Information and tips

Information and tips
For passengers and visitors
Welcome to
Zurich Airport!
We are pleased to welcome you
as our guest. Enjoy your stay at
one of the most modern and
attractive airports in Europe.
Be inspired by the wide range
of services and enjoy Swiss
hospitality in an international
We wish you a pleasant stay
and a good journey.
Arrving: by public transport
Arrving: by car, parking options
Map: approach, car parks
Map: overview of the airport, check-in and gates
Baggage: packing correctly
Check-in: various options
Security check: important points
Arrival: easy arrival
Importing goods/customs: the main rules
Baggage: porters, baggage tracing and storage
Airport Center: shopping in the public zone
Airside Center: shopping in the passenger zone
Tax & duty free shopping: upon departure and arrival
Dining and culinary delights:
in the public zone and in the passenger zone
Airport Services
Business travellers: VIP Service, accommodation,
Lounges: make yourself comfortable
Family services: travelling with children 30
Transit Hotel/rest areas
Support/assistance: passengers with restricted mobility
Miscellaneous services 34
Travel information: Switzerlandinfo+, Travel Market 36
Important phone numbers 37
For additional information please visit
Arriving at the airport
by public transport
Mainline and rapid transit (S-Bahn)
Zurich Airport can be easily reached by public transport. Trains
run to and from Zurich’s main railway station (Hauptbahnhof)
every ten minutes at peak times (travel time: ten minutes).
There are direct EuroCity, InterCity and regional rail connections
to all major Swiss cities, tourist destinations and neighbouring
The Glattalbahn tram service (tram nos. 10 and 12) links Zurich
Airport with Glattbrugg, Opfikon, the Glattpark, Oerlikon,
Wallisellen, Stettbach and Zurich’s main railway station via
Regional buses
15 bus services connect Zurich Airport with nearby towns and
villages, including those in the Glattal area (departures every 10,
15, 30 or 60 minutes).
Tickets for public transport
Tickets for trains, trams and buses can be purchased at the
SBB ticket machines (also located in Arrival 1 and 2), the SBB
ticket counters, the Service Center, the switzerlandinfo+
counters or conveniently on the Internet or via smartphone at
Quick and easy access
Zurich Airport can be
reached from anywhere
quickly and punctually
thanks to its excellent
public transport connections.
Passengers with restricted mobility (PRM)
You may park in the drop-off zones of the outer curbside lane
for five minutes free of charge. Departing passengers with
restricted mobility who are driven to Zurich Airport can have
their free parking time extended to 30 minutes. Please show
your entry ticket at the Careport counter (in any check-in hall).
Arriving at the airport by car
Parking options
Car parks P1 (Check-in 1/Arrival 1), P2 (Check-in 2/Arrival 2)
and P3 (Check-in 3) are directly linked to the terminal and the
Airport Center. Car park P6 offers a less expensive alternative
to car parks P1–3 for passengers on longer journeys. The terminal can be reached in just five minutes via the covered walkway.
Parking spaces are available for general use for electric ­vehicles.
These are in a prime location right next to the lifts on the ­entry
Please note that the maximum vehicle height for all
car parks is two metres; please see the special offers on
Book a parking space online
Reserve a parking space now for your next trip at and take advantage of low
prices. You're sure to find the right offer among the various
­products. Register now to benefit from even more advantages
and ­exclusive discounts.
Disabled parking
Specially designated parking spaces for persons with reduced
mobility are located next to the lifts on the entry level of the car
Official parking service providers
Premium valet parking with parking spaces in the car parks at
Zurich Airport:
• Europcar Valet Parking, Arrival 1, 043 816 59 44,
Parking service with parking spaces outside Zurich Airport.
Leave your vehicle in car park P3:
•, 0900 000 110 (CHF 1.50/min.),
• Sprenger Autobahnhof, 044 814 37 70,
Hire cars
All leading car hire companies are located in the car rental centre on the top floor of the Airport Center. To return your hire car,
follow the “Rental Car Return” signs when approaching the airport.
