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Imphal Times
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Volume 3, Issue 69, Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Maliyapham Palcha Kumshing 3412
Man who plants bomb of Thaawar Chand Gehlot asks state government
March 11 Khwairamband to utilise centrally sponsored fund properly
Keithel blast arrested
IT News
Imphal, March 24:
The main accused of the
Khwairamband Keithel
Bomb blasts at which 3
persons were killed and
over 20 were injured
was arrested by a team
of police investigating
the case. Police source
said that the culprit turns
out to be a drug addict
and he had planted the
IED (bomb) for a mere
amount of money
handed over to him by a
terrorist group operating
in the state. The arrested
culprit has been identified
as Md. Nazir Khan (age
36) son of late Md. Abdul
Halim of Phabakchao
Heibung Lamkhai Maning
under Mayang Imphal
Police station. The culprit
was arrested on Sunday
from his residence.
The source however did
not disclose the group who
had used him for planting
the bomb the crowded
Khwairamband Keithel
Chicken market area.
However, according to
another source, the
terrorist group is most
likely to be URF
(Lalheiba) group who
had broke the suspension
of operation deal with
the Union and state
Mention may be made
that at least 3 persons
were killed and over 20
were seriously injured
when the powerful bomb
blasted at around 6 pm
of March 11 this year.
Chief Minister Okram
Ibobi Singh had assured
adequate compensation
for the blast victims.
Police detain army vehicle which fled
after hitting a man at Keishampat
IT News
Imphal, March 24: An
army vehicle which tried to
make its way after hitting
a person at Keishampat
Churachandpur parking
area today morning was
rounded up by a team of
Imphal West police led by
Dr. Ibomcha, Additional SP
(LO) and detained in
custody. The person
identified as Yumnam
Surendro (65), son of late
Y. Ibomcha of Konjeng
Hajari Leikai, succumbed
to his injury at the way to
According to eye witness,
a convoy of army coming
towards Imphal along the
Tiddim road hit the man
who as working on the
roadside at Keishampat
Churachandpur Parking
area and speeded away
without looking the
condition of the injured
victim. The army vehicle
belonging to 5 Kumoan
Regiment was tried to stop
by a team of state police in
front of Raj Bhavan but the
army vehicle speeded
without stopping however,
a team led by Dr. Ibomcha,
Additional SP (LO) who
IT News
Imphal, March 24:
Activist Binalakshmi
Nepram has been
honoured with the
Fem ina
Awards 2015 during a
function held at
Mumbai on Monday.
‘Won in category of
“Face of a Cause. An
amazing gathering
here and inspiring
stories of women who
endured to bring the
change we wish to see
in world,” she said
after the award
was at the time coming out
for duty chase the army
vehicle and forcibly stop it
by overpowering it in front
of GM Hall. The police
team later detained it in
their custody. The driver o
the vehicle has been
identified as Shantaveer
Singh Yadav (age 27) son
of Shyamlal Yadav from
Rajasthan. Imphal west
police has registered a case
against the army vehicle.
Police source said that the
army vehicle was heading
towards Leimakhong.
Meanwhile, the dead body
of Yumnam Surendro has
been deposited at RIMS
morgue for conducting post
Maoist concerns
IT News
Imphal March 24: Maoist
Communist Party, Manipur
today said that kidnapping
of three manual workers
who were engaged on
construction of Imphal
Tamenglong Route from
their work site is a grave
concern for the outfit which
stands for the poor farmers,
workers and fishermen.
Comrade Nonglen Meitei,
Secretary Publicity and
Propaganda of the outfit in
a press statement released
today also appealed to the
kidnappers to released the
three innocent workers
namely Aboi (30), s/o Ake
Ningthoupham Village,
Budha Meitei (70) of
Kyamgei and Samson
Meitei (40) of Kongpal on
humanity ground.
IT News
Imphal March 24:
Manipur Chief Minister O
Ibobi drew attention of
Thaawar Chand Gehlot,
Union Minister of Social
Justice and Empowerment
and Krishanpal Gurjar
Minister of State for Social
Justice and Empowerment
to get the process of setting
up of Composite Regional
Centre (CRC) speeded up
and extend full support to the
proposals for setting up of
special hom es for the
mentally retarded persons
and persons suffering from
severe disabilities.
Speaking as the Chief Guest
at the distribution camp of
aids and assistive devices
for persons with disabilities
at 1st MR ground, CM, Ibobi
said that Disability is major
issue of concern in the state
as in many parts of the
country. The
Government is committed to
MPP protest
IT News
Urging the governor of
Manipur to not accord the
new Manipur Regulation
of Visitors, Tenants and
Migrant workers Bill
(MRVTMW), 2015 which
was passed by the
Manipur State Assembly
memorandum has been
submitted today by
Manipur People’s Party to
the governor.
Protesting against the
passing of MRVTMW bill,
the workers of MPP and
its officials today staged a
sit-in at the office of MPP
near Polo ground, Imphal.
UNC appeals to release YK Deniel safely
IT News
Imphal March 24:
United Naga Council
(UNC) today appealed to
release YK Denial
Thangal safely.
A press release of UNC
signed by its Information
and Publicity Secretary, S.
Milan appealed to the
unidentified kidnappers of
YK Denial Thangal (33)
s/o YK Aking of M.
Ningthoupham Village to
relea se him saf e and
sound on humanitarian
ground . It said that
fam ily
m em bers,
relatives near and dear
ones of YK Denial are
eagerly waiting for his
safe return.
