Brochure - Explore `15 - Chitkara University`s Annual Cultural Fest

Explore 15 is
here to make you
put on your
Party Shoes
and do the
Dhating Naach
Manali Trance
on the tunes of
and have the night
of your life. On the
27th of March,
former Indian Idol and
current Indian
the melodious
sel e-queen
Neha Kakkar
is coming to
Are you?
26 & 27 March
The Singing Sensation
Solo Singing
'Where words fail, music speaks'.
Scream your dream, to the awakening of gods.
While you sing your heart out, we at Explore'15
whisper back with a threshold opportunity. So,
its' all in this moment set re to the mic,
ignite the crowd and let it be 'pitch perfect'.
Prizes worth: Rs.25,000
Musical Fusion
Band Performance
Just when you thought a battle of the bands was
too mainstream- Explore '15 decided to add a
little class, with the classical touch - and that's
what Musical Fusion is all about. So fuse those
Tablas with the beats of your guitar to create the
ultimate mix of these two music genres!
1st Prize: Rs.50,000
2nd Prize: Rs.25,000
Step Up
Group Dance
People dance because dance can change things. One
move can bring people together. One move can make you
believe like there's something more. One move can set a
whole generation free.
With Step Up, you with your troop have the chance to be
more than what you already are- be a revolution and put
it all in one performance to be the best out of the lot!
Prizes: 1st Prize: Rs.1 Lac
2nd Prize: Rs.50,000
Rhythmic Beat {Solo Dance}
The stage is set, the music is on, and the entire crowd is there
cheering and waiting just for your performance- do you have what it
takes to take the crown of the Rhythmic Beat King and be the ultimate
dance champion? Explore '15 is giving you one of the biggest
platforms ever to show the world that you can dance- and now what
you do with it is up to you!
Prizes worth: Rs.25,000
Ethnic Conexion {Folk Dance}
'India is a cultural unity amidst diversity; a bundle of contradictions
held together by strong but invisible threads.' Pt. Nehru.
What adds to the richness of this culture, is our tradition which is
diversi ed in diversity. Where the skill and imagination is accompanied
by the rhythm and in uence of dance; we at Explore'15 invite you to
showcase your ecstatic realm with the Indian culture and the Ethnic
Conexion with joy Folk dance.
Prizes: 1st Prize: Rs.1 Lac
2nd Prize: Rs.50,000
Act Loud {Street Play}
Are you fed up of this turmoil? Do
you want to raise your voice against
this mayhem? Do you wish for a
change? Then this is where you
belong. Hit the streets. Act, dance,
sing, shout and make the people
listen to you. Act Loud is your only
chance to do just that!
Prizes: 1st Prize: Rs.50,000
2nd Prize: Rs.25,000
Spotlight {Theater}
Art Alley {Street Art}
The theatre is so endlessly
fascinating because it's so accidental.
It is so much like life. - Arthur Miller
The lights have dimmed.
The stage is set.
Audience waits with bated breath.
Bring out your talents- showcase
what you are all about, and let the
play begin!
Prizes: 1st Prize: Rs.50,000
2nd Prize: Rs.25,000
The roads of India are
becoming cleaner, wider and
better- but is that all that they can
be? Art Alley is here to show you
that they really can be a lot moreso get set with all your creativity as
you set out to make the road your
canvas and create a masterpiece
unlike any other.
Prizes worth: Rs.25,000
Brain's Battle {Quiz}
Everyone knows the present. But how well do
you know your past? How well do you know
what the world saw before you came- and how
it will shape up what you're about to see? To
take your wits 'Back to The Future', Explore'15
brings to you 'Brain's Battle'.
Prize: Rs.20,000
Speakers’ Ink {Literary}
'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'. Explore'15
has made it simple, but not easy. We are sure to dwell
upon our conviction to follow the conventional literary
intricacies. You might bring across your attributed
opinion and knowledge appended to oratory skills;
with high stakes to compete at Speakers Ink.
