
mechanically. There is a requirement of distinct thought process which can help
students to revaluate the material gains vis-à-vis the quality of life which is
provided by choosing Armed Forces as a career. Money is a definite requirement
but if relatively valued and seen, one may realize that living life to its best merit is
provided by choosing Armed Forces as the challenging career which helps to
develop materially and impart quality and color to the life, and also provide job
security and longevity. More over with sixth pay commission, the relative position
of government sector particularly army has significantly improved. The pay and
allowance have doubled and quite close to private sector. Armed Forces as a
profession which literally pays you for keeping you physically and mentally
robust; and also provide job security to the serving personnel’s and theirs
dependents. The glitter and glamour as projected by the Multi National Company
also exists in Army, rather more pronounced in protracted and secured
To achieve the above, the young aspirants have to study a lot and put in
sustained efforts to be part of elite officer cadre of the Armed Forces. To adore
the Olive Green Uniform, one has to really strive and work hard to achieve the
desired goal. Selection as imperative is a difficult issue and can only be obtained
by thorough planning, and putting in sharp work to achieve the desired goal. The
students appearing for competitive exams are theoretically sound but require lot
of practical intelligence to make their mark in the Services Selection Board. The
theoretical intelligence is only going to help an individual upto 15% and the
remainder has to be built up by improving General Awareness and increasing,
intellectual profile. The intellectual profile can be helped to some extent
academically, but building up general awareness and coping with problems of
varying complexities is the order of the day. If you see radically, the questions are
generally well answered to the theoretical proficiency since the same books are
read over and over again since Primary, Middle and Secondary level. Most of the
time is spent to improve personal percentages by regular school / college
attendance, mock test, coaching classes, etc. where as bulk of effort is required
to improve practical intelligence which is generally lacking in the present day
scenario. Let us analyze the reasons of lack of practical aspects to bookish
pattern of learning. Books provide you excellent means to develop theoretical
skills, and the practical intelligence provides you to build up your reasoning and
logic. A multistory building is made from the base, rather than starting from the
top to make a sky scraper. During 9/11, Word Trade Centre was attacked and
devastated, but the infrastructure was again created which again houses the new
spiraling building of the intellectual importance. The building stands aloft the
ground again as if it was never devastated. One has to be strong enough to bear
such challenges which are bound to take place in day to day cycle of success
and defeat.
You have the requisite knowledge, but do not show how to successfully
convert the coveted knowledge practically to achieve the desired objective. The
knowledge is rusted if it is not given a direction. Direction finding is vital to open
up all your faculties and absorb yourself in constant learning and up gradation of
intelligence to succeed in competitive examinations. The students expect quick
and positive results but are not seen putting their best to succeed in
competitions. Your best may be a far cry from the least expected from you. I
would like to amplify the point here, that your best may not be the overall best
required to succeed in the examination. You may be satisfied by your
performance since you have been virtually preparing throughout the year, best
preparation may be far away from seeking success in the new competitive
scenario. We should not forget, that everybody seeking Government / Private job
are fully prepared to meet any eventuality during the selection procedure. High
level of professional competence is required to succeed in any examination.