• Avis Autovermietung AG
Information: 0848 81 18 18,
• Budget
Information: 0844 84 47 00,
• Enterprise/National/Alamo
Information: 058 122 04 20,
• Europcar
Information: 043 255 56 56,
• Hertz/Dollar Thrifty
Information: 043 816 32 55,
• Sixt
Information: 043 816 35 23,
Dropping off and picking up passengers
Please visit for the latest
Access map
Zurich Airport
Hotel bus
De-icing pad
Skymetro to Gates E
Radisson Blu Hotel,
Zurich Airport
Regional bus
Rental car centre
Gates A
Drop off
Gates B/D
Cargo West
Valet parking
Cargo East
Train to/
from Zurich
Area «The Circle»
Gas station
A51 Bülach/
Train to/from
Winterthur/St. Gallen
Zurich/Berne/Basel/St. Gallen
(from the airport)
(to the airport)
Zurich Airport
Three check-in zones
All three check-in zones at
Zurich Airport can be reached
quickly and easily. Check-in 3
is located directly above the
airport railway station and
can also be accessed directly
from multi-storey car park 3,
enabling you to check in your
baggage as soon as you arrive.
Check-in 1 and 2 are only a few
minutes away from the railway station and car parks.
Zurich Airport has three check-in zones (1, 2 and 3) and four
gate areas (A, B, D and E). For your comfort and convenience,
our spacious shopping and waiting areas are only a very short
walk away, as are the departure gates.
Gates E
Four gate areas
Gates A, B and D can be easily
reached on foot, while the
Skymetro shuttle departs
every three minutes for Gates
E (travel time: three minutes).
Gates A
Gates B/D
Passports will be checked
when entering non-Schengen
areas (Gates D and E) and
also when arriving from nonSchengen countries. Transfer
passengers travelling into the
Schengen area from a nonSchengen country (or vice
versa) will have their passports checked at Zurich, not
at their final destination.
Airside Center
Check-in 1
Boarding pass control
Approximate times from
­security check to gates
Gates A: 5 to 10 minutes
Gates B: 5 to 10 minutes
Gates D: 10 to 15 minutes
Gates E: 15 to 20 minutes
Multi-storey car park
Observation deck
Passport control
in 2
Pick-up Points/
Special Assistance
Regional bus
Check-in 3
Arrival 1
Arrival 2
Radisson Blu Hotel,
Zurich Airport
Airport Conference Center
Airport Fitness
If you are travelling within the
Schengen area, your passport
will not be checked. For identification purposes, passengers
must carry their passport or
ID card with them at all times.
Security check
Transfer desk
Public area
Schengen area
Non-Schengen area
Pack your baggage correctly
Please make sure your baggage does not contain any ­­prohibited
Items not allowed in hand luggage
No liquids (gels, creams, pastes, etc.) in containers
of over 100 ml
No sharp objects with a blade length of over six
Liquids in hand luggage
• Liquids, gels, creams, etc. are only permitted in hand luggage
in containers with a maximum size of 100 ml (1 dl).
• All containers (tubes, jars, bottles) must
be able to fit easily in a transparent,
re-sealable plastic bag (such as a freezer
bag) with a maximum size of one litre.
• This plastic bag must be presented for
inspection at the airport security check.
• One plastic bag is allowed per person.
This limit also applies to children and
Also permitted in containers over 100 ml in certain
• Liquid medicines, baby food and food for special dietary
requirements in the quantity necessary for the journey.
• Liquid tax & duty-free articles in a sealed ICAO-compliant bag
with purchase receipt.
The above-mentioned liquids must be shown at the security
checkpoint and undergo an additional check. They may only
be taken on board the flight if they have been approved by the
security staff.
Generally prohibited
One may be carried by a person
max. 160
Exception: Spare batteries permitted
in hand baggage, subject to restrictions
Allowed under certain conditions
in checked ­luggage
Power supply disconnected,
in hand ­luggage
This list is not exhaustive.
