Prayer & Praise Bulletin - Cleveland Baptist Church

Our CBC Missionary Families
Notes of Rejoicing from Last Week
“Growing in Grace”
(II Peter 3:18)
March 18, 2015
Cleveland Baptist Church
Larry & Lois Clayton
Salvation Evangelistic Association
Jose & Sandra Duarte
Andrea & Jason
Norbert & Jennifer Cabrera
Hispanics of Cleveland
Dale Miller
District 2
Cuyahoga County Council
Gary Lukas
Robert & Becky Mach
Bob, Marylyn, Morganne & Luc
Ivory Coast, Africa
Our City’s Leaders
Jim & Lori Males
Jimmy, Isaiah, Holly & Heather
Church Planting
Mayor Richard Balbier
Brooklyn, OH
Mike & Wilda McCombie
BIMI Missions
Church Security
Robert & Wendy Mickey
Amanda, Timothy, Stephen
Kenya, Africa
Karen Nolen
Jim & Laura Pranger
James & Amber Pranger
Jacob & Macy
Virl & Sandy Stalnaker
Church Planting, Washington
Walter & Dolly Stevens
ROMA Outreach
Joshua & Melanie Vickerman
Isabella & Ian
Nancy Dotson, chemotherapy
Ken Day
Phyllis Karanicolas
Wilma Gruening
Donna Mareda
Stephanie Seney
Julie Farnsworth
Sally Evans
Dolly Stevens
Jim Chait
Joe Solinsky (hospice)
Mike Fitzgerald (salv.) (Eilis Wagner’s brother)
Dolly Lamb (Renee Hosey’s sister)
David Alderman, healing (Ken’s son &
Beverly Mallett (salv.) (Diane Helmick’s sister)
Michelle Gismondi’s brother)
Pauline (salv.) (Mike & Mary Maline’s aunt)
Mike Brewer (Ramona Beasley’s nephew)
Robert Zidick (Tom Zidick’s brother)
Christopher Ford (Jackie Nero’s nephew)
Charlotte Lynch (Dorsel Hosey’s cousin)
Michelle Hanners, blood pressure control
Barb Klawitter (salv.) (Rachel Williams’ grandma)
(John & Kaye Miller’s daughter)
Mary Yeager (Bill’s mother)
Grant Reed (Jim & Jean Jones’ great-grandson)
Jason Laughlin (Bill Yeager’s brother)
Dennis Vickerman (Josh’s dad)
Richard Kingsboro (Stacy’s father)
Lisa Ridenour, recuperating from surgery
Don Sigman (Eric’s father)
(Del Shepherd’s granddaughter)
Joel Dove (Jason’s brother)
Randy Buckner, tumor, in an area hospital
Evelyn Washington (Rose Pointer’s co-worker)
(Leslie Prisel’s father)
Louise Ramey (Susan Massey’s aunt)
Mallek Alqaryouti, surgery on March 24
Nancy Anderson (Rose Atkins’ friend)
Alexis Loving, recuperating from surgery (Rich
Carol Krupka (Nancy Dotson’s neighbor)
& Cindy Hejl’s daughter)
Judy LaRiccia Grant (salv.) (Allison Grant’s sisterMark Gunter, hospitalized in California
(Lynn Nelson’s brother)
Bobby Rickman (Virgil’s brother)
Chuck Beasley, recovering from heart attack
Phylis Blankenship (Cecil & Loretta Whited’s
Our County’s Leaders
Drew & Alyssa Jonke
Church Planting, Washington
Ron Nelson
Dave Clemens
Ken Williams
Diane Helmick
Geneva Pierce
Frances Cook
Jacqueline Ryel, breathing
Mike Wagner, recuperating at home
Gina Smith, in rehabilitation (Eilis Wagner’s
President Barack Obama
State Rep. Jim Renacci
Lawrence & Sally Evans
Gypsy Ministry, Florida
Jerome & Michelle Pittman
Bridget, Liam, Sarah & Jessica
Health Requests
Our Country’s Leaders
Nick & Dorothy Evanovich
Gypsy Ministry, Cleveland
Sunday A.M., March 22
Carl Redding
Jay Stec
Dave Wilmot
Sunday P.M., March 22
Greg Reinke
Steven Ripple
DeShawn Roberts
Parking Lot:
Nick Vlahopoulos
Terry Brooks
daughter-in-law’s mother)
Wednesday P.M., March 25
Tommy Roberts
Ray Sheobilas
John Stover
Parking Lot:
Ron Van Kirk
Dave Karanicolas
Eunice Aguirre (Loida Diaz’s sister)
Lynn Webb (Linda O’Conner’s brother)
Madhu Rahipal (friend of Jenny & Burt Gray)
Jack Davis (Missionary to Cuba)
Members in the Hospital
Billy Parsons
Jim Watkins
Barbara McNeely
Cleveland Baptist Church, 4431 Tiedeman Rd., Brooklyn, OH, 44144
(216) 671-2822
Pray for Our Staff
Pastor & Denise Folger
Sunday School Office
Luke & Pam Brown
Ella Alderman
Michael Harness
Russell & Peggy Haynes
Dan & Tabby Hershberger
Jose and Sandra Duarte
Please Send a Note or Card
Joseph Solinsky
Seasons of Life (Hospice)