The above amplifies the point, that all young minds like you if motivated
and trained properly can achieve success in any difficult situation. Knowledge
without direction is directionless, and it proves the point to give direction to your
efforts, though slowly but progressively to achieve the objective. Let us analyse,
that a student has to prepare himself one complete year to pass an academic
cycle, and is guided continuously throughout the year by worthy
teachers/professors in the institution and parents at home, and still fail to perform
as expected. You cannot expect miracles to happen to you overnight when you
proceed to face competitive exams and interviews. Triple Jump athlete, Mrs. Anju
Bobby George, under the expert guidance of her mentor who happens to be the
husband and coach fail to perform in Olympics, is an indicator of severe
competition. Realising the fact that husband turned coach will impart best of
training and the results though out standing could not allow Anju Bobby George
to figure in the first three in the previous Olympics. These examples have been
sighted to prepare your self physically, mentally, intellectually for the competitions
which are bound to be faced by young and competitive students alike in all
categories. Remember, hard work and sustain effort is never wasted or frittered
away; knowledge is like a store house which can be recycled and utilized when
required. Now let us question ourselves and ask how confident are we to face the
group discussions and Interviews? If you have been continuously reading and
updating yourself regularly in a routine manner, it will definitely result into
success. Imagine, the amount of effort the Editor of a newspaper, daily,
magazine puts in providing vital news to your door steps each day when you get
up and enjoy the early morning rising sun and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee in your
hand. One tends to read the Newspaper, as if you know which portion is easily
digested and avoid the schedules which sound difficult to you. The full page / half
page / small column advertisements carry lot of vital statistics and valuable
information which we tend to ignore. Imagine the advertisements contain invaluable assets which can be productively used to enhance knowledge but,
invariably the source of information is neglected and not used. You get in a habit
of reading on a beaten path rather exploring the new avenues and ventures
provided by the Newspapers and magazines. Remember, you can never
succeed if you do not venture to find new avenues in the assigned task. Beyond
doubt, I would like to emphasise again that we do not have time to read the
advertisements which are charged at a phenomenal price by the News agency. It
is suggested that one must get into the habit of reading this material which
provides essential and useful data which can be utilized to improve Practical
Intelligence significantly. On the onset of new season winters / summers
numbers of new products are launched in the market which gives lot of
information in the development of science & technology world wide and the
changes incorporated recently. Examples are manifold in relation to mobile
technology, GSM/CDMA, laptops, desktops, automobiles, motorbikes, air
conditioners, CDs/DVD’s, I-pods etc. but the advertisements invariably fail to
attract attention. The mental horizon can get a face lift if we read these articles
and advertisements which will enhance our knowledge substantially. It is rightly
said, that you have to start at the base of the mountain to reach the tallest peak.
So, get up and put your heart and shoulders to work and achieve distinction in all
phases of life. Nothing is easy or difficult, but it is the mental attitude which is the
key to success. You have to change your mental make up and get after your aim,
goal or chosen objective, willingly and faithfully discharging your studies
systematically, logically and tactfully to achieve success in your efforts. Lord
Krishna was tactful and thereby motivated the Pandavas to take on the Kaurava’s
in the Mahabharata. You have to be articulate to work intelligently, thereby
succeed in your mission. To recount few names, It may be Ex-President Dr.
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, First Woman President Mrs. Pratibha Patil, Steel Baron L.N.
Mittal, Azim Premji, Narayan Murty, Ambani Brothers, Ratan Tata, Sachin
Tendulkar, M.S. Dhoni, Sania Mirza, P.T. Usha, Lt Col Rajvardhan Rathhore,
Sunita Williams, Kalpana Chawla etc. have all worked very hard to reach the top.
Hard work always pays and the rewards will come automatically. Invariably you
will never find a person putting in sustained effort, working vigorously throughout
the life, being a loser in the long run. A person who can concentrate in the
present is bound to draw out rich dividends in the near future. Generally believe
FUTURE”. If you can utilize the present time constructively definitely it will give
you a promising future. We have a tendency to speak about the past and future,
and forget to take mileage of the present. Remember, Present is a gift of God,
and if utilized fruitfully can give you significant returns in the years to follow.
Rightly endorsed, that failures are stepping stone to success. If we do not
fail in our ventures we are not bound to learn from our mistakes. Mistakes lead to
self improvement, which guide the person to sure success. The nature teaches
us through our mistakes and then leads us to the path of glory. A child is bound
to fall at the time of learning to walk or take the first giant stride which the
mothers is eagerly looking forward to be accomplished. If you work, it is bound to
happen that you will face number of problems. A man who succeeds is the man
who has learnt the hard way to achieve the habit of excelling in the venture or
assigned task. Do not worry about success or defeat, but put in effort like a horse
with tremendous speed and sharp work and carry forward your ambitions and
desires. Get up, put your heart and soul to work and put effort relentlessly, you
will definitely succeed in your mission.
Success in your mission is obvious since you have put up your theoretical
and practical skills together and worked relentlessly to accomplish the desired
goal. These are various examples which invariably inspire us to do better each
day. Pick up the morning daily, and you will find inspiration in any field you
desire. Desires, hopes, sorrows and miseries, fortune and success are the
spokes of the same wheel which keep reminding us of the various inventions and
discoveries done in the yester and being done concurrently to achieve laurels
and excellence in the specified field. Who could imagine few years years back,
the progress of India and China in Software and Hardware Technology? Gone
are the ideas, when the knowledge was a distant dream beyond the reach of the
millions. Now-a-days complete realization has helped bring people together and
make them more closely and share their skills across the continents.