Batteries in baggage
For security reasons you may not take any spare batteries in
your checked baggage. You may take spare batteries with a
­performance of 160 Wh in your hand baggage, subject to the
following provisions:
• Max. two batteries, if the nominal energy of the individual
­battery exceeds 100 Wh.
• Batteries must be secured individually against short circuits.
Batteries used in a device (up to max. 100 Wh) may be carried
in either your hand baggage or checked baggage. Batteries with
a performance of over 160 Wh are generally prohibited.
Airlines reserve the right to apply special regulations.
Information:, or from your airline
Check-in at railway stations: including boarding card issue
A complete check-in service is available at over 50 Swiss railway stations, including baggage check-in and boarding card
issue. This service is available for almost all charter airlines
and for Swiss International Air Lines, Air Berlin, Lufthansa and
other selected airlines.
Information: 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min.),
Check-in options: the choice is yours!
Web Check-in: print out your own boarding card
You can use your own computer to check in and print out your
boarding card. You then hand over your baggage at the “Bag
Drop“ desk in the relevant check-in zone.
Information and direct access to Internet check-in: or on your airline’s website
Self-service check-in machine: quick and easy
All check-in zones have check-in machines at which you can
check in for a variety of airlines. You then hand over your baggage at the “Bag Drop“ desk in the relevant check-in zone.
Information on the airlines offering automated check-in is
displayed on the machines themselves and can also be found
Fly Rail Baggage: from the airport directly to your local rail
With this service, baggage flown to Zurich from any airport in
the world by any airline is delivered directly to the Swiss railway
station of your choice. Regardless of which airline you fly with.
You arrive at the airport and your baggage is automatically forwarded to your rail destination.
Information: 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min.),
Mobile Check-in: keep your boarding card on your phone
Mobile check-in takes place via your airline’s website. You can
find the relevant link in the overview under “Mobile check-in“.
Your boarding card is sent directly to your mobile phone by
SMS/MMS. Depending on the airline, you check in your
baggage either at the normal check-in desk or at the special
bag drop desk in the relevant check-in zone.
Prior-evening check-in: less stress and more time for yourself
Several airlines at Zurich Airport offer you the option of checking
in your baggage on the evening prior to your departure.
or from your airline
Prohibited items
Please dispose of any beverage bottles or other prohibited items
before the security check. Anything that does not meet the applicable security regulations will be confiscated and disposed of by
the security staff.
Further information is available on pages 10 and 11 or at
Moving quickly through security checks
Medical note
Passengers with pacemakers should not go through the metal
detector arch. Please inform the security staff before the security check.
Place your mobile telephone and wallet in your hand luggage
Place purses, wallets, mobile phones, smaller electronic
devices, metallic items, keys, etc. in your hand luggage or jacket
and place this in the plastic tray.
Permitted liquids go separately
Place any permitted liquids (see page 11) in a separate tray.
Unpack laptops and tablets
Take laptops and tablets out of your luggage and place them in
a separate tray.
Repacking zone
At the end of the security checkpoint you will find a repacking
zone where you can pack your belongings again.
Arriving at Zurich Airport
Information for passengers whose final destination is Zurich
Welcome to Zurich! Please follow the “Ausgang/Exit” signs,
which will lead you via the shortest route to passport control,
the baggage claim hall and customs control. The Lost & Found
office is located in the baggage claim hall if your baggage has
failed to arrive.
For your convenience
Zurich Airport offers everything to make your arrival as pleasant and convenient as possible. In the shops at the Airport
Center, you will find groceries and an extensive selection of
everyday provisions. The bars and restaurants will be happy
to serve you drinks, snacks or freshly prepared meals. Excellent
transport connections from the airport to Zurich city, the surrounding region and destinations throughout the country
ensure that you will be home in no time!
Are you being met at the airport?
There is a central meeting point in Arrival 1 and Arrival 2, and
monitors indicate the arrival zones of flights. Please use the
multi-storey car parks.
