Parent Meeting Spring 2015

 Coach Dave Svehla
 “Suh-Vay’-Luh”
 Wife—Cheri
 Daughter—Taylor (12th Grade)
 Son—Jackson (9th Grade)
 Daughter—Avery (6th Grade)
My Expectations
 Players will represent their teammates, family,
school, and community in a positive manner
 Players will be leaders in and out of the classroom
 Tremendous work ethic and attitude
 Players will be present and on time to all footballrelated activities
Any exceptions must be cleared prior
Criteria for playing time
 Coaches will judge which players have the greatest skill and
which players consistently display that skill during practice
and games
 Coaches will determine which players possess the appropriate
team-first attitude. We CANNOT let negative attitudes
permeate our program.
 Players must be willing to sacrifice for the good of the team.
Our players must commit to being great ALL the time, not just
Friday nights.
Criteria for playing time
 Each criteria is essential. One is not necessarily more
important than the others, and all will be considered.
Expectations of Parents
 Love your kids
 Don’t rehash the game with them as you leave the field
 Hug them and tell them “good game” (Even if it wasn’t)
 Make sure they know how proud you are of their commitment
 If you need to discuss aspects of the game, especially the
negative parts, pick an appropriate time and tone. Chances are
the coaching staff already addressed many of the issues you
want to discuss.
Expectations of Parents
 Be loyal to the program
 Don’t bad-mouth players or coaches from the stands
What possible positive outcome will result from it?
Don’t speak negatively in front of your son
Yes, the coaches will make mistakes this season
 Yes, other players will make mistakes this season
 Don’t teach your son that when something goes wrong, there is
always someone else you can blame
Expectations of Parents
 Teach Responsibility
 Players have an open-door policy with the coaches; parents do
 If your son needs to speak with a coach, help him formulate a
plan on how to approach the coach and what he might say.
This is a life skill!
 Coaches are wrong sometimes. We WILL make mistakes.
However, we make the best decisions we can under the
circumstances that present themselves, and we will always try
to put the interests of the team ahead of everything else.
Expectations of Coaches
 We will treat your son with respect and we will value
him as a person
 We will coach your son the very best we can.
Sometimes, that means he may need
“encouragement” which can take many forms.
 We will open our doors to your son for both football
and non-football related issues.
 We will care about your son as more than just a
member of our football team.
 We want every player who has the ability and desire to play
college football to have that opportunity
Individual player accounts
Highlight clips can be done by players
Film can be exchanged with colleges
Film can also be accessed by friends/relatives
 There is an ACADEMIC component to recruiting that cannot
be ignored
 Make sure players are meeting with school advisors to ensure
they are on track to meet NCAA standards.
Class Schedule
 Why?
Camp Costs ($12,000)
Player Equipment ($15,700)—Sled, Chutes, Decals, Patches, etc.
Uniforms ($3,500 for fill-in; $30,000 for new)
Media Guide ($9,400)
Fieldhouse Equipment ($10,000)—Paint, Lettering, Copier, Furniture, etc.
Meals ($12,000—we used to ask for a separate fee for this)
Helmet Reconditioning ($6,500)
Banquet ($15,000)
Facility Maintenance ($3,000)—Pine Straw, Paint, Machine Rental, etc.
Equipment Trailer ($4,000)
Football Field ($40,000) PAID OFF!!!!
Jumbotron (15,500)
Equipment Shed ($80,000-$100,000)
This is only a portion of the budget, but I believe it is important that you
understand why we fundraise and where the money goes.
 We want this program to be more than simply what
happens on Friday night.
 Our players work hard and we try to reward them for
their efforts
 To have a top-notch program that our players will
have pride in being part of costs money
 We need every player to do their part.
 Pine Straw
 Our Fund
 Letter-writing campaign
 Lift-a-Thon
 Mr. Etowah
 Discount Cards
 Sponsorships
 Golf Tournament (Anyone?)
Player Fees
 In addition to pine straw and coupon cards, all players
will be obligated to pay $450 player fees.
 This fee helps pay for items listed on previous slides and
ALSO INCLUDES A PLAYER PACK (Retail value >$225)!
This year’s player pack will be ordered online, and will be open only
to those players who are current on their fees.
The online store, sponsored by BSN, will be open for a limited period
of time, so players will be expected to place orders in a timely
fashion. We will make sure players know when the store is open for
business. It will likely be near the end of the school year.
Players who do not order during the first open shop will not receive
their player packs when the rest of the team does.
All players are expected to purchase the full player pack (included in
their $450 fee).
Player Fees
 Parents have some flexibility in paying player fees.
You may choose to pay it all at once, up front, or you
can choose to pay in installments. If you choose the
installment plan, here are the important dates:
$150 Due April 24
$150 Due June 12
All players must pay this amount to be eligible for spring practice
All players must pay this amount to order their player pack
$150 Due July 31
All players must pay this fee to receive player pack and share in the
benefits provided by the Booster Club.
Player Fees cont.
 All 10-12 graders are expected to sell a minimum of 155
bales of pine straw.
 Any bales they sell over 200 will count against their
player fees.
Each bale over 200 will deduct $1 from their player fees
If a player sells 350 bales, their player fees have been reduced to
$300 ($450-150 bales=$300)
A player can play for “free” by selling 650 bales. Yes, that has
This does NOT relieve players of their responsibility to sell the
minimum in coupon cards.