It is a developing world, and should say it in houses abundace input to
increase one’s skills and proficiency, aided by Internet connectivity, broad band
facility, on line testing, mock test, CD ROMs, and alike leaving students little
room, but to excel in the field of specialization. The means are plenty, but we
should not blame the organizations for rejection, since we fail to strive and come
up to the desired level. If anything goes wrong in any field, we have a tendency to
look beyond the boundaries and blame the selection procedure for our rejection. I
may like to recount the famous saying “where there is a will, there is a way”.
Stop criticizing the system and put yourself to concerted efforts, and success will
crown you, embrace you and success will be yours.
To achieve success you have to work with dedication and devotion and
complete your assigned task carefully, religiously, covering some ground each
day to reach the destination. You should start practicing running 1000 M to
compete in 100 M to leave participants beyond your reach, or result in your sure
success. Otherwise, if you choose to practice 100 M each day, than it may result
in failure, which is bound to occur any day. To recall, one has to be a long
distance runner than a short distance. You may start slow, but constant practice
will enable you to achieve your cherished goal. All celebrities put in systematic
and sustained effort to achieve excellence in any field they excel. To recall the
word of Poet HW Long fellow:
Nothing is impossible, be courageous, be positive and above all be
optimistic, your mental attitude is secret to your will and key to your success.
You have to persistently go after the desired goal and relentlessly strive hard to
achieve success in any field of excellence. Results have to be created, destiny
has number of surprises for you, but you should be watchful of the nature guiding
you in your path to success. If you work hard, even the celestial bodies will
shower heavenly praises on you to achieve your desired goal. The blessings are
bound to happen if you take the correct path of hard work and toil, and will be
suitably rewarded for your efforts. Get up, seize the moment and achieve your
cherished aim, come what may, but work and slog and achieve success.
Selection as the name sounds is very encouraging and instills lot of
confidence in the candidate to achieve success. The selection in any department
has few hurdles which are essential to cross before you can be declared as a
winner. As brought out earlier, Armed Forces is a Nobel profession, hence we
expect total dedication and devotion towards selection procedure as put a cross
to you. The selection procedure is two fold, starting with Screening, which
includes Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning, followed by Picture Perception and
Description Test and culmination by successive round of discussion. The results
are duly compiled and announced and given to students generally by afternoon.
The above procedure is followed when you proceed for Army / Navy Selection
Board, whereas in Air Force Selection Board, you are generally called to report in
the morning of the assigned date and the selection procedure is followed by
conduct of Pilot Aptitude Battery Test as Applicable to flying branch students,
followed by Screening Test. After Screening Test those students who are
retained, go through Psychological Test, Group Testing Officers Technique, and
Interview and remainder procedure as described in the succeeding paragraphs:
D-Day: The day of reporting involves filling up of personal data and
settling down in the Services Selection Board applicable to Army / Navy Selection
D+1: The day of screening which involves Verbal, Non Verbal Reasoning
followed by Picture Perception and Description Test. Incase of candidate for Air
Force, the D-day and D+1 can be combined as described earlier and students go
through complete process of Pilot Aptitude Battery Test followed by the
Screening similar to the instructions for Army and the Naval Candidates. The
results are announced in the afternoon/evening depending on the strength of
intake of students.
D+2: The students are put through Psychological Test which includes
Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT), Word Association and Self Description Test.
There are Twelve Pictures which are displayed in TAT, followed by 60 words and
Self Description, to include opinion of Parents, Teachers, Friends, Superiors and
Subordinates, including Self Appraisal. The test is time bound and generally
takes about two hours of testing. The personal interview is generally conducted in
the afternoon between D+2 to D+4 by the President / the Deputy President.
D+3: The Day includes Group Testing Officer (GTO) Ground Task, which
generally commence with two topics of Group Discussion, Group Planning
Exercise. Progressive Group Task, Group Obstacle Race, Half Group Task and
Lecturette. Remainder of the task can be conducted on D+4.