Up-to-date flight information
To avoid any unnecessary waiting in the event that a flight is
delayed, please check flight information in advance by phone,
online or on a mobile phone app:
Information: 0900 300 313 (CHF 1.99/min.),,
the mobile phone app can be downloaded free of charge in
the iTunes App Store
Arrival duty-free sales
You can buy tax-free & duty-free products upon arrival at
Zurich Airport. The arrival duty-free stores are located in front
of and in the baggage claim halls. Please observe the applicable
Baggage services
Individual Porter Service
Our porters transport your baggage from the railway station or
car park to the check-in desk (charges apply).
Information: 043 816 67 07, 076 356 85 85,
Import and customs regulations
Allowances for taxable goods
The following goods and quantities may be imported duty-free
into Switzerland per person and day for private consumption or
as gifts:
• Alcoholic beverages*
5 litres up to 18% vol. and 1 litre over 18% vol.
• Tobacco*
250 cigarettes or 250 cigars or 250 g of other
tobacco products
* Minimum age 17
VAT duty-free allowances
The duty-free allowance is CHF 300 per person and day. The
value of all goods brought into the country including alcoholic
beverages and tobacco products is decisive. If the sum of
CHF 300 is exceeded, VAT is payable on the total value of all
goods. When declaring goods, please have all receipts and your
travel documents ready.
Beware of forgeries!
It is against the law to bring forgeries of branded or designer
goods into the country, including those items being imported
for personal use. Any forgeries that are detected will be confiscated and destroyed.
Foodstuffs of animal origin
Passengers are not permitted to import any foodstuffs of animal
origin, such as meat and dairy products, from non-EU or nonEFTA countries.
Group Porter Service
Have your groups baggage transported to the check-in desk. For
groups of at least 10 people with at least 10 items of baggage.
Information: 043 816 67 07, 076 356 85 85,
Baggage wrapping service
Have your baggage specially wrapped to protect it against
humidity, damage, unauthorised opening or opening due to
faulty locks.
Daily from 5.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m., Check-in 2.
Lost Baggage/Lost & Found
If your baggage has been lost or sent to the wrong destination,
please contact AAS, Dnata or Swissport in the baggage claim
halls (before passing through customs on arrival in Switzerland).
Information AAS:
043 816 54 22
Information Dnata:
043 815 85 59
Information Swissport: German:
043 815 08 00
043 815 08 02
043 815 08 01
Lost and Found
The Lost and Found office is operated by Swissport. It is
located in Arrival 1.
Office opening hours 6.30 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Information: 0900 57 10 15 (CHF 1.19/min., staffed from
8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) or
Left Luggage/Lockers
Baggage may be stored for a fee.
Left luggage available daily from 6 a.m. to 10.30 p.m., lockers
available 24 hrs/day, Airport Center (at the Service Center).
Information: 043 816 35 00
Shopping in the public zone
Food and household items; fresh and varied
Our grocery shops offer a vast selection of fresh products for
your daily needs, as well as Swiss specialities and delicacies.
Fashion and sporting goods for every occasion and season
A vast array of brand-name stores offer the latest in leisure,
business and holiday fashion, while visitors wishing to purchase
bags and suitcases, sports clothing and practical accessories
will find a wide selection in the many specialist stores.
Full range of services every day of the year
Take advantage of the extensive services at Airport Center. In
addition to banks and a post office, you can also find ATMs,
telecommunications providers, a pharmacy, a hairdresser, an
optician, a dry-cleaning service and a key-cutting service.
Reduced parking charge
If you make purchases and/or have a restaurant bill of at least
CHF 60 in the Airport Center, you can benefit from discounted
parking charges. Regardless of whether you park for 1 or 3
hours: you pay just CHF 3. To take advantage of the reduced
parking charge, present the shopping/food receipts at one of
the outlets in the Airport Center or at the Service Center.
Opening hours of stores in the
public zone
There for you 365 days a year
Food shops: 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Other shops: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Tax & duty-free shopping
Large selection, low prices
Tax & duty-free stores are located in the passenger zone, in
the gate areas and in the baggage claim halls. They stock a
wide range of Swiss and international brand-name perfumes,
cos-metics, spirits and tobacco products. All these items are
exempt from the respective tax & duty, and are therefore available at extremely attractive prices.