Prize: Rs.15,000
LanX {LAN Gaming}
For some, it's just a pastime. For others, it's a
passion. But for the rest its fanaticism. LanX
a shout out to all those fanatics- don't be a
part of some crowd, but battle and become
the champion of them all!
Prize : Rs.60,000
Charisma {Fashion Show}
#Fashion, #Style, #DressingUp- if you and your friends can do
more than just 'hashtag' your inner fashionistas on social
media, then with Charisma, here's your chance to showcase
your designer and model self to the rest of the world and take
that winning leap into the big glamorous world of fashion!
Prizes: 1st Prize: Rs.1 Lac
2nd Prize: Rs.50,000
Mr. & Ms. Panache{Modeling}
Are you the ultimate style diva or style icon?
Couture, glam, fashion, charm and con dencedoes your look have it all? If yes, then the biggest
stage that you can get is coming your way with
Panache at Explore '15.
Prizes worth: Rs.50,000
Artiste Factor {Entertaining Star}
Catching someone's attention and then
holding on to it is a talent that only a few
have. Because to do that, you'll need to
give them Entertainment, Entertainment
and oh well, you know what Explore'15
is talking about! So bring out that
performer within your self and show
everyone that you are the real
entertaining star.
Prizes worth: Rs.25,000
Battle of Chefs{Cooking}
Be it dabbling with those ready to eat
or creating your own speciality dishcooking is something that everyone
loves to try. If you think that you can
make a dish which will actually be
' nger- licking good', then Battle of
Chefs is waiting for you to cook up
your magic at Explore '15!
Prize: Rs.25,000
Paint Ball {Paint ball}
Scavenging Hunters {Treasure Hunt}
Explore '15 isn't just about
traditions and culture- it's also
about letting yourself lose and
bringing out all your
competitiveness out in one go.
Explore'15 is giving you the
opportunity to do just that and
battle it all with your rivals in
this Paintball showdown!
'The heart seeks a treasure', and we
bring this virtual zone to a conscious
remedy. The dig is in your vicinity and
the hunt would be on, at Explore'15. Get
your brain glued to the clue and then
run, hop or crawl, just don't relinquish;
for the treasure can be seen from the
skies too!
Prize: Rs.10,000
Futsal {Football Tournament}
England has Old Tra ord, Spain has Camp Nou and
similarly, Explore 15 has Futsal- the one single
platform where you get to let it all out in the most
competitive soccer match of your life. But this timethe rules are di erent- for there won t be 11 of you.
This time, the eld won t be what you ve always
seen- for Futsal is something else entirely.
Futsal is a highly competitive form of football, where
there will only be seven members in a team battling
it out to win some of the most attractive prizes that
Explore 15 has to o er you. So what are you
waiting for? Get out your gear and play like you ve
never played before- for you only have one shot at
Prizes: 1st Prize: Rs.31,000
2nd Prize: Rs.21,0000
Model United Nations
Are you evangelistic enough when it
comes to politics? Do you actually ideate
sitting in the UN and debating upon
various world issues? Really self-assured
about your politic noesis ? So here's a
golden chance awaiting you to testate
your thoughts and ideas. Buckle your
shoes up and gather all your
appurtenance because Chitkara
University is back with its fth edition of
Model United Nation.
Prize Money: Worth 1.5 Lacs
Ayush Gandhi
Strategy Manager
Prashant Khurana
Strategy Manager
Raghav Sharma
Marketing Head
Sudhanshu R Dev
Marketing Head
Samdisha Mehta
Catalogue Head
Sukhdeep Sedha
Catalogue Head
Ishan Sood
Media Head
Udit Chhabra
Registrations Head
Chander Vivek
Hospitality Head
Shantam Agarwal
Web & Graphics
Ujjwal Malik
Web Developer
Sudhanshu Shukla
Promotions Head
Swikrit Malik
Promotions Head
Dipankar Jain
Inaugural Head
Tarun Nahata
Discipline Head
Utkarsh Nagpal
Logistics Head
Shivali Garg
Creative Head
Pranav Miglani
PRO/Content Writer
Souvik Ganguly
Fest Convener
Vernica Gupta
Fest Convener