D+4: The Day includes the left over tasks of the Group Testing Officers
Technique, which may comprise of Individual obstacles, Command Task and
Final Group Task.
D+5: The day of conference and result. Each student is seen individually.
The result is declared before afternoon. The selected students are bound to stay
for a minimum period of six days after selection. Not recommended students are
free to proceed back the same day. The students proceeding to Air Force
Selection Board in the Technical Branch are put through EKT after selection and
accordingly should prepare their basic and main subjects.
D-Day: Let us take you back to the station, where you will be picked up on
the first day around 1300-1400 hrs and taken direct to the SSB. You are given
general instructions and taken to the testing hall for Personal identification and
particulars. All original certificates as listed in the General Instructions issued by
the SSB should be carried. Group Testing Officer will address all the students
collectively and give out the broad guidelines for selection procedure due each
day as per the schedule.
All administrative instructions are included to help students making their
stay comfortable in the SSB. The administration back up is well pronounced in all
SSB’s. The students are not required to pay for the Boarding & Lodging;
moreover the authorities pay you off your second class sleeper fare by train from
your destination to the place of testing. Ensure you take a photo copy of your
railway ticket to claim the fare. But, if you choose to travel by any other means of
transportation be it air, cab, steamer etc. only the authorized rail fare will be paid
to you as per the norms. Due to any emergency, you get late in reporting at the
station, the station master can make an endorsement of late arrival of the train.
You should report to the SSB in all respects, failing which, your candidature is
likely to be cancelled. Once you reach the SSB you are taken to the Testing Hall
and chest numbers are allotted to each one of you after filling up personal details.
The GTO will give broad guidelines regarding various tests, timings, dress & laid
down procedure and conduct of tests at the SSB. Generally, you should avoid
taking heavy baggage, mobile, more cash which can be avoided. Look after
yourself and enjoy your fruitful stay at the Service Selection Board. Stay between
the laid down norms. Do not violate any rules, otherwise you are likely to face
stringent disciplinary action and returned back from the SSB.
The Day of arrival, as the name suggests is the most important day in the
career of an applicant applied for commission in the Armed Forces. Lot of effort is
required on part of the student to be physically and mentally fit to take the
arduous process of selection. It is the most difficult day, and we invariable
prepare the least to under take the six day selection schedule. The students
should thoroughly prepare themselves in advance to perform well. As per the
famous saying “Well Begun is half done”. Ask yourself, if you are prepared for
the occasion? The answer will be negative, if you follow the stringent guidelines
listed in the succeeding paras. Remember the day of joining the Kinder Garden,
Secondary Education, and College Education, first day of reporting to unit, the
day takes you back the memory lane. Likewise, prepare yourself fully and you will
definitely excel in the Services Selection Board.
Exhaustive knowledge of personal details should be well versed and
known to you. The personal details look simple, but you realize at the time of
reporting that you are unable to put the data correctly in the manner asked to
you. It is natural, that personal details give complete insight into one’s
personality, and you happen to give step motherly treatment to this sequence of
questions. The details about your place, parents, and schooling should be
correctly appended legibly and correctly. The details of parent’s occupation and
income should be known. The percentages scored by you with correct details
should be endorsed. There are many achievements which we configure in
Primary, Secondary and Higher Classes, academically and in various games,
sports and extra-curricular activities. We generally fail to capatalise on these
important aspects. It is irony of fate that we do lot of things but fail to include such
activities when called for in the personal data form (PIQ form is attached as
appendix – A).
Primary level, Secondary level learning and schooling indicates basic
knowledge which is vital to capitalize and help the assessor to see your
personality at the grass root level. Though the qualities at this stage are really not
pronounced, but definitely lay the foundation which can be strongly inherited with
good education background and correct grooming. The basic education and
schooling details should be correctly endorsed, and avoid cover up of events
which may lead you in difficult situation. Besides academics, we often take part in
other extra curricular activities which invariably goes unnoticed such activities,
should be brought to focus like, excelling in games, sports, hobbies, adventure
activities and special interest.
The high lights of the events endorsed at the primary level can be
subjectively addressed during secondary level / college education, thereby
bringing continuity to your profile and laying a solid foundation, thereby helping
the assessor and forcing yourself to be assessed as a suitable candidate to join
the elite officer cadre in the Indian Armed Forces.