Shopping in the passenger zone
Fashion and accessories: trendy, classical, exclusive
Are you on the look-out for exclusive items from the world’s
fashion capitals? Or perhaps you’re interested in the latest
designer collections? Take a leisurely stroll through the many
boutiques – where every man and woman will find what they’re
looking for.
Souvenirs and gifts: varied and original
Traditional handicrafts or modern Swiss design? The vast
choice in the souvenir shops offers something for everyone.
Watches and jewellery: stunning Swiss creations
Don’t miss the opportunity to admire our outstanding selection
of Swiss watches and take a look at the latest collections as well
as some of our timeless classics.
Sweet temptations: simply irresistible
The delicious specialities produced by Switzerland’s renowned
chocolate manufacturers are world-famous and simply irresistible, either as the perfect gift or as a treat for yourself.
shop & drop
Once you’ve passed through boarding pass control, any items
purchased in the transfer and shopping zones can be deposited at the “shop & drop” counter free of charge and collected
on your return from Travelex in Arrival 2. Please note that this
service does not include tax & duty-free goods such as alcohol,
perfume and tobacco.
Information: 043 321 22 86, [email protected]
Collect-on-return service
You can also choose to collect your tax & duty-free items purchased in the duty-free stores at Zurich Airport from the arrival
duty-free store in Arrival 2 on your return to Switzerland. This
simplifies security checks abroad and saves you from having to
carry the items around with you.
Information: 058 440 85 00,
[email protected]
Arrival duty-free sales
You can buy tax-free & duty-free products upon arrival at
Zurich Airport. The stores, which are located in front of and
inside the baggage claim halls, stock a wide range of perfumes,
cosmetics, spirits and tobacco products at the usual low taxfree prices. Shoppers must present the boarding card stub for
their flight at the checkout.
Purchases made in the tax & duty-free area
If you buy any goods containing liquids before departure, these
will be sealed in a bag after purchase. They may only be taken
on board the aircraft in the sealed bag. Do not open the bag
until the end of your flight.
Opening hours
in the passenger zone
Shops and food outlets in the
passenger zone usually open one
hour before the first flight departs
and close once the last flight has
been called.
Dining in the public zone
and in the passenger zone
Public zone
Self-service and take-away
Delicious salads, sushi, hamburgers, pizza and many other
freshly prepared snacks are available at Foodland in the Airport
Center. Hearty sandwiches and grilled sausages are on offer at
the entrance to the bus terminal. Aviation fans can dine in the
“Beans” self-service restaurant with a view of the aprons and
runways or in “Aviolino” on the observation deck.
Table-service restaurants
Connoisseurs of Italian cuisine enjoy dining at “Intermezzo” in
Check-in 2. Those who relish Asian specialities visit “Asia” in
Check-in 1. Guests of the “upperdeck” restaurant in the Airport
Center are served international cuisine as well as selected meat
and fish specialities in an aviation-inspired setting that will
literally sweep you off your feet.
Passenger zone
First-class cafés and bars
Toast your journey in the Airside Center. Stylish bars and cafes
offer the perfect place to while away your time in the passenger
zone. Treat yourself to a delicious espresso or a glass of champagne in the “Sprüngli Café/Lounge”, a tasty snack at the
“NZZ Café” or an aromatic coffee at “Starbucks”.
Authentic Swiss cuisine at “Chalet Suisse”, seasonal products
at “Marché”, juicy hamburgers at the “Sports Bar”, housemade pasta at “WALTER” or delicious sushi at “Center Bar”. The
­restaurants in the Airside Center will be pleased to fulfil your
culinary wishes with top-quality dishes and Swiss hospitality.
Opening hours of restaurants and cafés
Public zone:
6 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. (in some cases)
Passenger zone:
Restaurants in the passenger zone usually open one hour before the first
flight departs and close once the last flight has been called.
