chocolate mousse Unrivaled in taste, ready for your creativity!

chocolate mousse
Unrivaled in taste, ready for your creativity!
¸ Unrivaled on the market: the first chocolate mousses that really taste like home made...
¸ ... while saving you time: ready in a record time!
More taste than ever: unique recipes based on very high chocolate content
Rich texture: perfect for both piping in glasses and for scooping “quenelles”
Mix for Dark Chocolate Mousse
• Contains 75% Callebaut chocolate
• Warm, intense dark colour
• Rich and full chocolate taste
Mix for Milk Chocolate Mousse
• Made with at least 70% Callebaut chocolate
• Lighter, warm brown colour
• Sweet, creamy milk chocolate taste
Mix for White Chocolate Mousse
• Contains 58.5% Callebaut chocolate
• Creamy white colour
• Full creamy white chocolate taste with sweet hints of caramel
Chocolate mousse with the true taste of
Callebaut chocolate – unique in its kind
•Callebaut Chocolate Mousse is simply incomparable: it contains the best of Callebaut’s classic chocolates.
•It is the first Chocolate Mousse that tastes like home made!
A texture allowing versatile presentation –
for piping and scooping!
•The texture of every Callebaut’s Chocolate Mousse is rich, full, and both firm and aerated like traditional
home made chocolate mousse.
•The texture allows the mousse to be scooped and formed in “quenelles” for a beautiful presentation on
a dessert.
•It can even be piped before refrigerating into dessert glasses or chocolate cups!
Ready-to-use – what a result, what a gain!
•Gain time with the easy preparation of Chocolate Mousse: 1, 2, 3, 4 steps and… ready!
5 min
Add 1L milk
per 800 g powder
Mix at high speed
Pipe the mousse in cups
or shells
Cool in refrigerator
and serve!
•Easy to measure out: 1 bag of powder 800 g + 1 litre of milk = ± 36 portions of 50 g!
•Preparation time: 5 min. + 2 hours refrigerator.
Technical information
•When prepared and piped in cups, Chocolate Mousse can be deep frozen too (-18°C).
•Keep cool and dry in a clean, odourless space: 12°C–20°C.
•Shelf life: Dark & Milk Chocolate Mousse 18 months, White Chocolate Mousse 12 months.
Dark Chocolate
Powder mix for instant preparation of dark
chocolate mousse – 75% chocolate
Bag 800 g
Milk Chocolate
Powder mix for instant preparation of milk
chocolate mousse – 70% chocolate
Bag 800 g
White Chocolate
Powder mix for instant preparation of white
chocolate mousse – 58.5% chocolate
Bag 800 g for new recipes and more!
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