Achievements at graduation and above can be suitably supplemented if
you have a relatively active profile during primary & secondary level.
Endorsement of remarks without linkages and authenticity and lack of
confirmations may lead to find you unsuitable for the job. The gradual buildup of
information will help you to shape yourself better in challenging situations.
All your certificates are checked with authenticity and essential statistics
included about your family, education, sports, extra curricular activities, hobbies
and other special interest. Special reference to reading skills, will generally find
you in the correct frame of mind to embark yourself on the strict selection
schedule. The basic difference between the person who makes the grade, and
the person who fails to live up to the expectation is miniscule or say very
insignificant. The person who works continuously and logically, following the laid
down parameters, and guidelines is surely bound to succeed in any venture he
undertakes. Imagine the difference in nano seconds during the 80 M or 100 M
race, between the person declared first, as the fastest man in the race and the
person who finishes second with just a margin of 1/100 of a second. The person
in first place will always be remembered, whereas the person who stood second
by fraction of a second will be forgotten overnight. So, you should not think of
second place, whereas little extra effort can see you at the top, and set an
example for others to follow. Significantly, connected to the above preparation is
the dress and turn out required for this special occasion which is generally
ignored. We always try to dress up elegantly when we proceed for marriage
ceremony or important commitments, but fail to live up to the expectations at the
time of selection. You should be totally branded and look your best at all times
during the selection. Your correct dress pattern should be strictly followed right
from the time of arrival at the station till the final selection. Formal wears are
always advocated. You are generally more receptive to your guests and friends
who are properly turned out, instead of those people who are generally unruly
and shabby. Look your best and dress well. Besides the above, make it a habit to
do extensive reading, listening to news, discussions, adequate preparation and
reading the work experiences and scripts of qualified people, instead listening to
those or reading the experiences of students after repeated rejections, and
sharing their notes / books which act more of a deterrent than lead to selection.
Do not play with your career, and do correct reading to perform will and excel in
the Services Selection Board. Read branded books of qualified assessors with
designation and experience in selection system.
Intellectual awareness: Is the intelligence utilized in coping with
practical challenges of varying complexity. It is different from basic
intelligence which is the capacity to understand relations or to do
abstract thinking. Basic intelligence is assessed by finding
intelligence quotient. Intellectual awareness includes practical
intelligence and resourcefulness:
Practical Intelligence: The capacity to evolve independent
solutions of challenging problems and situations.
Resourcefulness: The capacity to put to use the available means
to achieve the desired results. It may be said to contain two factors:
Perceiving of a solution and
Finding a solution when in a tight corner.
Receptive Index: The Ability to grasp the essentials well and to
perceive conclusions, the receptive index includes receptivity,
inquiring attitude, logical reasoning and seeing essentials of a
Accessibility: The ability to understand and absorb new
impressions. It involves interest, attention and grasping power.
Inquisitive attitude: Healthy curiosity resulting in an urge to
increase one’s perception and experience in life.
Rational reasoning: The ability to arrive at conclusion or decision
based strictly on a process of rational thinking and excluding
emotional factors.
Identification of a problem : The ability by which the individual is
not only clear in his knowledge of the problem at hand, but also is
able to analyze various factors, sift them in order of significance
and make best use of them towards achieving a solution.
Organizing Potential: The ability to arrange the resources in a
methodical way so as to produce effective results. It can also be
defined as the ability to put to the best use the available means for
the attainment of a desired objective.
Expression: The ability to put across one’s ideas adequately with
ease and clarity.
Social flexibility: The ability of an individual to be flexible to the
social environment and adjust well with persons and social groups,
with special reference to superiors, equal and subordinates. Social
flexibility includes societal intelligence, attitude towards others, tact,
and adaptability.
Societal intelligence: It is the intellectual ability applied in societal
field. It is the ability to understand people.
Mind-set toward others: The ability to put oneself into the other
man’s position so as to appreciate reasonable difficulties, to enable
rendering to help in a proper way.