Airport Services
VIP Service, business,
accommodation and conferences
VIP Service: arrival, departure and transfer
VIP Service is for passengers with high standards in terms of
comfort, discretion and time management – regardless of their
airline or booking class. We offer you a variety of services, all
of which aim to make your stay at Zurich Airport as pleasant,
relaxing and efficient as possible.
Information: 043 816 21 42 (6 a.m. – 10 p.m.),
[email protected]
Online reservation:
Limousine Service
Discreet and knowledgeable staff to ensure a comfortable
onward journey.
• AAAA GLM General Limousine Management,
0848 007 007, [email protected]
• Alliance Limousines,
043 499 62 88, [email protected]
• Chauffeur Drive Limousinenservice,
044 804 10 50, [email protected]
Airport Hotel / Radisson Blu
Direct access to the airport. 330 stylish rooms and suites in
four different designs, two top-quality restaurants and a spacious atrium lobby with the spectacular “Angels’ Wine Tower
Bar”. Plus the PACE Fitness Club and spa area.
Information: 044 800 40 40, [email protected]
From intimate meetings to major events
The hotel complex comprises 52 multi-functional meeting
rooms. Both small and large meeting rooms for 2 – 600 participants with a unique view of the aprons and runways are located
on the 1st, 7th and 8th floors. Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.
Professional reception of conference guests
If you are expecting a large number of guests for a conference
or meeting, convention desks are available for hire and can be
set up in Arrival 1 and 2.
Information: 043 816 34 22
[email protected]
Swiss Arrival Lounge
The perfect place to freshen up after your flight. The lounge has
workstations, free wireless LAN, relaxation rooms, showers and
a cafeteria.
Information: 043 815 09 67
Lounges in the passenger zone
Zurich Airport Lounge
The recently opened lounge close to the apron. Professional,
attentive assistance from an experienced, discreet team. An
elegant, contemporary interior, three workstations, free wireless
LAN, four spacious bathrooms, rest areas and a separate smoking room.
Information: 043 816 21 42
Swiss First Lounge
Luxurious atmosphere, fine food and beverages. Individual
offices, free wireless LAN, conference rooms, relaxation rooms,
showers and Limousine Service.
Information: 043 815 09 61
Swiss Senator Lounge
Two-storey lounge with direct access to the Smokers Bar.
Hot and cold snacks, twelve workstations, free wireless LAN,
Information: 043 815 09 64
Swiss Business Lounge
Spacious lounge with Internet stations, reclining massage chairs
and showers. Hot and cold snacks, free wireless LAN.
Information: 043 815 09 64
Swiss Lounge D (Senator und Business)
Bright, comfortable lounge with view of the aprons and runways. Hot and cold snacks, workstations and free wireless LAN.
Information: 043 815 09 66
Emirates Lounge
Enjoy a carefully prepared selection of delicious dishes or watch
the latest international news on the plasma screen TV while
­enjoying a drink at the bar. Take care of urgent business at our
fully equipped Business Center, enjoy a refreshing shower or
simply relax in a tranquil environment.
Information: 043 816 52 60
Dnata Skyview Lounge
Comfortable lounge with fantastic view of the aprons and
runways, also featuring office infrastructure. Available for
first-class and business-class passengers of various airlines
and accessible to holders of several different lounge membership cards. Single admission: CHF 38
Information: 043 815 85 20
Panorama Lounge
Exclusive business lounge with view of the aprons and runways,
featuring a terrace and a fireplace. Free admission for first-class
and business-class passengers of various airlines, Priority Pass
and Diners Club members. Single admission: CHF 36
Information: 043 815 09 68
Aspire Lounge
An elegant, modern lounge offering views of the airfield. Choice
beverages, cold and warm dishes, comfortable seating, WiFi,
four workstations.
Information: 043 815 09 17
Oneworld Lounge
A generously appointed, elegant lounge featuring exclusive art
from the world-famous Fondation Beyeler. Includes a coffee bar,
restaurant and relaxation zone. Business travellers can make
use of Internet-compatible tablets and a copy centre. Single
­admission: CHF 35
Information: 043 816 58 40
Smoking Lounges
There are numerous smoking lounges in the otherwise smokefree airport complex.