 Rising freshmen are asked to sell 100 bales. Any amount
over 100 will be credited $1/bale toward their player fees.
Player Fees cont.
 In addition to Pine Straw, we will be asking our
players to sell 15 “Coupon” cards. Cards cost $20
each and are a pretty “easy” sell thanks to some
popular businesses on the card.
 Players will be able to reduce their player fee by
selling additional coupon cards (at a rate of $10 per
card paid up-front). Thus, if a player sells 25 cards,
he has reduced his fees $100 (10 extra cards at $10
per card).
 Again, it is possible, between Pine Straw and Coupon
Cards, to drastically reduce/eliminate the Player Fee.
 If you are able to secure a sponsorship from a business that
does not currently donate money, goods, or services to the
football program, we will apply 20% of the sponsorship
amount to player dues.
e.g. You solicit Billy’s Auto Service for a $1000 sponsorship. They
will get the benefits of being an Eagle sponsor (more information
to come, but may include an advertisement on the sponsor board
or a mention on the Jumbotron), and you will get $200 toward
player dues. Once your player dues are cut to zero, we would love
for you to continue to solicit sponsorships, but you can’t “profit”
from our sponsors.
 This DOES NOT include businesses that currently give to our
Spring/Summer Schedule
 Refer to the calendar
 Workouts are 4 days a week. Wednesday is the “makeup” day.
 July 4th week (June 27-July 5) is a great time to get away!
*Though not related to spring/summer, PLEASE NOTE:
 We practice on Labor Day AND during the Sept. “break”
Once the season begins (July 27 for Varsity), expect 6 days/wk.
(although we will take Saturdays off once games begin). Do not
schedule other activities during the season. We will have a
different schedule during our bye week, and it will be
communicated to you at a later date.
 The Freshmen practice schedule is set by those coaches and will
differ from the JV/Varsity schedule.
Other Information
 Misc.
Player Packs
Will include garments as selected by coaches and captains. These will
NOT include cleats, but cleats can be purchased separately through
our NIKE rep. for an excellent price. This will occur this spring prior
to spring football. Otherwise, players can wear whatever cleats they
choose (within reasonable fashion constraints)
Practice Times
July 27-31: Non-Contact Days (5 required by GHSA)
 Beginning August 1, practices will lengthen (weather permitting).
 As we progress into the season, we will shorten practices to keep
players focused and fresh
 While practice times will be scheduled, we periodically must adapt for
heat (or other) purposes. Please be flexible and understand that we
will do our best to communicate changes as soon as we know.
Personal Equipment
 Players are not allowed to purchase any equipment
that requires special fitting (for safety purposes)
without being cleared by the coaching staff.
Do NOT purchase a helmet or shoulder pads without first
consulting Coach Svehla
We need to make sure the equipment is properly fitted
 Our prices are likely better
 We pay to recondition the item
While it is likely those purchases will be approved, we need to
make sure equipment is fitted for safety. It is imperative that
players only wear approved helmets and shoulder pads.
Other items
 Physical Night—TBD
 Players must have a valid physical on file in order to participate in
Spring Football (and next fall, of course)
 The Physical provided at the school (or with your own doctor) covers all
of next year provided it occurs on or after April 1.
 Physical forms are available in the athletic office in the New Gym
 Only physicals completed on the forms provided will be accepted
 All players will be Impact Tested every 2 years (all freshmen and new
players will be tested this year)
Permission is given with a signature on the physical form
Proceeds from Physical Night go to our Training budget
 NCAA Recruiting Meeting
 Sponsored by Cherokee County
 March 16—Cherokee; March 17—River Ridge
7:30 p.m in school auditoriums
Good for rising 6-12 graders
Other Items
 Youth Camp—We plan on holding our youth camp
from 9 a.m. to noon, June 4-7
 Players will be asked to work these camps. This is an
excellent outreach opportunity and promotes unity
within the ENTIRE community.
Community Service
 This past year we packed lunches for economically
disadvantaged families in our community. Activities
like this are very important to our program.
 Our varsity football players spend the day with
special needs kids at First Baptist Church. This is the
3rd year we have done this while I have been here and
it is a tremendous activity for the children, their
families, and our players.
 Landscaping of local schools to help one of our
players earn his Eagle Scout.
 See BURST Handout
 BURST is defined as the “explosive movements that increase
an athlete’s chances of being successful in competition”
 We are building athletes, not football players
 Workouts are supported by research and through studies of
the top programs in the country
 Do NOT overlook nutrition and rest!
 Do your research
 The guy at GNC may or may not be your best reference for
supplement information
 Coaches will help educate, but we will NOT endorse particular
products. That decision is between the athlete and his parents
 Most of your training needs can be met by improving your diet
and being smart at the grocery store.
Other Information
 TD Club
 Exists to support the football program—financially and
otherwise—to provide a meaningful and memorable
experience for our players.
 Board Members
 Jeff Johnson—President
 Jeff Miller
 Erin Oliver
 Letitia Smith
 Beth Morgan
 Doug Leigh
 We plan to follow the calendar provided to you this
evening. However, we may need to change the dates
of things due to weather, schedule conflicts, etc. If
that happens, we will let you know ASAP! Thanks
for your understanding.