Judgment: Skilful management of the feelings of the persons dealt
Flexibility: The ability to be flexible to the environment with special
reference to the social situations in that field. When considering
service aspect it involves not only a pliant nature shown by an
accommodative tendency but also keenness and interest in service
Teamwork: The attitude of an individual to participate willingly in
agreement with others in a group, in achieving the group goal. This
implies a belief in the team work being more productive than the
individual effort. Teamwork includes the elements of joint effort and
team spirit. Team spirit indicates faithfulness to the aims and
objects of the group to the extent of subordinating individual aim to
the group aim.
Sense of Dependability: It enables a person to be dependable
and to willingly discharge his duties. It includes sense of duty but is
much more exhaustive in meaning and scope. Sense of
dependability implies:
Responsibility: Faithfully and firmly doing what one ordered to do.
Discipline: A trained sense of acting strictly in accordance with
rules, policies and conventions. This factor promotes development
of self control and keeps one within bounds of social and normal
Sense of accountability therefore means:
A thorough understanding of the values of duty, social standard,
and of what is required of an individual and then to give it his vigor
and concentration of his own accord.
Doing one’s best, carrying out even unspecified and probably
unanticipated duties and obligations, rather than faithfully carrying
out what one is told to do. It demonstrates moral readiness to bear
the consequences.
Initiatives: The ability to originate an action. It has two aspects:
ability to take the first step; and to act first usually in a subsequently
emerging new situation.
Self-assurance: It is the faith in one’s ability to meet stressful
situations particularly those that are unfamiliar.
Swiftness of verdict: The ability to arrive at workable decisions
speedily. It comprises:
The appropriateness of the decision arrived at.
The quickness is arriving at the decision.
Capability to control the group: The ability which enables an
individual to bring about agreeable effort from the group for
achieving the purpose desired by him. This influence is the prime
cause of supportive and willing effort of a group towards the
achievement of a set goal.
Dynamism: The capacity of an individual to keep himself cheerful
when meeting problems and bring about a cheerful atmosphere.
Willpower: A sustained effort to achieve objectives in spite of
obstacles and set backs. It implies attachment of purpose; mental
concentration and strength of will. It includes:
Purpose to work: The capacity of physical effort.
Force: The inner motive power at the disposal of an individual. It is
the capacity to drive oneself along when under pressure and
urgency, towards the achievement of the object. It may inspire
vigorous action in others towards the achievement of a common
Courage: The ability to appreciate and take calculated risks
willingly. It includes:
Ability to meet perceptive dangers.
Spirit of adventure, an inventive spirit and a willingness or desire
to dare or risk a hazard.
Capacity to keep oneself to be steady in facing and handling such
Endurance: The capacity to withstand protracted physical and
mental strain. It emphasizes stamina.
Appendix - A
Selection Board
(No. & Place)
Batch No.
Chest No.
UPSC Roll No.
Name in CAPITALS (As in the application form)....................................................
Father’s Name........................................................................
Place of maximum residence........................................................................
Present Address (with approximate population of
the city / town / village)
Permanent Address (with approximate population
the city / town / village)
............................... of
(Whether District HQ or not) .......................................................
Fill in the details below :
State & District Religion Whether SC/ST
Date of
Married / Single /
Parents alive
If not alive, your age at the time of father’s/mother’s death …………........
Parents/Guardian Occupation/Income (as applicable) ............................
Yes / No
Income per month
Education Record (commencing from Matriculation / Equivalent Examination)
Name of
& Marks
achievement if
Matric / Hr. Sec.
10 + 2 equivalent
Age (Years & Months)/Height (In Metre)/Weight (In Kg) ....................................
Present Occupation and personal monthly income, if any......................................
(a) N.C.C. Training
Yes / No
(b) Total Training (if yes) (Give details below)
Total Training
Certificate obtained
(a) Participating in games & sports:
Games / Sports
Period of duration of
achievement if
Hobbies / Interest ......................................................................
Participation in extra-curricular activities
Name of the activity group
Duration of Participation
Outstanding achievement if any
Position of responsibility/offices held in NCC/Scouting/Sports
Team/Extra- ..............................curricular group and other fields
(a) Nature of Commission
(b) Choice of Service
Number of chances availed for commission in all three services
Details of last interview, if any (Air/Navy/Army Selection Board)
Type of Entry
Place and
Batch and Chest
Recommended /
Signature of Applicant