9501 W. Pleasant Valley Rd.
Parma, OH 44130
Bobby Mach
Pensacola Christian College
250 Brent Lane #1751
Pensacola, FL 32503
(College Student)
Mallek Alqaryouti
30901 Rivera Place
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
Brian & Diana Starre
Thurs. George & Ellen King
Paul & Pilboon Kim
Keven & Debbie Kendell
Papua New Guinea
Steven & Jocelyn Troell
Middle East Outreach
Mon. Dave & Sandy Fetter
Tues. Jerry McDonald
Calvary Boys Ranch
Special Requests
Pray for our Sunday School Workers
Julie Johnson, unspoken
Maline family, selling & purchasing a home
Maline family, in need of a truck
Sheria Bodie, unspoken
The family of Chuck Schnell, as he passed away
Susan Massey, job situation
Burt & Jenny Gray, pray the Lord will give them
a baby
Tim Burgess, deliverance from addiction &
Joseph Miller, unspoken request (John and Kaye
Lew Williams (Laurie Carney’s brother)
Eddie (Jean Jones’ brother)
Paul Braham (Ella Alderman’s brother)
Linda Miller (John & Kaye’s sister-in-law)
Greg & Theresa Molnar (Jeff’s brother & wife)
Jerry Petroske (Vicky Horval’s father)
Esperanza Arias (Gloria Roberts’ sister)
Tony Bentley (Don Pultz’s nephew)
Raymond Waldron, health (Missy London’s dad)
Bob & Verna Hostetler (Sheri Drake’s
Miller’s son)
Mariah & Sierra / Thompson family / Marilyn
Harr / Betty Cupek / Vicky / Jennifer / Philip /
William / Maureen Johnson/ Susan & Audrey /
Shirley Elias & Danny / Mrs. Borer / Alan Kane
Caregivers in the church
Case Western Reserve University Ministry
Men workers to help in YAH ministry
CBC Pro-Life Witness
Brian, Chrissie & Amanda Thomas
Matthew Bliss (Wendy Jackson’s brother)
Rebecca Bliss, & health (Wendy Jackson’s sister)
Steve & Jan Mitchell (Naomi Ball’s bro. & wife)
Steven Bennett (Angela Gregg’s son)
Husband & family of Terri Kestner
Kenny & Drenda McGuire & health
Ray & Brenda Hood (Brenda has cancer) (Teresa
Klemenc’s uncle and aunt)
Shane Lang (Pat Thomas’ grandson)
CBC Missionary of the Week
Gary Lukas
Stephanie Seney
1052 Ashby State Rd.
Fitchburg, MA 01420
Preacher of the Week
(Member with cancer )
Servicemen & Women
David Dietz
Sean Horval
Paul Conway, Jr.
Kyle Lindsey
Ryan Horval
*Tony Bentley
Nathan Motz
Mark Hostetler
*Joshua Lopez
*Michael Haney
Brendan Mora
Matthew Carney
Kyle Michael See
Zach Cisney
*Daniel Brown
Marqueese Pointer
Anita Pointer
David Wu
Branden Gunderloy
Mallek Al-Qaryouti
Jerry Farley
*Bogy Ballas
(*Denotes serving
Pastor Alan Fong
Heritage Baptist Church
San Leandro, CA
Members in Need of a Job
Becky Toth
Jeff Brownell
Gwen Turner (medical)
George Reynolds
Margaret Hurajt
Jason Lawn
David Pence
Offering Totals for Last Sunday
College of the Week
Ambassador Baptist College
Lattimore, NC
Expectant Mothers
Allison Carney
Diana Liwosz
Sheri Drake
Mickey Aichele
Keeley Shilo
Laura Logsdon
Lyssa Hoffman
General Offering Received Faith Promise Missions
Other Missions Designated Other Funds Designated Total Offering:
Gary Johnson (also health) (Janet Johnson’s son)
Erin & Kennedy (also health)
Luke Morgan (Ken & Wilma Day’s grandson)
Chelene Hurst (Keiana & Chartise’s mother)
Edna Kendora (& health)
Wee Jones & son
Nick Mileti
Harry Holmes (also has cancer)
Justin Coyne, David, Michael, Lynn
Roger Anderson (Frank Watson’s brother-in-law)
Dolly & Rita
P.M. Nursery Schedule
Sunday P.M., March 22
K. Suplita, J. Gibson, S. Boddie
Y. Torres, L. Kardamis,
H. Karanicolas
2 yr. olds: J. Poling, L. Keller, M. Corley,
S. Keller, S. Greene, C. Grizell
Wednesday P.M., March 25
D. Folger, E. Sherman, D. Stover
Toddler: K. Marton, R. Tenney
2 yr. olds: B. Aumiller, N/A