Transit Hotel and rest areas
The Transit Hotel has comfortable beds in single, double or
triple rooms, which include a sink and TV. Next to the rooms is
a rest area with 12 comfortable recliners, wool blankets and a
locker for valuables. The recliners are suitable for a power nap
or for an inexpensive overnight stop. Showers and toilets are
centrally located for all rooms and recliners. Moderate prices,
depending on the length of your stay.
Family services
Unique play haven
Zurich is one of the few airports in the world to offer staffed
playrooms at Gates A and E. Kids can have fun and play to their
heart’s content, while parents and infants can enjoy some peace
and quiet. Children should always be accompanied by at least
one adult as this is not a childcare or babysitting service.
The Transit Hotel is situated in transfer zone D (non-Schengen),
is accessible to all passengers and open year-round, 24/7.
Information: 043 816 21 08, [email protected]
Facilities for passengers with babies
Changing tables, baby care products, cots and an area where
babies can be breastfed are available to parents with babies.
Baby foods, juices, bottles, dummies and nappies are also
The service is free of charge and is available to passengers of
all airlines. We have a team of fully qualified child carers who
speak various languages. They are there to ensure the wellbeing of children of all ages.
Information Family Services Gates A: 043 816 46 31,
daily from 6.30 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Information Family Services Gates E: 043 816 72 73,
daily from 7.00 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Medical services
The Medical Center and Dental Services (including dental
hygiene) are located in the public zone. Emergency medical
treatment is possible without an appointment. Appointments
are required for consultations with Dental Services.
Information Medical Center: 043 816 60 00 (opening hours
for emergency treatment, daily from 7.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.)
Information Dental Services: 043 816 61 61
Care and assistance
Special assistance
Our special assistance staff at Zurich Airport will accompany
children and inexperienced travellers to their plane. Please request the necessary assistance when booking your flight, and
at least 48 hours before departure, with your travel agent or
airline. You should arrive at the airport at least two hours prior
to departure and proceed directly to your airline’s check-in
desk, where the procedure will be explained to you.
Information for passengers with restricted mobility
Zurich Airport offers support for passengers whose mobility
is reduced due to disability or age. The service is provided by
Careport AG and is available free of charge to all passengers
with reduced mobility.
The Careport team will accompany you from arrival through
to boarding, and on your way back from the plane to the Arrival
hall, and will help you through check-in, passport control, customs and security, as well as when checking in or reclaiming
your baggage. Careport will also transport wheelchairs and
ensure that guide dogs are handled correctly.
Information: Careport AG, 043 815 09 03
or under “Passengers with restricted
Pharmacies are located in both the public and passenger zones.
Information: 043 816 29 56
Spiritual guidance, prayer room
The prayer room is a place of tranquillity which is open to travellers of all faiths and denominations for meditation and prayer.
It is located in the public zone (Check-in 1) and is accessible to
all visitors to the airport. Services are held on a regular basis.
A prayer room has been set up for passengers at Gates B/D.
Pastors are available around the clock.
Information: 043 816 57 57,
Pet care and supervision
Our qualified animal care workers are on hand to answer questions concerning the transportation of animals and their care
and supervision at the airport.
Information: 043 816 72 80, daily from 6 a.m. to 10.15 p.m.
Public shower facilities
Public shower facilities (subject to a charge) are available at
Gates B/D next to the Transit Hotel (open round the clock)
and next to the Service Center by car park 2 (6 a.m. to 10 p.m.).
Airport Fitness
Operated by Bad Zurzach, Airport Fitness und Wellness covers
an area of some 2,000 m2 (incl. sauna and steam bath, traditional Chinese medicine, massages, solariums and collagen body
waves) and is open to everyone. It is located on the basement
floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel.
Information: 043 816 56 66,
Financial services
Bank counters and ATMs
Bank counters for foreign exchange and other banking services
are located in the public zone while staffed currency exchange
desks are also available in the passenger zone. You can withdraw Swiss francs and euros from ATMs in both the public and
the passenger zones.