It also mentioned that
YK Denial Thangal was
kidnapped on 18th March,
2015 at around 9.30 pm
from Thanglon Akutpam
Village. He is one of the
laborers in the construction
of RCC Bridge near
Thanglong Akutpam
village towards Tamei Sub
Divisional Head Quarter
of IT Road under
Contractor, Manipur.
take all the necessary steps
for the betterment and to
provide equal opportunities
to the persons with
disabilities as provisioned in
the Persons with Disabilities
(PwD) Act 1995. The state
has now streamlined and
simplified the procedure for
issuance of disability
certificate as per the
instructions from the
Central Government.
Attending the inaugural
function as President, the
Union Minister of Social
Justice and Empowerment,
Thaawarchand Gehlot
stated that the Ministry is
ready to sanction fund for
various schemes if the state
government properly utilise
it. He also asked the state
government to prepare and
send the list of persons living
with disabilities (PWDs)
who deserve to get the
scholarship for pre and post
examinations. Stressing the
needs, he further added to
transfer the individual’s
scholarship amounts to their
respective bank accounts in
order to prevent from any
possible diversion or
leakages of funds provided
by the center for the
welfare of the PWDs.
Union textile minister promises to promote
handloom and handicraft industry
IT News
Imphal, March 24:
Manipur is a powerhouse of
handloom and handicraft;
the union textile ministry has
opened a separate division
to promote handloom and
handicraft industry in the
northeastern states of India.
This was inform ed by
Santosh Gangwar Minister
of State (independent
charge) for Ministry of
Textiles while addressing a
gathering at state BJP
office, Nityaipat Chuthek
here today.
The Northeast division will
ascertain cent percent
schemes and projects under
the Textile Ministry. While
befitting actions would be
wrongdoers, who siphon
off m oney that are
sanctioned for the
development of the public,
Santosh, who is also the
minister of state for
Parliamentary affairs,
water resources, River
Development and Ganga
Rejuvenation said.
Appreciating the courage
of Manipuri women, the
development of cottage
industry is empowering of
women. It would create
employment and provide
income for large a number
of womenfolk in the state.
While announcing policies
to promote sericulture in
Manipur, the visiting union
minister said that the
craftsmanship of Manipuri
women is unique and the
state has the potential to be
the m arket leader of
handloom and handicraft in
the country.
He also said that market for
handloom and handicraft
products would be created
inside and outside the
While submitting a
memorandum Bharatiya
Janata Party, Manipur
Pradesh apprised the
visiting minister to
development in ERI
plantation; open outlets and
prom ote
products; skill development
centres etc.
Mafias do not have the right to shut down
mission schools: KCP (MC)
IT News
Imphal March 24:
Kanglepak Communist
Party, Military Affairs, said
that Mafias of Indian
Paramilitary do not have the
right shut down Mission
Schools in the state.
A press statement signed by
Secretary Information and
Publicity, Military Affairs,
KCP (MC) said that it is a
historical fact that all the
countries revolted for
freedom tried to create a
atmosphere for the students
who are the future
generation. The educational
system which we are
supposed to experience in a
colonial region is based the
national integration of the
neo-imperialist colonial
master. So, we need to
rectify educational syllabus,
uniform, administrative
system, mode of teaching,
educational environment,
tutorial practice in order to
change the educational
system. However, it is not an
easy task to bring a change
in educational system.
The statement further said
that some group of people
who cannot take the IndoKanglei armed and geopolitical confrontation
seriously, are carrying out
various activities against the
wishes of the people of the
state. This is a gift of
Ps eud o-r evolutiona ry
sponsored by Indian Military
after the failure of Surrender
Drama. As a part of this,
masquerade to be the cadres
of the KCP/KCP (MC)
started considering the
people of the state as a
manufacturer of money.
Such persons call general
strike after the bank denies
extortion, abduct or execute
driver after truck association
denies extortion and now
turning towards educational
institutions. It added that
there is not right of these
Mafia gangs to impose
restrictions against Catholic
Mission Schools for
conducting lottery for
admission in class I. It also
appealed to the Mission
Schools to re-open schools
so that the students enjoy the
Right to education.
One Day Workshop on Heritage Documentation organised at Khamason
IT News
Imphal March 24: A One Day Workshop on Heritage
Documentation organized by Indian National Trust for
Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) was held at
Khamason village of Ukhrul district on 22nd March 2015.
As per the Sub-division Hill House Survey for the year,
2011-2012, Kharmasom, an exclusively Tangkhul
inhabited Village which is situated in Ukhrul north
bordering Myanmar is inhabited by 487 household with
a total population of 2535. The village still has no facility
of electricity, healthcare, education. The said village
has been in existence since the very early times. Locals
believed that the village was so named as it is first
established at the present site under the headship of a
person called “Kharma” Till date, the village has a
genealogy of being under the headship of 17 Village
Chief, which indicates that the village is approximately
about 700 years old. The village had passed over
completely to Christianity long time back. The villagers
were by now very incomprehensive and incoherent
about their pre-Christian religious beliefs and practices.
Very little recollections they mentioned about their preChristian religious beliefs is that their forefathers used
to believe in the existence of a creator called
“Kam you”. Sacrifices are performed to Him to
overcome when a person is sick or in difficult times.
They believed in dreams and omens. In their belief,
dreams and omens afford an unerring presage of the
future. Varied ways of divination were practiced in order
to make out omens. One such which they still have in
their mind is “egg divination”. The divination is carried
out by heating an egg perforated in the top putting inside
the earthen pot with burned rice husk. The omen is
considered to be good if it boils without breaking its
covering and bad if bursts in the bottom. But such
practices have completely been abandoned after their
conversion to Christianity. (Contd. on page 2)