Miscellaneous services
Service Center
The Service Center team on the top floor (level 1) of the Airport
Center/car park 2 provides the following services: left luggage
(open from 6 a.m. to 10.30 p.m.), hotel reservations, showers, parking, photocopying services, sale of airport vouchers,
rental and repair of prams/strollers and child car seats, hire of
bikes, inline skates and walking sticks, hire of display space for
brochures, booking of guided bus tours, sale of ZürichCARD,
­tickets to Alpamare and the Swiss Museum of Transport and
­information on Zurich Airport.
Information: 043 816 86 00, daily from 6 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.
Information desks
Service and information counters are located at the Service
Center, at Arrival 1 and 2, at Check-in 2 and in transfer and
shopping zone A (Airside Center).
Post office, Postomat
The airport post office (8060 Zurich-Airport) and a Postomat
ATM are located in the Airport Center, and an additional Postomat ATM is available in Arrival 1.
On leaving Switzerland, foreign visitors are entitled to
claim a VAT refund on their purchases at Zurich Airport.
Here’s what to do:
1. Obtain an export stamp
Go to Swiss customs to obtain an export stamp (only for goods
purchased in Switzerland). Present the completed Global Refund
Cheque and the purchased goods.
2. Collect your VAT refund
Present the stamped Global Refund Cheque at the Global Blue
Cash Refund Office, where you will receive your VAT refund in
cash or transferred to your credit card.
Information: 044 805 60 70,
Free Internet
Visitors with smartphones, tablets or laptops enjoy one hour’s
free WiFi in both the public and passenger zones. In addition,
there are Internet stations around the airport which can also
be used free of charge for one hour. If you wish to be online for
longer than one hour, you can purchase additional time using a
credit card.
Emergency passport office
Issue of provisional passports for Swiss citizens, valid for one
year. No extensions possible.
Information: 044 655 57 65, daily from 5.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.
Important phone numbers
(for calls from within Switzerland)
Travel information
Flight information
Information about arrival times and flights that are landing earlier than scheduled, delayed or cancelled and about check-in,
gate and departure times:
Mobile App
The Zurich Airport app offers extensive information for travellers, meeters & greeters and shoppers. Push messages keep you automatically informed of the status of your flight as well as about
arrival and departure times, check-in, gate, etc.
Download it free of charge in the iTunes App Store.
0900 300 313 (CHF 1.99/min.)
The desks which act as a platform for various hotels and tourist regions in Switzerland are located in Arrival 1 and Arrival 2.
Other services: sale of ZürichCARD, hotel reservations, guided
tour bookings and information on Zurich Airport.
Travel agencies
Desks operated by some of Switzerland’s major travel agents
and tour operators are located at Check-in 2. Here you can book
last-minute flights, city tours, holidays and business trips.
Central desk (Flughafen Zürich AG) 043 816 22 11
Customer Ground Service
• Porter Service 043 816 67 07/076 356 85 85
• Wheelchair assistance 043 816 67 07/076 356 85 85
Customs office 043 816 20 51
Left Luggage 043 816 35 00
Lost & Found Zurich Airport
• Swissport (CHF 1.19/min.)
0900 57 10 15
SBB “Call Center Handicap”
for passengers with reduced mobility
0800 007 102
SBB railway lost property office (CHF 1.19/min.) 0900 300 300
SBB travel centre (CHF 1.19/min.) 051 222 73 76
Special assistance
• Careport AG
043 815 09 03
• Family Services
043 816 46 31
• Pet care and supervision 043 816 72 80
• VIP service 043 816 21 42
Ambulance/First Aid
Fire brigade 118
Police 117
Zurich Airport Lounge
Dnata Skyview Lounge
Emirates Lounge
Panorama Lounge
Swiss Lounges
Flight information
Phone (CHF 1.99/min.) Teletext Internet 043 816 21 42
043 815 58 20
043 816 52 60
043 815 09 68
0900 300 313
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